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  1. Astronome Indien: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Âryabhata, Thanu Padmanabhan, Varahamihira, Abhas Mitra, Kamalakara (French Edition)
  2. Rasikavinoda of Kamalakara Bhatta: Sanskrit text with English translation, a critical introduction and indices by Uma Deshpande, 1989
  3. Professional crime in India by P Kamalakara Rao, 1983

41. [ebxml-dev] Where Can I Find JAXR Provider Related Jar File
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Date Prev Thread Prev Thread Next Date Next ... Elist Home Subject [ebxml-dev] where can i find JAXR provider related jar file
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Hi everybody.., i am trying to run example program using but i am unable to find where find JAXR provider related jar file resides. please let me know any body have gone through it. regards kamal
Kamalakara Reddy Ambati Software Engineer Samsung SDS India Development Center 40,Lavelle Road Bangalore-560 001 Ph:91-80-2223975/6/7/8 Extn:242
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42. Profiles @ Cinema - Know All About Your Favourite Stars
Kalyani Heroine read more. Kamal Hassan - Hero read more. kamalakaraKameswara Rao - Director read more. Kannamba - Actors read more.

43. The Music Magazine -- India's First And Finest Music E-zine
His virtuosity was on full display during this rendering. Subramaniam was accompaniedby V kamalakara Rao (mridangam), and Ghantasala Satya Sai (morsing).
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Subramaniam played a raga he had thought up on a stormy night in Guwahati Review Ganjam's November feast The three-day Flights of Fantasy music festival featured, among other things, a new raga called Chandrapriya
This year's Flights of Fantasy concerts opened on a Sunday, and were spread over three days (November 24-26). Ganjam, well-known diamond jewellers, present this festival of Indian classical music every November.
The first day featured two concerts: the sitar of Ustad Shahid Parvez, accompanied by Yogesh Samsi, and the singing of Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, accompanied by Gourang Kodical (tabla) and Vyasamurthy Katti (harmonium). The second and third evenings featured Karnatak music. It was Dr L Subramaniam's violin on Monday. He played just two extended pieces. The first

44. Nedunuri Krishnamurty
Sangeeta Kalanidhi Nedunuri Krishnamurty w/ Akella Mallikarjuna Sarma(violin), V. kamalakara Rao (mridangam) Rasa Records 1001 Contents
Sangeeta Kalanidhi Nedunuri Krishnamurty
w/ Akella Mallikarjuna Sarma (violin), V. Kamalakara Rao (mridangam)
Rasa Records 1001
  • Seetamma Mayamma - Vasanta/Rupaka - Tyagaraja (4'50) Chakkani Rajamargamu - Kharaharapriya/Adi - Tyagaraja (39'03) Slokam: Vaidehi Sahitam - Ragamalika - from Rama Karnamrutam (13'35)
  • Sound quality: good (live recording) Recording date: unknown It is an interesting program... but I am not so enamored with the ragas. To purchasing information for this disc To Carnatic CD list T. M. McComb

    45. Sanskrit Knowledge-Systems Project-Participants
    These includein vyakarana, Sesa Krsna, Bhattoji Diksita, Kaunda Bhatta, Nagesa;in mimamsa, kamalakara, Sankara, Apadeva, Gaga, Khandadeva, Sambhu, Vasudeva
    National Endowment for the Humanties Proposal
    Substance and context
    Methods and objectives Work plan History and duration ... Text Analysis Substance and Context The two centuries before European colonialism established itself decisively in the Indian subcontinent (ca. 1550-1750) constitute one of the most innovative eras in Sanskrit intellectual history. Thinkers began to work across disciplines far more intensively than ever before, to produce new formulations of old problems, to employ a strikingly new discursive idiom and present their ideas in what were often new genres of scholarly writing. Concurrent with the spread of European power in the mid-eighteenth century, however, this dynamism began to diminish. By the end of the century, the tradition of Sanskrit systematic thought-which for two millennia or more constituted one of the most remarkable cultural formations in world history-had more or less vanished as a force in shaping Indian intellectual life, to be replaced by other kinds of knowledge based on different principles of knowing and acting in the world. In these two phases of history lie the core issues of this research project: the nature of the "knowledge systems" or scholarly disciplines in India on the eve of colonial rule, and the fact of their decline in the face of the new epistemological and social regime of European modernity. In order to understand these developments, contributors to the Knowledge Systems Project will undertake four linked tasks: inventory the intellectual production in seven disciplines during this period; collect unpublished manuscripts and documents from archives in South Asia; create a bibliographical and prosopographical database derived from printed and manuscript sources; study selected Sanskrit works according to a uniform analytical matrix. The results will be collected in a book that will be the first to offer an account of the Sanskrit disciplines and the intellectuals who produced them at the moment both were about to be transformed utterly.

    46. Manuscripts On Astrology, Atronomy And Mathematics Rare Texts
    2. Adbhutasagarasarah of Caturbhujah. 3. Apurva Bhavanopapattih of kamalakara.4. Graha Pithamala of apadevah. 5. Jyotirvidabharanam of Kalidasah.
    Manuscripts on Astrology, Atronomy and Mathematics Rare Texts Ajara Cintamanih Adbhutasagarasarah of Caturbhujah Apurva Bhavanopapattih of Kamalakara Graha Pithamala of apadevah Jyotirvidabharanam of Kalidasah Prasna Pradipah of Kasinathah (1526) Jyotiskanika-Jyotissutram of Krsna Cakravarti Bijankurah-Tantrarah of Krsnah (1600-1625) Grahacakra vivaranam of Krsnarathah Jaiminisutra Tika of Krsnananda Saraswati Jatakapaddhatih of Kesavah (1446-1507) Tika-Narayanah Udaharanam-visvanathah Vyakhya-Dharmeswarah Paddhatiprakasah Tika-Mallarih Muhurtatatva of Kesavah Tika-Ganesah Garga Samhita/Vrddha Garga Samhita Pallisartavidhanam of Gargah Lokamanorama of Gargah Gautama Jatakam of Gautamah “Bhasyam Yantracintamanih of Cakradharah “Vivaranam-Cakradharah Jayamadhavamanasollasah of Jayasimha Jayavinoda Sarini of Sawai Jayasimha Siddhantasundarah of Jnanarajah (1503) Todaranandah of Todaramallah (1565-1589) Prayogadarpanam of Padmanabhadiksitah Yantraratnavalih/Yantrakiranavalih of Padmanabhah Dhruvabhrama Yantra tika of Padmanabhah Bhuvanadipaka tike-Jayatilakasurih “Gangadharah “Janarajah “Vacyusarman “Narayanabhattah “Ratnacandrah “Siromanih “Ayodhyaprasada Sarman Samayakalpataruh of Pantojibhattah/Vireswara Mukundavijayah of Parama Misrah (1559) Muhurtamuktavalih of Paramahamsa parivrajakacaryah Prasnamanikyamala of Paramanandasarman Jyotisa Sastram of Paninih Jambudvipa Prajnaptih of Punyasagarah Lilavati Sutra tike-Sridharah (1717) “Nilambara Jha (1823) “Candrasekhara Jha (1924) “Damodara Misrah “Vallalah “Bapudeva Sastri

    47. Embassy Page
    Another Indian astronomer who made use of Arabic/Persian knowledge was kamalakara(b.1658 AD), who wrote a big treatise on astronomy called SiddhantaTatva
    EMBASSY OF INDIA, TEHRAN Photo Gallery Iran Links
    Friendship Association

    ... Part I Prehistoric times India and Iran : Common Homeland, common linguistic and racial Past Contacts between Achaemenian Persia and India Contacts between Sassanian Persia and India Buddhist influence on Persia Continuing contacts (2 nd to 7 th century AD) Part II Advent of Islam Sufism – Spiritual interaction between India and Iran Mughal-Safavid Period Spread of Persian literature and poetry in India Persian influence in the field of art and architecture Decline in direct Indo-Iranian links Continuing Contemporary Links Part I back Advent of Islam In the 7 th century, after the Persians lost the battle of Qudisiyah in 637 AD to the Islamic Arab armies, the Sassanian dynasty came to an end. Following this, the Zoroastrians – a section of the Persians – migrated to India through the Strait of Hormuz. During the 7

    48. Locana Dasa Thakura
    The Panchali form employs five different kinds of songstyles. Thename of Sri Locana Dasas father was Sri kamalakara Dasa. His
    Srila Locana Dasa Thakura Srila Locan Dasa Thakura took his birth in a family of brahmans who lived in a village in the Rada-desh, in Mahakumara, near Katwa, in the Burdhaman district of Bengal. When he was only a little boy, he enjoyed the good fortune of meeting the devotees of Sri Gauranga. His guru was Narahari Sarakara Thakura. In his Caitanya Mangala, Srila Locana Dasa Thakura has written: "My hope of hopes is to be near the lotus feet of Sri Narahari Thakura, to serve and worship him with my very life. The cherished desire of the fallen Locana Dasa is to be allowed by the grace of Narahari to sing the glories of Sri Gauranga. My Lord is Sri Narahari Thakura and I am his servant. Bowing and praying before him I beg him to allow me his service. This is my only aspiration." Previously in Bengal the poets used to compose sacred songs and verses in different forms of classic rhymes and rythmic meters called Panchali. The Panchali style of composition was especially used for glorifying the Lord. Srila Locana Dasa Thakura used the Panchali form of verse-meter in composing his famous work, Sri Caitanya Mangala. The Panchali form employs five different kinds of song-styles. The name of Sri Locana Dasas father was Sri Kamalakara Dasa. His mother's name was Sri Sadanandi. Locana Dasa was his father's only son and so was the darling of his parents. He spent the better part of his years staying at the house of his grandparents. There began his studies and his education. At a very young age, Sri Locana Dasa was married. From early childhood, Sri Locana Dasa had great attachment for Sri Gauranga and at the same time great detachment from material enjoyment.

    ayanagatA ekadA/ Apta-sakhyA yutA bhavyam yuvAnam vipra-putrakam/ k21 t28 z19saMcarantam rati-prAptyai nava-utpannam iva smaram/ kamalakara-nAmAnam putram

    50. Untitled Document
    NARTHANASALA (“the dance pavilion,” 1963) Telugu, B W (exact running timenot available; about 3 hours) Directed by kamalakara Kameswara Rao Music by
    Directed by Kamalakara Kameswara Rao
    Music by Susarla Dakshina Murthy
    This classic Telugu mythological is essentially a dramatization of the playful but portentous Book Five or Virata Parvan of the epic MAHABHARATA, in which the five Pandava brothers and their common wife Draupadi, exiled from their kingdom for twelve years in consequence of a rigged dice match, must pass a thirteenth year of agyat vas
    Bharata Natyam Mahabharata The Passion of Joan of Arc

    (The DVD from KAD Entertainment includes the usual scene and song menus, and has decent English subtitles.) [return to homepage]

    51. The Bhaktivedanta Archives
    Unknown. Kamalakanti, Devi Dasi, London, August, 72, Lost Contact.kamalakara, Devi Dasi, Sydney, 72, Lost Contact. Kamalakrsna, Dasa,Mayapur, 75,
    Disciple Database - K A B C D ... Y NAME SUFFIX PLACE MONTH YR STATUS Kadamba Devi Dasi LA October Kadambakanana Dasa LA May Kadambakusuma Priya Devi Dasi Tokyo Lost Contact? Kadambaripriya Devi Dasi Seattle July Lost Contact? Kailash Candra Dasa New Vrindaban September Kaivalya Dasa New Vrindaban July Kaivalya Svarupa Dasa Argentina June Kajjali devi Devi Dasi Hawaii January Lost Contact? Kala Dasa Vancouver January Kalacand Dasa LA May Kalagni Dasa Frankfurt June Unknown Kalakantha Dasa Portland Kalakantha Devi Dasi San Francisco December Lost Contact Kalaksara Dasa New Orleans May Deceased Kalalapa Devi Dasi Chicago July Kalanemiha Dasa Brazil December Unknown Kalanidhi Dasa San Francisco November Unknown Kalanka Dasa Laguna August Kalarupa Dasa LA May Unknown Kalasamvara Dasa New Zealand January Kalatita Dasa Phoenix November Lost Contact Kalavati Devi Dasi LA May Lost Contact? Kali Devi Dasi Philadelphia Unknown Kalidasa Dasa Brisbane Unknown Kalindi Devi Dasi Buffalo Kalindi Devi Dasi Vrndavana April Unknown Kaliya Krsna Dasa Detroit July Kaliya Krsna Dasa Vrndavana October Kaliya Krsna Dasa Adelaide Unknown Kaliyaphani Dasa London August Kalki Dasa Vancouver July Kalki devi Devi Dasi Sydney April Lost Contact Kalpalatika devi Devi Dasi San Francisco November Kalpataru Dasa Mexico February Deceased Kalpavrksa Dasa Buffalo March Lost Contact Kalupradip Dasa LA April Unknown Kamabhatta Dasa LA April Lost Contact Kamadeva Dasa Chicago July Unknown Kamadhenu Devi Dasi France Kamadhenu Dasa Germany December Kamadhuk Devi Dasi Edinburgh February Kamadhuki Devi Dasi Brazil September Kamagayatri Devi Dasi Sweden September Unknown Kamagayatri Devi Dasi Dallas January

    52. VNN Editorial - Sri Locana Das Thakur
    He was born in the Ra h ya clan of the physician caste (vaidya). Hisfather's name was kamalakara Das, his mother's Sadanand . Locana
    Sri Locana Das Thakur
    information about this book

    Family life
    Locana Das Thakur was born in 1523 in Kograma, in the Katwa block of Burdwan district. This village is about ten miles north of Guskara train station. The Thakur's home is situated near the Ajaya River.
    His birth tithi is given by some as the first day of the fortnight of the waxing moon in Paush. He was born in the Rahya clan of the physician caste (vaidya). His father's name was Kamalakara Das, his mother's Sadanand. Locana Das studied at his maternal grandfather's house. He displayed devotion for Mahaprabhu from his childhood.
    Locana Das was married at a very young age, according to the customs of that epoque. His in-laws' household was in the village of Amedpura Kakua. However, though he had entered the married station, he was extremely renounced and spent all his time discussing Krishna-katha with other devotees of Gauranga.
    Since Locana Das was married at a very early age, his wife at first remained with her parents, but as the time approached when she was to join him, they began to worry because of Locana Das's indifference to material life. They approached his guru Narahari Sarkara and told him of their disquiet. As a result, Narahari ordered Locana Das to go to his in-laws' home.
    When Locana arrived in their village he was unable to remember where their house was, since it had been so long since he had visited. He asked a young girl in the street for directions, addressing her as "Ma", or "mother". When he arrived at his in-laws' house, he learned that the girl whom he had addressed as his mother was in fact his wife. From that day on, he always looked upon his wife as a mother, worshiping Guru and Gauranga in an attitude of renunciation.

    53. News
    On the 25th, L Subramaniam presents Carnatic Violin accompanied bykamalakara Rao on Mridangam and Ghantasala Satya Sai on Morsing.

    Friday, November 22, 2002




    Contact Us
    IN BANGALORE THIS WEEK ART Petals and Leaves: This exhibition of paintings by Satya Martin will be on at the Fluid Space Art Gallery, Dickenson road in Bangalore from today, the 22nd of November till the 24th, daily 11 am to 8 pm.
    Hybrid Spaces: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat continues ‘Hybrid Spaces’ an exhibition of paintings and graphics by Sue Carney and Sumana Choudhury at its premises in Bangalore till the 29th, daily 10 am to 7 pm.
    Sumana’s works are centred on life’s experiences and earthiness and transformed into an evocation of memory, while Sue’s collection of collages are based on her experiences of Indian, North African and Sri Lankan cultures.
    Water colours and collage: Gallery Sumukha presents ‘Indian Summer’ an exhibition of water colours and collages by Kate Bedell at its premises from the 25th of this month till the 4th of next, daily 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.
    Kate, a graduate from the Dun Loaghaire School of Art and Design, Ireland has earlier exhibited her paintings In the Royal Hibernian Academy, University of Limerick, Ireland and Mall Gallery, London. Miniature paintings: An exhibition of miniature paintings by Uma Shankar Sharma continues at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Kumara Krupa road in the city till the 27th of this month, daily 11 am to 7 pm.

    54. 3rd February 2003
    Big names of Indian Bridge were seen in action. BFI President emeritus PC Goenka,President Y kamalakara Rao played right through and qualified to pairs final.
    th February 2003
    Mr Arijit Guha , Secretary of WBBA, Kolkata) Shree Cement Bridge Championship organised by Bengal Rowing Club, Calcutta under the aegis of West Bengal Bridge Association was held from 31 st January to 2 nd February 2003. Team of 4 and Pairs events were on card.. 46 teams participated to play 12 sessions of 8 boards to qualify to Quarters. Teams in contention were C V Rao, Agsar Paints, Formidables, Alok Daga’s IV, Wellknit, A P Blues (Vizag), Haldibari, J P Goenka' IV Entries to the Quarters were Bandhab Mandir , a local outfit with few young players led the race with 221 VPs out of maximum 300, closely followed CV Rao’s IV Formidables with 220 VPs, A K Ganguly’s IV a suburban team 205 VPs, Lawrence Club of Chandannagore Wellknit tied in 202, G P Goenka’s IV 201 and lastly Alok Daga’s IV scrapped in with 199 after getting 25 in the last match. Big upset was AGSAR PAINTS, who could not qualify having Debashis Ray, Pritish Kushari, Kirubakara Moorthy, Venketesh, Asim Mukherjee, Snehashis Roy in ranks. In the 16 x 2 sessions Quarters :- Bandhab Mandir easily beat G P Goenka’s IV by 24 IMPs

    55. BRIDGE FEDERATION OF INDIA President. Mr. Y. kamalakara Rao, 12-307, Street No. 6,Gagan Mahal, Domalguda, Hyderabad - 500 029. Andhra Pradesh. INDIA
    List of Office bearers Elected on 10 th December, 2001
    President Emeritus Mr. P. C. Goenka,
    Sri Ram Sadan,
    942-A, Road No.47,
    Jubilee Hills,
    Hyderabad - 500 034. Andhra Pradesh INDIA
    PH: 040 - 217661
    Email : President Mr. Y. Kamalakara Rao,
    1-2-307, Street No. 6,
    Gagan Mahal,
    Hyderabad - 500 029. Andhra Pradesh INDIA PH: 040 - 7633903 / 7635850 Email : Past President Mr. N. Nagappan, 23, V. P. R. Road, Madurai - 625 014. Tamil Nadu. INDIA PH: 0452 [R] 532397 [O] 23173 Email : Vice Presidents Known addresses are published. Addresses of others will be published as and when made available. Mr. M. K. Chowdhry, 1, Gaurav Nagar, Civil Lines, PH: 0141 - 379660 [R] 381642 Email : Mr. Vinod Sharma, R. S. C. B.,Rail Bhawan, 452, Raisiana Road, New Delhi - 110 001. INDIA PH: 011 [O] 3303726 [R] 3383899 Email :

    56. Session K29 - Complex Fluids: Novel Materials And Techniques.
    Amphiphilic System. kamalakara Murthy (KAI Science and Technology Inc),Nalini Easwar, Emily Singer (Smith College, Northampton, MA.).

    Previous session
    Next session
    Session K29 - Complex Fluids: Novel Materials and Techniques.
    MIXED session, Tuesday afternoon, March 17
    507, Los Angeles Convention Center
    Towards Monodispersed Polymer Microspheres
    Yoshinori Senuma, Jons Hilborn (Polymer Laboratory, EPFL) Uniform polymer microspheres prepared by Spinning Disk Atomization
    Monodisperse Vesicular Structures produced Spontaneously from a Structureless Aqueous Amphiphilic System
    Kamalakara Murthy (KAI Science and Technology Inc), Nalini Easwar, Emily Singer (Smith College, Northampton, MA.)
    A Novel Monodisperse Emulsion Generator
    P. B. Umbanhowar, D. A. Weitz (The Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania)
    This abstract was not submitted electronically.
    Self-Assembling, Stable Photonic Bend-Gap Phases in Emulsions of Chiral Nematics with Isotropic Fluids
    Chien-Yueh Huang, R. G. Petschek (Case Western Reserve University, Department of Physics, Cleveland, OH 44106) We investigate the possible mesophases in emulsions of chiral nematic liquid crystals with immiscible isotropic fluids and surfactants. The interactions between the orientational fields of the chiral nematics and the surfactant membranes together with the topological constraints affect stability of micellar geometries and produce a new phase diagram. We compare the free energies of various candidate phases. Appropriate, likely realizable conditions on the surfactant and the pitch of the liquid crystal result in thermodynamically stable blue-phase like phases for a relatively wide range of parameters. Processing such emulsions may result in materials with photonic band gaps.

    57. Monodisperse Vesicular Structures Produced Spontaneously From A Structureless Aq
    kamalakara Murthy (KAI Science and Technology Inc), NaliniEaswar, Emily Singer (Smith College, Northampton, MA.).

    Previous abstract
    Text version Next abstract Session K29 - Complex Fluids: Novel Materials and Techniques.
    MIXED session, Tuesday afternoon, March 17
    507, Los Angeles Convention Center
    Monodisperse Vesicular Structures produced Spontaneously from a Structureless Aqueous Amphiphilic System
    Kamalakara Murthy (KAI Science and Technology Inc), Nalini Easwar, Emily Singer (Smith College, Northampton, MA.) Part K of program listing

    58. Sir Padampat Singhania National Level Tournaments
    11, SM NIGAM AK NIGAM, 553, 8, 9000.00. 22, Y kamalakara RAO INDERPALSINGH, 542, 9, 9000.00. 4, SUBHASH GUPTA PARESH GUPTA, 531, 10, 9000.00.
    For Complete Ranking Click Here Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament
    13th-15th Dec.-2002
    Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament , 24th-26th Nov.-2000 [Invitational Pairs] First Place Second Place Third Place SUBASH GUPTA SUSHIL AGARWAL KIRAN NADAR SHANTANU GHOSH INDRESH AGARWAL B SATYANARAIN Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Inter-Continent Bridge Tournament , 23rd - 25 Nov., 2001 First Place Second Place Third Place DEBASHISH RAY J M SHAH KAMAL MUKHERJEE PRITISH KHUSHARI K V KRISHNAMURTHY VIBASH TODI All India Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Bridge Tournament - Final Ranking After Round 21 Pair # Pairs Name Final Total Rank Prize Money Home Page

    59. TELUGU DVDS - Indian Movie Mart - Original DVDs CDs At Reasonable Prices.
    KAD, Paramanandayyasishyula Katha Starring NTR, Vijaya, KR VijayaLakshmi Director kamalakara Kameswara Rao Brand Stars, Patala
    Toll Free : 1-866-DVDS4YOU
    Email :
    document.writeln( day + ", " + mm + " " + dd + ", " + yyyy ); PHONE CARDS DVDS HELP DESK Order ... Hindi DVDS Hindi DVDS Year Wise Hindi DVDS 2002 Hindi DVDS 2001 Hindi DVDS 2000 Hindi DVDS 1999 ... Contact Us Telugu Movies on dvds list :
    Press Control + F to find your favorite movie.
    If you can not find the movie you are looking for please send email to us : TELUGU DVDs Alphabetical order A B C D ... Z sno Telugu Movie Titles PRICE P Pachani Samsaram
    Starring: Krishna, Amani
    Brand : Digital Series Palanati Yudam (Palanaati Yudhdham)
    Starring: NTR, Jamuna, Bhanumathi, Gumadi, Anjali
    Director : Rameeneedu
    Brand : SSC N ew Pancha Tantram
    Starring: Kamal Hasan Brand : EVP Panduranga Mahathyam (Paanduranga Mahaathyam) Starring: NTR, Anjali Devi, Nagayya

    60. TELUGU DVDS - Indian Movie Mart - Original DVDs CDs At Reasonable Prices.
    Narthanasala StarringNTR, SV ranga Rao, Savitri, Kantharao Director L kamalakara Kameswara Rao English Subtitles Brand KAD,
    Toll Free : 1-866-DVDS4YOU
    Email :
    document.writeln( day + ", " + mm + " " + dd + ", " + yyyy ); PHONE CARDS DVDS HELP DESK Order ... Hindi DVDS Hindi DVDS Year Wise Hindi DVDS 2002 Hindi DVDS 2001 Hindi DVDS 2000 Hindi DVDS 1999 ... Contact Us Telugu Movies on dvds list :
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    If you can not find the movie you are looking for please send email to us : TELUGU DVDs Alphabetical order A B C D ... Z
    sno Telugu Movie Price Price
    N Naalo Vunna Prema
    Starring: Jagapathi Babu, Laya, Gajala, Brahmanandam.
    Brand : Movie Time Video Nagula Chavithi
    Starring: R nageswara Rao, S Janaki Narasimha Naidu
    Starring: Balakrishna, Simran, Viswanath Nari Nari Naduma Murari
    Starring: Balakrishna, Sobhana, Nirosha Brand : Jyothi Narthanasala Starring:NTR, SV ranga Rao, Savitri, Kantharao

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