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         Sustainability And Sustainable Development:     more books (100)
  1. Ecological Footprint and Environmental Sustainability Index: Instruments of Measuring Sustainable Development Case Study: Sustainability of Shandong (China) by Yujing Cui, 2009-11-10
  2. OECD Sustainable Development Studies Conducting Sustainability Assessments by OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2008-07-04
  3. Second-order sustainability-conditions for the development of sustainable innovations in a dynamic environment [An article from: Ecological Economics] by C. Sartorius, 2006-06-15
  4. MEDIA Sustainability Index 2009, The Development of Sustainable Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia
  5. Delivering sustainability therapy in sustainable development projects [An article from: Journal of Environmental Management] by S. Bell, S. Morse, 2005-04-01
  6. MEDIA Sustainability Index 2006/2007, The Development of Sustainable Independent Media in the Middle East and North Africa
  7. Innovation, Education and Communication for Sustainable Development (Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability)
  8. Media Sustainability Index 2006/2007 - Development of Sustainable Independent Media in Europe and Eurasia by iREX, 2007
  9. Innovative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development (Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability)
  10. Education for sustainability: An agenda for action by President's Council on Sustainable Development, 1996-01-01
  11. Risk Science and Sustainability, Science for Reduction of Risk and Sustainable Development of Society (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
  12. Towards Sustainability: Emerging Systems for Informing Sustainable Development by University of New South Wales, 2001-08-01
  13. Strategies for Sustainability: Africa (Earthscan Library Collection: Sustainable Development Set)
  14. Dimensions of sustainability: Proceedings of the congress challenges of sustainable development, Amsterdam, 22-25 August 1996

41. Sustainable Scotland: Home Page
World Commission on Environment and development chaired by out about the benefitsof sustainable practices; forward the message of sustainability in Scotland
Search the site
Funding Opportunities
Sustainable Action Grants 2003-04 to 2005-06 Find out how the grant funded projects for 2002-03 are doing
Latest Indicators
Checking for Change: Executive Indicators consultation report now available! Download the Word document by following the link above.
Welcome This site brings together the work under way in Scotland on sustainable development.
Our Common Future , The World Commission on Environment and Development
chaired by the Prime Minister of Norway, Mrs Gro Harlem Bruntland, 1987 This site is an information source where you can find out:
  • about the benefits of sustainable practices what current projects we are involved in who is responsible for driving forward the message of sustainability in Scotland and beyond.
In each section there are relevant publications you can download, and useful links to external sites. : The Scottish Executive is not responsible for the views or opinions on sites external to the Sustainable Scotland site.

42. LSF - Learning For A Sustainable Future - Sustainable Development
Related Links. sustainable development sustainability and sustainabledevelopment, The activities and ideas in this Canadian Youth
Related Links Sustainable Development : Sustainability and Sustainable Development
The activities and ideas in this Canadian Youth Action Guide
The Centre for Sustainable Transportation

is a federally chartered, non-profit organization. Their goal is to provide leadership in achieving sustainable transportation in Canada by facilitating cooperative actions, and thus contributing to Canadian and global sustainability. It also provides reliable information, fills knowledge gaps through research, educates stakeholders and raises awareness among them, and offers strategic policy advice in selected areas.
is a forum for sustainable development.
Global Citizens for Change

Industry Canada - Sustainable Development Strategy

The Sustainable Development Information System (SDinfo)
is a new electronic information system developed by Environment Canada for the World Wide Web. It is designed to provide one-window access to sustainable development knowledge in the Government of Canada.

43. Alcoa: Environment: Commitment To Sustainability: Positions: Sustainable Develop
urges more sustainability in the industry and sets new goals for recycled contentin Alcoa products. Global Climate Change Alcoa’s sustainable development
Worldwide Markets contact us country sites ... Positions Sustainable Development Alcoa's John Pizzey urges more sustainability in the industry and sets new goals for recycled content in Alcoa products.
Legal Notices Alcoa Worldwide

44. CAE Working Paper #2: Sustainable Development
sustainability of Forests An Attempt at a Biological Interpretation by ProfessorDr. Peter Schutt. sustainable development, sustainable Yield Forestry, and the
A Working Paper Published by The Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia Editor: Chris J. MacDonald Series Editors: Michael McDonald Peter Danielson This document can be found at: KEYWORDS: sustainable development, environmental ethics, forestry, resources
Introduction Contributors Sustainability of Forests: An Attempt at a Biological Interpretation by Professor Dr. Peter Schutt Sustainable Development, Sustainable Yield Forestry, and the Meaning of Life by Jordan S. Tanz The Postmodern Forest: Images Differing by Dr. Steven Taubeneck Sustainable Development: What Do We Owe to Future Generations? by Dr. Thomas Hurka INTRODUCTION The conference was organized around the idea that sustainable development and competition are in some sense competing visions of our global future. Nowhere is this potential conflict more salient than in the forestry industry. Canada, and B.C. in par ticular, shares with Germany a concern for the fate of forests and for the industries based on forest resources. This conference sought to bring together academics from both Canadian and German universities to explore the ethical challenges associated with these competing visions. Those attending the conference had the opportunity to hear talks from a wide variety of specialties, ranging from botany to cultural studies to philosophy. Of the talks given, four were developed into papers to be included in this publication. Special thanks go to Dr. Schutt for making his speaking notes available for this purpose.

45. What Is Sustainability & Sustainable Development? (links)
politics, environmental legislation environmental impact assessment water and energyrelated issues sustainability sustainable development approaches and
What is Sustainability? (links) The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development
SUSTAG-L, sustainable agriculture. sustain, sustainability sustainable development
sustainable development
; thrdwrld, Third World; TRADE-LIBRARY, trade.
Description: List of internet sites dealing with sustainable development , including organisations, projects and...
Category: - 101k - Cached Similar pages SD Gateway ( Sustainable ... Gateway)
a job bank, the Sustainability Web Ring, a discussion forum, and listings of mailing
lists (listservs) and news sites dealing with sustainable development
Description: The tri-lingual Sustainable Development Gateway provides access to over 1200 links, a calendar of...
Category: - 15k - Cached Similar pages Sustainability Web Ring : SD Directories : SD Gateway Sustainability Web Ring. Welcome to the Sustainability Web Ring, a service of the Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN). - 20k - Cached Similar pages More results from

46. Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Sustainable Development
sustainable development Institute An environmental think and actiontank exploring sustainability programs for island communities.

47. World Bank Group | Sustainable Development | Corporate Sustainability
Corporate sustainability The World Bank recognizes that corporate responsibilityis key to sustainable development – and good business.

48. Sustainability Ltd.
An awardwinning strategic management consultancy and think-tank. Founded in 1987, sustainability Ltd. is the longest established international consultancy dedicated to promoting the business case for sustainable development. The three main areas of operation foresight, agenda-setting and change management.
If you are not automatically redirected, please enter the SustainAbility home page.

49. Oregon Solutions, State Of Oregon's Sustainability Initiative
Oregon Solutions promotes environmentally and socially responsible policies and programs in government, Category Society Issues sustainable development Organizations...... was signed into Oregon law as the Oregon sustainability Act. local agencies, organizationsand businesses taking leadership roles in sustainable development.
Accessibility Version Select a Topic Agriculture Banking and Finances Brownfield Redevelopment Business Resources Carbon Offsets Climate Change Commercial Energy Community Development Community-based Stewardship Ecosystems/Biodiversity Education Equity Fish/Fisheries Food Forestry Garden General Sustainability Government Initiatives Green Building Home Indicators/Measurement Land Management Land Use Planning Lifestyle Choices NGO Non-Timber Forest Products Oregon Government Procurement Product Stewardship Recycled Material Mkts. Residential Energy Resource Efficiency Smart Consumption Species/Habitat Conservation Sustain. Material Mkts. Training Transportation Value-Added Products Volunteer Opportunities Watersheds
Visit the site's newest chapter on sustainable forestry to become aquainted with emerging fields in carbon offsets, non-timber forest products, and certification. [ Go!
"To change the culture, to provide future long term benefits, and because it's the right thing to do" answers The Collins Companies in a report documenting their implementation of sustainability as a fundamental business practice. See the full report " Having your forests and cutting them, too

50. Global Change And Climate Change: Sustainable Development
UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions sustainability Counts;sustainable development Indicators for Sweden; Swedish Environmental Quality
[ITAS] [Introduction] [Contents] [New] ... [Meetings] Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
Global Change and Climate Change Links Sustainable Development
United Nations
Other Institutions

National Sustainability Initiatives

Local Agenda 21's
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)
26 August - 4 September 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Official United Nations website
    • Key Documents:
      • Draft Program of the Plenary Sessions Elements for the WSSD Political Declaration Draft Plan of Implementation for WSSD Summary of Bracketed Elements ... EarthWire
        The news portal for the Joburg Summit 2002 Joburg Media
        Media pool for anyone who wants to share, find and use media material about the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.
        ECO equity

        On behalf of a coalition of organizations including Earthjustice, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam, and several other organizations from all across the globe, Eco is published daily, distributed on-site to delegates, reporters, and observers, and posted on-line here.
        WSSD Contribution from UNEP DTIE
        The Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is contributing with three supporting initiatives: a series of sectoral reports , whereby international sectoral industry organisations take stock of progress towards sustainable development and outline future challenges; regional consultation processes, through which multi-stakeholder fora put forward key industry and sustainability issues for the consideration of decision-makers; an assessment report by UNEP on industry's progress of the implementation of Agenda 21, which will document global developments at both the aggregate and sectoral levels.

51. Sustainable Development - What Is It?
sustainability management standard under development by the British Standards Institution,Forum for the Future and others). A range of sustainable development
SD Issues About Us Services Programs ... E-mail This Page

Sustainable development - what is it?
by John Elkington The business jargon-gardens have been working overtime. Think of the acronyms we have got used to hearing and using: CIO, CKO, CSR, EQ, HR, HSE, IT, SRI, SVA, TQM, and so on. Now there is SD, or sustainable development. Sceptics argue that we will shortly return to business as usual, but growing numbers of companies recognise the need to practice, as Anita Roddick’s book puts it, "business as unusual". But these days you are as likely to hear the message coming from the top echelons of the FTSE100 as from The Body Shop. The financial markets are also waking up. They are increasingly interested not only in eco-efficiency, but in business ethics, corporate social responsibility and human rights, all potentially part of the SD agenda. New York-based Dow Jones Company, for example, has joined forces with Zurich-based Sustainable Asset Management to launch a suite of some 100 separate sustainability indexes. Nor is the Dow Jones Sustainability Group alone: SD performance issues are increasingly covered in the portfolio screening for major socially responsible investment (SRI) funds. According to some estimates, the SRI sector is now worth over $2 trillion in the US and over $25 billion in the UK .

52. RRojas Databank: Sustainable Development, Desarrollo Sustentable, Développement
World Bank BSPAN Webcasting for development J. Sachs The economics of sustainability,2002 Environmentally and Socially sustainable development Month, 2002
global consultancy university tuition asesoría global instrucción universitaria ...
Greenhouse gangsters vs. climate justice
United Nations :
Sustainable Development Networking Programme

Commission on Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Web Site

Stakeholder Forum
Earth Summit 2002

WSSD: Johannesburg 2002
UNEP: GEO-2000 Global Environment Outlook
Agenda 21

Secretary General: Science for Sustainable Development. DPCSD: Sustained risks: a lasting phenomenon. Secretary General: Conflict and Sustainable Development in Africa. The Rosendal Workshop: Sustainable Consumption and Production: Clarifying the Concepts. Secretary General: Protection of the atmosphere. Secretary General: Global Change and Sustainable Development: Critical Trends. Sustainable Development Framework. Methodologies: Introduction Social Indicators Economic Indicators Environmental Indicators ... FAO State of the World's Forests, World Food Summit. Five years later.

53. A Guide To Internet Resources In Sustainable Development
Connection where farmers find and share information about sustainability issues.Also features links to sustainable development-related organizations
A Guide to Internet Resources in Sustainable Development
Version 5
Compiled by Gerard E. D'Souza
Agricultural and Resource Economics Program, Division of Resource Management, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA. Earlier versions compiled with the assistance of Booker T. Walton III. The computer support of Wayne Griffith and Todd Johnson in the initial development of this guide is gratefully acknowledged. Last updated: April 24, 2001 Preface: The purpose of this guide is to assist researchers and others with the task of locating information on sustainable development on the internet. This guide represents only a sample of what is available. Since internet addresses are periodically changed, the actual address at any given time may be different from that shown here. The source of this information is the internet itself. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of this compilation; however, errors in listings are possible. Thank you in advance for e-mailing any corrections and suggestions to the compiler of this guide at:

the road is the consulting, think tank, and public interest group sustainability;it has specialized in business strategy and sustainable development since it

55. ANPED - The Northern Alliance For Sustainability
Institute for Environment and development Prague Initiative Southern NGOs - WorldSustainability Hearing, an Conference for a sustainable Future, organised

56. Morning Courses Environing Interdisciplinary Process For
Management and sustainability of Marine Ecosystems. Clean Energy Innovation Technologiesof Global Prosperity. Effective Leadership for sustainable development.
The Summit Institute for Sustainable Development Training for a Sustainable Future August 27 – September 5, 2002 St. David’s Marist School Inanda, Sandton REGISTER NOW! SCHEDULE UPDATES About Schedule ... SISD Home
Upcoming Courses Courses on 9/1/2002
Morning courses Environing: Interdisciplinary Process for Sustainable Development Lead Poisoning Prevention:  A Case Study In International Advocacy Locally Led Watershed Management Putting Sustainable Development Principles Into Practice Sustainable Urban Transportation Afternoon courses Agroforestry - Riparian Forest Buffers for Water Quality Environing: Interdisciplinary Process for Sustainable Development Putting Sustainable Development Principles Into Practice Sustainable Urban Transportation Water/Road Interactions: Fish Crossing *© signifies that course is continued from morning session Courses on 9/2/2002 Morning courses Assessment, Management and Sustainability of Marine Ecosystems Chemicals Information Exchange Network (CIEN) Communicating Environmental Science Elements of Effective Legal Regimes for Environmental Protection Environing: Interdisciplinary Process for Sustainable Development The Fundamentals of Biodiversity Prospecting Fundamentals of Safe Drinking Water- Spanish version Global Drought Watch from NOAA Polar Orbiting Satellites Managing Sustainable Development Scenarios Principles of Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Spatial Data Infrastructure

57. UN ECA Food Security And Sustainability Division
The sustainable development Division (SDD) endeavors to serve Africabetter to achieve food security and sustainable development.
Nav: Home ECA Programmes SDD
Division Chief:
Mr. Josué Dioné, Chief Programme Overview Events Publications Documents ... Contact Addressing Africa's Urgent Nexus: Food, Population, Environment
The Sustainable Development Division (SDD) endeavors to serve Africa better to achieve food security and sustainable development. To attain this objective, the Division intends to become a center of excellence for managing the inter-linked issues of the nexus of population, agriculture and environment and to play a leading role in raising awareness and guiding the decision-making process on nexus issues and science and technology management. The attainment of sustainable development calls for an urgent reversal of the current trends and thus requires:
  • Sustainable increases in agricultural productivity; Harmonizing population growth with level of food production; Better stewardship of the environment; and Utilization of science and technology to promote food security and sustainable development.

58. The MacArthur Program On Global Security And Sustainability
Global Security and sustainability, Conservation and sustainable development,More About This Program. Through rapid growth in population
Global Security and Sustainability Overview International Peace and Security Conservation and Sustainable Development Population and Reproductive Health ... Program and Area Directors Recent Grants 2002 Grants
2001 Grants

2000 Grants

1999 Grants
Download Grantmaking guidelines Conservation and Sustainable Development More About This Program
Through rapid growth in population and increasing demand for resources, the world is in danger of losing much of its genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. To address this challenge and to increase understanding of the strong relationships between the health of the biosphere and the welfare of human communities, the Foundation has established the Conservation and Sustainable Development area. This area is dedicated to conserving biodiversity, to enhancing knowledge of how to use natural resources sustainably over the long term, and to promoting environmentally sustainable economic growth benefiting those living in or near sensitive areas. Purpose
The area's exclusive focus is on dealing with the problems of endangered tropical ecosystems. These are the regions with the greatest degree of species diversity, but are also plagued by acute human poverty and are often experiencing rapid population growth.

59. BASF Aktiengesellschaft : Sustainability
Our newsletter sustainability and BASF reports on related projects, workshops and Hereyou can download facts and figures on sustainable development at BASF.

BASF Group
Sustainability BASF good practices in the Global Compact's databank First prize for BASF's Sustainability Report
Our newsletter "Sustainability and BASF" reports on related projects, workshops and other news and will now appear three times a year. Here you can download facts and figures on sustainable development at BASF.



Credits / Responsibilities

60. Developing Environment And Sustainable Development Indicators, UN System-wide Ea
of sustainability, the dimensions of sustainability, including the temporal dimension,looking beyond sustainability to sustainable development, the varieties

United Nations System-Wide
Earthwatch INDICATORS Earthwatch is actively involved in encouraging the development of indicators of environment and sustainable development, as a way to improve the delivery of information for decision-making. The short notes below provide access to some of the important work in this field
Dashboard of sustainability

Current status of indicator work

Towards Indicators of Sustainability

Consultative Group on Sustainable Development Indicators

International Institute of Sustainable Development

UN Division for Sustainable Development
- CSD work programme on indicators World Resources Institute World Bank WWF Living Planet Index IUCN ... World Economic Forum - Environmental Sustainability Index SCOPE/UNEP Reports on Indicators Land Quality Indicators UNCHS Urban Indicators Programme REGIONAL OECD CIAT European Commission, Eurostat and Joint Research Centre ESCAP ... Island Environmental Vulnerability Index COUNTRIES Canada Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators Initiative Dashboard of Sustainability April 2001 A new graphic presentation of indicators of sustainable development being developed by the JRC and other partners with the cooperation of the Consultative Group on Indicators of Sustainable Development (see below Demonstration versions are now available for user testing.

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