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         Sustainability And Sustainable Development:     more books (100)
  1. Report of the Standing Committee on Ecologically Sustainable Development in relation to the management and sustainability of the western rock lobster by Western Australia, 2000
  2. Towards Sustainable Development: On the Goals of Development and the Conditions of Sustainability
  3. Science, ethics, sustainability: The responsibility of science in attaining sustainable development (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis)
  4. To the heart of sustainability: Management development for sustainable development
  5. An Approach to Assessing Progress toward Sustainability: Barometer of Sustainability: Measuring and Communicating Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Vol 2 (Tools & training series) by Robert Prescott-Allen, 1997-12-31
  6. Sustainable governance: Institutional and procedural aspects of sustainability by European Consultative Forum on the Environment and Sustainable Development, 2000
  7. Linking values and policy for sustainable development: An international strategy to build the sustainability ethic into decision-making (IUCN/CESP Working Paper) by Thaddeus C Trzyna, 1995
  8. Risk Science and Sustainability: Science for Reduction of Risk and Sustainable Development for Society by Alik Ismail-Zadeh, 2004
  9. The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift by Andres R. Edwards, 2005-06-01
  10. Sustainability Performance Evaluation System in Government: A Balanced Scorecard Approach Towards Sustainable Development by Nan Chai, 2009-10-02
  11. EEcotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition: Who Owns Paradise? by Dr. Martha Honey PhD, 2008-08-04
  12. Sustainable Development: Exploring the Contradictions (Volume 0) by Michael Redclift, 1987-09-24
  13. Sustainable Development for Engineers: A Handbook and Resource Guide
  14. The Earthscan Reader in Business and Sustainable Development (Earthscan Readers Series)

61. Hartmann - Sustainability
a commitment towards sustainable development. This means that we are working to ensurethat environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability become
Hartmann Group Sustainable Development Products Investor ... Contact
A wider approach forms the path
of the future
Industry plays a central role in our society - now and in the future. In order to meet the challenge of a wider corporate responsibility, Hartmann has taken a commitment towards sustainable development. This means that we are working to ensure that environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability become part of the overall strategy and business policies of Hartmann.
Organisational setup
To get a more systematic approach to sustainable development Hartmann has established a division for this purpose. The division consists of three corporate departments: Environmental Department, Corporate Communications and Human Relations. Environmental Department and Human Relations are both engaged in actual projects as well as ethical aspects of sustainability in the entire organisation. The third department, Corporate Communications, aims to create a serious dialogue both inside and outside Hartmann about these aspects. For more information choose Organisation
Hartmann's environmental work
Environmental management plays a central role at Hartmann. In recent years the consumers and the customers have placed great emphasis on environment-friendly packaging, on the use of renewable resources, recycling and on minimising unnecessary packaging. We consider environmental awareness to be an essential and fully integrated part of our business. We are convinced that proactive environmental work not only reduces the risks, but also creates marketing advantages and reduces costs. A good environment is of great concern to both management and employees at Hartmann, and we wish to appear as a good example also in countries with low demands on environmental work.

62. Eco-Portal: Sustainability/Sustainable Development
Communications Network provides a portal site regarding sustainable developmentthat provides documents, a calendar, job bank, sustainability web ring and
Eco-Portal - The Environmental Sustainability.Info Source Home Sustainability Sustainable Development the entire directory only this category More search options
Land Use Planning and Smart Growth@


63. World Chlorine Council - Sustainable Development
Johannesburg Summit 2002 – the World Summit on sustainable development. Readour Report The World Chlorine Council and sustainable development,
Johannesburg Summit 2002 – the World Summit on Sustainable Development The World Chlorine Council (WCC) will participate as an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) in the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), August 26 — September 4, 2002, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Summit is intended as the first follow-up to the 1992 "Earth Summit" held in Rio de Janiero, which spawned many significant international conventions. More than 65,000 delegates are expected, including heads of State. The WCC will be speaking to how chlorine chemistry and its products are critical to helping to resolve the global crisis in access to safe drinking water and sanitation (the United Nations estimates that over 1 billion people are without safe drinking water, and over 3 billion without adequate sanitation). Further, the WCC will present the global chlor-alkali industry's commitment to meeting these needs in a sustainable manner. This commitment is articulated in nine principles, and discussed in-depth along with a review of current challenges and activities of the industry in the new report, "The World Chlorine Council and Sustainable Development." Our booth will be located at 498 Ubuntu Village, in the NGO Exhibition Area.

64. Social Sustainability, Sustainable Development And Housing Development: The Hong
Social sustainability, sustainable development and Housing developmentthe Hong Kong experience By Dr. Rebecca LH CHIU Centre of
Social Sustainability, Sustainable Development and Housing Development: the Hong Kong experience By
Dr. Rebecca L.H. CHIU
Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Abstract:
Housing development is a basic component of the built environment and social development, therefore it has a clear role to play in striving for sustainable development. Hong Kong has made a clear commitment to observe sustainable development although the policy and the implementation mechanism are still in the making. This paper has dual aims: methodologically it attempts to explore the role of housing in the social dimension of sustainable development; empirically it applies the methodology to estimate the social sustainability of housing development in Hong Kong.

65. Environment And Sustainable Development, An International Journal
legislation; environmental impact assessment; water and energy relatedissues; sustainability; sustainable development approaches and methods.
International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development
Objectives Abstracts Readership Susbcriber Login Principal benefits Editorial Team/Board Contents and Subject Coverage Sample Request/Download Notes for Intending Authors Subscription International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development (IJESD)
ISSN 1474 - 6778 IJESD is a fully-refereed academic journal. The journal addresses matters related to environment and sustainable development, paying special attention to relevant issues in developing countries while reporting on the latest environmental trends in industrialised nations. The journal's range of themes encompasses ecological studies, field research, empirical work and descriptive analyses on topics such as:

66. Florida Sustainable Communities Center Resources
There are many definitions of sustainability that give support to the inclusion ofdifferent elements in a green plan or sustainable development and management
What is "Sustainability"?
"Sustainability . . . implies that the overall level of diversity and overall productivity of components and relations in systems are maintained or enhanced."
- Richard Norgaard, 1988
"Sustainability requires at least a constant stock of natural capital, construed as the set of all environmental assets."
- David Pearce, 1988
"Sustainability is the [emerging] doctrine that economic growth and development must take place, and be maintained over time, within the limits set by ecology in the broadest senseby the interrelations of human beings and their works, and the biosphere... It follows that environmental protection and economic development are complementary rather than antagonistic processes."
- William D. Ruckelshaus - Scientific American, September 1989
"Sustainability is the ability of a system to sustain the livelihood of the people who depend on that system for an indefinite period."
- Otto Soemarwoto, 1991
"Sustainability is the fundamental root metaphor that can oppose the notion of continued exponential material growth."
- Ernest Callenbach, 1992

67. Sustainability Web Ring : SD Directories : SD Gateway
sustainability Web Ring. Welcome to the sustainability Web Ring, a serviceof the sustainable development Communications Network (SDCN).

SD Directories Sustainability Web Ring Sustainability Web Ring Welcome to the Sustainability Web Ring, a service of the Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN) . This Internet tool allows users to navigate easily between Web sites that deal with the principles, policies, and best practices for sustainable development. By following the links through the Web ring, you will find information from around the world on how to deal with such crucial issues as climate change, cleaner production, waste, poverty, consumerism, natural resource management, and governance. This information is particularly suited to decision-makers within civil society, government, business, research and funding institutions, and communities. Our goal is to stimulate further debate and interest in sustainable development. Inclusion of a site in the Sustainability Web Ring does not constitute endorsement by the SDCN or any other member of the Web Ring. The Sustainability Web Ring has been in existence since early 1998 and is maintained by the SDCN. The underlying database tehcnology is owned and operated by the WebRing company. Special Note for Members Who Joined Before November 2001
Using the Web Ring
A Web ring control panel (shown on the left) is on the home page of every organization in the Sustainability Web Ring. Use these control panels to navigate from one page in the ring to another. You can move through Web ring pages sequentially by clicking on 'Next', 'Previous', or 'Index' buttons.

68. World Business Council For Sustainable Development
sustainability through the market. Why are we involved? In its drive toward sustainabledevelopment todate, business has focused primarily on the supply side

Council projects Sector projects World Summit Capacity-building
Sustainability through the market Why are we involved? In its drive toward sustainable development to-date, business has focused primarily on the supply side of the market. Actions have successfully led to improvements in process and product design through tools such as eco-efficiency. The demand side of the market has not, however, undergone the same scrutiny, despite the fact that significant change is needed in this area to advance sustainability. After completing significant research on the issue, the WBCSD believes that by taking a holistic approach to the marketplace, so that supply and demand are viewed as part of a system instead of being treated separately, the market can enhance sustainability.
The business case There are tremendous opportunities for companies to drive profitable growth by providing products and services that improve people's lives in both the developed and especially in the developing countries. The WBCSD believes companies that find ways to do this will generate higher shareholder and societal value.

69. Earth Vision: Sustainability Neighborhood (Sustainable Development)
social agendas according to its latest internetbased sustainability Report released February20, 2003 - Romania could promote sustainable development of key
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    Wildlife Habitat Council Board of Directors Elects New Chairman
    HOUSTON, TX, March 19, 2003 — The Wildlife Habitat Council Board of Directors unanimously elected Stephen A. Elbert to a two-year term as its new Board Chairman. Read More Microfinish Co. Recognized by EPA for Environmental Excellence
    WARRENTON, MO, March 19, 2003 - Microfinish Company, a metal plating facility located about 55 miles outside of St. Louis, received a congratulatory visit earlier this week from EPA Administrator Christie Whitman. Read More Elizabeth River Full of Pesticide
    NORFOLK, VA, March 17, 2003 – The Elizabeth River Project, organized by a local environment group, has spent the past three years collecting and analyzing data on the ecological conditions of the Elizabeth. Read More Virginia, Still Ranked Last In Spending On Natural Resources
    March 17, 2003 – The Virginia Senate and House restored $12.2 million for environmental programs to the two year state budget. Local projects that faced severe budget cuts will be able to continue. Read More Smithfield Foods Plans to Build a Waste-to-Energy Facility
    SMITHFIELD, VA, March 10, 2003 - Smithfield Foods, Inc. recently announced that they have plans to invest $20 million into a facility that will convert swine waste into biodiesel vehicle fuel.
  • 70. Principles Of Sustainability Sustainability Principles Sustainable Principles Su
    sustainable development Principles The following principles are among those thathave been developed to help guide sustainable development efforts Wingspread
    Home WWW Resources Principles of Sustainable Development
    Professionals Directory

    Products Directory

    Internet Resources: Air and Water Quality Appropriate Technology Bioregional Planning Deep Ecology ... Web Resources Get our newsletter - it's FREE!
    Email Address: Sustainable Development Principles
    The following principles are among those that have been developed to help guide sustainable development efforts:
    Wingspread Principles, The Hannover Principles, The Natural Step Principles, The Earth Charter Benchmark Draft, The Precautionary Principle, National Park Service's Principles for Sustainable Design and more. The HANNOVER Principles
    By William McDonough Architects We Need a Global Declaration of Interdependence
    The Western ideal of comfort and wealth holds a hollow promise for the rest of the world and provides fodder for extremists. Green Building Principles Environmental Impact
    Preserving Integrity of Site

    Preserving Integrity of Site. Green construction practices disturb as little of the natural environment as possible. A green building project should evaluate the site and determine how the building could best blend in without merely "imposing" the building on the site. One strategy for preserving the integrity of the site is low-impact development that maintains the land's hydrologic functions and reduces stormwater runoff.

    Governmental authority aiming to encourage development towards a sustainable society. Includes information about current initiatives.
    Best practice


    Local Investment Programmes
    Box 7980
    Tel:+46 90 7869300
    Fax:+46 90 7869309
    Swedish Institute for Ecological Sustainability
    The Swedish Institute for Ecological Sustainability, IEH, works as an information hub for issues on ecological sustainability. Our main mission is to increase society's understanding of ecological sustainability and encourage, through relevant networks, the integration of this approach into the Swedish society. One of the main tasks is to act as a bridge between researchers and those who apply these theories, such as industry, local governments and NGOs. Since IEH opened in 1999 we have continuously gathered information about research and practical projects relevant for the transition towards an ecologically sustainable society. The information we collect is disseminated through our website, newsletters, meetings and various national channels. Moreover, the institute supports formation of new national networks that encourage use of current know-how on relevant techniques within different disciplines. As ecological sustainability is a global issue we successively open our databases to the international community. We are therefore continually translating examples of best practise and presenting them on the web. Due to the internationally actual focus on climate and the greenhouse effect, we emphasize projects on how to decrease the release of potent greenhouse gases. See the Best Climate Practice section for the latest examples. You can also find links to other Swedish websites with interesting information in English.

    72. Sustainable Measures
    develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy,society and environment.Category Science Environment sustainability Community sustainability...... Answers to frequently asked questions about indicators and sustainability. Youcan also order a copy of our book, Guide to sustainable Community Indicators

    Sustainable Measures
    develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment.
    Sustainable Measures works with communities, companies, regional organizations and government agencies at all levels. To help you with your indicator project, on this site we offer:
    Free training materials

    A searchable database of indicators
    Explanations of indicators and sustainability
    A list of online and print resources , and
    to frequently asked questions about indicators and sustainability.
    You can also order a copy of our book, Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators, Second Edition
    Through services such as interactive workshops, consulting, lectures, and publications, Sustainable Measures educates, activates, and helps groups create effective indicators.
    Sustainable Measures P.O. Box 361 North Andover, MA 01845 P: F: The second edition of the Guide to Sustainable Community Indicators by Maureen Hart is now available! Click here to order your copy.

    73. WebRing: Hub
    The webring focuses on the efforts of organizations to achieve sustainable development.

    74. Routes To Sustainability - Applying Sustainable Development
    The World Business Council of sustainable development (WBCSD) advocates balancingthe 3Es. They say that sustainability is about balancing three elements of a
    Routes to Sustainability
    Home Up Companies and SD Project illustrating SD ... Guidelines on SD
    Sustainability initiatives are now gaining pace as more companies make statements, describe their values and indicate their approach to sustainable development. BUT good intentions need to be followed by action ..... and results that are more sustainable There are several reasons why the interest in sustainability is growing rapidly, in particular to:
    • safeguard and strengthen the organisation's reputation develop behaviour that is socially and environmentally responsible comply with national laws or corporate standards - whichever is more challenging attract and retain high quality people who seek employment where personal and corporate values are aligned keep ahead of competitors or, in some cases, transform the business along new lines achieve high standards of corporate governance
    Routes to sustainability are now provided by various organisations, each with its own characteristics. Supplementary pages provide examples of what companies are doing, statements they are making, projects and guidelines for becoming more sustainable:

    75. The Dashboard Collection: Indices Of Sustainable Development
    b The Dashboard of sustainability /b br dashbrds.htm img src= http// alt= Indicators of sustainable development border= 0
    The Dashboard online Collection
    Select an index United Nations CSD CGSDI Ecological Footprint World Economic Forum ESI EEA Environmental Signals Eurostat TEPI Ecosistema Urbano Regional Performance Coastal Sediment Quality Index Dashboard METHODOLOGY Indicators for Decision-Making A Look into the Future How can I help? What's missing? Download the software: more features , faster access, free, and only 700 kB - less than 2 minutes with a 56K modem... New: printable manual
    Create your own Dashboard?

    document.write ("m@il");
    Just in time for the WSSD, here the set of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development
    Agenda 21 was at the origin of this Dashboard, which was also presented at the UN CSD-9 in April 2001. This version includes maps of all continents! The "From Rio to Johannesburg" Dashboard, comparing 1990 with 2000, is ready! Click here for downloading the special WSSD edition!
    The CGSDI "Strawman" : a balanced set of economic, social and environmental indicators
    ... chosen by the IISD-based Consultative Group on Sustainable Development Indicators (CGSDI) , and compiled by John O'Connor (Oconeco). From the same author: The

    76. Smith & Nephew: Sustainability Report - Sustainable Development
    This is Smith Nephew's first sustainability report. It gives an overview of howwe are facing up to the challenges of sustainable development in our business

    Sustainability Report Home

    CEO's Statement

    Looking ahead Sustainability Report, 2001 Overview business divisions for more information on our GBU's). Material contained in the report covers the period up to 31 December 2000.
    • Environmental responsibility Social responsibility Economic responsibility
    The report broadly follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability reporting. GRI is an international multi-stakeholder effort to create a common framework for voluntary reporting of the economic, environmental and social impact of an organisation. For more information go to
    Report home page
    Next page
    About us
    ... Home

    77. | Sustainable Development
    to browse the online version of Industrial Evolution sustainability Northwest’sreport on sustainable development in the region over the last ten years.
    Search Home My northwest Invest northwest Sustainable development ... Print this page The Northwest Development Agency is dedicated to making sustainable development a reality for England’s Northwest by investing in people, in the environment, in business and in ideas. That’s why we’ve supported Industrial Evolution. As this report reveals, we’re backing new businesses in environmental technology and renewable energy; we’re helping to bring skills development and health improvements to our most deprived communities; and we’re the driving force behind the regeneration of the region and the reclamation of derelict land. For us, sustainable development is about much more than greening a region or bringing divided communities back together: it’s about balancing social, environmental and economic concerns in the sure knowledge that we can only achieve a better quality of life by thinking smarter and working together. Click here to browse the online version of Industrial Evolution: Sustainability Northwest’s report on Sustainable Development in the region over the last ten years.
    (c) Northwest Development

    Agency 2003

    78. United Nations Division For Sustainable Development
    Dedicated to improving the well being of present and future generations through the promotion of sustaina Category Society Issues Environment sustainable development......Agenda 21 WSSD Report Partnerships UN Commission on sustainable development NationalInformation Indicators Major Groups Forests sustainable development Issues.

    About Us Commission on
    ... Search What's new? Johannesburg follow up underway The next session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, known as CSD11, will take place in New York from 28 April to 9 May 2003. The Commission meeting, which will be the first since the Johannesburg Summit last September, will set the framework for the work programme that will review progress, monitor implementation and set direction for action on the targets, goals and commitments made in the WSSD Plan of Implementation. Click here for more information on CSD11. Sustainable development issues Click here for information, documents and publications relating to an A-Z of sustainable development issues Partnerships for sustainable development A large number of voluntary partnership initiatives have been set up by a wide range of stakeholders who are keen to complement internationally-agreed actions, such as those from the Johannesburg Summit. Such partnerships help to progress the implementation of sustainable development on the ground. Click here for the latest information, including how to submit your partnership.

    79. Sustainable Resources On The Internet
    Colorado State educational site provides original material on permaculture, cooperative business, Category Society Issues Environment sustainable development......Sources of sustainability. sustainability is a broad topic, expressedin many different ways. This project attempts to offer a sample
    Sources of Sustainability
    Sustainability is a broad topic, expressed in many different ways. This project attempts to offer a sample of sites on the Internet which explore practical facets of sustaining our culture.
    Major Themes
    These pages each contain some original material, and are given frequent attention.
    In addition, we provide support to a handful of non-profit projects.
    Minor Themes
    A few other pages receive modest amounts of attention. Send suggestions to Michael Yount.
    Back to CSF's front page

    80. Sustainable Development Online
    Listing conferences, tools, education and training, SME support initiatives and networks, all personally Category Society Issues Environment sustainable development......sustainable development Online. Access to significant sustainable developmentweb sites. EW, SD Online, About sustainable development Online.
    Sustainable Development Online
    Access to significant Sustainable Development web sites
    EW SD Online Enterprises Networks Events Tools ... Sign up Site info
    Interest Groups
    URL listing
    Search this site
    About Sustainable Development Online
    Sustainable development (SD) is a continually changing and vital area that is holistic by definition. The role of Sustainable Development Online (SDO) is to map this sea of change and provide access to significant web sites built by organisations supporting the move towards SD. In this section of EW you will find descriptions of and links to many hundreds of web sites covering the broad subject of sustainable development. In this way SDO is a relevant and useful starting point to engage with SD subjects. SDO is continually updated and maintained and each web site listed has been visited by one of our researchers. Information can be accessed via SDO on many interconnected subjects, ISO 14001 to organic farming, SME support schemes to renewable materials. If you have a web site that you would like to be listed please do not hesitate to submit it under the appropriate section - one of our researchers will follow it up.

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