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  1. Herpetology, Third Edition: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles by Laurie J. Vitt, Janalee P. Caldwell, 2008-11-07
  2. Herpetology (3rd Edition) by F. H. Pough, Robin M. Andrews, et all 2003-07-20
  3. Herpetology, Second Edition: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles by George R. Zug, Laurie J. Vitt, et all 2001-06-13
  4. Introduction to Herpetology by Coleman Jett Goin, Olive Bown Goin, et all 1978-05
  5. Hands-On Herpetology: Exploring Ecology and Conservation by Rebecca L. Schneider, Marianne E. Krasny, et all 2002-02-01
  6. Herpetology of Europe and Southwest Asia: A Checklist and Bibliography of the Orders Amphisbaenia, Sauria, Serpentes by Kenneth R. G. Welch, 1983-01
  7. Dictionary of Herpetology by James A. And Donoso-Barros, Roberto Peters, 1964
  8. Stalking the Plumed Serpent and Other Adventures in Herpetology by D. Bruce Means, Bruce D. Means, 2008-09-15
  9. Axolotls: Care & Breeding in Captivity (Herpetology series) by Peter W. Scott, 1996-07
  10. American Herpetology Or Genera Of North American Reptilia: With A Synopsis Of The Species (1827) by Richard Harlan, 2010-05-22
  11. Complete Suboc, A Comprehensive Guide to the Natural History, Care, and Breeding of the Trans-Pecos Ratsnake by Dusty Rhoads, 2008-04-14
  12. Contributions to the History of Herpetology, Volume 2 (Contributions to Herpetology) by Kraig Adler, John S. Applegarth, et all 2007-07-11
  13. Contributions to Texan herpetology by John Kern Strecker, 2010-09-07
  14. Dictionary of Herpetology by Harvey B. Lillywhite, 2008-07-02

1. West Virginia Herpetology
Thomas Pauley's lab at Marshall University includes complete guide to amphibians and reptiles in West Virginia.
"Headquarters for the Study of West Virginia's Amphibians and Reptiles" Herpetology at Marshall University began in the 1930's under the direction of the Dr. N. Bayard Green. Since that time, herpetology in West Virginia has become widely known and studied because of the rich diversity of amphibians and reptiles that occur in the region. Of the group, salamanders are the most diverse, with thirty-four species residing in the area. Dr. Thomas K. Pauley has conducted numerous herpetological studies since the 1960's. He and his graduate students at Marshall University continue to focus on research in herpetology in West Virginia. This web page is designed to provide information about the herpetofauna in West Virginia and the field studies and research of Dr. Pauley and his graduate students. Menu The Pauley Profile Graduate Student Page WV Biological Survey Museum West Virginia Amphibians and Reptiles ... Links Photo by Dr. Mark Watson The majority of reptile and amphibian research in West Virginia originates from a Marshall University lab under the direction of Dr. Thomas K. Pauley. He is co-author of the book Amphibians and Reptiles in West Virginia . He has brought graduate students in from all over the country and the world. Currently, he is advisor to eleven graduate students working on a variety of projects throughout West Virginia.

2. Herpetology Network Reptile / Amphibian Resources, Books And Links
Collection of useful internet links related to the study of reptiles and amphibians.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......Welcome to herpetology is the scientific study of reptilesand amphibians. Herpetoculture Top herpetology Links EMBL
Welcome to
is the scientific study of reptiles and amphibians. Herpetoculture is the art and science of breeding snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians, and other herpetozoa in captivity. This site contains information and links to these subjects and associated topics. Herp Web Database
Search or add URL Reptile / Amphibian Books and Reviews
Sign Guestbook
View Guestbook The following links and resources are excellent starting points for your herp research or questions. Excellent sites for specific taxa:

Salientia (Anura)

Bell's Monograph of the Testudinata Marketplace: TurtleSource
Captive bred via mail Supplies
The Bean Farm Fruit Fly Cultures Radical Reptiles (Philadelphia) Reptile Books Australia's Reptiles CDROM Top Herpetology Links: EMBL Reptile Database (Taxonomy - Species Level) Kaplan's Herpetology Resources (good selection) (translations, bios, more) Contemporary Herpetology (online peer reviewed journal) - newsgroup

3. Crocodile Specialist Group
Dedicated to conserving alligators, caimans, crocodiles and gharials and returning them to former Category Science Environment Conservation Reptiles and Amphibians......The Crocodile Specialist Group is a worldwide network of biologists, wildlifemanagers, government officials, independent researchers, NGO representatives
7-10 Oct 2002
Florida, USA
The Crocodile Specialist Group is a worldwide network of biologists, wildlife managers, government officials, independent researchers, NGO representatives, farmers, traders, tanners, fashion leaders, and private companies actively involved in the conservation of the world's 23 living species of alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and gharials in the wild. The CSG has 350 members and eight regional subdivisions, and operates from offices in the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, USA. Its administrative and publishing budget is raised entirely from private donors. The CSG network of experts advises governments and wildlife management agencies. These experts evaluate the conservation needs of crocodilian populations, initiate research projects, conduct surveys of wild populations, estimate population numbers, provide technical information and training, and initiate conservation programs. The natural history and ecology of crocodilians is fascinating.

4. FLMNH Herpetology Home Page
FLMNH herpetology Collection. Type Specimens in the FLMNH Collection
This document formatted by F. Wayne King. The background for this page is derived from the dorsal scale pattern of Boa constrictor FLMNH Herpetology Collection
Type Specimens in the FLMNH Collection

FLMNH Collection Database

FLMNH and UF Herp Alumni
web pages

5. California Academy Of Sciences - Herpetology Department
AMNH Home AMNH Research Home Last modified 12 June 2002 LSF For web problems contact Copyright © 1998-2002 by The American Museum of Natural History. All Rights Reserved.
Eleventh Meeting of the
African Amphibian Working Group

19-21 April Watamu, Kenya

1.25 MB PDF. Requires Acrobat Reader About the Herpetology Department Herpetology Personnel Funding Opportunities at the CAS Department of Herpetology ... Collection Statistics in the CAS Department of Herpetology CAS Herpetology Resources: Collection Catalog Combined Index to Herpetology Collections
a searchable taxonomic index that summarizes
the holdings of 27 institutions Photos of California Herpetology Herpetofauna of Myanmar African Frogs Sao Tome Expedition ...
Green vine snake, Ahaetulla prasinas AFRICAN FROGS Argus reed frog, Hyperolius argus SAO TOME EXPEDITION Flashy Sao Tome endemic

Promoting the preservation and conservation of North American Amphibians, Crocodilians, Reptiles, and Turtles through education and information.
Make this website a part of your bookmarks or hot-list and you can visit dozens of herp related websites with a few mouse clicks. No more figuring out what to look for on million item search engines, no more dreaming up key words to use. From these sites you can reach hundreds of reptile/amphibian related websites. Happy surfing.
New Proposed USFWS Herp Shipping Rules/Regulations as published in Federal Register on June 5, 1997. Pubic Hearings in January, 1998. Call USFWS for info.
Books, Publications, Software and other Informational Products
On-Line Book Catalogue ....New and used herpetology and related natural history/bio-medical books for sale online.
Medical Herpetology, Wilderness Medicine and Snakebite Information
General Herpetology Sites, Other Indices, Conservation/Herp Law Websites
Herp Anti-Smuggling Website
Sea Turtles, Turtles and Tortoises on the Web
Lizard Sites on the WWW
Snake Sites on the World Wide Web

Information on snakebite treatments and handling of venomous snakes.
Selected Medical Herpetology, Emerging Diseases, "Snakebite" and Wilderness Medicine Websites
Venomous Snake Historical Trivia: The first casualty of the American Civil War was not caused by a bullet or a saber but by the bite of the Eastern Coral Snake ( Micurus f. fulvius ) according to Professor Janis Roze in his new book "Coral Snakes of the Americas." The offending snake is preserved in a museum in Augusta, Georgia.
Amphibian and Reptile Books and Publications
Debunking Electric Shock Treatment for Snakebite
Iraqui Venomous Snakes/Snakebite Information
The Venom-L Listserv Mail-List - Complete subscribing instructions and guidelines to join the Venom List.
Readers may join this listserv also by writing to and asking that they may be subscribed. Join a world-class forum of over 200 professionals and interested amateurs in discussions concerning snake and other animal venoms as well as the treatment of envenomation or poisoning by animal toxins.
Worldwide Protocols for Managment of Venomous Snakebite a new, multi-layered site from the Department of Surgery at the University of California, San Diego
Australian Snake and Spider Bite Website ... another new multi-layered site with many interesting features from the Women's and Children's Hospital, N. Adelaide, Australia

8. Web Portal - CNAH The Center For North American Herpetology
Includes illustrated checklist of standard English and current scientific names of all North American herps.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......CNAH Operations and Core Components, North American herpetology Web Sites,Herpetological Happenings. Careers in herpetology. Careers in Herpetoculture.
CNAH Operations
and Core Components North American
Herpetology Web Sites Herpetological
Standard Common and Current Scientific Names Introduction Higher Level Taxonomy Amphisbaenians Crocodilians ... Turtles Last Updated: ( CNAH Forums
Currently, ( ) messages Sponsored Publications Careers in Herpetology Careers in Herpetoculture State/Provincial Herpetologists ...
Directory of Herpetologists

Currently, ( ) listings Literature Database Contemporary Herpetology online peer-reviewed journal
Links by Taxonomy Amphisbaenians Crocodilians Frogs Lizards ... General Herpetology Herpetological Societies Local State/Provincial Regional National Academic/Research Links Universities/Colleges Museums Field Stations Funding Sources ... Journals

9. Homepage Van Lacerta
The society has considerable experience and knowledge of reptiles, amphibians and terrarium techniques, all of which are made available to the members.
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Herpetologie
en Terrariumkunde 'Lacerta' Lacerta is een Nederlandse vereniging die zich bezighoudt met reptielen en amfibieën. Zowel de bestudering en bescherming van deze dieren in de vrije natuur als het verantwoord houden van bepaalde soorten in gevangenschap behoren tot onze doelstellingen. This is the homepage of the Dutch herpetological society 'Lacerta'. Our aim is the study and protection of amphibians and reptiles in their natural environment as well keeping some species in captivity in a well-considered manner. ENTER English Nederlands © NVHT Lacerta

10. TNHC - Herpetology
herpetology The herpetology Division and its collection of amphibians and reptiles is one of the research units of the Texas Natural History Collections in the Texas Memorial Museum of Science and History at the University of Texas at Austin. The
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11. Cortland Herpetology Connection -- Glossary
Onepage glossary of herpetology terms.
ID Keys:



How to key



Cortland Herpetology Connection
Glossary These definitions will help you use the identification keys.
  • Acanthal ridges Ridges (with light lines) extending from the eyes to the nostrils in members of the species Gyrinophilus porphyriticus (spring salamanders). Anal plate The scale or scales directly covering the cloaca of a snake. This plate may be single (one scale) or divided along the mid-line into two scales. Bridge The part of the shell between the front and hind legs connecting the upper and lower halves of the shell. Carapace The upper half of a turtle shell. Costal grooves The grooves present along the sides of the bodies of many salamanders. When counting them for identification purposes, include only those between the front legs and the hind legs. Dorsolateral ridge Lines or folds of skin (usually gold colored) along the upper sides of some frogs in the family Ranidae. Intercalary cartilage An extra piece of cartilage in the toes of members of the Hylidae (tree frog) family. It causes the end of the toes to have a "stepped-down" appearance.

12. Australian Herpetological Directory
A repository of information on herps and herpetolgical research in Australia.
Australian Herpetological Directory
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13. Wisconsin Herpetology Homepage
Information resource on the amphibians and reptiles of Wisconsin created by the Milwaukee Public Museum.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......Wisconsin herpetology Homepage. An information resource on reptilesand amphibians. WISCONSIN herpetology HOMEPAGE. brought to you
brought to you by scientists at the Milwaukee Public Museum
1998 Midwest Declining Amphibians Conference
WI Herp Atlas
Great Lakes Amphibians
Timber Rattlesnakes ...
Herp Links
The Wisconsin Herpetology Homepage is an information resource on the amphibians and reptiles of Wisconsin. This resource was initiated in 1997 by the Vertebrate Zoology Section of the Milwaukee Public Museum , with a grant from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center . Click on the titles to the left to go to the listed resource pages. Please send comments and suggestions to the project head: Gary S Casper , Section of Vertebrate Zoology, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, WI 53233. (414)278-2766. Fax (414)278-6100. E-mail Compiled by Gary Casper Last updated September 13, 1999 This page sponsored in part by the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

14. Savannah River Ecology Lab Herpetology Program
Information on SREL herpetological research activities, plus images, sounds, and species descriptions Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......You are visitor . since Jan. 2, 1998. This site was last updated on10/31/2002. Suggestions? Comments? Send us a line!

Herp site
the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Herpetology Program Reptiles Snakes Turtles
Alligators Amphibians Frogs

SREL Herpetology Lab Introduction Staff
Reprints ...
You are visitor # since Jan. 2, 1998 This site was last updated on Suggestions? Comments? Send us a line! This website was created by Katie Distler and Jane Sanders,
with assistance from Mike Dorcas.
Banner graphics are by Laura Janecek This site is administered by David Scott

15. The Oklahoma Herpetology Page
Checklist, keys, images, and links for Oklahoma reptiles and amphibians. List of herpetologists at Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......Alligator Snapping Turtle The Oklahoma herpetology Page. This websiteis sponsored and maintained by Red Earth Reptiles. It is our
Alligator Snapping Turtle
The Oklahoma Herpetology Page
This website is sponsored and maintained by Red Earth Reptiles . It is our goal that this website promotes education pertaining to Oklahoma's amphibians and reptiles and that it serves as a scientific resource
Last Updated on 31 March 1999 by Paul Shipman

16. Home
Information concerning reptiles and amphibians both in the wild and as pets.

articles species index care sheets ... links Last Update: Feburuary, 2002 (minor update August, 2002)
last update major: Feb, 2002
(minor updates - May 2002)
Abundance of very large Amphibians
For more information, click here. RECOMMENED LINK Massachusettes Turtle Rescue.
Pictures and information to help you find and indentify all of the herpetological species found in Michigan.
PYTHONS New (January 2001) Morlia spliotes - for more info, click here.
Minor Updates - August 2001 Click here for more info. Contributions of Python related information (care sheets, factual wildlife info, links to Python web sites) will gladly be excepted. If you have Python information to share, e-mail: web site editor Choose a Python African Rock Python Ball Python Blood Python Burmese Python Calabar Python Carpet Python Reticulated Python
Multiple Choice:
Although this U.S. animal is venomous, it is often kept and bred by herpetologists.

17. THE DROSOPHILA Fruitfly Reference Site
Flightless fruitflies for reptiles and amphibians. Guaranteed live delivery.

Flightless Fruitflies for Reptiles and Amphibians
The Drosophila Company 1-800-545-2303
We accept all major credit cards.
Please mention that you saw us on the Web.
email: Drosophila Information Page Drosophila-Related Materials The Drosophila Story ... Drosophila Books

18. Herpetology Of Iowa
A photographic field guide and detailed accounts of the reptiles and amphibians of Iowa.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......HOME. Welcome to Iowa herpetology! This site is designed to introduceyou to the herpetology of Iowa. Use the navigation buttons
HOME Welcome to Iowa Herpetology! This site is designed to introduce you to the herpetology of Iowa. Use the navigation buttons to the right to jump to areas you're interested in. If you have seen a reptile or amphibian in Iowa that you would like to report to us, take a look at " Reporting Guidelines " first. It will help you tell us what we need to know to help you ID the species. Photographs are also by Jeff unless otherwise indicated. The web site was designed and created by Joe Monahan: Feedback - Let us know what herps you've been able to locate in Iowa. Detailed descriptions and locations are appreciated! For help describing the species you've seen, check out this page of helpful hints Our Minnesota Herpetology site has additional species accounts and photos. Check the Links section to find other useful resources pertaining to herpetology in the Mid-west. SEARCH THIS SITE: Enter your keywords:
Exact Match Search

19. Reptiles And Amphibians Of Minnesota
A photographic field guide and detailed accounts of the reptiles and amphibians of Minnesota.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates herpetology......Welcome to Minnesota herpetology! This site is designed to introduceyou to the herpetology of Minnesota. Here you'll find detailed
Welcome to Minnesota Herpetology! This site is designed to introduce you to the herpetology of
Minnesota. Here you'll find detailed species accounts of every
snake, turtle, lizard, frog, toad and salamander that is found
in the state. You can use the navigation buttons at top to jump
to species you're interested in learning more about. The material herein was written by Jeff LeClere,
). Photographs are also by Jeff unless otherwise indicated. The web site was designed and created by Joe Monahan,
Feedback - Many of Minnesota's herps are declining, threatened or endangered - primarily due to habitat destruction! We would be very interested to hear from you if you have information regarding Minnesota's less common species. Detailed descriptions and locations are appreciated! For help describing the species you've seen, check out this page of helpful hints You may also be interested in our Iowa Herpetology site for species accounts of Iowa's reptiles and amphibians.

THE herpetology OF HERMAN MELVILLE'S MOBYDICK Hobart M. Smith and Rozella B.Smith. This site maintained by Mark F. Miller , webmaster at
THE HERPETOLOGY OF HERMAN MELVILLE'S MOBY-DICK Hobart M. Smith and Rozella B. Smith Department of Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology University of Colorado 334, Boulder, Colorado 80309 For most biologists, the most intensive indexing they encounter or perform involves notation of all scientific names or key words occurring in all literature pertinent to given topics. However exhaustive - and exhausting - such levels or indexing may seem, they are crude indeed in comparison with the total recovery characteristic of modern concordances prepared in the field of humanities. An excellent example is Irey's recent (1982) Moby-Dick concordance, one of a series of the most sophisticated and thereby broadly useful concordances ever produced, emanating from the University of Colorado's Center for Computer Research in the Humanities under the direction of Dr. Michael Preston. Such concordances are tools for virtually limitless numbers of analyses. We here assay an appraisal of Melville's herpetological awareness as revealed by the only biological work he ever wrote, Moby-Dick. The concordance from which we have sourced this analysis (Irey, 1982), in turn drawn from the text of the Mansfield and Vincent (1952) edition based on the original 1851 work, consists mostly (1897 pp.) of a list in brief context of every usage (with speech part indicated) of every one of the approximately 17,000 different "content" words, occurring in the some 208,000 total words of Moby-Dick, each with page, chapter and line citation. A few "function" words (articles, conjunctions, interjections, prepositions, pronouns) are listed separately without context or page references, although the number of occurrences of each is given (e.g. the, 14214; of, 6461; and, 6339; a, 4618). The work ends with unannotated lists of content words in each of several parts of speech, viz. nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, a list of hyphenated words alphabetized by elements succeeding the hyphen, and a frequency list for all words except those occurring only once.

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