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         Ornithology:     more books (102)
  1. Bird-Witched!: How Birds Can Change a Life (Mildred Wyatt-Wold Series in Ornithology) by Marjorie Valentine Adams, 2005-11-01
  2. Petronia: Fifty Years of Post-Independence Ornithology in India: A Centenary Dedication to Dr. Salim Ali, 1896-1996
  3. The Seasons of the Robin (Mildred Wyatt-Wold Series in Ornithology) by Don Grussing, 2009-10-15
  4. Bird Studies at Old Cape May: An Ornithology of Coastal New Jersey by Winter Stone, James A.G. Rehn, 2000-03-01
  5. The Bird Songs Anthology: 200 Birds from North America and Beyond by Les Beletsky, 2007-01
  6. Harriers of the World: Their Behaviour and Ecology (Oxford Ornithology Series) by Robert Simmons, 2000-09-14
  7. Ornithology, a Laboratory & Field Manual of by Olin Sewall Pettingill, 1967-01-01
  8. The Birds of Burma (World of Ornithology Series) by B. A. Smythies, 1986
  9. Partnerships in Birds: The Study of Monogamy (Oxford Ornithology Series)
  10. Ornithology (Real Kids Real Science Books) by Ellen Doris, Mass.) Children's School of Science (Woods Hole, 1994-09
  11. Bird Migration: A General Survey (Oxford Ornithology Series) by Peter Berthold, 2001-09-27
  12. Fundamentals of Ornithology by Josselyn Van Tyne, Andrew J. Berger, 1976-01

21. Ornithology
Annotated catalog of books on ornithology published in India. The catalog features detailed descriptions including tables of contents. Free airmail delivery of books.
updated February, 2003 Please find below a selection of books on Ornithology published in India. Many of these titles are further linked to provide the complete table of contents of the books along with excerpts from the jacket/preface. If you do not find a title you are looking for in the list below, please e-mail us at and we shall do our best to procure it. We can supply you any title published in India. All books are in hardcover unless specified pbk (for paper back edition) New Addition to our catalogue The Birds of Bhutan/Salim Ali, Biswamoy Biswas and S. Dillon Ripley. Reprint. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2002, 207 p., 22 plates, $25 (pbk). ISBN 81-85874-63-8. (Occasional Paper No. 136). Details No. 29023 Birds of Delhi/Ranjit Lal. New Delhi, OUP, 2003, xii, 150 p., plates, $20. ISBN 019565969-4. Details No. 30049 Biology of Indian Barbets/H.S.A. Yahya. New Delhi, Authors Press, 2001, xxvi, 170 p., tables, figs., ISBN 81-7273-60-8. Details No. 21581

22. The Ornithology WebSite
Welcome to The ornithology WebSite, dedicated to the education ofbird ecology and conservation. Our intent is to have the best
Welcome to The Ornithology WebSite, dedicated to the education of bird ecology and conservation. Our intent is to have the best library of information and best line of supportive products available. We appreciate suggestions and comments in our guest book . If you have any questions, please post them in our chat room/discussion area . Happy birding! Sponsors


Photo Gallery
... Attention Avian Researchers
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23. VIREO - Visual Resources For Ornithology - The Academy Of Natural Sciences
Comprehensive collection of bird photographs from around the world, with over 108,000 35mm slides and 5,000 blackand-white prints of over 6,400 bird species.
Samples of our 108,000 images are now online
Pictures for Publication Pictures for Lectures VIREO Home

24. Journal Berkut
Scientific journal about birds of East Europe and North Asia.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates ornithology...... The Ukrainian journal of ornithology BERKUT (GOLDEN EAGLE) is published since1992. The journal publishes works on all aspects of ornithology.
Journal Berkut Index of Bird Names
Vol. I - V Vol. VI - VIII The Ukrainian journal of ornithology BERKUT (GOLDEN EAGLE) is published since 1992. It is the first ornithological periodical in Ukraine and one of the most known journals of ornithology in the former USSR. The journal publishes works on all aspects of ornithology. BERKUT has 4 working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. All communications have English summaries. All the information in tables and figures is duplicated in English. Publications cover the large region from West Europe to the Far East of Russia. The journal is published twice-yearly. Here You can read contents and summaries of all issues. ISSN 1727-0200 Founders and editors: Dr. Vitaly Grishchenko
Kaniv Nature Reserve
19000 Kaniv
Dr. Igor Skilsky
Bukovinska str. 9/4
58001 Chernivtsi
Ornithological Journals of the World
Birds of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia You are visitor since May of 2000 Web-site is managed by Vitaly Grishchenko.

25. Division Of Birds -Ornithology
Division of Birds Photo by J. P. Dean COPY;Smithsonian Institution, 1996. Click on the image to view USNM Bird Collection Podoces hendersoni (Mongolian GroundJay), Photo by B. K. Schmidt. COPY;Smithsonian Institution, 1999.
Division of Birds Leucopternis albicollis
(White Hawk)
Photo by J. P. Dean
Click on the image to view
an enlargement.
Collection Research/Collections Management
Information ... Links
USNM Bird Collection
Podoces hendersoni (Mongolian Ground-Jay),
Mongolia. Photo by B. K. Schmidt.
Click on the image to view an enlargement. The Division of Birds, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, houses and maintains the third largest bird collection in the world with over 600,000 specimens. Our National Collection, known in the ornithological literature by the acronym USNM (referring to our old name of United States National Museum), has representatives of about 80% of the approximately 9,600 known species in the world's avifauna. While the majority of these specimens consists of study skins, we also manage skeletal and anatomical (alcohol preserved) collections that are the largest in the world. Additional collections include egg sets, nests, and mounted skins. We are continuing to add about 1,500 specimens a year, many of them skeletons and fluid preserved anatomicals. In recent years tissues frozen in liquid nitrogen have also been preserved and are stored at the Molecular Systematics Laboratory. The Division of Birds also holds almost 4,000 type specimens upon which original taxonomic descriptions were based.

26. The Ornithology WebSite - Ornithological Links
Welcome to The ornithology WebSite's Avian Research section. This pageis intended for visitors to learn about current research topics.
Welcome to The Ornithology WebSite's Avian Research section. This page is intended for visitors to learn about current research topics. If you are a researcher and would like to share your project with our visitors, we would be more than happy to include your info. Home


Photo Gallery
... Personal Favorites
Amazon Rainforest - Birds of Explorama Lodges Bird Checklists of the United States Bishop Museum Hawaiin Bird Checklist British Isles Checklist ... Washington Bird Checklist
African Bird Club Amazon Birdwatching Workshops American Birding Association Baltimore Bird Club ... York Ornithological Club (UK)
Sanctuaries/Observatories/Rehabilitation Centers
Find a wildlife rehab near you.
Alaska Bird Observatory Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center Amazon Rainforest Reserves Cape May Bird Observatory ... Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
The Center for Ecological Management of Military Lands (CEMML) Environmental Career Opportunities Magazine Federal Job Listing The Nature Conservancy ... Volunteer Opportunities
Educational Resources
Backyard Birding The Beaks of Finches Bird Lesson Plans The Birds! - Lesson plans for fifth grade

27. BIRDNET: All About Ornithology, The Scientific Study Of Birds
The Ornithological Council's site with comprehensive information about North American ornithological Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates ornithology......Go to Table of Contents. BIRDNET provides information about ornithology, thescientific study of birds. Major Sections of BIRDNET. What is ornithology?

provides information about ornithology , the scientific study of birds. The site is a service of the Ornithological Council , a public information organization involving ten North American professional ornithological societies. Click on any of the icons below to go to the home page for that society.
of Field
Mexicana del Consejo
Internacional para la
Cooper Ornithological Society Pacific Seabird Group Raptor Research Foundation Society of Canadian Ornithologists Ornithologistes du Canada Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds The Waterbird Society Wilson Ornithological Society Major Sections of BIRDNET What is ornithology? About the Ornithological Council Member Societies of the Ornithological Council : meetings and more Ornithological issues and opportunities for your input Research assistance Recent Ornithological Literature Online Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research nd ed. Manual for humane study of birds Birds and birding information Guidelines for Monitoring and related information Related web sites hosted by BIRDNET Ornithological Societies of North America ( OSNA ~ Includes information about application for membership in 6 of the 10 North American ornithological societies (Jump to OSNA's Ornithological Newsletter On-Line ~ not part of BIRDNET) International Ornithological Committee , with information about 24th Congress ( Hamburg, Germany, 13-19 Aug 2006

28. BIRDNET: What Is Ornithology?
What is ornithology? ornithology is the scientific study of birds. ornithologyis a broad field, and there is room for everyone.
Click on either icon
to return to BIRDNET
home page
What is Ornithology?
Ornithology is the scientific study of birds. Ornithologists study every aspect of bird life. Some ornithologists look at how birds live in their environment, while others look at how the parts of birds work together to make a bird. Some ornithologists focus on how birds find food, while others focus on how birds digest food. Some ornithologists research changes in populations of birds across whole continents; others study changes in blood cells in an individual bird. Ornithologsts sometimes study how birds evolved and what their ancestors looked like, and still others study how birds are changing in today's environment and how they might be affected by ecological change in the future. Ornithology is a broad field, and there is room for everyone. Ornithology is one of the few sciences remaining where non-professionals regularly make significant contributions. The areas where non-professionals make their most important contributions are in the areas of distribution (finding out where birds occur naturally) - by contributing sight records, and in the understanding of changes in bird populations - throught annual bird counts around the world. More information on the science of ornithology can be found throughout BIRDNET and you are encouraged to look around.

Cornell Lab of ornithology products, logo merchandise, and other birding products.
Welcome! The best place to purchase Cornell Lab of Ornithology products, Official Logo Merchandise and other birding products. Shop
site map
Home Previous Page ... Links Wild Birds Unlimited at Sapsucker Woods ©2002

30. Journal Of Oregon Ornithology (JOO)
Archive of articles based on Oregon field studies of bird distribution, migration, and abundance.Category Recreation Birding North America United States Oregon......Journal of Oregon ornithology (JOO). *****.Journal of Oregon ornithology Table of Contents.
Journal of Oregon Ornithology (JOO)
Journal of Oregon Ornithology ISSN for Online Version: 1092-3845; Journal of Oregon Ornithology ISSN for Print Version: 1066-9450 Last modified: 12 February 2003 The most recent Journal of Oregon Ornithology is No. 6 , November 1996
Journal of Oregon Ornithology Table of Contents
Major subject matter (e.g., site of observations) of papers is in parentheses.
  • Introduction to JOO . (Introduction, library, map, and photo availability; acknowledgments; large file sizes.)
  • JOO #1 . (JOO purpose and goals, estuarine ponds in Lincoln Co., misc.)
  • JOO #2 . (Siletz/Logsden area in Lincoln Co.)
  • JOO #3 . (Harlequin Duck, Mt. in Coast Range, Great Blue Heron, subspecies.)
  • JOO #4 . (Lincoln Co. semimonthly records through 1992.)
  • JOO #5
  • JOO #6 . (Newton Hill [Lincoln Co.], unpublished coastal Christmas Bird Counts, Brant.)
  • Index for JOO Nos. 1-6 (File: jindex.htm, 147K)
To see an article and any links to GIF files, please select the first .htm file listed after the article.
All files are listed so that they can be more easily downloaded. The filename is based on page numbers in the printed JOO and includes the first page of the article, the last page in the file if the article has been split into several .htm files, or the page number of a GIF file (e.g., j135.gif is a GIF file from JOO p. 135).

31. Studies In Oregon Ornithology (SOO)
Archive of monographs about the biology of birds in Oregon.Category Recreation Birding North America United States Oregon......Studies in Oregon ornithology documents the biology of birds in Oregon that wouldprobably not otherwise be published. Studies in Oregon ornithology (SOO).
Yaquina Studies in Natural History (YSNH)
(formerly Studies in Oregon Ornithology)
Yaquina (pronounced yah kwin' ah) Studies in Natural History (YSNH) is published by Gahmken Press (gahm' ken)(P.O. Box 1467, Newport, Oregon 97365-0112 USA). Subject matter includes monographs about natural history in the Pacific Northwest. This series is numbered consecutively as independent monographs and appears at irregular intervals; there are no subscriptions. "Yaquina" refers to an Indian tribe, a river, an estuary, a headland, and an abandoned town along the central coast of Oregon, but this series is not limited to that geographical area. "Yaquina" also symbolizes the sense of geography or "place" that we can acquire for wherever we may be. What's New? (last modified on 2 March 2003)
Yaquina Studies in Natural History Table of Contents
Yaquina Studies in Natural History (formerly Studies in Oregon Ornithology) Titles
(Not yet available online) SOO No. 1 (1986). 1884-1923 Oregon Coast Bird Notes in Biological Survey Files. R. D. Bayer

32. Yale University Library
New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Specialized collections and libraries in areas including the arts, anthropology, Babylonian culture, divinity, drama, regional studies, engineering, law, music, medicine, ornithology, and statistics. Research affiliations Association of Research Libraries, Center for Research Libraries, Research Library Group.
Choose Search Title Journal/Newspaper/Magazine Title Author (sorted by name) Author (sorted by title) Keyword (MUST use and/or/not or " ") Ranked Keyword Subject Call Number Online Journals Research Guides by Subject Starting Research Job Opportunities ...
More news, events and exhibits
File last modified: March 21, 2003

33. CSIRO PUBLISHING - Emu - Journal Of Birds Australia
Journal for the publication of research articles and conceptual reviews in all branches of ornithology Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates ornithology......Emu is a major journal for the publication of research articles and conceptualreviews in all branches of ornithology of the Southern Hemisphere, including
Advanced Search Subscribe / Access Access Problems Early Alert ... Magpie Alert Learning to Live With a Wild Neighbour ISSN 0158-4197 Volume 103 2003
Frequency: 4 issues per year
Emu is a major journal for the publication of research articles and reviews in all branches of ornithology. It has a proud tradition of publishing papers on many aspects of the biology of birds, and is now expanding its coverage to include conservation biology and applied ornithology. The Journal's emphasis is on studies relating to the Southern Hemisphere and adjacent tropics, with a particular focus on Australasia and Antarctica. Emu is for professional ornithologists, research scientists, students and amateurs interested in any aspect of the biology of birds. Since 2001 (Volume 101), Emu has been published on behalf of Birds Australia (Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) by CSIRO PUBLISHING.

34. Index
Work experience in grassland ecology, ornithology, botany, and ungulate telemetry.
Pictures and Links Meghan Faye Dinkins Resume
Current Phone Number: (402) 890-8140
Jan.2002-December 2002
Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, School of Biological Sciences , Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
I tam teaching general biology and botany laboratories. Taught students (including dissections, lab techniques, basic biology principles), corrected papers, and wrote quizzes. My project is on Canada Thistle insect biocontrol effectiveness in western Nebraska.
Nov.-Dec. 2001    
Field Assistant, Zoological Institute, University of Ber n , Wengen, Berner Oberland, Switzerland
Tracked radio collared chamois with large zero-peak antennas mounted on fixed towers. Learned about chamois biology. Ran a palmtop computer.
April-Oct. 2001    
Project Biologist, EDM Internationa l-Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, Coleharbor, North Dakota USA
Conducted the field operations of an avian power line collision study. Collected, identified, photographed, and necropsied avian specimens (including a federally threatened species) for power line collision injuries. Supervised and trained an assistant; dealt with television, radio, and newspaper interest in this project. Collaborated with local and national electrical power concerns and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Jan.-March 2001   

35. Marine Ornithology
Home. Marine ornithology presents peer reviewed contributions concerning internationalseabird science and conservation. Marine ornithology 2002.
Home Marine Ornithology presents peer reviewed contributions concerning international seabird science and conservation. Marine Ornithology is supported and published biannually through a partnership between the African Seabird Group, the Pacific Seabird Group (PSG), and the Australasian Seabird Group.
Cover picture: Red-tailed Tropicbird, Hawaii, Tony Gaston
© Marine Ornithology 2002

36. ABSEARCH Abstracts In Natural Resources, Wildlife, Ecology,
Databases of publications abstracts in wildlife, fisheries, ornithology, ecology, fire ecology, conservation biology, mammalogy, ichthyology, herpetology, and zoology.

37. Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces From The Hill Ornithology Collection
Online exhibition Timeline of artists and authors Guide to the collections Bibliographyof the Hill Collection Search Resources at Cornell University Credits

no frames version of site

no frames version of site

38. Rare And Manuscript Collections
In addition to the Cornell University Archives, the RMC supports research in medieval and Renaissance studies, the Reformation, 18thcentury France and England, American history, Anglo-American literature, Icelandic history and culture, the history of science, women's studies, medicine, ornithology, witchcraft, human sexuality, the graphic arts, New York state history and agriculture, and architecture and city planning.
2B Carl A. Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 14853
tel: 607-255-3530. fax: 607-255-9524 Carl A. Kroch Library , where students, faculty and independent scholars will find an ideal setting for research and instruction. Access, Services, and General Information How to find Rare Books and Manuscripts
Registration Procedures and Guidelines

Instruction Program

Reproduction Services and Permission to Publish
Technical Services Manual
The Collections University Archives
Fiske Icelandic Collection
History of Science Collection
Human Sexuality Collection ... Guides to Archival and Manuscript Collections Hours Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm
Saturdays, 1pm to 5pm (September - May) Telephone , fax: 607-255-9524 Address 2B Carl A. Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 14853 Electronic mail
Collections Exhibitions ... News
, 2B Carl A. Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 14853. Phone Number: (607) 255-3530. Fax Number: (607) 255-9524.
For reference questions, send mail to:

39. Beautiful Birds - Masterpieces From The Hill Ornithology Collection
browser does not use frames. Please go to our alternate site for BeautifulBirds Masterpieces from the Hill ornithology Collection.
This site was designed for optimal viewing by browsers that support frames;
if you reached this page, yours browser does not use frames. Please go to our alternate site for Beautiful Birds: Masterpieces from the Hill Ornithology Collection.
exhibit guide search home

40. Natural History And Ornithology Of Alderney
Sightings reports for this Channel Island near France.
News Flash Travel Where To Stay What To Do ... Fauna Ornithology Conservation Heritage Coins/Philately Site Search ... Home Ornithology
Which season do you wish to view?



The island's first Bird Hide at Longis Pond -
courtesy of the Alderney Conservation Trust.
The island's first Bird Hide at Longis Pond -
courtesy of the Alderney Conservation Trust.
Birdwatching on Alderney Alderney is a magnet for birdwatchers. The island’s proximity to France means that species found on mainland Europe but not in Britain, are sometimes seen here. The Island is famous for its seabirds, especially the gannets . About 5000 pairs nest on the Channel Island’s two gannetries, Ortac and Les Etacs. Puffins, fulmars, guillemots and kittiwakes are regular residents. Burhou Island, just 2 miles NW from Braye Harbour, is a bird sanctuary. The island, owned by the States, has a small hut containing rough accommodation and can be rented for a small sum. It is closed from March to July to protect puffins and storm petrils on the small rocky island during these months. The Alderney Society’s official bird recorder is Nigel Lawrence whose annual Ornithological Report published below will provide you with a seasonal account of Alderney’s feathered residents and visitors.

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