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         Malacology:     more books (100)
  1. The Journal of Malacology (v 4 - 7 (1895-1900))
  2. Malacologia, International Journal of Malacology by Malacologia., 1982-01-01
  3. Subfields of Zoology: Conchology, Arachnology, Malacology, Apiology, Paleozoology, Mammalogy, Arthropodology, Invertebrate Zoology, Ophiology
  4. Bulletin of the Institute of Malacology Tokyo by Institute of Malacology., 1988-01-01
  5. The Aquatic Mollusks of the Belgian Congo, with a geographical and ecological account of Congo malacology. by H.A. and J. BEQUAERT. PILSBRY, 1927
  6. The Conchologist: A Journal of Malacology by Wilfred Mark Webb, Walter Edward Collinge, 2009-03-10
  7. Malacologia, International Journal of Malacology by Malacologia., 1981-01-01
  8. Handbook of systematic malacology by Johannes Thiele, 1992
  9. The Journal of Malacology (v 3 (1894))
  10. Malacologia, International Journal of Malacology. Die Gastropoden Der Madagassischen Binnengewasser by Malacologia., 1969-01-01
  11. Malacologia, International Journal of Malacology by Malacologia., 1980-01-01
  12. Bulletin of the Institute of Malacology Tokyo by Institute of Malacology., 1981-01-01
  14. The Conchologist's First Book, Or, a System of Testaceous Malacology, Arranged Expressly for the Use of Schools; In Which the Animals, by Edgar Allan Poe, 2010-01-13

21. Other Molluscan Collection Catalogs
Collections Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Invertebrate paleontologycollection (gopher) malacology collection (gopher) Malacolog 2.0 (gopher
This page lists on-line malacological collections databases, but also includes some other resources of interest, such as keys, taxonomic guides, and so on. For more information on collections and resources dealing with molluscs, see the list of general invertebrate zoology collections and the list of paleontological collections on this server. Or visit MOLLIA for general information and resources of interest to the malacological community.
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
Invertebrate paleontology collection (gopher)
Malacology collection (gopher)
Malacolog 2.0 (gopher)
Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawai'i
Malacology Home Page
Cone Shell Conotoxins
The Illinois Natural History Survey ...
List of World Systematic Research Collections (Mollusca) (no searchable databases)
CLEMAM: Database of taxonomic references for European marine molluscs
On-line Mollusk Collection at the Field Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of Natural History
Type Catalogue of Recent Mollusks Checklists, Keys, Bibliographies, and Related Resources
Association of Polish Malacologists
Malacofauna of Poland
Quaternary Malacofauna of Poland
Catalogue of Recent and Fossil ...
The Cephalopod Page, Dalhousie University, Canada

22. Journal Of Medical And Applied Malacology
Journal of Medical and Applied malacology. Literature Cited. See current number ofthe Journal for Medical and Applied malacology for desired form of citing.
Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology
The International Society for Medical and Applied Malacology is devoted specifically to the concerns of applied malacology, i.e., to medical, veterinary and agricultural malacology. The Society is for scientists that work with mollusks as mediators of parasitic diseases of humans and domestic and other animals, and as pests to agriculture, materials, etc. Medical aspects include such diseases as schistosomiasis, paragonimiasis, fascioliasis, fasciolopsiasis, clonorchiasis and eosinophilic meningoencephalitis. The Society's journal, the Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology, includes articles dealing with, e.g., molluscan ecology, distribution, taxonomy, biochemistry, physiology, functional morphology, control, eradication and host-parasite relationships. Also included, beginning with Vol. 2, is an annual literature coverage of pertinent articles on medical and applied malacology published in other journals. In addition to publishing the Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology, the Society sponsors congresses on medical and applied malacology at periodic intervals. The first congress was held in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1987. The second congress was held in Seoul, Korea, in 1990. The third congress was held in Camden, Australia, in 1993. The fourth congress will be held in Santiago, Chile, in 1996.
Directions to Authors
The Journal for Medical and Applied Malacology will publish the results of original work, of either descriptive or experimental nature, devoted primarily or exclusively to the study of mollusks of medical, veterinary and agricultural importance, and their parasites, and will publish reviews of major research in these areas of medical and applied malacology. The articles must not be published elsewhere.

23. Malacology @ AMNH
Mollusk collections at the American Museum of Natural History are the basis of anactive field and laboratory research program, headed by Curatorin-Charge, Dr
Mollusk collections at the American Museum of Natural History are the basis of an active field and laboratory research program, headed by Curator-in-Charge, Dr. Paula M. Mikkelsen . Dr. Mikkelsen's current research focuses on the systematics and diversity of marine bivalves, especially those of the tropical western Atlantic, supported by private funding and a National Science Foundation PEET grant. An Histology Laboratory (also available for use by trained affiliated researchers) provides an essential venue for ellucidating anatomical characters in shelled mollusks whose soft morphology is often poorly known. Affiliated personnel are pursuing similar studies of freshwater bivalves (especially Unionidae) and opisthobranchs, with special faunal emphases on the northeastern United States and Caribbean. The AMNH mollusk collections currently comprise over 306,000 catalogued lots, including several thousand type specimens and a growing alcohol-preserved collection as a result of active field projects. Particular strengths of the collections are in some important historical collections, including those of John C. Jay, and Gordon Nowell-Usticke, and expedition collections such as the AMNH Congo Expedition (1909-1915) and marine abyssal material collected by the research vessel "Vema" (1955-1962). Our collections represent at least 80% of the known species for the families Cypraeidae, Conidae, Epitoniidae, Harpidae, Pleurotomariidae, Strombidae, and Xenophoridae. The collection is particularaly rich in shell specimens from tropical oceans, with a more recent emphasis on the Caribbean. The acquisition of a Giant Squid (

24. P.M. Mikkelsen/Malacology/AMNH
Paula M. Mikkelsen. Assistant Curator, malacology. 1993. A bibliography of Caribbeanmalacology 18411992. American Malacological Bulletin, 10(2) 267-290.
Paula M. Mikkelsen
Assistant Curator, Malacology
Curriculum Vitae Malacology @ AMNH Research AMNH Histology Lab ... Recently Extinct Mollusks
CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS: Systematics, anatomy, and phylogeny of shelled Recent mollusks, in particular, bivalves and the opisthobranch snails (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia). Molluscan biodiversity of the eastern U.S. (especially the Florida Keys) and the Caribbean. EDUCATION: B.S., 1976, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine. Ph.D., 1994, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida. PAST AND PRESENT PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Adjunct Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, City University of New York, and Queens College. Adjunct Scientist, Mote Marine Laboratory. Managing Editor, American Malacological Bulletin Co-curator, "Pearls" Exhibit, Giant Squid Exhibit, and renovation of AMNH Hall of Ocean Life. Research Associate, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. Certified scuba diver. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Mikkelsen, P.M. and J. Cracraft. In press. Marine biodiversity and the need for systematic inventory. Proceedings of the International Conference on Scientific Aspects of Coral Reef Assessment, Monitoring, and Restoration [National Coral Reef Institute], Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, April 1999. Landman, N. H., P. M. Mikkelsen, R. Bieler, and B. Bronson. 2001. Pearls: A Natural History. Harry N. Abrams Inc., New York, 232 pp.

25. World Congress Of Malacology
The World Congress of malacology held in Vienna, Austria (19.25thAugust, 2001) is over. We thank you for attending the meetings.
14th International Congress of UNITAS MALACOLOGICA
67th Annual Meeting of the American Malacological Society
Jahresversammlung der Friedrich Held Gesellschaft
The World Congress of Malacology held in Vienna, Austria 19.-25th August, 2001) is over. We thank you for attending the meetings. It joined the 14th International Congress of UNITAS MALACOLOGICA, the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Malacological Union, and the Jahresversammlung der Friedrich Held Gesellschaft. The congress was hosted by the Institute of Zoology University of Vienna , in cooperation with the Institute of Paleontology , the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien , and the Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft As a special service you will find the abstracts of the Congress presentations here I hope you all had fruitfull days in Vienna and had the chance to meet your friends and colleagues. Some pictures can be found here We are looking forward to meeting you at the next World Congress of Malacology in Perth - Australia! Luitfried Salvini-Plawen
President of UM
Prof. Luitfried Salvini-Plawen

26. Malacology
malacology The malacology collections comprise over 13,000 lots ofrecent and fossil specimens, mostly dried shells. About 70% of
LEB Home Page



Vertebrate Paleontology

Malacology The Malacology collections comprise over 13,000 lots of recent and fossil specimens, mostly dried shells. About 70% of the materials are terrestrial gastropods, 25% freshwater molluscans (including unionaceans), and 5% marine forms. Geographic coverage is mostly for New Mexico (about 80%), but there also are significant holdings for Kansas, Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. This taxonomic and geographic composition has arisen because of the principal research interests and activities of the curator, Artie L. Metcalf , and his students. In addition to the extensive general holdings of inland Mollusca from southwestern North America, the following aspects of the collection are also of note:
  • Significant holdings of fossil gastropods from late Pleistocene/Holocene sites, including several cave sites, in Trans-Pecos Texas and southern New Mexico
  • a collection of fossil and modern specimens of gastropods from Cimarron County, Oklahoma
  • minor collections of historical interest representing the activities of Dwight Isely, H. A. Pilsbry, and J. H. Ferriss in the southwestern U.S. during the early 1900s

27. Desert Diary Malacology Index Page
Desert Diary Archives malacology. The index below includes Desert Diarypresentations on malacology. malacology. Snail Shells 9 Jan 2002.

LINKS OF INTEREST IN malacology. malacology Journals, malacology Societies and Associations,Oceanography Marine Biology Links. Other Links. malacology Journals
LINKS OF INTEREST IN MALACOLOGY Malacology Journals Malacology Societies and Associations Other Links

29. The Dallas Museum Of Natural History
The land and freshwater gastropods of the Southwestern United States are the largestcomponent of the 28,000specimen malacology collection, which includes
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Located at 3535 Grand Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas Phone: 214-421-3466 FAX: 214-428-4356 email:
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30. DMNH - Malacology Collection
Information on the 28000specimen malacology collectionof the Dallas Museum of Natural History.
Home Contact Us Search Malacology Collection
The land and freshwater gastropods of the Southwestern United States are the largest component of the 28,000-specimen malacology collection, which includes many type and voucher specimens. The freshwater bivalves of Texas are well-represented. Specimens include extant and Pleistocene fossil mollusks. Much of the collection is based on the research of the late Elmer P. Cheatum, Ph.D. (southern Methodist University) and Richard W. Fullington, Ph.D. (Curator of Invertebrates, DMNH, retired). Recently the Museum conducted surveys for the Texas Nature Conservancy.
Information on this collection is contained in a four-part bulletin, The Aquatic and Land Mollusks of Texas , published by the Dallas Museum Natural History in the early 1970’s. Also associated with the collection is a reprint file of historical biological publications.
Located at 3535 Grand Avenue in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas Phone: 214-421-3466 FAX: 214-428-4356 email:
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31. Malacology Collection Search At The Academy Of Natural Sciences
malacology Collection Search. This database contains 549,991 records relatedto aproximately 450,000 lots in the malacology department collections.
The Academy of Natural Sciences
Malacology Collection Search
This database contains 549,991 records related to aproximately 450,000 lots in the Malacology department collections. These records are derived from three sources 1) the handwritten catalogs for the collection, 2) detailed computer catalog records for specimens cataloged since 1976, and 3) records of an ongoing crosscheck of these records against lots in the collection. These records cover 394,524 distinct catalog numbers applied to dry specimens, and 24,145 catalog numbers applied to alcohol specimens.
Taxon Name is identification to lowest level known and includes Author and Year for binomial taxa. Locality name includes country and state names and may include more detailed information. ANSP Number Taxon Name Locality Use * as a wildcard Type Status Limit to types and vouchers Browse types Result Format List results in table
Data Last Updated: 2002 July 24
Accessablity: Primary Content (Access key 2) Search Form (Access key 4) Return to list of collections Terms and Conditions of Use , The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103
el: 215-299-1000 Email:

32. Malacology Collection Search At The Academy Of Natural Sciences
Translate this page Families of type or voucher specimens at ANSP. Abyssochrysidae AcanthinulinaeAcanthochitonidae Acavacea Acavidae Achatinacea Achatinellinae

33. Malacology
malacology, Zov Magazine. YU malacology. SHELIS OF THE MONTNEGRO COAST.The Montenegro zonata). Patrons of the malacology science. Eventhough
Malacology Zov Magazine YU MALACOLOGY SHELIS OF THE MONTNEGRO COAST The Montenegro coast (on the Adriatic sea) is 290 km long with a number of beaches and sea caves. The coast has about 73 km in beaches, of which 31 km are sandy beaches. This not large but very rich coast with animal and plant species is unique in SR Yugoslavia, federation of two states Serbia and Montenegro.
click on image for larger version Montenegro coast - seashore of the first ecology goverment in Europe. Preserved nature and clean water is inhabitant of many shells The bay of Boka Kotorska - a natural preserver to for over 50 species of shell
Mussel - most common shell in the Montenegro coast
290 km is the Montenegro coast long; 259 km are craggy rock seasides. This is a home of meny shell species Focussing our view of interest and the interest of the malacology science on the even so small Montenegro seashore we see that it too is divided into two regions: The bay of Boka Kotorska north-west, and south-east to the mouth of the river Bojana. Documents "We declaire that sea fish and shells can only be soled if the salesman (fisherman) notifys the municipal court; the fish and shells can solely be soled on the town market. In counter to this order the penalty is paying the fee od 12 denars, half of the fee goes to the town duke and the other half goes to the township."

34. Malacology
malacology, Zov Magazine. Montenegro coast seashore of the first ecology govermentin Europe. Preserved nature and clean water is inhabitant of many shells.
Malacology Zov Magazine Montenegro coast - seashore of the first ecology goverment in Europe. Preserved nature and clean water is inhabitant of many shells

35. Malacology
Translate this page Museu Nacional — Departament of Invertebrates. malacology The studyof mollusks. Norma C. Salgado (Associate Professor) nsalgado
Museu Nacional — Departament of Invertebrates
The study of mollusks

Back to Museu Nacional Homepage. Back to Invertebrate Dept Homepage.
Adriano B. Kury

36. Tropical Designs | Hawaiian Seashells | Malacology | Powered By
Guaranteed, Tropical Designs Hawaiian Seashells malacology. CATEGORIESValentine Tropical Flowers. Hawaiian malacology Logo. Whether

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  • 37. Malacology
    Natural History Museum Berne Switzerland. The malacology Collection is comprise ofthe following sections Molluscs of the world (~124,000, many type specimens);
    N A T U R A L H I S T O R Y M U S E U M S A N D R E S E A R C H C E N T E R S E mail: Museums NatureQuest net M A L A C O L O G Y Where:
    Strength In This Field Collection:
    More Info:
    Museums of Natural History

    (Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen)
    Denmark This Collection of Mollusks is one of the more important of the large, old collections in Europe, going back to King Frederik III's "Kunstkammer" from the 1650's "Grigore Antipa" National Museum of Natural History
    Romania The Museum houses some120,000 Mollusk specimens. Natur Historiska Riksmuseet
    (Swedish Museum of Natural History)

    Stockholm Sweden Molluscs are one of the most important groups of invertebrates. They live in the sea, on land, and in fresh water. Many species are of economic interest or important as indicators of environmental quality. Furthermore, consequentially to their long and well documented paleontological history they play an important role in stratigraphy and evolutionary research.
    • The Molluscs comprise Chitons, Gastropods, Bivalves, Octopuses and Squids, Tusk shells and the two less well known groups, Monoplacophora and Aplacophora.

    38. Malacology
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    Home Books Forum Pub Med
    ... Zoology : Malacology
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    39. Antiquarian Books: Invertebrates: Malacology
    INVERTEBRATES ¬ • Crustacea (Cat 56) updated Nov 7, 2002 • Entomology¬ •Invertebrates Hydrobiology • malacology malacology (shells) AJ (Cat 52
    Antiquarian Books ... Please use the above categories to navigate through our
    antiquarian books. We try to keep the lists up to date regularly-
    in fact you'll find the date of last modification in the header of
    every catalogue. The number of the catalogue refers to the catalogue
    you received in print or by e-mail.
    If you have questions please contact us
    Malacology (shells) A-J (Cat 52)
    - Malacology (shells) H-P
    (Cat 55) [updated Nov 7, 2002]
    - General Malacology (Q-Z)
    (Cat 58) [Sept 16, 2002]
    - Marine Molluscs (Q-Z)
    (Cat 58) [Sept 16, 2002]
    (Cat 58) [Sept 16, 2002] - Journals on Malacology (Cat 58) [Sept 16, 2002]

    40. Catalogue: Malacology
    malacology Biodiversity and conservation of the Mollusca. Proceedingsof the Alan Solem Memorial symposium on the biodiversity
    Malacology... Biodiversity and conservation of the Mollusca.
    Proceedings of the Alan Solem Memorial symposium on the biodiversity and conservation of the Mollusca, 11th International Malacological Congress, Siena, Italy, 1992.
    ISBN 90-73348-47-1 NLG 76.00/US$ 38.00
    Bivalves of Australia. Vol. 1
    (sold out)
    Bivalves of Australia. Vol. 2
    1998, 288pp., 775 species depicted on 112 (89 coloured) plates, hardbound
    ISBN 90-73348-92-7 NLG 136.00/US$ 68.00

    The Bivalvia.
    Proceedings of a memorial symposium in honour of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge Morton, B. (Ed) 1990, 364pp., ills, paper ISBN 962-209-273-X NLG 96.00/US$ 48.00 Catalog of the native land and fresh-water molluscs of the Hawaiian Islands 1995, 254pp., 1 photo, 1 map, paper ISBN 90-73348-43-9 NLG 78.00/US$ 39.00 Catalogue of living chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) 1998 (2nd revised edition), 208pp., hardbound ISBN 90-73348-93-5 NLG 104.00/US$ 52.00 A Catalogue of nomenclature and taxonomy in the living Conidae 1758-1998 Filmer, R.M.

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