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         Davenport Harold:     more books (55)
  1. Analytic methods for Diophantine equations and Diophantine inequalities;: [lecture notes] the University of Michigan, fall semester, 1962 by Harold Davenport, 1962
  2. Histological and Histochemical Technics by Harold A. Davenport, 1960
  3. Selected topics in the geometry of numbers by Harold Davenport, 1950
  4. Multiplicative Number Theory, Third Edition by Harold; Montgomery, Hugh L. Davenport, 2000
  5. Histological and histochemical techniques by Harold Alvin Davenport, 1960
  6. Part I;: Animal histology. Section C. Neurological staining methods, by Harold Alvin Davenport, 1947
  7. On the Integration of Algebraic Functions (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by James Harold Davenport, 1982-08
  8. Mathematical Knowledge Management, Second International Conference MKM 2003, Ber by Andrea, BRuno Buchberger, James Harold Davenport, Eds. Asperti, 2003
  9. Mathematical Knowledge Management, Second International Conference MKM 2003, Bertinoro Italy, Lecture Notes on Computer Science Vol. 2594 LNCS by Andrea, BRuno Buchberger, James Harold Davenport, Eds. Asperti, 2003-01-01
  10. Analytic methods for Diophantine equations and Diophantine inequalities by Harold Davenport, 1962
  11. Computer algebra for cylindrical algebraic decomposition (Technical report. Royal Institute of Technology) by James Harold Davenport, 1985
  12. The suitability of NFS as an interim file access protocol (Bath computer science technical report) by James Harold Davenport, 1989
  13. My Christmas wish, and other rhythms by Charlotte C Davenport, Harold Field Kellogg, 2010-09-08
  14. Jewellery, (Half-title: The connoisseur's library; general editor: C. Davenport) by Harold Clifford Smith, 1909

Darlington, WS A/16, A/19, A/28. Darwin, Sir Charles Galton A/28, D/5.davenport, harold A/9. Davies, DW A/10, B/25. Dawson, John W. Jr. A/40.
Archive Catalogue Introduction Turing Trust ... Section E Index INDEX References in bold type refer to broadcasts and published works by Alan Turing Alexander, C. Hugh A/17 Abraham, M. B/33 ACE (Automatic Computing Engine) B/1-2, C/32 A.M. Turing Award A/24 B/25 Alan Turing : the Enigma A/38, A/40, D/11-13 Almost periodic functions B/10, D/11 Andrews, A.J.P. A/15 Ashby, W. Ross B/34 Association of Computing Machinery A/24 Bachman, Charles W. A/24 Ball, W.W. Rouse B/35 Bates, J.A.V. A/5 Baum, Rudy M. A/40 Bayley, Don A/5 BBC B/5-6 Bernays, Paul B/36, D/5 Bernstein, Jeremy A/40 Birkhoff, Garrett B/37 Bletchley Park D/2 Bowden, Bertram Vivian, Lord Bowden of Chesterfield A/11 Brooker, R.A. B/38 Bullard, Sir Edward (Crisp) A/15, A/28 Cameron, J.M. B/39 B/6 B/5 Cane, Violet D/16 Carpenter, B.E. B/23 B/22 B/8 Church, Alonzo A/9, C/3-5, D/2 Clayton, L. A/15 Clifford, G.D. A/23 Colossus B/27a, B/29a l B/11 Computable numbers B/9, B/11-12 B/9 Cooper, W.M. A/28 Coote, Sir Colin (Reith) A/15 Coxeter, H.S.M. C/25 Crawshay-Williams, Rupert D/5 Crypton, Dr. B/24

42. Citations: Multiplicative Number Theory - Davenport (ResearchIndex)
4 log Dxdpxxd 2 = OxXx 1 4 log Dxdpx 1 d 2 = Ox 3 4 log Ex where E 0 is a . davenport,harold; Multiplicative Number Theory, 3rd ed., SpringerVerlag, 2000.
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H. Davenport. Multiplicative number theory . Springer, 1980.
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Unknown - Nec Research Institute
(Correct) for example) Apply Lemma 4.
H. Davenport. Multiplicative number theory . Springer, 1980. On The Number Of Divisors Of - Paul Erd Os (Correct) ....that in # 2 we have w p (n) n p] since [n p k ] 0fork # 2.
H. Davenport, Multiplicative Number Theory (2nd ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-HeidelbergNew York, 1980. Value Distribution Of ... - Peter (2000) (Correct) ....9 = Then the fundamental relation (Dirichlet s class number formula) h(d) 2 ) 1 w d p jdjL(1; d ) d 0; log d ) 1 p dL(1; d ) d 0; 1. 3) holds which reduces the number theoretic algebraic quantity h(d) to the analytic quantity L(1; d ) For all this, see [4] , 24] Now a fundamental question about class numbers for large discriminants can be answered with Siegel s theorem: For there is some C( such that L(1; d ) C( jdj . Together with the easy upper bound L(1; d ) log(jdj 2) it follows that, for d 0, jdj h(d) ....

43. McFarren Cemetery--Wells County, Indiana
davenport, harold, 1001-1913, *, **-*1912, OFW, ss w/ Leo Rex,McBride FH. davenport, Leo Rex, **-**1918, *, *, OW, ss w/ harold.davenport,
McFarren Cemetery Last Name First Name Died Age Born Source Notes Addington Infant F McBride Funeral Home Alford Judith W ss w/ Kenneth Alford Kenneth W ss w/ Judith " "m-1-24-1960" Anderson L. Maxine (Maxine Loretta) OWF "Mother"/Thoma-Rich Funeral Home+G356 Ayers Alva O Baker Robert Lee OW Barrington Alice J. W Barrington Martha Ellen OWF ss w / Vince T., Walker FH (Williams) Barrington Maurice R. W "Doc" "WW2 PFC U.S. Army" Barrington Vince T. / Vincent Thomas OWF ss w/ Martha, Walker Funeral Home, h of Martha Barrington Vincent T. FW McBride Funeral Home Boltin William OW Byreley Rebecca F McBride Funeral Home Carnes Paul Wesley F Walker Funeral Home Cline John A. F McBride Funeral Home Cooper Mary Ann OWF ss w/ Samuel, Walker FH (Nickly) Cooper Michael O A third stone was found with the Coopers but was unreadable. It could be this stone. Cooper Samuel OW ss w/ Mary Cowgill Hugh O. W ss w/ Joyce "son" Cowgill Joyce W ss w/ Hugh O. "Mother" Crum Infant O Crum John O Davenport Bertell B.

44. TasFam Family Group 189 (Family Pages)
davenport, Horace harold b. 1906 d. 21 MAR 1993 Cosgrove Park, Launceston,Tasmania Family Spouse , Frances b. UNKNOWN d. BEF 1993 Children

45. My Favorite Books By Shyam Sunder Gupta
10 davenport, harold. The Higher Arithmetic An Introduction to the Theory ofNumbers, 6th ed. Cambridge, England Cambridge University Press, 1992. 217 p.
My Favorite Books [1] Ball, W. W. R. and Coxeter, H. S. M. Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 13th ed. New York: Dover, p. 59, 1987. [2] Beck, Anatole; Bleicher, Michael N.; and Crowe, Donald W. Excursions into Mathematics, the Millennium Edition. Natick, MA: AK Peters, 2000. 499 p. [3] Beiler, Albert H. Recreations in the Theory of Numbers. New York: Dover, 1966. [4] Bressoud, D. Factorization and Primality Testing. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1989. [5] Carroll, Lewis. Pillow Problems and A Tangles Tale. New York: Dover, 1958. [6] Cohen, Henri. Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000. 578 p. [7] Cohen, Henri. A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory, 3rd. corr. ed. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1996. 534 p. [8] Conway, J. H. and Guy, R. K. The Book of Numbers. New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 33-38, 1996. [9] Crandall, Richard and Pomerance, Carl. Prime Numbers. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2001. 352 p. [10] Davenport, Harold. The Higher Arithmetic: An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, 6th ed. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1992. 217 p. [11] Bressoud, David M. and Wagon, Stan.

46. Clinical Consultants
Transfusion Medicine Cooling, Laura, MD davenport, Robertson, MD Oberman,harold A., MD, Emeritus Professor. Virology Pierson, Carl L., Ph.D.

47. I09716: Martha Leeanna BAILEY (24 Nov 1864 - UNKNOWN)
_+ (1893 1972) m 1914 _James COTTON _ _Beatrice USSERY m1914 Jim harold COTTON _ Susannah davenport. ABT.
Martha Leeanna BAILEY
24 Nov 1864 - UNKNOWN
  • BIRTH : 24 Nov 1864
Father: John Wesley BAILEY
Mother: Juliette WHEELER
Family 1 Arthur KUNEY
  • MARRIAGE : 5 May 1891
  • Vernon Arthur KUNEY Martha Leeanna BAILEY _Martha B. PEABODY + (1815 - 1864) m 1834 INDEX SURNAMES HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 03/25/01 06:07:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
    20 Dec 1728 - Nov 1806
    • BIRTH : 20 Dec 1728, Groton, Middlesex Co., MA
    • DEATH : Nov 1806, Groton, Middlesex Co., MA
    Father: Benjamin BANCROFT , Capt.
    Mother: Anna LAWRENCE
    _Benjamin BANCROFT , Capt._
    Anna BANCROFT _John LAWRENCE ... _Anna LAWRENCE + (1670 - 1732) m 1687 INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 03/25/01 06:07:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
    Eliza BARR
    Father: William BARR
    Mother: Sallie BRYAN
    Eliza BARR
    _Daniel Boone BRYAN , Pvt._ INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 03/25/01 06:07:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
    William BUTLER
    Family 1 Margaret M. HOBDY
    Nikolai Grigor'evich Chudakov 70th birthday (RMS). harold davenportharold davenport (MacTutor); harold davenport (AA); harold davenport
    Historical things in Number Theory

    49. Genealogy Data
    Landers, Elizabeth Gender Female Family Marriage living Spouse Riedesel,Dean harold Birth living davenport, IA Gender Male Parents Father
    Genealogy Data
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    Staples, Alan
    Gender: Male
    Family: Marriage: living
    Spouse: Riedesel, Catherine Jean
    Birth : living Kansas City, MO
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Father: Riedesel, Harlan Ralph
    Mother: Gibson, Mary Lucille
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    Boring, Bobby Gerald
    Gender: Male
    Family: Marriage: living
    Spouse: Riedesel, Violet Christine Birth : living Bennett, IA Gender: Female Parents: Father: Riedesel, Harry William Mother: Rixe, Alma
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    Bessen, Joanne Birth : living Prairie du Roche, IL Gender: Female Family: Marriage: living Spouse: Riedesel, Norman Dietrich Birth : 6 JAN 1922 Bennett, IA Death : 16 MAY 2002 Gender: Male Parents: Father: Riedesel, Harry William Mother: Rixe, Alma Children: Riedesel, Lynn Elizabeth Birth : living Gender: Female Riedesel, Richard Edward Birth : living Gender: Male
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    Decker, Carol Birth : living Syracuse, NY Gender: Female Family: Marriage: living Spouse: Riedesel, Ralph Henry Birth : 14 JUL 1927 Bennet, IA Death : 12 JUL 1991 Gender: Male Parents: Father: Riedesel, Ralph Emerson

    harold Patterson was born in Waycross, Georgia and from there moved to Spokane nineyears and twentythree of those years were spent with us at davenport.
    HAROLD PATTERSON (PERSONAL BIO) Harold Patterson was born in Waycross, Georgia and from there moved to Spokane, Washington. He furthered his high school career in Spokane and graduated from North Central High School. He followed up on his schooling by attending Eastern Washington University in Cheney. At Eastern, Mr. Patterson received his bachelors in education and got is masters in administration and curriculum. He has been teaching a total of twenty-nine years and twenty-three of those years were spent with us at Davenport. After thirteen long years of teaching Mr. Patterson decided to take a different role. He then became Davenport High School's Principal. He is currently still Davenport's seventh grade through twelfth grade principal and also holds the title of activities director.

    51. Genealogy Data
    Family Spouse Warne, Keith Francis Parents Father Warne, harold Egbert Mother davenport,Don Family Spouse Coates, Sandra Helen Parents Father Coates
    Genealogy Data
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    Lauchlan, June
    Family: Spouse: Stone, Peter
    Parents: Father: Stone, Stanley Hickman
    Mother: Lugton, Alexandrina "Rene"
    Children: Stone, Peter John
    Stone, Margaret
    Stone, Ian Howard
    Stone, Julie
    Stone, Christine
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    Godwin, Lois Jean
    Birth : 26 JAN 1925
    Death : JAN 1981 Culgoa, Australia Family: Marriage: 4 MAR 1950 in Melbourne, VIC, AUS Spouse: Warne, Harold "Hal" Bodille Birth : 9 NOV 1923 Melbourne, VIC, AUS Death : 5 FEB 1999 Culgoa, Australia Parents: Father: Warne, Harold Egbert Mother: Lugton, Margaret Bertha "Madge" Children: Warne, John Godwin Warne, Harold "Sandy" Alexander Warne, George Bodille
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    Arnold, Judith Family: Spouse: Warne, Keith Francis Parents: Father: Warne, Harold Egbert Mother: Lugton, Margaret Bertha "Madge" Children: Warne, Elizabeth Warne, Margaret Warne, David
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    Roser, Paul Michel Family: Spouse: Grizzle, Trudenella Nancy Parents: Father: Grizzle, Lytle Mother: Greer, Dorothea Margaret Emily

    52. Doctrine Doc And Sarah Jane Gray Davenport Family Bible
    Family Bible Record of Doctrine Doc and Sarah Jane Gray davenport. Thefollowing records were submitted by D. harold davenport. Doctrine
      Family Bible Record of Doctrine Doc and Sarah Jane Gray Davenport The following records were submitted by D. Harold Davenport Doctrine Doc DAVENPORT born April 8, 1859 died January 9, 1939
      Sarah Jane Gray DAVENPORT born October 26, 1870 died Augaut 8, 1926
      Doctrine and Sarah Jane married January , 1887
      Elsie Mae DAVENPORT OSBORNE )born November 23, 1888 died July 30,1960
      Hilda Isoleen DAVENPORT YATES,BRABBLE ) born June 12, 1890 died September 7, 1982
      Fred Lee DAVENPORT born June 20, 1891 died July 12, 1958
      Frank Leslie DAVENPORT born April 25, 1893 died October 11, 1894
      Bruce Gray DAVENPORT born January 23, 1895 died August , 1983
      Lina Belle DAVENPORT CLIFTON ) born January 13, 1897 died September 20, 1982
      Tom DAVENPORT born September 12, 1898 died September 24, 1904
      Antone DAVENPORT born October 27, 1900 died October 8, 1984 Walter Ray DAVENPORT born September 15, 1902 died - 1987 Gradie DAVENPORT born August 18, 1904 died May 14, 1906 Hardy DAVENPORT born September 1, 1906 died September 16, 1906 Nancy Ann DAVENPORT STRAW ) born September 1, 1907 died February 8, 1992

    53. Mt. Gilead, Cemetery Cemetery Dunklin County Missouri
    29, 1960 davenport, Clint Aster b Feb. 2, 1914 d- July 25, 1970. davenport,harold E. b- June 5, 1944 d- June 17, 1951. davenport, Linda Sue b- Mar.
    Mt. Gilead, Cemetery
    Clarkton, Missouri
    Dunklin County
    Recorded and updatd June 12, 1998
    Mt. Gilead Cemetery
    is North of
    Clarkton, Missouri
    on Highway 25
    Mt. Gilead Cemetery
    Mt. Gilead Cemetery
    DALE, thru GURLEN,
    -D- thruG-
    Name****Date of Birth****Date of Death****Family Notes DALE, James N. bFeb. 19, 1910 d- n/a Husband of Rosa Marie Dale Married Aug. 17, 1929 DALE, Rosa Marie b- Mar. 31, 1910 d- Nov. 15, 1996 Wife of James N. Dale DALTON, Robert E. b- Nov. 8, 1896 d- Jan. 9, 1971 Husband of Lillian N. Dalton DALTON, Lillian N. b- Oct. 14, 1900 d- May 2, 1989 Wife of Robert E. Dalton DARK, Elmer Lee b- Mar. 31, 1921 d- June 18, 1978 Son of Lee Dark Brother of Eddy William Dark DARK, Eddy William b- Jan. 24, 1924 d- Sept. 2, 1942 Son of Lee Dark Brother of Elmer Lee Dark DARRIN, Marcella Josephine bAug. 10, 1930 d- Dec. 13, 1965

    54. D
    davenport, Earl, 1894, 1980, HAWN. davenport, Emma, 1860, 1927, HAWN. davenport,harold, 1888, 1967, HAWN. davenport, Mary, 1895, 1980, HAWN. davenport, Ralph,1886, 1966, HAWN.
    Return to Cemetery Index Cemetery Codes Last Name First Name Born Died Notes Code DAHLSTROM Harry Carl STRG DAILEY M. Alma w/William Elmer TAEY DAILEY Nellie Elnora JONE DAILEY William Elmer Buried 5/9/1951 TAEY DAILY George MILL DAILY James R. Ind. Cook Btry. A1 Arty Field WW I TANW DAILY Melissa Jane MILL DAILY Sarah A. TAEY DAILY Walter Parmor Ind. Pvt. 61st Field Arty. 97th Div TAEY DALE Campbell Maryland Militia Rev. War DALE DALE E. C. DALE DALE J. R. DALE DALE John M. Co. I, 84th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf. UNIN DALE L. C. DALE DALE L. S. DALE DALE Sarah Age 56y DALE DALE W. D. Age 55y DALE DALE W. J. DALE DALLZELL Robert R. THOM DANCER David STRG DANFORTH George E. ss/Nina M. MTPT DANFORTH Nina M. ss/George E. MTPT DANIELS Arthur B. SANP DANIELS Georgina SANP DANIELS Harley STRG DANIELS Hazel Read PLEA DANNER Andrew HAWK DANNER Ann M. HAWK DANNER Ann M. 44y 6m 9d w/Samuel HAWK DANNER Elizabeth 41y 4m 4d w/John HAWK DANNER Ernest E. HAWN DANNER Faye HAWN DANNER Franklin C. Cpl.Vet. Hosp. HAWK DANNER Georgia E. HAWK DANNER Gladys HAWK DANNER Henry HAWK DANNER Howard HAWK DANNER John HAWK DANNER John R. HAWK DANNER Margaret 83y w/Samuel HAWK DANNER Maria 21y w/Samuel HAWK DANNER Mary 54y w/Joseph HAWK DANNER Mary L.

    55. New Books For 01/26/2001
    AUTHOR davenport, harold, 1907. TITLE Multiplicative number theory /harold davenport. EDITION 3rd ed. / revised by Hugh L. Montgomery.
    New Books for 01/26/2001
    TITLE: PUBLISHER: Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic, c2000. SERIES: Text, speech, and language technology ; v. 13 CALL NUMBER: P 308 .P36 2000 CIMM AUTHOR: Lombardi, Eric, 1968- TITLE: Oscillatory integrals and phenomena beyond all algebraic orders : with applications to homoclinic orbits in reversible systems / Eric Lombardi. PUBLISHER: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000. SERIES: Lecture notes in mathematics, 1741 CALL NUMBER: QA 3 .L23 v. 1741 CIMM AUTHOR: TITLE: PUBLISHER: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000. SERIES: Lecture notes in mathematics, 1742 CALL NUMBER: QA 3 .L28 no. 1742 CIMM TITLE: PUBLISHER: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000. SERIES: Lecture notes in computer science, 1766 CALL NUMBER: QA 75.5 .L43 no. 1766 CIMM AUTHOR: Fensel, Dieter. TITLE: Problem solving methods : understanding, description, development, and reuse / Dieter Fensel. PUBLISHER: New York : Springer, 2000. SERIES: Lecture notes in computer science ; 1791. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence CALL NUMBER: QA 75.5 .L43 no. 1791 CIMM TITLE: Product focused software process improvement : Second International Conference PROFES 2000, Oulu, Finland, June 20-22, 2000 : proceedings / Frank Bomarius, Markku Oivo (eds.)

    56. Davenport High School 1915-1920
    Scott Co, Iowa USGenWeb Project davenport HIGH SCHOOL CLASS LISTINGS. HENIGBAUM,William K. GOERING, Gertrude C. HOERSCH, harold W. GOOS, Gilbert J.
    1915 TO 1920 Typed by Debbie Clough Gerischer ARP, Viola A. ADAMS, Carol L. BALL, Fletcher B. ALBAUGH, Jacob L. BAUMANN, John J. BAIRD, Allan F. BEAL, Arline M. BARNES, Willma E. BECKER, Florence BECHTEL, Esther BERG, Antonie M. BEIDERBECKE, Gretchen S. BRANDT, Frieda A. BIRD, Mary L. BROCKWELL, Vera G. BLACKWELL, Ruth E. BRUNDAGE, Helen C. BLANCHARD, Joseph L. BRYNES, Lorene G. BLOCK, Robert L. BUSEY, Hazel L. BRAGG, Grace R. CAMPBELL, Foster H. BRANDT, Alma C. CAMPBELL, Phebe W. BRAUN, Irma CARLIN, Anna B. BRINK, Pearl F. CARSTENS, Blondena H. BRODENE, Florence C. CRISSMAN, Nell B. BRODERS, Elmer L. CROSKY, Marguerite I. BURMEISTER, Marie L. CURTIS, Ned B. CHAMBERLIN, James M. DAVIS, Harry R. CHATFIELD, Earl C. DELDERICHSEN, Detlef C. CLAPP, James Neil DETLEFS, Della B. CLAPP, Lester C. DEUBNER, Elsie F. COFFMAN, Alden W. DOPP, Dorothy R. COGAN, Paul E. ECKHARDT, Hertha CONCANNON, Eileen C. EHLERT, Minnie E. CONN, Alice J. ELDRED, Stanley W. COPLEY, Ada R. EVANS, LaVerne J. CRAM, Margaret

    57. Number Theory
    New York Wiley, 1997. $49.95. davenport, harold and Montgomery, Hugh L. MultiplicativeNumber Theory, 2nd ed. New York, 1982. $?. davenport, harold.
    Number Theory
    see also Combinatorics Number Theory Riemann Zeta Function Adams, William W. and Goldstern, Larry Joel. Introduction to Number Theory. Adler, Andrew and Coury, John E. Theory of Numbers: A Text and Source Book of Problems. Jones and Bartlett, 1995. 401 p. $?. Andrews, George E. Number Theory. New York: Dover, 1994. 259 p. $6.95. Andrews, George E. (Ed.). Ramanujan Revisited: Proceedings of the Centenary Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 1-5, 1987. Boston, MA: Academic Press, 1988. 609 p. $69. Anglin, W.S. The Queen of Mathematics: An Introduction to Number Theory. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer, 1995. $?. Apostol, Tom M. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1976. 338 p. $45. Ayoub, Raymond George. An Introduction to the Analytic Theory of Numbers. Providence, RI: Amer. Math. Soc., 1963. Out of print. ISBN: 0608116270. $?. Bach, Eric and Shalit, Jeffrey. Algebraic Number Theory, Vol. 1. Efficient Algorithms. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996. 496 p. $45.

    58. - Books And Stuff. Cheap!
    Author(s) davenport, harold; davenport, H. / 7th Edition ISBN 0521634466/ Paperback / 12/1/1999 New Copy Usually Ships in 710 Business Days.

    59. Multiplicative Number Theory By Harold Davenport, Et Al (Hardcover)
    Buy Multiplicative Number Theory by harold davenport, et al (Hardcover)here at low prices. Click here for reviews, and product information.
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    Electronics Store Electronics Store ... Toy Store NOTICE : All prices, availability, and specifications are subject to verification by their respective retailers. Privacy Policy Last Modified : 3-18-2003 Multiplicative Number Theory Home Mathematics Books Number Theory Multiplicative Number Theory by Harold Davenport, et al (Hardcover) List Price: $49.95 At Amazon on 3-18-2003. Features
  • Hardcover: 177 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 9.55 x 6.34 Publisher: Springer Verlag; 3nd edition (January 15, 2000)
  • ISBN: 0387950974 Book Description This book thoroughly examines the distribution of prime numbers in arithmetic progressions. It covers many classical results, including the Dirichlet theorem on the existence of prime numbers in arithmetical progressions, the theorem of Siegel, and functional equations of the L-functions and their consequences for the distribution of prime numbers. In addition, a simplified, improved version of the large sieve method is presented. The 3rd edition includes a large number of revisions and corrections as well as a new section with references to more recent work in the field. Book Info A thorough examination of the distribution of prime numbers in arithmetic progressions, covering many classical results. Also includes a simplified, improved version of the large sieve methods and a number of revisions from the previous edition, c1980. DLC: Number theory.
  • 60. Amherst College Biographical Record: Class Of 1912
    5163. Cushing, Bartlett Ellis. 5164. davenport, Russell Lounsberry. 5165. Davis,Clarion Almado. 5169. Edds, Mac Vincent. 5170. *Fitts, harold Edward. 5171.
    Home Genealogy Amherst College Biographical Record
    Amherst College Class of 1912
    (from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921) Previous Class... Menu Index ... Bacon , Howard Rogers Banfield , Everett Colby Barton , Frederick Bushnell Baumann , Albert Vogt Beatty , Claudius Francis Bishop , Stanley Guard . S. of Wesley G. and Anne F. (Loane), b. Glyndon, Md., Aug. 21, 1890. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Prepared Randolph Macon Acad. Address, 312 Bridge St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Bishop , William Woolley Brock , Roland Humphrey Brown , Edmund Burns , Howard Fletcher Burt , Wilbur Farnham . S. of Dr. James E. and Josephine (Howland), b. Ocean Grove, N. J., Ap. 3, 1890. Psi Upsilon. Prepared Peddie Institute, N. J. Supt. Pratt Works, Standard Oil Co. of N. Y., Brooklyn, N. Y. With B. E. F., France, 1917-18; with A. E. F., 1918. Married O. 16, 1920, Evelyn Mildred, da. of George F. Peck, N. Y. City. Ch. Wilbur F. Address, 465 West End Ave., N. Y. City. Bussom , Thomas Wainwright Campbell , Archibald Brush Clarke , Herbert Houghton Colton , James Zearing Cook , Allan Wylie Cushing , Bartlett Ellis Davenport , Russell Lounsberry Davis , Clarion Almado Dawson , George Littleton de Chasseaud . S. of Jasper B. and Ella R. (Folie), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 20, 1887. Beta Theta Pi.

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