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         Sustainability And Sustainable Development:     more books (100)
  1. Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering by Walter Sobkiw, 2008-06-02
  2. European Transport Policy and Sustainable Mobility (Transport, Development and Sustainability Series) by Jonas Akerman, David Banister, et all 2001-01-05
  3. Our Common Journey: A Transition Toward Sustainability by Board on Sustainable Development, National Research Council, 1999-11-09
  4. Wealth, Welfare and Sustainability: Advances in Measuring Sustainable Development by Kirk Hamilton, Giles Atkinson, 2008-11-30
  5. Strategies for Sustainability: Africa (Strategies for Sustainable Development Series)
  6. Taungya: Forest Plantations with Agriculture in Southeast Asia: Interplanting crops can reduce land use conflicts and increase sustainability of forestry ... countries (Sustainable Rural Development)
  7. The Self and the Other: Sustainability and Self-Empowerment (Environmentally Sustainable Development Proceedings)
  8. Strategies for Sustainability: Asia (Strategies for Sustainable Development) by World Conservation Union, 1997-04
  9. Linking Knowledge with Action for Sustainable Development: The Role of Program Management - Summary of a Workshop by Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability, National Research Council, 2006-05-15
  10. Barriers to Sustainable Transport: Institutions, Regulation and Sustainability (Transport, Development and Sustainability Series)
  11. Sustainable development and resilience in public agencies: sustainability planning--in Cape Cod, Alberta, and other regions--helps organizations meet their ... An article from: The Public Manager by Deniz Leuenberger, 2006-09-22
  12. Strategies for Sustainability: Asia (Earthscan Library Collection: Sustainable Development Set)
  13. At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century (Sustainability and the Environment Series) by Ann Dale, Stuart B. Hill, 2002-01
  14. Strategies for Sustainability: Latin America (Strategies for Sustainable Development Series)

The Adventure Travel Society serves as an international consulting firm on sustainable development. A goal of ATS is to develop and support projects that promote natural resource sustainability.
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22. Home Page Of Dr. M. Abul Kashem
This home page gives an opportunity for those who are interested to get information on my works on Technology Transfer Its Process, Consequences and Barriers, Environmentally - Friendly Agriculture, sustainability Issues in Agriculture, and the Use of Indigenous Technologies for sustainable Agricultural development.
the Home page of
Dr. M. Abul Kashem

Your visitor number is since 15 December 1997
This home page has been designed for my friends, well wishers, and for those who are interested to know about myself, my research works, my thinking and philosophies about life, and other academic endeavours. More specifically this home page gives an opportunity for those who are interested to get information on my works on Technology Transfer - Its Process, Consequences and Barriers, Environmentally - Friendly Agriculture, Sustainability Issues in Agriculture, and the Use of Indigenous Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Development. Please select your favourite topic from the following and CLICK on it to find the detail.
Personal Details
My thinking and Philisophies about Life
About my Country
Department of Agricultural Extension Education

For any corrections or suggestions, please E-Mail here.
This site is developed and maintained by Dr. Md. Abul Kashem
Update: 15 December 1997 This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page

23. Nautilus Institute For Security And Sustainable Development
A policyoriented research and consulting organization. Promotes international cooperation for security Category Society Issues Policy Institutes N...... Security and sustainable development is to apply and refine the strategic tools ofcooperative engagement in order to build global security and sustainability.
program security energy information tools pegasus resources search site site index publication related links ... send feedback nautilus about nautilus annual report nautilus highlights donors ...

Nautilus Institute

125 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA
94710-1616 USA
tel: +1.510.295.6100
fax: +1.510.295.6130
Implications of War on Iraq The Nautilus Institute will expand its news and analysis to cover the impact the U.S. war on Iraq will have on Northeast and South Asia. We will leverage our understanding of these areas to highlight news and analysis that are likely to be missed by the US media.
Iraq: A Lost War?

War Watch
News and Analysis about the Iraq War from Asia nautilus update Ahmad and Hayes Argues U.S.-Iraq War Increases Insecurity Posted March 21, 2003 A new essay entitled " Iraq: A Lost War? " by Zulfiqar Ahmad and Peter Hayes argue that the Bush administration's security strategy is likely to undermine United Sates' global power and increase domestic insecurity. The Nautilus Institute hopes that readers will join in a public discussion of the subject that we will be posting on our website. Congressional Research Service Cites Nautilus Energy Statistics for DPRK Posted March 21, 2003

24. The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
Developing a practical model of sustainable economic development, bringing together economic opportunities, job creation, community planning, and sound environmental practices towards sustainability in the state.
Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund is developing a practical model of sustainable economic development for Vermont. We work in four ways:
  • We provide grants for technical assistance to groups of businesses that qualify as sustainable economic development projects. We identify opportunities to develop large-scale sustainable development projects and then take an active leadership role with an upfront commitment of staff and financial resources. We are building a network of partners in the public and private sectors to focus a variety of resources on sustainable development projects. We are serving as an education center highlighting the value of our approach to sustainable economic development in Vermont.

The Natural Step: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Vermot Workshop April 8, 2003

Join business leaders from Vermont to learn how leading companies are using The Natural Step framework to provide benefits such as:
- Higher innovation and productivity
- Reduced regulatory pressure
- Innovative facilities design and operation
- Improved staff health
- Lower absenteeism
- Lower risks
- Boosted morale
- Better image VSJF Cornerstone Project in the News...

25. Green Building Green Architecture Eco Architecture Environmental Architecture Su
A unique compendium of links for those interested in sustainable design and building. A good start, Category Science Environment sustainability...... literature culled from the best authors on sustainability, green building Links toInternet Resources Information for the sustainable development, ecovillage
Directory of: Green Building Professionals Sustainable Development Professionals Environmental Health Professionals Professionals Directory Products Directory Internet Resources Interviews ...
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Environmental Building Products Directory
Directory of environmental and green building products.
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Email Address: Interviews

SustainableABC interviews movers and shakers in sustainability, green building and environmental health.

26. Cumbria County Council : Environment :
A wealth of information on Cumbria's environment, sustainable development, sustainability indicators, Local Agenda 21 and environmental monitoring, reporting, news, events and policy.
TEXT ONLY YOUR SAY FAQ SITE MAP ... A-Z Search Sustainability Search All CCC CCC Home Sustainability Sustainability Strategy Quality of Life Biodiversity Environmental Partnerships Useful Tips Schools Local Links National Links Contact Us Home Page This site is being remodelled and the content is currently being updated. Welcome to The Sustainability Team's website which sets out Cumbria County Council's Strategy on Local Agenda 21. You will also find information on the state of the environment, biodiversity, measuring quality of life, local news and events, and ideas for schools.
For environmental advice tailored to Cumbrian small businesses, take a look at the Environment4Business website. Take Sixty Seconds.... Cumbria County Council's Fostering and Adoption Service has started a new campaign to help recruit carers for Cumbrian children in need. click here for further information
CCC News Unison claims innacurate over Chief Officers pay Petteril Bank Primary School Ofsted Inspection Sedbergh learns if its bid for book town status is a winner Grant to help save lives off Barrow coastline ...

27. Future West - Promoting Sustainable Development
Advocating sustainability in the South West and Bristol, an environmental organisation working with local groups, businesses and government to advance the cause of sustainable development and the environment.
Future West is the trading name of the Western Partnership for Sustainable Development, a charitable company that promotes sustainable development in the West of England. We want to see the West of England become one of the most successful places in Europe to live and work. We believe that such success can only be achieved through building a dynamic and forward looking economy, where the benefits are shared widely and all communities can prosper, and where the environment is valued and protected by all, for today and for future generations to come.

28. Education For Sustainable Development Toolkit By Rosalyn McKeown
Rizzi, and Marrianne Chrystalbridge The Education for sustainable development Toolkitis and communities working together to reach local sustainability goals.
Education for
Sustainable Development Toolkit
Rosalyn McKeown, Ph.D.
with assistance from
Charles Hopkins, Regina Rizzi, and Marrianne Chrystalbridge

The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit is an easy-to-use manual for individuals and organizations from both the education and community sectors. This resource addresses the potentially powerful alliance of school systems and communities working together to reach local sustainability goals. Together they can reorient existing curriculums to create locally relevant and culturally appropriate education.
The ESD Toolkit will be helpful as ministries of education, non-profit organizations, school system, communities, and other organizations prepare for United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 - 2015.
Begin Reading ESD Toolkit
Purchase ESD Toolkit Download Printable Version Contact Information ... Comments from Readers
The Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit was made possible by a grant from the Waste Management Research and Education Institution

29. Sustainability In Finance Mainpage
Book on sustainable development and financial growth.
Sustainable Downloads:
full papers

book reviews

info on books
Banking and finance play a fundamental role in public policy and economic performance as well as in all forms of commerce and industry. They are crucial in determining whether society - from governments to individual consumers - succeeds in following an environmentally sustainable path. However, those working in the financial sector are largely unaware of the rationale and pressures for sustainable development and its bearing on their work, while those in the relevant research and policy areas commonly overlook how vital the financial sector is for progress. This site presents free downloads on the subject of sustainable finance and banking. Moreover, it presents information and order details for five books on this subject. Links and details about the m ain publication: Hardback 336 pages
Earthscan Publications Ltd, UK (Kogan Page)
November 2001
Listed price*: £30 ( 45 euro or 47 $US)
* All prices excluding distribution costs and VAT (EU only).

30. Forum On Science And Technology For Sustainability: Home
Annual meeting of the Alliance for Global sustainability Science, Industryand Society Partnership for sustainable development (March 2003, Japan).
Forum on
Science and Technology for Sustainability

Introduction Core Questions Documents ... Contact Us
What's New on the Forum
Slide show for the Global Scenario Group's Great Transition report - IIASA/TWAS/ISTS Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) on "Harnessing Science and Technology for Sustainable Development" Applications due 21 March Young Scientists' Global Change Conference (November 2003, Italy) - oikos PhD summer academy 2003: Sustainability Management, Marketing and Consumption (Switzerland) - Submissions due 1 April Model WTO 2003: Free Trade for Development? (June 2003, Switzerland) - Applications due 31 March 2003 Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Community: Taking Stock and Moving Forward (October, Canada) - Submissions due 30 March 2nd Regional Government Conference for Sustainable Development (March 2003, Spain) Glocalized Sustainable Development: Asia-pacific Perspectives of Environmental Sociology , a session at the 36th IIS World Congress (July 2003, China) - Submissions due 30 March Transition to Sustainability through System Innovation (July 2002, NL) -

31. Resources For Advancing A Sustainable Future
UK site with links and resources for sustainable development initiatives.
"The future will be green, or not at all. This truth lies at the heart of humankind's most pressing challenge: to learn to live in harmony with the Earth on a genuinely sustainable basis".
Sir Jonathon Porritt
Design for print
Web site design
Site marketing
Creative graphics
Digital imaging
Technical writing
more details here optimised for screen resolution
1024 x 768
Towards sustainability resources for Advancing a sustainable future
Design services New visitors Information Sustainability: improving the quality of life for all without damaging the environment or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" Vision 21 A portal for information on sustainability issues. Please read Search this site Info Centre index Events Diary Reference Sustainability links ... Global networking Help improve this resource by giving your comments and ideas through Feedback HOME INFO CENTRE INDEX EVENTS ... Terms of use Email

32. Five E's Unlimited - Home Page
Consulting firm that specializes in environmental sustainability, strengthened economies, and social Category Science Environment sustainability...... protection conservationbased development environmental conflict comprehensive planninggreen building sustainable cities sustainability education and
FIVE E's CONSULTANT SERVICES ABOUT FIVE E's UNLIMITED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION FIVE E's UNLIMITED Sustainable Development Solutions SUSTAINABILITY is achieved when we understand the economic, environmental, and social CONSEQUENCES of our actions and make DELIBERATE CHOICES that allow all people to lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives. This site is for you if you work in any of the following areas: Our children are our hope for touching the future. "We are the only reason our ancestors existed. Let our children's children be the reason we act." sustainable community development
adaptive coastal zone management
rural smart development
conservation-based development
environmental conflict resolution
sustainable economic revitalization
regional comprehensive planning
green building
sustainable cities
sustainability education and communication Five E's OVERVIEW
EASY-TO-READ BOOK THAT EXPLAINS THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABILITY Living a Sustainable Lifestyle for Our Children's Children Check it out and order your copy now. What One Client Had to Say Five E's Clients Warren Flint (Five E's Unlimited) served as a Countryside Stewardship Exchange Team member to the Dumphies-Galloway region of Scotland.

33. Welcome To PanEco
A Swiss foundation that supports projects on biodiversity and sustainability in Indonesia. It also works on social projects and intercultural acceptance.



Use it or lose it!
Founded in 1996 in Switzerland, the PanEco foundation is a Swiss-based international charity active in the field of environmental protection, management and education. PanEco provided the institutional umbrella for the personal support of projects which date back to the seventies and eighties.
Presently, PanEco's projects focus on Indonesia, one of the last strongholds of lowland tropical rainforest, harbouring more than 90 percent of the globe's animal and plant species. This forest is dwindling at the alarming speed of 15 million hectares per year and facing extinction within the next decades.
"Use it or lose it!" says "The Economist" (May 12, 2001), putting PanEco's strategy into a nutshell. Conservation alone is no longer the answer. Whether talking of rainforests, water or any other natural resource, today's challenge is to seek for ways of sustainable use.
PanEco, together with its partners, is giving its best to respond to it.
Regina Frey, president of the Board

34. Interdisciplinary Education On Sustainable Development
out our work in environmental and sustainable development education and communicationby going to our client service's page on Education In sustainability.
Global sustainable development action has not progressed as many would have hoped. People frequently recite the word "sustainable" as though saying it often enough will solve our problems. We must recognize the First Law of Sustainability: population growth and/or growth in the rates of consumption of resources cannot be sustained (Bartlett, A.A. 1998. Reflections on sustainability, population growth, and the environment. Renewable Resources Journal 15(4): 6-23). The shift that must occur is one of bringing awareness and understanding to the people who can make the most difference, the average global citizen, in a context that decodes and de-mystifies the science behind potential solutions. Likewise, in our quickly advancing technology and information age traditional education must begin to focus upon encouraging students and citizens to "think outside the traditional box" if they are to fit into the technological society of tomorrow, be successful as professionals, and/or have the ability to strongly influence a sustainable future through the informed and effective use of science, mathematics, and technology in decision-making. Science for example, is a valuable tool to examine the understanding of our place in nature and the utilization of natural phenomena for human purposes. We can and should design education programs, however, that will also provide opportunities to place science in the proper perspective.

35. The Pembina Institute For Appropriate Development
A notfor-profit environmental policy research and education organization dealing with sustainable energy, climate change, environmental governance, ecological fiscal reform, sustainability indicators, and the environmental impacts of the energy industry.

    Register for Pembina eNews (a monthly electronic newsletter).
    View our latest issue

    Smart Growth in Ontario: The Promise vs. Provincial Performance

    Low-Impact Renewable Energy Policy in Canada: Strengths, Gaps and a Path Forward

    CDM User's Guide-Second Edition
    Legislation combined with propaganda threatens Alberta’s interests
    Coalition launches initiative to accurately inform Albertans... Voluntary action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions flawed, ineffective: new study The failure of most Canadian businesses to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions shows that the Kyoto Protocol is the only credible way for Canada to address climate change... More... Response to Mining Industry This document responds to criticisms from the mining industry of the Looking Beneath the Surface report, published in October 2002. The Authors note that all of the points being raised by the industry were addressed in the original report, and that therefore they see no reason to reconsider their findings that government subsidization of the metal mining industry in Canada has increased substantially since 1995, while the sector's economic contribution has been in decline. Letter to Finance Minister Manley The Pembina Institute sent a letter today to Finance Minister Manley to consider implementing a number of policy recommendations in the 2003 Federal Budget to support a substantial growth of low-impact renewable energy supplies in Canada.
  • 36. Sustainable Development Research Initiative
    Fosters research on sustainable development issues that is policyrelevant, interdisciplinary and Category Reference Education Graduate Studies, Faculty of...... and the sustainable development Research Institute (SDRI) have amalgamated givingrise to the new Institute for Resources, Environment and sustainability (IRES
    News regarding SDRI:
    Following a year of review and negotiation, the Institute for Resources and Environment (IRE) and the Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) have amalgamated giving rise to the new Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) . This formal merger became effective September, 2002. SDRI has been renamed the Sustainable Development Research Initiative and remains as one of the major research foci within IRES. For the other research and the teaching activities within IRES, please see the IRES Web Site. Welcome to the website of the Sustainable Development Research Initiative (SDRI), located at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.
    We are committed to undertake research on sustainable development that advances knowledge and contributes to the solution of real-world problems. Our research is:
    • Interdisciplinary (society's problems don't come in neat disciplinary packages)
    • Relevant to decision-makers and policy makers (since changes in behavior and policies are required to achieve sustainability), and
    • Based on the involvement of non-academic partners in the research process (since we need both the knowledge and the engagement of other partners to accomplish our research).

    37. Sustainable Development
    databases with listings of sustainabilityoriented conferences and employment goalswith sustainable production and to contribute to the development of the
    Context Sustainable development is the achievement of continued economic and social development without detriment to the environment and natural resources. The quality of future human activity and development is increasingly seen as being dependent on maintaining this balance. This Sustainable Development homepage has been specifically designed to support the needs of the social partners at all levels in their activities to promote sustainable development from a practical company level to a policy level. In particular, it is hoped that employers and employees at small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will benefit from the information and tools provided. The resources here may also assist public policy makers and non-governmental organisations working in the area. In addition to providing information about the Foundation's past and current research in the area, these pages also host SD Online . This special information initiative currently comprises five online databases with listings of sustainability-oriented conferences, networks, tools and training courses.

    38. Sustainable Development
    A special additional feature of the sustainable development pages are its databaseswhich explore specific facets of the sustainability debate and take

    SD Online
    A special additional feature of the Sustainable Development pages are its databases which explore specific facets of the sustainability debate and take advantage of the Foundation's research in a variety of areas. The first to go online was a Networks database developed by Dr Yorick Benjamin [EDEN] the original version of which was mounted in November 1998. This provides links to and information about the growing number of network-orientated organisations working in the field of sustainable development. At present (September 2000), over 270 such organisations are listed, described and classified. Other resources include a Conferences directory , which provides a listing of conferences on sustainable development topics, a Tools Database with links to the growing number of practical sustainable development resources and software tools available on the internet and an Education and Training database with a register and search facility covering vocational education and training courses in the European Union and Norway on sustainable development. A fifth online directory covering

    39. UK Government Sustainable Development
    2002 Government annual report reviewing progress towards sustainable development 'Achieving a millions Food and drink industry to join sustainability drive.
    Sustainable Development -
    the UK Government's approach


    Contact Us
    Achieving a better quality of life
    This website reports on progress by the United Kingdom as a whole towards
    sustainable development,the simple idea of ensuring a better quality
    of life for everyone, now and for generations to come The UK priority areas for sustainable development are: A sustainable economy Building sustainable communities
    What is SD? UK Strategy ... Latest News: 17 March 2003
    2002 Government annual report reviewing progress towards sustainable development -
    Achieving a better quality of life

    Forum now open - Preparing an Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain World water forum opens in Kyoto Lower incomes rising fastest £400 million to empower deprived communities ... Website Terms Updated: 19 March 2003

    40. DTI - Sustainable Development And Environment
    and internationally competitive business solutions to environmental problems andthe wider challenges of sustainable development.
    Select a DTI site ACAS Automotive Industry Best Practice BNSC Space Business Link CAC Climate Change (CCPO) CII Clusters Communications Bill Companies House Company Law Competition Policy Competitiveness Consumer Policy Consumer Gateway CST Design Employment Enemy Property Energy Enterprise Act Enterprise Guide Environment Europe Evaluation Export Control Exporting Fair Markets Foresight GlobalWatch Online Innovation Insolvency Invest UK Investigations IT / Telecoms JEMU LINK Manufacturing Measurement Science NWML Office of Science and Tech. OST International Oil and Gas Partnership Fund Patent Office Postal Services Procurement Quality Mark Queen's Award Radiocommunications Agency Recruitment Regional Renewable Energy Science Small Business Social Enterprise Standards Regs. Statistics Sustainable Development Trade Partners UK online for Business Utilities Review Women and Equality Work-Life Balance Worldtrade Select an industry Aerospace Agriculture Automotive Biotechnology Broadcasting Building Business Services Chemicals Clothing Construction Education Electrical Engineering Environmental Fashion Financial Fire/Police Fisheries Food and drink Footwear Furnishings Giftware Healthcare Horticulture Household Jewellery Leisure Mechanical Medical Metals/Minerals Oil and gas Packaging Paper/Print Property Serv Radio Retailing R and D Security Tableware Telecoms Textiles/Carpets Tourism Training Transport DTI quicklinks About DTI For Business For Employees For Consumers Insight Press Notices Speeches Consultations Publications Regulatory Guidance
    Home Sustainable Development Business Opportunities Environmental Protection Key contacts ... Publications I want Britain to be a leading player in this coming green industrial revolution

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