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         Seti:     more books (102)
  1. Seti Dlia Proteia: Problemy Interpretatsii Formy V Izobrazitel'nom Iskusstve by S. M. Daniel', 2002-01
  2. Anglo-russkii tolkovyi slovar: Multimedia-sistemy, telekommunikatsionnye kompiuternye seti, bezopasnost kompiuternykh sistem i setei (Russian Edition)
  3. The Human Quantum Leap: Confessions Of A Former Intelligence Operative by A. J. Ensor, 2008-09-14
  4. An account of the sarcophagus of Seti I, king of Egypt, B.C. 1370 by E A. Wallis Budge, 2010-09-08
  5. Territorialnye arealy i seti: Ocherki teoreticheskoi geografii (Russian Edition) by B. B Rodoman, 1999
  6. Seti: The Search for Alien Intelligence (Hot Science) by Peter Jedicke, 2003-08
  7. The Case for the Face: Scientists Examine the Evidence for Alien Artifacts on Mars by Stanley V. McDaniel, 1998-02
  8. Evolution of a Planetary System (Life in the Universe) by Seti Institute, 1995-06
  9. Children of the Diadems: In The Beginning by Sia A Seti, 2008-10-05
  10. Bubble Markets and Boom and Bust Cycles: Paradigm Revolutions in the Information Age by Khafra K. Om-Ra-Seti, 2002-05-01
  11. THE WAYFARER by Seti, 1980-01-01
  12. Capoeira: A Tale of Martial Arts Mastery, Mysticism and Love by Khafra K. Om-Ra-Seti, 2004-03-30
  13. SETI 2020: A Roadmap for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Ronald D. Ekers, 2002-02-01
  14. Seti's Heart by Kiernan Kelly, 2008-08-26

21. SETI@home: Suche Nach Ausserirdischer Intelligenz


Science Newsletter 19: (G)
Neuer Artikel der Planetary Society: (G)
Mit heutigem Stand sind 4 Millionen User
Das Problem mit den teilweisen Downloads scheint
SETI@home hat offiziell den historischen Meilenstein von einer Million Jahre (e)
(G) bedeutet, es handelt sich um eine - sehr grobe (!) automatische Testbetrieb!
Das (e) Frühere News (e) Wissenschaft Statistiken Anwender Zone Internationale Seiten /
Das Projekt
Sponsoren und Danksagungen Wenn Sie SETI@home , bitte clicken Sie bitte hier clicken Sie bitte hier Die Sponsoren and Technologiepartner von SETI@home: Hauptsponsoren The Planetary Society The University of California Digital Media Innovation Program Sun Microsystems The Friends of SETI@home (Menschen wie Sie) !

22. -- Search For Extraterrestrial Life And SETI
How to Sort Signs of Artifical Life from the Real Thing. Scenes from seti@AreciboTake a look back in pictures at the seti Institute's Project Phoenix.
SEARCH: Exploring Everything: An Astrobiologist's Life Star Light, Star Bright, Do Your Planets Have Oxygen Tonight? Pioneer 10: Farewell to an Old Friend Closing in on Near Earth Objects ... privacy statement

23. Harvard SETI Has Moved
The Harvard radio seti homepage has moved. The new URL is. http// click the link if your browser
The Harvard radio SETI homepage has moved. The new URL is Please click the link if your browser doesn't take you there automatically after a few seconds.

24. Has Moved
The new URL is. http// Please click the link ifyour browser doesn't take you there automatically after a few seconds.
The homepage has moved. The new URL is Please click the link if your browser doesn't take you there automatically after a few seconds.

25. Oficjalny Polski Serwer Projektu SETI@Home
Projekt naukowy, którego celem jest poszukiwanie cywilizacji pozaziemskich przez analize emisji Category World Polska Nauka i Edukacja Astronomia Projekt seti......Polska strona projektu seti@Home; seti@Home to wielki eksperyment majacy na celuwykorzystanie wolnej mocy obliczeniowej tysiecy komputerów podlaczonych

26. Seti@home : La Búsqueda De Inteligencia Extraterrestre
Translate this page seti@home es un proyecto científico que aprovecha la potencia de cientos de milesde computadores conectados a Internet en la Búsqueda de Inteligencia
SETI@home en español ha trasladado sus páginas a
Si la página no se abre en unos segundos, pulse sobre el enlace

27. The SETI Page
A Good seti Receiver Should. 7. Preferably reject terrestrial interference that mimicsthe soughtafter signal. Further Information About Exobiology and seti.
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
A further question: Will travel between different planetary systems ever be possible? I am sorry to give an unpopular answer, but I believe this to be an uncompromising, no. Communication is a different matter. If living creatures at a high technological level exist on planets belonging to any of the nearest thousand stars it would be feasible to establish communication. A two-way interchange of information would take many centuries to develop. Even so, perhaps we should be starting now? (Hoyle, 1950)
Classification of Galactic Civilizations
Type I civilizations have a technological level close to the level presently attained on Earth. The energy consumption of Type I societies is approximately 4x10 erg/s. Type II civilizations have the capability of harnessing the energy radiated by their own star (4x10 erg/s). They may construct large Dyson Spheres to capture the energy from their primary star. Type III civilizations are those who have an energy utilization equal to that of their galaxy (4x10 erg/s).

28. Seti@Netherlands --- Do You Think Space Is Epmty ---
De website van de seti@Netherlands gebruikersgroep. Dit is momenteel de grootste Nederlandse gebruikersgr Category World Nederlands Sterrenkunde Buitenaards Leven seti...... Welkom, op de seti@Netherlands homepage! seti@Netherlands, opgericht in september1999 is de grootste en gezelligste seti@HOME club van Nederland.
S@NL nieuws
De leestafel Personal stats
Maak een nieuw account
Welkom, op de SETI@Netherlands homepage!
SETI@Netherlands, opgericht in september 1999 is de grootste en gezelligste SETI@HOME club van Nederland. SETI@Netherlands probeert er voor te zorgen zijn leden met het laatste nieuws betreffende SETI@HOME te voorzien, en downloads, links, uitgebreide statistieken etc. aan te bieden voor onze 'crunchers'. Wil je ook lid worden van SETI@Netherlands, ga dan HIER naar toe voor de instructies.
Hier volgt het laatste nieuws:
Datum Artikel Verdere Arecibo observaties uitgesteld door: Derk Seti@Home krijgt 24 uren dedicated schoteltijd
bij Arecibo
door: BlackBiker Serverwijziging Seti@Netherlands door: BlackBiker Volg live de Junkmountain upgrade door: Derk Wederom een Junkmountain upgrade door: BlackBiker Morn is User of The Day door: Cafun Nieuwe server door: afterburn Project Dolphin stopt.... door: BlackBiker Gelukkig Nieuwjaar door: Derk Run the Gauntlet! door: BlackBiker Toon nieuws archief
Verdere Arecibo observaties uitgesteld Door: Derk
Een zonnevlam heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de tweede en derde geplande re-observatie door de Arecibo telescoop zijn uitgesteld tot waarschijnlijk volgende week.

29. Harvard SETI Home Page
Welcome to the Harvard seti Home Page. Our research. in 1993); Companiesthat have been nice to us. Other seti projects and resources.
Welcome to the Harvard SETI Home Page
Our research
Our researchers
Our sponsors
  • The Planetary Society
  • The Bosack/Kruger Charitable Foundation
  • The SETI Institute
  • The Schulsky Foundation
  • NASA (until congress cut funding in 1993)
  • Companies that have been nice to us
Other SETI projects and resources

Visit the Horowitz Group Home Page!

30. Harvard Optical SETI
A search for intense laser pulses, transmitted deliberately in our direction by another civilization.Category Science Astronomy Extraterrestrial Life seti Optical......Optical seti at Harvard. At a glance a paper given at IAF Rio '00 (pdf 310 kB); preprint backgrounds in optical seti (pdf - 135 kB);
Optical SETI at Harvard
At a glance:
A high-intensity pulsed laser, teamed with a moderate sized telescope, forms an efficient interstellar beacon. Using only "Earth 2000" technology, we could build such a laser transmitter. To a distant observer in the direction of its slender beam, it would appear (during its brief pulse) a thousand times brighter than our sun. Beginning October 19, 1998 we have been searching for such intense laser pulses, transmitted deliberately in our direction by another civilization in order to initiate communication across interstellar distances.
Papers, Somewhat Technical

Visit the Horowitz Group Home Page!
(this page last modified 10 Oct 2002)

31. SETI Net: Searching For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
seti Net is a private scientific web site,devoted to the electromagneticSearch for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. Click to enter seti Net. F.
Click to enter:

32. X-SETI
Xseti v0.8.2. 2000/2/1 NEW X-seti v0.8.2 is now compatable with thenew v2.0 client. This version is a quick fix and only includes

X-SETI v0.8.2
NEW: X-SETI v0.8.2 is now compatable with the new v2.0 client. This version is a quick fix and only includes the changes necessary to get X-SETI to work with the new client. I am also working on a few new features to take advantage of the new client and this will be posted at a later date. There is one field in X-SETI (Doppler Shift) that will not be filled in with the new version of the client becuase the client no longer outputs this information. I will remove this field in a subsequent version. When running under Expect, this version of X-SETI depends on an option (-verbose) which is not documented in the UNIX client man page. It should be noted that X-SETI 0.8.2 will NOT work properly with version 1.x clients. Since the 1.x clients will soon be disallowed by the seti organization, I did not see the need to include code to make this new version of X-SETI work with both clients or to foolproof it against use with the old client. X-SETI is a simple Tk-based GUI front end for the UNIX SETI@home client. X-SETI optionally uses Expect to communicate with the client. This requires Expect be installed on the target system along with Tcl/Tk, but allows X-SETI to handle all interaction with the client, including account setup and login dialogs. To use Expect, the expectk command must be in the user's path. X-SETI is pure Tcl/Tk/Expect and does not need to be compiled. X-SETI contains a screensaver mode that can be used with XScreenSaver.

33. SETI@home: Søgning Efter Udenjordisk (Extra-Terrestrisk) Intelligens Hjemmefra
Søgning efter liv uden for Jorden. Vær med til at analysere data, som hentes over Internettet, fra Category World Dansk Astronomi Liv uden for Jorden......seti@home er et videnskabeligt eksperiment som vil udnytte kapaciteten af hundredeaf tusinder af Internetforbundne computere i søgningen efter Udenjordisk
SETI@home er et videnskabeligt eksperiment der bruger Internet-forbundne computerer i S øgningen efter Udenjordisk (" E xtra- T errestrisk") I ntelligens ( SETI
Andrew Rump
danske links Sidst opdateret: 17. juli 2002
: De andre sider er ikke oversat fra engelsk til dansk og e-mail kommunikation, med andre end undertegnede SETI@home
Dette er en officiel side! Nyheder

Er de sidste uger tilkoblingproblemer
Delvis pakke download problemet
computer technology and SETI
i California Computer News.
Vores signal kandidat arkiv viser nu hvem der fandt hver kandidat.
SETI@home har vundet 2002 Computerworld Honors Award i videnskabs kategorien.
Denne side er den officielle danske SETI@home-side
Videnskab Bruger Zone
Statistik Om projektet

34. CiSE: SETI@Home
Brief technical overview of the project.Category Science Astronomy Extraterrestrial Life seti seti at Home...... Scientific Programming Editor Paul F. Dubois, Massively Distributed Computing for seti. A radio seti tutorial.
Scientific Programming
Editor: Paul F. Dubois,
Massively Distributed Computing for SETI
By Eric Korpela, Dan Werthimer, David Anderson, Jeff Cobb, and Matt Lebofsky Since radio's earliest days, people have considered the possibility of detecting signals from an extraterrestrial civilization—and since the advent of radio astronomy, the tools to perform such a search have existed. Starting in the late 1950s, researchers have been performing progressively more sensitive searches, but each search has been limited by the technologies available at the time. As radio frequency technologies have become more efficient and computers have become faster, the searches have grown larger and more sensitive. The SETI@home project, managed by a group of researchers at the Space Sciences Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, is the first attempt to use large-scale distributed computing to perform a sensitive search for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.
A radio SETI tutorial
You might wonder why an enormous supercomputer would be necessary to detect radio signals from an alien civilization. It might seem to be a fairly simple signal-processing task. Such a supercomputer is needed primarily because

35. EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy And DSP For Radio Amateurs (W6/PA0ZN)

36. JBO - SETI Index
seti Research. These pages seti SuperStar Award seti at Jodrell, setiobservations using the Lovell 76m Radio Telescope. The History
SETI Research
These pages will give you information about the history of SETI and the observations being carried out at present. The "SETI questions" page gives answers to some of the questions most commonly asked of SETI scientists. These pages have been awarded the SuperStar website award by the SETI League. Their site can be reached by clicking on the graphic below. SETI at Jodrell SETI observations using the Lovell 76m Radio Telescope. The History of SETI A brief history of SETI from its origins in 1959 to the present day. Project Phoenix A description of Project Phoenix which is now in progress at the radio telescopes at Arecibo and Jodrell Bank. SETI questions Commonly asked questions answered by Jill Tarter, Director of the SETI Institute, and Ian Morison, co-ordinator of the Jodrell Bank SETI observations. The Drake Equation Frank Drake produced an equation containing a number of factors to enable the probability of contacting another civiliation to be estimated. Learn more about SETI Life in the Universe is a part-time distance learning course offered by Jodrell Bank Observatory in which you can learn more about our cosmic origins and the search for extraterrestrial life. The SETI Institute A link to the comprehensive web site of the SETI Institute to learn more about SETI and find links to other SETI web sites.

37. SETI@home Stats
Shows trends in seti@home participation. Also indicates how recently their pages have been updated.Category Science Astronomy Extraterrestrial Life seti seti at Home......seti@home stats. You are here Roving Mouse Services seti@home Overview News Stats by processor by time detailed Tapes
SETI@home stats
You are here: Roving Mouse SETI@home
Stats by processor ... it and take a look!
FAQ: Search for Every Type of Info:
the Web (Google) Toys ( Hardware/Software Electronics ( Books ( Books (Powell's) Books ( Music ( Videos ( Videos by title (CDNOW) Music, popular ( Music, classical ( (all products) T.V. shows (by name)
Fill in whatever you like Tape status: Playing
(WU's being created: Paused
(No recent WU's served): Finished
(WU's being served): 07mr01aa (past 17 months)
08mr01aa (past 15 months)
08mr01ab (past 15 months)
17mr01aa (past 15 months) 07fe03aa (past 29 hours) 07fe03ab (past 29 hours) 04mr00aa (30 months old, no data for past 29 months) 20dc00aa (25 months old, no data for past 24 months) 20dc00ab (25 months old, no data for past 24 months) 09my00aa (split in 3 days) 16oc02ab (split in 3 days) 17oc02aa (split in 3 days) 27oc02aa (split in 3 days) 31oc02aa (split in 14 days) 01no02ab (split in 2 weeks) 04no02aa (split in 2 days) 05no02aa (split in 32 hours) 05no02ab (split in 32 hours) 06no02aa (split in 32 hours) 09no02ab (split in 2 days) 10no02aa (split in 3 days) 30dc02aa (split in 28 hours) 03ja03aa (split in 28 hours) 04ja03aa (split in 28 hours) 15ja03aa (split in 4 days) 16ja03aa (split in 4 days) 16ja03ab (split in 4 days) 18ja03aa (split in 48 hours) 19ja03aa (split in 2 days) 20ja03aa (split in 2 days) Charts of all 652 tapes are available.

38. SETI Is Still At GEMM
seti is still at GEMM. It has just had it's name changed. Click here togo there now. http// Or.
SETI is still at GEMM It has just had it's name changed Click here to go there now. Or Wait 5 seconds and we'll send you there ourselves.

39. TkSeti Home Page
Tkseti@Home version 3.06. Tkseti is a GUI front-end to the seti@Home clientfor UNIX. seti Links. The seti Institute; seti@Home Download Tcl/Tk.
Tk-SETI@Home version 3.06
TkSETI is a GUI front-end to the SETI@Home client for UNIX. It is fully customizable with lots of cool features:
  • can passively monitor an already running setiathome client. can start/stop/pause the setiathome client when TkSETI starts/exits. can manually run/kill/pause/continue the setiathome client. can automatically stop the client during certain hours on certain days. can run your dialup network start/stop scripts when the client needs to contact the server (even avoiding certain days and times). restarts the client if it dies unexpectedly. Linux only : can automatically run/kill/pause/continue the setiathome client based on system idleness by monitoring any devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc. support for proxy servers. tracks your personal best scores for big Spikes, Gaussians, Pulses and Triplets and optionally notifies you when new bigger ones are found. displays your statistics such as work units processed, total CPU time, progress of current work unit, largest Spike, Gaussian, Pulse and Triplet, client CPU usage, etc. SkyMap shows the location of all work units processed plus the location of your best Spike, Gaussian, Pulse and Triplet.
  • 40. SETI
    A brief overview of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and Frank Drake in particular. Definitio Category Science Astronomy Extraterrestrial Life seti......seti The only way we'll know is to look and to listen. That is exactly thepremise behind seti (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).




    The Bookcase

    SETI Introduction Contents Timeline

    Are we alone?
    Is anyone talking?
    Is anyone listening?
    The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a quest to answer one of life's most intriguing questions: Are we alone in the universe? Yes or no, either answer will have tremendous implications for mankind. Should the answer turn out to be YES, we are alone, then our race would be placed in a position of being the only creatures in existence capable of exploring such questions. We would be the supreme and only intelligence in the cosmos. A staggering thought. If the answer turns out to be NO, we are not alone, then who else is out there? What are they like? What knowledge do they have? How do they act towards other races? What are their philosophies, sciences, and arts? The questions are endless, as are the possibilities. We have the technology to communicate over vast distances - millions of lights years. We are capable of sending and receiving radio signals across the vast expanses of space. Actually we have been sending them for over half a century. All radio, television, and radar signals from Earth leak out into space and spread across the galaxy. Perhaps some other advanced civilization has detected our signals and is now sending their own in an attempt at communication. The only way we'll know is to look and to listen.

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