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         Sustainability And Sustainable Development:     more books (100)
  1. Implementing Sustainable Development: From Global Policy to Local Action by Phillip J. Cooper, 2004-06-15
  2. Understanding Sustainable Development by John Blewitt, 2008-08
  3. Sustainable Urban Development Reader (Routledge Urban Reader Series)
  4. An Introduction to Sustainable Development by Peter P. Rogers, Kazi F. Jalal, et all 2007-11
  5. Sustainable Development Strategies: A Resource Book by Barry Dalal-Clayton, Stephen Bass, 2002-10-23
  6. Integrated Buffer Planning: Towards Sustainable Development by Jerzy Kozlowski, Ann Peterson, 2005-09-30
  7. Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development by Herman E. Daly, 1997-08-14
  8. OECD Insights Sustainable Development:Linking economy, society, environment by Tracey STRANGE, Anne BAYLEY, et all 2008-12-05
  9. Exploring Sustainable Development: Geographical Perspectives
  10. The Sustainable Development Paradox: Urban Political Economy in the United States and Europe
  11. Institutional Incentives And Sustainable Development: Infrastructure Policies In Perspective (Theoretical Lenses on Public Policy) by Elinor Ostrom, Larry Schroeder, et all 1993-03-21
  12. Localist Movements in a Global Economy: Sustainability, Justice, and Urban Development in the United States (Urban and Industrial Environments) by David J. Hess, 2009-05-29
  13. Island Tourism and Sustainable Development: Caribbean, Pacific, and Mediterranean Experiences by Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Dennis J. Gayle, 2002-03-30
  14. Sustainable Community Development: Studies in Economic, Environmental, and Cultural Revitalization by Marie Hoff, 1998-03-04

81. Sustainable Development
sustainability The concept of sustainable development has increasingly come to representa new kind of world a world in which economic growth delivers a more
Better World home Sustainability Better World home Summary and highlights ... About the report Sustainability The concept of sustainable development has increasingly come to represent a new kind of world - a world in which economic growth delivers a more just and inclusive society, at the same time as protecting our natural heritage. This website, which we've called Better World, is BT's triple bottom line sustainability report. In it we identify and quantify our social, economic and environmental impacts and set forward-looking targets. This section looks particularly at:
  • how we approach the management of sustainable development within BT; how we have taken a lead in assisting moves towards sustainability; how information and communication technologies can act as an enabling technology for sustainable development.

Better World links
Feedback Site Index About the Report

82. Eco-Portal: Sustainability/Sustainable Development
EcoPortal - The Environmental sustainability.Info Source. Home sustainability sustainable development. the entire directory only
Eco-Portal - The Environmental Sustainability.Info Source Home Sustainability : Sustainable Development the entire directory only this category More search options
Land Use Planning and Smart Growth@

  • Center for a Sustainable Economy - promotes innovative tax and other market-based approaches to achieving a sustainable economy that integrates long-term economic growth, environmental quality and social fairness (Added: Wed Jan 03 2001 Hits: 403 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Economics and Sustainable Development - gives practical, political and research information on sustainable development and environmental economics (Added: Thu Mar 07 2002 Hits: 732 Rating: 3.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development - is a one-stop source of information on sustainable development (Added: Mon Feb 18 2002 Hits: 332 Rating: 2.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Sustainable Development Communications Network - seeking to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development through broader, integrated information and communications about what we know (Added: Sun Feb 17 2002 Hits: 250 Rating: 5.67 Votes: 3)

83. UK Sustainable Development Commission
Inspires government, the economy and society to embrace sustainable development as the central organising Category Society Issues Environment sustainable development...... Welcome to the site of the sustainable development Commission. TheCommission's main role is to advocate sustainable development
24 February: Webcast of the Prime Minister's speech on sustainable development at the launch of the Government's annual report on sustainable development - available until 23 March 2003. Transcript of speech.
24 February: Towards a more sustainable UK - right direction, wrong speed
(Press notice)
24 February: A clarion call to the whole country (Press notice)
24 February: Sustainable energy future beckons (Press notice) 19 February: Agenda 2003: Where next for sustainable development?
12 February: UK Climate Change Programme: a policy audit
(SDC report)
12 February: Policy audit of UK Climate Change Policies and Programmes (ECCM report)
12 February: Take action or Climate Change Programme will fail to deliver (Press notice)
12 February: Energy and climate change (Work programme) Welcome to the site of the Sustainable Development Commission.
The Commission's main role is to advocate sustainable development across all sectors in the UK,
review progress towards it, and build consensus on the actions needed if further progress is to be achieved.
You can find out about our current activities under the sections News and Events and Our Work Programme

84. Environmental Protection Agency
PDF; Trends in sustainability; sustainable development Challenge Grant Projects;World Summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg, South Africa Exit;
US EPA CHESAPEAKE BAY PROGRAM OFFICE Serving Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Region 3 CBPO Ambient Water Quality Criteria ...
EPA Region III's Center for Sustainability
Welcome to EPA Region III's Center for Sustainability! This program is managed by the Chesapeake Bay Program Office out of EPA Region III's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office. The Center's mission is to link our environmental protection efforts with larger economic and social goals. Find out what your community can do to ensure that our natural resources will be available for generations to come! It is our goal to provide education and information regarding sustainable development by providing the following resources:
  • What is Sustainable Development?
  • 85. What Is Sustainable Development?
    The UK Strategy for sustainable development; The South East RegionalSustainability Framework; Local Agenda 21 and; Community Planning.
    There has been a lot of talk about sustainable development over recent years - and just as much confusion about what it means. This section of our site should help to give you a much clearer idea of what sustainable development is all about - what it is the answer to and what makes it different. You can also explore these pages to find out about what is happening to promote sustainable development - from action at the global scale through to national, regional and more local initiatives - by looking at: What is sustainability Our approach East Sussex Sustainability Strategy ... Search

    86. Welcome To SustainAbility
    WEF vs WSF Who Will Win the Fight? Welcome Established in 1987, SustainAbilityis the longest running sustainable development consultancy.
    If you are not automatically redirected, please enter the SustainAbility home page.

    87. Sustainable Development
    Innovation. Health Surveillance Programs. Chairman's Statement, Chairman's Statement,Awards, Policies Principles, sustainability Elements. EHS. social. economic.
    GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY: Driving Success through Collaboration by J. Michael Fitzpatrick selected Rohm and Haas as one of the best corporate websites addressing environmental commitments

    2001 EHS and Sustainability Report (pdf)

    2000 EHS and Sustainability Report (pdf)
    GREEN AND SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY: Driving Success through Collaboration by J. Michael Fitzpatrick selected Rohm and Haas as one of the best corporate websites addressing environmental commitments

    2001 EHS and Sustainability Report (pdf)

    2000 EHS and Sustainability Report (pdf)
    USEPA National Environmental Performance Track Reports

    88. Sustainable Development - Sustainability Strategies
    Current sustainability Strategies activities include sustainable development forPolicymakers debate format workshop in which policymakers discuss whether or
    Search Index Feedback Help ... SD Home Sustainability Strategies About Us Activities Partners Resources Site Tools SD Home Contact Us Sustainability Strategies In support of the Millenium Development Goals, the Sustainability Strategies program focuses on poverty planning processes by providing learning and capacity building activities that explore the links between poverty and sustainable development. It supports the Bank-wide program for the Johannesburg 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD), also known as Rio +10 that will take place in August 2002. Sustainability Strategies activities examine the synergies among national, regional, and global initiatives. Critical evaluation of country experiences are provided through case studies and exchange of experiences by those directly involved in these processes. Current Sustainability Strategies activities include:
    • Sustainable Development for Policymakers: debate format workshop in which policymakers discuss whether or not environmental objectives should be incorporated into development strategies; includes discussion of environmental quality and economic costs and benefits.

    89. Institute Of Energy And Sustainable Development
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    90. IISD's Portal To The World Summit On Sustainable Development In Johannesburg, 20
    Stumbling Towards sustainability, July 2002. A new book from the EnvironmentalLaw Institute looks at US sustainable development efforts since Rio.
    Welcome to IISD's Linkages Portal to the World Summit on Sustainable Development!
    WSSD took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 August - 4 September 2002

    Subscribe to the Linkages free
    e-mail list for news on the Johannesburg Summit!
    Enter your e-mail address here:
    What's New!
    Introduction to the Summit
    GA Resolution on Summit
    ENB's Coverage of UNCED PrepCom IV ENB's Daily Coverage of UNCED ... Global Trends, Global Opportunity, Trends in Sustainable Development , Aug 2002. New UN report highlights need to address damaging trends. Pre-Publication Release of the 2002 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines , Aug 2002. Global Reporting Initiative releases a pre-publication version of the new GRI guidelines. Global Environmental Governance: Options and Opportunities , Aug 2002. Edited by Yale University, this book will be officially launched at the WSSD. World Summit Policy Briefs , July - Aug 2002. Worldwatch Institute has released its eighth policy brief on freshwater issues, and its ninth issue on mining.

    91. Business | IISD
    of sustainability into everyday business activities, illustrated by reallife examples;Markets business opportunities arising from sustainable development;
    BSDglobal - Home Current issues Markets Banking and investment ... Training opportunities Earlier Work: IISD's Business and Sustainable Development Website BSDglobal - Home For the business community, sustainability is more than mere window-dressing. By adopting sustainable practices, companies can gain competitive edge, increase their market share, and boost shareholder value. What's more, the growing demand for 'green' products has created major new markets in which sharp-eyed eco-entrepreneurs are reaping rewards. This site explains the strategies and tools that companies can draw on to translate an aspiration of sustainability into practical, effective solutions. Case studies from around the world are provided as an example of each measure. The site's six sections cover:
    • Current issues: briefings on specific sustainable development topics from a business perspective Strategies and tools: how to incorporate the principle of sustainability into everyday business activities, illustrated by real-life examples Markets: business opportunities arising from sustainable development Banking and investment: spotlight on how sustainable development is being approached by the financial services industry Working with NGOs: how businesses are forging working partnerships with lobby groups Training opportunities: how universities and professional training providers can help industry leaders incorporate sustainability into their business strategies
    For many of the topics covered on this site, links are provided to case studies and useful web resources.

    92. The Sustainable Development Journey | BSDglobal
    sustainable development is a goal of the entire society. Thus a participatory approachis an integral part of sustainability; sustainable development explores
    BSDglobal - Home Current issues Markets Banking and investment ... Training opportunities Earlier Work: IISD's Business and Sustainable Development Website The sustainable development journey Resources for this topic Growing environmental concerns, coupled with public pressure and stricter regulations, are changing the way people do business across the world. Industry is on a three-stage journey from environmental compliance, through environmental risk management, to long-term sustainable development strategies. In the initial phase of the journey, the need to comply with environmental regulations drives improvements in environmental performance. Businesses adopt a more proactive approach in the next phase. Environmental risk management is introduced, to reduce environmental liabilities and to minimize the costs of regulatory compliance. A substantial number of companies recognize that the implementation of sustainable business strategies can lead to new opportunities and improved results - the business and sustainable development phase.
    Step 1: regulatory compliance
    The first step on the journey is compliance with regulatory measures.

    93. FRST | Research Investment & Partnership | Sustainability; Sector-based
    Review of sustainable development Research. Information relating to the sustainabilityreview. Other Information. sustainable development Slide Presentation.
    Research Menu Investing in Innovation Portfolio Investment Process Innovation-based Enterprises (biological) Innovation-based Enterprises (physical) Maori Development Contact Investment Managers FRST Post Research Calendar Research News
    Sustainable Development
    • Request for proposals (applies to the following areas)
      Environmental Protection (Land, Freshwater and Estuaries)
      Sustainable Cities and Settlements
    • Timeline
    Important Updates
    Update on Application Process
    Update on RFP Investment Signals
    Responsiveness to Maori
  • Relevant Foundation Portfolios and Research Strategies
    Review of Sustainable Development Research
    Other Information
    February 03 25 Feb: Recycling First For Kiwi Company 17 Feb: Student Brain Power Boosts Dairy Industry Innovation 11 Feb: Scholarship for New Zealand Science Writer 11 Feb: Overseas Travel Prize for FiRST Awards Winner ... 10 Feb: The Search is on more news...
  • 94. Mayor Of London Sustainable Development
    What is sustainable development. Planning for sustainability. DTI sustainabledevelopment Strategy. London sustainability Exchange (LSx).

    95. CORDIS: EESD: Energy, Environment And Sustainable Development Home Page
    In a sustainable development perspective, we must address the quality and sustainabilityof our use of natural resources and ecosystems, threats of global
    Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" is one of the four thematic programmes of the Fifth (EC) RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002). In addition to this programme, there is a separate Specific Programme on Nuclear Energy , based on the Euratom Treaty. Its objective is to help exploit the full potential of nuclear energy to contribute to energy and environmental objectives. For implementation purposes, the EESD Specific Programme is divided into two sub-programmes, Environment and Sustainable Development, and Energy. Within Environment and Sustainable Development, the work is divided into Key Actions and generic research activities Implementation of RTD activities is through calls for proposals launched according to a well-established time schedule. The budget of the programme is 2,125 million euro, 1,083m euro of which is for the Environment and Sustainable Development sub-programme and 1,042m euro for the Energy sub-programme (not including nuclear energy), for the period 1998-2002. The ESD programme is actively contributing to the implementation of the European Research Area in the domain of sustainable development:

    96. Sustainable Development In The Highlands And Islands Of Scotland
    sustainable development in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The project. 1999/10 sustainable development report, 468.8 Kb. Download time approx.
    Sustainable Development in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland
    The project
    The project Sustainable Development in the Highlands and Islands has been funded by DGXVI of the European Commission (EC) and has been undertaken by a partnership of local funding partners - all ten of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) Local Enterprise Companies (LECs), Scottish Office Development Department (SODD) and Scottish Office Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department (SOAEFD). HIE acted as project manager and expert support was provided by Environmental Resources Management (ERM). The project is one of twelve pilot projects across Europe funded by DGXVI to assist with the integration of sustainable development into current and future structural funding programmes.The Highlands and Islands project is the only Objective 1 study, the other eleven being conducted in Objective 2 areas.
    Purpose of the project
    The Amsterdam Treaty of June 1997 placed sustainable development at the heart of European funding and led the EC to state, in its proposed new fund regulations, that regional development plans should be justifiable against the principles of sustainable development. As a result, the project Sustainable Development in the Highlands and Islands was undertaken to prepare for the likely significant changes to the new Highlands and Islands regional plan.

    97. ATSE-Views On Technology Strategy, Sustainable Development And Sustainability Po
    Independent, nongovernment organization dedicated to the promotion of scientific and engineering Category Science Technology Organizations......Views on technology strategy, development and policy. The Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering represents interests in applied science,
    Features Recent Additions Notice Boards
    History of
    Technology in Australia -


    ... Fellowship of the Academy
    Paper Why Stem Cells Make for Risky Business
    Paper Nanotechnology: The Challenge for the Educators
    Paper The Conversion of Remote Location Natural Gas to Fuels and Chemicals
    Paper Two Millennia - Two Long-Span Suspension Bridges
    Paper Climate Change Science: An Update of Current Understanding and Uncertainties
    Paper Owning Innovation - From Idea to Delivery - download November 2002 Symposium presentation slides Report Teaching of Science and Technology in Australian Primary Schools - A Cause for Concern T ransfer to the Publications Page for a listing of other reports and publications. Fellow's Private Area Fellows should enter the password to access this section of the web site.

    98. Homepage
    access to Central writings of social scientists on the topic of sustainability Communityorganizations working toward sustainable development Case studies of
    the Washington State University Sustainable Development Sourcebook
    Bridging social and ecological science
    with industrial practice, public policy and community change
    for Sustainability by providing access to:
    Central writings of social scientists on the topic of sustainability
    Community organizations working toward sustainable development
    Case studies of sustainable development in practice around the world
    Welcome and Guide Earth WISE Sourcebook Menu
    International Case Studies Alpha-bibliography ... About Us
    the WSU Sustainable Development Sourcebook! Earth WISE consists of a bibliography and selected abstracts of academic writings exploring a range of social and ecological science perspectives on sustainable development. This compilation attempts to integrate the social, cultural, economic and ecological dimensions of sustainability, giving special attention to the human causes of environmental impacts, the social organization of sustainability and the equity of sustainable development. Our goal is to assist educators, students, business leaders, elected officials, public administrators and other community members in understanding the topic of sustainability. It is our hope that this increased understanding will promote well-informed, sustainable and equitable policies in both the private and public sectors. Earth WISE is a working bibliograpy, and is continuously in the process of being updated. We welcome your comments in this effort.

    99. Education For Sustainability - Table Of Contents
    education for sustainability an agenda for action. the Environment, a demonstrationproject of the President's Council on sustainable development, held at the
    an agenda for action
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 A Program for Change

    Chapter 2 Formal Education
    • Action 1 ...
      Acknowledgments and Contributors

      This report is the product of work initiated at the "National Forum on Partnerships Supporting Education about the Environment," a demonstration project of the President's Council on Sustainable Development, held at the Presidio, San Francisco, California, in the fall of 1994.
      Many private, nonprofit, and government sector organizations participated actively in developing the recommendations in this Agenda for Action . The recommendations and proposed initiatives do not necessarily reflect Administration policy or specific views of any single contributor.
      For sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office
      Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washingon, DC 20402-9328 ISBN 0-16-048783-8 Go to Introduction

    100. Sustainable Development
    sustainable development Wanted scientists for sustainability TOM CLARKE Few observersexpect much political progress at next week's summit on sustainable

    News, views and information about science, technology and the developing world

    22 August 2002
    Science and Sustainable Development
    Ten years on from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of international policy makers gathered in Johannesburg between August 26 and September 4 at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development. Politicians, scientists and pressure groups attempted to set out plans to counter the current global trend: that environmental degradation is the price to be paid for prosperity. Issues high on the agenda included depletion of fresh-water reserves, population growth, the use of unsustainable energy sources, food security, habitat loss and global health - all addressed in the context of social justice in balance with environmental sustainability. Science is no longer on the fringes in attempting to solve these problems. Unlike Rio in 1992, consultation with researchers from a host of relevant disciplines was widely sought during the summit's preparatory meetings, and organisations such as the Paris-based International Council for Science have been asked to submit formal contributions to the summit. Over the past few years

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