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  1. Nouveaux contes by Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, et all 1996-11-26

41. I1535: Virginia Elizabeth AMSLER (13 AUG 1895 - 4 MAR 1997)
Virginia Elizabeth amsler. 13 AUG 1895 4 MAR 1997. BIRTH 13 AUG 1895 StandardTime. Betsy SAGER. - . Father jacob SAGER _jacob
Virginia Elizabeth AMSLER
13 AUG 1895 - 4 MAR 1997
  • BIRTH : 13 AUG 1895, Knox, Clarion, PA
  • DEATH : 4 MAR 1997, Memphis, Shelby, TN
Family 1 Harry Emmet MCKINLEY
  • MARRIAGE : 2 MAY 1920, Oil City, Venango, PA
  • Ronald Amsler MCKINLEY
  • Kathleen Elizabeth MCKINLEY
  • Arnold Clair MCKINLEY
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    Herbert Wayne BOLES
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    Stuart McKenzie CONNER
    This person is presumed living. INDEX
    James DAVIS
    • BIRTH : NY
    Family 1
  • Elizabeth M. DAVIS INDEX
    • DATA Shows Elizabeth's (Libbie) father born in NY.
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    Emily Claire EDWARDS
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    Patrick GOGGIN
    Father: William GOGGIN
    Mother: Joyce Ellen KOEHL
    Patrick GOGGIN
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    William HOYT
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  • 42. LA-Ships
    F. 19 Suisse. 328 Schmidt Samuel 24 Suisse. 329 Rathgerb jacob 23 Suisse. 330*Spath Paul 25 Suisse. 331 amsler Lorenz 42 Suisse. 332 amsler Madelaine 34 Suisse.
    No. 93 Hunzinger, Elise Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild Ship Henry Pratt Havre, France to New Orleans 1 May 1854 DISTRICT OF NEW-ORLEANSPORT OF NEW-ORLEANS I, Ma?her Master or Commander of the Ship Henry Pratt do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear, that the within list, signed by me, and now delivered to the Collector of this District, contains the names of all the Passengers taken on board the said Ship at the Port of Havre or at any time since, that all the matters therein set forth are, according to the best of my knowledge and belief, just and true. I do further swear, that * of the said passengers have died on the voyage. Sworn before me, this 1st day of May 1854 (signed)Bnj. Ma?her (signed)J M Hunt COLLECTOR MANIFEST Of PASSENGERS arrived on the 30th day of April 1854 at the Port of New Orleans State of Louisiana, on board of Ship Henry Pratt of New York from Havre of which Ma?her was Master for said voyage; said vessel being owned by R. F. C. Hartley of New York and consigned to T. C. Jenkins of New Orleans Columns represent Name, Age, Occupation, Nation or Birth-Place, Sex and Where

    43. Clarion County, PA Genealogy Forum
    Re Will of jacob N Alt, Clarion County, PA 1881 christine forker 7/13 Re SPANGLER/ MCKINNEY - Al Telian 1/13/02 Sheetz(Sheatz),amsler,McKissick in Clarion
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    44. Amsden Family Genealogy Forum
    jacob Amity (Amsden) Wheeler Ryan D. Wood 12/17/01 jacob Amsden, Vt Anton amsler-Switzerland- Michelle Redman 6/27/00 CS Amsden - Elizabeth Russman 4/07/00
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    45. CYF Game Results - Week 4
    The Panthers also received strong contributions from jacob Moreland, Ralph Alvarezand Brian On offense he noted the performance of QB Reid amsler playing for Page_00w4-1.htm
    CYF Sunday Sports Page
    Sunday, September 17, 2000 Edition
    For other divisions, please see page 2
    Click here for the photo
    gallery of this week's
    Game of the Week (as available) Flag Division Flag Panthers 21, Chiefs Flag Cowboys 12, Falcons 6 The Cowboys solidified their number 2 spot in the divisional standings with a solid win over the Falcons. The Falcons first touchdown came on a 30-yard run by Tanner Wilson (PAT failed). Zachery Eberhart added another TD on a 60-yard sprint in the second half (PAT failed). With 4:59 left in the fourth quarter, the Falcons threatened a comeback with a touchdown on a 40-yard keeper from QB Jonathan Lasley (78 yards, 1 TD). Cowboys assistant coach Theron Hall complimented the offensive efforts of, aside from those above, OL Alex Briscoe and Wesley Carter, and, on the defensive side, Corey Hall and Beau Carter. (continued in column 2) Flag Division Standings Team W L T PF PA Panthers Cowboys Chiefs Falcons (continued from column 1) Falcon head coach Matt Summers indicated that this game was "definitely the best performance by the defensive unit thus far this season". The defense was led by Austin Anderton and Austin Rodgers, who each saved a TD with key flag pulls. On offense, he noted the efforts of Anderton and OL Trevor Lucky, and was astounded by the Barry Sanders running style of Savon Logan on a 17-yard run.

    46. CYF Game Results - Week 1
    one touchdown each, with jacob Wilks ( 54), Ivan Paz ( 34) and jacob Moreland ( 99 CowboyReid amsler’s ( 31) 5yard sack helped stop the Panthers deep into Page_00w1-1.htm
    CYF Sunday Sports Page
    Sunday, August 27, 2000 Edition
    For other divisions, please see page 2
    Click here for the photo
    gallery of this week's
    Game of the Week (as available) Flag Division Flag Chiefs 25, Falcons 6 Chiefs’ head coach Kurt Calkins praised his team by saying "the whole team played awesome – we did a pretty good job of pulling flags." Atwood and Dudley were singled out for their offensive contributions, whereas Howard (several TD saving flag pulls and sacks) and Justyn Bell (#50) were big contributors on the other side of the ball. Falcons’ head coach Matt Summers found a silver lining in the loss, relating that he was "really happy with the play of the defensive backfield." He offered praise to defensive players Lasley, who produced a 4-yard sack and led the team in flag pulling. He also appreciated the extra efforts of Savon Logan (#22) and Troy Martinez, both of which had TD-saving flag pulls.
    Flag Panthers 35, Cowboys

    47. WebGED: Cande's Corner Data Page
    child amsler, Mark Louis (private) child amsler, Carol Ruth Seibert,Johann jacob (*1716 ) spouse Theiss, Maria Elisabetha (1721 - ) - m. 1739
    previous go to surnames Scholl, Dallas Carl (private)
    father: Scholl, Dallas Rodney (private)
    Goodridge, MaryAmelia Carol (private)
    Riedl, Tina Marie (private)
    - m. 31 May 1980 in San Predro, Los Angeles Co., CA
    Scholl, Aaron Carl (private)
    Scholl, Amy Lynn (private)
    Scholl, Kyle Allen (private) Scholl, Dallas Rodney (private)
    father: Scholl, Frank Andrew(1912 - 1957)
    mother: Ely, Marceline Inabelle(1921 - 1974)
    spouse: Lastname, Ramona (private) spouse: Goodridge, MaryAmelia Carol (private) - m. 23 Oct 1955 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV child: Scholl, Frank Rodney (private) child: Scholl, Dallas Carl (private) child: Scholl, Shelly Renee (private) Scholl, Frank Andrew b. 12 Jun 1912 in Camden, Camden Co., NJ d. 16 Jul 1957 in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA father: Scholl, Frederic August(1883 - 1945) mother: Andrew, Loubelle Robert(1884 - 1957) spouse: Ely, Marceline Inabelle (1921 - 1974) - m. 1936 in Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., CA child: Scholl, Dallas Rodney (private) Scholl, Frank Rodney (private) father: Scholl, Dallas Rodney

    48. McLeod-Magnolia
    w/ James A. BURTON James Talton ALLUMS = Adaline Elizabeth Lena amsler BYRD,Claude Eliza Ellen ROBERTS Jul 189130 Jul 1987 w/ Francis jacob GREEN Sr.
    Connections Magnolia Cemetery
    Leakesville, Greene Co., Ms.
    ** NOTE: **
    This is not a complete list of individuals in this cemetery. The following are from
    my data base and not some other list. The following list is in alphabetical order and
    not from tombstone inscriptions. Additional information added to individuals to include
    spouse, and parents more clearly identifies the individuals. Additional individuals along with, updates of listed individuals to include, completing
    a name, nickname, dates birth/death, spouse, additional spouses, parents, or an obituary of any individual, are most welcome. If you have additional information, please email me. Email address bottom of page. Location: Section 11, Township 2N, Range 6W, Leakesville, Greene Ms. Directions: See > Leakesville Map Notes: NOTE: SURNAME, Given Names [MAIDEN name female] this is the primary individual and is buried here. > This is Parents of the primary individual buried here and may or may not be buried here.

    49. Area
    Mechanical planimeters. These ingenious mechanical devices, invented by the Swissmathematician jacob amsler in 1854, are a source of fascination to many.
    Introduction Determining the areas of irregular objects is a common and important problem. How large is the lake? How large is the drainage basin? What is the surface area of the leaf? What is the area under the peak obtained from a gas chromatograph? How much sealer do I need for the deck? How much sod do I need for my yard?
    Perhaps the most basic examples come from surveying: How do you determine the size of a parcel of land? Many fields are bordered by creeks, rivers, and lakes, thus irregular boundaries occur frequently. The best practical information on measuring area is not found in math books, but in surveying books.
    If you had a map of a lake and wanted to determine its surface area, what would you do? You could xerox the map onto a piece of graph paper and count squares. You could xerox the map and cut out the lake and weigh the paper! What else? If you had to do this type of thing very often, you would probably invest in an electronic or mechanical planimeter. What are these devices, and how do they work?
    Electronic planimetry
    Consider again measuring the area of a lake, given a good map. One could be a little more sophisticated by dividing the lake into geometric objects of known area, other than just squares. For example, one might divide the lake into a combination of squares, rectangles, trapezoids, triangles, etc., and add up the area of all these. Generalizing a little bit more, the boundary can be approximated by an arbitrary number of straight line segments. These form a polygon.

    50. Genealogy Data
    amsler, Lawrence J Gender Male Family Marriage 4 JUN 1894 Spouse Armstrong, SarahEllen Sadie Anne Gender Female Family Spouse Moone, jacob Gender Male
    Genealogy Data
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    Amsler, Lawrence J
    Gender: Male
    Family: Marriage: 4 JUN 1894
    Spouse: Armstrong, Sarah Ellen "Sadie"
    Birth : 1873 Richland Twp., Clarion Co., Pennslyvania, U.S.A.
    Death : 1944 Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Father: Armstrong, Robert A
    Mother: McClain, Lydia
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    Courson, Sylvester
    Gender: Male
    Family: Marriage: 26 APR 1894 in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Spouse: Armstrong, Mary L "Birdie" Birth : APR 1878 Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Death : 14 MAY 1895 Gender: Female Parents: Father: Armstrong, Robert A Mother: McClain, Lydia
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    Shoup, Charles W Gender: Male Family: Marriage: FEB 1899 in Parker City, Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Spouse: Armstrong, Edith L Birth : 4 APR 1883 Perry Twp., Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Gender: Female Parents: Father: Armstrong, Robert A Mother: McClain, Lydia
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    Lucky, Karen Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Fonow, James Birth : living Gender: Male Parents: Father: Fonow, James

    51. Names
    b.1945) Aeberle Francisca (b.1964) Amar Sarah (b.1924) Yaacov amsler Emile Maya(b Cohen Céline (b.1957) David Esther Guillaume (b.1951) Jack jacob Karine (b
    Name Index

    Maya (b.2001)


    Irmgard (b.1945)

    Francisca (b.1964)

    Sarah (b.1924)

    Amsler Emile Maya (b.1946) Aschwanden Marianne (b.1964) Atias David (b.1928) Tsofit (b.1966) Attias Izhak Azoulay Haya Hwouita (b.1909) Baldingen Anna Barak Felix OHANA - Pinhas (b.1935) Liore (b.1980) Nitsan (b.1960) Osnat (b.1964) ... Shlomit (b.1968) Benabar Itzhak Benaderet Ariel Daniel Moti Benaïs Jérémie (b.1967) Yosef Haïm (b.2002) Yvonne Benamor Isaac Reina (b.1932) Benaroch Charles (b.1939) Gabriel (b.1964) Jacqueline (b.1968) Liora (b.1995) ... Yehouda Benchimol Messoda Bendayan Hadra Benezrah Aaron Gay Ricki Sarit Benjio Luna Benoliel Emma Benyesh Sophie Benzaquen Esther (b.1969) Estrella Leon (b.1928) Berudeli Hedy Bestenarove Ora Bitton Benjamin (b.1977) Chalom Charles (b.1991) Jacques (b.1954) ... Yamine (b.1900) Blaufeux Brian Alan (b.1970) Peter Bloch Doris Boiseau Avril (b.1980) Bornstein Osnat (b.1971) Bosch Margrit (b.1941) Bounan Platy Boussidan Joseph (b.1962) Samuel Samuel (b.1997) Simon (b.1997) ... Yehiel (b.2002) Buechli Liliane (b.1948)

    52. Without A Title - TitleLexNord95.bibl. - TitleLexNord96.bibl. - Titlelitter.doc
    Med en Fortale, om det tydske Sprogs og den tydske Litteraturs Værdi for Danskeved M. jacob Baden, forhen Band 40/3, s. 305316; amsler, Robert A. 1980.
    NFL Bibliografi
    • Nordiska studier i lexikografi. Oslo 1991
    • Nordiska studier i lexikografi. Reykjavik 1995
    • LexicoNordica 1-3. 1994-96
    A B C D ... Z
  • A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary. Edited by R. W. Buchfield. I-IV. Oxford 1972-86. Aasen, Ivar 1850: Ordbog over det norske folkesprog. Christiania. [Stundom forkorta A Aasen, Ivar 1873: Norsk Ordbog med dansk Forklaring. Christiania: P. T. Mallings Boghandel. [Fleire fotografiske opptrykk.] Aasen, Ivar 1873: Norsk Ordbog. Christiania: B.T. Ballings Boghandel. [Stundom forkorta A Aasen, Ivar 1925 [1875-77]: Oslo: Norske samlaget. Aasen, Ivar 1957-60: I-III Oslo: Norske samlaget. Aasen, Ivar 1965 [1864]. Norsk Grammatik . Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. Aasen, Ivar. 1850. Norsk Ordbog . Kristiania Aasen, Ivar. 1873. Norsk Ordbog med dansk forklaring . 2. utg. Christiania Aasen, Ivar. 1873. Norsk Ordbog . Christiania. Abrahamsen 1987 = John Abrahamsen: Gads edb ordbog Adelung, Johann Christoph 1774-86: . Leipzig: VEB Bibliographisches Institut. Agricola, Erhard 1962: Languages in Contrast . Lund University Press. Saksa-suomi opiskelusanakirja ('Tysk-finsk studieordbok'). Helsingfors: WSOY 1995.
  • 53. Randers Big Band - Projekter
    Lead John Mahoney, 2nd Jens Oberby, 3rd Eva Thøgersen, (Peter F. Jensby), basstromboneHenri amsler. Rhythmsection Piano jacob Højland, Bass Morten
    Resume in English
    What you need to know:
    Space requirements: Electrical hookups: 220V / 10 A Concert/performance length: one to three sets of approx. 45-min.; other arrangements are possible. Fee: Negotiable. For booking, contact: Henri Amsler Vestergade 6, DK 8900 Randers, Denmark. Telephone: +45 8644 1576 Cell-phone: +45 2146 2974 Fax : +45 8644 0576 E-Mail:
    Musicians in the band
    The musicians in RBB, current as of 1. 9. 2002
    Randers Big Band's repertoire is extensive and eclectic, ranging from time-honored classics from the big band libraries of the Basie, Ellington, and Woody Hermann bands to slightly "newer" compositions by the likes of Thad Jones, Stan Kenton, and Bill Holmann, and including charts by many of today's top arrangers - names like Bob Mintzer, Tom Kubis, Bob Florence and many others. A well-rounded band Randers Big Band is a group of many talents - talents honed in an impressive range of performance situations both in Denmark and abroad. You name it, we've played at it - the band has extensive experience with performing at: festivals, festival/theme weeks, jazz luncheons, big band dances/balls, big birthday bashes, company parties, Christmas gatherings, receptions and, of course traditional big band concerts.
    A look back
    Through the years, Randers Big Band has played at countless music festivals here at home as well as abroad, and the band has brought its swinging show on the road, too, with tours to Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. And in addition to ordinary big band concerts, the band is wont to blow its collective horn at jazz luncheons, big birthday bashes, music festivals, dances/balls, receptions, company parties and - lest we forget, the New Years concert on January 1st , a concert rich in tradition, held each year in Værket Auditorium in Randers. Plus, the band has arranged workshops and performances with a veritable "whoÕs who" of big-name artists from Denmark and abroad.

    54. Polar And Linear Planimeters
    The original polar planimeter was invented in 1854 by jacob amsler,a Swiss mathematician and inventor of many measuring instruments.
    Polar and Linear Planimeters
    How They Are Used How They Work The main working parts of polar and linear planimeters are the same. Each has a rod, called the tracer arm, one end of which is the tracing point T, and a wheel attached to the rod with its axis parallel to the rod. A scale attached to the wheel records how much the wheel turns. Polar Planimeter
    Linear Planimeter The two planimeters differ in the movement of the end of the tracer arm opposite the tracer point. In the linear planimeter, that end is restricted to move along a straight line. The drawing suggests that it runs along a track, but a more common way to cause this motion is to have this end attached to a set of wheels that are fixed to an axis so that the wheels turn together. In the polar planimeter, the end opposite the tracer point is restricted to move along a circle. This is done by making that point the hinge between the tracer arm and a secondary arm, one end of which (the pole) is fixed. The original polar planimeter was invented in 1854 by Jacob Amsler , a Swiss mathematician and inventor of many measuring instruments. It was so much simpler, easier to use, and more accurate than

    1885, Son of Harmon Maggie amsler; ANDREWS, Alice F. 1868 1892, Wife of JE E.CARDER; CARDER, Louisa Died June 7, 1877, 23y 7m 10d, Wife of jacob F. CARDER;
    WorldGenWeb Project
  • YAZLE, James No Dates, Co. G 32nd Ohio Inf., GAR marker Vet Rec. Born 1831 Died Oct. 26, 1893 Civil War Veteran
  • 56. Internet Family Tree
    Alexander UNNAMED Margaret Julia Allen Elizabeth amsler Anna Lizetta Ash Christopher DarstAbraham Abraham Abraham jacob Johann jacob John Susannah Daundy
    B C D ...
    Margaret "Julia"
    Anna Lizetta
    Johann Adam
    Capt. Thomas
    Johann Ulrick
    Mrs Thomas
    Eliza (Elizabeth)
    Ada Florence
    David Henry
    Christian Frederick
    Christian Frederick "Jay Fred"
    Richard Sohn ...
    William Henry
    Rebecca (Summers)
    Mary Constable
    Robert ...
    Maria Catherine
    Abraham Jacob
    Johann Jacob ...
    Arthur Stark
    Eleanor May ...
    Ursula Alice
    Charles C.

    57. I09619 Jacob HEUBERGER (2 Mar 1766 - )
    Translate this page WIDMER _Heinrich HEUBERGER _ _ _Mary amsler _ jacob HEUBERGER _

    58. I16461 Johann Jacob HEUBERGER (2 Apr 1780 - 24 May 1783)
    Translate this page WIDMER _Hans HEUBERGER _ _ _Mary amsler _ Johann jacob HEUBERGER _

    59. Jewish Law Association - Abstracts
    amsler prefers the view that the law revealed to Israel was regarded as Their inspirationcomes from jacob's cryptic comments upon his sons' activities (Gen.
    BIBLICAL LAW S. Amsler, "Amos et les droits de l'homme", in A. Bartal, "Otherwise... When My Lord Shall Sleep with his Fathers I and my Son Solomon Shall be Counted Offenders (1 Kings 1:21)", BM 23 (1978), 433-435, 523-524 (Heb.). - Bathsheba's use of "sinners", in reference to her own and Solomon's presumed status should Adonijah reign is here understood as "legally culpable" and thus deserving of execution. This, however, is not, as most moderns suppose, because they are members of a rival faction and thus - in accord with ancient royal practice - to be done away with, but rather, as perceived by Abrabanel, because they will be considered guilty of particular offences: Bathsheba of adultery and Solomon, as her son, as unfit to rule. Thus, Bathsheba's plea to the dying David is that Solomon may reign, so that her sin - and David's - may remain undisclosed. (B.J.S.) C. M. Carmichael, "Forbidden Mixtures", VT 32 (1982), 394-415. - C. examines the problematic laws prohibiting certain mixtures ( Deut.

    60. European Prints & Drawings- Part 1
    31, No. 4, 1993. Essays in Memory of jacob Bean 19231992. Sm. qto, pgs. wr.taped on, text vg 50.00. Berlin, amsler Ruthardt. Auktion 79.
    CATALOGUE 135 Part I Auction Sales Catalogues of Old Master Drawings and Prints. Each in wrs.; some with price lists. We have numerous catalogues from Christie's and Sotheby's, New York and London from the late 1960's on. Please inquire about specific dates and sales.
  • Ackermann Coll. Dresden, G. Walther Gasch. Auktion 27. Katalog Schoner und Seltener Handzeichnungen und Aquarelle Deutscher, Niederlander, Franzosischer und Italienischer Meister des XV. bis XIX. Jahrhunderts, sowie einige Olgemalde Sammlung Dr. P. Ackermann. Abteilung II. Sale April 27/28, 1911. Sm. qto, 516 works, 50 ills., a few in color and/or half-tone. Wrs. and spine chipped, internally v.g. Either Dr. Ackermann was a true connoisseur or a great optimist. 30.00 Jean Adhemar. Graphic Art of the 18th Century. New York, 1964. 8vo, 254 pgs., 168 ills., 9 col. Cloth, d.w. 40.00 Alexandria, International Exhibitions Foundation. Old Master Drawings from Chatsworth. A Loan Exhibition from the Devonshire Coll., 1987. Qto, 194 pgs., of. ills. Wrs. 20.00 Winslow Ames. Italian Drawings from the 15th to thee 19th Century. Boston, 1963. Sq. 8vo, 142 pgs., 96 plates, many col. Wrs. sl. rubbed. 15.00
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