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         Collingwood Edward:     more books (34)
  1. The question of the initiative, and the course to be pursued in all legislative proceedings, in the House of convocation in ... Oxford, as argued from ... of the other members of the Hebdomadal Baord by Edward Greswell, 1837
  2. Hereditary rank,: An essay, recited in the Theatre, at Oxford, Tuesday, June 28, 1808 ([Oxford. University. Chancellor's prize. English essay) by Charles Edward Grey, 1808
  3. Oxford bibles: An article published in the British magazine for March 1833 by Edward Cardwell, 1833
  4. William Paley: Godfather of Broadcasting by Daniel Alef, 2009-06-14

41. Cobb, Ty To Collinsville. Alphabetic Index To Entries. The Columbia Encyclopedia
collingwood, Cuthbert collingwood, Baron. collingwood, Robin George. collingwood.Collins, Anthony. Collins, edward Trowbridge. Collins, Michael. Collins, Wilkie.
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42. I4077: Brian ATLEY ( - )
_Elizabeth SMITH _Johanna Murray edward BARR _ BIRTH1869, collingwood Melbourne Ref.14619; DEATH 1887, collingwood
Family 1 Lynne Maree GRIGGS
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Edward BARR
  • BIRTH : 1709, Bilsdale End Yorkshire England ®63
  • DEATH : 13 JUL 1796 ®97, Of New House, Bilsdale, Nth Yorkshire, England ®40
  • BURIAL : 14 JUL 1796, Askill Quaker Burial Place At Bilsdale, Yorkshire, Eng ®97
  • OCCUPATION : Yeoman / Farmer/ Husbandman
  • EDUCATION : Literate
  • RELIGION : Quaker Affiliations
Father: Francis BARR
Mother: Catherine HAMILTON
Family 1 Elin
  • MARRIAGE : ABT 1745

  • Thomas BARR
  • William BARR
  • Edward(Coverdale?) BARR
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    Elizabeth BARR
    • BIRTH : 1677, Hawnby Yorkshire England
    • DEATH : AFT 1705
    • OCCUPATION : Named In Fathers Will®42
    Father: Edward BARRE
    Mother: Margaret FLINTOFT
    _Edward BARRE
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    Joan Mary BARR
    Joan Mary BARR INDEX EMAIL HOME HTML created by on Wed Apr 08 14:27:18 1998.
    Murray Edward BARR
    • BIRTH : 1884, Euroa, Victoria, Australia
    • DEATH : 1964, Malvern, Melbourne, Australia Ref.11763
    Father: Edward Francis BARR
    Mother: Jessie MURRAY
    _John BARR
    _James SMITH _Elizabeth SMITH ... HOME HTML created by on Wed Apr 08 14:27:18 1998.
  • 43. Barrie-Collingwood Railway - BCRY/074
    Barriecollingwood Railway - BCRY/074 RAILROAD Barrie-collingwood Railway- A Cando subsiduary BCRY/074 ADDRESS 160 edward Street St.

    44. Abby Edwin Collingwood A5 Sch1 Pg4 Abby Elizabeth Collingwood A5
    Galloway, edward, collingwood, a5, sch1, pg4. Galloway, edward E, collingwood, a5,sch1, pg5. Harris, Dalton, collingwood, a5, sch1, pg5. Harris, edward, collingwood,a5, sch1, pg5.
    Abby Edwin Collingwood Abby Elizabeth Collingwood Abby Mark Collingwood Abby Marquis Collingwood Abby Mary E D Collingwood Abby Priscilla Collingwood Abraham Agness B Collingwood Abraham Ann H Collingwood Abraham Benjeman Collingwood Abraham Helen M Collingwood Abraham Margret Collingwood Abraham Mary R Collingwood Abraham Robert Collingwood Abraham Viola Collingwood Babcock George Collingwood Babcock Howard Collingwood Babcock William Collingwood Beaton Donald Collingwood Beaton Donald Collingwood Beaton Dugald Collingwood Beaton Hugh Collingwood Beaton Isabella Collingwood Beaton Janet Collingwood Beaton John Collingwood Beaton Sarah Collingwood Beaton Sarah Collingwood Brown Annie Collingwood Brown Annie M Collingwood Brown Clara J Collingwood Brown Donald Collingwood Brown Fanny Collingwood Brown Francis Collingwood Brown George C Collingwood Brown Kallie Collingwood Brown Margret J Collingwood Brown Stella Collingwood Cochren Hulda Collingwood Davison William Collingwood Deer Bertha Collingwood Deer Catherine Collingwood Deer David Collingwood Deer George Collingwood Deer Harriet A Collingwood Deer John Collingwood Deer Lauchlan Collingwood Deer Mary C Collingwood Draper Eli Collingwood Galloway Alma J Collingwood Galloway Annie B Collingwood Galloway Blanche E Collingwood Galloway Charles H Collingwood Galloway Edward Collingwood Galloway Edward E Collingwood Galloway Euphemia Collingwood Galloway Florence E Collingwood Galloway Frances M Collingwood Galloway Francis Collingwood Galloway Francis M Collingwood Galloway Ivon H Collingwood Galloway James K Collingwood Galloway James P Collingwood Galloway John Collingwood Galloway John E Collingwood Galloway

    45. Wright Thomas Collingwood A5 Sch1 Pg1 Wright Joan Collingwood A5
    Shaw, edward, collingwood, a5, sch1, pg3. Wright, John, collingwood, a5, sch1,pg3. Galloway, edward, collingwood, a5, sch1, pg4. Galloway, Maria, collingwood,a5, sch1, pg4.
    Wright Thomas Collingwood Wright Joan Collingwood Wright Jean Collingwood Wright Agnes Collingwood Wright John Collingwood Wright James Collingwood Wright George Collingwood Warnie Barney Collingwood Warnie Minnie Collingwood Warnie Emma Collingwood Babcock George Collingwood Holden Boggie Collingwood Holden Sarah Collingwood Holden Martha Collingwood Holden Archie Collingwood Holden William Collingwood Holden John Collingwood Holden Angus Collingwood Holden Mary Collingwood Holden Bethursday Collingwood Holden Emma Collingwood Shaw John Collingwood Shaw Ann Collingwood McLeod Alexander Collingwood McLeod Mary Collingwood McLeod John Collingwood McLeod Catherine Collingwood McLeod Charles Collingwood Draper Eli Collingwood Robinson John Collingwood Robinson Flora Collingwood Robinson William Collingwood Robinson Flora Collingwood Robinson Emma Collingwood Kenedy John Collingwood Kenedy Dharles Collingwood Robinson Colin Collingwood Kennedy Sarah Collingwood Robinson Robert Collingwood Robinson Margret B Collingwood McIntyre Neil Collingwood McIntyre Annie Collingwood McIntyre Donald Collingwood McIntyre James Collingwood McIntyre Hugh Collingwood McIntyre John K Collingwood McIntyre Duncan Collingwood McIntyre Isabella Collingwood McIntyre Sarah Collingwood Deer George Collingwood Deer Bertha Collingwood Deer David Collingwood Malcolm Alexander Collingwood Malcolm Agness Collingwood Malcolm Robert L Collingwood Malcolm Isabella Collingwood Malcolm Alexander Collingwood Malcolm Agness L Collingwood Malcolm Jeannie P Collingwood Malcolm James Dean Collingwood McPherson Alexander Collingwood McPherson Julia Collingwood McPherson Alexander Collingwood McPherson Mary A

    46. Broadside: Authors
    Harry collingwood. Tom Connery. Joseph Conrad. James Fenimore Cooper. BernardCornwell. A. Crawford. John Davis. David Donachie. Frank Eccles. JC edwards.edward
    Nautical Authors
    Book Sales

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    Games and Software
    Alphabetical List of Authors
    Bruce Alexander Simon Baker R. M. Ballantyne John Barrow ... Richard Woodman

    47. Murrow, Edward R.
    edward R. Murrow, of course, was only one of many heroes to emerge of electronicjournalists at CBS, such as Eric Sevaried, Charles collingwood, and Howard K
    MURROW, EDWARD R. U.S. Broadcast Journalist David Halberstam once observed in The Powers That Be that Murrow was "one of those rare legendary figures who was as good as his myth." Murrow was apparently driven by the democratic precepts of modern liberalism and the more embracing Weltanschauung of the American Protestant tradition. In Alexander Kendrick's Prime-Time: The Life of Edward R. Murrow , for example, Murrow's brother, Dewey, described the intense religious and moral tutelage of his mother and father: "they branded us with their own consciences." Murrow's imagination and the long-term effects of his early home life impelled him to integrate his parents' ethical guidelines into his own personality to such an extensive degree that Edward R. Murrow became the virtual fulfillment of his industry's public service aspirations. Edward R. Murrow, of course, was only one of many heroes to emerge from World War II, but he became the eminent symbol for broadcasting. The creation of the Murrow legacy and tradition speaks both to the sterling talent of the man himself and the enormous growth and power of radio during the war years. Murrow hired a generation of electronic journalists at CBS, such as Eric Sevaried, Charles Collingwood, and Howard K. Smith, among many others, for whom he set the example as their charismatic leader. As late as 1977, in fact, more than a decade after Murrow's death, Dan Rather wrote in his autobiography

    48. Person To Person
    Richard Bartone. HOSTS. edward R. Murrow Charles collingwood. PRODUCERS.John Aaron, Jesse Zousmer, Charles Hill, Robert Sammon, edward R. Murrow.
    PERSON TO PERSON U.S. Talk/Interview Program Person to Person developed out of Edward R. Murrow's belief that human beings are innately curious. That curiosity was intense regarding the private lives of public people, or visiting the extraordinary in the most ordinary environmentthe home. For his television program, then, Murrow, sitting comfortably in the studio, informally greeted two guests a week, in fifteen minute interviews in their homes, talking about the everyday activities of their lives. The interviews avoided politics, detailed discussion of current events, and a line of questioning that delved deeper into one or two issues. The more general the question, and frequent the change of topic, the more satisfying the process of revealing different facts of the private figure. On Person to Person , people conversed with Murrow, and, starting in the Fall of 1959, with Charles Collingwood, as host. Almost every year, for nine years, informal chats positioned the show in the top ten network programs. But the series increasingly became the battleground, inside and outside CBS, over the function of television news, the ethics of peering into private lives for profit, Murrow's journalistic integrity, and the organizational control of the network's image.

    49. Mixed Denominations Feb 24-26 1875
    Wilkins, 4, collingwood, William, Eliza Eaves, 12777, CoE, LL 1525. Oct 30, AliceCatterall, 37, Emerald Hill, DavidGoodsir, HannahCoatman, 13146, CoE, G119. ,edward Nolan,
    All Denominations
    FEB 24-26 1875 Date Name Age Residence Father Mother Reg No DENO Grave Feb 24 Charles S McArthur Melb Hospital George Margaretta Prynn Pres J 905 Feb 25 Joseph Victor Brown 17 mths Melbourne Joseph Annie Williamson Pres M 1220 Feb 25 Robert Strachan Collingwood Robert Sarah Conlye Pres L 364 Feb 26 James McEwen Collingwood James Jane McNaughton Pres L 365 Feb 24 George Greg Green 7 mths Carlton Jabez Annie Eldret Bapt B 687 Feb 25 John Veal Collingwood Thomas Eliz Prout Bapt Feb 25 Marion Catty Fitzroy u/k Ann Catty Indep A 221a Feb 26 John Fibell Melb Hospital u/k u/k u/k Luther A 69 Feb 24 OttoHilderbrandt 15 weeks Collingwood u/k u/k u/k Jewish B 695 Oct 27 David Minnie Fitzroy u/k u/k u/k Pres L 442 Emily Humphreys Collingwood Henry Mary Gardiner CoE Mary I Condon Richmond Richard Cath Duggan Cath Annie Greenwold Emerald Hill u/k u/k Cath Edward Garvin Melbourne u/k u/k u/k Cath Ann Garrett Hotham Hugh Duffin Ellen McCurley CoE Margaret Keating carlton Timothy Margt Madigan Cath H 303 Charles Brown Kew Asylum u/k u/k Co E Mary Peacock Kew Asylum u/k u/k CoE Henry Kelly Kew Asylum u/k u/k CoE Oct 29 Cath Robinson Fitzroy Daniel Nicol u/k Cath S 621 Henry Abel Collingwood William Eliz Warberton CoE SS Cryus Emory Collingwood Ger Elbridge Eliz Morrow Bap E 794 Eveline Emory Collingwood Ger Elbridge Eliz Morrow Bap E 794 Oct 29 Margt Henderson Collingwood Thomas Susan Wood Bap Janet H Phillips Hotham Peter Agnes Hurst CoE LL 683 Charlotte Wilkins Collingwood William Eliza Eaves CoE LL 1525 Oct 30 Alice Catterall Emerald Hill DavidGoodsir HannahCoatman CoE Edward Nolan Melbourne Lough Edward Mary Ferris Cath Edward Hanley Richmond Edward Ellen Coyne

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    51. I1964 Edward ALCOCK (1775 - )
    _Ann SHRIEVE m 1737 edward ALCOCK (1775 DEATH 13 Jul 1877, 9 collingwood Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex 611

    52. Edward John Collingwood
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    Genealogy Data
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    COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert
    Birth : 1628
    Death : 1687
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Father: COLLINGWOOD, Ralph
    Mother: GREY, Dorothy
    Family: Children: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert
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    WILKIE, Anne
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Father: WILKIE, Robert
    Family: Spouse: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert Gender: Male Parents: Father: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert Children: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert
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    WILKIE, Robert Gender: Male Family: Children: WILKIE, Anne
    Back to Main Page
    DOBSON, Milcah Gender: Female Parents: Father: DOBSON, Reginald Family: Spouse: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert Death : 15 FEB 1775 Gender: Male Parents: Father: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert Mother: WILKIE, Anne Children: COLLINGWOOD, John COLLINGWOOD, Lord Gender: Male
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    DOBSON, Reginald Gender: Male Family: Children: DOBSON, Milcah
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    FENWICK, Miss Gender: Female Family: Spouse: COLLINGWOOD, John Gender: Male Parents: Father: COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbert Mother: DOBSON, Milcah

    54. Collingwood College: About Us
    The College is named after Sir edward collingwood, former Chairmanof the University Council, and mathematician of some renown.
    WELCOME TO COLLINGWOOD! Collingwood is Durham's newest college, and one of the biggest. The first college designed for both men and women, its character remains friendly, informal and modern in outlook as it nears its fourth decade. Members of Collingwood are offered some of the best rooms in the University, and arguably the best food. A wide range of social activities (nearly all organised by students for students) is available - most people find that the problem is not what to do, but which to do. In support of its main purpose, the education of students, Collingwood has become a very successful conference and function centre and a place to stay for people visiting Durham and Northumbria. Whatever your interest, you are very welcome to come and see us, and find out what we have that you might want. We look forward to meeting you! Jane Taylor, Principal Who are we? Collingwood College was founded in 1972 as the first purpose-built mixed college in the University of Durham . The College is named after Sir Edward Collingwood, former Chairman of the University Council, and mathematician of some renown.

    55. Saint Michael Churchyard - Surnames CL - Bishop Middleham, Durham
    h/o Jane, DO collingwood, edward, d. 1867, age 17yr, DO collingwood, edward,d. 22 Sep 1865, age 2yr and ?months old, s/o edward and Jane, DO Cooke

    56. Medieval Art Prints
    Richard III by Chris collingwood. of Richard Duke of Gloucesters White Boar and SirJohn Stafford Of Mordaunt's (created Earl of Wiltshire by edward IV) coat of
    Medieval Art [ Medieval Art ] American Civil War Roman Empire Collingwood Prints BUCCANEERS ... Click here to search our entire range of naval and military art prints. Monthly New Releases Home Page for Military and Naval Art Click image to view catalogue information Historical Military Artist: Chris Collingwood Medieval art prints and paintings by Chris Collingwood, military and historical artist. Collingwood Home Page American Civil War Roman Empire Art English Civil War Art ... Early Paintings A secure order form is available on this link: secure order form Please take note of the print serial number, title and price. Medieval Paintings Robert the Bruce by Chris Collingwood. Signed Limited Edition of 1,150 prints plus 50 artists proofs. From the limited edition 50 are available as Giclee canvas prints at a larger size of 40" x 30". Canvas print price £650.($1000) To know more about Giclee prints and our range click here Print serial number DHM900. Image size 25" x17" Price £80 ($135) Artist Proof Price £115 ($180).

    57. F.Collingwood (1933)
    Source Frances collingwood (Auth.) Folk Lore of Nottinghamshire NottinghamshireMagazine, 1933, Vol.1, No.3, pp.187188 Despite edward Dunnicliff of Ollerton.
    F.Collingwood (1933) Source: Frances Collingwood (Auth.)
    Folk Lore of Nottinghamshire
    Nottinghamshire Magazine , 1933, Vol.1, No.3, pp.187-188
    Despite its general title, half of this article is devoted to Plough Monday plays. Brief descriptions are given of versions from Clayworth, Notts., and Blidworth, Notts., and there is an unlocated photograph of a team of actors. No text is quoted however. The Clayworth play had the characters; Soldier, Old Eezum Squeezum, Clown and Doctor, although sometimes King George or Saint George appeared instead of Soldier, and Beelzebub replaced Eezum Squeezum. The Blidworth "Plough-Bullocking" play had; King George, Doctor and a Pressgang, and is described as being extant. It was collected by Rev. Edward Dunnicliff of Ollerton. Cecil Sharp's theories on the dualistic nature of the play, and their supposed pagan origins are reiterated. The rest of the article discusses the Eakring Ball Game played on Easter Tuesdays, and Maypoles at Wellow, Edwinstowe, Linby, Farnsfield, Stapleford and Nottingham. Index Terms: Locations: Blidworth, Notts. (SK5855); Clayworth, Notts. (SK7288); Eakring, Notts. (SK6762); Wellow, Notts. (SK6766); Edwinstowe, Notts. (SK6266); Linby, Notts. (SK5350); Farnsfield, Notts. (SK6456); Stapleford, Notts. (SK4837); Nottingham, Notts. (SK5739)

    58. Agnes Crocker, B: - ?,
    W ( UNKNOWN ) Cole, Richard Wayne ( Living - ) Cole, Richard Wayne ( Living- ) Collard, Loretta ( UNKNOWN - ) collingwood, edward ( UNKNOWN - ) Collins
    C Surnames INDEX A B C ... W X Y Z OTHER Cables, Alfred ( UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN) Cable, Shirley Ann ( Living - ) Cade, Mable ( UNKNOWN - ) Cady, Connie Jean ( Living - ) Cady, Gary ( Living - ) Cady, Glenn James ( 17 JUL 1920 - 22 MAY 1996) Cady, James Lee ( Living - ) Cain, ? ( UNKNOWN - ) Cairns, Thomas ( UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN) Caldwell, Harvey G ( UNKNOWN - ) Callahan, Earl Edward ( 17 FEB 1923 - 8 AUG 1992) Callahan, Edward Graves ( 12 OCT 1888 - 30 MAY 1942) Callahan, Eleanor Bernice ( Living - ) Callahan, Gary Patrick Callahan, Kathleen Ann Callahan, Lois Viola ( Living - ) Callahan, Lorna Callahan, Lorne Elmer ( Living - ) Callahan, Nora Elizabeth Callahan, Nora Callahan, Patrick Dennis Callahan, Tina ... Callendar, Lyle ( 1913 - UNKNOWN) Calmes, William J ( UNKNOWN - ) Campbell, ? ( UNKNOWN - ) Campbell, Jessie ( UNKNOWN - UNKNOWN) Camp, Harold O ( UNKNOWN - ) Candy, Jacqueline ( UNKNOWN - ) Canfield, Bertha Mae ( Living - ) Canfield, Charles D ( Living - ) Canfield, David ( 7 MAR 1724/25 - 26 JAN 1806) Canfield, Emily Esther

    59. DURHAM WILLS 1787 - 1803
    Grace; Barbara Hannah, servant to cousin Ann collingwood; Elizabeth and John Watson,servants to Ann collingwood. Witnesses John Wilson; edward Lawson; ROBERT
    DURHAM WILLS 1787 - 1803
    JOHN COXON , clerk, Sunderland, 22 June 1787 Son Michael; William Jackson; grandchildren (minors), JOHN COXON, RALPH COXON, BARBARA COXON and ELIZABETH COXON ; granddaughter Margaret, daughter of MICHAEL COXON ; Mr.Jasper Harrison. Witnesses:Thomas Arlot;William Charlton; Andrew Hancill. Ralph Heron, gent, Moor Ridge House, Elsdon, 10 June 1786 Cousin John Hedley, Newcastle, cheesemonger; George Chisholm, Clennell, Northumberland, gent; Roger Marshall, Blindburn, Northumberland, farmer; John Marshall, Carlisle, linen draper; Roger Heron, Yetsfield, Northumberland, farmer; Anthony Heron, Yetsfield, Northumberland, farmer; John Robson, Trows, Northumberland, farmer; James Robson, Croydon, Surrey, saddler; Hannah Marshall and Thomas Akenhead Marshall, children of Robert Marshall, late of Mainside, North Britain, farmer, deceased; wife Eleanor Heron; William and Anthony Marshall, sons of above Roger Marshall by Margaret his late wife, deceased; Eleanor Marshall, Newcastle, spinster; Eleanor Hall, Newcastle, spinster; Elizabeth Hall, Newcastle, spinster; Eleanor Davison, wife of Andrew Davison, Middleton, North Britain, innkeeper; Susannah Marshall, wife of above Roger Marshall. Witnesses: James Murray, James Turnbull, ANTHONY COXON Thomas Wake, farmer, Benwell, p Newcastle St.John, 25 August 1790 Sons Andrew Wake, Thomas Wake, John Wake and Joseph Wake; Matthew Dodds, Thomas Hymers, John Lisle and Richard Harle, occupiers of property in Benwell; daughter Ann, wife of Joseph Nailor, mariner; daughter Elizabeth Wake. Witnesses:

    60. Collingwood - Battle Of Barnet
    b y Chri s collingwood. The Yorkist's under the leadership of King edward IV triumphed,leaving the Lancastrian's with hopes dashed, their champion and leader.
    - View Another Gallery - Napoleonic Gallery Brittish Colonial Gallery American Wars Gallery Aviation Gallery Naval Warfare Gallery Modern Wars Gallery T H E B A T T L E O F B A R N E T b y C h r i s C o l l i n g w o o d Signed Limited Edition Prints (1150), 34" x 15", DHM706-L, $130 Artist Proofs (50), 34" x 15", DHM706-USL, $170 NEW ABOUT ORDERING CONTACT ... FORUMS

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