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         Dixon Alfred:     more books (62)
  1. Nottinghamshire Cricket Captains: Garfield Sobers, Stephen Fleming, Alfred Shaw, Jason Gallian, Clive Rice, William Clarke, John Dixon
  2. Batman All the Deadly Days (Eighty (80) Page Giant #3) by Chuck Dixon, 2000
  3. History of Washington County, [Pennsylvania]: From its first Settlement to the Present Time by Alfred Creigh, 2009-10-14
  4. Primer of Tennyson by W. M. Dixon, 1971-01
  5. Biathletes at the 1984 Winter Olympics: Mike Dixon, Frank Ullrich, Peter Angerer, Frank-Peter Roetsch, Eirik Kvalfoss, Alfred Eder
  6. The Ingenuity Gap How can we solve the problems of the future by Thomas Homer Dixon hardback
  7. I Dig Rock and Roll Music by James Mason and Dave Dixon / arr. Kirby Shaw Words and music by Paul Stookey, 2004-01-01
  8. I Dig Rock and Roll Music by James Mason and Dave Dixon / arr. Kirby Shaw Words and music by Paul Stookey, 2004-01-01
  9. I Dig Rock and Roll Music by James Mason and Dave Dixon / arr. Kirby Shaw Words and music by Paul Stookey, 2004-02-01
  10. I Dig Rock and Roll Music by James Mason and Dave Dixon / arr. Kirby Shaw Words and music by Paul Stookey, 2004-03-01
  11. Tennyson's "In Memoriam" (Casebook)
  12. Wallis and Dixon Two Painters: Exhibition Information by Sarah Glennie, 1999-09
  13. The spiritual meaning of "In memoriam";: An interpretation for the times, by James Main Dixon, 1920
  14. Lives in letters;: An autograph collection. [Part 1] by Alfred St. Hilaire Tysser, 1937

61. Curling Family Tree, Kent, England. - Person Index
1874) CURLING, Harry George (1877) CURLING, alfred (1879) CURLING, alfred (1879)CURLING Thomas (1891) D DENNIS, Louisa Edith May (1900) dixon, George (1837
Family Index
COOPER, William (1864)

COOPER, Charles A. P. (1871)

COOPER, Nellie May (1891)

COOPER, Edith May (1891)
CURLING, Albert Thomas (1891)

DENNIS, Louisa Edith May (1900)

DIXON, George (1837)

DIXON, Thomas Richard (1857)
DIXON, Emily Ann (1859) ... DIXON, Sarah Elizabeth (1865) F FOAD, Fanny Eliza (1867) G GARDNER, Ann (1837) H HARNETT, William George (1891) HOLDSWORTH, Robin (1919) P PILCHER, Mary Ann (1838) R ROGERS, Ellen Charlotte (1850) ROGERS, Charlotte (1852) ROGERS, William (1854) ROGERS, Henry (1856) ... ROGERS, James (1860) S SHELVEY, James (1802) SHELVEY, Jane (1806) SHELVEY, Charlotte (1821) SHELVEY, Henry (1823) ... Go To Top

62. King Genealogical Database Index
dixon, Alexander , Sr. (Bet 1699 and 1783 Bet 1803 and 1864); dixon,alfred (about 1800 - Bet 1801 and 1890); dixon, alfred Pinkey
King Genealogical Database
For further information, contact: Kellie Sue Sapp King
5013 Kingswood Drive
Apartement E
South Charleston, West Virginia 25309
The King genealogical database can be searched several ways:

63. Family Origins Forum
Re Uploading reports Eugene dixon 1/10/03 Re Uploading reports - alfred Eller1/10/03 Re Uploading reports - Eugene dixon 1/10/03 Family Origins Support
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64. The Zoological Email Directory
NAME, ORGANIZATION. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X YZ. dixon, alfred, JACKSON ST. UNIVERSITY. Jennier, JoAnn, Jackson Zoo.

65. The Zoological Email Directory
Dineley, John, Zoological Consultant Animal Behaviour Welfare. DINER,GARY,RELIABLE PROTEIN PRODUCTS. dixon, alfred, JACKSON ST. UNIVERSITY.

66. Bibliography Of Alfred Kroeber
Relationship of the Indian languages of California (with Roland Burrage dixon). Berkeley.New linguistic families in California (with Roland Burrage dixon).
First Emeritus Lecture Honoring
Albert L. Kroeber
Bibliography for the years between 1910 and 1929
  • At the bedrock of history. Sunset, vol. XXV, no. 3, pp. 255-60. San Francisco.
    The Chumash and Costanoan languages. University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 237-71. Berkeley.
    [Contributions to] Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico, edited by Frederick Webb Hodge, N-Z. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30, part ll. Washington.
Oketo, p. 114 Olegel, p. 118 Oler, p. 118 Olhon, pp. 118-19 Pohallintinleh, p. 272 Rekwoi, p. 365 Rumsen, p. 397 Salinan family (with Henry Henshaw), p. 415 Tachi, p. 667 Tanom, p. 687 Taxlipu, p. 712 Tsahpekw, p. 821 Tsano, p. 821 Tuhukmache, p. 833 Tui, p. 833 Tulomos, p. 836 Tumna, p. 837 Turip, p. 840 Uchiyingich, p. 862 Ukohtontilka, p. 865 Ukomnom, p. 865 Weitspus, pp. 930-31 Wishosk, p. 964 Yaudanchi, p. 994 Yawilchine, p. 995 Yokol, p. 999 Yukian family, pp. 1008-9 The following unsigned articles are attributed to Kroeber in the 1935 bibliography: Wiyat, p. 967

67. Authors ("D") & Titles
Jeane dixon my life and prophecies her own story as told to Rene Noorbergen. 92 dixon dixon, Paige, 1911 May I cross your golden river? alfred the Great.
Dabbs, James McBride, 1896-
Who speaks for the South? 917.5 DAB
Dacey, Norman F.
How to avoid probateupdated! 346.05 DAC
DaCosta, Morton, 1914-
Book of needlepoint. 746.44 DAC
Dagostino, Frank R.
  • Materials of construction 691 DAG
  • 696 DAG
  • Residential construction handbook ... 690.837 DAG
    Dahl, Arlene.
    Beyond beauty: a three-part journey to help you reach your full potential as a woman 613.0424 DAH
    Dahl, Borghild.
    Karen. FIC DAH
    Dahlberg, Edward.
    Because I was flesh: the autobiography of Edward Dahlberg. 92 DAHLBERG
    Dahlin, Doris, 1952-
    The sit-in game FIC D
    Dahmus, Joseph Henry, 1909-
    The Middle Ages: a popular history 940.1 DAH
    Dahrendorf, Ralf.
    Class and class conflict in industrial society. 335 DAH
    Daiches, David, 1912-
  • A critical history of English literature. 820.9 DAICHES
  • Poems in English, 1530-1940 821.08 DAI ... 820.9 DAI
    Dailey, Janet.
    Silver wings, Santiago blue FIC DAI
    Daily, Jay E.
  • Cataloging for library technical assistants PROF 025.3 DAI
  • Cataloging workbook for library technical assistants PROF 025.3 DAI
    Daingerfield, Marjorie Jay.
    The fun and fundamentals of sculpture.
  • 68. James Dixon
    Yes! James dixon is one of my blackmailees, and after seeing his drawings, I onlywish I had twisted his arm a bit more there is a difference alfred Scott.
    James Dixon
    One of the great pleasures of writing WildTools has been seeing the interesting things people create with PowerCADD and WildTools. But the most creative people are often highly reclusive, work alone, and reluctant to show off their work. So recently, as a condition of providing my new Sketch Tools for open public testing and use, I've resorted to a program of blackmail, bribery and arm-twisting. Yes! James Dixon is one of my blackmailees, and after seeing his drawings, I only wish I had twisted his arm a bit more there is a difference between shameless and guilt-free. Let's hope we see more work from James. Alfred Scott
    Birthday card design There comes a time in every man's life when he makes a wrong choice, and is powerless to correct it even as he carries out the deed. In my case it happened today when I said yes to Alfred Scott's request for an entry into the Drawing Room. His honeyed words poured forth from the telephone like, well, honey, and I was subtly coerced into making this phenomenally bad decision to display some of my recent work. Blackmail is an ugly word for an ugly thing. Consider these drawings payment for new WildTools. James Dixon
    James Dixon
    Architect/blackmailee James Dixon is an architect in San Francisco, California. Telephone: (415) 928-0303, email:

    69. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Vincente To Vlodeck
    Vinson, Roberta dixon of Louisa, Lawrence County, Ky Violet, alfred G. of Acworth,Sullivan County, NH Delegate to New Hampshire state constitutional convention
    Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
    Index to Politicians: Vincente to Vlodeck

    70. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Vanche To Vandezande
    Vancore, dixon F. of Northfield, Merrimack County, NH Delegate to New Hampshire state VanDe Zande, alfred (b. 1893) of Campbellsport, Fond du Lac County, Wis.
    Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
    Index to Politicians: Vanche to Vandezande

    71. Untitled
    Translate this page ————— Husband John alfred dixon —————Birth Aug 1, 1846 Death May 15, 1915
    Husband: John Alfred Dixon
    Birth: Aug 1, 1846
    Death: May 15, 1915
    Wife: Missouri NeSmith
    1. F Child: Annie Elizabeth Dixon
    Birth: Mar 5, 1892 Place: Laurens Co. Ga
    Death: Dec 28, 1925
    Burial: Place: Blue Water Cemetery, Laurens Co. Ga
    Spouse: William Augustus "Will" FOUNTAIN
    Marriage: Jan 27, 1906 Place: Laurens Co. Ga 2. F Child: Omie Dixon Burial: Place: Mt Zion Cemetery, Laurens Co. Ga Spouse: William Otis Davidson 3. M Child: Madison Dixon Spouse: Clifford Brown 4. F Child: Nobie Dixon Spouse: Ben Brown 5. M Child: Cleveland Dixon Spouse: Rachel Brown Return to Dixon List

    72. I11212: John Newton BARMORE (27 JAN 1840 - 20 JUL 1851)
    Lawrence Edgar dixon INDEX HOME. Williamalfred GALLOWAY , Jr. REFN 6015. Father William alfred GALLOWAY , Sr. Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!
    John Newton BARMORE
    • BIRTH : 27 JAN 1840, MS
    • DEATH : 20 JUL 1851
    Father: John Milford BARMORE
    Mother: Amanda Virginia SHIRLEY
    _George BARMORE II_
    _John Milford BARMORE _Nancy PYLES ... HOME HTML created by on Sat Dec 29 17:02:41 2001.
    Franklin J BENNETT
    • BIRTH : 11 FEB 1870
    • DEATH : 3 JAN 1888, MS
    • REFN
    Father: Amzi Newton BENNETT
    Mother: Mary Frances DUNCAN
    Franklin J BENNETT
    INDEX HOME HTML created by on Sat Dec 29 17:02:41 2001.
    Lawrence Edgar DIXON
    • REFN
    Family 1 Effie Lucille CONNER
  • Shirley DIXON
  • Joe DIXON Lawrence Edgar DIXON ... HOME HTML created by on Sat Dec 29 17:02:41 2001.
    Thomas Edward FRASIER II
    • BIRTH : 7 SEP 1938
    • REFN
    Father: Thomas Edward FRASIER I
    Mother: Willie Belton BARMORE
    Family 1 Vivian MOSTYN
    • MARRIAGE : 1 JUN 1957

  • Guy Edward FRASIER
  • Carla FRASIER Family 2 Kay MUDGETT
    • MARRIAGE : 1 JUN 1957

  • Ashley Lee FRASIER
  • Courtney FRASIER _Thomas Edward FRASIER I_ Thomas Edward FRASIER II ... HOME HTML created by on Sat Dec 29 17:02:41 2001.
    Ulysses GAGE
    • BIRTH : Prince Edward Co., Ontario
    Father: William GAGE Mother: Deborah WERDEN Ulysses GAGE _Asa WERDEN INDEX ... HOME HTML created by on Sat Dec 29 17:02:41 2001.
  • 73. Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, Ingmar Bergman's Persona, Francis Ford Coppola's
    John Belton (ed.), alfred Hitchcock's Rear window Wheeler Winston dixon's essay, onthe other hand, which purports to place Persona in the context of the French
    John Belton (ed.), Alfred Hitchcock's Rear window . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-521-56453-0. 177 pp. A$29.95 (pb) Lloyd Michaels (ed.), Ingmar Bergman's Persona . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-521-65698-2. 191 pp. A$29.95 (pb) Nick Browne (ed.), Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather trilogy . Cambridge University Press, 2000. ISBN 0-521-55950-2. 191 pp. A$29.95 (pb) (Review copies supplied by Cambridge University Press)
    Uploaded 1 March 2001
    1674 words The Cambridge Film Handbooks series prides itself on its pluralism. According to its General Editor, Andrew Horton, the five or six (mostly) original essays in each volume are intended to offer a "prism" approach, "a variety of theoretical, critical, and contextual perspectives" on a particular film (or, in the case of the Godfather trilogy, series of films). The breadth and diversity of the spectrums refracted from these 'prisms', however, varies a good deal from volume to volume. So, inevitably, does the quality both of the individual contributions and of the volumes in their entirety. In addition to the essays that make up the bulk of each volume, each handbook also includes a range of supplementary materials: a small selection of contemporary reviews, a filmography, and a select bibliography. Like the essays, these vary considerably in their usefulness from volume to volume. Some of the bibliographies, for instance, are more selective than others: the

    74. I641: Charles CHARTRAND ( - )
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0UNREGISTERED (2/2/97) on Wed Feb 12 1606481997. alfred dixon. alfred dixon INDEX
    Charles CHARTRAND
    • BAPTISM : 12 SEP 1790, St Francois de Sales
    Father: Charles CHARTRAND
    Mother: Marie Charlotte CHARTIER
    Family 1 Marie LABONTE
    • MARRIAGE : 11 OCT 1813, St Vincent de Paul

    _Charles CHARTRAND
    _Marie Therese CORBEIL Charles CHARTRAND _Catherine CHODILLON ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0-UNREGISTERED (2/2/97) on Wed Feb 12 16:06:48 1997.
    Corinne CHARTRAND
    Father: Victor CHARTRAND
    Mother: Victoria DESJARDINS
    _Victor CHARTRAND
    _Angele GARIEPY Corinne CHARTRAND ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0-UNREGISTERED (2/2/97) on Wed Feb 12 16:06:48 1997.
    Marie Louise CHARTRAND
    • BIRTH : 26 FEB 1703, St. Joseph de la Riviere des Prairies
    Father: Pierre CHARTRAN
    Mother: Jeanne Hogue ST MALO
    Family 1 Simon Corbeil TRANCHEMONTAGNE
    • MARRIAGE : 3 JUL 1730, St Joseph de la Riviere des Prairies

    _Thomas CHARTRAN
    _Pierre CHARTRAN Marie Louise CHARTRAND INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0-UNREGISTERED (2/2/97) on Wed Feb 12 16:06:48 1997.
    Marie Clemence CLEMENT
    • BIRTH : 15 DEC 1728, Pointe-Claire, PQ
    • BAPTISM : 16 DEC 1728, Pointe-Claire, PQ
    Father: Bernard CLEMENT
    Mother: Marie Messaguier dit LAPLAINE
    _Marie PREZEAU
    Marie Clemence CLEMENT INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.0-UNREGISTERED (2/2/97)

    75. CIRCA Art Magazine - As Gaeilge
    Translate this page Beirt iascaire, beirt phéintéiris suntasach na cosúlachtaí idir saothar JamesDixon ó Oileán Thoraí agus alfred Wallis ó St. Ives Chorn na Breataine.
    Tory Island painter James Dixon at the Irish Museum of Modern Art
    "Cuireann sé olc ceart orm an chaint chaca sin ar fad faoi phéintéirí Thoraí" arsa mo chara, é ag baint gailleoige as an bhflaigín cider. "Tá sé chomh friggin' patronising - Nach iontach an dream iad a deir siad! - ní amháin go bhfuil siad in ann maireachtáil ar charraig lom amuigh sa bhfarraige, ach tá siad in ann péinteáil chomh maith!" Ach siad na radharcanna den oileán fhéin is deise liom. Ag breathnú ar na pictiúir a rinne sé de Bhaile Thiar an oileáin, den chaoi go lúbann an cladach thart i leathchiorcal is go luíonn na tithe sa mhullach ar a chéile, cuimhním ar mo laethanta sa choláiste oiliúna i nDroim Connrach. Bhí léachtóir ealaíne a rinne míníu álainn lá ar thuiscint an pháiste ar an líníocht is an phéínteáil. "A child's picture is not meant to be like a photograph" a dúirt sé go paiseanta" A child's picture is meant to be a map" Sé an sainmhíniú atá ar phéintéir "primitíveach" ná duine a shaothraíonn leis gan aon eolas a bheith aige ar stair na healaíne is gan aon tuiscint ná suim a bheith aige ar an ngaol atá ag a shaothar fhéin leis an stair sin. Dúisíonn an seó seo cuid mhór ceisteanna spéisiúla faoi chúrsaí aeisteitice, faoi aidhm na healaíne, faoin ngaol atá ag saothar ealaíne leis an bpobal as a dtagann sé. Dá spéisiúla iad na cruacheisteanna seo, mholfainn go láidir d'éinne cuairt a thabhairt ar an seó seo, ar mhaithe leis an taitneamh agus an pléisiúr a bhainfeas siad as na pictiúir seo iad fhéín.

    76. Members Of The Chief's Group
    12 FTW/CCC. 4875730. dixon, alfredD. AL . AETC/IG/ISL. 487-1382/4277.
    Mentoring Featured Chief What's New? 1st SGT Chiefs ... Command Chiefs
    Members Of The Chief's Group

    77. 37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry (Union)
    W. Carr, William A. Clark, Henry V. Clark, Benjamin F. Claiborne, Taylor C. Crowder,James A. Driver, Thompson Denham, Peyton J. dixon, alfred H. Doss, George L
    The infantry, the infantry, with dirt behind their ears...they can whup their weight in wildcats and drink their weight in beers...the cavalry, artillery, and even the engineers...they'll never catch the infantry, not in a hundred thousand years!
    Web Counter

    37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment

    Justin Cross, ggggrandson of Pvt. Isaac Cross,
    Company B, 37th Kentucky
    Awarded 10 July 2000
    Muster Roster
    37th Kentucky Volunteer (Mounted) Infantry Regiment
    Headquarters and Staff
    Colonel Commanding:
    Colonel Charles S. Hanson
    Lieutenant Colonel: Benjamin J. Spaulding Major: Samuel Martin Adjutant: Caswell B. Watts Quartermaster: William O. Watts, James M. Mattingly Surgeon: James R. Duncan Assistant Surgeon: Richard W. Hazelwood Chaplain: Ira Henderson Sergeants Major: William J. Quarry, Thomas Morris, Benjamin W. Spaulding Quartermaster Sergeant: Francis M. Bullington Hospital Steward: Alvin M. Lovelady Commissary Sergeant: Jefferson Davis Company A, 37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment Captain: Isaac A. Chinoweth 1st Lieutenant: Oscar H. M. Heusted

    78. Whhs Dixon's Building
    According to Richard Forder, alfred's great grandson, the successful company's factorywas run as a From a framed print presented to dixon's by Richard Forder.
    This article is a building history the Dixon's Building in Cleveland Road and Dixon's site in the triangle bounded by Cleveland Road, Bilston Street and Hospital Street . It also contains information about Forder's , the cab makers, and about Reade Brothers , the manufacturing chemists. References in square brackets can be found at the end of the article. Click on "notes" for further information about the topic under discussion. All "photos" are by the author. The building and its site The building was reported to have been, at the time of its completion, the tallest building in Wolverhampton; but whether or not that included church spires or purely secular buildings was not stated [Oldham].
    Map 1: part of John Steen's Map of Wolverhampton 1884. The site discussed here is shown outlined in red. Along Cleveland Road, on the way into town, stood the Staffordshire Hospital, the Baker building, the cattle market and St. George's church. At the back of the Hospital, the beginning of the All Saint's housing development could be seen and Cleveland House stood in its' own grounds. On the road to Bilston was the workhouse and there were wharves and factories along the canal which, along with the railway, bisected the road, whilst there was extensive housing arranged around courts on the far side of Bilston Street. It is known through the Town Commissioners' records that the cattle market was built on land purchased from the Duke of Cleveland at his own suggestion. The land on which Cleveland Road stands had of course once belonged to the Duke's estate but was sold by him to the Town Commissioners for their 1828/30 town road improvement scheme. The former Lord Darlington, granted the title of the Duke of Cleveland of the second creation, as a reward for backing the right side in the quarrel over the Reform Bill, thus had a road and two streets named after him (Cleveland Street connected Cleveland Road to town.

    79. Biography-center - Letter D
    dixon, alfred; dixon,Arthur
    Visit a
    random biography ! Any language Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish
    456 biographies

    80. Tennis - Olympische Spiele
    Translate this page AUS. Doppel 1. André Gobert/Maurice Germot - FRA, 2. Gunnar Setterwall/CarlKempe - SWE, 3. Charles dixon/alfred Beamish - GB. Damen
    Historie Tennis - Olympische Spiele
    Einzel: 1. John Boland - GB/IRL 2. Demis Kasdaglis - GRE Doppel: 1. John Boland - GB/Friedrich Adolph Traun - D 2. Demis Kasdaglis/Demetrios Petrokokkinos - GRE
    Herren Einzel: 1. Hugh Lawrence Doherty - GB 2. Harold Mahony - GB 3. Reginald Doherty - GB und Arthur B.J. Norris - IRL Doppel: 1. Reginald Doherty/Hugh Lawrence Doherty - GB 2. Basil Spalding de Garmendia - USA/Max Decugis - FRA 3. André Prévost/Georges de la Chapelle - FRA und Harold Mahony - GB/Arthur B.J. Norris - IRL Damen Einzel: 1. Charlotte Cooper - GB 2. Hélène Prévost - FRA 3. Marion Jones - USA und Hedwig Rosenbaum - BÖH Mixed: 1. Charlotte Cooper/Reginald Doherty - GB 2. Hélène Prévost - FRA/Harold Mahony - GB 3. Hedwig Rosenbaum - BÖH/Archibald Warden - USA und Marion Jones - USA/Hugh Lawrence Doherty - GB Herren - Handicap Einzel (1. Klasse): 1. André Prevost - FRA 2. Reginald Frank Doherty - GB Einzel (2. Klasse): 1. Descombes - FRA

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