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  1. Les Inscriptions Pheniciennes du Temple de Seti a Abydos. Publiees et traduites d'apres une copie inedite de M. Sayce
  2. Extraterrestrial Life: Fermi Paradox, Hypothetical Types of Biochemistry, Monster, Seti, Pioneer 10, Kardashev Scale, Martian, Alien Invasion
  3. Internet 2000. Effektivnye tehnologii raboty v Seti
  4. Ames XV-15 Tiltrotor Derivative Makes Historic First Flight / Truly, Thompson Named NASA Administrator, Deputy / Jill Tarter Named Project Scientist for SETI (Astrogram, Volume 31, Number 15, April 21, 1989) by Donald G. James, 1989
  5. Astrobiologie: Exobiologie, Seti@home, Marsianer, Außerirdisches Leben, Extraterrestrisch, Rare-Earth-Hypothese (German Edition)
  6. The Rise of Intelligence and Culture: Seti Academy Planet Project (Life in the Universe) by Seti Institute, 1995-04
  7. Les hypogées royaux de Thebes, Division 1 (of 3) only: Le tombeau de Séti Ier, publie in-extenso avec le collaboration de U. Bouriant et V. Loret et avec le concours de Edouard Naville. by EUGÈNE). LEFÉBURE, 1886-01-01
  8. Cities, Towns and Villages in Doti District: Jijodamandau, Dipayal Silgadhi, Laxmi Nagar, Chhatiwan, Seti, Pokhari, Seti, Dhirkamandau
  9. SETI
  10. Grundlagen der Paläo-SETI - Band I: Der Hypothesenrahmen
  11. 21st Century Complete Guide to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI): NASA Spacecraft and Telescopes, Europa and Origins ... Extra-solar Planets and Planetary Systems by World Spaceflight News, 2002-02-18
  12. An Account Of The Sarcophagus Of Seti I, King Of Egypt, B.C. 1370 by E. A. Wallis Budge, 2010-09-10
  13. Seti: Dyson Sphere, Extraterrestrial Life, Fermi Paradox, Carl Sagan, Drake Equation, Extrasolar Planet, Lincos, Copernican Principle
  14. Cities, Towns and Villages in Kailali District: Chaumala, Dhangadhi, Geta, Nepal, Tikapur, Sreepur, Seti, Durgauli, Dansinhapur, Dododhara

61. Barnes & - Gateway
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62. Die SETI Gruppe In Hamburg
Translate this page Die seti Gruppe in Hamburg Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den folgenden Themenseti Hamburg Per Email koennen Sie uns unter
Die SETI Gruppe in Hamburg
Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den folgenden Themen:
SETI Hamburg
Per Email koennen Sie uns unter erreichen.
weiter zur Startseite

63. Amateur SETI: Project BAMBI
The design, construction, and initial observational results of a 4GHz amateur radio telescope. Site Category Science Astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy......Amateur seti Project BAMBI. Take a look at what's new with Project BAMBI. Theplanned extension of the BAMBI project to amateur seti is also discussed.
Amateur SETI:
Project BAMBI Take a look at what's new with Project BAMBI. (Updated November 25th, 2002)
Download the BAMBI Printed Circuit Board Layouts.
Upgrades for our 3.1 million channel survey are underway.
Download the BAMBI Software Collection.
View the BAMBI Schematics.
Join the search with your own PC, through the SETI@home project! The Project BAMBI Team:

(left to right)
Mike Fox, Bob Lash , and Mike Fremont.
Example BAMBI Waterfall Drifting CW Detection (Terrestrial Origin) Can you find it? A faint 3.8 GHz drifting continuous wave (CW) narrow band signal is visible below. Although this signal was of terrestrial origin (you are looking at the 30th harmonic of an ovenized 128 MHz TTL oscillator soldered to a resistor lead, mounted two yards BEHIND the dish for high attenuation, mixed with actual sky signal at RA 19:46:05 DEC +40 43), we are searching for real signals that have a similar drifting CW characteristic due to possible doppler shift. The horizontal axis of this display block corresponds to 600 channels (1 Hz per channel), and the vertical axis represents time (240 lines at 2 seconds per line). The slope of this signal is approximately + 3 Hz per second, with an inflection reversing to - 3 Hz per second. Unlike this test signal, a real extraterrestial source would be expected to maintain a constant slope.
BAMBI Sites: SITE A: California. SITE B: Colorado.

64. Henkilö- Ja Yritysarviointi Seti Oy
Tämä sivu käyttää kehyksiä, mutta käyttämäsi selain ei tue kehyksiä.
Tämä sivu käyttää kehyksiä, mutta käyttämäsi selain ei tue kehyksiä.

65. SetiTEAM
An application which analyses group and individual statistics in a graphical format and can predict Category Science Astronomy seti seti at Home Software...... setiTEAM is a free windows program which allows people to track and compare thenumber of work units being completed by members of the seti@home community.
This page last
SetiTEAM is a free windows program which allows people to track and compare
the number of work units being completed by members of the seti@home community.
SetiTEAM works by analysing tables of results produced by the project servers at

These can be saved and compared to show or predict changes of rankings.
SetiTEAM 2.1i can be download here
Feature list : Main results table :
  • Shows your team or group rankings in table format. Instantly finds and highlights your position. Shows the national flag of each team member. Indicates inactive team members. Shows date last result returned for each member. Can be sorted by Rank, Name, WU's, Links, Email, Total time, or Average WU time. Automatically saves table contents and layout between sessions - very useful for offline viewing. Search for other members in the team (case insensitive and partial matching). Clickable links to team member webpages. Save results for future comparisons. Save results in Word, Excel, HTML, Notepad, CSV or Clipboard formats for further processing. Can print a neatly formatted hardcopy.
  • 66. GNOME Seti_applet
    What is it? The seti_applet is an applet that plugs into the gnome paneland displays various statistics about your running seti@home client.



    4 open / 17 total
    Have your say!
    Fill out the survey about what your want in the next major version.
    What is it?
    The seti_applet is an applet that plugs into the gnome panel and displays various statistics about your running seti@home client. It also allows you to start and stop the seti@home client.
    The latest source for Gnome 2.2 is version 2.1.3 (requires Gnome 2.1+) and can be downloaded from:
    The latest source version for Gnome 1.4 is 0.4.1 (requires Gnome version 1.2 or 1.4) and can be downloaded from:
    The latest binary (Red Hat RPM) for Gnome 2.0 (Redhat 8.0) is version 2.1.3 and can be downloaded from:

    The latest binary (Red Hat RPM) for Gnome 1.4 is version 0.4.1 (requires Gnome version 1.2 or 1.4) and can be downloaded from:

    67. Howstuffworks "How SETI Works"
    Looking for ET It's the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (seti). Find outwhat would happen if ET were to phone! Main Science Space How seti Works.
    ComputerStuff AutoStuff ElectronicsStuff ScienceStuff ... PeopleStuff
    Earth Science
    Engineering Life Science Physical Science ... Gas Turbine Engines
    Sponsored By:
    Explore Stuff
    Big List of Articles
    Get the Newsletter Shop or Compare Prices Orbitz - Plan a Trip! ... Space
    How SETI Works
    by Craig C. Freudenrich, Ph.D.
    Search the Skies


    SETI and You
    ... Shop or Compare Prices Photo courtesy NAIC-Arecibo Observatory, Photographer David Parker Arecibo Radio Telescope Are we alone in the universe, or are there intelligent beings out there with whom we could communicate? We may never know if we rely on space travel distances between the stars are unimaginably vast, and our most advanced ideas for space rockets , such as light propulsion nuclear propulsion solar sails and matter-antimatter engines , are many years away from becoming reality. How can we detect signs of extraterrestrial (ET) life? One way is to basically eavesdrop on any radio communications coming from beyond Earth. Radio is not only a cheap way of communicating, but also a sign of a technological civilization. Humanity has been unintentionally announcing its presence since the 1930s by way of the radio waves and television broadcasts that travel from Earth into outer space everyday.

    68. SETI LEAGUE UK Home Page
    UK branch of the League. Resource, links and contacts details.Category Regional Europe Hobbies Amateur Radio...... Intelligence. What is seti, and why in the UK? Other regional seti LeagueUK Pages. seti League UK Wales. What the seti League UK is not. The
    Welcome to the web site of the UK branch of the SETI League.  - Last update This site is intended to complement the main SETI League Web Site which, although giving a wealth of useful information, can tend to be a little US-centric at times. We aim to provide information which is of specific interest to members of the SETI league in the UK, or to non-members who are interested in our Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
    What is SETI, and why in the UK?
    SETI - The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is an attempt to obtain evidence of intelligent life outside our Solar System. There are many projects pursuing this goal, but we are focusing our efforts looking for narrow-band radio transmissions in the 1GHz to 10GHz region, and with the majority of stations looking at the frequency of neutral hydrogen - 1420MHz. The SETI League is a global organization, and this is essential for the search because not all of the sky can be viewed from any country. A signal seen in the UK at a particular point in the sky will be visible for confirmation on the East coast of the USA 5 hours later. It is a function of the SETI League to co-ordinate this activity.
    Why a UK regional page?

    69. Msetimon - Multi SETI Monitor
    A graphical add-on package to monitor seti@home activity that may be running on multiple computers Category Science Astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy......seti@home. Msetimon Multi seti@home Monitor. A graphical packageto monitor seti activity 42023 r. seti Details Clicking on the
    Msetimon - Multi SETI@home Monitor
    A graphical package to monitor seti activity that may be running on multiple computers over a network or multiple instances on the same computer. It is the first program to monitor multiple PC's without having to cross mount file systems. It runs on Windows or Linux/Unix(new)
    If you do not have multiple PCs Msetimon is great for Monitoring SETI@home activity for a single client while saving space on your desktop. You can see Msetimon screenshots here
    Rather than slowing down your cpu with fancy displays. Msetimon displays only the necessary facts at a glance. This is especially helpful if you are monitoring multiple computers that may be running SETI@home. The main window will give you a quick look at the progress each of your systems are making. If you wish to see more information just left click on the desired PC name or directory and a detailed work unit screen will appear. A right click will show the position of that work unit in the SkyMap.
    What's new?
      - Systray Support for Windows. (Windows)
      - Multi columns Support
      - Queuing support for SetiHide (Windows)
      - Multiple CPUs Support when used with Queuing.

    70. SETI@home Screensaver Speed, Downloads And Benchmarks
    Tips, tweaks and downloads to optimize PC performance and seti@home screensaver speed. Also seti@home Category Science Astronomy seti seti at Home Guides......Tips, tweaks and downloads to optimize PC performance and seti@home screensaverspeed. Also seti@home freeware downloads and OpenGL benchmark test freeware.
    Overclocking may speed up your PC but it can also corrupt processor data and toast your CPU . If you've a need for speed these downloads and tweaks will boost SETI@home speed, optimize your computer's performance and increase Windows stability...
    Software OS compatibility
    = Win 95/98/ME = Win 9x/ME/NT/2000 = Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
    = Guide to tweak / program. = Screenshots. = Benchmarks. [x.xx%] =
    Program CPU load
    SETI@home explained
    more details SETI@home screensaver download SETI@home speed tips Screensaver: Text client:
    • SETI@home's text client is faster than the screensaver -
    • Download SETI Driver to cache SETI@home work units. Freeware
    • Download SETI Spy to monitor SETI@home's progress and give PC benchmarks. Freeware
    • Download RamDisk to run SETI@home in a virtual hard drive in RAM. Shareware
    • Check your CPU's performance with SETI Timer - my computer's 900MHz AMD Thunderbird CPU processes data at the speed of a 950MHz CPU :)
    • Check out the SETI Accelerator

    Alien hunters rejoice!

    71. SETI TEAM
    seti@home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousandsof Internetconnected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial

    72. Radio Astronomy And SETI - Big Ear Radio Observatory
    This Kraus-type radio telescope, larger than three football fields, was famous for the Wow! Signal Category Science Astronomy Observatories Radio......Signal and for the longestrunning seti project. To go there now, pleaseclick here. ArrowBeginner's Guide to Radio Astronomy and seti.
    Welcome to the website of the Ohio State University Radio Observatory (OSURO) (also known as the Big Ear Radio Observatory). The Observatory is named after the Big Ear Radio Telescope (now demolished) a Kraus-type radio telescope (named for Dr. John D. Kraus, the founder and director of the observatory, as well as designer and builder of the telescope). Big Ear covered an area larger than three football fields. The telescope was famous for discovering some of the most distant known objects in the universe, as well as for the "Wow!" Signal and the longest-running SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) project entered into the Guinness Book of Records . This unique probe of the depths of the cosmos was located in Delaware, Ohio . The Observatory is now in the process of designing and building the next generation radio telescope, called "Argus" , which will see in all directions at the same time. Comments About the Above Aerial Photograph of the Big Ear Radio Telescope The various structures you see in the aerial photo are each described in a separate section of this website. For proper viewing you will need to have recent browser that is both JavaScript-enabled and can handle frames.

    73. SetiHide 1.5
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    74. SETI Kites Company - Home
    Kite store near Philadelphia, PA. specializes in Peter Lynn, Premier, and HQ Invento products.Category Shopping Recreation Kites......Welcome seti Kites sells vividly colored kites made from lightweight advanced materials. setiKites sponsors and participates in local kite flying events.

    Shopping Cart

    Wish List


    Contact us

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    browse beginner kites delta diamond box ... large stunt kites accessories videos stingray firecracker ... jam session power kites accessories c-quad designers Dodd Gross Peter Lynn Reza Ragheb Francis Rogallo ... Jon Trennepohl manufacturers Invento-HQ Laser Pro New Tech Premier ... QUADRiFOiL
    guarantee We sell only the best quality kites and will repair or replace any defective kite that is returned within thirty days of purchase.
    shipping FREE SHIPPING! on any order over $200 We ship using the US Postal Service. Express mail guaranteed next day delivery is available. subscribe To receive our quarterly email newsletter every three months, send an email with your name to: Welcome SETI Kites sells vividly colored kites made from lightweight advanced materials. We offer a terrific selection of the best kites and accessories from around the world. Choose from dozens of kites, some small enough to fit in your pocket, some as large as twenty-one feet. Beginner kites If you see the world with the eyes of a child, these kites are for you! Stunt kites Control your kite to perform amazing tricks!

    75. SETI@Support Download
    seti@Support. Back to Goro's Part(Japanese Only). Overview of seti@Supportver0.75(revised December 24th, 2001 - Added Mac OS X Version) by Goro Otsubo.
    Back to Goro's Part(Japanese Only) to Japanese Page Overview What's new in Ver 0.43 ... Other Support Tools Overview of SETI@Support-ver0.75 (revised December 24th, 2001 - Added Mac OS X Version ) by Goro Otsubo SETI@Support is a graphical front end/logging program for SETI@home client. Since it is written in Java (JDK1.1) it may work on various platforms wherever Java is installed. I tested this program on Macintosh with MRJ 2.x and Windows-NT with JDK1.2(Java 2) , JDK1.1.8 and Internet Explorer 5.0. I also get noticed that this program run on Windows with Internet Explorer Ver4 installed and on Solaris and Linux. SETI@Support is free, but please use it at your own risk. I, Goro Otsubo, can not be held responsible, in any way , for lost work units or for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages. If you have any comments or suggestion, please send e-mail to Do you want to see screen shots ? Scroll down a little bit. Or you can refer " My SETI@home analysis results " page. Graph and table shown in this page are generated using SETI@Support.(and also other graphic tool) What's new in Ver 0.75(Released April 1st, 2001) -

    76. SETI@SupportDownLoad
    seti@Support. ?. 1999/7/16. seti@Supportver0.75-(2001/12/24)-Mac OS X?.
    ŒÜ˜Y‚Ì“ü‚èŒû‚É–ß‚é “ú•tF1999/7/16 @b@ @b@ Down Load @b@ ƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‹•û–@/Žg‚¢•û @b@ ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ€‚ªì‚éƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä @b@ Known Bugs.. @b@ ŠJ”­ŠÂ‹« @b@ to English page SETI@Support-ver0.75‚ÌŽg‚¢•û-(2001/12/24‰ü’ù)- Mac OS X”Å SETI@home ‚ð‚²——‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B Macintoshê—p‚Å‚·‚ªAuWork Unit‚ð‚܂Ƃ߂ă_ƒEƒ“ƒ[ƒh‚µ‚āA‚Æ‚Á‚©‚¦‚ЂÁ‚©‚¦‰ðÍ‚µ‚½‚¢v‚Æ‚©u‚à‚Á‚ÆŒy‚¢ƒvƒƒOƒ‰ƒ€‚эƒO‚ª‚Ƃ肽‚¢v‚Æ‚¢‚¤•û‚́AÙì GSIS ‚ð‚²—˜—p‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B
    • ‹L˜^‚·‚éƒf[ƒ^‚É"Angle Range"‚ð’ljÁBiTeam DSL Reports‚Ì‚²—v–]‚É‚æ‚è‚Ü‚·j
    Ver0.74ˆÈ‘O‚©‚ç‚̈ڍs•û–@ ’P‚É‚à‚µ‚­‚ÍSETISupport.jar‚ð“ü‚ê‘Ö‚¦‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢BBBÝ’èƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹“™‚Í‚»‚Ì‚Ü‚ÜŽg‚¦‚Ü‚·Bi­‚È‚­‚Æ‚à‚»‚Ì‚Í‚¸‚Å‚·j Internet Explorer‚ðŽg‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚ç‚Á‚µ‚á‚ç‚È‚¢•û‚ÍJDK1.1ˆÈ~‚ÌJava‚ÌŽÀsŠÂ‹«(JRE)‚ðƒCƒ“ƒXƒg[ƒ‹‚µ‚Ä‚©‚炨Žg‚¢‚­‚¾‚³‚¢‚ȁB ‚Ü‚Å‚¨Šè‚¢‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚·BƒoƒO‹y‚щü‘PˆÓŒ©‚ÉŠÖ‚µ‚Ä‚Í—]‹Z‚Å‚â‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚邱‚Æ‚Å‚à‚ ‚è‚·‚ׂđΉž‚·‚é‚Æ‚Í–ñ‘©‚Å‚«‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚ªA‚Å‚«‚éŒÀ‚è‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚Í‚µ‚½‚¢‚ÆŽv‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B SETI@home ‚ÉŠÖ‚µ‚Ä‚±‚ê‚܂łɍ쐬‚³‚ꂽ‚ ‚ꂱ‚ê‚̃c[ƒ‹iŒã‚ë‚É‚Ü‚Æ‚ß‚Ä ]‚Á‚Ä‘å‚«‚­‚ ‚°‚ÄŽŸ‚Ì“ñ‚‚́uS‚É“Ü‚è‚ðŠ´‚¶‚é“_v‚ª‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·B‚±‚̃vƒƒOƒ‰ƒ€‚Ì‚²Žg—p‚͉º‹L‚Ì‚Q“_‚ð‚æ‚­“Ç‚ñ‚Å‚²Ž©•ª‚̐ӔC‚Å‚¨‚±‚È‚Á‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B‚±‚̃vƒƒOƒ‰ƒ€‚ðŽg—p‚µ‚½‚±‚Æ‚É‚æ‚è‚Ç‚ñ‚ÈŽ–Û‚ª”­¶‚µ‚悤‚ªŽ„‚͐ӔC‚ðŽ‚Ä‚Ü‚¹‚ñB
    • Known Bugs ‚ɏ‘‚¢‚Ä‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·‚ªA‘¼‚É‚Ç‚ñ‚È‹°‚낵‚¢‚±‚Æ‚ª‚¨‚±‚é‚©•s–¾‚Å‚·Biˆê”Ô‚ ‚è‚»‚¤‚Ȃ̂́A‚¹‚Á‚©‚­‰ðÍ‚µ‚½ƒf[ƒ^‚ª‚«‚¿‚ñ‚ÆŒ‹‰Ê‚É”½‰f‚³‚ê‚È‚¢‚±‚Æ‚Å‚·‚ªj
    • ‰ðÍ‚ªI—¹‚µ‚½ƒf[ƒ^‚̓f[ƒ^ƒŠƒXƒg‚ɏ‡ŽŸ’ljÁ‚³‚ê‚ÄŽQÆ‚·‚邱‚Æ‚ª‚Å‚«‚Ü‚·B

    77. SETI Timer
    seti Timer. Visit Roelof’s site for an explanation of the calculationand pick up his excellent setiSpy seti monitoring application.
    s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) SETI Timer This will help you extablish how fast the v3.03 commandline client will complete a work unit on your machine. Processor type Processor speed MHz Memory speed MHz Angle range degrees Estimated completion time Be sure to enter the effective memory speed, taking into account the double or quadruple data rates of DDR and RDRAM memory. The default angle range of 0.417 corresponds to the Team Lamb Chop benchmark work unit. It is also a reasonably good indicator of the average processing time per work unit. Many thanks to Roelof Engelbrecht for adapting the original SETI Timer to the current version, and for supplying the data to make these calculations. Visit Roelof’s site for an explanation of the calculation and pick up his excellent SetiSpy SETI monitoring application. Home Screensavers Utilities Folding@Home ... Contact

    78. SETI.SK
    Vítame Vás na oficiálnych slovenských stránkach projektu seti@homea skupiny seti.SK Budúcnost projektu seti@home, 9. september 2002.
    Vítame Vás na oficiálnych slovenských stránkach projektu SETI@home a skupiny SETI.SK 23. január 2003 Ponúkame Vám ïalšie informácie o projekte BOINC a naò nadväzujúceho projektu AstroPulse.
    Budúcnos projektu SETI@home
    9. september 2002 Terajší projekt SETI@home ukonèí svoju èinnos v priebehu budúceho roku. Priaznivci tohoto projektu sa však nemusia nièoho obáva - pracujeme na nových projektoch, ktoré by mali nadviaza na doterajšie využitie poèítaèov miliónov dobrovo¾níkov pre vedecký výskum. Naše plány zahàòajú nasledovné ...
    19. júl 2002
    Šírka prenosového pásma
    4. jún 2002
    Aktuálne problémy s internetovým pripojením SETI@home
    13. február 2002 Doteraz SETI@home z celkového prenosového pásma 70Mbit/s zaberalo približne 25Mbit/s a zvyšných 45Mbit/s využívali ostatní užívatelia. Na zaèiatku tohoto roku však došlo k neoèakávanému a nevysvetlite¾nému nárastu využitia internetového pripojenia ostatnými užívate¾mi. Poèas špièiek využitie pripojenia dosahuje 100% jeho kapacity. Ak by malo ma SETI@home znovu minimálne pripojenie 25Mbit/s, musela by sa ostatná prevádzka zredukova do pôvodného stavu.
    SETI@home: Ako to vlastne pracuje?

    Similar pages setiuk.netThe website for can be found by clicking here. seti-uk.netis registered through - get web site hosting

    80. SETI Scanners

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