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         Hirst Thomas:     more books (34)
  1. The Mechanical Theory of Heat: With Its Applications to the Steam-Engine and to the Physical Properties of Bodies by Rudolf Clausius, Thomas Archer Hirst, 2010-02-22
  2. The Utopia of Sir Thomas More: in Latin from the edition of March 1518, and in English from the 1st ed. of Ralph Robynson's translation in 1551 by Thomas More, Joseph Hirst Lupton, et all 2010-08-28
  3. Life and letters of Thomas Jefferson, by Francis Wrigley Hirst, 1926
  4. The Music of the Church, in Four Parts: Containing a General History of Music; Including an Account of Hebrew Music, an Investigation Into the Fitness ... Biographical and Critical, of the Most by Thomas Hirst, 2010-01-12
  5. John Wimbleton; Or, the Triumph of Principle by Thomas Hirst, 2009-12-18
  6. John Wimbleton; Or The Triumph Of Principle: A Story Of Methodistic Facts by Thomas Hirst, 2010-09-10
  7. Ahead Of The 21St Century by Peter Fischli, David Weiss, et all 2003-03-02
  8. The Music of the Church, in Four Parts by Thomas Hirst, 2009-08-13
  9. John Wimbleton; Or The Triumph Of Principle: A Story Of Methodistic Facts by Thomas Hirst, 2010-09-10
  10. People From Heckmondwike: John Curwen, Thomas Archer Hirst, James Berry, Jeff Butterfield, Dave Pybus, Arthur Wood, Mike Heaton
  12. Calumny refuted!: Being a reply to an apology for Wesleyan Methodism in a letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Hirst, of Eastwood by Thomas Robinson, 1835
  13. Natural knowledge in social context: The journals of Thomas Archer Hirst FRS by W. H Brock, 1980
  14. A vindication of the Rev. T. Robinson's Calumny refuted: In reply to Mr. Thomas Hirst's further apology for Wesleyan Methodism by L Saxton, 1835

81. Beeston Hirst And Thrum Hall In Soyland
Beeston hirst and Thrum Hall in Soyland The Royde Family. Witnesses WilliamPriestley, thomas Firth, John Hole, Robert Priestley, etc.
Beeston Hirst and Thrum Hall in Soyland
The Royde Family
By Hugh P. Kenalll
Halifax Antiquarian Society June 5 th
It does not usually fall to the lot of a delver into the past history of our old homesteads to be able, with any degree of certainty, to trace the history of a family from a fourteenth century ancestor. The history of Beestonhirst Hall is very largely the history of the family of Royde, a name which originated in a simple place name, a "clearing," and became a surname as applied to identify a family by the custom of years of use, indeed the great antiquity of the name does not admit of any question. If we refer back to the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wakefield we shall find the first mention of an individual of the name under the heading of Sowerby Graveship in the year 1274, when one Alan del Rodes was charged with the heinous offence of taking a stag in the forest of Sowerbyshire, at a Court held at Wakefield, on November 22 nd , and he gave half a mark to have respite until the Steward of Earl Warren should visit Sowerbyshire. At a later Court, held at Rastrick, the good men and true who comprised the jury or inquisition, found that the said Alan and another, Philip le Waleys, charged with taking a stag and a kid, were not guilty, but were considered in all things good and true men towards the Earl, "therefore they go quit." This entry on the Rolls is the first on record relating to Sowerby, and I quote it not for genealogical reasons, but because it is evidence presumptive of the family being in existence at that period, and also because it is a good example of a local name at that early date which has stood the test of time with but little interruption, for however it may be spelt there is little difference in prenunciation.

82. Genealogy Data Page 12 (Family Pages)
Stanley, thomas b. 06 APR 1801 Ryecroft, Yorkshire, England d. 07 DEC Parents FatherLindley, Fred Mother Millington, Nellie Family Spouse hirst, Evelyn b
Genealogy Data Page 12 (Family Pages)
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.
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Stanley, Fanny
b. 1876 Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Father: Stanley, John (Jonathan)
Mother: , Jane
Family: Spouse: Hinchcliffe,
Back to Main Page
Stanley, Thomas
b. 06 APR 1801 Ryecroft, Yorkshire, England
d. 07 DEC 1886 Hepworth Wesleyan, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Father: Stanley, John
Mother: Beaumont, Ann (Nancy)
Family: Marriage: 24 APR 1845 Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England
Spouse: Hinchcliffe, Anne b. 24 APR 1811 High Flatts, Denby, Yorkshire, England d. 16 APR 1884 Hepworth Wesleyan, Yorkshire, England Children:
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Stanley, George b. ABT 1784 Ryecroft, Wooldale, Yorkshire, England Parents: Father: Stanley, John Mother: Beaumont, Ann (Nancy) Family: Marriage: 02 JUN 1808 Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England Spouse: Hinchcliff, Ellen Children:

83. Genealogy Data Page 2 (Family Pages)
Barrow, James Back to Main Page. hirst, Mrs Family Children FamilySpouseStanley, thomas Albert Back to Main Page. Tinker, Denis
Genealogy Data Page 2 (Family Pages)
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.
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Lindley, John William
b. 13 MAY 1870 Wooldale, Yorkshire, England
d. 12 AUG 1937
Parents: Father: Lindley, Sam
Mother: Arrowsmith, Charlotte
Family: Spouse: Hollingworth, Sarah Ellen
b. 12 JUL 1870 Muslin Hall, Yorkshire, England
d. 01 JUN 1958
Children: Family: Spouse: Elob, Martha b. 1876 d. 06 NOV 1901
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Newton, Douglas Lindley b. 04 FEB 1906 d. 11 JUN 1973 Parents: Father: Newton, Henry Mother: Lindley, Mary (Polly) Family: Spouse: Dallington, Doris Family: Spouse: , Jane
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Sanderson, Joan b. Not Shown Parents: Father: Sanderson, Harold Hilson Mother: Lindley, Alice Edith Family: Spouse: Farley, William Sidney James b. Not Shown Children: Family: Spouse: Kirby, Douglas b. Not Shown

84. OPERA America's Encore Magazine
Original cast Lord Byron, Grayson hirst; thomas Moore, Lenus Carlson; John Hobhouse,Walter Hook; John Murray, Frederick Schoepflin; Count Gamba, Frederick
Composer: Virgil Thomson Libretto: Jack Larson Description: Opera in three acts, seven scenes; set in London from 1812 to 1824-Scene two of the third act consists entirely of a ballet-Alvin Ailey choreographed the 15-minute dance for the Juilliard performance. This was later cut by Thomson in revised versions of the score. Premiere: Juilliard Theater, Lincoln Center, NY, April 20, 1972 Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc., 212-254-2100; fax: 212-254-2013; web page: Length: 90 minutes to 2 hours (depending on cuts) Musical forces: Two flutes (piccolo), 2 oboes (English horn), 2 clarinets (bass clarinet), 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, organ (off stage), strings; SATB chorus; male madrigal group of 6; boy's chorus; 5 sopranos, 3 mezzos, contralto, 4 tenors, 5 baritones, bass-baritone, 2 basses Musical style: Tonal; lyrical; masterfully-written concerted music, duets, and trios; clear, spare orchestration of unmixed colors with an interplay of verbal and musical rhythms that is both intricate and subtle; minimalist use of small, well-crafted melodic cells that have elements of American folk music; simple melodic style; the use of pastiche; some citing of popular tunes such as Auld Lang Syne and Ach du lieber Augustine. Synopsis: Set in London in 1824, the work begins with Dean Ireland's refusal to allow Byron a burial in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey. Using the poet's denied burial as a framework for the piece, the work deals with significant episodes in Byron's life and introduces the three women who played pivotal roles in it: his wife, Annabella; his half-sister, Augusta Leigh; and his mistress, Countess Teresa Guiccioli. The opera is partly a series of flashbacks about Byron's scandalous sex life and partly about his friends' decision to burn the memoirs he sent to Thomas Moore.

85. 11 Duke Street Ltd. Home Page
After Life Giovanni Anselmo, John Baldessari, Felix GonzalezTorres, Damien hirst,Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons, Bruce Nauman, thomas Ruff, Andy Warhol May 5

86. I4931: Anna Katrina ?? (ABT. 1735 - ____)
1751 1801) m 1772 Charles Frederick Schaefer EBERMAN (1830 - 1888) _Anna Maria thomas (1792 Adam hirst. ABT.
Anna Katrina
ABT. 1735 -
  • BIRTH : ABT. 1735
Family 1 Philip Lawrence HOUTZ
  • Jacob HOUTZ
  • Barbara HOUTZ
  • Elizabeth HOUTZ ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Margaret BARBER
    MAY 1890 -
    • BIRTH : MAY 1890
    Father: James H. BARBER
    Mother: Tabitha J. AYRES
    _James H. BARBER
    Margaret BARBER (1832 - 1917) m 1849 INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    John Thomas BARNETT
    13 NOV 1761 - 28 MAR 1836
    • BIRTH : 13 NOV 1761
    • DEATH : 28 MAR 1836
    Father: Thomas BARNETT
    Mother: Margaret PENTZ
    Family 1 Jane FINNEY
    John Thomas BARNETT
    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Lucetta CASSEL
    • BIRTH
    Father: David CASSEL
    Mother: Catharina HORST
    Lucetta CASSEL
    _Catharina HORST INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Samuel CRANDALL
    ABT. 1675 -
    • BIRTH : ABT. 1675, Newport, RI
    Father: John CRANDALL
    Mother: Elizabeth GORTON
    _John CRANDALL
    Samuel CRANDALL _Samuel GORTON ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)
  • 87. I1266: William F. AYRES (ABT. 1863 - BEF. 1942)
    + (1751 1801) m 1772 Ann Therese EBERMAN (1825 - 1855) _Anna Maria thomas (1792 Anthony hirst. ABT.
    William F. AYRES
    ABT. 1863 - BEF. 1942
    • BIRTH : ABT. 1863
    • DEATH : BEF. 1942
    Father: Philander Chase AYRES
    Mother: Nancy J. EGAN
    _John Chandler AYRES
    William F. AYRES INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Susannah BARNETT
    6 JUL 1762 -
    • BIRTH : 6 JUL 1762
    • EVENT : Christened: 8 AUG 1762, Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster
    Father: Thomas BARNETT
    Mother: Margaret PENTZ
    Susannah BARNETT
    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Maria Margaretha BISCHOFF
    29 DEC 1698 - UNKNOWN
    • BIRTH : 29 DEC 1698, Adersbach, Baden, Germany
    • EVENT : Christened: Adersbach Lutheran
    Father: Georg Philipp BISCHOFF
    Mother: Catharina
    Maria Margaretha BISCHOFF
    INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 09/02/02 02:18:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Mary BOHMER
    ABT. 1739 -
    • BIRTH : ABT. 1739
    Father: ? BOHMER
    Mother: Barbara MUELLER
    Family 1 Philip MILLER
    Mary BOHMER
    _Barbara MUELLER INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000)

    88. Knowlesfamilytree.index.html
    Mate m- Betty Loak 26 Apr - Joseph Sunderland -m- Hannah Browerton 28 Jun - JosephSwal -m- Judith Stephenson 04 Jul - thomas Taylor -m- Mary hirst 16 Aug
    Dweller at the Knoll
    Horbury Yorkshire Marriage Index 1813-1837
    25 Jan - William Bocock -m- Ann Hirst
    01 Jan - John Mate -m- Betty Loak
    26 Apr - Joseph Sunderland -m- Hannah Browerton
    28 Jun - Joseph Swal -m- Judith Stephenson
    04 Jul - Thomas Taylor -m- Mary Hirst
    16 Aug - Thomas Thicket -m- Rachel Senior
    03 Apr - George Coope -m- Alice Crosland
    15 Jun - John Mould -m- Ruth Rayner 20 Aug - Richard Ashton -m- Alice Taylor 09 Apr - John Fearnley -m- Martha Rhodes 09 Apr - William Isle Hanson -m- Mary Spowforth 03 Dec - James Ingham -m- Ann Roberts 23 Jun - William Oldroyd -m- Sabra Eastwood 10 Nov - Samuel Blackley -m- Mary Beamont 08 Dec - Benjamin Marsden -m- Easter Coope 29 Oct - Joseph Armitage -m- Frances Chappell 23 Jan - Matthew Ellis -m- Hannah Stephenson 20 Jan - Henry Whitaker -m- Eliz Ellis 04 Apr - Joseph Bentley -m- Sarah Child 13 Dec - Elijah Brewerton -m- Mary Hardaker 31 May - David Hemingway -m- Martha Rayner 31 Oct - John Blackburn -m- Ann Bastow 28 Jun - Edmund Briggs -m- Frances Hopwood 14 Mar - Charles Coates -m- Eliz Priestley 07 Oct - John Mitchell -m- Bessy Heppenstall 25 Mar - Benjamin Turner -m- Mary Ann Rhodes 03 Apr - John Chappell -m- Ann Ashton 30 Jan - George Starkey -m- Judith Ruddock 06 Mar - Jacob Ward -m- Sarah Land 17 Jan - William Greenwood -m- Mary Asquith 18 Nov - William Taylor -m- Rachel Thicket 07 Mar - Benjamin Couldwell -m- Mary Knowles 29 Aug - John Matthewman -m- Sarah Haigh 18 Mar - James Pickles -m- Mary Turton 07 Mar - Benjamin Priestley -m- Mary Foster

    89. Leeds Parish Registers 1612 ~ 1639
    Abraham, sonne of Peter Casson, of Armlay. Leonard, sonne of Richard hirst,of Beeston. thomas, sonne of Anthonie Cloudslay, of Briggat.
    Given Name(s)
    Last Name
    Leeds Parish Registers 1612 ~ 1639

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    online Surname:
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    Month Date ANNO 1612 CHRISTENINGS April
    Thomas Tailor sonne of Richard Tailor of Lidyate baptized. Thomas Wilson sonne of Edward Wilson of Kirgat baptized. Mathew Grime sonne of Oswell Grime of Houlbeck bapt'. John Bowes sonne of Hugh Bowes' of ye callayne bapt'. Sibell Hirst daughter of Mathew Hirst of ye callayne bapt'. Arthur Rome sonne of Arthur Rome' of Kirgat baptized. Willm ffenton sonne of Samvell ffenton of Hunslet bapt'. John Pomfret sonne of John Pomfret of ye Medowlain bapt'. Jennit Eastburn daughter of Thomas Eastburn of ye headrow bapt'. Eliz. Dakewell daughter of Richard Dakewell of ye borelayn bapt'. Eliz. Sawre daughter of Thomas Sawre of briggat baptized. Thomas Horseman sonne of George Horseman of Litle Wodhouse bapt'. [The above entries are given verbatim as a specimen of the original; the entries that follow cure curtailed by the surname not being repeated, by the omission of the word "baptized," and by the month and year being placed in the margin. The months are printed according to their modern spelling.] Month Date Name Apr.

    90. Descendents Of Thomas TULLETT And Lillian STOCKS
    thomas TULLETT (19091980) x Lillian STOCKS .. Diane Gillian TULLETT x (1) MikeTHOMPSON x (2) Robert hirst .2) Victoria Louise hirst .. lillian.html

    91. Grandparents And Great-grandparents
    , James Battersby (18111898). ¦, thomas Battersby (1856-1943), married 1832. ,Sarah Bradbury (1818-?). Herbert hirst Naylor (1879-1917), married 1875,
    The Family Trees of
    Lorna and John Stephenson
    John's family:
    Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents Thomas Stephenson (1806-about 1835) (William) Henry Stephenson (1834-1879) married 1827 Elizabeth Hoult (1801-1870) Peter Stephenson (1875-1957) married 1856 Thomas Smith (1792-?) Ann Smith (1832-1902) married about 1814 Mary Fazackerley (1796-?) married 1895 James Battersby (1811-1898) Thomas Battersby (1856-1943) married 1832 Sarah Gregory (1811-1881) Sarah Ann Battersby (1877-1968) married 1876 Samuel Pollock (1829-1874) Mary Jane Pollock (1856-1936) married about 1851 Ann Steenson (1832-?) Charles Naylor (1807-?) Lot Naylor (1853-1913) married 1838 Sarah Bradbury (1818-?) Herbert Hirst Naylor (1879-1917) married 1875 Henry Hirst (1820-1900) Martha Ann Hirst (1854-1921) married 1843 Ann Hoyle (1825-1896) married 1905 John Webster (1811-1898) James Webster (1858-1930) married 1852 Susan Porteus Maitland Shaw (1820-?) Ann Webster (1883-1958) married 1878 John Ratcliffe (1809-1890) Catherine Ratcliffe (1854-1933) married 1843 Ellen Howard (1825-?)

    92. Index To Newfoundland Captains - H
    Hines, thomas, Rising Star, 1888068. Hines, thomas, Victory, 18790120. hirst,Edward, Falcon, 1877005. hirst, Edward, Winsor Lake, 1877018. Hiscock, Spy,18770181.
    Index to Newfoundland Captains
    Hi Captains Vessel Reg. No. Hickey, Andrew Emma Hickey Hickey, Daniel Gertrude Hickey, J. Ann Hickey, James Cadmus Hickey, James Gazelle Hickey, James Mary Jane Hickey, James Susanna Hickey, James Union Hickey, James Zebra Hickey, Jeremiah Jane Hickey, John Mary Ann Hickey, Owen Margaret Joseph Hickey, Robert Gem Hickey, Robert Thomas Haliburton Hickham, Charles Mary M. Hickman, George Grandbanker Hickman, Henry Ornate Hickman, James William Chester Hickman, John R.T.F. Hickman, Jonathan William Mitchell Hickman, Samuel Rosanna Hickman Hickman, Thomas Bertha luni Hickman Hickman, Thomas Mary M. Hickman, Thomas Minot Light Hickman, Thomas A. Earnest J.S. Simms Hickman, Wilson Vigorous Hicks, Charles G. Elizabeth Hicks, Charles G. Gratitude Hicks, Charles G. Providence Hicks, Charles Griles Elizabeth Hicks, Charles Grills Elizabeth Hicks, Charles Gulls Helen Hicks, George Ringwood Hicks, James Green Cutter Hicks, John Champion Hicks, John Daphne Hicks, John Flirt Hicks, Joseph Water Lily Hicks, Richard Daphne Hicks, Samuel Dispatch Hicks, Samuel Pride of the Ocean Hide, Lawrence

    93. Thomas And Sarah (an Episode Guide)
    M Defarge , Ursula hirst Auntie Em , Susan Field Mrs Monger , Verne Morgan Villager , Ben Runciman Baby John rc Madge, Tubby. By 1911, thomas and

    94. Greenwich Village Gazette: Columns: Greenwich Village Today: Emily Thomas
    Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, has chosen, among other artworks by modernartists, a screen print by Damien hirst hirst is mainly known for his
    March 29, 2003
    GREENWICH VILLAGE GAZETTE / GREENWICH VILLAGE Sick Sideshow Sensation Surpasses Suppression!
    e are very lucky to live in a place with a first amendment. We are not so lucky to live in a city where the mayor consistently attempts to crush it. This past Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon ordered the city to pay up about $1 million in subsidies Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had withheld over the Sensation exhibit at the Brooklyn museum of Art. Gershon found that the city's decision to freeze the museum's $7.2 subsidy violated the First Amendment. She felt that it was an attempt to "censor works of expression and to threaten the vitality of a major cultural institution, as punishment for failing to abide by government demand for orthodoxy." Of course the city plans to appeal. Giuliani called Judge Gershon's decision "the usual knee-jerk reaction of some judges" - I'm sure that comment will go down well in the law community. Now this is by no means over as Giuliani the kind of guy who probably threw screaming tantrums as a little boy until he got his own way is now trying a different way to get at his nemesis, by questioning the orthodoxy of the exhibitions funding. This was bolstered by a New York Times article which noted that museum officials solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from firms and individuals with a commercial interest in the exhibition.

    95. Results
    Tom Bleicher, Antony hirst, thomas Rymas, Tom Wikgren. Matteo Bortolotti, TrevorHumphrey, Judson Santiago, Ian Wright. Philippe Brisset, Michael Kohn, AlexanderSchill,

    96. Marriages 1898 Golcar
    Sept 8 1894, Henry Beaumont, Ann Richardson. Sept 29 1894, William Bedford,Annie hirst. Oct 25 1894, thomas William hirst, Ethel Sykes. No Nov, NoDec,
    Marriages 1893 Golcar Return to Index Page Date Male Female Dec 24 1892 Fred Drake Clara Garside Jan 14 1893 Samson Wood Miriam Ainley Feb 5 1893 Frederick Collier Betsy Shillito Feb 11 1893 Joe Whiteley Elizabeth Senior Feb 11 1893 Thomas Berry Mary Annie Sykes Feb 18 1893 James Eachus Charlotte Ann Taylor No March April 1 1893 Benjamin Wood Alice Wood April 13 1893 Joe Turner Emily Sutcliffe May 13 1893 Joseph Woodhead Alice Balmforth Ainley May 18 1893 Edgar Sykes Jane Whitwam May 20 1893 Ben Haigh Carter Sarah Brierley Taylor June 21 1893 Beaumont Gee Clara Hall June 27 1893 John William Eversden Mary Ann Whitehead No July Aug 12 1893 Wilson Beever Alice Ann Pearson Aug 24 1893 Joseph Dyson Pearson Lucy Beaumont Sept 23 1893 Edgar Taylor Harriett Taylor Sept 23 1893 Reginal Hughes Russell Mary Pearson Sept 24 1893 James Nicholson Alice Maud Evans Sept 27 1893 George Albert Helme Clara Eliza Pearson No October No November Dec 24 1893 John Haigh of Longwood Henrietta Jackling of Golcar Marriages 1894 Golcar Return to Index Page Date Male Female Jan 20 1894 George William Wood Mary Ellen Bentley Jan 28 1894 Joe Pearson Edith Taylor Feb 17 1894 Herbert Firth of Almondbury Mary Hannah Parkin of Golcar Feb 28 1894 John Fielding Pearson Mirriam Singleton Mar 24 1894 Edward Pearson Taylor Florence Taylor Mar 24 1894 Joseph Pearson Mary Ann Sykes Mar 24 1894 Alfred Sykes Annie Bamforth Mar 24 1894 Ernest Whitaker Clara Ellen Hartley Mar 24 1894 Albert Taylor Mary Ann Priestley Mar 26 1894 Thomas Newton Hurst Hannah Pearson Mar 26 1894 Joseph Rodgers Mary Taylor April 14 1894 Harpin Haigh

    97. Table Of Contents: May 2002 Volume 5 Number 5
    facilitates GABA B receptor–effector coupling pp 415 424 A Couve, P thomas, ARCalver, WD hirst, MN Pangalos, FS Walsh, TG Smart SJ Moss Published online

    98. Renaissance Forum: Volume 1 Number 1, March 1996: Derek Hirst
    DEREK hirst. The coupling of metaphor with political evil was a theme taken further,and certainly more famously, by thomas Sprat in his History of the Royal
    Making all religion ridiculous
    Of Culture High and Low: the Polemics of Toleration, 1667-1673
  • The consequences of a wide reading across the textual register of a particular moment, rather than a determined immersion in one thematically-defined sector, are various. The first is a wholly salutary recognition of the permeability of the categories of understanding with which we enter the past. Only by such reading, we may suspect, can we approach the society and culture of the past as a living whole, in its conceptual, argumentative and aesthetic complexity. To read across the register in the later seventeenth century is to recognise, for example, how close were the connections between the domain of imaginative literature and the polemics of religion (though we might have suspected that the examples of John Milton and John Bunyan would have made such a reminder superfluous). But to read across the register is not only to erode disciplinary boundaries; it is also to be made aware of the tenuousness of the distinctions so often drawn between high culture and popular culture.
  • To be sure, in recent years the work of Tessa Watt, Eamonn Duffy and Peter Lake in particular has suggested that godly reformers in the seventeenth century deliberately tailored their arguments and their appeals to popular media and popular tastes (Watt 1991, Duffy 1986, 31-55; Lake 1993). Yet the model of cultural interaction those scholars have posited seems a trifle functionalist: ministers, hack-writers and polemicists sought to coopt a marginally literate or less-than-godly audience by writing down to it, using broadsheet and chap-book forms to clothe a strenuous message. The case is unchallengeable. But if we read across the texts of a moment, rather than through a particular form of text, we may arrive at a rather more complex account of cultural contact and exchange.
  • 99. New England Civil War Museum
    There are 167 hirst letters, all of which are housed in the ThomasO'Connell Historical Library. These remarkable artifacts give
    Collection Highlights
    First Shelf: L to R; Shingle from the Dunkard Church in Antietam, MD.
    1896 X-ray of Burpee Post member who still had a bullet fragment in his heel. This is one of the earliest X-rays ever taken.
    Soldier's metal epaulettes, used to guard shoulders from sword slashes.
    Second Shelf: L to R; Cartridge box; Cannonball from the battle of Antietam; Leggings to simulate boots
    Third Shelf: L to R: 5th CT Vol. Infantry Regimental Bible
    Two different styles of soldiers' haversacks
    The Thomas F. Burpee Collection
    T homas Burpee was born in 1836 in Stafford, Connecticut. He was educated in Ellington, Connecticut. In 1857, he married Adeline Harmon of Stafford and by 1861 they had two sons, Lucien and Charles. Before the Civil War, he was a foreman or manager in several of the mills in Rockville. He was also the captain of the local militia in town. W hen the war broke out he voluntered his militia to the Union, but his offer was refused because it was believed to be a short war. In 1862 when President Lincoln requested more troops from Connecticut, Thomas' militia became Company D of the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, later know for its valience as the "Fighting Fourteenth." I n early July of 1862, Gov. Buckingham repeatedly asked Capt. Burpee to accept a majorship in the 21st CVI but Thomas refused. Finally after many requests, Thomas Burpee was appointed as a major in the 21st Conn. Vol. Inf., in late August of 1862. He rose through the ranks and eventually was promoted to a full colonel. Thomas was very well liked and respected by his men and many others who knew or served around him.

    100. The Parisc-linux 2001-June Archive By Author
    Bogendoerfer; parisclinux ioremap with 32bit kernel on 64bit machines ThomasBogendoerfer; linux .9 install problems on a 735 Richard hirst; parisc-linux
    2001-June Archives by Author
    Starting: Thu May 31 18:50:59 2001
    Ending: Sat Jun 30 17:22:36 2001

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