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         Feigenbaum Mitchell:     more detail
  1. Chaos: The New Science (Nobel Conference XXVI) by John Holte, James Gleick, et all 1993-03-19
  2. Current conservation and double spectral representations for scattering of vector particles by Mitchell J Feigenbaum, 1971

1. Feigenbaum
Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum. Born 19 Dec 1944 in Philadelphia, USA. Click thepicture above to see three larger pictures Show birthplace location.
Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum
Born: 19 Dec 1944 in Philadelphia, USA
Click the picture above
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Mitchell Feigenbaum 's father is Abraham Joseph Feigenbaum, an analytic chemist whose parents had emigrated from a town near Warsaw in Poland to the United States. Mitchell's (or Mitch's as he is known) mother is Mildred Sugar whose parents emigrated to the United States from Kiev. Mitchell was the middle child of his parents three children, having an older brother Edward and a younger sister Glenda. Mitchell entered a public school for gifted children when he was five years old. Unlike Edward who displayed all the characteristics of a child prodigy, reading from a very young age, Mitchell could not read when he entered school and he needed tutoring from his mother to bring him up to the level of the other children. Moved to a different school, he became somewhat bored and had no friends among the other children. In fact up until the time he went to university Mitchell would not enjoy the company of his fellow pupils. Feigenbaum's mother taught him algebra when he was in the fifth form but reading continued to be something that he did not like much. Perhaps the reason was that he tried reading articles in

2. Princíp Spätnej Väzby A Deterministický Chaos
spä na hlavnú stránku anglicky webdesign: miki nko Princíp spätnej väzby a deterministický chaos
MikulᚠAlexík Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, FRI-KTK, Ve¾ký diel, 01026 Žilina
V príspevku je poukázané, že vo viacerých oboroch èinnosti sú prejavy deterministického chaosu spojené s vlastnosami spätnej väzby v danej oblasti. V technických systémoch je známa syntéza obvodov s vlastnosami deterministického chaosu a bolo poukázané na jeho kladné vlastnosti.
"Boh hrá s vesmírom kocky. Ale sú to kocky, v ktorých je zaliate olovo. A hlavným cie¾om fyziky dnes je zisti, pod¾a akých pravidiel tam bolo zaliate a ako by sme to mohli využi vo svoj prospech." Joseph Ford, technologický inštitút Georgia Organizátor prvej konferencie o chaose v r. 1977, Como, Italia
Edmund Huserl v závere svojej práce Karteziánske meditácie cituje Augustina "Noli foras ire, in te redi, in inferiore homine habitat veritas" (Nechoï na námestia, v tebe hovorím, pravda sídli v ¾udskom vnútre).
1. Úvod

3. Mitchell Feigenbaum Lab
Pioneered bifurcations in the mid 70s and for whom the feigenbaum tree is named.Category Science Math Chaos and Fractals Chaos People......Back to RU Home, Laboratory of Mathematical Physics mitchell feigenbaumToyota Professor. Nonlinear systems and chaotic dynamics.
Laboratory of Mathematical Physics
Mitchell Feigenbaum

Toyota Professor Nonlinear systems and "chaotic" dynamics. Our lab investigates the new field of nonlinear systems and "chaotic" dynamics. We create analytical methods of description and time evolution of complicated disordered phenomena. It is the main effort of this laboratory to extend the scope of the problems over which these methods hold sway, to extend the methods themselves developing appropriate mathematics and to improve the methods for extracting such information from actual experimental studies ranging from fluids to brains.
Lab Web Page
Lab Members

4. ACM Guide: Author Index
Translate this page EA Feigenbaum E. Feigenbaum Edward A. Feigenbaum Edward Feigenbaum J FeigenbaumJ. Feigenbaum Joan Feigenbaum Leslie feigenbaum mitchell J. Feigenbaum.

Weiss Jay Michael 3/84 Woese Carl R. 3/84 Bernstein Shelly C. 11/84 Bickel PeterJ. 11/84 Drayton William 11/84 Drell Sidney 11/84 feigenbaum mitchell J. 11/84
All MacArthur Foundation award winners, 1981 to 1999 Tab-delimited Ascii Source: Most recently updated 1999-10-16 Ammons A. R. 6/81 Brodsky Joseph 6/81 Chudnovsky Gregory V. 6/81 Coles Robert 6/81 Errington Shelly 6/81 Gates Henry Louis, Jr. 6/81 Ghiselin Michael 6/81 Gould Stephen Jay 6/81 Graham Ian 6/81 Imbrie John 6/81 Lewis Elma 6/81 McPherson James 6/81 Mottahedeh Roy P. 6/81 Osheroff Douglas D. 6/81 Root-Bernstein Robert 6/81 Rosen Lawrence 6/81 Schorske Carl E. 6/81 Silko Leslie Marmon 6/81 Walcott Derek 6/81 Warren Robert Penn 6/81 Wolfram Stephen 6/81 Cairns John 12/81 Cohen Joel E. 12/81 Critchfield Richard 12/81 Gardner Howard 12/81 Gaventa John P. 12/81 Hawkins David 12/81 Holdren John P. 12/81 Huxtable Ada Louise 12/81 Kates Robert W. 12/81 Lee Raphael Carl 12/81 McCarthy Cormac 12/81 McClintock Barbara 12/81 Mulligan Richard 12/81 Pagels Elaine H. 12/81 Pingree David 12/81 Richards Paul G. 12/81 Rorty Richard 12/81 Taylor Joseph H., Jr. 12/81 Woodford Michael 12/81 Zweig George 12/81 Ajami Fouad 8/82 Bigelow Charles A. 8/82 Brown Peter Robert Lamont 8/82 Darnton Robert 8/82 Diaconis Persi 8/82 Gaddis William 8/82 Mehta Ved 8/82 Moses Robert Parris 8/82 Muller Richard A. 8/82 Nancarrow Conlon 8/82 Ortiz Alfonso 8/82 Rochberg Francesca 8/82 Sabel Charles F. 8/82 Shapey Ralph 8/82 Silverstein Michael 8/82 Whitfield Randolph, Jr. 8/82 Wilczek Frank 8/82 Wiseman Frederick 8/82 Witten Edward 8/82 Berry R. Stephen 2/83 Curtin Philip D. 2/83 Durham William H. 2/83 Efron Bradley 2/83 Felten David L. 2/83 Goitein Shelomo D. 2/83 Gutierrez Ramon Arturo 2/83 Julesz Bela 2/83 Kennedy William 2/83 Kolakowski Leszek 2/83 Leithauser Brad 2/83 Levine Lawrence W. 2/83 Manheim Ralph 2/83 Peskin Charles S. 2/83 Robinson Julia 2/83 Sayles John 2/83 Sellars Peter 2/83 Wilson Adrian 2/83 Winter Irene J. 2/83 Wrighton Mark S. 2/83 Bialer Seweryn 8/83 Clark William C. 8/83 Forsberg Randall Caroline Watson 8/83 George Alexander 8/83 Greene Mott T. 8/83 Gunn James E. 8/83 Hopfield John J. 8/83 Law Sylvia A. 8/83 Merton Robert K. 8/83 Morris Walter F., Jr. 8/83 Ramanujan A. K. 8/83 Rivlin Alice M. 8/83 Schoen Richard M. 8/83 Uhlenbeck Karen K. 8/83 Archibald George W. 3/84 Cortes Ernesto J., Jr. 3/84 Hass Robert 3/84 Hehir J. Bryan 3/84 Irwin Robert W. 3/84 Jhabvala Ruth Prawer 3/84 Kristeller Paul Oskar 3/84 Lawrence-Lightfoot Sara 3/84 Lechtman Heather Nan 3/84 Lerner Michael 3/84 Lewis Andrew W. 3/84 Mandell Arnold J. 3/84 Meselson Matthew 3/84 Nelson David R. 3/84 Piore Michael J. 3/84 Shklar Judith N. 3/84 Simic Charles 3/84 Stuart David 3/84 Toews John E. 3/84 Turrell James 3/84 Weiss Jay Michael 3/84 Woese Carl R. 3/84 Bernstein Shelly C. 11/84 Bickel Peter J. 11/84 Drayton William 11/84 Drell Sidney 11/84 Feigenbaum Mitchell J. 11/84 Freedman Michael H. 11/84 Hames Curtis G. 11/84 Heath Shirley Brice 11/84 Howland Bette 11/84 Irwin Bill 11/84 John Fritz 11/84 Kinnell Galway 11/84 Kraus Henry 11/84 Mathews Peter 11/84 Newhall Beaumont 11/84 Payne Roger S. 11/84 Roberts Edward V. 11/84 Sperling Elliot 11/84 Sulloway Frank 11/84 Toomre Alar 11/84 Tversky Amos 11/84 Varnedoe J. Kirk T. 11/84 Wallach Bret 11/84 Winfree Arthur T. 11/84 Young Billie Jean 11/84 Abrahamson Joan 7/85 Ashbery John 7/85 Benton John F. 7/85 Bloom Harold 7/85 Chalidze Valery 7/85 Cronon William 7/85 Cunningham Merce 7/85 Diamond Jared M. 7/85 Edelman Marian Wright 7/85 Halperin Morton H. 7/85 Hayes Robert M. 7/85 Hutchins Edwin 7/85 Maloof Sam 7/85 McGuire Andrew 7/85 Noonan Patrick F. 7/85 Oster George F. 7/85 Palaima Thomas G. 7/85 Raven Peter H. 7/85 Richardson Jane 7/85 Schopen Gregory 7/85 Stahl Franklin W. 7/85 Steffy J. Richard 7/85 Stewart Ellen 7/85 Taylor Paul 7/85 Yau Shing-Tung 7/85 Adams Paul R. 8/86 Babbitt Milton 8/86 Beckwith Christopher I. 8/86 Benson Richard M. 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Garth 8/88 Amsterdam Anthony G. 8/89 Avery Byllye 8/89 Bronstein Alvin J. 8/89 Buss Leo William 8/89 Cantor Jay 8/89 Davis George D. 8/89 Grossman Allen 8/89 Harbison John 8/89 Hefner W. 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6. Mitchell Feigenbaum Lab
Back to RU Home, Laboratory of Mathematical Physics mitchell FeigenbaumToyota Professor. Attempts at the analytical description of
Laboratory of Mathematical Physics
Mitchell Feigenbaum

Toyota Professor Attempts at the analytical description of nature regularly encounter strong nonlinearities. The majority of existing methods treat only weak nonlinearities and consist of corrections to behaviors that are simple distortions of linear behavior. The methods in the strong case, on the other hand, are largely recent developments and pertain to behaviors qualitatively distinct from linear ones. One of the most striking such behaviors is the appearance of highly erratic spatial configurations and/or highly erratic temporal evolution, a phenomenon called "chaos." The hallmark of chaotic motion is a lack of predictability despite the total absence of any random ingredients. Even if one should want to determine just statistical properties of these motions, the methods of statistics cannot be applied in any straightforward manner. This impediment is a consequence of the fact that the motion, rather than exploring all possibilities allowed to it by the constraints of finite energy, finite resources, etc., instead lies in a highly complicated subspace a so-called strange set or strange attractor. Thus an a priori calculated average over "everything" will generally produce erroneous results.

7. Feigenbaum - Ulli's Fractal Home
mitchell feigenbaum i uniwersalno. "Dla kadego z przygotowaniem matematycznym,
Ulli's Fractal Home [Feigenbaum-Page]
Home Ring Introduction Liapunov Lindenmayer I Lindenmayer II IFS I Feigenbaum Lake Iterations IFS II Branches IFS III Hyperbolic IFS IV Fractal Gallery Essays Links
auf deutsch
Bifurcation Diagrams - Feigenbaum, Mitchell
Iterating a formula, it is possible that the results walk to a fixed value. Raising a parameter the behavior changes to two periodically repeating values. With a more raised parameter you can see another bifurcation into four different values, that change to the next at every new iteration. A little bit later, there is one more bifurcation, etc. Beginning with a critical parameter-value no more order can be seen; the output values are chaotical and the next iteration result depends on minimal variations behind the decimal point in the input.
My program Feigenbaum 4.1 (for Win) explores formulas in the described way and also allows time-diagrams, graphical iteration, phase diagramms in 2 or 3 dimensions and even Liapunov-Pictures. You can order the program only by EMail (please send me an aquivalent: ideas, pictures, programs, education-concepts, etc. with your mail). You are allowed to use the programs for your own, but not to distribute it to others!

8. Feigenbaum's Universal Constant
It is said that mr. mitchell feigenbaum called home to his mother when he discovered this universality and said this was
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The short answer:
However, noone should be satisfied by that. In fact, this number is perhaps the most fantastic aspect of this fractal. There are many many formulas that produce the same tree, but the number is always the same. It is said that mr. Mitchell Feigenbaum called home to his mother when he discovered this universality and said this was going to make him famous. The famous value, comes when you compare the length of one part of the tree, that is a parts between the line divisions/bifurcations. See illustration at right. The first part is from -0.25 to 0.75, and has a length of 1.00. The next part is from 0.75 to 1.25, and has a length of 0.50. The relationship between the two lengths is 1.00/0.50=2.00. Now that is far from the Feigenbaumvalue, but the exact value springs up when you compare two parts as far right as possible, as long as x follows a periodic orbit. I have graphically found the values for the first 6 bifurcations: Bifurc no. Divides at Length This length/next length -0.25 - - 1 0.75 L1=1.0 L1/L2=2.0 2 1.25 L2=0.5 L2/L3=4.25 3 1.3677 L3=0.1147 L3/L4=4.492 4 1.3939 L4=0.0262 L4/L5=4.6208 5 1.39957 L5=0.00567 L5/L6=4.536 6 1.40082 L6=0.00125 L6/L7=?

9. Mitchell Feigenbaum
feigenbaum, mitchell (1945 ) feigenbaum, mitchell (1945- ) Mathematician, born in Philadelphia, PA.
Feigenbaum, Mitchell (1945- )
Feigenbaum, Mitchell (1945- )
Mathematician, born in Philadelphia, PA. He is one of a small group of scientists who in the 1970s were growing more concerned about the inability of science to explain irregular occurrences in everyday life, such as the shape of clouds, the irregular flow from a dripping tap, and many other events that could be described as chaotic. He developed the mathematics of what is now called Chaos Theory, used in fields such as meteorology, aerodynamics, and ecology. You can check out his home page at Rockefeller University.
See also Edward Lorenz Robert May and Benoit Mandelbrot
Also, check ou this really hip chaos and fractals page. Return to the biography index . Back to my homepage , the school , the Journalism department , or the Underground student pipeline

10. References For Feigenbaum
References for mitchell feigenbaum. Articles MJ feigenbaum, Computer generatedphysics, in Twentieth Century Physics (New York, 1995), 18231853.
References for Mitchell Feigenbaum
  • M J Feigenbaum, Computer generated physics, in Twentieth Century Physics (New York, 1995), 1823-1853.
  • M J Feigenbaum, Using nonlinear dynamics to make a new world atlas, in Towards the harnessing of chaos (Amsterdam, 1994), 1-9.
  • M J Feigenbaum, Scaling function dynamics, in Chaos, order, and patterns, Lake Como, 1990 (New York, 1991), 1-23.
  • M J Feigenbaum, Universal behavior in nonlinear systems, in Order in chaos, Los Alamos, N.M., 1982, Phys. D
  • M J Feigenbaum, Low-dimensional dynamics and the period doubling scenario, in Dynamical systems and chaos, Sitges/Barcelona, 1982 (Berlin, 1983), 131-148.
  • Hammond Atlas of the World (Maplewood, NJ, 1992), 9.
  • A Pais, Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum, in The genius of science (Oxford, 2000), 84-104. Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
    History Topics
    ... Anniversaries for the year
    JOC/EFR May 2001 School of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 11. Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum
    Biography of mitchell feigenbaum (19440BC) mitchell feigenbaum's father is Abraham Joseph feigenbaum, an analytic chemist whose parents had emigrated from a town
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    Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum
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    24 Aug 1998 Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum , by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
    24 Aug 1998 Re: Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum , by Samuel S. Kutler
    25 Aug 1998 Re: Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum , by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
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    12. The Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award - Mitchell J. Feigenbaum, 1982
    1980's Laureates mitchell J. feigenbaum, 1982 Physics For his discovery of the perioddoublingroute-to-chaos, which has furthered the understanding of a wide
    1980's Laureates
    Mitchell J. Feigenbaum, 1982
    Physics: For his discovery of the period-doubling route-to-chaos, which has furthered the understanding of a wide variety of nonlinear physical phenomena in fields as diverse as turbulence, solid state physics, plasma physics, chemical kinetics, and population biology. Go Back About the Award Award Laureates The Life of Ernest Orlando Lawrence ... Comments

    13. Environmental Portraits - Mitchell Feigenbaum
    William Coupon Photography Environmental Portraits. mitchell feigenbaum© 2002 William Coupon; all rights reserved. Back to Portraits 2.
    William Coupon Photography
    Environmental Portraits
    Mitchell Feigenbaum Back to Portraits 2 Photography Home How to Purchase

    14. Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum By Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
    mitchell J. (was Joan) feigenbaum by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis Subject mitchell J. (was Joan) feigenbaum Author Antreas P. Hatzipolakis Date Tue, 25 Aug 1998 025247 +0200 1.
    Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum by Antreas P. Hatzipolakis
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    Subject: Mitchell J. (was: Joan) Feigenbaum Author: Date: 2. Feigenbaum of "Feigenbaum's constant" = Mitchell J. Feigenbaum (1944 - ) (The 'chaotic', as has called him Ed Wall) Web Page (cv): PS: Joan Feigenbaum's Web Page: APH The Math Forum

    15. U.S. Particle Physicists
    feigenbaum, mitchell Title Tenured Faculty or Staff Phd Year 1970 FieldTheory Affil Rockefeller University Address Rockefeller Univ.

    16. U.S. Particle Physicists
    Braun, Dieter Catto, Sultan Cecchi, Guillermo Chialvo, Dante Cohen, EGD Convery,Mary Demortier, Luc Dubertret, Benoit feigenbaum, mitchell Gallinaro, Michele

    In 1975, the eccentric scientist mitchell feigenbaum was probing the possibilitythat there was a point at which periodic equations turned chaotic.
    In 1975, the eccentric scientist Mitchell Feigenbaum was probing the possibility that there was a point at which periodic equations turned chaotic. With his calculator he began to use a combination of analytic algebra and numerical exploration to piece together an understanding of the quadratic map, concentrating on the boundary region between order and chaos. He noticed that it took increasingly more time to work out his answers, and as he waited for his output of data, it dawned on him that the numbers were converging geometrically. This suggested that an unexpected regularity was embedded in the system and that some part of it was repeating itself on different scales. Feigenbaum calculated this ' ratio of convergence ' as 4.669 to 3 decimal places. Unsure what the significance of this value really was, Feigenbaum started to analyse other functions that went through a sequence of bifurcations on the way to disorder. He found that each one produced the same ratio of convergence. In terms of chaos, this value is equal to the scale at which the bifurcation diagram is self-similar - i.e. make the diagram 4.669 times smaller and it will look like the next region of bifurcations. This universality was a revolutionary discovery as it gave scientists the first tools to analyse a chaotic system. BACK TO CHAOS THEORY



    18. Tureck Bach Research Foundation
    Tureck Bach Research Foundation mitchell J. feigenbaum Biography. The RockefellerUniversity Box 75 1230 York Avenue New York, NY 10021-6399. EDUCATION.
    Links to Mitchell Feigenbaum


    Mitchell J. Feigenbaum - Biography
    The Rockefeller University Box 75 1230 York Avenue New York, N.Y. 10021-6399
    M.I.T. February, 1965 - June, 1970, Ph.D., Department of Physics Ph.D., Thesis, "The Relationship of Feynmann Parametrization and Double Dispersion Relations of Scattering Amplitudes for Higher Spin Particles" under supervision of F.E. Low M.I.T. September, 1964 - January, 1965, Department of Electrical Engineering Elected to membership in Sigma Xi C.C.N.Y. February, 1961 - August, 1964, B.E.E., Department of Electrical Engineering Elected to Honor Societies: Tau Beta Pi, Etta Kappa Nu Ranked first in class in School of Engineering
    • Member, The National Academy of Sciences, 1988
    • Dickson Prize, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1987
    • Member, The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1987
    • Wolf Foundation Prize in Physics, 1986
    • Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1985
    • MacArthur Foundation Award, October 1984

    19. ID Feigenbaum-M-1987b Title Some Characterizations Of Strange
    Cited, null. Keywords, null. Authors, mitchell J. feigenbaum. First Authors, feigenbaum,mitchell J. Last Authors, feigenbaum, mitchell J. Status, Y. Year, 1987. Comments,

    20. ID Feigenbaum-M-1986a Title Time Ordering And The Thermodynaics
    Keywords, null. Authors, mitchell J. feigenbaum, Mogens H. Jensen, Itamar Procaccia.First Authors, feigenbaum, mitchell J. Last Authors, Procaccia, Itamar. Status, Y.

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