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         Hirst Thomas:     more books (34)
  1. The Mechanical Theory of Heat: With Its Applications to the Steam-Engine and to the Physical Properties of Bodies by Rudolf Clausius, Thomas Archer Hirst, 2010-02-22
  2. The Utopia of Sir Thomas More: in Latin from the edition of March 1518, and in English from the 1st ed. of Ralph Robynson's translation in 1551 by Thomas More, Joseph Hirst Lupton, et all 2010-08-28
  3. Life and letters of Thomas Jefferson, by Francis Wrigley Hirst, 1926
  4. The Music of the Church, in Four Parts: Containing a General History of Music; Including an Account of Hebrew Music, an Investigation Into the Fitness ... Biographical and Critical, of the Most by Thomas Hirst, 2010-01-12
  5. John Wimbleton; Or, the Triumph of Principle by Thomas Hirst, 2009-12-18
  6. John Wimbleton; Or The Triumph Of Principle: A Story Of Methodistic Facts by Thomas Hirst, 2010-09-10
  7. Ahead Of The 21St Century by Peter Fischli, David Weiss, et all 2003-03-02
  8. The Music of the Church, in Four Parts by Thomas Hirst, 2009-08-13
  9. John Wimbleton; Or The Triumph Of Principle: A Story Of Methodistic Facts by Thomas Hirst, 2010-09-10
  10. People From Heckmondwike: John Curwen, Thomas Archer Hirst, James Berry, Jeff Butterfield, Dave Pybus, Arthur Wood, Mike Heaton
  12. Calumny refuted!: Being a reply to an apology for Wesleyan Methodism in a letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Hirst, of Eastwood by Thomas Robinson, 1835
  13. Natural knowledge in social context: The journals of Thomas Archer Hirst FRS by W. H Brock, 1980
  14. A vindication of the Rev. T. Robinson's Calumny refuted: In reply to Mr. Thomas Hirst's further apology for Wesleyan Methodism by L Saxton, 1835

61. 1880 Census Index - H
p. 408B 104/105 hirst, John William ~ * ~ * ~ p. 361 36/36hirst, Louisa A. hirst, Milton E. hirst, thomas hirst, Rosetta
1880 Coos Co., OR
Census Index ~ H

Jump directly to: he hi ho hu HACKER, Addie G. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 358B 44/44
HACKER, Isaiah
HACKER, Mabel E.
HADLEY, Charles ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 351B 11/11
HAGLUND, Henry ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 370B 228/265
HAGLUND, John ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 368 188/208
HAGUE, Clarabel ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 366 163/177
HAGUE, Frank e.
HAGUE, Lizzie HAGUE, Mary C. HAGUE, Mary HAGUE, Samuel HAGUE, Nancy ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 363 100/100 HALL, Alex I. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 369B 198/233 HALL, Andrew J. HALL, Ida P. HALL, John F. HALL, Martha J. HALL, Sarah A. HALL, William HALL, Mary HALL, Birtha E. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 397 158/158 HALL, Martha M. HALL, Sedalia HALL, William S. HALL, Elizabeth ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 371B 254/291 HALL, Emily ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ p. 370 210/247

62. Oak Grove Cemetery, Harrison County IAGenWeb Project
Hannah HENRY, Gertrude HENRY, John R HENRY, Lavadal (2) HENRY, Margaret Ann (2)HENRY, Orval B HENRY, thomas (2) HENRY, Winona H YAGER hirst, Alta Pearl hirst
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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy
Oak Grove Cemetery
(aka Old Town Cemetery)
Southwest side of Lima Trail between Locust Avenue and Mesa Place
Please consider contributing photographs for this archive
(Names are linked to photos of the gravestone where available)
(Numerals after the Names are linked to additional photos)

Views of the Cemetery
View 2 View 3 View 4 ... View 9
    Name of deceased (partial listing) ADAMS, James E ADAMS, Mary J ALLEN, James E AMMONS, Emma JONES ... SORICK, Nellie Unmarked Graves Contributors
  • Allen, Burress, Sales and Sorick photos contributed by Vicki King (
  • Robert Burch information provided by Bev Faulkner (
  • Mathena and Hirst photographs contributed by Paula Hinkel (
  • Brundige and Kohl photographs contributed by Don Kohl (
  • Henry photographs contributed by Lauren Johnson (
Return to the Return to the Harrison County IAGenWeb Home Page. Harrison County Iowa Genealogy Oak Grove Cemetery Page This page was last updated on Saturday, 18-Jan-2003 09:23:21 MST

63. As Taken
of Engla. 0, hirst, Rachel M. 15 Jun 1896, BC, Daughter, Church ofEngla. 0, hirst, thomas H. 21 Apr 1887, BC, Son, Church of Engla.0, hirst As Taken/Parksville.h
As Taken Location: Nanoose, Parksville Family Name Birth Born Relations Immigr Occup Hirst, Hazel Maud 9 May 1892 America Daughter Ind? Hirst, Albert V. 4 Mar 1866 BC Head Farmer Church of Engla Hirst, Alice 13 Jan 1876 England Wife Church of Engla Hirst, Ann 18 Dec 1866 Wales Head Hotel Church of Engla Hirst, E. M. 24 Jan 1896 BC Daughter Church of Engla Hirst, Albert C. 8 Aug 1898 BC Son Ind? Hirst, Harriet 20 Sep 1888 BC Daughter Church of Engla Hirst, J. A. 4 Jun 1898 BC Son Church of Engla Hirst, J. H. BC Son Church of Engla Hirst, Jane 10 Nov 1867 BC Wife Ind? Hirst, John Alvin 25 Jul 1890 BC Son Church of Engla Hirst, Joseph BC Head Farmer Church of Engla Hirst, M. E. 27 Jan 1895 BC Daughter Church of Engla Hirst, Morgan 01 Feb 1895 BC Son Church of Engla Hirst, Rachel M. 15 Jun 1896 BC Daughter Church of Engla Hirst, Thomas H. 21 Apr 1887 BC Son Church of Engla Hirst, Elizabeth A. 21 Sep 1888 BC Daughter Ind? Tippett, Jennie 4 Jul 1884 BC R. Daughter Methodist Tippett, Mary Ann Jun 1846 England Wife Methodist Tippett, Alice 15 Sep 1882 BC R. Daughter Methodist Tippett, Ellen 15 Apr 1886 BC R. Daughter Methodist Tippett, John

64. I5897: George CARTER (ABT 1790 - ____)
thomas hirst. 4 Feb 1774 26 Jun 1842. ID Number I51887. iv. Mary Elizabethhirst born 5 September 1809. v. thomas Alpheus hirst born 27 May 1812. vi.
My Southern Family
ABT 1790 -
ID Number: I5897
  • RESIDENCE : Elbert Co. GA
  • BIRTH : ABT 1790
  • RESOURCES : See:
Father: Thomas A. CARTER
Family 1 Martha HIGGINBOTHAM
  • MARRIAGE : 15 Jul 1812, Elbert Co. GA
Elbert Co., GA Marriages 1808-1850: 07/15/1812 George Carter + Martha Higginbotham.
INDEX Back to My Southern Family Home Page
Josephine Lindsay Bass and Becky Bonner HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 08/04/02 12:42:34 AM Central Standard Time
Thomas HIRST
4 Feb 1774 - 26 Jun 1842
ID Number: I51887
  • RESIDENCE : Loudoun Co. VA
  • BIRTH : 4 Feb 1774
  • DEATH : 26 Jun 1842, Cooper Co. MO
  • BURIAL : Jun 1842, Nelson Family Cemetery, Loudoun Co. VA
  • RESOURCES : See:

Family 1 Dorothea Anna MASON
i. Thomson Mason Hirst born 6 February 1800. Thomson died 23 January 1882 at 81 years of age. He married twice. He married Catherine Withers Payne 1825 and Lavinia Eliza (Payne) McKennie 14 October 1874.
ii. John Thomson Hirst born 26 July 1803. iii. Albert Stevens Hirst born 6 April 1806. iv. Mary Elizabeth Hirst born 5 September 1809.

65. Thomas Hirst & Mary Marsh
thomas William hirst (1910 ), Sarah Elizabeth Dawson (1909 - 1972), m. 7Mar 1964 thomas hirst, Mary Marsh. b. 1943, Age 57 d. bur. occ. edu. rel.
Thomas William Hirst
Sarah Elizabeth Dawson

7 Mar 1964 Thomas Hirst Mary Marsh b. 1943, Age: 57
rel. b.
1945, Age: 55
occ. edu. rel. Children Alan Hirst Contents Index Surnames ... Contact

66. GENUKI: Swinnow Census 1851
hirst, Squire, 6, Bramley, 2315, 276. hirst, thomas, 32, Sorter, Drighlington, 2315,276. hirst, thomas, 5, Bramley, 2315, 276. Hudson, Sarah, 18, Houseservant, Horsforth,2315, 270.
Swinnow 1851
Census Index
1851 census index for Swinnow, Letters H to S
Surname Name Age Occupation Birth Place Film Folio Hainsworth Frederick Hand Loom Woolen Weaver Bramley Hallas Ann Pudsey Hallas Emma Piecer Pudsey Hallas Henry Overlooker Woolen Mill Honley Hammond Margaret Leeds Hammond Martha Weatley Hammond Thomas Leeds Harrison Benjamin Wool Dyer Bramley Harrison Hannah E Pudsey Harrison James Pudsey Harrison John Weaver/Spinner Pudsey Harrison Sarah Ardsley Harrison Sarah Bramley Hartley Betsy Burler Bramley Hartley George Hand Loom Woolen Weaver Farnley Hartley Hannah Burler Pudsey Hartley Joseph Hand Loom Woolen Weaver Bramley Hartley Joseph Bramley Hartley Samuel Bramley Heaton Ann Nun Monkton Heaton Edwin 11 m Bramley Heaton Emma Bramley Heaton Hannah Pudsey Heaton Hannah E Pudsey Heaton Jane Bramley Heaton Joseph Woolen Miller Bramley Heaton Mary Bramley Heaton Matthew Cloth Miller Bramley Hewitson Benjamin Agricultural Labourer Bramley Hewitson Harriet Shirburn Hewitson John 6 m Kippax Hewitson Tom Kippax Hinings Adam Agricultural Labourer Bramley Hinings Ann Bramley Hinings Ephraim Cloth Manufacturer Woolen Bramley Hinings Hugh Cloth Manufacturer Woolen Pudsey Hinings Jane Bramley Hinings Mary Bramley Hinings Robert Innkeeper Harewood Hinings Robert Bramley Hinings William Cloth Manufacturer Woolen Bramley Hirst Hannah Piecer Woolen Mill Bramley Hirst Martha Bramley Hirst Mary 4 m Bramley Hirst Selena Bramley Hirst Squire Bramley Hirst Thomas Sorter Drighlington Hirst Thomas Bramley Hudson Sarah Houseservant Horsforth Huslar Helen Idle Huslar Isabella Baildon Huslar Nathan Bramley Huslar Robert 2 m Bramley Huslar Selena Bramley Huslar William Millwright

67. Cricmania - Score Card Of Match: T57
John Mason, 13, 7, 20, 0, 1.54. thomas Hayward, 4, 0, 12, 0, 3.00. George hirst,4, 1, 14, 0, 3.50. John Worrall, ct George hirst, b thomas Hayward, 62. Sydney Gregory,not out, 22.
var dbDir='/cricket/DB' var user='us03' aux2 = insFld(foldersTree, gFld("Recent Series", "javascript:undefined")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "World Cup 2003", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/WC2003")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "VB Triangular Series", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/VBS2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "India v New Zealand", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/IND_IN_NZ2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "Pakistan v South Africa", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/PAK_IN_RSA2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "England v Australia", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/ENG_IN_AUS2002")) aux2 = insFld(foldersTree, gFld("Live Matches", "javascript:undefined")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "Australia v West Indies1st Test, "+writeLocal("Apr 10, 2003 14:05 GMT"), "javascript:undefined")) Tree Menu Help A tree for site navigation will open here if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
Australia vs England 5th Test Test Match # Australia v England 26th Feb 1898 to 2nd Mar 1898, Sydney Cricket Ground,Sydney Toss England Result Australia won by 6 wickets document.title = document.title+' (Australia won by 6 wickets)';

68. Cricmania - Score Card Of Match: T54
Clement Hill, ct W Storer, b thomas Hayward, 58. Sydney Gregory, bJoseph Briggs, 71. Francis Iredale, ct KS Ranjitsinhji, b George hirst,89.
var dbDir='/cricket/DB' var user='us03' aux2 = insFld(foldersTree, gFld("Recent Series", "javascript:undefined")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "World Cup 2003", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/WC2003")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "VB Triangular Series", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/VBS2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "India v New Zealand", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/IND_IN_NZ2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "Pakistan v South Africa", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/PAK_IN_RSA2002")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "England v Australia", "/cricket/DB/match/user/us03/series/ENG_IN_AUS2002")) aux2 = insFld(foldersTree, gFld("Live Matches", "javascript:undefined")) insDoc(aux2, gLnk("S", "Australia v West Indies1st Test, "+writeLocal("Apr 10, 2003 14:05 GMT"), "javascript:undefined")) Tree Menu Help A tree for site navigation will open here if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
Australia vs England 2nd Test Test Match # Australia v England 1st Jan 1898 to 5th Jan 1898, Melbourne Cricket Ground,Melbourne Toss Australia Result Australia won by an innings and 55 runs document.title = document.title+' (Australia won by an innings and 55 runs)';

69. Historical Manuscripts Commission | National Register Of Archives | List Of Pers
John Henry (18711929) Primitive Methodist Minister (1) hirst, Kate (fl 1875-1909),Caernarfon (1) hirst, thomas Archer (1830-1892) Mathematician (4) hirst

HE HI HO ... HY List of Persons with surname beginning HI
Hibberd, George Frederick (b 1918) Administrative Officer Colonial Service

Hibberd, James Shirley (1825-1890) Journalist and Horticultural Writer

Hibbert, George (1757-1837) West India Merchant MP

Hibbert, George (1790-1847) Lieutenant Colonel
Hives, Ernest Walter (1886-1965) 1st Baron Hives Industrialist

Persons listed:
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Browse Personal Names A B ... Archives in Focus
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70. THE GALLERY - Junior Anglers Catch Photos
thomas Edwards, John Derbyshire. Jon Andrews, Luke Charnock, Steven hirst.Ryan Ellison. Page design by M.James. All pictures property of Warrington AA.
Anyone can post pictures here of their catches. To send in your pictures EMAIL THEM HERE! All of the pictures in the gallery have been converted to thumbnails. Please click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture, then click on the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page Andy Dowsett expertly-holding a fine 14.5lb Mirror carp over his unhooking mat. This fish is Andy's first ever carp, which he caught at Grey Mist Mere. Dominic Nunn (8 years old) caught this lovely 4lb chub in early February from our stretch of the River Dane at Holmes Chapel. Dominic quiver-tipped a light maggot feeder, and used hair-rigged luncheon meat on the hook, attached to 5lb Reflo Powerline hooklength and 6lb mainline. He had only been fishing for 15 minutes when the chub picked up his bait. Mike Lavin with his catch that set the new Acker's Pit match record in August 2002 - an incredible 18lb 3oz 13drs of roach and skimmers taken on the pole and maggot. This 5lb bream helped Neil Jones win the 2002 John Leigh Trophy competition on the Bridgewater Canal. Neil caught his bream on the far shelf of the canal on caster.

71. I8247: Mary ARNOLD (ABT. 1790 - 23 Jul 1821)
1860 1918) m 1882 _Ralph William BICKNELL _ (1886 - 1934) _Lillian M WENTWORTH_ (1867 - 1956) m 1882 thomas Bridgham BICKNELL Rebecca hirst.
ABT. 1790 - 23 Jul 1821
  • BIRTH : ABT. 1790, England
  • DEATH : 23 Jul 1821, London
Family 1 Henry Edgeworth BICKNELL
  • MARRIAGE : 23 Aug 1808
  • Georgina BICKNELL
  • Mary Henrietta BICKNELL
  • Anna Sophia BICKNELL ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 12/08/2002 12:35:01 PM GMT Standard Time
    2nd wife of William BICKNELL
    ABT. 1612 - ABT. 1686
    • BIRTH : ABT. 1612, England
    • DEATH : ABT. 1686
    Family 1 William BICKNELL
  • Richard BICKNELL INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 12/08/2002 12:35:01 PM GMT Standard Time
    Bruce McCall BICKNELL
    1 Mar 1963 -
    • BIRTH : 1 Mar 1963, Ann Arbor, MI., USA
    Father: Joseph McCall BICKNELL
    Mother: Nadyne Lenore COOKE
    _Edgar Arnold BICKNELL
    Bruce McCall BICKNELL _Nadyne Lenore COOKE ... INDEX
    • PAGE
    HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 12/08/2002 12:35:01 PM GMT Standard Time
    Charles J. BICKNELL
    18 Jul 1832 - BEF. 1880
    • BIRTH : 18 Jul 1832, Newport, Penobscot, ME, USA
    • DEATH : BEF. 1880, Petaluma, Sonoma, CA, USA
    Father: Daniel BICKNELL
    Mother: Mary RUSSELL
    Family 1 Elizabeth GILL
    • MARRIAGE : 12 Apr 1855, Bangor, Penobscot, ME, USA
  • 72. David Hirst
    David hirst La Trobe University. tool used for my work is derived from a signalanalysis program for the Macintosh that I wrote with thomas Stainsby called
    The Use of MQ Plots
    in the Analysis of Electro-acoustic Music
    David Hirst
    La Trobe University Introduction
    This paper will not consider the question: 'What is analysis?'. This question has been comprehensively addressed by both Simon Emmerson (1982) and Jos Kunst (1987) in different ways. Rather it concentrates on a practical tool to assist in the analysis of electro-acoustic music, MQ analysis. The work that this paper details was first prompted by an appeal by Greg Schiemer to musicologists for more analyses of works that exist solely on tape. The difficulties of these types of analysis were well documented by Marco Stroppa (1984), and his comments provided a further challenge. Stroppa's Criticisms of Electro-acoustic Music Analysis
    In an article entitled 'The analysis of electronic music', Marco Stroppa (1984) recorded his difficulties in attempting to analyse an electro-acoustic work. His major criticisms can be summarised under two headings. 1. The Problem of the score.
    For music that exists solely on tape, there is limited effective visual representation. There are traditionally two types of what may be called a 'score' - a list of operation data used to generate the piece, or a sketch of the musical effects obtained.

    73. Sara Thomas Collection | Art Directory | Artists
    Damien hirst,, Damien hirst Online. Reinaldo Sanguino,, Reinaldo Sanguino fine ceramics. Nikolas

    < BACK
    Damien Hirst Damien Hirst Online
    Reinaldo Sanguino Reinaldo Sanguino fine ceramics
    Nikolas Weinstein Fine handblown glass...
    artpoint :: studio :: beate sandor
    James Marsico/sculptor Realistic wildlife sculptor. I welcome commissions. See my work in progress page of monument ram sculpture.
    Ed's Art Gallery Original paintings: watercolours, abstract acrylics and oilscapes.
    Art Gallery of Michael Thompson This artists personal site features his Digital Prints, Greeting Cards, Graphics Service and more...
    Surrealistic paintings from Georgia Surrealistic paintings by Ramaz Razmadze.
    Art of Mucha Kachidza "Colorful, figurative paintings and mixed media artwork by U.S. based African female artist." Adam L. Wiedmann, Metal Sculptor "Adam L. Wiedmann is a metal sculptor in Portland, Maine. His works are abstract and organic in form and design. He takes the heavy, hard and cold medium of stainless steel and creates soft, light and warm sculptures from it." Michael Von Thamert

    74. 2003 Results: Veteran Men 'A' (Age 50-59)
    thomas Unaffiliated 51 739.30 28.72 69 Orfaly,Bob Unaffiliated 57 739.90 27.6670 Zingale,Douglas Unaffiliated 52 743.10 26.60 71 hirst,thomas Hudson River
    C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships
    Results of Event: Veteran Men 'A' (Age 50-59)
    Computer Timing courtesy of Spitler Racing Systems

    75. - Distance Learning Articles Index
    Kristin hirst, a longtime distance learning watchdog, will tell you what they are. heartedlook at the in's and out's of portfolio work at thomas Edison State
    Index of Distance Learning Articles Many people are surprised to find that the world of distance learning and alternative education is a lot bigger than they thought. Collected here are some resources to help you understand just what you're getting yourself into! For Students and Prospective Students The following articles are essential reading for anyone who is new to the wonderful world of distance learning: New to Distance Learning?
    by Nathan Whiteside If you are just starting to research the possibility of earning a degree through distance learning, this article will give you the basic low-down you need to get started.
    Regional Accreditors

    by Bill Gossett A list of all of the regional accrediting bodies in the United States, including the states that each covers. A Distance Learning Timeline
    by Kristin Hirst Starting circa 360 BCE and running up through the 20th century, Kristin Hirst shows us the development of distance learning. (This timeline will continue to be expanded over time.)

    76. LIBRARY-LIT 2002: [LIBRARY-LIT:2586] Fwd: Vancouver Public Libr
    Please contact Mr. hirst directly. thomas Quigley Vancouver Public Library VancouverCanada email Forwarded message - Date
    [LIBRARY-LIT:2586] Fwd: Vancouver Public Library Reference Question (fwd)
    From: thomas quigley (
    Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 19:26:59 EDT

    77. Genealogy Data
    Gender Male Parents Father Nickolls, Ernest thomas Foster Mother Scales,Elizabeth Back to Main Page. hirst, John L Birth 1925 Gender Male Family
    Genealogy Data
    Back to Main Page
    Rolfe, Alice
    Gender: Female
    Family: Spouse: Nickolls, Benjamin
    Gender: Male
    Children: Nickolls, John Richard Foster
    Birth : 16 Oct 1895
    Gender: Male
    Nickolls, Ernest Thomas Foster

    Nickolls, Sidney
    Birth : 28 Oct 1905
    Gender: Male Nickolls, Edward William Foster Nickolls, George Foster Birth : 23 Dec 1907 Gender: Male Nickolls, Edith Foster Nickolls, Robert Leslie Foster Birth : 29 Sep 1901 Death : 7 Nov 1901 Gender: Male Nickolls, Albert George Foster Birth : 9 Sep 1900 Gender: Male Nickolls, Benjamin Stanley Birth : 12 Sep 1896 Gender: Male Nickolls, Frank Owen Foster Birth : 23 Dec 1898 Gender: Male
    Back to Main Page
    Scales, Elizabeth Birth : Aislaby, Yorkshire Death : 4 Sep 1997 Gender: Female Family: Spouse: Nickolls, Ernest Thomas Foster Birth : 24 Jul 1909 Death : 1 Apr 1986 Gender: Male Parents: Father: Nickolls, Benjamin Mother: Rolfe, Alice Children: Nickolls, John Richard Nickolls, Thomas Leslie Foster Birth : 15 Mar 1951 Cliff Cottage, Whitby, Yorkshire Gender: Male
    Back to Main Page
    Unknown, Ivy

    78. Contents A - Z
    Our Beck by FW Moorman. P. Pateley Races by thomas Blackah. Pay Day by Fredhirst. Pettigrew Sends ‘em Packing by Fred hirst. Phew! by Cliff Young.

    B C D ... P Q R S T U V W XY Z
    A Collier’s Lament by Audrey Siddall
    A Coil Fire by Fred Hirst
    A Dalesman's Litany by F. W. Moorman
    A Deep Grave by Fred Hirst
    A Looad O' Tripe by Nellie Dockar
    A Mucky November Neet by Fred Hirst
    A Pain I' T' Neck by Fred Hirst
    A Pennorth 0'Spice by Fred Hirst
    A Song Of The Yorkshire Dales by F. W. Moorman
    A Summer Day in 1946 by Joyce Haigh
    A Trip Ter T'Statley Hooam by Nellie Dockar
    Adam An' Eve An' T' Apple by Fred Hirst
    Ah Mun Just Tell Thee by Howard Peach
    An' Jesus Said by Fred Hirst
    Ar Billy by Benny Wilkinson
    At Sandal Castle by Dennis Rhodes
    Autumn 1995 by Joyce Haigh
    Awf Wakken by Fred Hirst
    Bath Neet by Fred Hirst
    Be A Gentleman by Fred Hirst
    Bert’s Rangerover by Joyce Haigh
    Bonfire Neet by Fred Hirst
    Bonfire Neet Party by Nellie Dockar
    Bikin’ by Dennis Rhodes
    Bowlin’ by Dennis Rhodes
    Broddin a List Rug by Fred Hirst
    Cambodunum by F. W. Moorman
    Cancelled, One Fishin' Trip by Fred Hirst
    Christmas? Nay, Gi'oer Wi' Thee! by Howard Peach
    Christmas Dinner by Fred Hirst
    Christmas Party by Bert Greensmith
    Clare by Dennis Rhodes
    Clearing Aht Under T'Stairs by Joyce Haigh
    Clearin’ T’Air by Dennis Rhodes
    Colours O’T’Year by Dennis Rhodes
    Coom, don on thy Bonnet an' Shawl

    79. Scientific Research, Writing, And Editing Services - K. Kris Hirst Of Scribal Tr
    Email EDUCATION. Thesis Supervisor, thomas H.Charlton, Ph.D. Awarded December 1985. BS Education, Illinois State University.
    provides publication assistance to scientists, with special attention to archaeology and related fields.
    • MA Anthropology, The University of Iowa. Thesis Title: Subsistence Systems on the Honey Creek, Van Buren County, Iowa. Thesis Supervisor, Thomas H. Charlton, Ph.D. Awarded December 1985. BS Education, Illinois State University. English and Theater. Awarded June 1978.
    • Peer Mentor. Senior Editor. Joyce Foundation Grant. Editor. Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society Editorial Associate. The Environmental Professional, an international quarterly journal of environmental issues In addition to editing and advising on manuscripts, I contacted and maintained correspondence with peer reviewers and authors, and prepared manuscripts for page layout by Pergamon Press. Freelance Editor.

    80. Physics In Australia To 1945 - Browse A-K
    HIGGS, Arthur John; HILL, Robert Dickson; hirst, George Walter Cansdell; hirst,Henry; HOGAN, thomas Kevin; HOGG, Arthur Robert; HOGG, Evelyn Granville; HOLLOWAY
    P HYSICS IN A USTRALIA TO Inquiries and corrections to R.W.Home
    WWW edition prepared by Tim Sherratt and Victoria Young for Bright Sparcs , June 1995.
    Browse List A-K
    A B C D ... K

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