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         Escher Maurits:     more books (55)
  1. Culture Mathématique: Escalier de Penrose, Cube Impossible, Triangle de Penrose, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Blivet, Ethnomathématiques (French Edition)
  2. Der Zauberspiegel des Maurits Cornelis Escher. by Bruno Ernst, 1994-12-01
  3. Peintre Néerlandais: Johannes Vermeer, Vincent Van Gogh, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Nicolas Maes, Hendrick Avercamp, Rembrandt, Frans Hals (French Edition)
  4. Naissance à Leeuwarden: Maurits Cornelis Escher, Mata Hari, Jan Jacob Slauerhoff, Richard Hageman, Guillaume Iv D'orange-Nassau (French Edition)
  5. MC Escher by Sandra Forty, 2006-01-01
  6. Prints By Maurits Cornelis Escher (Saturday, February 16, 1980) by Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1980-01-01
  7. Prints By Maurits Cornelis Escher by Unknown, 1980
  8. PRINTS BY MAURITS CORNELIS ESCHER Sale 4343 The Collection of W.F. Veldhuysen Esq. and other owners by anon, 1980-01-01
  9. Maurits C. Escher: Een eigenzinnig talent (Dutch Edition) by J. W Vermeulen, 1995
  10. Homage to Maurits Cornelis Escher;: [exhibition] May 30 to August 12, 1973 by M. C Escher, 1973
  11. The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher. by M. C. ; Escher, Maurits Cornelis Escher, 1984
  12. Belvedere Pocket Address Book by M. C. Escher ®, Maurits Cornelis Escher, 2001-07
  13. The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher by Maurits Cornelis Escher, 1971
  14. Prints By Maurits Cornelis Escher by Sothebys, 1980-01-01

41. Maurits Cornelius Escher
MC.escher. homepage people directory MC.escher. The Dutch graphic artistMaurits Cornelius escher, b. June 17, 1898, d. Mar. 27, 1972
M.C.Escher homepage people directory M.C.Escher The Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelius Escher , b. June 17, 1898, d. Mar. 27, 1972, explored a strange world of optical illusion, visual puns, and distorted perspectives in his work. He dealt with the theme of metamorphosis and change in such prints as Verbum (1942) and Metamorphosis (1939-40), which portray a gradual transformation of one shape into another. Escher created a visual paradox in the lithograph Relativity (1953) by combining three separate perspectives into a unified, coherent whole. His work has become increasingly popular because of its unique combination of humor, logic, and meticulous precision with visual trickery. Bibliography:
  • Escher on Escher - Exploring the Infinite (by M.C.Escher)
    Click to buy - Amazon Books.
  • The Magic Mirror of M. C. Escher (by Bruno Ernst)
  • The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher (by M.C.Escher)
  • Godel, Escher, Bach (by Douglas Hofstadter)

42. æïôï ÎÁ ODESSA.NET [Tema+Razdel+]
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43. CGFA- Maurits Cornelis Escher
GraphicEight Heads, 1922, Woodcut Stamped Print. 131KB. Graphic Portrait of theEngineer GA escher (Father of the Artist), 1935, lithograph. 163KB. Graphic St.
Eight Heads, 1922, Woodcut Stamped Print. 131KB Portrait of the Engineer G. A. Escher (Father of the Artist), 1935, lithograph. 163KB St. Peter, Rome, 1935, Wood-Engraving. 143KB Hand with Reflecting Globe, 1935, lithograph. 219KB Reptiles, 1943, lithograph, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 180KB Self-Portrait, detail, 1943, Lithographic Crayon. 98KB Eye, 1946, mezzotint. 189KB Drawing Hands, 1948, lithograph. 181KB Relativity, 1953, lithograph, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 193KB Liberation, 1955, lithograph. 132KB Bond of Union, 1956, lithograph. 155KB Print Gallery, 1956, lithograph. 173KB Belvedere, 1958, lithograph. 197KB Circle Limit IV (Heaven and Hell), 1960, Woodcut Printed from Two Blocks. 185KB Waterfall, 1961, lithograph. 185KB
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44. CGFA- Bio: Maurits Cornelis Escher
MC escher (18981972). Special thanks to the Microsoft psychologists interestedin visual perception. escher was born in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
M.C. Escher (1898-1972)
Special thanks to the Microsoft Corporation for permission to use following biographical information from
M.C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist, who is noted for his distinctive prints depicting intricate interlocking patterns and optical illusions. He was especially accomplished in lithography and wood engraving. Escher’s early work consists mainly of landscapes and townscapes, but beginning about 1936 his work became increasingly concerned with scenes of his own creation, especially with the repeating patterns and spatial illusions for which he is best known. Escher’s first images in this realm took the form of elaborate patterns in which repeated figures of stylized animals, birds, or fish densely interlock, leaving no spaces between the figures. From about 1940 his work became more fantastic in its spatial effects. In images of bizarre buildings, Escher ingeniously toyed with the viewer’s perceptions, creating such optical illusions as staircases that appear to lead both upward and downward in the same direction. He also explored the perceptual conflict created by a surface that appears to be both flat and three-dimensional. In the lithograph Reptiles (1943), for example, parts of a stylized pattern of interlocking alligators seem to come to life, walking off the edge of the paper. Although Escher had no training in mathematics or sciences, his precise and analytical approach to the visual world has had an especially strong appeal to mathematicians and to psychologists interested in visual perception.

45. Maurits Cornelis Escher Artworks And Fine Art At
maurits cornelis escher art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings,sculpture, photography SelfPortrait, 1929 Serenade in Siena, 1923
Artist: E : MAURITS CORNELIS ESCHER Alphabetical Artist Index: A B C D ... Z
Museum Image Collections: (20) Self-Portrait, 1929
Serenade in Siena, 1923

Belvedere, 1958

Whirlpools, 1957
Aanbeed (Anvil), pl. II from the book, XXIV Emblemata , epigrams by A.E. Drijfhout, woodcuts by M.C. Escher (Bussum: C.A. J. van Dishoeck, 1932), 1931

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46. M.C. Escher
maurits Cornelis escher, born in Leeuwarden, 17 june 1898, received his first instructionin drawing at the secondary school in Arnhem, by FW van der Haagen
M.C. Escher about the artist...
Maurits Cornelis Escher, born in Leeuwarden, 17 june 1898, received his first instruction in drawing at the secondary school in Arnhem, by F.W. van der Haagen, who helped him to develop his graphic aptitude by teaching in the technique of the linoleum cut. From 1919 to 1922 he studied at the School of Architecture and Ornamental Design in Haarlem, where he was instructed in the graphic techniques by S. Jessurun de Mesquita, whose strong personality greatly influenced escher's further development, as graphic artist. In 1922 he went to Italy and 1924 settled in Rome. During his 10 year stay in Italy he made many study-tours, visiting Abruzzia, the Amalfi coast, Calabria, Sicily, Corsica and Spain. In 1934 he left Italy, spent two years in Switzerland and five years in Brussels before settling in Baarn (Holland) in 1941, where he died on march 27, 1972, at the age of 73 years.
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47. Barewalls Art Prints And Posters Online - Search Results
escher Cycle Cycle maurits Cornelis escher 25.5 X21.5 $12.00, escher High AndLow High And Low maurits Cornelis escher 17.5 X31.25 $12.00, escher Balcony

48. Barewalls Art Prints And Posters Online - Search Results
There were 62 matches for all of the words maurits Cornelis escher 1 2 3 4 Sort results by Title Artist, SEARCH HISTORY maurits Cornelis escher. Cornelis Escher

Translate this page maurits CORNELIUS escher. Nacque a Leeuwarden, in Olanda, il 17 giugnodel 1898. Oggi la sua casa natale è stata trasformata in
MAURITS CORNELIUS ESCHER Nacque a Leeuwarden, in Olanda, il 17 giugno del 1898. Oggi la sua casa natale è stata trasformata in un museo, il Princessehof Museum. Tra il 1919 e il '22 frequentò la Scuola di architettura e arti decorative di Haarlem, sotto la guida del grafico portoghese Samuel Jesserun de Mesquita, che ebbe una notevole influenza sul suo orientamento artistico. Qui scoprì la passione per la xilografia, una tecnica che consiste nell'incidere un disegno su una superficie di legno e con questa produrre delle stampe su carta. Tra il 1922 e il '35 Escher visse in Italia, viaggiando a lungo attraverso il Paese in cerca di ispirazione. Le sue stampe riscuotevano un discreto successo nelle mostre. Nell'estate del 1923, a Ravello, conobbe Jetta Umiker, figlia di un industriale svizzero, e un anno dopo la sposò. Nel 1936, in compagnia della moglie, visitò in Spagna la moschea di Cordoba e l'Alhambra, la fortezza araba di Granada. Non era la prima volta che ammirava le sale decorate dell'Alhambra - c'era già stato nel 1922 - ma questa volta rimase particolarmente colpito dagli ornamenti moreschi del palazzo, che studiò e riprodusse con l'aiuto di Jetta. Nel 1937 la famiglia Escher si trasferì a Bruxelles, in Belgio. L'artista abbandonò la produzione di paesaggi per dedicarsi ai disegni astratti, che riproducevano le

M. C. (maurits) escher (1898 1972). MC escher was born June 17, 1898 inLeeuwarden, Netherlands. His parents always referred to him as Mauk.
M. C. (Maurits) Escher
M. C. Escher was born June 17, 1898 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. His parents always referred to him as Mauk.
Actually, he was raised by his father, George, and his step-mother, Sarah. His father was an engineer, which may
have later influenced his work. The family hoped for him to be an architect, but he failed his final exams. Escher began
his art career with drawing and woodcut technique. In 1920, Escher enrolled at the School for Architecture and Decorative
Arts at Haarlem, trying to please his father's hope for him to study architecture. Here he met Samuel Jesserum de Mequita,
a graphics arts teacher. This teacher taught him woodcut techniques and let him experiment. He frequently sketched
landscapes, plants and insects. Many of the plants and insects appear in his later work. The artist is said to have been
so detailed that he selected the shape, quantity and size of slices of cheese, so they exactly covered his bread. Escher married
Jetta Umiker on June 12, 1924 and they had three children. He and his family traveled extensively with Escher and his

51. Mathematik Und Kunst Maurits Cornelis Escher
Translate this page Karl Wilhelm Pohlke, Künstler als Mathematiker, Christopher Wren,maurits Cornelis escher. maurits Cornelis escher. maurits C. escher. kunst/kuenstler_escher.html

52. Maurits Cornelis Escher
Translate this page maurits Cornelis escher. eschers Lebenslauf Wir beginnen unserenRundgang mit einer der bekanntesten Zeichnungen eschers, seiner
Maurits Cornelis Escher
Eschers Lebenslauf
Wir beginnen unseren Rundgang mit einer der bekanntesten Zeichnungen Eschers, seiner Lithografie "Zeichnen" von 1948.
Hier wird die obere Hand von der unteren gezeichnet, diese wiederum aber auch von der oberen.
(Die Bilder sind nach den Entstehungszeiten geordnet):
Zauberspiegel (1946) Andere Welt II (1947)
Hier wird eine Szenerie
aus drei Perspektiven gezeigt
(von oben, von der Seite
und von unten) Band ohne Ende (1956)
Hier hat Escher sich und seine
Ehefrau Jetta abgebildet. Belvedere (1958) Die beiden Etagen sind gegeneinander verdreht. Die Leiter steht unten mitten in der Etage, oben lehnt sie an der Seite an. Treppauf Und Treppab (1960) ewig nur auf- bzw. abzusteigen. Wasserfall (1961) Wenn man dem Wasserlauf folgt, merkt man, dass der Kreislauf geschlossen ist, obwohl das noch mehr Bilder... Moderne Interpretationen von Eschers Bildern

53. Maurits Cornelis Escher

54. Maurits Cornelis Escher
Translate this page Der vielleicht bekannteste Künstler dieses Genres ist der niederländischeGrafiker maurits Cornelis escher(1898 - 1972). An seinem
Der vielleicht bekannteste Künstler dieses Genres ist der niederländische Grafiker Maurits Cornelis Escher
An seinem Schaffen kann man eindrucksvoll zeigen, welche Faszination die Mathematik auch für den interessierten Laien ausüben kann.
Eines seiner berühmtesten Werke ist 'Belvedere' (1958). Durch das Zusammenfügen zweier in sich logischer perspektivischer Bildhälften wird eine widerspruchsvolle Ansicht des Gesamtobjekts erzeugt. Das gleiche Prinzip liegt dem Escherwürfel zugrunde, den der Narr  am linken unteren Bildrand in seinen  Händen hält. Mittlerweile ist der Escherwürfel so etwas wie das inoffizielle Emblem der angewandten Geometrie geworden. Das Möbiusband        Der Wasserfall  Bergauf und doch bergab
Sandro Del-Prete

55. SYSTEM ERROR Maurits Cornelis Escher
1988 edition Copyright @ 1971 in the Netherlands by Meulenhoff International, AmsterdamMaurits Cornelis escher born June 17, 1898 Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.









Virtual version of the escher work based on given catalog number The information on this page is taken from the book:- "THE WORLD OF M.C.ESCHER" Abradale Press, Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, New York, 1988 edition Maurits Cornelis Escher born June 17, 1898 Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. died 1972 Cat. 1968 Catalogue of the M.C.Escher Exhibition, Gemeentemuseum, the Hague, 1968 these images can not be used for profit, but if you use them on your web site, please place a link to this page and perhaps email me Here is a link to another computer rendered escher page, from Sascha. Cat 075a getting towards the limits of what i could do with Strata Studio Pro on the mac, as I wanted to have tarnish in the groves of the lizards~ will have to revisit this one day. Cat 086 Was tired of seeing people model this and get the proportions wrong (Escher did some very subtle magic to get them to work, and to casual observer it looks fine) Was trying for a jade type texture, but again Strata Studio was not up to it. Another model to revisit with a good renderer one day Cat 087 Cat 098 Curl Up. The original has the bug rolling over text, so please pardon the Mandelbrot image I used. Modelled in Strata Studio Pro, (formZ it was too much like work) in the JPG it is a bit hard to see the soft shadows, here acheived by having about 20 lights in a row.

56. Maurits Cornelis Escher
Marloe s Sikkem a ' 9 8 maurits Cornelis escher Op zeventien juni 1898, zo'n100 jaar geleden, werd in het Prinsessenhof te Leeuwarden Mauk geboren.
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Maurits Cornelis Escher
Op zeventien juni 1898, zo'n 100 jaar geleden, werd in het Prinsessenhof te Leeuwarden "Mauk" geboren. Hij was de zoon van de hydraulisch ingenieur G.A. Escher en zijn vrouw Sarah Gleichmann.
Deze pagina gaat over M.C. Escher. Deze Nederlandse graficus leefde van 1898 tot 1972. Ondanks dat hij in de kunstenaarswereld niet zo'n goede naam had, was hij op het eind van zijn leven razend populair bij het grote publiek. Zijn bekendheid had hij te danken aan zijn onwerkelijke afbeeldingen en oneindige figuren. Ook werden zijn ruimtelijke veelhoeken vrij bekend en veel gebruikt in wiskundige boekwerken.
Escher kwam uit een vrij rijk gezin uit Leeuwarden. Hij kreeg al vroeg samen met zijn broers les in het houtsnijden, wat hem later goed van pas is gekomen. Hij werd erg gesteund door zijn ouders, ondanks dat zijn vader graag wou dat hij hem opvolgde in zijn beroep. In 1903 verhuisde hij naar Arnhem, waar hij vanaf 1912 de middelbare school volgde. Dat ging hem slecht af en hij haalde zijn eindexamen niet. Hij vertrok voor een jaar naar Delft, maar ook daar ging het mis, hij werd zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk ziek. Hierna verhuisde hij naar Haarlem om een opleiding architectuur te volgen, maar zijn grote grafische talent werd al snel ontdekt en hij legde zich toe op grafiekles van S. Jesserun de Mesquita. Hier vond Escher wat hij zocht en werd gelukkig. In zijn werk in deze tijd, kun je zien dat hij nog zoekend was naar zijn eigen stijl. Hij experimenteerde met verschillende vormgevingen.

57. Night Into Day, By Maurits Escher
Night Into Day. by maurits escher. ../.elements/footer.htm.
Night Into Day by Maurits Escher [../../elements/footer.htm]

58. Maurits C. Escher Gallery
The Dutch artist maurits C. escher (18981972) was a draftsman, book illustrator,tapestry designer, and muralist, but his primary work was as a printmaker.
The Dutch artist Maurits C. Escher (1898-1972) was a draftsman, book illustrator, tapestry designer, and muralist, but his primary work was as a printmaker. Born in Leeuwarden, Holland, the son of a civil engineer, Escher spent most of his childhood in Arnhem.
Most recognized for spatial illusions, impossible buildings, repeating geometric patterns (tessellations), and his incredible techniques in woodcutting and lithography.
In Escher's work what you see the first time is most certainly not all there is to see.
Major Works
: Tessellated designs.
Image Links: 1900+ works
Site Pick: NGA

by M.C. Escher
Buy this print at

Eye by M.C. Escher Buy this print at Hand with Sphere by M.C. Escher

59. Maurits Cornelis Escher
x, Bert Christensen's CyberSpace Gallery. maurits Cornelis escher Dutch. 18981972.
x Bert Christensen's
CyberSpace Gallery
Maurits Cornelis Escher


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60. - Maurits Cornelis Escher
Translate this page Cerca la rima. maurits Cornelis escher. Johannes Robert Becher BorisBlacher Steen Steensen Blicher Gebhard Leberecht Blücher François Cornelis Escher

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