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         Ornithology:     more books (102)
  1. The Naturalist's Library: Volume 13. Ornithology. Flycatchers by William Jardine;William Swainson, 2001-04-10
  2. Bird Books and Bird Art: An Outline of the Literary History and Iconography of Descriptive Ornithology Based Principally on the Collection of B by Jean Anker, 2007-08
  3. Essays on early ornithology and kindred subjects by James Roxburgh McClymont, 2010-07-06
  4. The Wisdom of Birds: An Illustrated History of Ornithology by Tim Birkhead, 2008-10-14
  5. Field Guide to the Songbirds of South America: The Passerines (Mildred Wyatt-Wold Series in Ornithology) by Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor, 2009-07-15
  6. Ornithology of the Indian Subcontinent, 1872-1992: An Annotated Bibliography by Charles G. Burg, 1994-01
  7. Current Ornithology, Volume 9
  8. Argentine Ornithology: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Birds of the Argentine Republic, Volume 2 by Philip Lutley Sclater, William Henry Hudson, 2010-01-10
  9. Popular British Ornithology: Containing A Familiar And Technical Description Of The Birds Of The British Isles (1849) by Philip Henry Gosse, 2010-09-10
  10. American Ornithology; or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States by Alexander Wilson, 1808-01-01
  11. The History of Ornithology in Virginia by David W. Johnston, 2003-11-06
  12. Argentine Ornithology: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Birds of the Argentine Republic. Volume 1 by Philip Lutley Sclater;William Henry Hudson, 2003-03-31
  13. Current Ornithology, Volume 12
  14. The Emergence of Ornithology as a Scientific Discipline: 1760-1850 (Studies in the History of Modern Science)

41. Tropical Field Stations - Marine Ecology In The Tropics
Learn about Belize's coral reef, mangroves, geology, ornithology, mammology, entomology, botany, river ecology, barrier beaches. Field study options for individuals or groups.

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42. Radar Ornithology Concepts
of nonbiological phenomena; the appearance of biological phenomena; examplesof bird migration; and related topics and radar ornithology bibliography.
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Home Page

Radar Data

Weather Data
  • How NEXRAD Works
  • Non-Biological Detections
  • Biological Detections
  • Birds on NEXRAD
  • Other Radar Ornithology If you have any radar ornithology questions, ask the lab's ornithologists
    If you have any comments, problems or corrections, please E-mail Alan Cunningham , webbist
    http:// /birdrad /index.htm
    Last updated 15:05z 6/02/00 Radar, originally developed to detect airborne targets such as aircraft and weather, is also a powerful tool for detecting density, location and direction and speed of movement of biological targets such as birds, insects and bats. This tutorial discusses the following topics: how NEXRAD WSR-88D radar works and how to interpret radar imagery; the appearance of non-biological phenomena; the appearance of biological phenomena; examples of bird migration; and related topics and radar ornithology bibliography. Previous Home Start Next
  • 43. Cornell University Museum Of Vertebrates
    A major educational and research resource with more than 1.5 million specimens. Sections on ichthyology, herpetology, ornithology, and mammalogy.

    44. The On-line Monograph Of The Lories And Lorikeets (Formerly Known As The LoryFAQ
    Frequently asked questions and information on history and ornithology, personality, diet, housing, vocalization, availability, and costs.
    Links Go

    Pet Birds
    The On-line Monograph of The Lories and Lorikeets (Loriinae:Psittaciformes).
    [Formerly known as the LoryFAQ:
    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lories and Lorikeets] Original document written January 1994,
    rewritten and updated September 1999.
    by Devorah A. N. Bennu, Ph.D.
    Reproduction or redistribution by any means is prohibited
    except with author's written permission.
    This notice must remain intact.
    Table of Contents
  • Life History and Ornithological Information
  • Personality
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Housing Requirements ...
  • Acknowledgements LIFE HISTORY AND ORNITHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Lories and lorikeets are parrots (Psittacines) that belong to the subfamily Loriinae (Lor EYE i nay). There are 53 living species of these small- to medium-sized parrots. Lories, as this group is collectively referred to, are native to many small tropical island chains located in the south Pacific ocean (Fig. 1), such as Indonesia and Polynesia, and many species are also found on the bigger islands of Australia and, especially, New Guinea (Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya).
    FIG. 1: A map of Oceania, where the lories originate.
  • 45. Directory Of Ranch Vacations, Dude Ranches And Guest Ranches
    7,000acre working ranch near Yellowstone a wildlife haven bordered by 3.5 miles of private Shoshone River frontage. Special weeks during the summer offer guided nature hikes, astronomy classes, ornithology outings, wildlife track identification, roping cutting demonstrations, painting and writing.
    H O M E V A C A T I O N S R E S E R V A T I O N S R A N C H J O B S ... C O N T A C T U S
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    U.S.A. Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Idaho Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico New York North Carolina Oregon Tennessee Texas Utah Washington Wyoming ARGENTINA Cordoba BRAZIL São Paulo CANADA British Columbia Saskatchewan
    Red Rock Ranch
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    46. Florida Museum Of Natural History - Vertebrate Paleontology Databases
    Note In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supportsjavascript. Search the Pierce Brodkorb ornithology (UF/PB) Collection.
    Vertebrate Paleontology Databases Search the University of Florida Vertebrate Paleontology (UF) Collection
    Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Search the Florida Geological Survey (UF/FGS) Collection
    Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Search the Pierce Brodkorb Ornithology (UF/PB) Collection Note: In order to query the database you will need an Internet browser which supports javascript. Send comments or inquiries to: We seek and encourage input from Users about the VP databases and request that you send us any comments and suggestions about errors or inconsistencies that might be determined during your use of this resource. We reserve the right to modify, or not to modify, the existing database in response to your comments. Vertebrate Paleontology Home
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    47. The Eagle's Advocate: Homepage
    Devoted to promoting awareness and appreciation of North America's bald eagles and golden eagles. Provides a list of eagle related topics including Special Events, Rehab Centers, Lookouts and ornithology.
    Promoting Awareness and Appreciation of North America's Eagles
    : to submit Web Site suggestions
    Eagle Calls
    (32K Download)
    Stop the Hopi Indians from taking eaglets on public land!
    Barton Cove Eagle Cam
    Northeast Utilities Website Reelfoot Lake Eagle Cam
    Eagle Watch Website Orlando Eagle Cam
    Orlando Sentinel Website Cook Inlet Eagle Cam
    Kent Eagle Cam
    Washington Department
    of Fish and Wildlife Website Pigeon Forge Eagle Cam
    American Eagle
    Foundation Website
    Table of Topics
    Atrocities Bald Eagle Nesting Summary Bibliography ... Website Purpose The Hopi Indian tribe has requested permission from the National Park Service (NPS) to remove golden eaglets from nests within the Wupatki National Monument boundaries. If permitted, the eaglets will be killed during ritualistic sacrifices. The NPS is accepting public comment on its proposed rule through 19 Mar 01. Comments may be sent to: Attention: Kym Hall National Park Service 1849 C Street, N.W., Room 7413 Washington, DC 20240 Fax: 202-208-6756 E-mail:

    48. VIREO - Visual Resources For Ornithology - The Academy Of Natural Sciences
    Samples of our 108,000 images are now online.
    Samples of our 108,000 images are now online
    Pictures for Publication Pictures for Lectures VIREO Home

    49. American Birding Association Young Birder Of The Year Contest
    Annual competition for birders aged 1018 who like to draw birds, take field notes or write about birds. Prizes include binoculars and field ornithology camp scholarship.

    Membership Publications Programs ... Home Go to.... Education Programs ABA-IFO Workshops for Birders ABA Birdathons Activities ABA Scholarships Summer Birding Camps Young Birder of the Year A Bird's-Eye View Conservation Programs Birders' Exchange Birding Economics Song Bird Coffee Birding Festivals Birding Trails The Birder Conservationist Coalition Efforts Opportunities for Birders YOUNG BIRDERS General Young Birders News Young Birders' Workshop Birdathon Activities ... Books for young birders

    The 2003 ABA/Leica Young Birder of The Year Contest
    If you're a birder aged 18 years or less, then the ABA/Leica Young Birder of the Year Contest is for you! American Birding Association and Leica have teamed up to offer this annual event for young birders. We've expanded the contest to appeal to a broader range of interests and talents in young birders (ages 10-18). Do you like to draw birds? Write about birds? Take field notes on birds? Then you can choose any or all of four "modules" to customize the contest to fit your interests. Here is the important information:
  • The contest runs from April through September . Materials are due at ABA by October 14. View our timeline for more information.
  • 50. The Academy Of Natural Sciences - Biodiversity Research Group - Ornithology
    ornithology Department Nate Rice Collection Manager Nate’s primaryresponsibility is to the care and maintenance of ornithology collection.
    You are in Research Biodiversity Research Group / Ornithology
    S E A R C H Biodiversity Research Group Departments Collections

    Ornithology Department
    The Collection Department Staff Contacts Current Research and Graduate Study Opportunities ... John Gould Collection of Australian Birds
    Requests for policy on destructive sampling grants of tissue sampling and information about the collection:
    Leo Joseph

    Assistant Curator, Chair Requests for information, loans of voucher specimens and visits: Nate Rice Collections Manager The Collection Collection Background In terms of specimen numbers, the Ornithology Department's collection is one of the 10 largest and taxonomically most complete ornithological collections in the world. Accessioned into the collection are 189,500 study skins, representing over 7000 species, and over 9000 tissue samples.

    51. Outdoor Nature Club - Ornithology Group, Houston Texas
    ornithology group offers information on meetings, programs, and a local bird sightings database.
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    52. Chicago Birder
    A modern birding club that promotes the scientific and educational aspects of ornithology; image galleries, education activities, meetings and programs, rare bird alerts, media library and membership information.

    New Meeting Place:

    The Northside Church of the Nazarene

    Lisle Arboretum

    Christmas Bird Count
    where is he?
    The Chicago Ornithological Society , or COS, is a modern birding club that promotes the scientific and educational aspects of ornithology in the greater Chicago, Illinois area. Many COS members are serious birders, but the club's programs, field trips and birding classes and workshops appeal to and educate a broad spectrum of bird lovers, from the casual backyard feeder watcher to the fanatical lister. Birders of all levels partipate in and enjoy COS's activities. COS is a charter member of the Bird Conservation Network (BCN), a coalition of organizations with an interest in the conservation of birds in northeastern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwestern Indiana. Want more information?
    Contact COS at:
    Chicago Ornithological Society
    10th Floor - #C980
    28 East Jackson Building
    Chicago, IL 60604

    53. America's First Museum - The Charleston Museum - Where Charleston History Begins
    Find out about exhibits from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Charleston silver, ornithology, costumes, and firearms from America's first museum. Also includes an events calendar, online store, and membership form.
    The Charleston Museum
    ...Where Charleston History Begins Extra! Extra!
    Pages of History Exhibit! The Education Department has a flurry of new Winter Programs!
    Order "A Gallant Defense: The Siege of Charleston, 1780" by Carl Borick TODAY!

    Welcome to The Charleston Museum, America's First Museum, founded in 1773. Its mission is to preserve and interpret the cultural and natural history of Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry. We invite you to explore this rich, varied history at the Museum and its two National Historic Landmark houses. All are located downtown, in America's Most Historic City. Exhibitions feature objects from our extensive cultural, historic and natural history collections and introduce you to the rich heritage of the Lowcountry, whose social and architectural legacy is reflected in our two premier historic houses. Whether you have an interest in early Southern furniture or in Southeastern birds, The Charleston Museum has something for everyone in your family.

    54. Ornithology
    ornithology. ornithology is a zoological science that studies thosecreatures belonging to the Class Aves, much better known as birds.
    Ornithology is a zoological science that studies those creatures belonging to the Class Aves, much better known as birds. Birds, the only vertebrates that have feathers, are generally divided into two major groups. Ostriches, Emus, Dodos and Kiwis are ratites, birds that lack that conspicuous keel-like extension on the breast bone and lack the ability to fly. The vast majority of the birds, however, are non-ratites and possess the keel to which the powerful muscles that power the wings are attached. All-in-all, there are over 9200 extant species of birds divided into 30 orders and 174 families. Their ability to fly has allowed them to colonize every land mass on earth including the Arctic and Antarctic and some, like the Penguins, have adapted an aquatic lifestyle coming to shore only to breed and raise young. Fossil evidence of the ancestors of modern birds indicates that they were contemporaneous with dinosaurs. Indeed, evidence is mounting that these feathered creatures are in fact the highly evolved living incarnation of the terrible lizards. This long evolutionary history has allowed for the development of the many unique morphological, physical and behavioral attributes in birds that make the science of ornithology such an interesting vocation. List of Illinois Birds Illinois Endangered and Threatened Birds - Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board Guide to Illinois Birds - Species profiles and distribution maps INHS bird-related research and projects are listed in our

    55. Missing! - Ten Million House Sparrows
    Information on House Sparrow decline from The British Trust for ornithology.

    56. AFO Journal - Association Of Field Ornithologists
    The Journal of Field ornithology is the quarterly publication of theAssociation of Field Ornithologists. The Journal welcomes original


    The Journal of Field Ornithology is the quarterly publication of the Association of Field Ornithologists. The Journal welcomes original articles that emphasize the descriptive or experimental study of birds in their natural habitats. Articles depicting techniques, emphasizing conservation, describing life history, or assessing published studies or existing ideas are appropriate. The Journal is especially interested in field studies conducted in the neotropics and those involving amateur participation. Articles describing techniques or methodological refinements must have relevance beyond a single species or study system. ONLINE ABSTRACTS INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE
    Manuscripts should be submitted in quadruplicate to the Editor: Charles R. Brown, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 74104-3189, U.S.A . The Journal does not yet accept electronic submissions. A cover letter should include the title of the paper, a statement that the paper (as a whole or in part) has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, and the name and address for the subsequent 6 mo of the corresponding author (be sure to include a telephone number and e-mail address, if available). Authors are strongly encouraged to include the name of 4-5 potential reviewers (though the Editor reserves the right to choose reviewers other than those suggested).

    57. EBird || North America's Destination For Birding On The Web
    Project developed by the Cornell Lab of ornithology and the National Audubon Society, provides a simple way to keep track of the birds you see anywhere in North America.
    @import url(/lib/css/presentation.css); Please note: This site's design is best experienced with a Web browser that supports Web standards, but its content is accessible to any browser or Internet device. To see this site as it was designed please upgrade to a Web standards compliant browser FAQ Feedback Glossary ... Home Font size A A + New to eBird? What is eBird?
    How Do I eBird?

    Why Should I eBird?

    What is My eBird?

    Get Started Register Now
    Track your bird observations online and explore where the birds are! Registration is fast and easy.
    Submit Your Observations

    Submit your observations to eBird with just a few clicks.
    View and Explore eBird Data

    Examine your own observations, or find out what others are reporting.
    Birding News and Features North America's Last Crested Mynas Found Dead Submit data collected anytime between 1960 and today eBird Receives Digital Dozen Award Citizen Scientists Help Map Wintering Hummingbirds ... James Bond, Ornithologist Cornell Lab of Ornithology Features Bird of the Week Check out a profile of a new species every week! Cool facts, photos, sound clips, and more. Home Study Course Learn all about bird biology in your own home, at your own pace.

    58. Welcome To British Ornithologists Union Online
    Promoting ornithology within the scientific and birdwatching communities by encouraging the study of birds in Britain, Europe and throughout the world.
    Coming soon... Home About Us Membership Conferences The British List ... Bird Atlas of Uganda BOU's Mission The British Ornithologists' Union aims to encourage the study of birds in Britain, Europe and throughout the world, in order to understand their biology and to aid their conservation.
    Check out . . . The Natural History Museum, Tring, Hertfordshire HP23 6AP, UK

    site index

    59. Ventana Wilderness Society Big Sur Ornithology Lab
    Ventana Wilderness Society BIG SUR ornithology See the Big Sur ornithology Lab Updatefor the latest information about birds captured and banded in the area.
    Ventana Wilderness Society

    Discovering the Avian World
    Click for full photo (30K)
    Home Page
    About VWS
    Ornithology Lab
    Lab Update Bird Quiz Featured Birds Bird-A-Thon Literature Totals 2003 Totals 2002 Totals 2001 Totals 2000 Big Sur Center Join VWS Updated Mar. 3 Updated Mar. 4 Updated Mar. 13 Andrew Molera State Park is an important resting place and breeding ground for hundreds of species of migratory birds. To understand these incredibly diverse birds and monitor their populations, VWS created the Big Sur Ornithology Lab. Through daily censusing, researchers are able to collect information on the health and distribution of bird populations. Our research is part of a global effort helping recognize the need for habitat conservation throughout the world. Don't miss the Tenth Annual Bird-A-Thon May 2 and 3, 2003. See the Big Sur Ornithology Lab Update for the latest information about birds captured and banded in the area. Take our Bird Quiz to see if you recognize some of these birds.

    60. Natural History Books Book Catalog Contents And Order Information
    Rare and hard to find books, especially ornithology and herpetology.
    Welcome to Natural History Books.
    This site contains a catalog of rare and hard to find books on natural history especially ornithology and herpetology.
    Fall 2002: Catalog 31
  • Fine Illustrated Works and Unusual Sets (books 1-33)
  • Ornithology (books 34-134)
  • The Passenger Pigeon (books 135-154)
  • Mammalogy (books 155-177)
  • Ichthyology and Aquatic Life (books 178-202)
  • Entomology (books 203-225)
  • Paleontology and Geology (books 226-237)
  • Botany and Plant-hunting (books 238-257)
  • Great Naturalists: Exploration and Biography (books 258-284)
  • Herpetology (books 285-341)
  • Previous catalogs (23,24,25,26,27,28,30)
  • Herpetology List #16/17
  • Hereptology list #15 Ordering Information ... What You Want Orders can be placed anytime by calling (319) 354-9088. For best results please place your phone orders early. If we are away, please leave your order on our answering machine. We will return all calls. We also have a fax line (319) 354-0844 and email for ordering.
    Page last updated 31 July 2002.
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