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         Hydrology:     more books (100)
  1. Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems by Ram S. Gupta, 2007-11-30
  2. Environmental Hydrology, Second Edition by Andy D. Ward, Stanley W. Trimble, 2003-12-18
  3. Introduction to Hydrology (5th Edition) by Warren Viessman, Gary L. Lewis, 2002-10-19
  4. Physical Hydrology by S. Lawrence Dingman, 2008-01-31
  5. Hydrology: Water Quantity and Quality Control by Martin P. Wanielista, Robert Kersten, et all 1996-09-28
  6. Handbook of Hydrology by David Maidment, 1993-02-01
  7. Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists by Nancy D. Gordon, Thomas A. McMahon, et all 2004-06-28
  8. Introduction to Physical Hydrology by Martin Hendriks, 2010-03-26
  9. Groundwater Hydrology by David Keith Todd, Larry W. Mays, 2004-08-06
  10. Applied Principles of Hydrology (3rd Edition) by John C. Manning, 1996-07-04
  11. Curve Number Hydrology: State of the Practice by Environmental and Water Resources Instit, 2009-01-01
  12. Introduction To Hydraulics & Hydrology by John E. Gribbin, 2006-11-09
  13. Reference Book to Accompany Practical Problems in Groundwater Hydrology: Problem-Based Learning Using Excel Worksheets by Scott Bair, Terry D Lahm, 2006-01-28
  14. Hydrology: An Environmental Approach by Ian Watson, Alister Burnett, 1993-12-13

1. Hydrology-Related Internet Resources
Compiled and maintained at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.

2. CEH Wallingford
Examine the mission statement, and read descriptions of the center's flood, drought and soil research. Located in Oxfordshire, England.
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3. USDA-ARS Hydrology And Remote Sensing Laboratory
Meet the personnel and find out what research is underway at this USDA Agricultural Research Service lab in Beltsville, Maryland.
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Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
Driving Directions to BARC
Remote Sensing Research at BARC Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Animal and Natural Resources Institute Don't Miss These!
OPE3 Environmental and Economic Risk Assessment Project
Remote Sensing in Agricultural Research Service First Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds, 28-30 October 2003 Cesium Studies Related to Erosion and Sediment Deposition ... Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN) Coming Soon!
Guidelines for Airborne Remote Sensing Imagery
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4. Department Of Hydrology And Water Resources, University Of Arizona
Tel (520) 6215082 Fax (520) 621-1422. Department of hydrology and Water Resources

John W. Harshbarger Building

Tel: (520) 621-5082 Fax (520) 621-1422
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources

College of Engineering and Mines

The University of Arizona

5. National Weather Service - Office Of Hydrologic Development
Agency develops hydrologic techniques for operational use and manages hydrologic development by NWS field offices, to improve flood warnings and water resource forecasts. hydrology Laboratory conducts studies, investigations and analyses leading to the application of new scientific and Site Map News Organization Search Search field for weather information. Press Enter or select the go button to submit request
Front Office Home Staff Activities Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service RFC Development Manager Hydrology Laboratory NWS Hydrology Precipitation Frequency / PMP Current and Historical Information Data Systems Documentation ... Additional Links Contact Us
OHD Staff

The Office of Hydrologic Development (OHD) enhances National Weather Service (NWS) products by:
  • infusing new hydrologic science developing hydrologic techniques for operational use managing hydrologic development by NWS field offices providing advanced hydrologic products to meet needs identified by NWS customers
The OHD leads the following activities to accomplish its goals: Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) provides new information and products provided through the infusion of new science and technology. This service improves flood warnings and water resource forecasts to meet diverse and changing customer needs.

6. Spatial Hydrology
Internet directory for hydrologic modeling, GIS, GPS and remote sensing.
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7. Centre For Ecology & Hydrology Homepage
Undertakes research, and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater sciences.Category Regional Europe Science and Environment Biology......The Centre for Ecology and hydrology is the leading body in the United Kingdomfor research, and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater sciences.
The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) is the leading body in the UK for research, survey, and monitoring in terrestrial and freshwater environments. CEH Web provides information about our science, products and data. NEWS ABOUT US SCIENCE PRODUCTS ... NERC's

8. National Institute Of Meteorology And Hydrology
Bulgaria. Map, forecasts and organizational details.

9. Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers From NASA GHCC
Beginner's guide explains exactly what hydrology is, and offers sections on groundwater, agriculture, flood control, and careers. Water and People. What Is hydrology? What Hydrologists Do

Derived Products from GOES East
En Español
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images
Select a weather satellite image map to view data from that sensor Weather Satellite Imagery for North America from GOES-8 East.
1 km Visible


Water Vapor
Satellite Pictures for Pacific Ocean and North America from GOES West.
1 km Visible


Water Vapor
North and South America, Atlantic, and East Pacific Satellite Weather Imagery from GOES-8.


Water Vapor
Caribbean and West Atlantic Hurricane Region from GOES-8. Visible Infrared Water Vapor Hawaii, Pacific Ocean and North America Satellite Weather Pictures from GOES-10. Visible Infrared Water Vapor Weather images of Japan, Australia, the West Pacific and Asia from GMS-5. Visible Infrared Water Vapor Satellite imagery of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Atlantic Ocean from METEOSAT-7. Visible Infrared Water Vapor Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Composite Global Infrared Mosaic Global Water Vapor Mosaic GOES-8: [North America 1 km Visible] [North America Infrared] [North America Water Vapor] [Visible] ... [Water Vapor] Atlantic Hurricane Region: [Visible] [Infrared] [Water Vapor] GOES-10: [Visible] [Infrared] [Water Vapor] GMS-5: [Visible] [Infrared] [Water Vapor] METEOSAT-7: [Visible] [Infrared] [Water Vapor] Composite: [Global Infrared Mosaic] [Global Water Vapor Mosaic] Where are sites with weather satellite imagery?

10. Haydrology
A nonprofit, non-governmental organization striving, in cooperation with local communities to protect and develop water and environmental resources and to ensure just and equal provision of water and sanitation services to rural and marginal communities in the West Bank and Gaza.
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11. Global Hydrology And Climate Center: Studying The Global Water Cycle And Its Eff
A joint venture between government (NASA) and academia to study the global water cycle and its effect Category Regional North America Science and Environment......Global hydrology and Climate Center, a joint venture between government (NASA)and academia to study the global water cycle and its effect on weather and
Weather Conditions in Huntsville Alabama
Click above for more info on our featured topic. Research
The GHCC's many areas of study are closely related to each other. Like the climate and environment we study, no one aspect stands alone; all connect in a complex, interactive Earth-Atmosphere system. This is what makes our work both challenging and intriguing. Below are some of our areas of research: Education
One of the most important aspects of environmental research is developing a sense of stewardship among the young people who will inherit the problems and solutions we are developing today. In addition to a graduate degree program in atmospheric science through the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), the GHCC has several education outreach programs to mentor future scientists and to cultivate awareness among tomorrow's taxpayers and voters. More Information Data
More Information
Climate Impacts
While much of our climate research has long-term goals, the data collected can also be applied to help solve near-term problems. Recently, the GHCC initiated an effort to apply NASA remote sensing data and technologies to issues of local and regional concern. These include the vulnerability to climate change and the evaluation of the potential social, economic, and human effects on agriculture, forests, fisheries, local natural ecosystems, and water resources.

12. WWW-Virtual Library IRRIGATION And Related Topics
Directory of Internet resources on irrigation, drought management, hydrology, and related topics.Category Science Agriculture Practices and Systems Irrigation......WWW Virtual Library VL Agriculture To the World Wide Web Virtual Library AgricultureDepartment of Rural Engineering and Natural Resource Protection.
To the World Wide Web Virtual Library: Agriculture
Department of Rural Engineering and Natural Resource Protection
WWW Virtual Library I R R I G A T I O N
... and related topics, run by Thomas-M. Stein
Nordbahnhofstr. 1a
37213 Witzenhausen
Tel.: +49 (0)5542 / 981632
Fax.: +49 (0)5542 / 981520
To the [ INDEX Home Page of the Department Please note: The Virtual Library Irrigation has completely been rearranged and reorganised to facilitate the information retrieval in the field of irrigation. The search service Sakia has been implemented allowing a fast and effective search. - It is up to you now to add your information to this database to make it faster and widely available to the irrigation comunity. Your information and site will then be indexed and included in the VL-Irrigation and Sakia
Index :
WWW Virtual Library IRRIGATION SEARCH the VL IRRIGATION and other Irrigation Sources by Sakia
Add your information and site to the VL IRRIGATION Database.

13. Hydrology Web
hydrology Web is a site that hosts a comprehensive list of links tohydrology and related hydrology resources. If you would like

14. CARIMET - CIMH Home Page
Outlines of courses available, data held, contact details, and history of this cooperative by sixteen governments in the region.
Husbands, St. James, Barbados Welcome !
(based on your computer's time):
All inquiries should be addressed to:
The Principal
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
P.O. Box 130
Tel.: 246-425-1362/3/5
Fax.: 246-424-4733

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Please refer any comments to: webmaster
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology Last updated: 2003/03/08 Precipitation Outlook for the Caribbean
The March to May 2003 Outlook is now available Below normal precipitation is predicted for the Lesser Antilles during the next three months. Click here !!! REMINDER: Contact your National Meteorological Service for interpretation of this Outlook and for additional guidance.
About the CIMH ... Caribbean Precipitation Outlook
Useful Weather Sites
BARBADOS Realtime Satellite Imagery - Barbados Online
Unisys Weather
The WeatherNet
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center ...
Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey

15. Hydrology Web
CIVILDESIGN hydrology Hydraulics Currently, our engineering, hydrology and hydraulcsprograms are in use by over 250 civil engineering firms in the United

16. Regional Center Of Hydrology In Central Asia
Improvement of the hydrometeorological surveys in Central Asia by the Swiss government in cooperation with the five Central Asian countries.

17. American Institute Of Hydrology
Purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession Category Science Environment Professional Associations......Enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession. AmericanInstitute of hydrology 2499 Rice St., Ste. 135 St.

2002 Annual Fall Conference Abstracts
2003 Annual Fall Conference Call for Papers

The American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) was formed in 1981 as a non-profit scientific and educational organization. AIH is the only nationwide organization to offer certification to professionals in all fields of hydrology. The Institute adheres to the principles of responsible professional conduct and public service. The purpose of AIH is to enhance and strengthen the standing of hydrology as a science and a profession by:
  • Establishing standards and procedures to certify individuals qualified in surface-water, groundwater, and water-quality hydrology. Establishing and maintaining ethical standards to protect the public from irresponsible work. Providing education and training in hydrology. Providing the public and government advice and guidance concerning activities related to the hydrologic profession.
Click Here " An Internet site teaching basin hydrology American Institute of Hydrology
2499 Rice St., Ste. 135
St. Paul, MN 55113-3724

18. Exponent - Civil/Structural Engineering
Consulting services for structural, earthquake, architectural, and geotechnical engineering, construction and building technology, geology, hydrology, and ground water.
Home Practices : Civil/Structural Engineering
Exponent's civil, structural, and architectural engineering staff investigates many types of structural, geotechnical, geological, geomechanical, construction, and building issues. These issues range from simple performance failures to major catastrophes. Overview Building Technology Construction Management Earthquake Engineering ... Contact Practice Director: John D. Osteraas, Ph.D., P.E. Related Pages: Mold Investigation Services

19. Computing Software - Hydrology
Internet Software Guide for Engineers Software (freeware, shareware, anddemos) in several categories, including Hydraulics and hydrology.

20. UGT Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH Umweltmesstechnik, Tensiometer, Lysimeter, Infil
Implements for agriculture and forest economy, measuring devices for dumping grounds, acquistion of erosion processes as well as soil hydrology and pedology.

illkommen bei...
Welcome to...

Bienvenido a ...

U mwelt- G T echnik GmbH
Tel. 03 34 32/89 575
Fax 03 34 32/89 573

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