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  1. Jimi: Sounds Like a Rainbow: A Story of the Young Jimi Hendrix by Gary Golio, 2010-10-04
  2. The Sounds of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, 2010-09-01
  3. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey, 2010-08-24
  4. The Sound and the Fury: The Corrected Text by William Faulkner, 1990-10
  5. The Sound Reinforcement Handbook (Yamaha Products)
  6. Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night by Barry Krakow, 2007-09-28
  7. Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema by David Sonnenschein, 2001-11
  8. Perrine's Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry by Thomas R. Arp, Greg Johnson, 2010-02-02
  9. The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects by Ric Viers, 2008-10-01
  10. Designing Sound by Andy Farnell, 2010-10-29
  11. Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry by Laurence Perrine, Thomas R. Arp, 1991-09
  12. Sounds on the Farm by Gail Donovan, 2004-04-01
  13. Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music by Greg Milner, 2010-05-25
  14. The Sound of Music (Rogers & Hammerstein): Piano Solo Selections

1. Ministry Of Sound
A large, UK independent record label featuring news, reviews, 24/7 radio, video, artist features, Category Arts Music Styles Electronica Record Labels M......Music reviews, and artist features, Ministry of sound radio live 24/7, MoS downloadsfor your PC / Handhelds / Mobile Phones, Details of all MoS events worldwide
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Windows Media Player
For our radio and video footage Top Five Ringtones :
1 DJ Sammy

2 Ian Van Dahl

3 BK

4 Oakenfold
5 Scooter

Top Five Games:
Everblue 2

007 Nightfire
Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2 Buffy The V.S. ... Resident Evil Top Five Videos : Bent - NEW Stereopol - NEW Alpinestars Katoi ... FC Kahuna Top Five Mixes : Nick K - NEW Les Calvert - NEW Gordon Kaye Rob Sharp ... Grand Popo FC Top Five Tracks : Bent - NEW Sholan - NEW Stereopol Alpinestars ... Katoi Highlights - Listen for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, live from our studios in London.

2. University Of Puget Sound
Admissions, student information, faculty and staff, alumni, news, events, athletics. Located in Tacoma, WA.Category Reference Education University of Puget sound...... More news events. For journalists. Ben Shelton'03 Jolie Harris'02 Jac Royce JustinGarland '02. Copyright ©2002 University of Puget sound. All rights reserved.

3. Sonic Foundry
Makes audio software for the PC sound Forge, ACID, Vegas Video, Vegas Audio, VideoFactory, Super Category Arts Video Equipment and Software Professional...... Sonic Foundry Ships Vegas and Vegas+DVD Sonic Foundry releases new version of nonlinearediting system and adds DVD authoring and surround sound encoding.
Sonic Foundry Ships Vegas and Vegas+DVD Sonic Foundry releases new version of non-linear editing system and adds DVD authoring and surround sound encoding.
Courtroom 21 installs MediaSite
Live MediaSite Live is being integrated for online legal training and remote communications in court systems.
Sonic Foundry is recognized as a distinguished partner for commitment to multimedia education in academic institutions and will participate in a seven-city tour.
MediaSite Live earns World Class Award
Governor Uses MediaSite
Live for Inaugural Speech Wisconsin Governor-Elect Jim Doyle webcasts his Inaugural Address using Sonic Foundry technology, and pledges to keep residents informed via the web.
A Standing Ovation for MediaSite Live Presentations Magazine awards Sonic Foundry's MediaSite Live the Standing Ovation Award for Professional Web/Video Publishing.
Sonic Foundry provides rich media solutions for the following industries. Academic Entertainment Government Business ... Studios If you would like to receive the latest news and special offers from Sonic Foundry, please enter your email address below. Software for digital audio and video production.

4. SOUND ON SOUND Hi-tech Music Recording Magazine Online
The web site for sound on sound and sound Pro magazines, covering hitech recording technology.Category Arts Music Magazines and E-zines S......
To view this website you will need a Browser that supports frames

5. - Purest Audio. Richest Sound
sound BLASTER, CREATIVE. Americas Europe Asia, Why sound Blaster 24bitAdvanced HD, Home Products Use For Technology sound Bytes Support Shop.

All-new demo of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell available now!

All-new demo of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell available now!

6. SoundAmerica
sound file site containing free downloadable sound files from movies, television, cartoons, comedy Category Arts Music Streaming Stations Variety Single Stream......The largest sound file site on the internet containing free downloadable soundfiles from movies, television, cartoons, comedy, sound effects and much more.

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SoundAmerica News
We've moved

SoundAmerica's web server has been moved to a new colocation center. The problem is that it's going to take a few days before the new IP addresses properly resolve to the domain name. I have set up some redirects, but there are still going to be problems - visitors that connect to the site through an ISP like AOL will probably have a lot of broken links because AOL uses a cacheing system that doesn't update the data regularly. Other ISPs, typically cable providers, do the same thing in order to cut down on their bandwidth usage. I can't suggest anything for the cable users, but if you're an AOL customer, try using the Internet Explorer browser on your computer instead of the browser built into the AOL software. That might work for some of you.

7. Welcome To | Call Us @ 800 222 4700
Sweetwater sound is the world's largest direct mail musical equipmentcompany. Great sound, simple setup! Only $499.99 buy info.
Store Search Store Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Recording
  • Live Sound
  • Computer ...
  • Soundware Sweetwater Reports
  • Winter NAMM 2003
  • th AES
  • Summer NAMM 2002 ...
  • Help SWS Divisions
  • Recording Studios
  • Sweetwater Exclusive - Version 2.0! Sweetwater has the most updated Roland VG-88s on the planet! The VG-88 V.2 sets new standards in guitar and amp modeling with three new COSM guitar models, 18 new amps, new effects, five types of COSM wah models and more! With the VG-88 V-Guitar System's advanced COSM technology, there's nothing blocking you from taking your sound wherever you want to go!
    Move Your PA In Style!
    The amazing SuperLite is THE answer for the mobile musician's aching back! While extremely lightweight (a mere 8.4lbs), the SuperLite can handle a whopping 175lbs at once! Easy, one-button operation will get you up and rolling in an instant! Call today!
    Pro Audio Storage – Glyph Style!
    Professional musicians deserve professional storage solutions. Glyph’s Companion hard drives have evolved far beyond “off the shelf” FireWire drives in both style and performance!
    Outstanding Vocal Processing!
  • 8. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA
    A modular sound card driver and API.Category Computers Software Linux Hardware Support sound......The Advanced Linux sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionalityto the Linux operating system. Fully modularized sound drivers.
    Download SoundCards Applications
    ... Links The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system. ALSA has the following significant features:
  • Efficient support for all types of audio interfaces, from consumer soundcards to professional multichannel audio interfaces.
  • Fully modularized sound drivers.
  • SMP and thread-safe design.
  • User space library ( alsa-lib ) to simplify application programming and provide higher level functionality.
  • Support for the older OSS API, providing binary compatibility for most OSS programs. ALSA is released under the GPL (GNU General Public license) and the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). We need programmers to work on low level drivers, writers to extend and improve our documentation, and application developers who choose to use ALSA as the basis for their programs. If you are interested, please subscribe to alsa-devel mailing list . We welcome all ideas!
  • 9. The Absolute Sound - The High End Journal Of Audio & Music
    "The High End Journal of Audio and Music" is about music and the reproduction of music in Category Recreation Audio HiFi Publications......The Absolute sound New! TAS Issue 141 Index of Advertisers. New! PressRelease December 9th, 2002, Happy Anniversary The Absolute sound!
    New! TAS Issue 141
    Index of Advertisers

    New! Where To Buy The Absolute Sound
    Press Release

    December 9th, 2002
    Happy Anniversary
    The Absolute Sound!
    Read what our Editor has to say!
    ISSUE #141
    April 2003 - May 2003
    See What's in Issue #141 of TAS

    30th Anniversary Collector's Edition The Recommended Speakers Issue! CES: The Hottest Stuff for 2003 New! TAS Recommended Speakers over $2,500 - 2003 New! Classic Review of the Beveridge Electrostatic Loudspeaker New! Super Surround SACD List New! Music Previews New! New Site Updates Enter your email address for our newsletter: HTML Text AOL click here for sample newsletter click here for advanced review search Looking for Product Reviews from The Absolute Sound All the expert reviews from The Absolute Sound and The Perfect Vision are now available on Amplifier Reviews Receiver Reviews Speaker Reviews Player/Recorder Reviews Accessory Reviews

    10. Furman Sound, INC.
    Copyright 2002 Furman sound, Inc.
    The Metered Six
    Other Professional Products HDS-16/HRM-16 TEC Award-Winning Headphone / Audio Distribution System SPB-8 / SPB-8E Stereo Pedal Board / Power Conditioner (120V and 230V versions) AIS-10 Analyzer Interface System, for use with acoustical analysis software such as SmaartLive(tm)
    The Home Theater Series
    Other Consumer Products
    IT-REFERENCE High End Balanced Power (120V) for the most discriminating Home Theater systems REFERENCE Series AC Line Voltage Regulators REFERENCE Series Symmetrical AC Power Conditioners MS Series A new line of Confidence Monitor Systems to give conventional or Web broadcasters confidence in the quality of their analog or digital audio or video before it goes out over the air -Complete Furman Line- ACD-100 ADP-1520 AIS-10 AR-1215 AR-1220 AR-1230 AR-2330D AR-PRO ASD-120 BR-6 HA-6AB HDS-16 HDS-6 HR-2 HR-6 HR-6SPLT HRKIT-1 HRKIT-2 HRM-16 HRM-16EX HRM-CABL HRM-THRU IT-1220 IT-1230 IT-REFERENCE MP-15/MP-15Q MP-20/MP-20Q MP-30 PB-48 PGP-20 PGP-60 PGP-S PL-8/PL-8E PL-PLUS/PL-PLUSE PL-PLUSD PL-PLUSDM PL-PRO/PL-PROE

    11. Welcome To MAZ Home
    Links and reviews of digital audio editors/converters, software synthesizers, module trackers/players, Category Computers Multimedia Music and Audio Software Convertors...... welcome to. MAZ sound TOOLs.
    ... welcome to MAZ SOUND TOOLs
    graphic version
    text only version
    There's a version with frames available too, but your browser doesn't support frames.

    12. Citizens For A Sound Economy
    Advocates market-based solutions to public policy problems.Category Society Issues Policy Institutes C...... Citizens for a sound Economy 1900 M Street NW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20036 Phone(202) 7833870 Fax (202) 783-4687 Toll Free 1 888 JOIN CSE E
    March 22, 2003
    Search Site
    Enter Keywords: Media Center
    History of Freedom

    U.S. Tea Party

    By Dick Armey
    The Flat Tax

    Get weekly news
    and the latest info!
    email address
    zip code email format:
    HTML Text Alabama California Colorado Florida ... Get More CSE News Tax Cut Downloads: March 2003 Poll CSE Summary Tarrance Summary January 2003 Poll Tarrance Summary Roadkill Mar 20 The politics behind the new bid in Congress to increase taxes. This Week on Capitol Hill Mar 19 Congress focuses on the budget The Limits of Lawsuits Mar 19 Asbestos litigation is the leading edge of the legal system meltdown. Support Texas Freedom Scholarship Pilot Program Mar 14 It's time to pass greater school choice in the Lone Star State. New Hampshire Will Lead on Social Security Mar 12 The Granite State will shape the debate during the Presidential primaries. Streamlining the Path to Your Wallet Mar 12 The Streamlined Sales Tax Project will cost taxpayers money and privacy. Latest Polling on the Economy and Tax Cuts The more voters hear about the president's plan, the more they like it. Is Regulatory Reform Next?

    13. Sound Ideas Sound Effects And Music Home Page
    Publisher of professional sound effects, and a comprehensive selection of production music and imaging Category Arts Music Production Music Libraries Royalty Free......Welcome to sound Ideas Online the world's largest publisher of professional soundeffects, and your source for a comprehensive selection of production music
    Welcome to Sound Ideas Online The world's largest publisher of professional sound effects, and your source for a comprehensive selection of production music and imaging element libraries. Our e-commerce Web site offers secure online purchasing of more than 100 different audio products.
    We welcome your request to exchange links with Sound
    Note: Sound Ideas of America, Inc., a UNIX software
    development firm, can be found at

    What's New
    Sound Effects Royalty-Free Music ... Top of Page

    14. Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.
    Stage and studio loudspeaker and amplification systems.Category Business Arts and Entertainment Manufacturers Audio......Professional sound Manufacturer, Meyer sound,Speakers, sound Reinforcement, Live sound.
    Technical Highlights
    Get the Latest Release of MAPP Online DSP Beam Steering with Modern Line Arrays Can Line Arrays Form Cylindrical Waves?
    Market Specific Applications
    Live Sound

    Sports Venues

    Audio Visual
    ... Worship
    Request Information
    Sales, Tech Support, Product Information
    Mirror Sites
    Spanish German Australian
    Map to Meyer Sound headquarters in Berkeley, CA.
    New Products
    More News...
    Expo Sound:Check in Mexico Meyer System Propels Pretenders Sydney Opera House Taps Meyer for Festival Events Meyer Adds Dimension to Sketch ... Meyer Tackles Tough KidStuf in Atlanta

    15. Sound Transit Online
    Commuter train service for Central Puget sound citizens. Includes station information, service advisorie Category Business Transportation and Logistics Washington...... What's happening at sound Transit, March 13, 2003. Feb. 14, 2003 soundTransit Chairman’s Statement regarding new Tim Eyman initiative.

    16. Perfect Sound Forever: Online Music Magazine
    Online music magazine that always features some experimental music, as well as humorous and sardonic Category Arts Music Styles Experimental Magazines and E-zines......March/April 2003 edition The online music magazine with warped perspectives since1993 © 2003 Perfect sound Forever material can only be reprinted with
    Perfect Staff/
    Favorite Music
    About Perfect Sound/ ...
    Contact/E-mail us
    March/April 2003 edition
    The online music magazine with warped perspectives since 1993

    17. A&b Sound
    Retailer of CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and consumer electronics equipment, with retail locations from Vancouve Category Shopping Entertainment Recordings...... consumer electronics. services support. about a b sound. ©2002 a b sound,store locator terms and conditions of use privacy policy contact us.

    store locator
    terms and conditions of use contact us
    store locator
    terms and conditions of use contact us

    18. ProSoundNews Online Daily
    Online version of the monthly pro audio trade magazine. Daily news updates.Category Business Arts and Entertainment Audio News and Media......Pro sound News magazine's online version. Free subscriptions to the monthly printversion are available online. Northern sound and Light, Pro sound News Online,
    Search for: [Email Newsletter]
    Sign up to receive our free newsletter
    name: email: zip: text
    free subscription media kit classifieds ...
    News Furness Comments on the 114th AES Convention
    New York City (March 21, 2003)Shortly before the 114th AES Convention in Amsterdam opens its doors on Saturday (the 22nd), Roger Furness, executive director of the AES, talked about the most important topics on this year's convention. Euphonix Names 44.1 Distributor of the Year
    Palo Alto, CA (March 21, 2003)Euphonix has named French company, 44.1, as its Distributor of the Year. Each year, Euphonix selects a distributor that has consistently gone above and beyond what is typically expected. Euphonix VP of international sales, Russell Waite, presented the award to 44.1 in Paris. Steinberg Used for Library of Congress and Smithsonian Archiving
    Chatsworth, CA (March 21, 2003)The Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution are currently collaborating on a landmark project to preserve America's audio heritage of irreplaceable recordings of the country's indigenous music and the voices of her people. Steinberg's WaveLab and Nuendo software are playing a key role in that effort. Master Tour Software Gets Special Release
    Chicago (March 21, 2003)Chicago-based Production Consultants Guild (PCG) has released a single-user version of its Master Tour Database Solution software, specially designed for tour managers and personnel of small- to medium-sized bands.
  • 19. Sight And Sound: The British Film Institute's Monthly Film Magazine
    The British Film Institute's monthly publication. Includes archive of features, subscriptions and Category Regional Europe Arts and Entertainment Film Magazines......home. logo british film institute, indepth reviews and full credits.informed commentary on the latest films. world cinema coverage.
    in-depth reviews and full credits informed commentary on the latest films world cinema coverage the film and tv issues that matter rediscovering classic cinema this month review archive feature archive subscribe ... top ten critics poll Contents of the current online issue: GONG DOWN
    Spike Lee's 25th Hour translates the fear and anxiety of its jail-bound anti-hero into a hymn to post-9/11 New York. By Amy Taubin Plus Leslie Felperin talks to the director, and Demetrios Matheou to star Edward Norton STAR MAKER
    He was Garbo's favourite director and he established Joan Crawford's popular image. So why has Clarence Brown slipped through the critical net, asks Gwenda Young Werckmeister Harmonies
    In This World

    L'Homme du train

    20. 4Front Technologies
    Commercial sound support package for Unix audio applications; offers a limited free version.Category Computers Software Linux Hardware Support sound......Open sound System is an Open Systems/UNIX audio and MIDI architecture whichsupports offthe-shelf audio hardware. Digital Audio for UNIX ®.
    Digital Audio for UNIX
  • OSS 3.9.7h announced
      Beta drivers for SBLive on Dell Machines announced (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris x86 only) Support for FreeBSD 5.0 announced SB Audigy2 support added SPDIF in/out support for CMI9739/ALC650/AD1980/AD1981/CS42XX/etc Updated CMedia CMI8738 drivers Support for Nvidia Nforce2 Redhat 8.0 gnome-volume-control applet fixed - get it here
      and copy it to /usr/bin/gnome-volume-control. This has been fixed by Redhat in the Rawhide Distribution. Beta support for Solaris x86 v9 - ONLY PCI sound cards supported Sound Blaster Audigy now supported on Solaris Sparc 4Front Virtual Mixer now comes standard with the OSS drivers. An advanced version with builtin equalizers, loopback audio recording, individual volume control is also available with an extra licensing fee. The basic Virtual Mixer technology allows users to play upto 4 audio apps at the same time. There is no special programming required (unlike ESD or aRTsd) as the Virtual Mixer devices behave exactly like the physcal hardware devices. Virtual Mixer contains 4Front's proprietary profesional quality sample rate convertors that handle the mixing of various audio applications. For a fourth year in a row, XMMS wins
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