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         Geographic Information Systems:     more books (19)
  1. Exploring Geographic Information Systems by Nicholas Chrisman, 1996-12-23
  2. Geographic Information Systems and Cartographic Modeling by C. Dana Tomlin, 1990-03
  3. The Design and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems by John E. Harmon, Steven J. Anderson, 2003-05-26
  4. Geographic Information Systems and Health Applications
  5. Concepts and Techniques in Geographic Information Systems by Chor Pang Lo, Albert K. W. Yeung, 2002-03-01

21. GIS - U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service
geographic information systems Spatial Data. Welcome to the US Fishand Wildlife Service GIS (geographic information systems) Home Page.
Spatial Data Welcome to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Home Page. This page is maintained by the National Data Administration Office of Information Resources Management, located in Lakewood, Colorado. We are expanding our involvement in GIS activities in the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), with an emphasis on the spatial data aspects of GIS These include coordinating Metadata efforts in FWS, assisting offices by locating free or low cost spatial data, providing general evaluations on the quality of that data, providing a platform for sharing Metadata and spatial data, and serving as a clearinghouse for other GIS topics such as data standards, training, the A-16 process, global positioning systems, contract information, and technical notes. Deb Southworth Green maintains this information and serves as a central contact point for spatial data issues within FWS. She works closely with the Regional GIS Coordinators and members of the GIS Steering Committee on coordination issues, and referring local GIS questions back to them. She can be contacted via the e-mail address at the bottom of the page, or at 303/274-3574. GIS SPATIAL DATA TOPICS USFWS GIS search tips, tricks and hints!

22. Cree Tech Inc.
An innovative firm which utilizes the most advanced geographic information systems to manage today's resources for our future generations.
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23. USGS Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWAD
Mapping interface that will integrate powerful geographic information systems (GIS) graphical, statistical, and spatial relational tools for analyses of planetary datasets.
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U.S.G.S. Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWAD
P lanetary I nteractive G .I.S.-on-the- W eb A nalyzable D atabase
End navigation links What's New Mar 08, Added Tutorial for setting planetary projections in ArcMap and downloadable pre-defined projection files. Feb 21, Added Maplicity and ArcExplorer Web interface options for The Moon and Venus online mapping services Jan 30, Planetary GIS Discussion Website moved to new server. Nov 19, Added Maplicity and ArcExplorer Web interface options to Mars online mapping services Oct 2, Added Mars Crater Consortium catalogs as an ArcIMS service Our Mission To produce a Web-based, user-friendly interface aimed at the planetary research community that will support and integrate powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) graphical, statistical, and spatial relational tools for analyses of planetary datasets. To help catalog and make available datasets for which the Planetary Data System does not currently support. History NASA’s Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, under the auspices of the Planetary Cartography and Geologic Mapping Working Group (PCGMWG), has chosen to support a planetary, Web-based GIS that the entire science community may utilize. The USGS in Flagstaff will provide this service, given our expertise in both terrestrial and planetary GIS. Datasets that will be incorporated must be approved under the scientific oversight of the Geologic Mapping Subcommittee (GEMS) of PCGMWG. To do this we are relying on the latest in web technologies, which may cause some problems using older browsers.

24. Geographic Information Systems Support And Research Facility
Iowa State University geographic information systemsSupport and Research Facility, The GTLL Opens!
Iowa State University
Geographic Information Systems
Support and Research Facility
The GTLL Opens! New! ArcView Extension Developed at Iowa State
by Howard Butler
and Patrick Brown
1st Place - Software Integration

2002 ESRI Conference
About GIS (ESRI)


Iowa Geographic Image Map Server Iowa Geographic Information Council Latest color infrared Iowa status map See Project Info Here The GIS Support and Research Facility is a public computing facility established to support the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology at Iowa State University. The mission of the facility is to provide a high level GIS research support laboratory for students, faculty and staff as well as to provided GIS education and outreach to the ISU community and the state of Iowa. Iowa State University Ames, IA 50010 Kevin Kane, (, Facility Director Patrick Brown

25. Archgis
General overview of the use of geographic information systems in archaeology. Hosted by the University of Alabama Office of Archaeological Research.
Contracts/Grants Curation Staff Publications ... OAR Home
GIS in Archaeology
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software provides archaeologists with a powerful set of tools for management, analysis and research of cultural resources. The power of GIS lies in the ability to link objects on a map to a database, combining the graphical display of data with database query and analysis functionality. Similar objects are grouped into layers, which can be turned on or off for mapping. The map below has several different layers, with the Alabama State Site File layer on top, then roads, major bodies of water (turned off) and a series of digital topographic maps as a base layer. Using GIS software, we can pan and zoom across the state to a particular area of interest, and identify features on the various map layers. The identify results window displays the attributes for site 1Ca5 stored in the Site File database. Once a GIS layer is built, the spatial relationships between mapped features can be analyzed for patterns not readily apparent if the underlying data were viewed in tabular format. Archaeologists can analyze geographic data within a single layer, such as the site distribution maps below, or the relationship between multiple layers to examine how environmental variables like topography, soil type, or distance to water affect site location. Geographic analysis can be conducted at most any scale, from site specific (including three dimensional data) to regional or statewide as with the Alabama State Site File.

26. Surdex... <<< Detecting Flash >>>
Providers of Digital orthophotography, geographic information systems (GIS), aerial photography, topographic mapping, planimetric mapping and data conversion services for municipal, county, state, and federal government and civil engineers since 1954.
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27. Welcome To Digital Data Services, LLC
A full service geographic information systems (GIS) mapping company. We specialize in land mapping for oil and gas related ventures and also in municipality assessment.
Explore DDS Client Login Data Store Digital Data Service, LLC
101-D Energy Pkwy Lafayette, LA 70508
Digital Data Services, LLC (DDS) was formed to meet the mapping needs of Landmen through the use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The founding partners infused the company with over 30 years of professional land management and mapping systems experience. When you use our services, you take advantage of using a ready made team of land and GIS professionals who can make a difference in the way you handle many of your time consuming tasks. All the components are in place, land and project management, computer specialists, database designers and graphic specialists.
document.write(doClock("D1","%20","M1","%20","Y0")); News 17 Apr 02 - Our new website is unveiled with plans to offer many integrated mapping solutions.

28. Geographic Information Systems - GIS
USGS. geographic information systems GIS. Geographic informationsystems (GIS) technology can be used for scientific investigations
Geographic Information Systems - GIS
Geographic information systems (GIS) technology can be used for scientific investigations, resource management, and development planning. For example, a GIS might allow emergency planners to easily calculate emergency response times in the event of a natural disaster, or a GIS might be used to find wetlands that need protection from pollution.
What is a GIS?
In the strictest sense, a GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information , i.e. data identified according to their locations. Practitioners also regard the total GIS as including operating personnel and the data t hat go into the system.
How does a GIS work?
What's special about a GIS?
The way maps and other data have been stored or filed as layers of information in a GIS makes it possible to perform complex analyses.
Applications of GIS.

Provides consulting services for geographic information systems (GIS) using desktop mapping software.
Mapping Uncharted Opportunities For Business...

30. Louisiana Geographic Information Systems Council
You have reached the LA geographic information systems Council website.However, your browser does not support FRAMES. We encourage
You have reached the LA Geographic Information Systems Council website. However, your browser does not support FRAMES. We encourage you to update your browser
to the latest edition of either or Internet Explorer which will support FRAMES. Thank you.

31. EQuotient, Inc. Index
Rural development consulting firm offering project evaluation, impact analysis, public policy analysis, regional forecasting and planning, survey research, statistical analysis, modelling and simulation, software design and development, and geographic information systems.

32. Reveille Ltd., Comprehensive Planning Designed For Tomorrow's Challenges.
Offers comprehensive planning, geographic information systems, economic development, grantsmanship, community surveys, inhouse services, public participation and facilitation, public relations.

33. National Park Service Geographic Information Systems
Therefore, the application of geographic concepts to park management and public education Themodeling of landscapes can give us valuable information about the
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NPS Interactive Map Center
Contacts ...
Spatial Odyssey 2003

December 1-5 2003
Geography and our identification with it, give us a sense of place. Geography also affects our national identity, and for many National Parks is the fundamental reason for their establishment as parks. Therefore, the application of geographic concepts to park management and public education about parks is a natural step. Geography provides the framework, the lines of latitude and longitude, a unique position on the Earth's surface from which park resources can be studied and related.The modeling of landscapes can give us valuable information about the park ecosystem or historical setting, and help us visualize how it will look in the future under various management strategies... MORE->> GIS Related Links DID YOU KNOW?
That you can find out which National Park units have using the Interactive Map Center
Learn more about the Interactive Map Center
ParkNet US Department of the Interior FOIA ... FirstGov February 26, 2003

34. SRI, Inc. - Utility Mapping, AM/FM, GIS, GPS And Custom Map Services
Mapping and field inventory services to the electric utilities industry utilizing Automated Mapping/Facilities Management Systems (AM/FM) and geographic information systems (GIS). Services, clients, employment, and estimates.
Lat: 34º 08' 24.90" N
Long: 84º 14' 23.75" W
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SRI provides a variety of mapping services. Click the map below to see some examples:
AM/FM and GIS Industry Commitment
Since 1979, SRI has provided field inventory and mapping services to over one hundred utilities within the United States and South America. SRI has an excellent reputation within the utility industry for services related to Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation. The services we provide include: In 1985 SRI saw the trends moving toward CAD and became actively involved in preparing utility-mapping systems digitally. We take pride in claiming that we have not changed the tried and proven methods that we originally used to perform field inventories and produce maps, but have implemented the new technology into those methods. Automating the mapping procedures provides clients with the ability to store, retrieve, analyze, edit and maintain information more efficiently. The ability to perform these functions is through the capabilities of databases, which are linked to digitized maps. SRI has also developed field inventory techniques that take advantage of GPS Laser Range Finders and pen-based computers.
Southeastern Reprographics, Inc.

35. Geographic Information Systems - GIS
GIS content and news site with a focus towards Asia.Category Science Social Sciences geographic information systems......With the latest Industry News, largest geographic information systems (GIS) ResourceMaterial, biggest Company Directory and with the best Career Opportunities
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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Portal

Books Careers Companies ... Updates News - 14 Mar
Iraq could try to jam US satellites: US military

Grey Island Systems' InterFleet(R) chosen in Ohio

World's first pure java-TM-off-board navigation application for OSGi Terminals

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Proceedings Online

  • ACRS:
  • Asian GPS Conference:
  • GITA:
  • Map Asia:
  • Map India:
  • Latest Map India 2003 Papers of Map India 2003 held in Hotel Grand Intercontinental, New Delhi during Jan 28 - 31. Research Papers Remote Sensing techniques for Agriculture survey S. Balaselvakumar and S. Saravanan Hydrogeomorphological Mapping A C Pandey and M S Nathawat ... submit your paper There are more than 2000 papers on spatial applications technology education and policy on this largest GIS portal. Latest issue of "GIS@development" Editorial Occam was Wrong ! Exploring compatibilities - Geoinformatics in South and East Map India 2003 : A Report ... ... table of contents Careers Smallworld Developers, Hyderabad, India

    36. - Communicating - Visualising - Innovating
    UK company offering 3D photorealistic digital models and multiuser environments. Also develops geographic information systems and spatially related data analysis. Company profile and services.

    37. Landscape Ecology Laboratory (Home)
    About research, facilities, and teaching related to integrating field studies, geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial statistics and simulation modeling in a synthetic approach to environmental analysis and problemsolving at large spatial scales.
    Landscape Ecology Laboratory The Landscape Ecology Lab's website has moved. The new site is: Please click the address to go there now, and remember to update your bookmarks. Landscape Ecology Lab / January 2002 / Webmaster [Home] [People] [Research] [Teaching] [Products]

    38. March 1999 Internet Resources
    geographic information systems (GIS) is truly one discipline that displays thebreadth and strength of the Internet. geographic information systems–GIS.
    March 1999
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is truly one discipline that displays the breadth and strength of the Internet. With a computer and access to the Web, a user has the ability to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. A user can create his or her own Utopia. GIS can be used by anyone; the environmentalist, city planner, demographic specialist, architect, and many others may benefit from it. In performing an Internet search using the term “GIS,” a user discovers a myriad of sites. Some sites contain one or two links and others have multiple links to a vast amount of excellent information. The resources listed below are some that I use for Geography and GIS Internet training classes. I chose sites with a multitude of links to other areas. These sites cover such areas as government, education, and commerce. Included are resources for dictionaries, newsgroups, mail lists, and periodicals to show the spectrum of material available in GIS. So enjoy and have fun creating your world! Dictionaries
    As with any other discipline, GIS has its own terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms. Listed below are a few Internet sites that provide easy access to this information.

    39. GPS Technology - NovAtel Inc.
    NovAtel Inc. GPS products are used principally for applications in highend markets such as surveying, geographic information systems, aviation, marine, mining, and machine control. Products determine precise geographic locations using the Global Positioning System (?GPS?).

    40. GISarch Discussion List
    This list is intended to facilitate discussion between archaeologists making use of geographic information systems (GIS) technology.

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