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         Mineralogy:     more books (100)
  1. Reactive Transport in Porous Media (Reviews in mineralogy)
  2. Mineralogy: Concepts, Descriptions, Determinations by L. G. Berry,
  3. Sedimentary Petrography - Geology and Mineralogy by Henry B. Milner, 2003-07
  4. Ancient mineralogy: or, An inquiry respecting mineral substances mentioned by Nathaniel Fish Moore, 2009-08-22
  5. Dana's Manual of Mineralogy by Cornelius S. Hurlbut Jr., 1941
  6. Ionic Compounds: Applications of Chemistry to Mineralogy by Claude H. Yoder, 2006-10-06
  7. Applied Mineralogy in the Mining Industry by W. Petruk, 2000-12-13
  8. Chemical Mineralogy, Smelting and Metallization
  9. Elements of Optical Mineralogy: An Introduction to Microscopic Petrography, with Description of All Minerals Whose Optical Elements Are Known and Tables ... for Their Determination Microscopically by Newton Horace Winchell, Alexander Newton Winchell, 2010-02-28
  10. Elements of optical mineralogy; an introduction to microscopic petrography by N H. 1839-1914 Winchell, Alexander Newton Winchell, 2010-07-31
  11. An Introduction to Mineralogy: Founded On the Chemical Composition of Mineral and Metallic Bodies by Charles Moxon, 2010-01-11
  12. Applied Clay Mineralogy by Ralph E. Grim, 1962-12
  13. Introduction to Mineralogy for Geologists by W.J. Phillips, N. Phillips, 1980-05-21
  14. Process Mineralogy VIII

41. (NMBE) Earth Sciences - Mineralogy And Petrography
Earth Sciences mineralogy and Petrography. The object is property ofthe Institute of mineralogy and Petrology, University of Bern. 7).

42. Philatelic Mineralogy -- Gem, Rock, And Mineral Postage Stamps From Around The W
Topical stamps that feature minerals, rocks, and gems.Category Recreation Collecting Stamps Topical Collecting Nature......Philatelic mineralogy. Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps From Aroundthe World. This document is best viewed with a frameenabled browser.
Philatelic Mineralogy
Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps
From Around the World
This document is best viewed with a frame-enabled browser. Take this link to the first page in the set.

43. Colgate Mineralogy
mineralogy Geology 201. Minerals humankind. The study of these naturallyoccurring crystalline substances is the science of mineralogy.
Geology 201
Minerals are the stuff of which planets are composed, the material from which civilizations are built, and the coveted jewels and precious metals of humankind. The study of these naturally occurring crystalline substances is the science of mineralogy. This course deals with the principles and concepts fundamental to understanding the physical, chemical, crystallographic and structural properites of minerals. The laboratory introduces techniques, including optical and X-ray, that aid in defining these characteristic properties. Familiarization with minerals of common occurrence, and hence of greatest importance in the understanding of Earth processes, is emphasized in the laboratories. Four lectures and one laboratory per week. Fall 2002 Syllabus
Lecture Schedule
Laboratory Schedule
Study Game Reading Assignments
Lecture Topics
Questions about the course to:
Updated 8/02
Geology Home page

Translate this page Musée de minéralogie - Museum of mineralogy - Ecole des mines, Paris. Statistiquesdu serveur Web du Musée / mineralogy Museum Web Server Usage Statistics
- Museum of Mineralogy Ecole des mines, Paris
Adresse - Location
60, boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris, France Telephone : +33.1.40 51 91 39
Fax : +33.1.43 54 18 98
See our minerals Catalog of type specimen (or samples) Personnel - Staff of the Museum 250 th Anniversary of the birth of -
Autres serveurs du domaine hors de France / Other relevant servers outside of France
French Servers
Mineralogy Museum Web Server Usage Statistics De l'aide ! / Help needed ! Any information, comments on our Web server, how to improve it, links to related servers, anything else : mail it right now !

45. WiscMin.html
mineralogy of Wisconsin. By. William S. Cordua. Bibliography of Wisconsin mineralogy.Special Wisconsin Mineral Localities. Minerals FIRST reported from WI.
Mineralogy of Wisconsin
William S. Cordua
Galena in matrix, Hazel Green, WI Galena is Wisconsin's official state mineral
I have compiled an extensive data base on the minerals of Wisconsin cross-referenced by county and mineral. Mineral entries are referenced to literature sources which are more thoroughly given in the bibliography database below. If there are problems or questions, you can E-MAIL me, William S. Cordua. The Nov. - Dec. 1998 issue of Rocks and Minerals magazine contains a shorter version of this information organized around a county-by-county listing of key mineral localities. Mineral List and Links of minerals reported from Wisconsin. Minerals by County reported from Wisconsin. Bibliography of Wisconsin Mineralogy Special Wisconsin Mineral Localities Minerals FIRST reported from WI Photo of polished Wisconsin Red Granite, near Wausau, WI ... Information on the Crandon Deposit and Nicolet Minerals Return to Dr. Bill's Home Page

46. Friends Of Mineralogy
Friends of mineralogy is dedicated to the advancement of seriousinterest in minerals and related activities.

Photo Gallery


Hewettite; Garland Co, AR Dedicated to the advancement of serious interest in minerals and related activities
We are collectors, professionals, and curators who share a love of mineral specimens and the desire to promote understanding and appreciation of mineralogy. Friends of Mineralogy is affiliated with The Mineralogical Record Magazine, The Mineralogical Society of America, and the American Geological Institute send submissions to Mike Howard updated March 2002

47. Mineralogy Courses
mineralogy Course Resources on the Internet. Course, University, Course.mineralogy, Albion College, mineralogy. Auburn, mineralogy.
Course Resources on the Internet
Course University Course Mineralogy Albion College Mineralogy Auburn Mineralogy Bringham Young Petroglyph
[ simulation of a petrographic microscope. ] Brock University Optical Mineralogy Colgate University Mineralogy George Mason University Mineralogy Iowa State Mineralogy LSU Optical Mineralogy Middlebury College Mineralogy Muskingum College Mineralogy North Dakota Mineralogy Queen's University Minerals and Optics Rice University Mineralogy San Jose State Rocks, Minerals and Soils
Smith College Mineralogy
U Akron Medical Mineralogy
[trace elements]

U Arizona Introduction to Mining
Mineralogy U Bristol Mineralogy Minerals under the Microscope U Cambridge Strucure of Materials U Colorado Mineralogy Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry U Georgia Mineralogy and Mineralogy U Houston Mineralogy U Idaho Mineralogy U Iowa Mineralogy U New Brunswick Optical Mineralogy U Oregon Mineralogy U Southern California Mineralogy U Texas Austin Gems and Gem Minerals U Utah Ore Deposits Mineralogy U Wisconsin Gems and Gemology Mineralogy Mineralogy on the Internet Updated : June 1, 1999 Return To Menu

48. Yale Peabody Museum: Mineralogy
mineralogy. The mineralogy Division oversees an historically important,worldwide collection of approximately 35,000 specimens.
Collection History Search the Collection Catalog The Mineralogy Division oversees an historically important, world-wide collection of approximately 35,000 specimens. Most of the specimens are catalogued into a systematic collection created by a combination of the original Peabody Museum holdings and the G. J. Brush Mineral Collection. The collection was developed through the investigations and publications of James Dwight Dana and Edward Salisbury Dana, which formed the basis of "The System of Mineralogy" (now in its 7th edition, and remaining a principal reference in the field; many 19th century mineralogists sent material to the Danas for inclusion in the "System"). There are 36 documented type specimens, and others that are presumed type specimens requiring further documentation. In addition to the many referenced specimens, the collection contains suites of material from localities that no longer exist, early prospecting material, a collection of gemstones, and a sizeable collection of Connecticut minerals. Loans are made only to other institutions, and to authorized individuals. Loan requests should be directed to the Collections Manager; in certain circumstances, destructive sampling is permitted. Loans are governed by the

49. Institute Of Mineralogy
Freiberg University of Mining and Technology Faculty of geoscience, geotechnicsand mining, Institute of mineralogy. D09596 Freiberg/Saxony Brennhausgasse 14.
This page is under construction ! Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
Faculty of geoscience, geotechnics and mining
D-09596 Freiberg/Saxony
Brennhausgasse 14 Scientific research and teaching at our institute are organized by the following chairs. (The particular information is still only in German):
On-line publications in English (for publications in German see in the hypertext links above):
Andreas Kluge, Bernd Voland and Uwe Schlenker:
The distinction of anthropogenic (man-made) and geogenic (natural) compartments in complex pedogeochemical anomalies .- Freiberg.- March 1991
WWW-Homepage of the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
The famous instructional mine of our University

50. Mineralogy At Caltech
mineralogy Research in George Rossman's Group. 2003. Current Projectsin mineralogy Hydrous Components in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals; Category Reference Education Geology and Planetary Science
Mineralogy Research in George Rossman's Group
Caltech Students, Staff and Collaborators George Rossman Liz Arredondo Liz Johnson Jed Mosenfelder ... Laura Baker Kim Kelsey Ma Chi
Current Projects in Mineralogy
  • Hydrous Components in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals OH in crustal minerals - feldspars and pyroxenes Analytical Calibration of the Spectrum of OH in Minerals Spectroscopy of Minerals Nano-phases in Rose Quartz Undergraduate Research - current activties ... The OH content of synthetic olivine The origin of green color in quartz from an amethyst deposit
  • Recent Projects in Mineralogy
  • Martian Surface Mineralogy Instrumentation development - tunable laser spectrometer Undergraduate Research - previous projects - thermochromic garnets
  • Most-Recent postdocs ...
    Data files and figures from recent publications from the group
    The Mineral Spectroscopy Server
    On-line information on the absorption spectra and color of minerals.
    • Information on the origin of color in minerals and gems Data files available as ASCII (wavelength, absorbance) pairs [more than a thousand files]

    51. Day 1 Class Introduction; Definition Of A Mineral Begin Reading
    . 14 p. 581-590. Test 3 - Final Exam, mineralogy Web Sites.......Geology 301 mineralogy. Auburn University. Dr. Bill Hames. Course Calendar.Course
    Geology 301 - Mineralogy Auburn University Dr. Bill Hames Course Calendar Course Description Objectives and Evaluation Lab Syllabus ... Kick the professor Lectures planned for the course are listed sequentially in the table below. The information in this table, and associated links, has been posted to supplement lecture material and to promote further study and review. Additional links and material will be added throughout the quarter. Course Calendar Day 1 Class Introduction; Definition of a mineral Begin Reading Chapter 1 in text. Day 2 Symmetry Operations and Point Groups p. 21-47 Day 3 The 32 Classes and Six Systems of Crystals p. 43-53; 63-107 (main points) Day 4 From finite to the infinite: 2D Lattices p. 108-115 Day 5 Lattices and Miller Indices of the Crystal Systems p. 123-128; 38-43 Day 6 Symmetry Operations with Translation p. 129-133 Day 7 Other Considerations of Crystalline Materials p. 150-169 Day 8 Atoms, Ions, the Periodic Chart, Bonding p. 170-190 Test #1 Is all the preceeding stuff on the first test? Day 9 X-ray Analytical Methods p. 276-288, 228-231

    Similar pages mineralogy Wikipediamineralogy. mineralogy is an earth science that involves the chemistry, crystalstructure, and physical (including optical) properties of minerals.

    53. Mineralogy Syllabus - Fall 2002
    Geology 2081 mineralogy Fall 2002 Lecture 1030 - 1130am T-Th Lab 1230- 200pm T-Th. Return to Home Page. mineralogy - An Earth System's Approach
    Geology 2081 - Mineralogy
    Fall 2002
    Lecture: 10:30 - 11:30am T-Th
    Lab: 12:30 - 2:00pm T-Th Return to Home Page Instructor: Dr. Barb Dutrow
    Room 203, Howe-Russell Building (Old Geology)
    Office hours: 2:30 - 3:30 T- Th or by appointment
    Home Page:
    E-mail: TA: David Viator Marc Cooper
    219 Howe-Russell Building (Old Geology Building) 201 Howe-Russell Bldg.
    Hours: 10:30 - 11:30 am M W F
    E-mail: Text: Manual of Mineralogy, 22 ed., (2002), C. Klein Reading assignments in ( ) should be completed prior to class Evaluation: There will be 3 hour exams and a comprehensive final exam. Exam questions will be based on material from lectures as well as from the book. Make up exams: Lecture exams will be 5 essay questions; Lab exams will be 10 questions.

    54. The Australian Journal Of Mineralogy
    The Australian Journal Of mineralogy, 2 SOLD OUT FeatureArticles The place of descriptive mineralogy in modern science;
    The Australian Journal
    Of Mineralogy If you want to know what's happening in minerals in Australia, the best place to find out is the Australian Journal of Mineralogy. Published twice a year, it contains a wealth of material, published on high quality stock with numerous colour photos. Within Australia:
    One year Subscription: A$28.00 (rate within Australia)
    One year Subscription: A$34.00 pa includes postage (rate for Overseas) Subscriptions may be ordered from:
    The Treasurer, AJM
    c/o Department of Mineralogy
    Museum of Victoria
    PO Box 666E, Melbourne
    Victoria 3001, Australia UK Agent:
    Rockbottom Publications Ltd C/- Mrs J Spence 3 Oak Tree Road Bawtry nr Doncaster South Yorkshire Pds15 p.a. USA Agent: Mr Terry Huizing 5341 Thrasher Drive Cinncinati OH 45247 US $26 pa New Zealand Agent: Mrs J. Thornton 29 Carlton Street Wellington 3 New Zealand South Africa Agent: Mr H Windisch PO Box 17273 Groenkloof Back issues are available. See below for price and availability

    55. BUBL LINK: 549 Mineralogy
    Author Jill Banfield Subjects chemical data, mineralogy DeweyClass 549 ResourceTypereference data Location usa Athena mineralogy Extensive minerals
    BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
    549 Mineralogy
    See also petrology Titles Descriptions
  • Alphabetical Mineral Reference
  • Athena Mineralogy
  • Bob's Rock Shop for Mineral Collectors and Rockhounds
  • Example Mineralogy Course: From the Field to the Web ...
  • Virtual Atlas of Opaque and Ore Minerals in their Associations
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    Alphabetical Mineral Reference
    Listing of hundreds of minerals, with descriptions and specifications.
    Author: Jill Banfield
    Subjects: chemical data, mineralogy
    reference data
    Location: usa
    Athena Mineralogy
    Extensive minerals database using IMA approved mineral names and varieties names, updated 1996. Includes an alphabetical list, systematic list, elements, sulfides, halides, oxides, carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, silicates, organic materials and varieties. Author: Pierre Perroud Subjects: chemical data, mineralogy DeweyClass: ResourceType: reference data Location: switzerland, europe
    Bob's Rock Shop for Mineral Collectors and Rockhounds
    A non-commercial gallery of over 150 specimen images of rocks and minerals plus associated magazine.
  • 56. Institute Of Mineralogy And Petrography Innsbruck
    Translate this page Hompage of the University of Innsbruck, WELCOME TO OUR HOMEPAGE.
    Abrufdatum: URL:

    57. GL 211 - Mineralogy
    GL 211 mineralogy. GL 211. mineralogy. Spring 1999. Welcome to GL211 Please read syllabus the first. To see more beautiful minerals
    GL 211 Mineralogy
    GL 211
    Spring 1999
    Welcome to GL 211
    Please read syllabus the first.
    To see more beautiful minerals, visit the Smithsonian gem site Instructor: Ray Coish, Geology Department Office: SC 220 Office Hours: 9 - 12 T TH Office Phone: Email Address:

    58. SDNHM: Mineralogy Department
    The mineralogy collection is presently under the care of Dr. Paisley Cato,Curator of Collections. 226, About mineralogy.
    Dr. Paisley Cato
    P.O. Box 121390
    San Diego, CA 92112-1390 USA
    (619) 232-3821, ext. 226
    fax: (619) 232-0248

    The Mineralogy Department maintains an extensive collection on minerals from southern California, as well as a synoptic collection of minerals from around the world, including 26,000 catalogued specimens of minerals, meteorites, and precious gems. Of particular interest is the collection of valuable minerals found in pegmatite deposits in San Diego County, including extensive tourmaline deposits. See the department's mission and purpose Many of the finest specimens from this collection are on permanent display in the Josphine L. Scripps Hall of Mineralogy, just inside the main entrance of the Museum. The Mineralogy collection is presently under the care of Dr. Paisley Cato, Curator of Collections. Policy and program decisions are made in consultation with a Mineralogy Advisory Task Force
    Use Policy
    The research collection is now housed off-site for the construction of the addition to the Museum. To arrange for access and use of the collection, or for a search of the database, please contact Dr. Paisley Cato, (619) 232-3821 ext. 226,

    59. Mineralogy Syllabus
    GEOL 3014 mineralogy FALL 2001 SYLLABUS. INSTRUCTOR opinion. TEXT Nesse,WD, 2000, Introduction to mineralogy Oxford University Press.
    Dr. Stephen W. Kline, Center for Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Studies. OFFICE: My office is in the Energy Center Building (the section closest to the student apartments), Room 155. I also have a space in McEver Hall, room 6B. The phone numbers are 968-0202 and 968-0676 respectively. Essentially any time outside of class is OK for office visits; "dropping in" is OK, and I will be in one of these places most of the time. However, just in case I have to be out of the office for library research, field work, or some other reason, it would be advisable to contact me ahead of time to make an appointment. CLASS TIME (LECTURE/LAB COMBINED): ATTENDANCE: FIELD TRIP: There is one required Saturday field trip, the date yet to be decided. Familiarity with geology in the field is of great importance in my opinion. TEXT: Nesse, W.D., 2000, Introduction to Mineralogy: Oxford University Press. ADDITIONAL READINGS: Obtaining a Geologic Dictionary would be advisable. Learning the scientific terms of any discipline is a major and very important task. Until you have all the vocabulary, this dictionary will be very helpful. I still look up terms from time to time.

    60. Geology 318: Mineralogy
    Geology 318 mineralogy Last Updated 14Jan-03. Here's what you canfind at this site Syllabus and course info - Y2003 Student web
    Geology 318
    Last Updated 14-Jan-03 Here's what you can find at this site:
    Syllabus and course info - Y2003
    Student web pages

    Copies of old exams

    Try these sites if you want a zillion links to other mineralogy pages:
    Andrea Koziol's Mineralogy and Petrology Page at the University of Dayton

    The University of Calgary's Virtual Library of Earth Science Resources

    Click here if you want some links to sites that have lots of pretty pictures of minerals.

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