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         Hopkinson John:     more books (100)
  1. John Adams Speaks for Freedom (Ready-to-Read. Level 3) by Deborah Hopkinson, 2005-01-06
  2. Original Papers by the Late John Hopkinson: Ed. With a Memoir by B. Hopkinson (V.2 ) (1901) by John Hopkinson, 2009-06-12
  3. Original Papers by the Late John Hopkinson: Ed. With a Memoir by B. Hopkinson (V.1 ) (1901) by John Hopkinson, 2009-06-12
  4. Original Papers by the Late John Hopkinson: Scientific Papers by John Hopkinson, 2010-02-26
  5. John Hopkinson, Electrical Engineer (A Science Museum booklet) by The Science Museum, 1970-12
  6. Software Quality Assurance: Ernest Wallmuller (Bsc Practitioner) by Ernest Wallmuller, Helga Tallon, et all 1994-06
  7. Original papers on dynamo machinery and allied subjects by John Hopkinson, 2010-08-24
  8. The British freshwater Rhizopoda and Heliozoa by James Cash, John Hopkinson, et all 2010-07-30
  9. A Bibliography of the Tunicata, 1469-1910 by John Hopkinson, 2010-01-13
  10. The Audubon guide to attracting birds by John Hopkinson Baker, 1941
  11. Original Papers by the Late John Hopkinson by John Hopkinson, 2009-03-10
  12. The Pennsylvania State Trials; Containing the Impeachment, Trial, and Acquittal of Francis Hopkinson, and John Nicholson, Esquires ; the Former by Edmund Hogan, 2010-01-12
  13. Sport Deaths in Switzerland: Achille Varzi, John Hopkinson, Buddy Werner, William Penhall, Owen Glynne Jones, Tom Bourdillon, Toni Kurz
  14. Original papers by the late John Hopkinson by John Hopkinson, 1901-01-01

1. John Hopkinson's Motor Racing Pages And Aircraft And Aviation Museums
Welcome to John Hopkinson's Web page The Golden Gate Bridge, San Franscisco, California. Welcome to John Hopkinson's Home Page Select the option that interests you
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2. John Hopkinson
John Hopkinson. John Hopkinson born in 1849, was the eldest son of aManchester engineer of the same name who had married the daughter
John Hopkinson
John Hopkinson born in 1849, was the eldest son of a Manchester engineer of the same name who had married the daughter of a prosperous cotton spinner. There were thirteen children by the marriage, of whom ten reached maturity (five sons and five daughters). He won a mathematical scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge and whilst studying for the mathematics tripos he worked concurrently for a BSc at London University. In Cambridge he was coached by E.J.Routh, emerging in 1871 as Senior Wrangler. He was captain of the boat club and also won the mile race in the athletics sports. On leaving Cambridge he started work in his father's factory until he was appointed manager of the optical works of Chance Brothers, glass makers and lighthouse engineers of Birmingham in 1872. He married Evelyn Oldenburg, with whom he had been in love since his undergraduate days. He converted two of the rooms in his house into laboratories and there conducted experiments in electricity and magnetism for which he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1878. In 1877 he moved to London as a consulting engineer. By this time there were three children, Bertram, the eldest, having been born in 1874. Money was short but he soon built up a lucrative practice in the law courts as an expert witness on patents and other scientific matters.

3. John Hopkinson
Welcome to John Hopkinson's Home Page. John Hopkinson may provide productsand services only to individuals in the jurisdictions listed.

4. Hopkinson
John Hopkinson. Born 27 July 1849 John Hopkinson was born the eldestof a large family of thirteen children. He was fortunate in
John Hopkinson
Born: 27 July 1849 in Manchester, England
Died: 27 August 1898 in Evalona, Switzerland
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John Hopkinson was born the eldest of a large family of thirteen children. He was fortunate in that being brought up in Manchester he had good schooling and in 1865 entered Owens College in that city. Owens College, which went on to become the University of Manchester, was an excellent institution in which to study. After showing great abilities in mathematics Hopkinson was awarded a scholarship to allow him to continue his study of that subject at Trinity College Cambridge. He entered Cambridge in 1867 and graduated with a mathematics degree in 1871. Although his scholarship would have allowed him to continue his mathematical studies at Cambridge, Hopkinson decided to put his mathematics to practical use in engineering. There had been no chair of engineering at Owens College when Hopkinson studied there, but it is interesting to note that Osborne Reynolds was appointed to such a chair while Hopkinson was studying at Cambridge. In 1872 Hopkinson was appointed as the engineering manager of Chance Brothers and Company, a glass manufacturing company in Birmingham. There he studied the problems of efficient ways of shining lights from a lighthouse and, in particular, he recommended the use of flashing groups of lights.

John TRUMBLE / Mrs. Ann HOPKINSON. Husband John TRUMBLE. Wife Mrs. Ann HOPKINSON.Born ABT 1614, at Died at Father Mother Spouses John TRUMBLE. CHILDREN.
Husband: John TRUMBLE Born: 5 Apr 1612 at: New Castle,Upon Tyne,Northumberland,England Married: at: Died: at: Father: James TRUMBLE Mother: Spouses: Elinor CHANDLER Mrs. Ann HOPKINSON Wife: Mrs. Ann HOPKINSON Born: ABT 1614 at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Spouses: John TRUMBLE CHILDREN INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.5e-WIN95 (Sep 26 1998) on 01/14/99 11:59:23

6. GENUKI: Haxby Parish, Directory Of Trades And Professions For 1890
Hodgson Mr. William; hopkinson john Robert, butcher; Jefferson Tom, joinerand wheelwright; Jefferson Mr. William; Laidler George, station
Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for HAXBY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890. Post:
Post, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank , Haxby; Francis Noble, postmaster. Letters arrive via York at 5-40 a.m. and 5-20 p.m., and are despatched at 8-10 p.m. on week-days, and at 7-55 p.m. on Sundays. Delivery at 7-0 a.m.
Miscellany of trades
  • Atkinson John, blacksmith
  • Attwood Frederick, vict., Red Lion
  • Blacker Joseph
  • Bradley Rev.. Richard, Vicarage
  • Braithwaite Maria, grocer
  • Brough Francis, butcher
  • Bulmer Mrs. Elizabeth, brickmaker
  • Carr William, market gardener
  • Clarke Joseph, market gardener
  • Dawson Mrs. Ann, dressmaker
  • Driffield Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper
  • Driffield J. H., thrashing machine proprietor
  • Dudding Henry, vict., Tiger Inn
  • Dyson John, contractor, Wortley house
  • Dyson Mr. Meek, Ash house
  • Grayson Mr. Benjamin, Beet cottage
  • Haxby Board School ; Jonth. Arnold, master
  • Haythorne Mr. William
  • Hodgson Charles, blacksmith
  • Hodgson Mr. William
  • Hopkinson John Robert, butcher
  • Jefferson Tom, joiner and wheelwright
  • Jefferson Mr. William

7. John Hopkinson Formula 1 Motor Racing Page
Includes news, views, and race reports.Category Sports Motorsports Auto Racing Formula One Personal Pages......john hopkinson's Formula 1 Motor Racing Page. Formula 1 ..News. Last updated27 May 2001. Headlines. Round 7 27 May - Monaco GP - A Ferrari benefit .
John Hopkinson's Formula 1 Motor Racing Page
Formula 1 ......News
Last updated 27 May 2001
  • Round 7 - 27 May - Monaco GP - A Ferrari benefit ....
  • Round 6 - 13 May - Austrian GP - Action filled race won by David Coulthard....
  • Round 5 - Spanish GP - MIchael Schumacher 'steals' a win ....
  • Round 4 - San Marino GP - Ralf Schumacher takes his first win ..... ...
  • For full set of 1999 Race Reports and a Summary of the 1998 race results click here
    7th Round Monaco GP...a Ferrari Benefit .....
    Michael Schumacher leads the race from Flag to flag It was a frustrating race for the McLaren Team. David Coulthard took pole position at Monaco., an important advantage on this tight street course with few overtaking places. But at the start of the parade lap Coulthard was left on the grid with a stalled engine. The crew managed to get the engine fired up again but Coulthard had to start the race at the back of the grid. Michael Schumacher who was second on the grid was now effectively on pole and was able to hold the position at the start of the race. Although everyone managed to get away cleanly at the start of the race the tight twisty street circuit is always a race of attrition and cars were soon dropping by the wayside either as result of contact with the barriers or the mechanical problems caused by the demanding circuit. Mikka Hakkinen moved up to second to challenge Schumcher but his car began to handle very badly and he was forced into retirement. Coulthard at the back of the grid made slow progress through the field because of lack of overtaking opportunities but he managed to control his frustration and moved slowly through the field helped by the various retirements until he was up to 5th place.
  • 8. History Of Ashover, 1931
    Joseph, market gardener, Chapel hill Hopkinson Charles Edward, hay and heath merchant,Edelstow hopkinson john, letter carrier, Hard Meadow ln Hunter Thomas
    Bulmer's History of Derbyshire, 1895
    John Thompson , late of Dove Cote, Ashover, in 1881 gave £500 (consols), the dividends to be appropriated annually (1) in providing prizes, bibles and prayer books, for proficiency in Scripture knowledge, good attendance and good conduct for children at the day and Sunday schools; (2) in six sums of 20s. each to destitute poor not receiving parish relief; and (3) the residue of the income to be distributed in sums of 5s. each to aged poor parishioners. Mrs. Ann Kaye Jackson , in 1880, left the dividends of £200 (consols) to be distributed in warm clothing, or otherwise, at the discretion of the rector and churchwardens.
    Mrs. Waterhouse , in 1884, left £4 16s. 8d. yearly to be distributed at Christmas amongst the poor who are church-goers. The sum of £6 12s. 11d. is received yearly from the Rev. F. Gisborne's Flannel Charity; and there are other small bequests amounting to about £4 10s. yearly.
    Parish Councillors - J. Towndrow, A Bowring, J. Bradley, J. B. Gregory, J. Lee, Rev. J. B. Nodder, H. Bradley, J. H. Twigg.
    Rural District Councillors - W. Lee and J. P. Jackson, J. P.

    (1873), The Scriptural Idea of Man (1883), and Teachings and Counsels (1884)
    (1873), The Scriptural Idea of Man (1883), and Teachings and Counsels (1884). Dr Hopkins took a lifelong interest in Christian missions, and from 1857 until his death was president of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (the American Congregational Mission Board). He died at Williamstown, on the 17th of June 1887. His son, HENRY HOPKINS (1837—1908), was also from 1903 till his death president of Williams College. See Franklin Carter’s Mark Hopkins (Boston, 1892), in the American Religious Leaders “ series, and Leverett W. Spring’s Mark Hopkins, Teacher (New York, 1888), being No. 4, vol. 1., of the “ Monographs of the Industrial Educational Association.” See Albert C. Sewall’s Life of Professor Albert Hopkins (1879). The best edition of Hopkins’s Works is that published in three volumes at Boston in 1852, containing an excellent biographical sketch by Professor Edwards A. Park. In 1854 was published separately Hopkins’s Treatise on the Millennium, which originally appeared in his System of Doctrines and in which he deduced from prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that the millennium would come “not far from the end of the twentieth century.” See also Stephen West’s Sketches of the Life of the Late Reverend Samuel Hopkins (Hartford, Conn., 1805), Franklin B. Dexter’s Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College and Williston Walker’s Ten New England Leaders (New York, I9of). (W. WR.) Cambridge on the I3th of October 1866. - -

    10. John Hopkinson And Associates Ltd
    john hopkinson and Associates Ltd was incorporated in 1979 as an international aircraft brokerage and consulting firm,
    Business has been consumated in most countries worldwide, acknowledging with success the peculiarities existing in some foreign business and political climates. Lease equipment opportunities are successfully arranged involving all the operational, financing, and tax implications applicable to todays ever changing international business place.

    11. History Of John Hopkinson
    History of john hopkinson Piano Manufacture. john hopkinson started his businesslife in Leeds in 1835 as a music publisher. john hopkinson. AD 1851.No 13,652.
    History of John Hopkinson Piano Manufacture
    John Hopkinson started his business life in Leeds in 1835 as a music publisher. He moved to London in 1845. In 1846 was the year that Hopkinson pianos was established. However, on his pianos it says Est. in 1835, this date was from Leeds as a music publisher. His first premises in London were at: 70 Mortimer Street London. Then he moved to the flowing premises:

    • 1851 Opened a shops 18 Soho Square, Phoenix Street, and Little Stone Street, Soho.
    • 1855 A new manufacturing plant was set up at Diana Place, New Road.
    • 1850 Opened a shop at, 235 Regents Street,
    • 1863 Opened a shop at, 6 Condut Street,
    • 1869 A new manufacturing place at 44 Fitzroy Road,
    • 1882 Opened a shop 95 New Bond Street,
    • 1892 Opened a shops 34, 35 36 Margaret Street,
    • 1898 Added 102 Brompton Road,
    • 1900 Opened a shops 84 New Bond Street, 241 High Road Kilburn,
    • 1963 Production of piano move to the Paxton Piano Works, Paxton Road, London.(Zenders)
    1851 is generally considered to be the date in which marks the end of the classical piano building period and the beginning of the modern one. That year, Hopkinson introduced a repetition action, Paten number 13,652. In which by manipulating a key, " a hammer could strike so rapidly that it imitated the tremolo of a singer". Their advertising prospectus was as follows:
    "Hopkinson New Patent and Tremolo Check Action for Grand Pianoforte
    ...a valuable improvement, which also shows the accurate and sensitive character of the mechanism is that the 'Tremolo' (similar in effect to the produced by the violinist or the voice of a finished singer) may be produced by this action upon the pianoforte."

    12. GedBrowser - List Of Individuals
    hopkinson, Fanny. hopkinson, Job. hopkinson, john. hopkinson, john (1). hopkinson, john (2). hopkinson, Mary. hopkinson,
    List of Individuals
    ?, Rebecca

    Addy, Elizabeth


    Asher, Mary
    ... List of Surnames
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    13. Team Lotus - John Hopkinson Unofficial Page
    An unofficial objective history of Team Lotus, an icon of Formula 1 racing.Category Sports Motorsports Auto Racing Formula One Teams Lotus...... F1 team McLaren F1 team Ferrari F1 Brabham Team UK Racing Aircraft andAviation Museums United Kingdom United States john hopkinson's home page.
    Team Lotus - An unofficial history
    The rise and fall of a motor racing icon
    Colin Chapman and the early Lotus Years
    Anyone who has followed F1 motor racing for some years will have a strong impression of Team Lotus and Colin Chapman - both were icons of motor racing during the 1960s and 1970s. Colin Chapman enjoying the success of the early 1960s Colin Chapman started in a modest way having completed an engineering degree at London University. His training had been in aeronautical engineering but Chapman's aspirations led him in the direction of motor car design, particularly the design of elegant sports and competition cars. His first design was in 1948 for a trials car. Lotus cars was established by Chapman at Cheshunt, just to the north of London. Lotus cars gained a reputation for being innovative and successful in competitions. The late 1950s were a time of transition in F1, the big front engined Vanwalls and Ferraris were about to give way to rear engined designs. Credit must go to John Cooper for producing a successful rear engined design and to set the general layout pattern for F1 cars to the present day. Chapman's first Lotus F1 car was front engined, although Cooper had already demonstrated a successful rear engined car. Chapman quickly realised that the future lay with the rear engined designs.

    14. HOPKINSON, John, Autographs, Manuscripts, Letters, Documents And
    hopkinson, john, (18491898). Electrical engineer. Autograph Letter Signed to Crowdy,3 pages 8vo (laid down), Manchester, dated in another hand February 1871.
    Restart site HOPKINSON, John (1849-1898). Electrical engineer.
    Autograph Letter Signed to Crowdy, 3 pages 8vo (laid down), Manchester, dated in another hand February 1871. Replying to a congratulatory letter on his having been named Smith's prizeman and fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.
    [No: 7554]
    The image is of the third page only.
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    John Wilson Manuscripts Limited, Painswick Lawn, 7 Painswick Road, CHELTENHAM GL50 2EZ, UK

    Tel: +44(0)1242 580344 Fax: +44(0)1242 580355

    15. Hopkinson, William John
    Search in WPORG AOG USMA USMA.ARMY.MIL Search Tips 32054 hopkinson, William john usma1974-E4 FEEDBACK ADMIN
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    16. John Hopkinson And Associates Ltd
    Biographical Information. Keith john hopkinson. Since 1979, when johnhopkinson Associates Ltd. was formed, he had been an independent
    Biographical Information Keith John Hopkinson A general aviation interest from his family led to first employment in a family owned aircraft fixed base operation, and charter business where he started as a commercial pilot at eighteen, flying twin engine aircraft in Southwestern Ontario. He has 8500 hours Flying Experience. His travels have been worldwide with an extensive contact network, all aviation related. He specializes in the buying and selling of aircraft of the commuter and corporate size but variance of this status has been known to exist. Except for a period in the 1970's, his business experience has been entirely aviation related since the 1960's and with the advent of the corporate jet and the popularity of the regional airlines, Mr. Hopkinson's focus grew as the equipment changed. Thus, the type of products specialized in today. His earlier aviation training and accumulated hands on business experience has been extremely beneficial. Frequently he receives written mandates with trust funds, and has the direct responsibility for evaluations, negotiations, acquisitions, and disposals on behalf of major corporations. His memberships include the majority of the North American Aviation groups. He has been a licensed Canadian commercial pilot until recently but business commitments have necessitated the majority of travel being completed by airline because of distances involved.

    hopkinson, john (r 84çt1898), English engineer and physicist, was bornin Manchester on the 27th of July 1849. Before he was sixteen
    His son, JOSEPH H0PKINS0N (1770—1842), graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1786, studied law’, and was a Federalist member of the national House of Representatives in 1815—1819, Federal judge of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 1828 until his death, and a member of the state constitutional convention of 1837. He is better known, however, as the author of the patriotic anthem “Hail Columbia” (1798). His original papers were collected and published, with a memoir by his son, in f901. - HOPKINSVILLE, a city and the county-seat of Christian county, Kentucky, U.S.A., about 150 iii. SW. of Louisville. Pop. (1890) 5833; (1900) 7280 (3243 negroes); (1Q10) 9419. HOPPNER, JOHN (1758—1810), English portrait-painter, was born, it is said, on the 4th of April 1758 at Whitechapel. His father was of German extraction, and his mother was 011€ of the German attendants at the royal palace. Hoppner waf consequeqtly brought early under the notice and received the patronage of George III,, whose regard for him gave risc to unfounded scandal. As a boy he was a chorister at the royal chapel, but showing strong inclination for art, he in 1775 enterec as a student at the Royal Academy. In 1778 he took a silver medal for drawing from the life, and in 1782 the Acadeniy’~ highest award, the gold medal for historical painting, his subjccl being King Lear. He first exhibited at the Royal Academy In 1780. FIis earliest love was for landscape, but necessity obliged him to turn to the more lticrative business of portraitliainhing.~’~t once successful, he had, throughout life, the most fashionable and wealthy sitters, and was the greatest rival of the growing attraction of Lawrence. Ideal subjects were very rarely at tempted by Hoppner, though a “Sleeping Venus,” “Belisarius,”

    18. GedBrowser - Map
    Hollings George Hollings Hannah Brookes Hannah Hollings StephenWaller Ann Waller Ann Ronald Naylor john hopkinson john hopkinson
    William Naylor Edward Naylor William Shirtcliffe Elizabeth Shirtcliffe ... List of Surnames
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    19. Dr John Hopkinson
    Dr john hopkinson. Department of Primary Industries. Plant breeding.Senior Principal Scientist with the Queensland Department of Primary
    Home How to Nominate Award Committee 2002 Award Winners ... Previous Award Winners
    Dr John Hopkinson
    Department of Primary Industries
    Plant breeding
    Senior Principal Scientist with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Dr John Hopkinson has had a remarkable impact on the technology and development of tropical pasture seed science, not only in Australia, but large parts of the tropical world. When Dr Hopkinson commenced his research in 1970, tropical pasture seed production was unreliable, with low yields and high prices. Dr Hopkinson set about gaining a scientifically-based understanding of the physiology of grasses and legumes with a view to producing reliable harvests by understanding and manipulating the reproductive biology of the plants. With a firm understanding of the biology of these plants Dr Hopkinson then concentrated on the agronomy of seed crops themselves - crop management, harvest technology, post-harvest treatment and storage - to ensure reliable production and supply of seed. Dr Hopkinson’s research and work has ensured reliable supplies of cheap, high quality seed to the beef and dairy industry in tropical and sub tropical areas. His understanding of the biology and technology of tropical pasture seed production is second to none, and his willingness and ability to impart his knowledge to others at all levels matches his technical expertise.

    20. Bicameralism: Francis Hopkinson To John Jay
    Bicameralism. CHAPTER 12 Document 12. Francis hopkinson to john Jay 11 Mar. 1786Jay Correspondence 3184. May I ask how you come on in your political family.
    CHAPTER 12 Document 12 Francis Hopkinson to John Jay
    11 Mar. 1786 Jay Correspondence 3:184 May I ask how you come on in your political family. Our Law office is at present open, and the debates and proceedings there afford ample room for amusement, speculation and observation. The two parties of our State are so nearly ballanced in the House of Assembly, that neither are sure of carrying a point. This situation excites the Orators and leading men of the House to the most vigorous exertions, and those who have leisure to attend the debates are sure to be highly gratified. When both parties unite in a measure, it is a thousand to one that it is a salutary and proper measure. Pennsylvania hops along upon her one leg better than I expected. I never liked our Constitution; yet the above metaphor suggests one advantage which I did not think of before: viz: That having but one branch of Legislatureor if you please, but one leg to support her, the old lady is obliged to be very attentive and circumspect in her positions and motions, lest she should fall and break her nose. Those who have two to depend upon, are apt to trip thro' carelessness. Your Constitution, I think hobbles on one leg and a stick. But enough of this nonsense.
    The Founders' Constitution
    Volume 1, Chapter 12, Document 12

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