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         Franklin Benjamin:     more books (100)
  1. Time For Kids: Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents by Editors Of Time For Kids, 2005-08-01
  2. "Beast" Butler;: The incredible career of Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler by Robert Werlich, 1962
  3. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Including Poor Richard's Almanac, and Familiar Letters by Benjamin Franklin, 2005-12-01
  4. The Wicked Wit of Benjamin Franklin: More than 500 Quotes, Sayings, and Proverbs by Mark Shulman, 2007-09-04
  5. Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren, 2002-03
  6. The Life Of Benjamin Franklin: Containing The Autobiography, With Notes And A Continuation (1845) by Jared Sparks, 2008-06-02
  7. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Easton Press Collector's Edition by Benjamin Franklin, 2004
  8. Empire for Liberty: A History of American Imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz by Richard H. Immerman, 2010-04-25
  9. Dangerous Engine: Benjamin Franklin, from Scientist to Diplomat by Joan Dash, 2006-01-01
  10. Report of the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations on the Petition of the Honourable Thomas Walpole, Benjamin Franklin, John Sargent, and Samuel Wharton, Esquires, and their Associates 1772 by Great Britain Board of Trade, 2010-09-20
  11. The Way to Wealth: and Other Timeless Financial Wisdom by Benjamin Franklin, 2008-07-26
  12. Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States by Benjamin Franklin Morris, 2010-08-10
  13. Benjamin Franklin Bridge,The, NJ (IMG) (Images of America) by Michael Howard And Maureen Howard, 2009-03-04
  14. The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics, and Morals, of the Late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Now First Collected and Arranged: With Memories of His Early Life, Volume 2 by Benjamin Franklin, 2010-03-01

61. Site1012
Auray - Les activit©s ©ducatives de l'©tablissement. Pr©paration au baccalaur©at dans les s©ries g©n©rales et la s©rie Technologique tertiaire (STT). Et aussi pr©paration au BTS Force de vente.
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62. Benjamin Franklin — A Man Of Many Talents
HoughtonMifflin Social Studies mini-course.Category Arts Literature American Early franklin, benjamin...... benjamin franklin — A Man of Many Talents. Building Background Ask students whatthey know about benjamin franklin. Record their responses on the board.
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
America Will Be
Students research and identify the many talents of Benjamin Franklin, as well as his role in the formation of an independent United States. What You Need: Suggested Time:
4-5 hours over 2-3 days Building Background:
Ask students what they know about Benjamin Franklin. Record their responses on the board. Guide the discussion to point out that Franklin was a man of many accomplishments a printer, a writer, a philosopher, a scientist, an inventor, a musician, a statesman, and an economist. Tell students they will be learning more about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. What To Do: Divide students into seven groups. Assign each group one area of Franklin's life to research: printing, science and technology, philosophy, music, writing, economics, or politics. Distribute the Benjamin Franklin worksheet to help them record the findings of their research. Have groups use the school or local library to find biographies or encyclopedia entries on Franklin. One possible biography is

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65. Meriden Public Schools/Welcome Page
Student and administration information, calendar, clubs and departments of elementary school in Meriden.
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
Welcome Page
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66. Franklin, Benjamin
Faculty benjamin V. franklin N270068@VM.SC.EDU. Research Information.My primary field of research is colonial American literature
Faculty Benjamin V. Franklin
Research Information
My primary field of research is colonial American literature, although I've also published a lot on Anais Nin. Recently, I've been writing about Nin. Forthcoming: Ed., Recollections of Anais Nin (Athens: Ohio University press, 1996). Book. "Hawthorne's Mrs. Hutchinson, "in Studii de Limbi si Literaturi Moderne, published by the University of Timisoara, Romania, 1996. "The Selling of A Spy in the House of Love," in New Essays on Anais Nin (tentative title), ed. Suzanne Nalbantian (London: Macmillan; New York; St. Martin's, 1996). "The Textural Evolution of the First Section of 'Houseboat,'" reprinted in The Critical Response to Anais Nin, ed. Philip K. Jason (Westport: Greenwood Press, 1996). Work in progress: Book on 18th-century American verse, Article on John Cotton's Mile for Babes (the Puritan catechism), Aricila on Anais Nin's Under a Glass Bell (will complete it next week), Article on Anais Nin's Cities of the Interior.
This page last updated 07/20/00.

67. Ben Franklin Savings Bank
Regional bank branch in franklin, MA offering the usual personal and commercial services.

68. Inventor Of The Week: Archive
Brief biographical sketch emphasizes franklin's role as the first major American inventor.
This Week Inventor Archive Inventor Search Inventor of the Week Archive Browse for a different Invention or Inventor BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) The Franklin Stove Benjamin Franklin was probably the most significant "founding father" of the United States of America who never served as its President. But he was much more than a statesman: he was a man of letters, a publisher, a philosopher, a scientist, and the first major American inventor. Franklin was born in Boston in 1706. At age 12, he was apprenticed to his older brother James, a printer; but Franklin resented being ordered about, and so five years later he virtually ran away from home. He moved to Philadelphia, then London, then back to Philadelphia, where he established his own printing office (1728). Like his contemporary inventor Benjamin Banneker, Franklin used his polymathic knowledge to publish an almanac ("Poor Richard: An Almanack" - 1732-58). In 1748, Franklin retired from printing, in order to devote himself fully to various aspects of biology and physics that had captivated him for some time. His most famous experiment, of course, was flying a kite with a key attached to its string, proving that lightning carries an electrical charge (1752). Franklin had by then already invented the lightning rod, which he primarily intended for use atop ships, not houses.

69. - Great Books -
benjamin franklin (17061790), benjamin franklin was one of the leadersof the American Revolution. Born January 17, 1706, he grew
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was one of the leaders of the American Revolution. Born January 17, 1706, he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Franklin was a writer, inventor, printer, and ambassador. He was a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin also founded the University of Pennsylvania. He was the author and publisher of Poor Richards Almanac , where he coined such maxims as "A penny saved is a penny earned" (a penny bought significantly more at the time than it does now). He wrote his autobiography between 1771 and 1788, at first addressed to his son, then later completed for the benefit of mankind at the request of a friend. Franklin is famous for his experiments with electricity, including his discovery, by the extremely dangerous experiment of flying a kite during a lightning storm, that lightning was similar in nature (though vastly more powerful) to sparks of static electricity. His inventions include the Franklin stove and bifocals. He was involved in the creation of the first volunteer fire department, free public library, and many other civic enterprises. During and after the revolution, Franklin served as ambassador to France and was hugely popular with his hosts. In fact he was so popular, that it became fashionable for wealthy French families to decorate the parlor with a painting of him.
At his death bequeathed £1000 (about $4400, at the time) each to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia, in trust for 200 years. During the lifetime of the trust, Philadelphia used it for a variety of loan programs to local residents; from 1940 to 1990, the money was used mostly for mortgage loans. When the trust came due, Philadelphia decided to spend it on scholarships for local high school students. Boston used the gift to establish a trade school that, over time, became the Franklin Institute of Boston. His likeness adorns the American $100 bill. As a result, $100 bills are sometimes referred to in slang as "Benjamins" or "Franklins". [Adapted from

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71. Benjamin Franklin , Benjamin Franklin Quotations, Benjamin Franklin Sayings - Fa
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72. Infomixx | Internet. Ganz Einfach!
Informationen und Programm des sich ausschlieŸlich an Fachpublikum richtende Seminars am Universit¤tsklinikum benjamin franklin (UKBF) in Berlin am 12./13.10.2001.
Christian Haase
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73. Benjamin Franklin
benjamin franklin (17061790). American Literature Sites Project Muse JournalsFoley Library Catalog benjamin franklin A Documentary History.
Literary Movements Timeline American Authors English 310/510 ... English 462/562
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
American Literature Sites
Foley Library Catalog
D. H. Lawrence on Franklin and Crevecoeur
  • Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History. Excellent site and chronology from noted Franklin scholar J. Leo LeMay; the most important site on Franklin. Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man from the Franklin Institute Chronology of events in Franklin's life. Benjamin Franklin in London site. Image courtesy of the Early America Review pag e. At this site, see also Bryan LeBeau's article "Franklin and the Presbyterians"
  • Works Online The Autobiography (at the University of Virginia)
    The Autobiography
    (divided into chapters)
    Comments to D. Campbell.

    74. Ben's Guide: Benjamin Franklin
    Tells about franklin's contributions as a printer, librarian, inventor, and statesman. Also includes a timeline of his life.
    Benjamin Franklin Hello kids! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Franklin. I will be your guide throughout this site. You probably know me best as a Founding Father and from my "shocking" kite experiment. I have been chosen to represent GPO Access since I was involved in setting up the first public library in America and my work during the early days of government printing has led some people to give me the honorary title of "first public printer" of the United States. Click on one of the areas below to learn more about my life: Printer Librarian Inventor Statesman Or view a timeline of my life. A service of the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office Last updated: December 17, 2002
    Page Name:

    75. Benjamin Franklin High School
    Benjamin Franklin High School
    TELEPHONE (215)299-4662 FAX: (215)299-7285 LOOK AT US NOW !!!

    This site was designed by BFHS Web Development Team

    76. The Friends Of Franklin, Inc. - Home Page
    Features biography and handwriting sample.
    An international membership society interested in promoting the study
    and scholarship of Benjamin Franklin. Click here to begin

    77. P.S. 157 Benjamin Franklin - State Report Card
    Principal's statement, profile, demographics, comparative performance statistics, contact information. pdf

    78. Selections From Poor Richard's Almanac
    benjamin franklin's proverbs.
    Selections from Poor Richard's Almanac
    (Benjamin Franklin; excerpts taken from volumes between 1735-1947)
    FAST-US-7 (TRENAV2C) United States Popular Culture (Hopkins)
    Department of Translation Studies, University of Tampere
    • Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
    • A sleeping fox catches no poultry.
    • No gains without pains.
    • Well done, is twice done . . .
    • Sloth and Silence are a Fool's Virtues.
    • A fool and his money are soon parted.
    • Three may keep a Secret, if two of them are dead.
    • Poverty wants some things, Luxury many things, Avarice all things.
    • You may talk too much on the best of subjects.
    • Beware of little Expences, a small Leak will sink a great Ship.
    • It's common for Men to give 6 pretended Reasons instead of one real one.
    • Light-heel'd mothers make leaden-heel'd daughters.
    • When the Well's dry, we know the Worth of Water.
    • A quarrelsome Man has no good Neighbours.
    • Wide will wear, but Narrow will tear.
    • Dost thou love Life? then do not squander Time; for that's the Stuff Life is made of.

    79. 1 - The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
    Read The Autobiography of benjamin franklin, by benjamin franklin (17061790).benjamin franklin. The Autobiography of benjamin franklin.
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    Classic Literature E-text
    Writer: Benjamin Franklin Dates: 1706-1790
    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    by Benjamin Franklin
    Chapters: Chapter 1 That felicity, when I reflected on it, has induced me sometimes to say, that were it offered to my choice, I should have no objection to a repetition of the same life from its beginning, only asking the advantages authors have in a second edition to correct some faults of the first. So I might, besides correcting the faults, change some sinister accidents and events of it for others more favorable. But though this were denied, I should still accept the offer. Since such a repetition is not to be expected, the next thing most like living one's life over again seems to be a recollection of that life, and to make that recollection as durable as possible by putting it down in writing. And now I speak of thanking God, I desire with all humility to acknowledge that I owe the mentioned happiness of my past life to His kind providence, which lead me to the means I used and gave them success. My belief of this induces me to hope, though I must not presume, that the same goodness will still be exercised toward me, in continuing that happiness, or enabling me to bear a fatal reverse, which I may experience as others have done: the complexion of my future fortune being known to Him only in whose power it is to bless to us even our afflictions.

    80. Logan's Place... Come On In!
    Pictures, links, biography, timeline and information on his inventions.
    Here I am...
    Halloween 2001
    Hi there... My name is Logan and I am 4 years old. I live in Arizona with my Mommy, Tammy - my big sister, Caitlin - my big brother, Charles - and my big brother, Timothy! That's right - I'm the BABY and I like it that way!! I have FINALLY learned how to use that potty - ALL THE TIME!! Mommy is so proud of me!!
    I love to play with my big brothers and all the neighborhood boys. I got new roller blades and a bike with training wheels, so I'm busy most of the time playing outside. Shouldn't be long before I learn how to ride my bike like a big guy!!
    I am a cruisin' machine!
    Click on the smiley face to see me on my skates and bike ...
    I like to tell "fantastic" stories (that's what Mommy calls them - whatever that means!). I have a make-believe friend named Jackie. Sometimes she is a girl and sometimes he is a boy. Jackie is alot of fun to hang out with when I don't have anything to do! My big sister calls me "Bubbaroo" and I like that nickname alot. I have a shadow and my shadow's name is "Snorfio". "Snorfio" is around alot when I'm outside playing. I used to have a "Boss" in my head who was always telling me what to do - but I think he finally left!
    (He was always getting me in trouble anyway.)

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