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         Johnson William:     more books (100)
  1. Ionica (1905) by William Johnson Cory, 2010-09-10
  2. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology: Concepts, Procedures, and Troubleshooting Techniques by William C. Whitman, William M. Johnson, 1995-01
  3. Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad: How to Be a Counterintelligence Officer by William R. Johnson, 2009-02-15
  4. My Life by Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, William Novack, 1993-09-01
  5. White Savage: William Johnson and the Invention of America (Excelsior Editions) by Fintan O'Toole, 2009-03-05
  6. Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving by Robert Kolodny, Virginia E Johnson, et all 1988-04-30
  7. Grand Inquests: The Historic Impeachments of Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson by William Rehnquist, William H. Rehnquist, 1999-01-31
  8. The Mystery of God: Karl Barth and the Postmodern Foundations of Theology (Columbia Series in Reformed Theology) by William Stacy Johnson, 1997-06
  9. Readers and Reading Culture in the High Roman Empire: A Study of Elite Communities (Classical Culture and Society) by William A. Johnson, 2010-06-03
  10. The Lost Years of William S. Burroughs: Beats in South Texas by Rob Johnson, 2006-08-01
  11. Mohawk Baronet: A Biography of Sir William Johnson (Iroquois and Their Neighbors) by James Thomas Flexner, 1990-02
  12. Lord of the Mohawks: A Biography of Sir William Johnson by James Thomas Flexner, 1984-02
  13. Samuel Johnson on Shakespeare (Shakespeare Library, Penguin) by Samuel Johnson, 1990-08-07
  14. How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military: Armed Forces Locator Guide by Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson, Debra Johnson Knox, 1999-01

1. JOHNSON William
johnson william. Dès qu'ils and the Inuit. O what wimps we Canadiansbe WILLIAM JOHNSON THE GLOBE AND MAIL Thursday, November 14, 2002;
"Dès qu'ils prennent le micro ou la plume, certains ont le don de rendre leurs propos aussi corrosifs que le vitriol. Leur discours enflamme les passions, provoque des réactions très vives. Ils font tantôt appel à la raison, tantôt aux sentiments, tantôt aux instincts. Ils ne répugnent pas à flatter, à provoquer; quand ils ne peuvent convaincre, ils sèment la zizanie en réveillant de vieilles rancoeurs. M. Johnson, un résidant de Gatineau, est de ceux-là." Murray Maltais
  • Flipping out over the flag flap
  • It's war!: Landry on cloud nine
  • O what wimps we Canadians be
    WILLIAM JOHNSON THE GLOBE AND MAIL Thursday, November 14, 2002
  • The yahoos who shamed Canada
  • Turning a blind eye to treason
  • Mr. Dion's bilingual flapdoodle
  • When it comes to Quebec, down with Joe Clarkism ...
  • Warning: Separatism is not dead
    This subversive act is now before the courts, attacked by lawyer Brent Tyler and the Equality Party. The Quebec government has moved to have the challenge thrown out of court. It will take years and a fortune before the suit reaches the Supreme Court of Canada.
    Prime Minister Jean Chrétien could strike a decisive blow for Canadian unity, complete the work of his Clarity Act and put an end once and for all to the uncertainty and the threat of secession. He could refer Bill 99 to the Supreme Court for a final judgment on four decades of dangerous illusion.
  • 2. Johnson
    William Ernst Johnson. Born 23 William Johnson was a pupil at a schoolin Cambridge where his father was the headmaster. In 1879
    William Ernst Johnson
    Born: 23 June 1858 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
    Died: 14 Jan 1931 in Northampton, England
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    William Johnson was a pupil at a school in Cambridge where his father was the headmaster. In 1879 he entered King's College Cambridge becoming 11th wrangler in the mathematical tripos of 1882. Johnson held various temporary positions around Cambridge for the next 19 years. During this time he published three papers on Boolean logic and one on probability . In 1902 he obtained a Fellowship at Kings and taught there. He was a shy, sickly man but a popular and respected teacher. One of his students persuaded him to publish Logic Logic , Johnson's most important work, is in three volumes, the fourth on probability was never finished but the parts which were written were published as Mind after his death. Logic won him considerable fame and honorary degrees. Johnson viewed probability as expressing logical relations between evidence propositions and hypothesis propositions. He was opposed to the frequency interpretation of probability. His views on the foundations of probability theory influenced

    3. William Henry Johnson
    William Henry Johnson. William Henry Johnson was born near AlexandriaVirginia of free parents in 1833. He was a notable Abolitionist
    William Henry Johnson
    William Henry Johnson was born near Alexandria Virginia of free parents in 1833. He was a notable Abolitionist and crusader for the rights of African Americans. After a career including the underground railroad, organizing volunteers for the Union Army, political and social activism, he put together an autobiography. A copy of his autobiography are in the Pruyn Room of the Albany Public Library and in the New York State Library Archives. Johnson left home in Virginia at the age of twelve to travel to Philadelphia where he learned the hair dresser trade. He came to Albany in 1851 where he immediately became involved in the underground railroad. He assisted Stephen Meyers in the work he was pursuing. He returned to Philadelphia in 1855 where he continued his work as an abolitionist and activist with the underground railroad. He became involved in the Banneker Literary Institute and other organizations where he could write and speak against slavery. The work he was doing with fugitive slaves forced him to flee Philadelphia in 1859. When the Civil War began he joined a Connecticut unit and participated in the Battle of Bull Run, Roanoke and Newberne. Johnson returned to Albany in 1864 where he began an involvement in local and state politics. He was a member of the NYS Equal Rights Committee and became its chairman from 1866-73. He drafted an amendment to the military code of NYS striking the word "white" from the document. This change was accepted in 1872. He drafted Civil Rights legislation that became law in 1867 and assisted in abolishing the property clause in the constitution that prevented many Blacks from voting. William Henry Johnson crusaded for and won in 1891 a bill that ended discrimination against African Americans in the insurance industry.

    4. Johnson William T Attorney - Attorneys
    johnson william T Attorney Attorneys, William T. Johnson Attorney at LawAlso . DIVORCE, ADOPTION FAMILY LAW . johnson william T Attorney.
    Home Find a Business Find a Person Get a Job ... About Us Johnson William T Attorney
    Johnson William T Attorney
    • 605 W Solomon St Griffin 770-228-5760

    • Attorneys
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    5. Johnson William R DMD - Dentists-Pediatric (Infant, Child & Adolescent)
    johnson william R DMD DentistsPediatric (Infant, Child Adolescent), PEDIATRICDENTISTRY Fairdale, Louisville, West Point,. johnson william R DMD.
    Home Find a Business Find a Person Get a Job ... About Us Johnson William R DMD
    Johnson William R DMD
    • 4007 Valley View Dr 448-0678

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  • 6. Johnson William Richardson
    Born 1851 in Virginia. Died 1947 in St. Joseph, Missouri. JW Richardsonwas one of the first riders hired by Lewis for his Division.
    Born: 1851 in Virginia Died: 1947 in St. Joseph, Missouri J. W. Richardson was one of the first riders hired by Lewis for his Division. He was a native of Virginia and had apparently been to sea, but whether on a merchant ship or in the United States Navy is not known. Early documentary evidence bearing upon the question of the identity of the first rider to carry the mail out of St. Joseph favored Richardson. However, Johnny Fry was later awarded that unique distinction. He died in St. Joseph in 1947 at age 96. He would have been 9 or 10 years old in 1860. His obituary states: "'A writer billed me as the first Pony Express rider but that's not so' explained Billy to his friends. 'Johnny Fry was the first rider. It just happened that my brother, Paul Coburn, was the manager for the Pony Express here and he accidentally threw the mail pouch on my pony instead of Frye's. We set off down the street with the ponies hooves clattering and my pony carrying mail. Down at the ferry, however, the mail was transferred to Frye's mount. He was the one who deserved the credit.'"

    7. William B. Johnson
    William B. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Mathematics AG ME OwenChair of Mathematics. Office Milner 115 Phone (409) 8452722
    William B. Johnson
    Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
    Office: Milner 115
    • B.A. Southern Methodist University 1966 Ph.D. Iowa State University 1969
    Research Interests
    Editorial Boards
    Last Updated: December, 2001
    William B. Johnson

    8. JOHNSON William
    Ad William Johnson (c.1803 ..1873.). Back To . . . Royal Staff Corps.Born circa 1803; Where Born Essex England; Occupation Blacksmith
    William Johnson (c.1803.....1873.)
    Back To . . . Royal Staff Corps
  • Born : circa 1803 Where Born : Essex England Occupation : Blacksmith / Soldier Date Arrived : Ship Arrived on : Rank attained : Date of Enlistment : Where Enlisted : Date of Discharge : 24 June 1829 Where Discharged : Sydney Died : 29 May 1873 Where Died / Buried : Ballina and was buried in the East Ballina Cemetery 31 May 1873 Parents Names Joseph Johnson (b......d.) and Esther Monks (b.....d) Spouse's Name : Martha Sarsfield Donovan Born : Bapt : 18 June 1796 at St Philip, Barbados Where Born : Occupation : Date Arrived : Ship Arrived on : Date Married : Where Married : Barbados Died : 26 June 1881 Where Died / Buried : Newrybar, New South Wales and was buried 29 June 1881 at Ballina. Spouse's Parents : Samuel Donovan (b......d.) and Mary Elizabeth Sarsfield (b......d.)
  • Descendants Information was kindly supplied by Sue Volker . Sue is descended from William ,Email address

    9. Johnson William - Corporate Profile
    johnson william is one of the 10000 corporations and 21000 brands for whichthe Transnational Corporations Observatory provides social, financial and
    Companies Jersey Private Person
    Johnson William Jersey Brand Finance year assets source File Concentration, mergers, competition billion US $ Sunday Times GBR 22/04/2001
    The Rich List 2001 Social Shareholder Subsidiary Management Corruption Subsidy Environnement Human Rights Production Image Companies Jersey Private Person

    10. Johnson William - Profil D'entreprise
    Translate this page johnson william est une des 10000 entreprises et une des 21000 marques pour lesquellesl'Observatoire des transnationales fournit des informations sociales
    Entreprises Jersey Personne , physique >
    Johnson William Jersey Marque Finance année actifs source Dossier concentration, concurrence, cartels milliards US $ Sunday Times GBR 22/04/2001
    The Rich List 2001 Social Actionnaire Filiale Management Corruption Subvention Environnement Droits de l'Homme Implantation Image Entreprises Jersey Personne , physique >

    11. William Johnson
    William Johnson. Born 15 Aug 1841, Brasher Falls, NY. Died 17 Jan 1912, at hishome in Westville, NY. Parents Rev. Charles Johnson William Johnson Rev.
    William Johnson
    Born: 15 Aug 1841, Brasher Falls, NY Died: 17 Jan 1912, at his home in Westville, NY Parents: Rev. Charles Johnson and Submit Cushman (Johnson) Sibling(s): Isaac Johnson , Charles Edwin Johnson and Sabra Adaline Johnson Married: Margaret Almira Thrasher (Johnson) 12 May 1875 in Lamberton, Minnesota Children: Henrietta Johnson (Avery) William was a 1st Sgt. in Co. H of the 98th Regiment of the NY Volunteers (Civil War). William was wounded in the head by a piece of shrapnel or shell on 25 June 1864 in a rifle pit in front of Petersburg, VA during the Civil War, and later had a sunstroke while lying on the Weldon Railroad 30 Jul 1864. He also fell at Fair Oaks and had a 'rupture' which bothered him for many years. See pension and war records. William and Margaret had one child, a daughter named Henrietta. William and Margaret are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Westville, NY. Emma Cushman Johnson may also be buried there. Information provided by military archive civil war and pension records of William Johnson, letter from Frank G. Wheeler of Appleton, Wisconsin, dated 30 June 1941, and letter from Franklin County Historical and Museum Society (Malone, NY) verifying his burial in Riverside Cemetery; Family bible record from bible believed to be the original property of Rev. Charles Johnson William Johnson
    This page was produced by Renie Cervone in No. Scituate, RI

    12. The Spanish West (Old West) Johnson William W
    The Spanish West (Old West) johnson william W.johnson william W. The Spanish West (Old West)
    The Spanish West (Old West) Johnson William W
    Johnson William W
    The Spanish West (Old West)
    Time Life Gardening Under Ligh...

    Tanner, Ogden. Beavers and Oth...


    Edwards, C. R. W. Placental Gl...

    13. William R Johnson
    johnson william R. Vietnam 1975 Adams,S. War of Numbers. The names beloware mentioned on the listed pages with the name johnson william R.
    Vietnam 1975
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    14. Handbook Of Texas Online: JOHNSON, WILLIAM
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    JOHNSON, WILLIAM (?-1836). William Johnson, Alamo defender, was born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served in the Alamo garrison during the siege of the Alamo, possibly in Capt. William R. Carey's qv artillery company, and died in the battle of the Alamo qv on March 6, 1836. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Daughters of the American Revolution, The Alamo Heroes and Their Revolutionary Ancestors (San Antonio, 1976). Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution (Austin, 1986). Bill Groneman, Alamo Defenders (Austin: Eakin, 1990). Bill Groneman top of page about search help ... suggest an article topic The Handbook of Texas Online is a joint project of The General Libraries at the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State Historical Association

    15. Johnson, William Samuel - Colonial Hall
    Resource devoted to the founding fathers features a biography of this politician who represented Connecticut at the Constitutional Convention. william Samuel johnson was the eldest son of the Rev. Dr. johnson, first president of the college in New York.
    William Samuel Johnson

    -Signers of the Declaration

    -Signers of the A. O. C.
    Source: Marshall, James V.. The United States Manual of Biography and History
    Designed and Edited by John Vinci

    16. USDOJ: OLP: William P. Johnson
    U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy Last Updated 09/12/01 william P. johnson Nominee to the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico
    U.S. Department of Justice
    Office of Legal Policy About Us Resources Last Updated: 09/12/01 Home Judicial Nominations Contact Us DOJ
    William P. Johnson
    Nominee to the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico
    FOIA Privacy and Security Notice

    17. - Your Home For Prints, Posters & Custom Framing
    johnson, Robert johnson, Scott johnson, Stephen johnson, Tim johnson, william Johnston,M. Johnston, Walt Jokelson, Susan Jonas, Teri Jonas, william Jones Jones

    18. Journal Of San Diego History
    Biography of the architect (lived 18771957), with emphasis on his Spanish Mission and Spanish Revival work. Includes drawings and photographs of San Diego buildings he designed.

    The Journal of San Diego History

    Summer 1999, Volume 45, Number 3
    Contents of This Issue
    A Civic Architect for San Diego:
    The Work of William Templeton Johnson
    by Sarah J. Schaffer
    Photographs from this article for a slower connection
    Photographs from this article for a faster connection Of the architects in San Diego's lexicon, many names are more recognizable to the casual observer than William Templeton Johnson's. Yet he earned the rare honor of being elected a fellow to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1939, Like many others in San Diego at the turn of the twentieth century, Johnson was a transplanted Easterner. Born on Staten Island, New York, in 1877, he was thrust into roofing work at the age of twelve when his father died. This sparked his interest in architecture, which he continued to pursue through his schooling at New York's Columbia University and in Paris. In his education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1908 to 1911, he treaded the same steps as had noted American architects Richard Morris Hunt, H.H. Richardson, Louis Sullivan, Bernard Maybeck, and Julia Morgan; their influences would later manifest themselves to varying degrees in his work. In 1905, he married Clara Delafield Sturges, whom he later divorced; they had three sons, Winthrop, Arthur, and Alan, and a daughter, Katherine.

    19. William H. Johnson
    Catalog of the Scientific Community. johnson, william. Note the creators of the Galileo Project and this catalogue
    William H. Johnson Gallery
    "William H. Johnson arrived in Harlem when the Renaissance was in the making. He had come to New York in 1918 from Florence, South Carolina, and became a student at the national Academy of Design. He remained there for five years, absorbing the teachings of George Luks and Charles Hawthorne, and readying himself for a career in art that would take him to places in North Africa and Europe in search of a permanent residence. It was through the influence of Hawthorne that Johnson traveled first to Paris in 1926, where he settled, painted, and studied the works of modern European masters." - from "Harlem Renaissance: Art of Black America" . The Studio Museum in Harlem. Abradale Press, Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers.
    William H. Johnson
    Girl in a Red Dress, ca. 1936
    Oil on burlap, 33 1/4 x 26 1/4 in.
    William H. Johnson
    Study for Girl in a Red Dress, ca. 1936
    Pen and ink on paper, 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 in.

    20. Samuel Johnson, Writer
    Next only to william Shakespeare, Samuel johnson is perhaps the most quoted of English writers. The latter part of the eighteenth century is often (in Englishspeaking countries, of course) called, simply, the Age of johnson.
    Next only to William Shakespeare , Samuel Johnson is perhaps the most quoted of English writers. The latter part of the eighteenth century is often (in English-speaking countries, of course) called, simply, the Age of Johnson. Johnson was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, in 1709. His mother did not have enough milk for him, and so he was put out to nurse. From his nurse he contracted a tubercular infection called scrofula, which inflamed the lymph glands and spread to the optic and auditory nerves, leaving him deaf in the left ear, almost blind in the left eye, and dim of vision in the right eye. It also left scar tissue which disfigured his face, as did a later childhood bout with small-pox. Young Johnson responded to his disabilities by a fierce determination to be independent and to accept help and pity from no one. When he was three or four years old, a household servant regularly took him to school and walked him home again. One day the servant was not there in time, and Johnson started for home by himself. Coming to an open ditch across the street, he got down on all fours to peer at it before attempting to cross. His teacher had followed to watch him, and now approached to help. He spied her, and angrily pushed her away. Throughout his life, he feared that ill health would tempt him to self-indulgence and self-pity, and bent over backwards to resist the temptation. He had an uncle who was a local boxing champion, and who taught him to fight, so that years later he walked without fear in the worst sections of London. Once four robbers attacked him, and he held his own until the watch arrived and arrested them.

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