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         Pollution Prevention And Recycling:     more books (41)
  1. Law of Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling (The Clark Boardman Callaghan Environmental Law Series) by Jeffrey M. Gaba, Donald W. Stever, 1992-11
  2. Pollution Prevention Ideas from Texas Industries A Case Study Compendium by Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling, 1996
  3. Environmental honors: state lauds companies for work in pollution prevention, source reduction, recycling and education. (Environment).(Indiana Governor's ... An article from: Indiana Business Magazine by Amanda Lawson, 2003-07-01
  4. Computer Simulated Plant Design for Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention (Computer Modeling for Environmental Management) by Stan Bumble, 2000-03-15
  5. Profit from Pollution Prevention: A Guide to Industrial Waste Reduction and Recycling by Monica E. Campbell, 1982-12
  6. Toward Zero Discharge: Innovative Methodology and Technologies for Process Pollution Prevention
  7. Pollution Prevention through Process Integration: Systematic Design Tools by Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi, 1997-08-21
  8. Handbook of Pollution Prevention Practices (Environmental Science & Pollution) (v. 24) by Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, 2001-02-09
  9. Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization in Laboratories by Peter A. Reinhardt, Peter C. Ashbrook, et all 1996-01-16
  10. Industrial Pollution Prevention Handbook by Harry Freeman, 1994-08-01
  11. Industrial Waste Treatment Processes Engineering Guide: Pollution Prevention, Volume I by Gaetano Celenza, Gaetano J. Celenzo, 1999-08-02
  12. Medical Waste Incineration and Pollution Prevention by Alex E.S. Green, 1992-07-15
  13. Pollution Prevention: A Practical Guide for State and Local Government by David Wigglesworth, 1993-06-24
  14. Pollution Prevention: The Waste Management Approach to the 21st Century

1. Pollution Prevention (P2) Pays - N.C. Division Of Pollution Prevention And Envir
Information and education resources on recycling, environmental management systems, and pollution preventionCategory Science Environment pollution prevention and recycling......It deals with pollution prevention, waste reduction, ISO 14001, Environmental ManagementSystems, Payas-You-Throw in the Carolinas, NC Recycling Business
About DPPEA Contacts Need Help? Site Map ...
Sustainability in State Government

Meet the Recycle Guys
DENR Customer Service

Waste Reduction Resource Center

... more... North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA)
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2. Small Business And Environmental Assistance Redirect Page
See Also Small Business and Environmental Assistance. The Officeof pollution prevention and recycling (OPPR) no longer exists.
See Also:
Small Business and Environmental Assistance
The Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling (OPPR) no longer exists. Its functions are now part of the Small Business and Environmental Assistance Division. Go to Small Business and Environmental Assistance Remember to change your bookmark. Index Agency Search Home ... Webmaster

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Pollution Prevention And Recycling
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle pollution prevention and recycling. ollution preventionand recycling are among the most highprofile TNRCC programs.
Biennial Report to the 76th Legislature
Volume II:

Table of Contents
Volume I
Retired Electronic Publication
This document is out of print. You can check out copies of out-of-print documents from the Texas State Library, Reference/Documents, 512/463-5455, Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711. Copies can also be viewed in the TNRCC Library. Section II
1998: Toward a Cleaner, Healthier Texas Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Pollution Prevention and Recycling Preventing Pollution
at All Levels
Since 1993, more than 400 industrial facilities have received technical assistance and training through site visits and workshops. Participating industrial facilities have:
  • reduced hazardous waste generation by 77,000 tons;
  • reduced nonhazardous waste generation by 145,300 tons;
  • cut volatile organic compound emissions by 543,000 pounds;
  • conserved 1.5 billion gallons of water;
  • saved $81 million in labor, raw material purchases, and avoided disposal costs.
  • The hotel is converting all 1,620 rooms to voluntary reuse of towels and linens. Savings in laundry costs are estimated to be more than $100,000 a year.
Partnership Recognized by White House
Programs Help Rural Texans
This year, TNRCC workshops helped ranchers with composting animal waste, current compost regulations, marketing opportunities, and references to both public and private sector applications for composted materials. Composting animal waste helps prevent the water pollution that occurs when waste runs off the land into water supplies. Applying compost to soil helps keep agricultural chemicals from running off into water bodies by enhancing soil stability and reducing erosion. Compost also helps prevent loss of soil nutrients.

4. Sify Search - Directory For Pollution Prevention And Recycling
You are here Home Science Environment pollution prevention and recycling. pollution prevention and recycling

Connect Entertainment Lifestyle ... Advertise Search for WWW Khoj Manpasand This Directory Help Filetype Search Submit A Site Share your Indian Favourites with us. Help us build Khoj. Click here You are here >> Home Science Environment Pollution Prevention and Recycling Pollution Prevention and Recycling 241 sites Institutes News and Media Organizations Products and Services ... Recycling Products and Services
Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)

The ARA represents an industry dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.
National Oil Recyclers Association

A non-profit trade association advancing the interests of companies worldwide engaged in the safe recycling of used oil, oil filters, used antifreeze, and other automotive and industrial materials.
EPA's Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) Site

This site provides information on the EPR concept, what initiatives are underway in the U.S. and internationally, and a wealth of related resources such as public-private alliances, academic research, publications, involved organizations, and more.
Greening Industry

A site for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries. NIPR is the primary source for materials produced by the World Bank's Economics of Industrial Pollution Control Research Project.

5. Pollution Prevention And Recycling, Empire State Development
Productivity, Energy Environment. pollution prevention and recycling.Main Services We Offer. Financial Assistance – Our Environmental
You Are Here::
Industrial Effectiveness

Energy Savings

Environmental Assistance
Pollution Prevention and Recycling ... Brownfield Redevelopment
Pollution Prevention and Recycling
Main Services We Offer
    Eligible applicants include qualified small and medium-sized New York State businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities on behalf of New York State businesses. Applications are accepted throughout the year. ESU staff will work with each applicant to ensure timely review of applications. Award announcements will be made approximately six times per year. Click here to download a PDF version of the Program Guide. For more information about the Environmental Investment Program, contact the Environmental Services Unit: Telephone (518) 292-5340, Fax (518) 292-5886, or Email
  • Recycling Market Information - Assistance is provided to identify and access recovered material supplies and market outlets for recyclables.
  • The Electronics Reuse and Recycling Markets Information Report was prepared by the Northeast Recycling Council for Empire State Development to help New York State consumers, municipal officials, and businesses locate organizations that recycle or reuse old computers, televisions or other electronic devices.

6. Information On Pollution Prevention And Recycling
Free software and online resources of information related to pollutionprevention and recycling. Following is a list of freeware

Following is a list of freeware that provides information on issues related to pollution prevention and recycling. To learn more about a particular item, click on the item name. To download a software product or visit an interactive web site, click on "download" or "view," respectively. But first, please read our page if you haven't already done so.
33/50 Success Stories
By US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT). A collection of more than a hundred examples of industrial innovations that have reduced pollution, focused corporate priorities, and very often have led to net economic savings. These Success Stories were written by the companies themselves, using a format designed by the 33/50 Program. They can be accessed according to a variety of interests: by chemical, by reduction techniques, by State, or by industrial sector. Or, you can search on keywords of particular interest to your own information needs.
Agricultural Pollution Prevention
By US Environmental Protection Agency and Purdue University. This general introduction shows how farmers can save money and reduce pollution by sensible use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

7. Recycling Works - A Division Of Pollution Prevention And Environmental Assistanc
Recycling Works. Vol. 7, No. 6, No. 4 Fall 2000 - Self-help fundsnew C D debris recycling operation in Rowan County Vol. 6, No.
Recycling Works
Vol. 7, No. 1 - Winter 2001 - Material Reclamation LLC Opens for Business in the Triangle
Vol. 6, No. 4

Vol. 6, No. 3
- Summer 2000 - National Recycling Conference Coming to N.C.
Vol. 6, No. 2
- Spring 2000 - Recycled newsprint key ingredient in high performance insulation
Vol. 6, No. 1
- Winter 1999-2000 - Trailblazing with food waste diversion
Vol. 5, No. 3
- Fall 1999 - R24 Lumber Company receives Self Help and Sustainable Jobs Fund Financing
Vol 5, No. 2
- Summer 1999 - New market for mixed paper
Vol. 5 No. 1

Vol. 4, No. 4
- November 1998 - KTI, Inc., completes acquisition of FCR, Inc.
Vol. 4, No. 3
- August 1998 - ExplorNet recycles computers, focuses on technology integration in public schools
Vol. 4, No. 2
- May 1998 - Company brings "light" to recycling in North Carolina Vol. 4, No. 1 - March 1998 - Wallboard Scrap is "Gold" for North Carolina Recycler Vol. 3, No. 4 - October 1997 - Recycled Content Products: Growth Segment of NC Company's Business Vol. 3, No. 3

8. Pollution Prevention And Recycling Innovations And Patents
pollution prevention and recycling Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COMResearch ( Who were the Great Minds? Absolute
Pollution Prevention and Recycling Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research (
Who were the
Great Minds

Absolute Zero

Acid Rain


Educational Priorities

kurt vonnegut arthur c clarke david brin ... Dialysis More information on: Pollution Prevention and Recycling and Pollution Prevention and Recycling Research References. Recent U.S. patents related to Pollution Prevention and Recycling: 6,373,145: Ram air electrical generator/charging system 6,372,948: Process and apparatus for the destructive distillation of rubber 6,372,821: Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), dimethyl-2-piperidone solvent-based, PVC and CPVC pipe and component adhesives and primers containing minimal or no tetrahydrofuran 6,372,710: Detergent composition and process for producing composition thereof 6,372,699: Cleaning solution for electronic materials and method for using same 6,372,234: Products for topical applications comprising oil bodies 6,372,131: Closed cover waste treatment system with ionic oxygen generator

9. Resources - Environment/Pollution Prevention And Recycling
Home Environment pollution prevention and recycling. CategoriesMaterials Exchanges (54). Links 888CleanLA - Extensive information
resources only entire site
Environment : Pollution Prevention and Recycling
Materials Exchanges
  • 888-CleanLA
    - Extensive information about recyclingCalifornia.
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  • A Paper Recycling Business - Startup Guide
    - Information on starting your own paper recycling business
    (Added: Wed Sep 26 2001 Hits: Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Alucan Recycling
    - Educational programs on benefits of recycling aluminium cans for cash. U.K. organization
    (Added: Wed Sep 26 2001 Hits: Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • America Recycles Day
    - Annual event with the goal of increasing recycling and the purchase of recycled content products. November 15 each year (Added: Wed Sep 26 2001 Hits: Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers - Contains information on designing new plastics packaging to ensure that it is compatible with existing systems for reclaiming plastics for recycling. These recommendations improve the quality of post-consumer plastics for recycling into new products. Other information is included (Added: Wed Sep 26 2001 Hits: Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0)

10. Resources - Environment/Pollution Prevention And Recycling
Home Environment pollution prevention and recycling. CategoriesMaterials Exchanges (54). Links National Recycling Coalition
resources only entire site
Environment : Pollution Prevention and Recycling
Materials Exchanges

11. Open Directory - Science: Environment: Pollution Prevention And Recycling
.Composting@ (70); Materials Exchanges (98); Recycling Information (18).......Top Science Environment pollution prevention and recycling (191),
about dmoz add URL update URL become an editor ... help the entire directory only in Environment/Pollution_Prevention_and_Recycling Top Science Environment : Pollution Prevention and Recycling Description See also: This category in other languages: Italian

12. Environmental Services Division
;Cost Savings from pollution prevention and recycling Initiatives;......Hot News (announcements, notices); BNL Pollution Prevention Program
Environment Administration Directory User Info ... Internal Docs
Pollution Prevention
Talk To Us! Give us your ideas. Let us answer your questions. Last update on: 11 Feb 2003

13. New Page 2
Saving Money and Reducing Waste. Cost Savings and Waste Reduction throughpollution prevention and recycling. By reengineering processes
Saving Money and Reducing Waste
Cost Savings and Waste Reduction through Pollution Prevention and Recycling
By re-engineering processes, sharing resources, recycling, and working smart BNL is saving millions of dollars in avoided disposal costs, reducing the risk of pollution, eliminating compliance concerns, and creating a safer work place. The charts below (MS Excel files) track the number of pounds of waste reduced, reused or recycled and the cost savings associated with pollution prevention and recycling projects during the calendar year. Cost savings are calculated based on actual costs of disposing of waste through the Waste Management Division. For further information or details contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator . Some projects continue to generate savings for years. Investing in the Future Each year, BNL invests in new projects that reduce waste, improve recycling, conserve natural resources and save money. The BNL P2 Council considers the proposals and allocates the funding. Refer to the

14. Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA plans to transition this Center into one with a much wider scope, coveringmore pollution prevention and recycling technologies, as well as waste
Environmental Technology Verification Program Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home ETV Home ETV Centers Advanced Monitoring Systems Center ...
EvTEC Pilot
ETV Centers
ETV P2, Recycling, and Waste Treatment Center
Center Information
    The ETV P2, Recycling, and Waste Treatment Center is in the planning stages. Currently the Center consists of two pilot programs, one in metal finishing pollution prevention technologies and one in innovative coatings and coating equipment technologies. Both pilots are operated by Concurrent Technologies Corporation. The EPA plans to transition this Center into one with a much wider scope, covering more pollution prevention and recycling technologies, as well as waste treatment technologies. More industry and economic sectors will also be included. Information on the P2, Recycling and Waste Treatment Systems Pilot is also included under this section. This pilot was operated by the California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances and Control, which will continue to verify technologies under the California Environmental Technology Certification Program
    P2 Innovative Coatings and Coating Equipment–verifies the performance of commercial-ready coatings and coating equipment with pollution prevention capabilities. Examples of technology categories include: alternative cleaner compatibility and performance evaluation; high transfer efficiency paint spray guns; high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint spray guns; innovative liquid paints; laser targeted paint applications; powder coating technologies; process technologies; supercritical CO2 spraying devices; and UV-curable coatings.

15. U.S. EPA --- Region III Green Communities: How Do We Get There? - Pollution Prev
Tools pollution prevention and recycling Plan. Click here for Pollution Preventionand Recycling Action Plan Indicators and Linkages. Goals and Objectives. Goals.
Zero discharge of pollutants through strong prevention practices is an ultimate goal we want to see all companies strive for. James M. Seif, Secretary, PA Department of Environmental Protection
Click on the topics below to complete your tour of
How Do We Get There?
Introduction How to Get Started Tools
Case Studies
... Frequently Asked Questions Green Communities
How Do We Get There?
Tools: Pollution Prevention and Recycling Plan
Pollution prevention and recycling can be effective tools in the community for reducing waste generation, eliminating disposal, reducing environmental pollution and saving funds which can be used for other initiatives. Click here for Pollution Prevention and Recycling Action Plan Indicators and Linkages
Goals and Objectives
  • Reduce the production of waste at the source including solid and hazardous waste, air emissions, liquid discharges and energy consumption.waste, air emissions, liquid discharges and energy consumption. For wastes which cannot be reduced at the source, use reuse and recycling options to further reduce wastes needing treatment or disposal.
  • Promote pollution prevention practices to achieve sustainable use of natural resources and protect the environment and human health.

16. Pollution Prevention (P2) Program -Laws - Waste Management
This will be followed up with onsite assessments to provide facility-specificrecommendations for pollution prevention and recycling.
DEP Home Contact DEP Search DEP Site Map ... ICR Procedures Guidance [pdf] Mercury Petroleum Cleanup Programs Pollution Prevention Recycling ... Waste Cleanup
© 1999 State of Florida
Privacy Statement
Last Updated: Statewide P2 Initiatives Hospitals for a Healthy Environment
The P2 Program and the Department’s Hazardous Waste Management Section have partnered to help Florida’s hospitals reach the goals developed by the Hospitals for a Healthy Environment initiative. This will be a collaborative effort with the Florida Hospital Association, the Florida Society of Healthcare Environmental Services, and the Florida Department of Health.
This project will build on the expertise acquired during the DEP Mercury Bearing Medical Waste Project and the comprehensive waste reduction and conservation database being developed by the American Hospital Association and the USEPA. Information on mercury reduction, green purchasing, energy conservation, recycling, and general waste management will be condensed into an information packet for hospital conferences and workshops. This will be followed up with on-site assessments to provide facility-specific recommendations for pollution prevention and recycling.
For information contact Aprilia Graves of the P2 Program staff
Commercial and State Office Buildings
The P2 Program has initiated a project to educate private and public commercial facility personnel about environmentally responsible operation and maintenance. The Florida Green Building Housekeeping and Maintenance Guide will be developed to address such issues as:

17. Directory ::
pollution prevention and recycling (236) Main Categories. Composting(67) Institutes (5) Materials Exchanges (84) News and Media

18. IDEM - OPPTA - Governor's Awards For Environmental Excellence
environmental impacts. In the past, Governor's Awards were awarded separatelyfor pollution prevention and recycling. In 2002, these
Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence
Governor O'Bannon and IDEM Commissioner Kaplan present 2002 Environmental Excellence Awards
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) seeks to recognize entities (businesses, governmental units, schools and other organizations) who act proactively, make decisions and engage in activities that enable them to reduce their environmental impacts. In the past, Governor's Awards were awarded separately for Pollution Prevention and Recycling. In 2002, these two award programs were combined and new award categories were created to establish the Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence. Applications for 2003 are now available! [pdf] 734K They are due by April 22, 2003. Please review the application for additional information. If you have questions, please contact OPPTA at 800-988-7901 or 317-232-8172 or at

19. Listings Of The World Science Environment Pollution Prevention
Listings World, Over 2 million websites from around the globe. Top ScienceEnvironment pollution prevention and recycling. One definition

20. Listings Of The World Science Environment Pollution Prevention
Listings World Science Environment pollution prevention and recycling MaterialsExchanges Computer Hardware. Listings World,

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