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         Optics:     more books (100)
  1. Adaptive Optics for Astronomical Telescopes (Oxford Series in Optical and Imaging Sciences) by John W. Hardy, 1998-07-30
  2. Optics of the Human Eye by David Atchison BScOptomMScOptomPhDGradCertEdFAAO, George Smith BSc MSc PhD, 2000-04-15
  3. Handbook of Charged Particle Optics, Second Edition by Jon Orloff, 2008-10-24
  4. Handbook of Optics, Third Edition Volume II: Design, Fabrication and Testing, Sources and Detectors, Radiometry and Photometry by Michael Bass, Casimer DeCusatis, et all 2009-09-22
  5. Applied Electro Optics by Louis Desmarais, 1997-12-15
  6. Reflecting Telescope Optics I: Basic Design Theory and its Historical Development (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) (Pt. 1) by Raymond N. Wilson, 2004-05-12
  7. Remote Sensing: Optics and Optical Systems by Philip N. Slater, 1980-12
  8. Applied Charged Particle Optics by Helmut Liebl, 2007-11-07
  9. Fiber Optic Test and Measurement
  10. Fiber Optic Sensors, Second Edition (Optical Science and Engineering)
  11. Free-Space Optics: Propagation and Communication by Olivier Bouchet, Hervé Sizun, et all 2006-02-06
  12. Clinical Optics Primer for Ophthalmic Medical Personnel: A Guide to Laws, Formulae, Calculations, and Clinical Applications by Aaron V. Shukla PhDCOMT, 2009-02-01
  13. Optics and lasers: An engineering Physics Approach (Springer series in optical sciences 5) by Hugh Young, 1977
  14. Beam and Fiber Optics by J.A. Arnaud, 1976-04

61. UQG (Optics) Ltd. UK Optical Components Manufacturer
Optical engineering manufacturer supplying windows, filters and components, also has a full list of lenses, mirrors and prisms available from stock.
"Welcome to UQG Optics Online" Welcome to UQG (Optics) Ltd, a specialised UK optics company, for over 40 years, manufacturing and supplying optical windows, filters, optical components, glass products and a range of optical services. We offer a complete source for competitive quality products. Supplying all your optical needs large or small from one direct source. Please contact our UQG sales team who will offer a personal rapid response to your enquiries as well as free technical advice.
Sales contacts:
Mr Kelvin Biggs
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Profile Products ... Contact Us Optical glass engineering and fabrication services for optical materials, technical glasses and components. Custom precision dicing, lapping, optical assembly and optical coatings for complete product supply.

62. Applied Optics: Optical Technology And Biomedical Optics - Current Issue
691700 (1360 KB). Synthetic Aperture Interferometry In-Process Measurementof Aspheric optics Richard Tomlinson, Jeremy M. Coupland, Jon Petzing pp.
Volume 42, Issue 7, pp. 1167-1394, March 2003
Click on title to view abstract. Click on "PDF" to download the full-text article in PDF format. If you wish to save an article in a personal library, click on the box and then click on the "Save to Personal Libary" button. Aberrations of Diffracted Wave Fields: Distortion
James E. Harvey, Dijana Bogunovic, Andrey Krywonos
pp. 1167-1174
(182 KB)] Transmission-Reflection Analysis for Localization of Temporally Successive Multipoint Perturbations in a Distributed Fiber-Optic Loss Sensor Based on Rayleigh Backscattering
Vasilii V. Spirin
pp. 1175-1181
(142 KB)] Measurement Method for Profiling the Residual Stress of an Optical Fiber: Detailed Analysis of Off-focusing and Beam-Deflection Effects
Yongwoo Park, Sangsoo Choi, Un-Chul Paek, Kyunghwan Oh, Dug Young Kim
pp. 1182-1190
(804 KB)] Analysis of Optical Elements with Flat Boundary Surfaces Te-Tan Liao, Psang Dain Lin pp. 1191-1202 (220 KB)] Holographic Interference Filters for Infrared Communications Damon W. Diehl, Nicholas George

63. TaeKyung Optical Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of optical frames and sunglasses.

64. Ion Optics: Innovators In IR Emitters, MEMS Gas Sensors, And Infrared Spectromet
Has pulsed infrared sources that are used in nondispersive infrared gas sensing equipment.

65. Caltech Quantum Optics
Welcome to the home page of Professor Jeff Kimble's quantum opticsgroup at Caltech. The primary goal of our research is to study
home... research people publications presentations ... beer fines
Welcome to the home page of Professor Jeff Kimble's quantum optics group at Caltech. The primary goal of our research is to study the quantum mechanics of open systems, in which (like the real world), dissipation tends to destroy interesting quantum states. In studying the role of dissipation and decoherence, we learn about what is and might be possible with "real-world" quantum mechanics - how we might make, study, and preserve quantum superpositions and other exotic states. You might also like to visit the web page of the Mabuchi group at Caltech as well as the IQI (Institute for Quantum Information) and the Caltech MURI Center for Quantum Networks Cavity QED Research at Caltech One of the few experimentally viable systems for which the intrinsic quantum mechanical coupling dominates losses due to dissipation (and hence makes interesting quantum mechanics possible) is cavity QED. We investigate the use of strong coupling to control the simple quantum system of one atom interacting with a single photon in an optical cavity. In this context we have recently demonstrated an "atom-cavity microscope" in which the motion of a single atom within the cavity can be tracked in real time. Quantum Teleportation An unknown quantum state can be faithfully teleported between a sender (Alice) and a receiver (Bob) who can communicate through a classical channel and who have a shared resource of quantum entanglement. In our teleportation lab, squeezed states of light are used to generate entangled EPR states, which we have recently used to demonstrate quantum teleportation of continuous variables.

66. Applied Optics: Lasers, Photonics, And Environmental Optics - Current Issue
pp. 390393 (782 KB). Halo and Mirage Demonstrations in Atmosphericoptics Michael Vollmer, Robert Greenler pp. 394-398 (1446 KB).
Volume 42, Issue 9, pp. 1551-1742, March 2003
Click on title to view abstract. Click on "PDF" to download the full-text article in PDF format. If you wish to save an article in a personal library, click on the box and then click on the "Save to Personal Libary" button. Maximum-Likelihood Curve-Fitting Scheme for Experiments With Pulsed Lasers Subject to Intensity Fluctuations
Thomas Metz, Joachim Walewski, Clemens F. Kaminski
pp. 1551-1563
(339 KB)] Irradiance Inversion Theory to Retrieve Volume Scattering Function of Seawater
Takafumi Hirata
pp. 1564-1573
(325 KB)] Toward Closure of Upwelling Radiance in Coastal Waters
Grace C. Chang, Tommy D. Dickey, Curtis D. Mobley, Emmanuel Boss, W. Scott Pegau
pp. 1574-1582
(367 KB)] Retrieval of the Ultraviolet Effective Snow Albedo During 1998 Winter Campaign in the French Alps pp. 1583-1587 (422 KB)] Light Tunneling in Clouds H. Moyses Nussenzveig pp. 1588-1593 (1369 KB)] Calibration Procedures and Correction of Detector Signal Relaxations for the CRISTA Infrared Satellite Instrument Manfred Ern, Dirk Offermann, Peter Preusse, Klaus-Ulrich Grossmann, Jens Oberheide

67. OCN Fiber Optic Cables East
Fiber Optic cables LCSC MTRJ and patch cords.
Sales: Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm EST Toll Free: 1 866 303 4237 Secure on line Shopping Categories
Please excuse the interruptions, we are working on this Contact / Policy Fiber Products LC Fiber cables in new Lengths Bulk Fiber SCSI Products Email Us Pay by Check Fed Ex Tracking Fiber Cable Installation Contact your OCN Sales person if you need other options
OCN Fiber Optics
Boston, MA

68. Applied Optics: Information Processing - Current Issue
778784 (175 KB). Fabrication of micro optics on coreless fiber segments Eric G.Johnson, Jared Stack, Thomas J. Suleski, Charles Koehler, William Delaney pp.
Volume 42, Issue 8, pp. 1409-1233, March 2003
Click on title to view abstract. Click on "PDF" to download the full-text article in PDF format. If you wish to save an article in a personal library, click on the box and then click on the "Save to Personal Libary" button. Demonstration of a Linear Optical True-Time Delay Device by Use of a Microelectromechanical Mirror Array
Amber Rader, Betty Lise Anderson
pp. 1409-1416
(441 KB)] Optical Characterization and Applications of a Dual-Cure Photopolymerizable System
Reyna A. Duarte-Quiroga, Sergio Calixto, Daniel J. Lougnot
pp. 1417-1425
(774 KB)] Phase-Only Filtering on the Three-Dimensional Fourier Spectrum of Color Images
pp. 1426-1433
(897 KB)] Rotation Invariant Color Pattern Recognition by use of a Three-Dimensional Fourier Transform
pp. 1434-1440 (1228 KB)] Volume Emission Rate Tomography from a Satellite Platform Douglas A. Degenstein, Edward J. Llewellyn, Nicholas D. Lloyd pp. 1441-1450 (859 KB)] Superresolution by use of Code Division Multiplexing Jonathan Solomon, Zeev Zalevsky, David Mendlovic

69. Reflexite Display Optics - Fresnel Lens - Projection Systems, Microlens, Display
Manufacturer of optical microstructured products for the management of light in nonimaging applications.

70. CXRO's Home Page
The Center for XRay optics (CXRO) was established in 1984 at the LawrenceBerkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). It has complementary
The Center for X-Ray Optics (CXRO) was established in 1984 at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) . It has complementary roles: demonstrating the scientific capabilities and usefulness of the x-ray and extreme ultraviolet regions of the spectrum and developing equipment and techniques which make those capabilities widely and readily available. These techniques and equipment include state-of-the-art x-ray lenses and mirrors, monochromators optimized for high resolution and throughput, and optical systems for the utilization of partially coherent radiation for applications across the physical and life sciences. Some of the topics of current pursuit are listed below.
Diffractive X-Ray Optics
Reflective X-Ray Optics
X-Ray Interactions with Matter
Absolute Metrology and Calibration
Coherent Radiation
X-Ray Data Booklet
Soft X-ray Microscopy
EUV Interferometry
EUV Lithography
Student Research
CXRO Personnel
CXRO beamlines
ALS MSD ... LBNL Send us your comments
Server Statistics

71. Torus Optics
Designs and manufactures researchquality optics, opto-mechanical instruments (such as Lidar), and Category Science Astronomy Manufacturers......

72. Anmeldung
Annual meeting on atmospheric studies by optical methods to be held September 36, 2002 at the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics in K¼hlungsborn.
Programme, Abstracts, Photos
September 3-6, 2002
IAP K¼hlungsborn
Abstract book (PDF)
The aim of these annual meetings is to provide a common platform for exchange of ideas, scientific results and instrumental techniques, with the only requirement that there exists a relation to atmospheric studies by optical methods. Even if the meetings are announced as European meetings, and European countries take turns in organising them, people from all over the world are welcomed to attend. The Annual Optical Meetings were started in Stockholm in the fall of 1973, with the intention of bringing together scientists, engineers and students using optical methods to study the upper atmosphere. In 2002 the meeting is organized by the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Local organization committee (LOC)
The meeting is chaired by Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef L¼bken. The local organization committee members are Dr. Matthias Alpers, Prof. Dr. Ulf von Zahn and Mrs. Marion Lange (all from IAP). If you want to send an email to the LOC-members please use this link Mrs. Marion Lange

73. Composite Optics Antennas Reflectors Instruments Structures Mirrors Waveguide Ra
Produces composite antenna reflectors, radomes, spacecraft, and components for the defense industry .Category Regional North America Industries Aeronautical......Design, manufacture, test, of composite antenna reflectors, radomes, spacecraft,structures, optics, mirrors, waveguide, feed elements, satellites, solar arrays
COI Acquired by Alliant Tech Systems (ATK)
Click Here to Read All About It log('dchamberlin'); COI is fully compliant and registered under the guidlines of ISO9001/1994 Quality System Requirements. COI's ISO certification #C2001-01566 encompasses both national and international accreditations which include ANSI-RAB, UKAS and the RvA Dutch Council. COI Associates are dedicated to quality excellence and are currently striving to become certified to the ISO9901/2000 standard as well.
Thoughts for 2003 "Diets are mainly food for thought."

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for More Details

74. - New And Used Microscopes
Specializes in sales and service of used and new microscopes, parts and accessories.
Welcome to Since your browser does not display frames try this page to view our list of equipment

75. Welcome To OZ Optics
Last Updated 02/26/2003, Comments Copyright©OZ optics Limited 19852002 All Rights Reserved.
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Visit us at our upcoming trade show - OFC Trade Show Booth # 3122 in Atlanta, GA
View all New Products View all News Releases View Photos from our Tech/Fitness Center
Booth# 3122 TBA Booth# 801 View the Events Calendar Last Updated: Comments

76. RWM Fiber Optics
Fiber optic career training for industry.

77. Boshini Optics (International) Ltd - Sunglasses Manufacturer
Manufacturer and exporter based in China. Product range includes ladies, sports and leisure sunglasses.
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78. Wire Cable Industry Market Analysis Reports
Reports dedicated solely to wire and cable market reporting, pricing, forecast all aspects of the wire and cable industries worldwide.

79. Contact Lenses, Contact Lens, Uk
Disposable contact lenses. Catalogue, terms and conditions, FAQ and shopping cart.Category Regional Europe Shopping Health and Beauty Vision...... contact lens, uk, coloured contact lenses, discount, cheap, disposable, online, colour,toric, crazy lenses, buy online or by post by Net optics for cibavision
1. Choose a Product Select your contact lenses from the products link on the left , complete your prescription details and click ' add to basket ', then click on ' checkout ' and follow the instructions on screen. 2. How to Pay All our lenses can be purchased online using our secure payment method, we take all major credit and debit cards.
You can also make payment via phone , fax or post. 3. Delivery We deliver fast and free within the UK and Ireland. If you live outside the UK please contact us for a postage cost.
Welcome to Net-optics. Based in the UK, we aim to bring you the most popular contact lenses from the leading manufacturers at the lowest prices, including daily disposables, two weekly disposables, monthly disposables, coloured contact lenses and many more. Please remember that we need to receive a copy of your current contact lens (not spectacle) prescription for exactly the same lenses to those you are ordering by fax or post prior to despatching your order. This is a requirement for UK orders only. With our secure online shop you can order and buy your replacement contact lenses at the lowest prices and have them delivered to your home or office. If this is the first time that you have ordered replacement contact lenses you might find our

80. Afonics - The Leader In Coaxial Fibre Coupled Diode & Connector Technology
Manufacturer and developer of coaxial fibre coupled diode and connector technology.

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