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         Invention And Innovation:     more books (103)
  1. Timberland Invention Factory.(sustained innovation- case study)(conversation with vice president Doug Clark)(Interview)(Company overview): An article from: Human Resource Planning by Bill Stopper, 2006-09-01
  2. From Invention to Innovation (The Johns Hopkins / AT& T Series in Telephone History)
  3. Technology Transfer: From Invention to Innovation (NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series: 4:)
  4. Innovation Management in Global Networks: Challenge and Chance
  5. Internet Alley: High Technology in Tysons Corner, 1945-2005 (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation) by Paul E. Ceruzzi, 2008-04-30
  6. 201 Thoughts To Ignite Innovation by David E. Rogers, Amy L. Hartzer, 2009
  7. Democratizing Innovation by Eric Von Hippel, 2006-04-01
  8. The structure of invention [An article from: Research Policy] by W.B. Arthur, 2007-03-01
  9. Victorian Technology: Invention, Innovation, and the Rise of the Machine (Victorian Life and Times) by Herbert Sussman, 2009-07-23
  10. Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation) by Kurt W. Beyer, 2009-09-30
  11. The Canadian inventions book: Innovations, discoveries, and firsts by Janis Nostbakken, 1976
  12. American Indian Contributions to the World: 15,000 Years of Inventions and Innovations by Kay Marie Porterfield, Emory Dean Keoke, 2003-08
  13. Innovation: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Mark Dodgson, David Gann, 2010-05-06
  14. Invented Edens: Techno-Cities of the Twentieth Century (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation) by Robert H. Kargon, Arthur P. Molella, 2008-09-30

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invention and innovation Websites from the Linkspider UK. invention and innovationDirectory. Complete Results for invention and innovation Related Topics.
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  • 42. The Lemelson Foundation: International Program
    International Program Promoting invention and innovation for SustainableDevelopment. When The Lemelson Foundation uses the term
    International Program: Promoting Invention and Innovation for Sustainable Development
    When The Lemelson Foundation uses the term "sustainable development," we are referring to: "development that maintains or enhances economic opportunity and community well-being while protecting and restoring the natural environment upon which people and economies depend." We also acknowledge the common recognition that "the three pillars of sustainable development - environmental protection, economic development and social development - must go hand in hand. Because each pillar is integrally linked to the others, effective pursuit of sustainable development requires a balanced approach that integrates all three components" (Dobriansky, P., U.S. State Department, Journal on Sustainable Development). In 2002, The Lemelson Foundation launched an International Program. Through initiatives in developing countries, The Foundation will support grassroots innovators, as well as foster and apply innovative and entrepreneurial breakthroughs that serve people and the environment. Program Goals:
  • To recognize, reward and encourage invention, innovation and entrepreneurship for social and economic development.
  • 43. Invention And Innovation
    Web Directory. Top / Science / Technology / invention and innovation
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    Web Directory
    Top Science Technology / Invention and Innovation Invention Licensing Invention Marketing Inventor Fraud Inventor Organizations ...
    Invention Dimension
    at MIT
    IBM Patent Server
    No description
    Paul Flemming PTY LTD
    Seeking licenses for developed, marketable products.
    Technology Exchange
    Technology transfer specialists. Has information (not on website) on tens of thousands of technologies available for license, and business opportunities, from around the world. The role of The Technology Exchange is to enable manufacturers or their agents to identify new developments to extend and improve their product range; and to help potential licensees to locate opportunities throughout the world. U.K.-based.
    European Patent Office
    This is the official Web site of the European Patent Office, the executive body of the European Patent Organisation.
    National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc.
    Information about invention marketing and invention submission companies. Information about how inventors can market their invention themselves.
    The Great Idea Finder
    Celebrating the spirit of innovation with the newest most innovative consumer products, fascinating invention facts, invention trivia quiz, inventor profiles and much more.

    44. Electricbrain Home Index Science Technology Invention And
    electricbrain Index Science Technology invention and innovation,home index write privacy. Licensing Marketing Fraud Prototypes

    45. The Marvellous World Of Invention And Innovation By Marina
    The Marvellous World of invention and innovation By Marina Canapero.
    The Marvellous World of Invention and Innovation
    By Marina Canapero
    Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519): The Vetruvian Man
    Contents Introduction The thermometer The bicycle The wheel Electricity ... The telegraph T hroughout history people have searched for ways to make life easier, to do things more efficiently, to travel further and faster, and to change the world in which they live. The marvellous story of civilization is also the story of inventiveness. Invention and discovery are what push us forward. Each idea leads to a new idea as succeeding generations of scientists and engineers look for ways to build on the discoveries of their predecessors.
    As for the future, what will be the next world-changing invention, and will we recognize it when it first appears? Whatever the answer, human beings will continue to invent things - it's in their nature. The Bicycle An early sketch of a bicycle by Leonardo Da Vinci Electricity Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment Faraday's electro-magnetic rotation apparatus. Mercury in the containers allowed the current to flow

    46. Canadian Innovation Centre
    The Canadian innovation Centre (CIC) is dedicated to assisting inventors and innovative companies. Services includes invention evaluation, technology due diligence, market research, and education programs.
    About Us Innovator Services Company Services
    Success Stories
    ... Contact Us
    Welcome to the website of the Canadian Innovation Centre! The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) is Canada's leading organization dedicated to assisting inventors and innovative companies . Our range of services includes invention evaluation, technology due diligence, market research, and education programs.
    Beginning with the establishment of the University of Waterloo's Inventor's Assistance Program in 1976, and in conjunction with increasing recognition of the value of supporting Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship, the CIC was founded in 1981 as an independent, not-for-profit corporation. Since then, we have assisted over 70,000 Canadian inventors and entrepreneurs and have evaluated over 13,000 new product ideas . The Innovation Centre continues to provide an expanding range of programs to assist innovators across Canada and around the world The Canadian Innovation Centre is located just North of the University of Waterloo at A1-490 Dutton Dr., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 6H7. We can be reached at 1-800-265-4559 or locally at 519-885-5870. Or email us by

    47. Patent Café - Discovery Café
    Directory of kidsafe invention, science, discovery and innovation resources for K-12 kids, teachers and parents.

    48. Invention Assistance, Product Advice And New Innovation Appraisals - MAREL
    Advisors offering invention assistance, product advice and new innovation appraisals to inventors.

    49. Smithsonian Institution - Science Service Historical Image Collection
    A 20th century research collection at the Smithsonian Institution consisting of images and their original captions as they appeared in period publications. A 40year sample of innovation and invention.
    The Science Service Historical Image Collection represents twentieth-century scientific research consisting of images and original captions as they appeared in period publications. The captions were written by Science Service journalists and have been transcribed exactly. We are providing a 40-year random sample of innovation and invention; which is specific to the subject of electricity Site Map Our site map will aid you in viewing selected photographs and supporting documentation available on-line from the National Museum of American History's Electricity collection of Science Service.
    We anticipate additional photographs from Electricity and other collection areas of the Museum will become available as resources permit.
    Site Reviews and Comments

    50. Ontario Ministry Of Energy | Le Ministere De L'Énergie
    Created in October 1997, to ensure the energy needs of Ontarians continue to be met, and to position this province as one of the leading jurisdictions in the world for innovation and invention.
    English Francais English Francais

    Ideas Festival to be held August 2003. Features discussions of innovation, invention, new technology and culture.

    52. NetNation Communications
    The Considerate Seat Toilet Seat innovation. With the invention the toilet came the first tiff about leaving the toilet seat up - and that dispute continues to this day!
    The web site you have requested is currently unavailable. If this is your web site, please contact NetNation Technical Support via: e-mail: or telephone: 604-688-8946 or
    1-888-983-6600 (within North America)

    53. OIT: Inventions And Innovation Home Page
    The inventions and innovation (I I) program provides financial assistance at twolevels up and/or a benchscale model must be complete for an invention to be
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    The Category 2 portion will fund up to $250,000 for more well-developed inventions moving towards prototype development or commercialization. At a minimum, engineering analysis and/or a benchscale model must be complete for an invention to be considered a Category 2 application.

    There are no current events at this time.
    March 04, 2003
    2nd Point Inc., Designated as One of Fortune Small Business 14 Hot Startups
    In the January 29, 2003 issue of Fortune Small Business, 2nd Point Inc., is designated as one of the 14 hot startups. George Dzyacky, founder of 2nd Point, has developed a patented technology that lets refineries conserve fuel themselves.
    December 12, 2002
    Energy Department Awards $4.4 Million to Develop Energy-Efficient Technologies
    ) initiative programs.
    July 09, 2002 Details News Archive Skip left hand navigation - Full Calendar ... Related Links Please send any comments, questions, or suggestions to Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT) Home Page About OIT Industries of the Future ... Security and Privacy Notices Last updated: 01/29/03

    54. Technology, Invention, And Innovation Collections
    It is from his father that Earl Tupper is said to have developed a love for invention.Even as a boy, Tupper showed an enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit.
    EARL S. TUPPER PAPERS, ca. 1914-1982, #470
    Biographical/Historical Note
    here to go to scope and content note. TOP Scott W. Schwartz
    Archives Center Webmaster
    Revised: January 5, 2000

    55. Invention & Innovation Development - Comprehensive Books
    General Inventing Books Professional costeffective advice on invention and newproduct 186 pages, 6 x 9 inches Publisher Technical innovation Center; ISBN
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    Customer Service
    Main Page View Shopping Cart / Checkout Info About Ordering, etc E-mail Us General Inventing Books
    Professional cost-effective advice on invention and new product development. And Suddenly The Inventor Appeared
    TRIZ, The Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving

    by Henry Altshuller (H. Altov)
    Quality Paperback, 186 pages, 6 x 9 inches
    Catalog# 4028-2
    List price: $
    Our price:
    You save: Bringing Your Product To Market
    (A title from the Entrepreneur Magazine Library series) by Don Debelak Quality Paperback, 372 pages, 6 x 9 inches Catalog# 7503-2 List price: $ Our price: You save: The Complete Idiot's Guide To Cashing In On Your Inventions by Richard C Levy Quality Paperback, 384 pages, 7 1/2 x 9 inches Catalog# 2201-2 List price: $ Our price: You save: From Patent To Profit by Bob DeMatteis Quality Paperback, 310 pages, 8 x 11 1/2 inches Catalog# 8791-2 List price: $ Our price: You save: The Great American Idea Book by Hard Cover, 334 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches

    56. Falco-Archer, Inc. -- From Invention To Innovation
    Cover. From invention to innovation Commercialization of New Technologyby Independent and Small Business Inventors. Preface. Prepared
    Falco-Archer, Inc. NOTE: This is an electronic copy of the book, "From Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors", published May 15, 1991. It is made available on Falco-Archer's web site with the permission of Mohawk Research Corporation . Use of this text is limited to educational review only. Copying or reproducing this text or using it for any other purpose is prohibited. Please note that print copies of the book (and information about DOE's Inventions and Innovations Programs are available for free from the U.S. Department of Energy, Inventions and Innovation Program, Telephone (202) 586-1478, Web: From Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors Preface Prepared for the U.S.Department of Energy s Inventions and Innovation Division by Mohawk Research Corporation, Rockville, MD 20854. This version contains text and most of the tables and figures from the print version. This handbook emerged from the commitment of Energy-Related Inventions Program personnel to supporting the commercialization efforts of independent and small business inventors with new technologies. As you read this document, you will face questions that may seem far removed from technological concernsquestions about the market, your competition, your business structure, and about legal and regulatory requirements. These may seem peripheral to your present and future work. But, make no mistake, you must carefully and honestly consider and answer these if you expect to penetrate the market in a sustained way and profit from your work.

    57. Technology Transfer : From Invention To Innovation (NATO Asi Series. Partnership
    Technology Transfer From invention to innovation (NATO Asi Series.Partnership SubSeries 4, Science and Technology Policy, Vol. 19.).
    Technology Transfer : From Invention to Innovation (NATO Asi Series. Partnership Sub-Series 4, Science and Technology Policy, Vol. 19.)
    Home Technology
    by Annamaria Inzelt (Editor), Jan Hilton (Editor), North Atlantic Treaty orga
    See More Details

    Hardcover (May 1999)
    Kluwer Academic Publishers; ISBN: 0792356225
    Editorial Reviews
    Book Description

    58. Patent And Trademark Resource Center And Service
    Recommended by as a comprehensive, lowcost solution to patent and trademark searches. All Category Reference Libraries Intellectual Property......Welcome to the Patent and Trademark Library Sunnyvale Center for innovation, inventionand Ideas. 1998 Sunnyvale Center for innovation, invention, and Ideas.
    Welcome to the Patent and Trademark Library
    Sunnyvale Center for Innovation, Invention and Ideas
    Meeting the needs of the Intellectual Property Community
    To City of Sunnyvale
    © 1998 Sunnyvale Center for Innovation, Invention, and Ideas. All rights reserved.

    59. Welcome To KIPO!
    Registers patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks, makes policies on trade secret protection, conducts anticounterfeiting activities, and promotes inventions and innovation.

    60. KLUWER Academic Publishers | Technology Transfer: From Invention To Innovation
    Books » Technology Transfer From invention to innovation. TechnologyTransfer From invention to innovation. Add to cart. Proceedings
    Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Books Technology Transfer: From Invention to Innovation
    Technology Transfer: From Invention to Innovation
    Add to cart

    Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Budapest, 12-15 November 1998
    edited by
    IKU Innovation Research Centre Budapest, Hungary
    Jan Hilton
    Vuman Ltd., University of Manchester, UK
    Book Series: NATO SCIENCE PARTNERSHIP SUB-SERIES: 4: Science and Technology Policy Volume 19
    Technology transfer has expanded rapidly over the past 20 years in Western Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. It has been estimated that some 50% of new products and processes will originate outside the primary developer; academic and other research institutions are obvious sources of much of this new technology.
    In the NATO Co-operating countries, however, technology transfer is in its infancy; it is crucial for wealth creation and improvement in the quality of life that this mechanism is developed. The papers selected for inclusion in this book discuss issues related to the development of technology transfer in NATO Co-operating countries. The book identifies crucial research issues for science and technology policy researchers and, as a conclusion, offers some policy recommendations. The authors are drawn from NATO and Co-operating partner countries, from other parts of the world, and from international organisations. The focus of the book is on the institutional framework of knowledge and technology transfer; intellectual property rights as sources of information and tools for co-operation; international, national and regional aspects of knowledge and technology dissemination and diffusion; and networking.

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