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         Mycology:     more books (100)
  1. Medical Mycology: A Self-Instructional Text by Martha E., M.D. Kern, et all 1997-01-15
  2. Introductory Mycology by Constantine J. Alexopoulos, Charles W. Mims, et all 1996-01-15
  3. Clinical Mycology
  4. Clinical Mycology with CD-ROM by Elias J. Anaissie MD, Michael R. McGinnis PhD, et all 2009-01-20
  5. Defensive Mutualism in Microbial Symbiosis (Mycology)
  6. Handbook of Industrial Mycology
  7. Medical Mycology by K. J. Kwon-Chung, John E. Bennett, 1992-08
  8. Notes on Medical Microbiology: Including Virology, Mycology and Parasitology by Katherine N. Ward, A. Christine McCartney, et all 2008-12-29
  9. Manual of Clinical Mycology by Norman F. Conant, etc., 1971-09-10
  10. Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology by Miguel Ulloa, Richard T. Hanlin, 2000-06-15
  11. Introduction to Modern Mycology by J. W. Deacon, 1997-07-15
  12. Principles and Practice of Clinical Mycology by F. C. Odds, 1996-05-13
  13. Fundamentals of Diagnostic Mycology by Fran Fisher MEdMT(ASCP), Norma B. Cook MAMT(ASCP), 1998-01-15
  14. Applied Mycology by Mahendra Rai, Paul Dennis Bridge, 2009-08-14

1. MykoWeb: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology
mycology Online is a WWW resource of clinically significant mycological information. mycology Online is a joint project of the mycology Unit at the Adelaide Womens Childrens Hospital
MykoWeb information on mushrooms and other fungi, mycophagy, and mycology primarily for the amateur. Includes descriptions, photographs, recipes, and more.
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Start MykoWeb by clicking here.
A MykoWeb Page

2. Systematic Botany & Mycology
Research into the systematics of fungi and vascular plants essential to solving problems in sustainable and conventional agriculture. US Dept of Agriculture

3. Mycology Resources
This virtual library of mycology sites is a place to start looking for information about fungi.Category Science Biology mycology...... The WWW Virtual Library mycology. Welcome! Directory of mycology Resources Pages.About these pages, Collections of fungi herbaria, culture collections.

4. Mycology Online Home Page
s of the organisms and the diseases they cause. Complete with excellent images.......Contains lots of information on the fungi that cause human infections.
Mycology Online is a WWW resource of clinically significant mycological information. Mycology Online is a joint project of:
  • Adelaide Science Online at the University of Adelaide
here This site is powered by Lotus Notes/Domino,
maintained by Adelaide Science Online and
developed with assistance from Gilead Sciences

5. Mycology, University Of Tennessee
Welcome to the mycology Lab University of Tennessee Meripilus giganteus, Knoxville (on roots in lawn) July 1, 2002. The fungus is edible but not tasty. The underside consists of small pores and bruises brown when handled.
Welcome to the Mycology Lab
at the
University of Tennessee
Research Research Support Recent Papers Pleurotus web site ... Flammulina web site Technical materials Meripilus giganteus , Knoxville (on roots in lawn) July 1, 2002. The fungus is edible but not tasty. The underside consists of small pores and bruises brown when handled. Photo Gallery (Photos of fungi) Links to other mycology sites Faculty and Students Ronald H. Petersen Karen Hughes Dirk Krueger Juan Luis Mata ... Shannon Tieken Questions or comments? Contact Ron Petersen at or Karen Hughes at Key Words: Fungi, fungal systematics and evolution, molecular systematics, biological speciation, photographs of fungi

6. Mycology Resources
The WWW VL mycology The WWW Virtual Library mycology These pages summarize internet resources of interest to mycologists (biologists who study fungi). Choose your favorite topic in the directory below or try the big hairy INDEX.
The WWW VL: Mycology
The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology
Welcome! These pages summarize internet resources of interest to mycologists (biologists who study fungi). Choose your favorite topic in the directory below or try the big hairy INDEX The WWW Virtual Library is a distributed and comprehensive catalog of internet resources. It's maintained by volunteers. See also other branches in the Biosciences , or view the full subject catalog . Your curiosity about the WWW VL: Mycology, and your indecision concerning which sites to visit first might be alleviated by reading a bit about these pages . Recently added sites are listed on the About page. I welcome your comments, and also your additions and corrections. Please address them to Kathie Hodge, This image of Omphalina epichysium is a gift of Mike Wood, maintainer of MykoWeb , a fantastic site that includes many resources for mycophiles.
Directory of Mycology Resources Pages
About these pages Collections of fungi: herbaria, culture collections Directories of mycologists and mycological labs Discussions: newsletters, books and serials

7. Cercle De Mycologie De Mons - Accueil
Informations sur le cercle, ses membres, ses activit©s et index d©taill© des champignons. Mons.

8. Mycology Resources Fungal Molecular Genetics

9. Xylariaceae: Home
Keys and images of 12 genera of Xylariaceae.
HOME OF THE XYLARIACEAE Xylariaceae is one of the most commonly encountered groups of ascomycetes with most of its members being stromatic, peritheciate, with an iodine-positive ascus apical ring, and with one-celled, dark ascospores on which a germination slit can be found. Most are inhabitants of wood, seeds, fruits, or leaves of angiosperms. Some are associated with insect nests. Most decay wood and many are plant pathogens. Many are endophytes. They are commonly found throughout the temperate and tropical regions of the world. We have fully monographed or revised 14 genera of the Xylariaceae, including: Ascovirgaria Biscogniauxia Kuntze, Creosphaeria Theiss., Daldinia Discoxylaria Entoleuca Syd., Hypoxylon Bull., Jumillera Kretzschmaria Fr., Kretzschmariella Viégas, Nemania S. F. Gray, Stilbohypoxylon Henn., Vivantia Whalleya We compiled a LIST OF MOST PUBLISHED EPITHETS for the above-listed genera. You can find out the current status of a species or varietal name through the list which contains more than 1,300 epithets.

10. Mycology
The mycology Pages have moved to http// ImageLib/mycology/index.html. Please update your bookmarks.
The Mycology Pages have moved to . Please update your bookmarks.

11. Mycology Online:Alternaria Sp.
1992. Medical mycology. Go to previous document (if any) Go to next document(if any) Return to the last View Return to the mycology Online home page.

12. Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book (PPIGB)
Resource for phytopathology, applied entomology and related sciences on topics like pesticides, plant diseases, pest management, plant pathology education, mycology, viruses, bacteria, nematodes, biological control, turf management, and forest.

13. Medical Mycology Research Center
University of Texas mycology resources which include an online collection of images of fungus cultures.

14. Microbiology & Public Health
This website contains information on public health, infectious disease profiles, mycology, virology, parasitology, mycobacteriology, bacteriology and environmental health.
Bugs on the Web
Microbiological characters of distinction
Check out the new Parasitology Tutorial Virtual Lab
National Centre for Streptococcus

National Centre for Mycology

MMPH Departments

Continuing Education, Conferences, Health Information
Science on Saturday
Photo Album Other WWW Sites
Check out these sites!
Regional Microbiology Profiles
Disease trends by month to December-2000 Guide to Services Information on Specimen Collection and Submission National Medical Laboratory Week is April 7- 11, 2003 Review the activities at Join our team! Check out these employment opportunities Edmonton Laboratory Site - CHA employment opportunities - many positions available Calgary Laboratory Site - CRHA employment opportunities Web Bug Health Promotions Profiles ... 8440-112 Street, Edmonton Alberta, Canada, T6G 2B7

15. Center For Medical Mycology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Unique resource combining clinical and basic science research in fungal biology, dermatophytes, candida albicans, fungal biofilms, fungal virulence factors, susceptibility testing, and animal models
"From the Test-Tube to the Patient" University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University
New Additions
Fungal Biofilms
NEW Kuwait Prize for Prof. Ghannoum Slideshows added CMM Publications
CMM is accredited by CLIA and College of American Pathologists (CAP) Top 10 Visited Pages There is no usage data for this web. Center for Medical Mycology (CMM) is a unique institutional resource for the study of fungal diseases from the test tube to the patient, which serves as a mycology reference center providing services to clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry. We also perform basic science research as well as clinically relevant studies in fungal biology. The faculty and staff possess high ethical standards and are committed to being effective, responsible and accountable.
Our Mission To provide reliable patient oriented services which will support University Hospitals' long standing commitment to provide quality patient management and innovative research and to strengthen Case Western Reserve University as a major biomedical research university by making important scholarly contributions to the fund of mycological center of excellence, recognized as having innovative research, educational and clinical programs.
Research at the CMM is devoted to the following main areas:
  • A basic science area focusing on the biology of fungal biofilms , determination of virulence factors responsible for the pathogenesis of fungi including dermatophytes
  • 16. The Mycology.Net
    mycology Net an Internet Portal from Scientists for Scientists PresentingInformation about Diversity of Fungi. mycology.Net. an
    an Internet Portal from Scientists for Scientists
    Presenting Information about Diversity of Fungi
    The current page normally uses a navigation frame on the left side. If your browser does not support frames, you can also follow the link below to go directly to the menu and follow the links provided there. This may result in multiple windows being opened, it will be fully functional, however. Enter the menu directly

    Promotes a book about the effects of mushrooms on culture, religion, and philosophy throughout history, as well as various events on this subject, featuring James Arthur. Includes information on psychedelic mushrooms.

    James Arthur: (also at
    Ethno-Mycology The effects Mushrooms have had on the Culture, Religion, and Philosophy of Mankind throughout history. Welcome to James Arthur dot net. The home of James Arthur on the world wide web. Bookmark this site and by all means share a link to it with your friends. This website will get you thinking, spark your curiosity and offer an explanation to many of the world's strangest mysteries. Enjoy your stay and come back soon.
    Many images are on this page; download takes some time. It's best to read while it loads. Links to this page are encouraged and appreciated.
    The book is available through this site.
    Click on the book cover above to find out how to order a signed copy.
    The book includes chapters not included here.
    Picture: Book Cover (ISBN1-58509-151-0)

    1-800-700-TREE (8733)

    To Order through the publisher 'The Book Tree' click the above link.
    To Order through click the above link. Barnes and Noble ONLINE To Order through Barnes and Noble click the above link. ~~Protect your web site from US Censorship. Have your hosting or a MIRROR site in the UK with YAGE.NET (Click here or above to find out more)~~

    18. Microbiologist Seeks Employment
    Ph.D., M.S.P.H. Resume and CV. Experience includes all areas of microbiology to include virology (both serology and viral isolation), parasitology, mycology, tuberculosis, and clinical immunology.
    Haymarket, Virginia 20169 Email:
    I have developed and applied skills in microbiology and infection control , supervised as many as 26 employees in large (500 bed hospitals) reference laboratories. My experience includes all areas of microbiology to include virology (both serology and viral isolation), parasitology mycology tuberculosis , and clinical immunology . I taught in active training programs in these centers for many specialties to include infectious disease pathology , and medical technology . I have been an invited lecturer at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and I am a contributing author to the textbook used in that program.
    I have built complex relational databases in Access and Paradox for management of laboratory supply operations. I have designed a laboratory computer system featuring edit checks and conditional branching logic. I was a

    19. Duke Mycology: Mushrooms Of North Carolina
    Information on Rytas Vilgalys's research group, evolutionary biology of mushrooms, and mushrooms of Category Science Biology mycology...... The photos and collections were made during the fall of 1995 as part of a classassignment for Introductory mycology (Bot 220, taught by R. Vilgalys) at Duke
    photo by Maggie Whitson, Duke University
    M ushrooms
    N orth
    C arolina
    The fungi shown on these pages may be found in the forests of central and coastal North Carolina. The photos and collections were made during the fall of 1995 as part of a class assignment for Introductory Mycology (Bot 220, taught by R. Vilgalys) at Duke University. Students were required to prepare a collection of 50 specimens representing a cross section of mushroom diversity from North Carolina, with notes and photos. The best student photos were selected for this homepage. Many of the specimens shown on these photos were collected during field trips to several interesting habitats in North Carolina, including the piedmont, sandhills, and coastal forest regions.
    List of Species
    Credits the Duke Mycology Lab Evolutionary Biology ... other Mycology web pages
    Please email comments, corrections, or suggestions to:
    Rytas Vilgalys,

    Last revision: 26 April 1996
    Links2Go Key Resource

    Fungi Topic

    20. Systematic Botany And Mycology Fungal Databases
    browser preferences. If your browser does not support frames pleasecontact Systematic Botany and mycology Home.
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    Systematic Botany and Mycology Home

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