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         Optics:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Modern Optics by Grant R. Fowles, 1989-06-01
  2. Optics (4th Edition) by Eugene Hecht, 2001-08-12
  3. Introduction to Fourier Optics by Joseph W. Goodman, 2004-12-10
  4. FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics: Study Guide to FOA Certification by Jim Hayes, 2009-09-04
  5. Introduction to Optics (3rd Edition) by Frank L Pedrotti, Leno M Pedrotti, et all 2006-04-17
  6. Nonlinear Optics, Third Edition by Robert W. Boyd, 2008-04-11
  7. Schaum's Outline of Optics by Eugene Hecht, 1974-11-01
  8. The FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics by Jim Hayes, 2010-06-30
  9. Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light (7th Edition) by Max Born, Emil Wolf, 1999-10-13
  10. Quantum Optics: An Introduction (Oxford Master Series in Physics, 6) by Mark Fox, 2006-06-22
  11. Fiber Optic Reference Guide, Third Edition by David Goff, 2002-03-29
  12. Last-Minute Optics: A Concise Review of Optics, Refraction, and Contact Lenses by David G. Hunter PhDMD, Constance E. West MD, 2010-04-15
  13. Introduction to Quantum Optics: From the Semi-classical Approach to Quantized Light by Gilbert Grynberg, Alain Aspect, et all 2010-10-18
  14. Optics Demystified by Stan Gibilisco, 2009-06-22

Provides an easily understood explanation of optical principles for elementary school children. optics FOR KIDS Science and Engineering
OPTICS FOR KIDS: Science and Engineering
by Bruce Irving, Optical Research Associates
A NOTE TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Elementary school children might enjoy this quick look at some optical basics, especially if coupled with some experiments from the Optics Discovery Kit from OSA or some creative play with the commercial program ZAP! . There's also a bit of a pep talk on science and engineering as careers. Please share this with your kids! Please note also that ORA does not sell lenses or other optical "hardware" for experiments. A local science or children's museum may sell simple lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc. Edmund Scientific Company is a good source for all sorts of optical and other scientific items for experimenters. Laser pointers are now quite inexpensive and can be used for optical experiments with colored filters, lenses, and optical fibers. You can buy laser pointers at office supply and electronics stores. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH LASERS. Even low-power laser pointers can cause injury if shined directly into eyes. Children should be supervised or be old enough to understand the safety issues and handle these devices safely.

2. Edmund Optics
Edmund Industrial optics is pleased to announce that John Stack has been named President of the Automated Imaging
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... Web Discounted Products FEATURE of the Week Request an EO UK or EO GmbH Catalog! The latest EO UK and EO GmbH Catalogs have just been released! We have added hundreds of new items to our product lines. Take a look at our New Products page for some of the fabulous new 2003 products, such as: Fiber Optic Collimator / Focuser Assemblies Aluminum Substrate Mirrors Mounted Laser Line Interference Filters And Hundreds More ... Request your own copy of the EO UK or EO GmbH Catalog today! President of Edmund Optics Named President of AIA more Edmund Industrial Optics Announces Fiber Optic Collimators and Focusers more Edmund Industrial Optics Announces New Metric Mounting and Positioning Equipment more no job opportunities at this time HOME CONTACT US ABOUT US FEEDBACK ... Edmund Industrial Optics 101 East Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ/USA 08007-1380

3. Eagle Optics - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, And Telescopes
Mailorder optic company offering a complete selection of binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, Category Science Astronomy Dealers......Eagle optics is America's largest independent supplier of Binoculars, Spotting Scopes,Telescopes, Tripods, and accessories for Birding, Hunting, Nature, Sports
Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Digital Cameras, and Outdoor Gear at Eagle Optics; for the experience, courtesy and professionalism you deserve. Quick Search:
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4. Optics And Photonics Online Resource Centre -
Online resource on optical, photonic, imaging, electronic, and optoelectronic technologies.Category Science Physics optics......optics, photonics and laser science news online, optics jobs, photonics jobs, laserjobs and more articles and resources for the optics, laser and photonics
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Business briefs
Including news from Coreco, Raytheon, Three-Five Systems and Agility Communications and more. Mar 21 read user comments Terahertz waves tackle tomography
A simple method for performing 3D imaging with terahertz waves is revealed. Mar 21 read user comments Flowmeter tests eyes in zero gravity
NASA scientists probe changes in astronauts' vision with a laser Doppler flowmeter. Mar 21 read user comments Infrared technique detects bioagents
An infrared spectroscopy setup that can detect biological spores 3 km away is described in the current Optics Express Mar 18 read user comments Patent highlights
The pick of this week's patent applications including an implantable light source for treating internal tissues and organs. Mar 17 read user comments more news send us your news
Senior MBE Engineer Mar 21 GE Speciality Materials Mar 21 Epitaxy Technology Specialist Mar 21 Senior Analog IC Design Engineer - Toronto, ON

5. Optical Society Of America
Research, applications and industry news from the Optical Society of America. Includes job listings, online r sum s and links to consultants.
March 22, 2003
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PHYSICS: Multiple beams of lig  Science Letter March 24, 2003  Biotech Week March 26, 2003 NANOTECHNOLOGY: Researchers ha  Science Letter March 24, 2003 See you in Atlanta at OFC 2003!
for more information. Optical Data Storage Program Available Online
Optical data storage continues to improve the quality of life by making the storage, distribution and retrieval of digital information faster and more affordable. Based on the high quality of manuscripts submitted to ODS, the research in optical data storage continues to grow. Visit to learn more!
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to view photos of the inauguration of the new OSA Local Chapter in New Delhi. Innovative Science Education
In a recent edition, The Washington Post reported on a novel new science education concept for K-12 levels. Read more. OSA Supports ICTP Winter College
The Winter College on Biophotonics: Optical Imaging and Manipulation of Cells , was held in February 2003 in Trieste, Italy. For the past 3 years, OSA has supported the Winter College through an annual grant and the active participation of member volunteers. Newly launched Resource Directory
During the week of March 16-22, 2003 the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will host the

6. Optics InfoBase
Feb 19 2003. optics Letters Volume 28 Issue 4 Live on optics Infobase today.
Mar 21 2003 Note: This web site will be down on Friday, March 21 from 7:00-7:30 pm EDT, and again on Tuesday, March 25 from 6:00-8:00 pm EDT for server maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Mar 20 2003 Applied Optics, LP Volume 42 Issue 9 live on Optics InfoBase today. Mar 15 2003 Optics Letters, Volume 28 Issue 6 live on Optics Infobase today.
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Volume Issue Page OCIS Keywords And OCIS Keywords Or OCIS Keywords Journals All Journals
Opt. Lett.
Optics Express
Applied Optics-IP
Applied Optics-LP
Applied Optics-OT JOSA (1917-1983) Applied Optics (1962-1989) J. Lightwave Technology Journal of Optical Technology Journal of Optical Networking Optics and Photonics News List Results By Journal Most Recent First Oldest First MY ACCOUNT ABOUT INFOBASE SUBSCRIBE HELP ... HOME

7. Optics For Birding Home Page
Birding optics reviews, purchasing advice, FAQs, sources, and links.
Optics for Birding
Last updated 3 April 2001 Welcome to Optics for Birding , a non-commercial site designed to educate those who want to buy optics (binoculars and telescopes, primarily) so that they can make informed buying decisions. Although the target audience is those of us who enjoy watching birds, much of the information is generally applicable, no matter what your intended application. To navigate about this site, select from the topic links at the bottom of this page. To see what has changed recently, select the Recent Changes link. If you have any reviews, comments, or questions, please send me send me e-mail
General Topics Recent Changes Optics Purchase Advice Optics Reviews Tripods, etc.
FAQs General Optics Binoculars Telescopes Miscellaneous ... Tripods
Sources for Optics Where to Buy Manufacturers Repair Shops
Miscellaneous Misc Optics Links Misc Products Ed's Home Page
Feedback Send Ed E-mail
Ed Matthews Keywords (for Web indexers): binoculars, birding, birdwatching, FAQ, night vision, optics, scopes, spotting scopes, telescope, telescopes, tripod, tripods Edmund R. Matthews

8. Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics And You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java
Start 10 million lightyears from the Milky Way galaxy and wind up face to face with a proton in Florida.

Visit the

Molecular Expressions Website

Photo Gallery ... Home
Powers of Ten
View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. Interactive Java Tutorial ATTENTION
Once the applet has completely downloaded, a set of the arrows will appear that allow the user to increase or decrease the view magnitude in Manual mode. Click on the Auto button to return to the Automatic mode. ATTENTION! The Powers of Ten is now available as a Windows screen saver that operates in the same manner as the tutorial. Purchase the software now at the Molecular Expressions Store
Notice how each picture is actually an image of something that is 10 times bigger or smaller than the one preceding or following it. The number that appears on the lower right just below each image is the size of the object in the picture. On the lower left is the same number written in powers of ten, or exponential notation . Exponential notation is a convenient way for scientists to write very large or very small numbers. For example, compare the size of the Earth to the size of a plant cell, which is a trillion times smaller

9. Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics And You
Timeline, interactive java applets showing various properties of light and lenses, tutorials, and other links for students.

Visit the

Molecular Expressions Website

Photo Gallery ... Home
Table of Contents
Science, Optics and You is a science curriculum package being developed for teachers, students, and parents. These activities are designed to promote the asking and answering of questions related to light, color, and optics. The program begins with basic information about lenses, shadows, prisms, and color, leading up to the use of sophisticated instruments scientists use to help them understand the world. The goal of Science, Optics and You is for students to acquire the skills with which they can do microscopic analysis of a variety of samples in multiple ways. Use the links below to navigate to featured subsections of this Website. Timeline in Optics - A summary of important events in optics, microscopy, astronomy, and the physics of light and color. Spanning from prehistory to the beginning of the twenty-first century, the timeline places each discovery, invention, theory, and development into a larger context of the world and its history. Find out when Halley's comet was first observed, how Christopher Columbus caused the moon to go dark, and who really invented the light bulb. Pioneers in Optics - Since the early days in Alexandria when Euclid described the laws of reflection in Optica , the science of optics has fascinated and challenged society's most brilliant minds. Some have made it possible to reach for the stars, while others have helped unveil a microscopic realm on Earth. Tribute is paid to these heroes through brief biographies that acknowledge their tremendous accomplishments and how they have affected civilization.

10. Optics Express Beta 1 Test Submission
Electronic, peerreviewed, journal.Category Science Physics optics......optics Express has moved. Click here to go to the new location.
Optics Express has moved. Click here to go to the new location.

11. History Of Optics
Timeline of opticsrelated historical moments.
~300 BC Euclid (Alexandria) In his Optica he noted that light travels in straight lines and described the law of reflection. He believed that vision involves rays going from the eyes to the object seen and he studied the relationship between the apparent sizes of objects and the angles that they subtend at the eye Probably
100 BC and 150 AD
Hero (also known as Heron) of Alexandria. In his Catoptrica , Hero showed by a geometrical method that the actual path taken by a ray of light reflected from a plane mirror is shorter than any other reflected path that might be drawn between the source and point of observation. ~140 AD Claudius Ptolemy (Alexandria). In a twelfth-century latin translation from the arabic that is assigned to Ptolemy, a study of refraction, including atmospheric refraction, was described. It was suggested that the angle of refraction is proportional to the angle of incidence Ibn-al-Haitham ( also known as Alhazen) (b. Basra). In his investigations, he used spherical and parabolic mirrors and was aware of spherical aberration. He also investigated the magnification produced by lenses and atmospheric refraction. His work was translated into latin and became accessible to later european scholars Robert Grosseteste (England).

12. Photonics Gateway - Optics Community Services - SPIE Web
Contains extensive lists of links to various resources that useful to people working in the optics industry. These links include university and national research labs, archives of documents and images.
Resources By Technology Areas Universities Other Internet Resources Photonics Gateway OPTICS COMMUNITY SERVICES
Last updated: 14 March 2003 In 1995 SPIE was chosen to administer the WWW Virtual Library for Optical Science and Engineering , part of the W3 Consortium and CERN WWW Virtual Library . This part of SPIE Web is that library, and is connected from various points all over the Web. The resources below contain extensive lists of links to various resources that may be useful to people working in the optics industry. These links include university and national research labs, archives of documents and images. SPIE is committed to being the information gateway to optics and photonics resources around the world. If you would like to suggest a link, including your own, please send e-mail to These sites are not part of SPIE Web, and SPIE has no control over their content or availability.
Resources by Technology Areas
  • Astronomy Electronic Imaging Lasers Semiconductors X-Ray Technology Virtual Reality
Societies and Professional Associations
National Laboratories and Government Organizations
Other Internet Resources ...

13. - Employment Centre - Latest Jobs
optics jobs, laser jobs and photonics related jobs. View our comprehensivelist of current vacancies in the laser, optics and photonics industry.
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We've joined forces with three of the world's leading scientific Web sites and to bring you a comprehensive employment service for professionals with a science background. listing jobs to of Senior MBE Engineer RF Micro Devices, Greensboro, NC, United States Posted: Mar 21 Closing Date: not specified GE Speciality Materials GE Quartz, Willoughby, OH, United States Posted: Mar 21 Closing Date: not specified Epitaxy Technology Specialist ($66000 to $75000) Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals LLC, Chicago, IL, United States Posted: Mar 21 Closing Date: not specified Senior Analog IC Design Engineer - Toronto, ON

14. Creative Stars Electro-Optics
Supplies highquality precision positioning equipment and optics products.

15. APA Optics, Inc. :: Home
Develops, designs and fabricates components and systems for the fiber optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries. Overview, history, facilities, employment opportunities, contact information.

Fiber Optic Products

UV Watch ...
Industrial UV Measurements

APA booth #6950 New Low Loss, Large Bandwidth Multimode DWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Download APA Optics, Inc. Fiscal 2002 Annual Report. What is FutureFocus at APA? download a PDF.

16. Schneider Optics -- Home
Manufacturer of large format and enlarging lenses. United States distributor of Horseman and Voigtlander Category Arts Photography Cameras Large Format......Schneider optics, manufacturer of highquality optics for large format and digitalphotography, as well as for motion picture projection, industrial
Schneider Kreuznach Century Precision Optics Schneider Kreuznach Century Precision Optics

17. Cleveland Crystals, Inc.: Manufacturer Of Nonlinear And Electro-optic Crystals A
Manufacturer of nonlinear and electrooptic crystals and devices.
Upcoming Trade Shows and Exhibits Photonics West 2002
Jan 19-25, 2002, San Jose, CA ASSL
Feb 3-6, 2002, Quebec City, Canada CLEO 2002
May 19-24, 2002, Long Beach, CA
click to enlarge Cleveland Crystals, Inc. is a value-driven provider of laser optic products and services. Our products include: crystalline optics, electro-optic and nonlinear optical devices, thin-film design and coating services, consulting services and integrated optical assemblies. Our experienced, well-respected team of technology experts work alongside our customers to provide application-appropriate solutions. Laser Markets
  • University Research and Development Government Research and Development Medical Materials Processing OEM Defense Industrial Environmental

  • Sales Inquiries - Click HERE

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    Employee Area

    18. OSA
    The Optical Society of America (OSA) is a professional society of optical engineersand scientists devoted to advancing the fields of optics and photonics. OSA,
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    Publications Membership ... About OSA

    19. Indy Optics Scopes Mounts
    Full line dealer of Bushnell, Tasco, Millett, Weaver, Leupold, and KwikSite scopes, mounts, and rings for rifles and pistols.
    NewNnnnnn CHECKCH B-SQUARE BUSHNELL KWIK-SITE SIMMONS ... ORDER FORM New Arrivals in stock 6X-24X42MM,MIL-DOT Reticle,A/O,TT,Matte,1 in. tube Limited quantity DON'T SEE THE PRODUCT YOU WANT . . . . . . SPECIAL ORDERS OF HARD TO FIND ITEMS IS OUR SPECIALITY! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE Open 9a.m-3p.m Monday - Friday MAIL ORDER ONLY WE ACCEPT . . . . . 1714 E.400 N. Greenfield, IN 46140 WE ANSWER EMAILS DAILY! revised 3/21/02 THESE PAGES ARE BEST VIEWED AT 1024 x 768 PIXELS! Neither Indy Optics nor it's agents may be held responsible for any typographical errors found on these pages!

    20. Night Vision By Night Owl Optics
    Complete range of innovative and affordable night vision devices.
    Night Owl Optics industry-leading night vision expertise integrates the highest level of technology and design. Our product range provides an ideal balance between quality and performance, while embracing state-of-the-art night vision know-how. Whether it's our award-winning monoculars, binoculars or goggles you can be assured of the highest quality products, incorporating the latest styling and technology for outstanding performance, even in complete darkness.
    As the Leader in consumer night vision, we are also a designer and manufacturer. With an ownership interest in a premier optical facility, we are a dedicated and vertically integrated company that includes research, engineering, design and manufacturing, exclusively for Night Owl Optics®.
    Throughout our history, we have developed some of the all-time best-selling consumer night vision collections. These product lines have established our company as a worldwide leader in the supply of consumer night vision products. For the current model year, we are proud to introduce new Standard series models including new additions to the popular Discovery™ series monoculars. Additionally, we will introduce an advanced new Binocular, our NOXB3, based on our popular Explorer™ series. HOME ABOUT US BUYER'S GUIDE CONTACT US ... ADVANCED
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