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  1. Space Shuttle Operator's Manual, Revised Edition by Kerry Mark Joels, 1988-08-12

141. BNSC - British National Space Centre
Updated information on international and national space projects where the United Kingdoms participate.Category Science Technology space National space Agencies......Welcome to the British National space Centre web site. Your browser does not appearto support frames, so please choose what action you would like to take

142. Teenagers From Outer Space The Game
Background for a campaign set in Minnark, Minnesota.

143. Space Nukes
Personal opinion regarding the launch of a space probe that contains plutonium.

144. Astronomy Space - History - News -What You Need To Know About
space Astronomy - What you need to know about. National Aeronauticsand space Administration (NASA) to Astronomy Picture of the

145. Space Jam Filming Makes For Loony Times
By Andy Seiler. Behindthe-scenes details on the making of space Jam . Includes quotes from Michael Jordan, director Bill Pytka, Bill Murray, Billy West and Wayne Knight.

146. Astrium, Europe’s No. 1 Space Company
A European space company owned 50% by Aerospatiale Matra and BAE Systems, and 50% by DaimlerChrysler Category Business Aerospace and Defense Aerospace space......1 space company and an industry world leader, has an impressive track record acrossthe spectrum of the space business Earth observation, space science

147. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Fan site, with a synopsis, review, and several character descriptions.

148. Space Shuttle Launches
Image of a Shuttle Launch NASA space Shuttle Launches. From thisdocument, you can access a variety of useful information about

149. Space Invaders
The space invaders are in Paris and the rest of the world.

150. Mir Space Station - Home Page
History, news, images, and information on research on the station.Category Science Technology Manned Russian Mir space Station......Explore the wonders of Russia's space station Mir. The Mir space Station spent fifteenyears floating above us (390 Km, at an inclination of 51.6 degrees).

151. The Tony Jones Space 1889 Page
New careers and language rules.

152. ESA SCIENCE Home Page
Information and data on past, present, and future satellite missions.Category Science Technology space Missions Unmanned......ESA Science home page, covering top stories of the European space Agency's scientificprogramme missions, including Cluster 2; FIRST/Planck; Hipparcos; Hubble

153. Directory Of Space Collectors
Useful site to find other collectors and vendors.

154. Geomorphology From Space
Online textbook of geomorphology, featuring images of the landforms of the world, as seen from space .Category Science Earth Sciences Geology Geomorphology......Geomorphology from space is an out of print 1986 NASA publication editedby Nicholas M. Short, Sr. and Robert W. Blair, Jr. designed

155. Deep Space 5 Archives
Set aboard the Federation space station Deep space 5 in the year 2388, after the end of the wars with the Xenomorphic forces.

156. Kids' Space Connection
KSC is the international meeting place for kids. Find penpals from around the world. A child safe Category Kids and Teens People and Society Pen Pals...... note from KSC NEW Kids' space Connection is an international meeting placefor children and schoolteachers. Find penpals from around the world!

157. How Stuff Works Hubble Space Telescope
Find out what it can do and how it works with these detailed graphics and descriptions.

158. James Webb Space Telescope Home Page
Goddard space Flight Center site NASA's Next Generation space Telescope Home Page. Starting point Category Science Astronomy Next Generation space Telescope......NASA's James Webb space Telescope Home Page. Starting point for information onand current developments in the JWST project. THE JAMES WEBB space TELESCOPE

159. Space Navigation
How to plot a course in three dimensional space.

160. Welcome To Indian Space Research Organisation
Provides details of spacecraft, launchers, facilities, space science activities, and links to related Category Science Technology space National space Agencies......The prime objective of ISRO has been to develop space technology andits application to various national tasks. Since 1969, when

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