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         Slugs:     more books (100)
  1. Field Guide to the Land Snails and Slugs of Eastern South Africa
  2. How To Eat A Slug by Frank R. Maloney, 1976
  3. My Buddy, Slug by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, 2006-09-12
  4. Slugs by Shaun Hutson, 1996-06-28
  5. The Little Book of Slugs
  6. Slug Bread and Beheaded Thistles: Amusing & Useful Techniques for Nontoxic Housekeeping and Gardening by Ellen Sandbeck, 2000-05
  7. Rise, Ye Sea Slugs! by Robin D. Gill, 2003-10-31
  8. Sluggy Slug (Thingy Things) by Chris Raschka, 2000-04-03
  9. Defending Yourself Against Criticism: The Slug Manual by Jennifer James, 1999-07-02
  10. Slug Orgy by Made in DNA, 2010-05-22
  11. KEEPING SLUG WOMAN ALIVE: A Holistic Approach to American Indian Texts by Greg Sarris, 1993-08-05
  12. Bugs and Slugs (Luxury Lift the Flap Learners) by Judy Tatchell, 2004-06
  13. Super Soccer Boy and the Attack of the Giant Slugs by Judy Brown, 2010-07-27
  14. The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests by James J. ButlerJr., 1997-11-25

21. Wired News: SlugBot: Enemy Of Slugs
Advertisement. SlugBot Enemy of slugs. By Louise Knapp Also by this reporterPage 1 of 2 next ». slugs are slow, said Dr. Ian Kelly, SlugBot's creator.,1452,47156,00.html
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SlugBot: Enemy of Slugs
By Louise Knapp Also by this reporter Page 1 of 2 next
02:00 AM Oct. 08, 2001 PT
Watch the SlugBot in action
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You must have JavaScript enabled in order to use the Wired News Multimedia Player. We apologize for any inconvenience. In the near future, the very mention of SlugBot could send waves of terror through the slug community, while farmers will sing its praises. A prototype robot capable of hunting down over 100 slugs an hour and using their rotting bodies to generate electricity is being developed by engineers at the University of West England's Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory The SlugBot is an attempt to build the world's first fully autonomous robot. When completed, the SlugBot will be the first robot to work completely independent of human care. It won't even need help to recharge its batteries.

22. Taiwan Sintered Metals Co., Ltd. - Semiconductor, Molybdenum Slug, Lead Frame, M
Manufacturer of molybdenum slugs for the semi conductor industries.

23. Wired News Microsoft Recruits Sea Slugs
Advertisement. Microsoft Recruits Sea slugs. Researchers believe they can applythe methods used by slugs to prioritize information on computer systems.

24. Slugs
slugs. by Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist of Kentucky, slugs are common pestsduring wet weather and can damage many types of plants in the garden.
University of Kentucky Entomology
by Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist University of Kentucky Department of Entomology
R. Bessin, Univ. of Kentucky Slugs are common pests during wet weather and can damage many types of plants in the garden. Slugs are fleshy, slimy animals that feed mainly at night. They prefer cool, moist hiding places during the day. They range in color from light gray to black. Cool, wet spring conditions favor slug problems. Slugs rasp on leaves, stems, flowers and roots. They produce holes in the leaves or just scar the leaf surface. Small seedlings in the garden can be especially vulnerabIe to these creatures. Silvery slime trials are evidence of slug infestations. Here are a few tips on how to prevent or reduce slugs problems:
  • Sanitation. Keep the area free of plant debris (leaves, prunings, pulled weeds, etc.), old boards, stones, or tires that provide cool moist hiding places for slugs.
  • Prune low branches or trees or shrubs which touch the ground. Rake the leaves or mulch in order to allow the ground to dry.
  • Metaldehyde or mesurol bait can be used to kill slugs. Read the label carefully. Do not allow pellets to come in contact with leaves of vegetables.

25. Kwakuitl Recipes
How to catch and cook sea slugs, prepare halibut heads and fresh salmon, and the proper method to cook a whale.
  • Genuine Kwakuitl Indian recipes from NW Coast circa 1914.
    • You will probably want to try this recipe for boiled
      With etiquette tips included for chewing the bones and spitting them on the floor!
    • Full instructions of how to cook a whale
    • In case you wanted to know; how to cook salmon guts
    • Another recipe: How to
      (Including the correct thing to say as you bonk them on the head.)
    • And the ever popular: How to cook fresh salmon


26. Ugh...Slugs
Ugh slugs! Snails too. Slug Facts slugs are hermaphrodites they all havemale and female reproductive systems. Yes, they can mate with themselves!!!
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27. Killed With Kindness
The US Army's new tungsten bullet will still splatter your guts against the wall, but at least the environment will be spared all that icky lead contained in the traditional slug. According to Reuters, the Army is replacing its lead bullets which leave a residue harmful to sediment, surface water, and groundwater with tungstenbased slugs. Since the pulverized organs of an enemy soldier are completely biodegradable, this appears to be a win-win situation for all concerned. Wired News

28. The Electric Slugs: Original Music And Cover Songs By A Garage Band Sort-a Group
The Electric slugs. A Sample Of Experiments In theAdventures of Sir Vent. Electric slugs Alive!
The Electric Slugs
A Sample Of Experiments In the Adventures of Sir Vent Electric Slugs Alive! Homepages From:
All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
We help lay the foundation for:
Industrial Noize Pollution More Free Music Glistening Trail Records ...
The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company
These graphics, images, text copy, sights or sounds may not be used without expressed written consent of the Glistening Web Communications Corporation.

29. Welcome To The Sea Slug Forum
A site where you can ask questions and post information on nudibranchs and related sea slugs.

30. Road Runner Personal Home Page
Jokes and cartoons about slugs, to attempt to create a more popular image for this garden invertebrate.
Web page designer The slug has always received a bad rap. The purpose of this web page is to inform the general public and help build a better understanding of the slug nation. AP Wire: Jan-08-2003: Melburn S. Slug announces intention to run for 2004 presidential nomination. Stay tuned for additional updates: Jan 14-2003: Winner of Tammy Faye Look-Alike Contest Named Jan -14-2003 Slug Nation Sports: Daytona Testing Jan -13-2003 Official press release: Photo op-On the campaign trail: Jan-12-2003 Official press release: Statement of position - North Korea : Boy! I am spending my time productively, aren't I ? BTW: Trebor Loves slugs too.........LOL Please Give Me Some Feedback on the Slug Nation Last Updated:

31. COME SEE THE SLUGS OF OREGON - A Unique Experience:
Yes, these are the Famous slugs Of Oregon! See slugs as food! Seeslugs invade a refrigerator and sleep on a toothbrush. There is
Web Site Table Of Contents
Links To Other Slug Sites
Some people find the Famous Slugs of Oregon to be upsetting to their stomachs. View this page at your own risk. The information on
this page is for entertainment purposes only.
These Are The
Famous Slugs Of Oregon!
LIMIT OF LIABILITY: These Oregon Slug images are provided just for fun. HomeCraft accepts no liability for upset stomachs, or for any consequential damages that may result from upset stomachs, ruined appetites or nightmares about slugs. Please note: the slugs in these pictures are professional stunt slugs. Do not ask garden variety slugs to perform the feats seen in these images. Under no circumstances is HomeCraft, it's employees or contractors, liable for any damage, slug injuries or slug deaths caused by non-professional slugs attempting to duplicate the feats shown here.
All slugs shown here are members of NSAG (The National Slug Actor's Guild).

32. Johnny Spangles
Adventures with wasps, slugs and personal infestations.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Johnny Spangles Johnny's Travels Johnny In The Press Saint Diana Planet Kebab ... Competition Page New Drugs Competition.....Scroll Down For Details. Welcome to the unhealthy world of Johnny Spangles.
See Johnny's pictures with your very own eyes and read his words of dubious wisdom. Choose your pleasures from the menu on the left. Please note that this site is not recommended for persons under 34 years of age due to a high level of rude words, some sexual innuendo and a non-stop barrage of arse gags.
TODAY'S PICTURE OF MY WORLD: YUP THEY'RE STILL GOING If you've tolerated this site why not take a look at the Adventures of Potato Santa.... CLICK HERE TO GO TO POTATO SANTA'S GROTTO sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(document.referrer); Portrait of The Artist With An Arrow Through His Head. LIKE FAGS? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE MARCH BOTTOM SURGERY UPDATE NEW FEATURE: THE CULT OF DIANA STUNNING NEW FILM FROM THE MAKER OF M25:THE MOVIE FANTASTIC NEW COMPETITION. WIN DRUGS! To be informed of changes to this website enter your e-mail address below and click 'Go'... Monitor this Page by ChangeDetect Changing LINKS var id = '96788'; var cat = '16';

33. Slugs And Their Management, HYG-2010-95
slugs are simply snails (mollusks) without shells. Entomology. 1991 KennyRoad, Columbus, Ohio 432101090. slugs and Their Management. HYG-2010-95.
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
1991 Kenny Road, Columbus, Ohio 43210-1090
Slugs and Their Management
David J. Shetlar Slugs are simply snails (mollusks) without shells. These slimy creatures live in and on the ground and have big appetites for a wide variety of plants found around the home. Young seedling plants are eaten as well as mature plants. They frequently cause damage to glasshouse (greenhouse) and garden plants, and may be especially injurious in mushroom houses. Occasionally, they may congregate in large numbers in basements, on walls, doorways, and along walkways, making these areas unsightly. Slugs may be found when the ground thaws in the spring until it freezes in the fall. Wet conditions are ideal for slug development.
Description of Slugs
Probably the best description of a slug is that it is a snail without a shell. They vary in size depending upon the species and measure from 1/4 to seven inches long. They secrete a characteristic slime (mucus) which they leave behind as they move around. These slime trails are silvery in appearance upon drying and is a common diagnostic character used to identify the presence of slugs. The color of slugs also varies with species, ranging from a dark black-brown to an orange color. When an actual slug is found their soft slimy bodies and extensible eye stalks give the creature its characteristic appearance. The most common slugs found in Ohio landscapes are the gray garden slug, the leopard slug, and the dusky slug. The gray garden slug is the most common and is generally a mottled gray to black in color. It is usually less than one inch long. The leopard slug is the largest, commonly reaching four to five inches in length. It has characteristic black spots on its upper surface. The dusky slug is intermediate in size, being one to three inches long, and can range from a gray to a bright orange in color.

34. Students Of Leicester University Guides & Scouts
slugs, varsity scouting program information.
SL UG S is THE st udent soci ety for
at the
University of Leicester , England.
This page should change shortly, if it does not, or you don't wish to wait please click here. since June 2001

35. Slugs On Ohio Field Crops, FC-20-92
As a result, slugs can move through relatively small holes and crevices insoi. Field Crops Pest Management Circular 20. slugs on Ohio Field Crops.
Ohio Pest Management
1991 Kenny Road
Columbus, OH 43210 Phone 614-292-8358
FAX 614-292-1687
Field Crops Pest Management Circular # 20
Slugs on Ohio Field Crops
Slugs and snails belong to a class of animals called the Gastropoda. Snails have well developed shells, which are generally spiral in shape. In contrast, slugs do not have a hardened spiral shell (see Figure 1). As a result, slugs can move through relatively small holes and crevices in soil habitats. Figure 1. A Slug The basic morphology of all gastropods include: (1) the head, which includes a mouth, sensory tentacles and simple eyes, (2) the foot, which may be described as a creeping sole, (3) the mantle, which is a fold of skin over the back that forms the respiratory cavity and covers the viscera, and (4) the viscera, which include the internal organs. The skin of slugs regulates body water content and secretes a covering of slime which protects the animal from desiccation. The foot includes a gland that produces mucus on which the animal crawls. As a result, movement of slugs or snails across a plant or substance is marked by a characteristic trail of mucus which is sometimes referred to as a slime trail. In Ohio, slugs found in the field may be native or of European origin. Two species of slugs of European origin that commonly affect field crops are the gray garden slug (also called the gray field slug or nettled slug)

36. "The Slugs Of War - Original Celtic Folk-rock In South Africa"
The slugs of War's official home page with downloads, fan photos, gig guide, newsetc etc The slugs of War. the slugs of War are proudly South African.
The Slugs of War main page will load automatically, please wait.... This site has been optimised for Internet Explorer 4.x and up PLEASE LINK TO THIS PAGE or use for proper viewing
please take a moment to fill in our guest book contact the webmaster the Slugs of War are proudly South African

37. Sulawesi Sea Slugs
Images and information of species seen near North Sulawesi, Indonesia in June 2001.Category Science Biology Mollusca Gastropoda Nudibranchs......Sulawesi Sea slugs Created 30 July 2001 Updated 17 September 2001. CrustaceansFish Sea Horses and Pipefish Sulawesi Sea slugs Home Page.

38. Untitled Document
Sulawesi Sea slugs. have moved to. http// should be redirected in 5 seconds. otherwise
Sulawesi Sea Slugs have moved to You should be re-directed in 5 seconds otherwise please redirect your browser.

39. Slugs
Baits, repellents and barriers can help control slugs, or slugs canbe trapped. no. 5.515. slugs. by WS Cranshaw 1. Quick Facts
You are here: Home Insects Online Fact Sheets
no. 5.515
by W.S. Cranshaw
Quick Facts...
  • Slugs can be one of the most damaging pests of vegetable and flower gardens in Colorado.
  • Slugs thrive under high moisture conditions. The most effective way to reduce slug problems is to reduce humidity in a garden.
  • Metaldehyde baits can help control slugs if they are applied correctly and at the proper time.
  • Slugs can be attracted to fermenting materials, such as beer, and trapped.
Slugs are one of the most destructive and difficult pests to control. Seedlings of many vegetables and flowers are favored foods, and high populations of slugs can cause difficulties in establishing a crop. Slugs also feed on many fruits and vegetables prior to harvest. This preharvest feeding results in wounds that allow various fungi and bacteria to enter and spoil the crop. In addition, the slime trails produced by slugs can contaminate garden produce. Slug injury is sometimes difficult to diagnose because slugs hide during the day. Smaller leaves may be eaten entirely, while only the edges of larger leaves may be consumed. Thick leaves often are rasped from the leaf underside. The presence of slime trails often is the best indication of slug activity.
History and Habits
Slugs and snails are classified as gastropods. They are more similar to clams and mussels than to other common garden pests such as insects. Slugs feed on a variety of plant materials that they eat by rasping with specialized mouthparts. They feed mostly at night, although they occasionally are active on overcast or rainy days. Slugs seek shelter during the day in soil cracks and under debris. During hot, dry weather, they may be temporarily inactive.

40. Slugs
slugs are slimy, rather disgustingcreatures that eat plants. Adults vary in colour......slugs. Bonnie Willie

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