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         Topology:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Topology: Third Edition by Bert Mendelson, 1990-07-01
  2. Counterexamples in Topology by Lynn Arthur Steen, J. Arthur Seebach Jr., 1995-09-22
  3. Topology (2nd Edition) by James Munkres, 2000-01-07
  4. Introduction to Topology: Second Edition by Theodore W. Gamelin, Robert Everist Greene, 1999-02-16
  5. Schaum's Outline of General Topology by Seymour Lipschutz, 1968-06-01
  6. Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, 2001-11-15
  7. Computational Topology by Herbert Edelsbrunner and John L. Harer, 2009-12-08
  8. Differential Topology (AMS Chelsea Publishing) by Victor Guillemin, Alan Pollack, 2010-08-16
  9. General Topology by Stephen Willard, 2004-02-27
  10. Basic Topology (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by M.A. Armstrong, 2010-11-02
  11. Euler's Gem: The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology by David S. Richeson, 2008-09-08
  12. Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint by John Willard Milnor, 1997-11-24
  13. Topology by John G. Hocking, Gail S. Young, 1988-06-01
  14. Essential Topology (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) by Martin D. Crossley, 2005-07-01

1. Topology Atlas
Preprints, abstracts, calendar, links, other resources.
Topology Atlas is a publisher of information related to topology. What's New
new features, new documents, news Search and List
search or list our database Preprints
preprints, surveys, other archives Abstracts
research notices, books, articles, conferences Invited Contributions
short surveys of specialized topics
journals published by Topology Atlas and others Who's Who
homepages, groups, obituaries, photos, news Conferences and Seminars
a conference calendar, seminars Questions
research questions and answers, open forum Topics
other topological topic websites Education Topology course resources TopCom a magazine for the community of topologists Employment employer and candidate notices, other resources Submissions forms, instructions About Topology Atlas what we do and who we are Mail: URL: Topology Atlas

2. Geometry And Topology
A fully refereed international journal dealing with all aspects of geometry and topology and their Category Science Math topology Journals......

3. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Topology
In the Mathematics Archives at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Topics in Mathematics Topology

4. Links To Low-dimensional Topology
Provides a collection of links to sites about topology. Includes a photo gallery and details about seminars and activities. to act as a convenient source of pointers to topologyrelated sites, including archives and conference announcements.
Links to low-dimensional topology
Any comments/suggestions? Send them to me! Enter your comments here:
Most recent additions: hard to say, I've stopped keeping track... This page was getting just a little too large, so I've cut it into pieces. General Conferences Pages of Links Knot Theory ... Home pages

5. Crystallographic Topology
The topology of Crystallographic Groups and Simple Crystal Structures Crystallographic topology 101 A Tutorial / Virtual Course Page last revised Thursday, 04-Nov-1999 132230 EST
Crystallographic Topology
The Topology of Crystallographic Groups
and Simple Crystal Structures
Carroll K. Johnson
Michael N. Burnett
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Australian Mirror Site UK Mirror Site Preprints and Presentations Crystallographic Topology 101 - A Tutorial / Virtual Course Orbifold Atlas under construction
Cubic Space Group Orbifolds
What's New (Mar. 15, 1999)
Colleagues and Their Abstracts
Related Web Sites ... ORTEP-III Computer Program Send comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to: Oak Ridge National Laboratory Home Page Page last revised: Thursday, 04-Nov-1999 13:22:30 EST

6. Topology Atlas: Preprints
Preprints. topology Atlas maintains a preprint server. However, we dostill accept submissions to the topology Atlas preprint server.
Topology Atlas What's New Search and List
Topology Atlas maintains a preprint server. Our preprint server was most active in 1996 and 1997 and nearly all of our preprints have been published elsewhere by now. We suggest that you use the Mathematics Archive ( or its Front ) for distributing and finding preprints. However, we do still accept submissions to the Topology Atlas preprint server. Upon request, we can help you archive all your TeX files in the Mathematics Archive.
Topology Atlas Preprints
recent preprints
preprints sorted by date author , or title
survey articles
Other preprint archives
Front for the Mathematics ArXiv of the e-Print archive
Groups, Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive by Dave Benson
Hopf Topology Archive by Clarence Wilkerson
Topology Atlas

7. ScienceDirect - Topology - List Of Issues
Similar pages Similar pages More results from Hopf topology Archive, Revised VersionHopf topology Archive. Welcome to the Hopf topology Archive! Seminars at Purdue.Algebraic topology Discussion Group Archives maintained by Don Davis.
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8. Allen Hatcher's Homepage
Basic core material along with a number of optional topics of a relatively elementary nature by Allen Hatcher. PDF and Postscript.
Allen Hatcher
Office: 553 Malott Hall
Phone: (607)-255-4091
On This Webpage: Book Projects: Papers Book Projects Real and Imaginary
Algebraic Topology
In an excess of youthful enthusiasm in the late 1980's I started writing an algebraic topology book with the ambitious goal of covering all the basics while yet remaining readable by newcomers seeing the subject for the first time. As the magnitude of the task gradually became apparent, the end of the book receded farther and farther into the distance. Eventually the book split into two volumes, then three. The first volume, which is now finished, contains the basic core material along with a number of optional topics of a relatively elementary nature. The other two volumes, which are largely independent of each other, are provisionally titled "Vector Bundles and K-Theory" and "Spectral Sequences in Algebraic Topology." These are only partially written see below. To find out more about the first book or to download it in electronic form, follow this link to the download page
Vector Bundles and K-Theory
The plan is for this to be a fairly short book focusing on topological K-theory and containing also the necessary background material on vector bundles and characteristic classes. For further information, and to download the part of the book that is written, go to

9. Geometry/Topology Address Book
Edition 08.98.R1 (August 14, 1998).
From nicas@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA Fri Aug 14 09:32 EDT 1998 Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:33:01 -0400 (EDT) From: Andrew Nicas

10. [hep-th/9709135] Topology And Physics-a Historical Essay
An essay by C. Nash on the historical connection between topology and physics.
High Energy Physics - Theory, abstract
Topology and physics-a historical essay
Author: C. Nash
High Energy Physics - Theory; Algebraic Geometry; Differential Geometry; Quantum Algebra
This is an article on the interaction between topology and physics which will appear in 1998 in a book called: A History of Topology, edited by Ioan James and published by Elsevier-North Holland.
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11. Topology Glossary
Definitions of over 100 terms in topology.Category Science Math topology......topology Glossary Mainly extracted from (a) UC Davis MathProfile Glossary ( http// by Greg Kuperberg ( http//www

12. Quantum Topology
The objective of the Project are to use topological quantum field theories to explore lowdimensional topological objects. The field theories to be used are combinatorially and algebraically defined, and the emphasis is on numerical computation and detection of counterexamples rather than general structure.
algebra and topology
since 1989.
Partially supported by the National Science Foundation
Project overview

Frank Quinn

Ivelina Bobtcheva
... Summer research team Jacob Siehler Susan Schmoyer Micah Chrisman Currently inactive. We have discontinued our computational work and are concentrating on abstract results. Please see our individual web pages or the ArXive for current papers. Documents Guide to the project, including goals, conjectures, and open problems; abstract frameworks for modular topological field theories and categorical constructions; algorithms for computing in representations of Lie algebras; a setting for numerical computation in symmetric and tortile categories; progress reports on analysis of field theories. Categories Software implementing structure functions of tortile categories; data files for mod p (Gelfand-Kazhdan) categories and root-of-unity quantum group categories defined using small primes and Lie algebras of modest rank. 2-d Fields Software implementing topological field theories on 2-dimensional CW complexes, particularly with two 1-cells; data files for fields defined with Gelfand-Kazhdan categories.

13. Market Topology
Market topology provides a advanced visualization of the stock markets.

14. British Topology Home Page
A source of pointers to topology-related sites, including archives and conference announcements.Category Science Math topology......The British topology Home Page. Andrew Baker (email) Topologists' HomePages includes the Database of Topologists; topology Photo Gallery;
Number of non-local hits since 26 August 1997
The British Topology Home Page
Rotating Immortality - a Möbius Band in the form of a Trefoil Knot by John Robinson with graphics by Ronnie Brown and Cara Quinton. Borrowed from `Symbolic Sculptures and Mathematics' This site is intended to act as a convenient source of pointers to Topology-related sites, including archives and conference announcements. It is not intended to be part of a British archive as such, but pointers to useful sites will be included to form a `nonlocalised' archive. Although intended mainly for British and general European use, it will include references to other parts of the world. To have items included, either email them to me or (preferably) send addresses of existing web documents. Conference notices and other items with a finite lifetime will normally be removed when the advertised events have occurred. Please let me know of any errors or links that you would like to see included. I would be grateful for comments on the structure and contents of this site. Anyone wishing to set up and maintain a subsidiary page of this site is encouraged to do so. Andrew Baker email
The cyclist's guide to the Klein bottle

15. Lehigh University Geometry And Topology Conference
On-line registration. Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA; 1416 June 2001.Category Science Math Geometry Events Past Events......Lehigh University Geometry and topology Conference. Dates June 1214,2003. The conference will start at 1100 am on Thursday, June 12.
Lehigh University Geometry and Topology Conference
Dates: June 12-14, 2003 The conference will start at 11:00 am on Thursday, June 12. The first talk will be at 1:30 Thursday, and the last talk will end at 3:25 Saturday, June 14.
Principal Speakers
  • Jeff Cheeger, Courant Institute, NYU
  • Ruth Lawrence, Hebrew University
  • Doug Ravenel, University of Rochester
  • Vladimir Voevodsky, Institute for Advanced Study
  • TBA,
Previous Principal Speakers
All principal talks will be in Neville Hall, Auditorium II. In addition, there will be parallel sessions of 40-minute contributed talks, divided roughly into Differential and Complex Geometry, Algebraic Topology, and Geometric Topology. These talks will take place in the Seely G. Mudd building, next to Neville. Breakfast will be provided Friday and Saturday mornings, and lunch will be provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday noons. Dinner will be the only meal not provided gratis. On Thursday, expeditions to nearby restaurants will be arranged, followed by a party. On Friday there will be a Chinese banquet at a cost of $30. More information will be available at this site as it becomes available. Please check back from time to time.

16. Algebraic & Geometric Topology
Fully refereed electronic journal. Free. Papers also deposited in the ArXiv.Category Science Math topology Journals......

17. Algebraic Topology Discussion List
The primary functions of this list are providing abstracts of papers posted to the Hopf archive, Category Science Math topology......Algebraic topology Discussion List. This topology. This website also servesas an archive of links to websites related to algebraic topology.
Algebraic Topology Discussion List
This list is maintained by Don Davis. To subscribe or unsubscribe or post a message for the list, send e-mail to The primary functions of this list are the first three items listed below: providing abstracts of papers posted to the Hopf archive, providing information about topology conferences, and serving as a forum for topics related to algebraic topology. This website also serves as an archive of links to websites related to algebraic topology. As a new service for the nonspecialist, we have an

18. Geometric Group Theory
Information and resources about geometric group theory and lowdimensional topology. People, groups, meetings, links.
Home People Organizations Conferences ... Resources
Geometric Group Theory
The Geometric Group Theory Page provides information and resources about geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology, although the links sometimes stray into neighboring fields. This page is meant to help students, scholars, and interested laypersons orient themselves to this large and ever-expanding body of work. Click below for information about the following areas:
: Names and web pages of geometric group theorists around the world
: Institutions where geometric group theory is studied, as well as general mathematical organizations
: Links to conferences about or related to geometric group theory
: Journals, publishers, and preprint servers of interest to members of the field
: Problem lists, software systems, and miscellaneous links related to geometric group theory
People Organizations Conferences ... Resources Please send comments about this page to Jon McCammond at
Last Modified on 18/Mar/03

19. British Topology Meetings
Past and future British topology Meetings, compiled by Andrew Ranicki and Francis Clarke.Category Science Math topology Events......British topology Meetings. This is a (possibly incomplete) list of past and futureBritish topology Meetings, compiled by Andrew Ranicki and Francis Clarke.
British Topology Meetings
This is a (possibly incomplete) list of past and future British Topology Meetings, compiled by Andrew Ranicki and Francis Clarke. If you can supply missing information or if you have any interesting photos or other archival material, please contact me
Future meetings planned
Past meetings
  • 17th BTM: Leicester 5-6 April 2002 16th BTM: April 2001, Edinburgh Everyone on Arthur's Seat 15th BTM: April 2000, Sheffield 14th BTM: April 1999, Swansea 13th BTM: April 1998, Aberdeen 12th BTM: April 1997, Oxford 11th BTM: September 1996, Leicester 10th BTM: September 1995, Glasgow 9th BTM: September 1994, Southampton 8th BTM: September 1993, Sheffield 7th BTM: September 1992, Q. M. W. London 6th BTM: September 1991, Aberdeen 5th BTM: September 1990, Liverpool 4th BTM: September 1989, Bangor 3rd BTM: September 1988, Manchester 2nd BTM: January 1987, Warwick 1st BTM: May 1985, Edinburgh 0th BTM: ? 1981, Edinburgh -1st BTM: June 1978, Oxford -2nd BTM: July 1975, Oxford

20. [gr-qc/9605010] Cosmic Topology
General relativity does not allow one to specify the topology of space, leaving the possibility that space is multi rather than simply- connected. This paper reviews the mathematical properties of multi-connected spaces, and the different tools to classify them and to analyse their properties.
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, abstract
From: Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 09:57:41 +0002 (300kb) Date (revised): Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:32:59 GMT
Cosmic Topology
Authors: M. Lachieze-Rey J.P.Luminet (2) ((1) CE-Saclay/Service d'Astrophysique, (2) Observatoire de Meudon/DARC)
Comments: 159 pages, LaTeX format, 32 figures available on request; v2 : all postscript figures added
Journal-ref: Physics Reports 254 (1995) 135-214
Full-text: PostScript PDF , or Other formats
References and citations for this submission:
(refers to , cited by , arXiv reformatted);
(autonomous citation navigation and analysis)
Links to: arXiv gr-qc find abs

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