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         Pi:     more books (100)
  1. Life of Pi by Yann Martel, 2003-05-01
  2. Life of Pi: Deluxe Illustrated Edition by Yann Martel, 2007-10-07
  3. Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Every Day by Jamie Buchan, 2010-04-15
  4. A History of Pi by Petr Beckmann, 1976-07-15
  5. Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (A Math Adventure) by Cindy Neuschwander; Wayne Geehan, 2004-02
  6. Pi: A Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number by Alfred S. Posamentier, Ingmar Lehmann, 2004-08-31
  7. The Joy of Pi by David Blatner, 1999-09-01
  8. PI in the Sky: Counting, Thinking, and Being by John D. Barrow, 1992
  9. Vida de Pi (Novela (Booket Numbered)) (Spanish Edition) by Yann Martel, 2007-01
  10. Sideshow PI: The Devil's Garden by Nathaniel Lambert, Kevin Sweeney, 2009-08-17
  11. SAP NetWeaver PI Development: Practical Guide by Valentin Nicolescu et al, 2010-06-01
  12. The Life and Memoirs of Doctor Pi: And Other Stories by Edgar Bayley, 2010-09-01
  13. A Translation of Lao-tzu's Tao Te Ching and Wang Pi's Commentary (Michigan Monographs in Chinese Studies) by Lao Tzu, Wang Pi, 1977-01-01
  14. Life of Pi : A Novel by Yann Martel, 2001

1. The Pi Pages
Discover the wondrously elusive value that is pi. Find out about pi day, listen to pi music, or follow one of the many links to pi calculations.
...and continuing updates
"The story of pi reflects the most seminal, the most serious and sometimes the silliest aspects of mathematics. A surprising amount of the most important mathematics and a significant number of the most important mathematicians have contributed to its unfolding directly or otherwise.
Pi is one of the few concepts in mathematics whose mention evokes a response of recognition and interest in those not concerned professionally with the subject. It has been a part of human culture and the educated imagination for more than twenty five hundred years. The computation of Pi is virtually the only topic from the most ancient stratum of mathematics that is still of serious interest to modern mathematical research. And to pursue this topic as it developed throughout the millennia is to follow a thread through the history of mathematics that winds through geometry, analysis and special functions, numerical analysis, algebra and number theory. It offers a subject which provides mathematicians with examples of many current mathematical techniques as well as a palpable sense of their historical development." The above passage is taken from the introduction to "Pi : A Source Book" by L. Berggren, J. Borwein and P. Borwein. It is a large collection of papers on pi and will appear with Springer-Verlag sometime in 1997. Much additional material is available in the 1986 Wiley volume

2. The Joy Of Pi
Book, digits, links, facts, and quote.
The Book The Author The Digits Pi Links ... The Quote The number Pi is Year 2000 Compliant

3. [ Go2Net® ]
pi through the ages is the happenin' pi locale.) pi's friends, e, the square root of 2, and others have similarly
any all phrase The Web Images Shopping Audio/MP3 Directory Multimedia Message Boards THE USELESSNESS OF PI AND ITS IRRATIONAL FRIENDS The Uselessness of Pi: The Movie
Frustra laborant quotquot se calculationibus fatigant pro inventione quadraturae circuli
(Futile is the labor of those who fatigue themselves with calculations to square the circle.)
- Michael Stifel (1544) There is an even better (albeit much longer) quote about pi that I found from the same source. This page is dedicated to Ludolph Van Ceulen Are you wondering why there's no Dilbert cartoon here? For offline fun, read The Joy of Pi by David Blatner or go see Pi: The Movie Now you can even SMELL the part of pi by wearing Pi: The Perfume Pi. It's a number with some character, transcendental, irrational, difficult to pin down. The history of pi is fascinating, and I would find a web page detailing the events and intrigue surrounding pi a worthy effort. (Wow! Eve Andersson, pi watchdog extraordinaire, has informed me that such a page actually exists! Pi through the ages is the happenin' pi locale.)

4. The Pi-Search Page
Find strings of digits in the first one hundred million digits of pi. 08/25/2001 You can now display any substring in pi with the pi Searcher. Thanks to the people who suggested this!
The Pi-Search Page A result of taking people too seriously, the Pi Searcher lets you search for any string of digits (up to 120 of them) in the first 100 million digits of Pi . You can also show any substring of Pi. Search For: See digits starting at position
  • - You can now display any substring in Pi with the Pi Searcher. Thanks to the people who suggested this!
  • (Pi Day 2001) - The pi searcher now provides 100 million digits, made possible by the new box and the compressed searching.
  • - The Pi Searcher now runs on the box that ArosNet Colocation Services is hosting for me, and just got a bit faster. You probably won't notice the difference, but it's about 4x faster now that it's the only computationally intensive thing running on this machine.
  • - Compressed the digits two per byte, and wrote a custom search routine. The pi searcher is now nearly as fast as a linear search can be, and uses less space than before.
Why the Pi Searcher?

5. Pi (1998)

6. The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Founded in 1868, it is composed of men who share similar ideals of friendship, truth, honor, and loyalty.
Donate online to the Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation Is my chapter registered for International Work Day Pike Supports Our Deployed Brothers Address Change Driving Directions ... legal information

7. Welcome To Pi Beta Phi!
The official homepage of pi Beta Phi Women's Fraternity, founded April 28, 1867

First Time Visitors
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Headquarters pics
RIF Form

Legacy Form

Recruitment Dates
Alumnae! The new 25-year member pin is available for order
Show your Pi Phi pride with, Pi Phi jewelry
Or visit the Marketplace for clothing, stationery and other gift ideas Have you received your ARROW yet?
If not, click here The ARROW is now available online!
The Spring 2003 edition features: Convention Headquarters Grand Opening State of the Fraternity Programming Update
New Founders' Day Ceremony
Barbara Lee Fay, Director of Membership, has written a beautiful and relevant Candlelighting Ceremony which honors the Values and Vision of our Founders. Grand Council encourages all chapters and alumnae clubs to incorporate this ceremony into your Founders' Day celebrations. PDF version of Founders' Day Ceremony More Founders' Day Ceremonies and Alumnae Programming Pi Phi Dates Founders' Day April 28 Arrowmont Arts Weekend May 1-4, 2003

8. Home: Welcome To Alpha Delta Pi
Founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, ADpi holds the distinction of being the first secret society in the world for college women.

9. Sigma Pi - Official Site
International fraternity founded in 1897.

10. Alpha Epsilon Pi International
An international Jewish fraternity, AEpi was founded November 7, 1913, at New York University in New York, NY, seeking to provide the best college and fraternity opportunities for the Jewish college man

11. The Pi Trivia Game
History, math, and physics questions.
The Pi Trivia Game
part of Pi Land Finally this is your chance to pay tribute to the magnificent transcendental number that we have all grown to love! Test your knowledge of history, mathematics, and even a little physics. Here are 25 (given to you 5 at a time) fun pi-related questions, picked randomly from my exciting pi question database! Get ready for the thrill of your lifetime, the ultimate challenge, The Pi Trivia Game!
1. There was a time (a while ago) when people were trying very hard to 'square the circle.' It was said at the time that it was even an illness and a name was given to it. What is it?
Impossibilus Fittis
Morbus Cyclometricus
Repetitionatis Decimalus 2. Which of the following fractions most closely approximates pi?
3. The world pi-recitation record is held by Hiroyuki Gotu, age 21. He was able to recite pi from memory to approximately how many decimal places?
Six thousand.
Seventeen million. Three hundred fourteen thousand one hundred fifty nine. Five hundred.

12. Pi The Movie: Enter
Official site with production credits, introduction, music, logic and motivation behind the movie, Category Arts Movies Titles P pi......

Site Design: Sean Gullette

Site Design: Sean Gullette

13. Pi Kappa Phi- America's Leading Fraternity
National social fraternity founded at the College of Charleston on December 10, 1904.
For nearly 100 years Pi Kappa Phi has been building better men on college campuses across the country. From our humble roots at the College of Charleston to over 127 campuses today, Pi Kappa Phi stands for a commitment to fundamental values. We are a first CLASS fraternity who firmly believes in the tenets of Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, and Service. These principles are not only valued but instilled through leading-edge educational, service and leadership opportunities. Destination Known
Journey Events Coming to a Campus Near You!
Pi Kappa Phi is pleased to offer Life 401: Creating a Life Strategy and the Pi Kappa Phi Leadership Institute featuring Covey's 7 Habits at chapters across the country this spring. Take advantage of these leading edge programs that give you the edge on other college students and help you create a plan for life after college.
MORE NEWS >> This site uses the Flash 6 player. Please

14. Pi Kappa Phi - Duke University - Mu Chapter
Located in Durham, NC. Contains information about the chapter, history, recent news, photographs, links and brother and alumni information.
Some text compiled and quoted from The White Diamond by T.J. Sullivan
Last updated: 25 Nov 99 The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is a national brotherhood founded in 1904, and the chapter at Duke University , the twelfth of its kind, was chartered on May 6, 1915. The brothers of Mu Chapter welcome you to our website! Current Officers: For more information about us, please select from the buttons at the left or email

15. Pi History
Have a look at an overview of this book, profile the author, check out some sample text, and browse different recommended resources. The number pi is Year 2000 Compliant
A history of Pi
A chronology of Pi History Topics Index
A little known verse of the Bible reads And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other: it was round all about, and his height was five cubits: and a line of thirty cubits did compass it about. (I Kings 7, 23) The same verse can be found in II Chronicles 4, 2. It occurs in a list of specifications for the great temple of Solomon, built around 950 BC and its interest here is that it gives p = 3. Not a very accurate value of course and not even very accurate in its day, for the Egyptian and Mesopotamian values of = 3.125 and 10 = 3.162 have been traced to much earlier dates: though in defence of Solomon's craftsmen it should be noted that the item being described seems to have been a very large brass casting, where a high degree of geometrical precision is neither possible nor necessary. There are some interpretations of this which lead to a much better value. The fact that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is constant has been known for so long that it is quite untraceable. The earliest values of p including the 'Biblical' value of 3, were almost certainly found by measurement. In the Egyptian

16. Seattle Post-Intelligencer
NWsource. • Coupons. • Online Shop. pi ANYWHERE. Email Newsletters. News Alerts. CellPhones. Desktop. IT'S IN THE pi. Thumbnail. • Front Page. • Home Delivery. Category Regional North America News and Media Newspapers
Jump to Weather Traffic Mariners Seahawks ... Forums current

NEWS Local Neighborhoods Sports Nation/World ... Special Reports COMMENTARY Opinion Columnists Letters David Horsey ... Forums COFFEE BREAK Mike Mailway TV Listings SHOPPING Archives NWclassifieds Jobs Autos ... Online Shop P-I ANYWHERE E-mail Newsletters News Alerts PDA Cell Phones ... Desktop IT'S IN THE P-I Front Page Home Delivery Submit News P-I Jobs ... Media Kit (Print) OUR AFFILIATES
March 22, 2003 American Soldier Held in U.S. Camp Attack
KUWAIT CITY A command tent at the 101st Airborne Division camp in Kuwait was attacked early Sunday with grenades, and 14 soldiers were wounded, four seriously, military officials said. An American soldier was detained as a suspect, the Army said.
Update Grant M. Haller / P-I An F/A-18 Super Hornet takes off from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln on its way to a mission over Iraq. IMAGES OF WAR Detailed view of the assault on Baghdad (315K PDF)
Horsey cartoon

War photo gallery

USS Lincoln gallery
Progress, day by day: (PDFs) REPORTS FROM THE ABE LINCOLN New A-Day aboard the Abe Lincoln Photo gallery New M.L. Lyke Journal

17. About The Post-Intelligencer
Welcome For hundreds of thousands of people in Seattle and the PacificNorthwest, it's not morning without their pi. The Seattle
Jump to Weather Traffic Mariners Seahawks ... Forums NEWS Local Neighborhoods Sports Nation/World ... Special Reports COMMENTARY Opinion Columnists Letters David Horsey ... Forums COFFEE BREAK Mike Mailway TV Listings SHOPPING Archives NWclassifieds Jobs Autos ... Online Shop P-I ANYWHERE E-mail Newsletters News Alerts PDA Cell Phones ... Desktop OUR AFFILIATES
Welcome For hundreds of thousands of people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, it's not morning without their P-I. The Seattle Post- Intelligencer is the oldest morning newspaper in the state of Washington and has a following throughout the Northwest. It has been "The Voice of the Northwest since Atop the P-I's office building on the Elliott Bay waterfront, with its views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, sits a beloved Seattle landmark: a huge steel, neon-lit globe bearing the slogan "It's in the P-I." Look for the globe in one form or another on every page of this Web site. The heart of the Seattle P-I is the 170 staffers led by Publisher Roger Oglesby and Executive Editor Ken Bunting . All are dedicated to providing both an independent editorial voice for the Seattle area and fiercely competitive, highly professional coverage of local, national and regional news, public affairs, sports, the arts and popular culture.

18. Welcome To Alpha Omicron Pi
Bound by ties of friendship, Alpha Omicron pi Women's Fraternity was established in 1897.
quick reference ideals news collegians alumnae AOII parents recruitment extension alphalink volunteer opportunities mif form cc schedule address update who to contact HQ virtual tour site map

19. Pi And Other Constants
pi and Other Constants Online Papers The postscript. Paper P123 detailshow to compute, among other things, individual binary digits of pi.
Pi and Other Constants:
Online Papers:
The following papers concerning computation of various familiar transcendentals are available in postscript. Paper P123 details how to compute, among other things, individual binary digits of Pi. Fortran code for this is available below. The first paper is an expanded HTML version of P40.
Ramanujan, Modular Equations, and Approximations to Pi or How to compute One Billion Digits of Pi

P159: The amazing number pi

P130: The quest for pi

P123: On the rapid computation of various polylogarithmic constants
Buy my book : Pi and the AGM: Wiley, 1987
Other Links:
Try the Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Constants, Digits of Pi and other Miscellany

20. Privacy International
Human rights "watchdog" organization focused on privacy intrusions by government and businesses Category Society Issues Privacy Advocacy Groups...... Privacy International (pi) is a human rights group formed in 1990as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations.

National ID Cards

UK Privacy Page

Freedom of Information

Big Brother Awards
Country Archives

Privacy and Human Rights Contact PI
Privacy International (PI) is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations. PI is based in London, England, and has an office in Washington, D.C. PI has conducted campaigns throughout the world on issues ranging from wiretapping and national security, to ID cards, video surveillance, data matching, police information systems, medical privacy, and freedom of information and expression. Latest news from around the world

Surveillance Devices found in EU Headquarters
Officials at the EU Headquarters in Brussels have confirmed reports in French newspaper Le Figaro that electronic bugging devices have been found in offices used by French and German delegations. EU Spokesman Dominque Marro said that devices were found in offices used by other delegations as well. He went on to say that this discovery was being investigated and that it was "impossible at this stage" to say who planted them, although

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