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         Visual Anthropology:     more books (101)
  1. Viewpoints: Visual Anthropologists at Work
  2. Visual Impact: Culture and the Meaning of Images by Terence Wright, 2009-01-15
  3. Media Anthropology
  4. Handbook of Visual Analysis
  5. Cinema e antropologia: Horizontes e caminhos da antropologia visual (Portuguese Edition)
  6. Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction by JAMES ELKINS, 2003-08-08
  7. Visual Anthropology Vol.2, No.1 by Jay (editor) Ruby, 1989
  8. Material Conflicts: Parades and Visual Displays in Northern Ireland (Explorations in Anthropology) by Neil Jarman, 1997-05-01
  9. Principles of Visual Anthropology. by Paul (ed). Hockings, 1975
  10. Visual Anthropology: Margaret Mead
  11. Researching the Visual: Images, Objects, Contexts and Interactions in Social and Cultural Inquiry (Introducing Qualitative Methods series) by Dr Michael J Emmison, Dr Philip D Smith, 2000-05-02
  12. Doing Visual Research with Children and Young People
  13. Visual Research Methods (SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods series)
  14. La antropologia visual/ Visual anthropology (La Mirada Cualitativa) (Spanish Edition) by Ana Mercedes Martinez Perez, 2009-03-30

41. Social And Visual Anthropology - Full Postgraduate Prospectus
The Manchester Department. MA and Postgraduate Diploma in Social Anthropology. MAin Social Anthropology (visual anthropology Pathway). MA in visual anthropology.

42. Visual Anthropology Review
Official publication of the Society for visual anthropology. Includes subscription information and tables of contents from all issues.
Click HERE for a non-frame version.

43. EAIVA East Asia Institute Of Visual Anthropology
The EAIVA is the first Institute of visual anthropology established inAsia. Since its foundation in 1999 it has successfully influenced
The EAIVA is the first Institute of Visual Anthropology established in Asia Since its foundation in 1999 it has successfully influenced the evolving landscape of Visual Anthropology not only in China, but also on an international scale. At the EAIVA we are creating the scientific basis for a deeper understanding of Visual Anthropology for mainstream anthropology, and discuss the role of Visual Anthropology in a world of images. We see the future of Visual Anthropology not only confined to the production of so-called ethnographic or anthropological film. A fertile and theoretically promising Visual Anthropology should open itself up to the concept of the Anthropology of the Visual and should finally also include concepts developed in the Anthropology of the Senses. The EAIVA is developing into an international research centre able to accommodate short and long-term research projects whose focus is on Visual Anthropology and Yunnan Province.

44. Origins Of Visual Anthropology - Conference
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45. EASA - Visual Anthropology Organisations
European Association of Social Anthropologists visual anthropology Network.Representatives Study Group of visual anthropology (Münster). Muenster
European Association of Social Anthropologists
Visual Anthropology Network
Representatives of national sub-networks Europe
European Documentary Network (EDN)



Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm e.V. (a.g.dok.)

Arbeitsbereich Kultur und Gesellschaft

Great Britain
Teh Vega Science Trust

Hungary Hungarian Ethnographic Society Photo and Film Section Netherlands SAVAN Nordic Countries NAFA Nordic Anthropological Film Association Romania Foundation of Visual Anthropology
European Documentary Network (EDN)
contact person: Tue Steen Mueller, Anita Reher adress: Skindergade 29A,4, DK-1159 Copenhagen K, Denmark phone: fax: email: URL:
Photons is a multidisciplinary research network on the theme of photography. It was created in 1996 and atempts at promoting research activities on the various aspects of the local production and consumption of photographic images in Africa, Asia, Latin-America etc. General objectives are to identify, locate and put into contact all people engaged in this field (scholars, teachers, students, museum curators, practioners) as well as to collect and circulate relevant infomration on publications, conderences, films, exhibits, research reports, archives, funding and problems of conversation. These informations are circulated in the form of an annual Newsletter. Since february 1999, the second edtiiton of Photons (photons No. 2 - Winnter 1999) is available on-line. contact person: Jean-Francois Werner (ORSTOM, Bondy) Tobias Wendl (University of Cologne)

46. Visual Anthropology HOME
New Digital Media in visual anthropology expectations challenges. It would be ratherdepressing to lecture on visual anthropology without using any visuals.

New Digital Media in Visual Anthropology
why am I doing it like this?
1. This lecture is not going to be a history of visual anthropology through the ages from the first picture to most recent documentary. Other lecturers are planning to address some of the historical issues, and the rest can be found in the reading list to this course or the specific bibliography for this lecture. I want to dive straight into concerns that are motivating anthropologists at present. 2. My lecture is experimental: I want to try using the medium to articulate the message , and then see whether it works. It would be rather depressing to lecture on visual anthropology without using any visuals. Feedback is gratefully appreciated, and you are all encouraged to send me emails with further questions or comments: 3. I want to try integrating visuals and text in this lecture without using overheads, slides, handouts or Microsoft PowerPoint, so I have opted for an HTML interface which will provide the structure for me to talk around. 4. This lecture will address the pros and cons of new digital technologies.

47. VISAN studio Of Visual Anthropology, Tomsk
Anthropology photos by Andrei Filtchenko. A slideshow format.Category Science Social Sciences visual anthropology......VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk. 11/06/99. Click here to start.Table of Contents. 1 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk.
VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk
Click here to start
Table of Contents
1 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk 2 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk 3 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk 4 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk ... 15 VISAN studio of visual anthropology, Tomsk Author: Andrei Filtchenko Email: Home Page:

RETHINKING visual anthropology CoEdited by Marcus Banks Howard Morphy1997 Anthropology 320 pp. Rethinking visual anthropology.
Co-Edited by Marcus Banks
Howard Morphy 1997 Anthropology
320 pp. 90 illus., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
Cloth ISBN 0-300-06691-0
Rethinking Visual Anthropology Edited by Marcus Banks and Howard Morphy For many years the field of visual anthropology has been dominated by a focus on the production and study of ethnographic film, leading many anthropologists to dismiss it as of little importance to their work. This book shows that the scope of visual anthropology is far broader, encompassing the analysis of still photography, television, electronic representation, art, ritual, and material culture. Because anthropology involves the representation of one culture or segment of society to another, say the authors, an understanding of the nature of representational processes across cultures is essential. This book brings together essays by leading anthropologists that cover an entire range of visual representation, from Balinese television to computer software manuals. Contributors discuss the anthropology of art, the study of landscape, the anthropology of ritual, the anthropology of media and communication, the history of anthropology, and art practice and production. Also included are a wide-ranging introduction and a concluding overview. The book will be of interest to all anthropologistseven those who have never picked up a cameraand also to those concerned with cross-cultural visual representation in the fields of cultural studies, media studies, and communication theory.

49. Antropología Visual - Visual Anthropology
Translate this page Antropología Visual. Ver indice de revista dedicadas al tema. Artículos AntropologíaVisual Por Lic. Elida Moreyra y Prof. José Carlos González.
Ciudad Virtual de Antropología y Arqueología.
Recursos de Investigación
Recibir novedades ...


Arte Rupestre


... Visual Base ANT-ARQ Buscar Inscribase gratis ! Museo Virtual Museo J.Hernández Peru Congreso Virtual (ANT-ARQ) (ANT-ARQ) (Turismo) (ANT-ARQ) NUEVO BIBLIOTECA EVENTOS UNIVERSIDAD ... ARTICULOS
Antropología Visual
Ver indice de revista dedicadas al tema
Antropología Visual
Por Lic. Elida Moreyra y Prof. José Carlos González La Fotografía en el trabajo Etnográfico Por María Carman Antropología Visual en Rosario Focalización y Punto de Vista Por Lic. Elida Moreyra. La construcción de lo Visual en un proceso de integración regional. Diagnóstico de la industria audiovisual en el Mercosur Por Oscar Cardoso, Elena Firpi, Claudio Lobeto, Roberto Trejo Por Cristina Cajaraville
Antropologia nas novas tecnologias: o projeto do Banco de Imagens e Efeitos Visuais em Porto Alegre/RS/Brasil
Por Ana Luiza Carvalho da ROCHA e Cornelia ECKERT Lavagem do Bonfim: Tradições e Representações da Fé na Bahia.

50. WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology: Specialized Fields: Visual Anthropology
visual anthropology. SubCategories Rate It! - Review It! - Send Link! 5. Sightsvisual anthropology Forum 0.00 (Added Jan. 17, 2001 Modified Jan.
This site uses javascript. Please turn it on. Careers Forum Library Members ... Contact Us Enter Keywords: All Categories This Category ONLY Advanced Search Search Tips FAQs Help ... Specialized Fields Visual Anthropology Sub-Categories: Documentaries


Research Projects
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Links: Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications + Hypermedia
Added: Jan. 17, 2001 Modified: Jan. 17, 2001 Hits: Votes: Rating:
Features essays and visual art.
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Nominate It! Rate It! ... DocuSeek: Film and Video Finder Added: Jan. 20, 2001 Modified: Jan. 02, 2003 Hits: Votes: Rating: DocuSeek is a search site for independent documentary, social issue, and educational videos. DocuSeek allows you to simultaneously search several lead... Found at: See Details about this Link Bookmark It! Rate It! Review It! ... HADDON Added: Jul. 01, 1999 Modified: Jul. 01, 1999 Hits: Votes: Rating: The HADDON catalogue contains records of over 1500 films and lengths of film footage shot between 1895 and 1945. Found at:

51. WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology: Specialized Fields: Visual Anthropology: Publ
Home Specialized Fields visual anthropology Publications. Links1. Ethnologie Heute 0.00 (Added Jul. 02, 1999 Modified Jul.
This site uses javascript. Please turn it on. Careers Forum Library Members ... Contact Us Enter Keywords: All Categories This Category ONLY Advanced Search Search Tips FAQs Help ... Visual Anthropology Publications
Links: Ethnologie Heute
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German journal of ethnomusicology.
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Virtual Snow: The Life and Work of Edmund Snow Carpenter

Added: Jan. 29, 2002 Modified: Jan. 30, 2002 Hits: Votes: Rating:
Resources on the life and work of Edmund Carpenter, including a digital publication of his classic text, Oh What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me!
Found at: See Details about this Link Bookmark It! Nominate It! Rate It! ... Submit your Internet Resource Search for Specialized Fields: Visual Anthropology: Publications at Amazon DogPile Google Liszt ... Member of Anthro TECH's Banner Exchange Anthro TECH, L.L.C WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology maintained by Anthro TECH . The WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology is part of the WWW Virtual Library

52. I.U.A.E.S. - Visual Anthropology
17. Commission on visual anthropology. Chairman The Second InternationalConference of visual anthropology. Lanzhou 2002.
17. Commission on Visual Anthropology Chairman: Dr. Rolf Husmann
Nonnenstieg 72
D-37075 Goettingen
GERMANY Tel: 49 551 5024164
Fax: 49 551 5024403 email: website: CVA Network CIRCULAR No. 6 by Rolf Husmann IWF Knowledge and Media Göttingen
Göttingen, 21 September 2002
Dear friends and colleagues, after a rather long summer break I am sending you today another of the CVA circulars, this time focussing on the main event of the commission für the year 2003, namely the ICAES in Florence. But there are also a few other items added so that some more information can be spread
  • URGENT CALL FOR PAPERS AND FILMS for the ICAES in Florence, 5-12 July, 2003
  • Latest information on the postponement of the Film Festival in NUORO, Sardinia, Ityly
  • Obituaries for ALAN LOMAX and LORNA MARSHALL
  • Request by Peter Crawford on Visual Anthropology and Sport
  • A new book on "Forest of Bliss"
  • Announcement of the Sithengi festival in Cape Town, South Africa, 9-16 November 2002
  • 53. Visual Anthropology Review
    visual anthropology Review. visual anthropology Review is also availableby subscription at Subscription Information (Subscription rates).

    54. The Society For Visual Anthropology
    The Society for visual anthropology. Sarah Quick. Each year there are awards of excellence,.Back to top. A Brief History of the Society for visual anthropology.
    The Society for Visual Anthropology Sarah Quick Focus and Goals : To foster and support a broad range of approaches in visual research. Organization Website: Total Membership in 1999: 515 Type of Organization: Interdisciplinary outside and within anthropology; academic and educational Essential Information Date founded: Newsletter or Journal: Visual Anthropology Review Annual Membership fees if already an AAA member
    Professional: $25.00
    Student: $15.00 Affiliation with other groups:
    SVA is a section within the American Anthropological Association. Listserve or other internet resources:
    Documentary Educational Resources:

    UR-List on Visual Anthropology:

    Visual Anthropology Review:

    Jay Ruby's home page with many links: Contact Address: AAA Member Services 4350 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 640

    55. M.Sc. Visual Anthropology
    M.Sc. visual anthropology. in visual anthropology, and applicationsare invited from students to commence study in October 2002.
    Applications invited for October 2003 Visual Anthropology has been taught as an option course at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (ISCA) and the Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM) for over ten years, initially for what is now the M.Sc. / M.Phil. in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, then for the undergraduate Archaeology and Anthropology degree and finally for what is now the M.Sc. / M.Phil. in Social Anthropology. Building upon this strength ISCA now offers a full M.Sc. in Visual Anthropology, and applications are invited from students to commence study in October 2002. The degree aims to provide students who have a strong background in social anthropology (or equivalent) with a thorough training in the theories and methods of visual anthropological research, in preparation for planned doctoral research or to gain employment in areas such as museum and visual archive work, or media research. Course Structure and Content The emphasis of the degree is upon the interpretation of images in their social context. This includes the historical and contemporary use of visual media by anthropologists and others, and the creation and use of visual systems within societies themselves. Through classes, lectures and some limited practical work, students learn to see the role visual systems play in the representation of anthropological knowledge and - just as importantly - the role visual systems play in the societies that anthropologists study. There is a particular emphasis on colonial image production and consumption, and the 'life' of images in the archive and museum, drawing upon current research at Oxford in this area.

    visual anthropology. I was doing photography Carleton University. Centerfor visual anthropology A good place to start off! - Fixing Shadows
    I was doing photography "professionally" at age 14 with a home darkroom and my trusty Yashica "D." At 17 I opened our second photographic studio with a partner. By age twenty I was running the business on my own and was still in love with photography. It was clear by then though that I couldn't realize my ambition to go to university while running a business so I decided to close the studio and study full-time. My interest in photography merged with a fascination for visual anthropology and I was delighted to discover, when I joined the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton that I would get to teach visual anthropology (54.317) once in a while. I'll be offering this course in 1997-98 (Professor Bruce Cox often offers this course too). This page is very much under construction but here are a few links to get on with. Our Visual Anthropology Course This is the 54.317 course taught by either Professor Bruce Cox or myself in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.
    Center for Visual Anthropology
    A good place to start off!

    visual anthropology 54.317. Instructor Brian J. Given Telephone 520-2600ext. 3571 Office B745 Loeb Email Office Hours Tues.
    VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY Instructor: Brian J. Given
    Telephone: 520-2600 ext. 3571
    Office: B745 Loeb
    Office Hours: Tues. 3:00 - 5:00
    2001/2002 Fall Term, films, lectures and discussion: Tuesdays 11:30-2:30 at Loeb A-720
    N.B: This course outline lives on my Web site ( If you are reading this in hardcopy please note that some of the underlined passages are active links which will lead the Web user to further information. PLEASE CHECK THE COURSE NEWSGROUP WEEKLY FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS AND DISCUSSION In part, this is an ethnographic film course, tracing the development of this important anthropological medium from its earliest roots to the present. Visual anthropology is by no means limited the ethnographic film but rather includes the study of the full range of media and the relationship between media and culture. We will pay attention to still photography, advertising, propaganda and issues of visual discourse and the Internet environment, for example. The course is also, to some extent, about central methodological and theoretical issues in anthropology. Student Assignments and Evaluation
    1. Each student is asked to prepare a written paper or a multimedia project. This assignment is weighted at 50% of the course grade. Please note that students' multimedia projects usually are not self-explanatory at the level of anthropological theory so they usually require an explanation in the form of a short essay which places your work in the context of the course materials.

    58. Visual Anthropology
    visual anthropology. Norsk visual anthropology. Anthropology has alwaysbeen visual. Anthropology is about seeing and discovering

    59. Institut Für Völkerkunde
    Translate this page The visual anthropology branch of the Institut für Völkerkunde / Universityof Cologne. Courses, literature, www-publication, projects

    Visuelle Ethnologie,

    was ist das ?

    Englische Einführung von Jay Ruby
    What is Visual Anthropology anyway?

    Introduction by Jay Ruby
    [comment on our pages]
    [sitemap] Aktuell:
    Treffen der AG am Freitag, 19.11., 19h im Videoraum [Institut für Völkerkunde] Autor: Robert Rausch 17. November 1999

    60. Visual Anthropology / Links
    Translate this page Swiss (french) visual anthropology. Filmfestival, Aufbaustudium (MAvisual anthropology) und Infos über visuelle Anthopologie.
    last update:
    17.Mai 1999 Universitäre Einrichtungen weltweit
    University Departments worldwide
    Institutionen / Gesellschaften

    Institutions / Societies
    Initiativen / Projekte

    Initiatives / Projects
    Archive (Film / Photo)

    Materielle Bücher

    Library / Publisher / Bookstore Virtuelle Bücher e-liter@ture Kurse Courses Personen Poeple Internet Quellen Internet sources Regionale Studien Regional Studies
    "Australian National University, Canberra" Programm in Visual Research. Mac Dougall, Pinney, et. al. "Ästhetik, Pragmatik und Geschichte der Bildschirmmedien" DFG Sonderforschungsbereich 240 an der Uni-GH Siegen. Online Publikationen und online bestellbare Schriften. Special Research Department of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft". Online texts and publications to order.

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