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         Davenport Harold:     more books (55)
  1. Multiplicative Number Theory by Harold Davenport, 2000-10-31
  2. Collected Works: v. 2 by Harold Davenport, 1977-12
  3. Anaesthesia in the Elderly by Harold T. Davenport, 1986-03
  4. Day Care: Surgery Anaesthesia and Management by Elizabeth Bradshaw, Harold T. Davenport, 1989-06
  5. The Oil Trusts and Anglo-American Relations by E H Davenport, Ernest Harold Davenport, et all 1924
  6. Mathematical Knowledge Management, Second International Conference MKM 2003, Bertinoro Italy, Lecture Notes on Computer Science Vol. 2594 LNCS by Andrea, BRuno Buchberger, James Harold Davenport, Eds. Asperti, 2003
  7. Paediatric Anaesthesia by Harold Thomas Davenport, 1980-11
  8. Parliament and the taxpayer by Ernest Harold Davenport, 2010-09-01
  9. The False decretals by Ernest Harold Davenport, 2010-09-08
  10. The Higher Arithmetic: An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by Harold Davenport, 1983-02
  11. The oil trusts & Anglo-American relations, by E. H. Davenport and Sidney Russell Cooke by E. H. (Ernest Harold) (b. 1893) Davenport, 1923
  12. The split society / by Nicholas Davenport by Nicholas Ernest Harold Davenport, 1964
  13. Principles of Day Surgery Nursing
  14. Histological and Histochemical Technics by harold davenport, 1960

81. I02519: Emily CAULEY (____ - ____)
_John William COTNER (1881 1930) m 1901 _Susan Adeline MCCLARD_+ (1860 - 1916) harold Rudolph COTNER Thomas Moore davenport.
Family 1 Green CAULEY
  • Rhoda Jane CAULEY INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 08/06/01 08:24:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Harold Rudolph COTNER
    25 Oct 1907 -
    • BIRTH : 25 Oct 1907
    Father: John William COTNER
    Mother: Bessie Addie Elizabeth CRAFT
    _Rudolph COTNER
    _John William COTNER Harold Rudolph COTNER ... _Henry M. CRAFT (1848 - 1924) m 1865 INDEX
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 08/06/01 08:24:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Thomas Moore DAVENPORT
    18 Jun 1955 -
    • BIRTH : 18 Jun 1955, Tucson, Arizona, USA
    Father: Joubert William DAVENPORT
    Mother: Carol Jeanne MOORE
    Family 1 Christina Maria DE LA VEGA
    • MARRIAGE : 17 Jun 1977, Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Lindsay Marie DAVENPORT
  • Stephanie Ann DAVENPORT Thomas Moore DAVENPORT _Thomas Elze MOORE ... _Lois ECHOLS + (1907 - 1997) m 1926 INDEX HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 08/06/01 08:24:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Kathy FREEL
    Father: Thomas FREEL
    Mother: Jane LACHE
    Kathy FREEL
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
  • 82. Charles B. Davenport Papers, Ca.1903-1940
    Collection inventory. Series I. Charles B. davenport Papers The following is a listingof papers, largely as kept and arranged by Mr. davenport. Bailey, harold,
    Charles B. Davenport Papers ca.1903-1940
    (63 linear feet) B D27 American Philosophical Society 105 South Fifth Street * Philadelphia, PA 19106-3386 Table of contents Abstract
    Background note: Founded by the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in 1890, the Biological Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., was little more than a languishing outpost until the arrival of Charles B. Davenport in 1898. Having received a doctorate in biology from Harvard in 1892, Davenport stayed on as an instructor in the Department of Zoology, teaching a number of promising young scientists including E. B. Castle and Herbert Spencer Jennings. This brief period at Harvard was productive in a number of ways. The notes from his first course taught there were turned into his textbook, Experimental Morphology (N.Y., 1897, 1899) and his brush with quantitative and statistical methods resulted in a number of papers, and established the foundation for the biometric analyses he pursued throughout the remainder of his carrer. Also, in 1894 he married Gertrude Crotty, a graduate student in zoology who became a collaborator on a number of projects. His future reputation, however, was bound up with the Biological Laboratory.

    83. Guide D,E
    davenport, harold (19071969), mathematician. DITCHBURN, Robert William (1903-1987),physicist. Back to the top. davenport, harold, 1907-1969. Mathematician.
    NCUACS homepage Guide List of Contents
    Guide to the manuscript papers of British scientists: D
    The collections described in this guide have been catalogued by the CSAC at Oxford and the NCUACS at the University of Bath, and subsequently deposited in libraries and archives throughout the UK. Inclusion in this guide does not imply that collections will be available for research. There are restrictions on access to items in a number of the collections and researchers should always consult the appropriate repository before planning a visit. New Most of the catalogues compiled by the Unit can now be viewed online through the Access to Archives website at the Public Record Office. Direct links to the catalogues are being (gradually) added from this Guide To view the full-text catalogue, please click on the link under Finding Aid Note, some catalogues are very extensive and may take a few moments to download. An indication of the size of the file is provided.
    , Ivan de Burgh (1893-1974), physiologist. DANIELS , Henry Ellis, (1912-2000), statistician.

    84. Collected Works
    CALL NO QA241 D29 AUTHOR davenport, harold, 1907 MAIN TITLE The collectedworks of harold davenport / edited by BJ Birch, H. Halberstam, CA Rogers.
    CALL NO: QA3 A14 1881
    AUTHOR: Abel, Niels Henrik, 1802-1829.
    MAIN TITLE: OEuvres completes de Niels Henrik Abel.
    EDITION: Nouv. ed., publiee aux frais de l'etat norve-gien par L. Sylow
    PUBLISHER: Christiania [Sweden] Grondahl, 1881.
    LOCATION: Branson
    Material: 2 v. in 1. 28 cm.
    Contents: t. 1. Memoires publies par Abel.t. 2. Memoires posthumes d'Abel
    Subject: Mathematics. cm
    Added Entry: Sylow, Peter Ludvig Mejdel, 1832-
    Added Entry: Lie, Sophus, 1842-1899. CALL NO: QB3 A2 AUTHOR: Adams, John Couch, 1819-1892. MAIN TITLE: The scientific papers of John Adams Couch, edited by William Grylls
    Adams, with a memoir by J. W. L. Glaisher. PUBLISHER: Cambridge, University press, 1896-1900. LOCATION: Branson V.1 and V.2
    Material: 2 v. front. (port.) fold. map, facsims., diagr. 30 cm.
    Contents: v. 1. Biographical notice, by J. W. L. Glaisher. [Original papers published by the author during his lifetime, 1844-1890, ed. by William Grylls Adams]v. 2. pt. 1. Extracts from unpublished manuscripts, ed. by Ralph Allen Simpson. pt. 2. Terrestial magnetism, ed. by William Grylls Adams.
    Subject: Geomagnetism.

    85. The Glory Days Of The Davenport Hotel
    The picture on the left is Chet Griffith's davenport Hotel Orchestra in place to ontrombone; Dick Smead, Larry Drovdahl, Robert Boies on Sax; harold Harvey on
    The Glory Days of the Davenport Hotel
    By John Luppert
    In the late summer of 1937, The Amalgamated Laundry Workers in Spokane called their members out on strike. It proved to be a long and bitter one, and in those days of the depression, with many out of work, the times were not right for a successful strike. Among others who heeded the strike call, were the laundry workers in the Davenport Hotel. It was the hope of the union officials, that the rest of employees in the hotel would follow the laundry workers and walk out, but to their disappointment, only the Musicians Union responded. Many Hotel operators would have accepted the loss of the band with a shrug. After all, nice as music is, it is hardly essential to the operation of a hotel. Quiet acceptance was not Mr. Davenport's way. He regarded any challenge as a flung gauntlet and he prepared for battle at once. Competent non-union musicians were hard to find, even in those depression days, so he turned the task of replacing the nine-piece band over to Harry Wraight. Mr. Wraight was the Vice President and General Manager of the hotel, and was as tough and resourceful as Mr. Davenport. It happened that Mr. and Mrs. Wraight were friends of my folks, so that Mr. Wraight knew that I, just out of high school, played on weekends for school affairs, grange dances, and other such semi amateur-occasions. The nearest I had come to a truly professional engagement was a short stint as a ships musician on the old American Mail Line, out of Seattle to the Orient. I'm sure that sounded more grand to Mr. Wraight than it was. At any rate he asked me if I could put a band together for the hotel, and in my youthful self-confidence, I assured him I could. Fortunately, on more sober consideration, 1 realized I lacked the musical experience to direct and manage a nine-piece band.

    86. Mrs. Davenport's Class
    Mrs. davenport's Class. 30619EN Hard Times on the Prairie Wilder/Peterson 3.7 1.09808EN HarleyDavidson Motorcycles Jesse Young 5.2 0.5 7318EN harold and the,1871,8406-146621-7-13538,00.html

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    87. Davenport's Inc.
    Sincerely,. harold O. davenport President. 2509 Cokesbury Road Greenwood,SC 29649 phone 1866-942-7020 or (864) 229-2202
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    President 2509 Cokesbury Road
    Greenwood, SC 29649

    88. Historical Manuscripts Commission | National Register Of Archives | List Of Pers
    Dudley Leslie (19191990) Rear Admiral (1) davenport, Edward Davies (1778-1847) MPfor Shaftesbury (3) davenport, harold (1907-1969) Mathematician (1) davenport

    DE DH DI ... DY List of Persons with surname beginning DA
    Daborne, Robert (d 1628) Dramatist

    Dack, Clifford Local Historian, Grantham

    Dacre, Thomas (1467-1525) 2nd Baron Dacre

    Dacre, William (1500-1563) 3rd Baron Dacre
    Daysh, George Henry John (1901-1986) Geographer

    Persons listed:
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    Browse Personal Names A B ... Archives in Focus
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    Marcella May Kathe Mehl Mary Anderson James Lochead harold Hartshorne Jack MarcellaMay Willis Walter Bainbridge Carleton Hoffner Frank davenport 1948 Lois
    GOLD SILVER BRONZE 1929 Edith Secord Theresa Weld Blanchard Maribel Vinson Joseph Savage Nathaniel Niles J. Lester Madden 1936 Marjorie Parker Nettie Prantel Clara Frothingham Joseph Savage Harold Hartshorne Ashton Parmenter 1937 Nettie Prantel Marjorie Parker Ardelle Kloss Harold Hartshorne Joseph Savage Roland Janson 1938 Nettie Prantel Katherine Durbrow Louise W. Atwell Harold Hartshorne Joseph Savage Otto Dallmayr 1939 Sandy MacDonald Nettie Prantel Marjorie Parker Harold Hartshorne Joseph Savage George Boltres 1940 Sandy MacDonald Nettie Prantel Vernafay Thysell Harold Hartshorne George Boltres Paul Harrington 1941 Sandy MacDonald Elizabeth Kennedy Edith Whetstone Harold Hartshorne Eugene Turner Alfred L. Richards 1942 Edith Whetstone Sandy MacDonald Ramona Allen Alfred L. Richards Harold Hartshorne Herman Torrano 1943 Marcella May Marjorie Parker Smith Nettie Prantel James Lochead Joseph Savage Harold Hartshorne 1944 Marcella May Kathe Mehl Mary Anderson James Lochead Harold Hartshorne Jack Anderson 1945 Kathe Williams Marcella May Willis Anne Davies Robert Swenning James Lochead Carleton Hoffner 1946 Anne Davies Lois Waring Carmel Waterbury Carleton Hoffner Walter Bainbridge Edward Bodel 1947 Lois Waring Anne Davies Marcella May Willis Walter Bainbridge Carleton Hoffner Frank Davenport 1948 Lois Waring Anne Davies Irene Maguire Walter Bainbridge Carleton Hoffner Frank Davenport 1949 Lois Waring Irene Maguire Carmel Waterbury Bodel Walter Bainbridge Walter Muehlbronner Edward Bodel 1950 Lois Waring Irene Maguire Anne Davies Michael McGean Walter Muehlbronner Carleton Hoffner 1951 Carmel Waterbury Bodel Virginia Hoyns Carol Ann Peters Edward Bodel Donald Jacoby Daniel Ryan 1952 Lois Waring Carol Ann Peters Carmel Waterbury Bodel Michael McGean Daniel Ryan Edward Bodel 1953 Carol Ann Peters Virginia Hoyns Carmel Waterbury Bodel Daniel Ryan Donald Jacoby Edward Bodel 1954 Carmel Waterbury Bodel Phyllis Forney Patsy Riedel Edward Bodel Martin Forney Roland Junso 1955 Carmel Waterbury Bodel Joan Zamboni Phyllis Forney Edward Bodel Roland Junso Martin Forney 1956 Joan Zamboni Carmel Waterbury Bodel Sidney Arnold Roland Junso Edward Bodel Franklin Nelson 1957 Sharon McKenzie Andree Anderson Joan Zamboni Bert Wright Donald Jacoby Roland Junso 1958 Andree Anderson Claire O'Neil Susan Sebo Donald Jacoby John Bejshak Tim Brown 1959 Andree Anderson Jacoby Margie Ackles Judy Ann Lamar Donald Jacoby Charles Phillips Ronald Ludington 1960 Margie Ackles Marilyn Meeker Yvonne Littlefield Charles Phillips Larry Pierce Roger Campbell 1961 Dianne Sherbloom Dona Lee Carrier Patricia Dineen Larry Pierce Roger Campbell Robert Dineen 1962 Yvonne Littlefield Dorothyann Nelson Lorna Dyer Peter Betts Pieter Kollen King Cole 1963 Sally Schantz Yvonne Littlefield Lorna Dyer Stanley Urban Peter Betts John Carrell 1964 Darlene Streich Carol MacSween Lorna Dyer Charles Fetter Robert Munz John Carrell 1965 Kristin Fortune Lorna Dyer Susan Urban Dennis Sveum John Carrell Stanley Urban 1966 Kristin Fortune Lorna Dyer Susan Urban Dennis Sveum John Carrell Stanley Urban 1967 Lorna Dyer Alma Davenport Judy Schwomeyer John Carrell Roger Berry James Sladky 1968 Judy Schwomeyer Vicki Camper Debbie Gerken James Sladky Eugene Heffron Raymond Tiedemann 1969 Judy Schwomeyer Joan Bitterman Debbie Gerken James Sladky Brad Hislop Raymond Tiedemann 1970 Judy Schwomeyer Anne Millier Debbie Ganson James Sladky Harvey(Skip) Millier Brad Hislop 1971 Judy Schwomeyer Anne Millier Mary Campbell James Sladky Harvey(Skip) Millier Johnny Johns 1972 Judy Schwomeyer Anne Millier Mary Campbell James Sladky Harvey(Skip) Millier Johnny Johns 1973 Mary Campbell Anne Millier Jane Pankey Johnny Johns Harvey(Skip) Millier Richard Horne 1974 Colleen O'Connor Anne Millier Michelle Ford Jim Millns Harvey(Skip) Millier Glenn Patterson 1975 Colleen O'Connor Judi Genovesi Michelle Ford Jim Millns Kent Weigle Glenn Patterson 1976 Colleen O'Connor Judi Genovesi Susan Kelley Jim Millns Kent Weigle Andrew Stroukoff 1977 Judi Genovesi Susan Kelley Michelle Ford Kent Weigle Andrew Stroukoff Glenn Patterson 1978 Stacey Smith Carol Fox Susan Kelley John Summers Richard Dalley Andrew Stroukoff 1979 Stacey Smith Carol Fox Judy Blumberg John Summers Richard Dalley Michael Seibert 1980 Stacey Smith Judy Blumberg Carol Fox John Summers Michael Seibert Riichard Dalley 1981 Judy Blumberg Carol Fox Kim Krohn Michael Seibert Richard Dalley Barry Hagan 1982 Judy Blumberg Carol Fox Elisa Spitz Michael Seibert Richard Dalley Scott Gregory 1983 Judy Blumberg Elisa Spitz Carol Fox Michael Seibert Scott Gregory Richard Dalley 1984 Judy Blumberg Carol Fox Elisa Spitz Michael Seibert Richard Dalley Scott Gregory 1985 Judy Blumberg Renee Roca Suzanne Semanick Michael Seibert Donald Adair Scott Gregory 1986 Renee Roca Suzanne Semanick Lois Luciani Donald Adair Scott Gregory Russ Witherby 1987 Suzanne Semanick Renee Roca Susan Wynne Scott Gregory Donald Adair Joseph Druar 1988 Suzanne Semanick Susan Wynne April Sargent Scott Gregory Joseph Druar Russ Witherby 1989 Susan Wynne April Sargent Suzanne Semanick Joseph Druar Russ Witherby Ron Kravette 1990 Susan Wynne April Sargent Suzanne Semanick Joseph Druar Russ Witherby Ron Kravette 1991 Elizabeth Punsalan April Sargent Jeanne Miley Jerod Swallow Russ Witherby Michael Verlich 1992 April Sargent Thomas Rachel Mayer Elizabeth Punsalan Russ Witherby Peter Breen Jerod Swallow 1993 Renee Roca Susan Wynne Elizabeth Punsalan Gorsha Sur Russ Witherby Jerod Swallow 1994 Elizabeth Punsalan Susan Wynne Amy Webster Jerod Swallow Russ Witherby Ron Kravette 1995 Renee Roca Elizabeth Punsalan Amy Webster Gorsha Sur Jerod Swallow Ron Kravette 1996 Elizabeth Punsalan Renee Roca Eve Chalom Jerod Swallow Gorsha Sur Matthew Gates 1997 Elizabeth Punsalan Eve Chalom Kate Robinson Jerod Swallow Matthew Gates Peter Breen 1998 Elizabeth Punsalan Jessica Joseph Naomi Lang Jerod Swallow Charles Butler Peter Tchernyshev 1999 Naomi Lang Eve Chalom Deborah Koegel Peter Tchernyshev Matthew Gates Oleg Fediukov 2000 Naomi Lang Jamie Silverstein Deborah Koegel Peter Tchernyshev Justin Pekarek Oleg Fediukov 2001 Naomi Lang Tanith Belbin Jessica Joseph Peter Tchernyshev Benjamin Agosto Brandon Forsyth 2002 Naomi Lang Tanith Belbin Melissa Gregory Peter Tchernyshev Benjamin Agosto Denis Petukhov 2003 Naomi Lang Tanith Belbin Melissa Gregory Peter Tchernyshev Benjamin Agosto Denis Petukhov

    90. Hall Of Fame
    1981. harold Hughes Ida Grove. Otto Huebner Glenwood. Van Brownson Shenandoah.Loren Day davenport. Lawrence Day davenport. 1982. Tony Baker Burlington.
    I owa F ootball C oaches A ssociation Home Board of Directors Membership Coaches Recognitions ... Minutes Hall of Fame Members of IFCA Coaches
    Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame honors those prep coaches who have made major contributions to Iowa High School football. Candidates must have completed fifteen years of head coaching with at least ten of those in Iowa schools or have a total of twenty years of high school football coaching experience. Mart Brandes Leonard Cole Leslie Davis Warren Gear Archie Johnson Max Lynn Hap Miller Leonard Raffensberger Harold Tackleson Kenneth Wells Harold Birney Herb Cormack Jesse Day George Dutcher Wendell Eldahl Don Fleming L.C. Hipple Truman Manship Charles McGaffin Walter Schwank A.J. Stolfa Frank Bates Eugene Carey Wilbur Dalzell Steve Evertt Bob Lamson Forrest Marquis Bil Moore Merritt Parsons Orville Rust Bob Evans Eugene Fisher Russ Kraai Don Newell Leo Novak Harley Rollinger Bob Savage Kenneth Tannatt Chuck Uknes John Webb Bill Byrnes Ray Brynes Dale Hackett Harold Sweet Gaileen Thomas Bill Hodam Ted Lawrence Joe McNeill Charles Patorino Clint Stille Lowell Crippen U.F. Evans

    91. Carl's Cam: War Memorial, Altrincham, Cheshire.
    John A CRAGG W Arthur CRAGG Charles CROFT Brian CROSSLEY Alfred CROWTHER Sydney MCRUICKSHANK William CURLEY J harold CURTISS Edward davenport Harry davenport
    War Memorial, Altrincham, Cheshire. Location
    Dunham Road and St Margaret's Road, Altrincham, Cheshire.
    (In Trafford, Greater Manchester, since the 1974 county boundary change Description
    A stone cross surrounded by a wall on which are metal panels engraved with the names of those (presumably of Altrincham) who lost their lives in the first world war. Inscription TO THE ENDURING MEMORY OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES
    Frank ADAMS, MM
    Henry P ADSHEAD
    Robert ADSHEAD
    James F ALDCROFT

    Double headstone; Malinda Roy footstone - Together Forever) Roy U davenport- 1903-1981 Space Ruby B Burgess - Mar 18, 1927-Aug 6, 1993 harold Ray Holton

    93. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Donner To Donolow
    Donohue, harold Daniel (19011984) also known as harold D. Donohue of Worcester,Worcester County, Mass. Donohue, M. of davenport, Scott County, Iowa.
    Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
    Index to Politicians: Donner to Donolow

    94. Recordings
    Length 2400. Conductor Pembroke davenport Singers Nancy WalkerHarold Lang Sandra Deel Bill Shirley Hugh Martin. Songs 1. Gotta
    Recordings by Harold Lang
    Look Ma, I'm Dancin'! LP Original Broadway Cast (1948)
    Premiere: Thursday, January 29, 1948
    Adelphi Theatre, (New York)
    Performances: 188
    Recording year: 1948
    Label: Columbia X-14879
    Length: 24:00
    Conductor: Pembroke Davenport
    Nancy Walker
    Harold Lang Sandra Deel Bill Shirley Hugh Martin Songs: 1. Gotta dance 2. I'm the first girl in the second row 3. I'm not so bright 4. I'm tired of Texas 5. Tiny room 6. The little boy blues 7. If you'll be mine 8. Shauny O'Shay Kiss Me, Kate CD Original Broadway Cast (1948) Premiere: Thursday, December 30, 1948 New Century Theatre, (New York) Performances: 1070 Recording year: 1948 Label: Columbia SK 60536 Length: 55:16 Tracks: 19 Conductor: Pembroke Davenport Singers: Alfred Drake Lisa Kirk Harold Lang Harry Clark Patricia Morison Lorenzo Fuller Edwin Clay Fred Davis Jack Diamond Annabelle Hill Eddie Sledge Charles Wood Songs: 1. Another op'nin', another show 2. Why can't you behave? 3. Wunderbar 4. So in love 5. We open in Venice

    95. Kleene Math Library New Books - February 2002
    QA241 D32 2000 davenport, harold. MULTIPLICATIVE NUMBER THEORY. Graduate texts inmathematics; 74. New York Springer, 2000. QA246.5 K67 2001 Koshy, Thomas.
    KLEENE MATHEMATICS LIBRARY University of Wisconsin-Madison ACQUISITIONS: February 2002 The following items were received by the Kleene Mathematics Library during the months of February 2002. These items will be placed on the New Book Shelf for one month and may be borrowed at any time. If you have any questions, please contact a library staff member. Books (in call number order):
    ADVANCES IN MODAL LOGIC, Marcus Kracht, ed. CSLI lecture notes ; no. 87, 119. Stanford, Calif.: CSLI Publications, c1998. LH 7AM27 CO
    American Mathematical Society. COMBINED MEMBERSHIP LIST OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY AND THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. Announcements of Mathematical Sciences Service Bureau. Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society, 1954- LH 7AM27 ME no.735
    LH 7AM27 ME no.736
    LH 7AM27 ME no.737
    Doelman, A. A STABILITY INDEX ANALYSIS OF 1-D PATTERNS OF THE GRAY-SCOTT MODEL. Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 737. Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society, c2002. LH 7AM27 ME no.738

    96. Members Hall Of Fame
    D) (Cont) Lynch, Jack, Lawler (U) Madden, Orval, Alton (C) Mahoney, Jim, Johnston(C) Makeever, Merle, davenport (D) (C) Manders, harold, Dallas Center (P
    Ahrens, Adolph, Mechanicsville (U) (C)
    Alderson, Dale, Cleghorn( D) (C)
    Alexander, Estel, Hubbard (C)
    Anderson, Jack, Grand Jct. (U)
    Avery, Larry, Donnelson (C)
    Bailey, Joe, Cedar Rapids (D) (U)
    Baker, Gene, Davenport (D) (P)
    Banks, Duane, Iowa City (C)
    Barr, Everett, Algona (U)
    Barr, Larry, Scranton (U)
    Bates, “Doc”, Ottumwa (U) Beekman, Jay, Buena Vista (C) Belger, Vic, Creston (C) Bell, Marv, Van Horne (U) Benedict, Robert, Pomeroy (Cont) Bertel, Dick, Ames (D) (P) Biittner, Larry, Pocahontas (P) Birmingham, Dick, Springfield, MO (Cont) Blackman, Ken, Bettendorf (C) Blumeyer, Richard, Waterloo (U) Boddicker, Mike, Norway (P) Bowers, Robert, Center Point (D) (C) Bredeson, Vern, Cedar Rapids (C) Broders, Dave, Bellevue (C) Brown, Mace, North English (P) Bruner, Jack, Waterloo (P) Bryant, Donald, Des Moines (D ) (U)

    97. QARC Executive Officers 1947-2003
    Treasurer Ray Masse VE3DXM Field Day Doug Vanderwater Program harold Carruthers VE3NW WesMonk VE3FQM Bill Jones VE3HJ Treasurer Don davenport VE3BPL Bulletin
    Quinte Amateur Radio Club PO Box 23039
    BELLEVILLE, Ontario
    Club Repeater: VE3QAR 146.985 MHz QARC Executive Officers - 1947-2003 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's ... 1990's 1947 President Fred Darnell Vice Pres. Harold Carruthers VE3AOP, VE3NW Secretary Gene Hitchon VE3AJS, VE3NN Treasurer Jack Warner VE3ADJ, Don Campbell 1948 President Harold Carruthers VE3AOP, VE3NW Vice Pres. Jack Warner VE3ADJ Secretary Gene Hitchon VE3AJS, VE3NN Treasurer Don Campbell Harry Overend 1949 President Harold Carruthers VE3NW Vice Pres. Secretary Chas. Young, Jim Colligan Treasurer Chas. Young VE3BUV Roy White VE3BUX 1999-2000 President David Ackerman VE3UGT Vice-President Brian Credico VE3GRA Secretary Peter Hodgson VA3PKH Treasurer Don Dalrymple VE3DQN 2000-2001 President Peter Hodgson VA3PKH Vice-President Bill Milligan VA3WOW Secretary Tim Pekkonen VE3UO Treasurer Don Dalrymple VE3DQN 2001-2002 President Peter Hodgson VA3PKH Vice-President Bill Milligan VA3WOW Secretary Mike Papper VE3VMP Treasurer Don Dalrymple VE3DQN 2002-2003 President Peter Hodgson VA3PKH Vice-President Bill Milligan VA3WOW Secretary Mike Papper VE3VMP Treasurer Don Dalrymple VE3DQN

    98. Early History Of Davenport, CA
    Captain and Mrs. davenport built their house on a high bluff on the right side of June23, 1870; a boy who died at birth in 1872; and harold Augustus, August 18
    Early History of Davenport
    Capt. John P. Davenport,
    circa 1852 by Alverda Orlando D avenport was founded in 1868. The original town was about a mile to the north of the present location near El Jarro Point. In the beautiful cove at the mouth of Agua Puerca Creek, Captain John P. Davenport built a 450 foot wharf. Timber, tanbark , cordwood, and cedar posts were loaded from the wharf onto small sailing vessels and shipped to San Francisco. Whaling gear and the blubber melting pots were located near the wharf. In 1906, the Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company started operation. The present town of Davenport was developed by the Coast Dairies and Land Company to house the workers at the cement plant. Most of the old landmarks from that period have been destroyed by various fires. Still standing is the old jail, which was built in 1914, and sits off the main highway on Center Street. Also still here is the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, at the end of Davenport Avenue. It was built in 1915; its interior is beautiful and well maintained and is always a subject for artists and art classes. Photo of Davenport in 1910 Local History Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Home Page

    99. New Books, Fine Library, Princeton University: March 2001
    2000, QA241 .D32 2000, Multiplicative Number Theory, davenport, harold. 2000,QA251 .5 .P76 2000, New Trends In Hopf Algebra Theory, Andruskiewitsch, Nicholas.
    Fine Library, Princeton University
    New Books (March 2001)

    or Physics
    Date of Publ Call Number Title Author Math Books... An Introduction to Symplectic Geometry Berndt, Rolf Modules over Non-Noetherian Domains Fuchs, Laszlo Number theoretic Density and Logical Limit Laws Burris, N. Stanley Spectral Problems Associated with Corner Singularities of Solutions to Elliptic Equations Koxlov, V.A. Auslander-Buchweitz Approximations of Equivariant Modules Hashimoto, Mitsuyasu Combinatorial and Computational Algebra (Contemporary Mathematics vol. 264) Chan, Kai Yuen Differential Geometric Methods in the Control of Partial Differential Equations Differential Geometric Methods in the Control of Partial Differential Equations Gulliver, Robert Directions in Mathematical Quasicrystals Baake, Michael Elementary Linear Algebra Kolman, Bernard Elsevier's Dictiionary Of Mathematics (English, German, French, Russian) Peeva, K Introduction to Probability Models Ross, Sheldon M. Iterative Dynamic Programming Luus, Rein Large Deviations (Fields Institute Monographs) vol.14 Hollander, Frank den

    100. The Final Score.TV
    harold Patterson Principal harold Patterson - Athletic Director 800 6th StreetDavenport, WA 99122 Phone (509) 725-4021 Fax (509) 725-4003. Boys Basketball.

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