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  1. Astronome Indien: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Âryabhata, Thanu Padmanabhan, Varahamihira, Abhas Mitra, Kamalakara (French Edition)
  2. Rasikavinoda of Kamalakara Bhatta: Sanskrit text with English translation, a critical introduction and indices by Uma Deshpande, 1989
  3. Professional crime in India by P Kamalakara Rao, 1983

61. Kerala Film
Ramachandran's father V. kamalakara Menon who died in March 1995 - was a poetand found of the Akhil Kerala Aksharashloka Parishad, which has a large
Man with the Midas touch By Bala Menon Jewelry and dreams! It's a great combination and when you are a merchant dealing in both, there can never be a dull moment in your fabled realm. "It's something that I relish," says Mathukara Moothedathu Ramachandran, former banker turned jeweler and motion filmmaker - and now regally ensconced among the top rungs in both fields. So what can now really elate him? Only a scenario - that looks like straight out of his movies: the air is hot and humid' thousands streaming out of a palm-thatched picture hall in a small town or a plush cinema in a big Kerala city; wide-eyed, captivated by the entertainment he provides. "That is pure elation, a very exhilarating experience. I want to have it again and again." Gouthami and Mammooty in the award-winning film Sukrutham Ramachandran received the National Best Film Award in the regional category in June 1995 for his offering Sukrutham (Goodness), starring Mammooty, Gauthami and Manoj K.Jayan. The film also won that year's National Award for Best Music (Bombay Ravi) and the National Award for Best Background Score (Johnson). Of course, awards are nothing new for 'dream merchant' Ramachandran, Managing Director of Atlas Jewelry, which boast the largest gold showroom in Dubai. He has had a great run with some 10 films, each one of them acclaimed for various reasons: theme, music, cinematography or just novelty. And films like the voluptuous

62. Online Shop Selected Audio
Narthana Shala. Actor(s), Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR). Actress(s),N/A. Music, Ghantasala. Director, N/A. Producer, kamalakara Kameshwararao.

63. Panihati Cida Dahi Mahotsav
the Lord. Among them were Ramadasa, Sundarananda, Gadadhara dasa,Murari, kamalakara, Sadasiva and Purandara. Dhananjaya, Jagadisa
(Panihati Chipped Rice festival)
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Short version:

Full version from Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita:

Chipped Rice Distribution at Panihati:
The recipe:(in essence)

Under the tree where this pastime of the Lord took place.............. Where is Panihati? Panihati is located on the banks of the Ganges 10 miles North of Calcutta, in West Bengal India. It is the site of many wonderful spiritual pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His close personal associates. In this region at this time of year June, pre-monsoon it is so hot, often up in the mid-to-high 40 C. The most cooling of foods in such a temperature is yogurt, cool yogurt (dahi or dadhi or doi) This pastime of the Lord is about how the devotees pleased Lord Chaitanya and how the Lord reciprocated with the devotees in a very wonderful and pleasing festival called the Panihati Cida-dadhi mahotsav. In the village of Panihati, Raghunatha dasa obtained an interview with Nityananda Prabhu who was accompanied by many kirtana performers, servants and others. Sitting on a rock under a tree on the bank of the Ganges, Lord Nityananda seemed as effulgent as hundreds and thousands of rising suns. Many devotees sat on the ground surrounding Him. Seeing the influence of Nityananda Prabhu, Raghunatha dasa was astonished. Raghunatha dasa offered his obeisances by falling prostrate at a distant place, and the servant of Nityananda Prabhu pointed out, "There is Raghunatha dasa, offering You obeisances."

64. Baby Names - Kamalakara
Similar pages Women In The Sacred Laws - The Commentaries And Digests On kamalakara, in his Vivadatandava, in the section on Stridhana, adds, after quotingYajnavalkya definition of Stridhana, the following 'as indicated by the use
Kabalarian Philosophy Main Menu Home Page
Dear Kamalakara: The following analysis describes a few qualities of your first name. There are many additional factors (legal name, nicknames, family surname, combined names, previous names, and business signature) that contribute to your entire personality - and your entire life. Order a Name Report for a full analysis. Kamalakara
The name of Kamalakara You can receive a comprehensive Name Report including all your names . It is an in-depth description of the influences affecting your personality, potential, and compatibility in personal and business relationships. Take this step to make changes in your life. Do not pass up this opportunity for a happier, healthier, and more successful future. Click here for full Name Report details Please Note: The above analysis is based on the English alphabet.
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Choosing a Baby Name?
WARNING: Do not choose a baby name based on the short analysis given above.

65. BRYD¯.TO.JEST.TO : Turnieje : Bermuda Bowl 2000 : Lista Zawodniów
Iqbal Nafis Jafer Rashid Jafer Muhammed Ismail NPC, India, H Deora Padmini DivakaranSubadra Krishna Geeta Lakhani P Shivdasani Birmal Siska kamalakara Roa NPC.
Bermuda Bowl Venice Cup Country Players Country Players Argentina
Hector Camberos

Pablo Lambardi

Carlos Lucena

Leonardo Rizzo
Alfredo Suaya
Charo Garateguy

Maria Iacapraro

Graciela Lucchini
Lucrecia Monsegur ... Roberto Maffei NPC Australia Bobby Richman Ishmael Del'monte Seamus Browne Kokan Bagchi ... Wally Scott NPC Australia Sue Lusk Therese Tully Lydia Beech Margaret Bourke ... Julia Hoffman NPC Bermuda Bill Souster Charles Vaucrosson Joe Wakefield David Sykes ... Kevin Comeau NPC Austria Maria Erhart Doris Fischer Terri Weigkricht Sylvia Terraneo ... Christian Felderer NPC Donna Schiller NPC Brazil Marcelo Branco Gabriel Chagas Miguel Villas-Boas Joao-Paulo Campos ... Pedro P Assumpcao NPC Bermuda Jean Johnson Margaret Way Judy Bussell Stephanie Kyme ... Ian Harvey NPC

66. Welcome To Vijayawada -
Kaliulla Mahammed Ranigari Thota, KrishnaLanka13 Phno-478623(R). kamalakaraRao Ch Durga Rice Mill Rd. , Labbipet-10 Phno-476292/485357(R).
Home Web Hosting E-Greetings Art Gallery ... Travel KEYWORD
A B C D ... U Indira P
Phno:411836 Indira Devi M
Maruthi Nilayam,GOvernorpet Indirani G
60-19-1,Vijayawada Issac Manikonda
Phno:482495 Iqbal Baig Mirza
Phno:431040(R) lyenger K.S.R.
Phno:533104(R) Jacob Paul N. 33-16-13,Kasturibaipet-10 Phno:434671 Jagadeesh Ch. 59A-8/7-3Vasavi Nagar,Sai Baba Temple St,Nr Fun Times Phno:432535/478473 Jagdesh R Qno.JE-41 A Colony,Vtps,Ibrahimpatnam pHNO:568114/883171 Jagadesh T 23-15-/17,G.S.Raju Road,S.N.Puram Jagadeshwarrao Ch.S.V. 45-19-17,Nr Viswabharathi Public School,Gundala-5 Phno:435401/545035(R) Jaganmohan Rao K Gollapudi Jaganadha Rao D Gopalreddy Road,Governorpet-2 Phno:571673(R) Jai Babu P 17-4-61,David St,Pejjonipeta-3 Phno:50253(MBD)/5777240 Jaideva Kumar K. 17-4-61BFilm Godown Street,Baptist Nagar-16 Phno:432345/575976(R) Jairaju Kota 30-9-15,Durga Agraharam-2 Phno:434737 Janaki lyer Venkateshwaran 10-99/1,Kaktiyanagar Poranki

67. Mudra Institute Of Communications, Ahmedabad - MET Short-List
Bangalore. Prakriti kamalakara Summer Trainee MICA C/o Ms. Radhika LJ MudraCommunications Ltd. Poornima, 25, Madras Bank Road, Bangalore - 560 001.
Following are list of candidates admitted to PGPC 2002-2004. The individual letters have been mailed through courier. The contact address and telephone number(s) of a few MICA students who are doing internship at various important cities are also given below for clarification/further information. You may also like to get in touch with Mr. K G K Pillai, Deputy Registrar on 079 3739946 to 3739951; Fax: 079 3739945 or e-mail:
Sr.No FORM NO FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME LAST NAME Ramanand Sagar T.V. Sairam Ranganathan Rashmi Kiran Mishra Saurabh Sinha Parul Tyagi Vyjayanthi Veeraraghavan Abhinaw Raj Chandrashekhar L Rakshit Kumar Thussu Garima Aggarwal Neha Paliwal Varun Maheshwari Venus Gupta Saurabh Bhatnagar Varun Kandhari Akshay Singh Puri Vasundhra Magotra Pratibha Jain Neha Barjatya Shilpa Jain Puja Kochhar Shafali Arora Deepak Mann Kabir Kumar Aditi Vijay Toley Deepshikha Jain Prateek Nagchoudhuri Rohit Dhawan Salil Mathur Uttara Narayanan Kunal Mehta Shweta Singh Kavita Nair Pritam Kumar Das Moumita Manojranjan Das Siddharth Ghanshyam Soni Akashneel Dasgupta Gaurav Asthana Soumik Nandy Siddhartha Singh Abhijit Karthik Perumal Nitin Kumar Anupama Jaiswal Shubhra Bhandari Pavit Ravinder Chadha Nitin Ramdas Kamat Anumeha Raakesh Bansal Nimisha Ashok Jain Alysha Aggarwal Sohel Mustak Husain Bohra Asmita Pramod Talwalkar Bhavani Ramesh Vivek Chaturvedi Arun Sharma Snimarjyot Kaur Kochhar Nishita Gopi Panicker Bishnoo Ananth Ashwath Swaminathan Shruti Rathi Devna Mathur

68. Mudra Institute Of Communications, Ahmedabad
Delhi University, . 44, Prachi Gupta, 21. BA, Delhi University, -.45, Prakriti kamalakara, 21. B.Com. Delhi University, -. 46, Prashant Desai,21.
PGP I - Class of 2002 S.No. Name Age Degree University/
College Work Experience
Aditi Sharma B.E. Nagpur University Aditya Kejriwal B.Com Calcutta University Aishwarya Srikrishnan B.A. Madras University Aman Dayal B.Com. Kurukshetra University Ambrish Chaudhry B.B.S. Delhi University Amrita Prasad B.Pharma Birla Inst. of Tech. Anoop Jose B.B.A Mahatma Gandhi University Anuja Moorty B.A. Delhi University Anulekha Shetty B.Com Mumbai University Anuradha Khaitan B.Sc. Calcutta Universtiy Aparna Garg B.B.A G.N.D.U Apurva Rastogi B.B.A Lucknow Universtiy Arjoon Bose B.Com Calcutta University Ashish Mishra B.E. Barkatulla University Ashish Rishi B.E. Nagpur University Ashu Kapoor B.Sc. Delhi University Ashwani Singh B.M.S Davv Indore Debolina Bhaumick B.Sc. Calcutta University Deepa S. B.A. Madras University Gautam Surath B.E. Kuvempu University Harish Puranlal Gulati B.A.

69. Website Of The Hare Krishna Movement
He was born in the Rahya clan of the physician caste (vaidya). Hisfather's name was kamalakara Das, his mother's Sadanand. Locana
News related to the Hare Krishna Movement Click Here for Details Hare Krishna Books Hare Krishna Audio The Founder ... Back to News Listings
Sri Locana Das Thakur
January 13, 2003
By His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj [The following is an excerpt from the book "Sri Chaitanya: His Life and Associates" by Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj.] Family life Locana Das Thakur was born in 1523 in Kograma, in the Katwa block of Burdwan district. This village is about ten miles north of Guskara train station. The Thakur's home is situated near the Ajaya River. His birth tithi is given by some as the first day of the fortnight of the waxing moon in Paush. He was born in the Rahya clan of the physician caste (vaidya). His father's name was Kamalakara Das, his mother's Sadanand. Locana Das studied at his maternal grandfather's house. He displayed devotion for Mahaprabhu from his childhood. Locana Das was married at a very young age, according to the customs of that epoque. His in-laws' household was in the village of Amedpura Kakua. However, though he had entered the married station, he was extremely renounced and spent all his time discussing Krishna-katha with other devotees of Gauranga. Since Locana Das was married at a very early age, his wife at first remained with her parents, but as the time approached when she was to join him, they began to worry because of Locana Das's indifference to material life. They approached his guru Narahari Sarkara and told him of their disquiet. As a result, Narahari ordered Locana Das to go to his in-laws' home.

70. Smritis And Allied Works From The Chapter "Dharmasastra", In Hindu Dharma : Kama
Nirnayasindhu by kamalakara Bhatta is also accepted as an authority there.In the South, VaidyanathaDiksitiyam by Vaidyanatha Diksita is followed.
Home Announcements Seva (KKSF) Tamil Section ... More ...
Smritis and Allied Works
(HinduDharma: Dharmasastra)
Receive pages from Hindu Dharma
in your email Manu, Parasara, Yajnavalkya, Gautama, Harita, Yama, Visnu, Sankha, Likhita, Brhaspati, Daksa, Angiras, Pracetas, Samvarta, Acanas, Atri, Apastamba and Satatapa are the eighteen sages who mastered the Vedas with their superhuman power and derived the Smrtis from them. Their works are known after them like Manusmrti, Yajnavalkya-smrti, Parasara-Smrti and so on, and they contain all that we need to know about all the dharmas to be adhered to and all the rituals to be performed during our entire life. Apart from these eighteen , there are eighteen subsidiary Smrtis called Upasmrtis . It is customary to include the Bhagavadgita among the Smrtis. What we find in one Smrti may not be found in the other. There may also be differences between one Smrti and another. These give rise to doubts which are sought to be cleared by works called "Dharmasastra Nibandhanas". There are some Smrtis which do not contain instructions with regard to all observances. For instance , some do not mention sandhyavandana. The reason must be it is such a common rite that everybody is expected to know it. Then some omit the sraddha ceremony and some others are silent on various types of "pollution" (for instance, that due to the birth of a child in the family or death of a relative). Certain matters are taken for granted. After all, we do not have to be told about how to breathe or eat.

71. Untitled
Bangalore 560 012 Karnataka India Professor 1959 Y Dr. Badrinarayanan MA 2376 FieldStone Cir Fairborn OH 45324 USA 1959 A kamalakara Rao K 1959 Y Dr. Kari

72. Sri Paramesvara Dasa Thakura - ISKCON Perth (Western Australia)
One day, near Sri Rampur, at Akna Mahesh (the Sripat of kamalakara Pippalai),there was a festival of namasankirtan going on within the temple of Lord
Home Contact Us Perth Calendar Sunday Feast ... Restaurant
Perth Temple ISKCON Sri Paramesvara Dasa Thakura
Sri Paramesvara dasa Thakura appeared in a family of physicians. His Sripat is at Atapur, which was on the Canpandanga branch of the Howrah-Amrah rail line. Rail service on this line has been discontinued. Direct bus service is available from Howrah station; it is about a 2 hour journey from there. Atapur was previously known as Visakhala. Sri Sri Radha-Govinda are still residing at his Sripat. In front of the temple are two Bakul trees and in between them is Paramesvara Thakura's Samadhi mandira. Sri Krsna das Kaviraj Gosvami has written: "Paramesvara das, said to be the fifth gopala of Krsna-lila, completely surrendered to the lotus feet of Nityananda. Anyone who remembers his name, Paramesvara dasa, will get love of Krsna very easily." [C.C. Adi11.29] Sri Kavi Karnapura Gosvami has written: namnarjunah sakha prag yodasah paramesvarah, "Paramesvara dasa Thakura was previously the cowherd friend of Sri Krsna named Arjuna." Sri Vrindavana dasa Thakura has written:
nityananda jivan paramesvar das
jahar vigrahe nityananda vilasa
krsna das paramesvar das dvi jon
gopabhave hoi hoi kore sarvakkon [C.B.]

73. Sri Locana Dasa Thakura - ISKCON Perth (Western Australia)
Caitanyamangala, Satvakhanda. His father's name was Sri kamalakara dasaand his mother's name, Sri Sadananda. He was the only son of his parents.
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Perth Temple ISKCON Sri Locana dasa Thakura
Sri Locana dasa Thakura took birth in a family of Rarhiya physicians who resided in the village of Kogram, within the Mahakumar (Katna) district of Barddhaman. His guru was Sri Narahari Sarkar Thakura. "I am the servant of Thakura Sri Narahari, who is the master of my life. The desire of all my desires, I place at his lotus feet; which is that this vile creature (myself) might describe something about the wonderful qualities of Sri Gaurasundara. In this expectation, he is my only refuge. [Caitanya-mangala, Satvakhanda]. His father's name was Sri Kamalakara dasa and his mother's name, Sri Sadananda. He was the only son of his parents. He was raised in his maternal grandfather's home and his education was completed there. He was married at a very young age. From his youth he was very attached to Sri Gaursundara and consequently very disinterested in material life, though he was surrounded by family, friends and society. In his youth he spent the major part of his time at his guru's Sripat, Srikhanda, where he learned how to do kirtana. He composed Caitanya-mangala from the diary of Sri Murari Gupta. "Murari Gupta, who resides at Nadia, composed many beautiful verses about the life of Sri Gauranga. These include the youthful pastimes of Nimai, which Murari Gupta personally took part in, and His later pastime in Nilacala, after He accepted sannyasa, which were narrated by Sri Damodara Pandita. Having heard these verses of Murari Gupta, composed in sanskrit, I have become very attracted and so I have composed them in the village folk poetry meter of Bengali."

74. Flair For The Game
The surprise package is Hotel Nest International represented by N. Niranjan, AKNarasimhan, Y.kamalakara Rao, RV Subramanian, R. Kannan and SK Chari a
Astrology Business Events Chat Cityscape ... Home Indian Bridge - Open Team Trials - 2001, Hotel Nest International, Chennai Bridge
Sunil Machhar sitting pretty
Sunil Machhar, Anand Mehta, Anil Padhye, Kamal Mukherjee, Jitu Solani and Anal Shah outbid and outplayed Formidables in Round IV 25-5 and together with the bye score of 17 VPs in Round V are sitting pretty with a total of 89 VPs with two more rounds to go in the first segment of the double round robin. Formidables however, came back with a vengeance in the fifth round thrashing Well Knit 25-0, to be in the fray. The surprise package is Hotel Nest International represented by N. Niranjan, A.K. Narasimhan, Y.Kamalakara Rao, R.V. Subramanian, R. Kannan and S.K. Chari - a scratch team - who seem to be holding their own against top Indian internationals. They are in the third position with 80 VPs. The ever consistent Indian Railways are in the second position with 83 VPs and India Blues are in the fourth position with 79 VPs. The Winter Nationals Champions Well Knit seem to be jinxed in the Selection Trials. They lost the Masters Event by a narrow margin, and in the Selection Trials they are without the services of Sundar Ram who is indisposed. Well Knit is in danger of being eliminated in the first segment itself. Segment I Team I II III IV V Total India Blues Well Knit Sunil Machhar Bye Indian Railways Bye C.V. Rao

75. The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Chandigarh Stories
The Bridge Federation of India president, Mr kamalakara Rao, disitributed the prizesand appreciated the efforts of the Chandigarh Bridge Association for this
Tuesday, March 26, 2002, Chandigarh, India
HEALTH NAMS award for Prof Nagi
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, March 25
The National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) has awarded the prestigious Dr V.R. Khanolkar oration award to Prof O.N Nagi, Professor and Head, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, PGI. The award which was instituted in 1987 to honour the achievements of medical men was bestowed on Prof Nagi at the annual function of NAMS held on March 24 and 25. Prof Nagi was selected for this award in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of orthopaedic surgery which include his innovations in clinical and experimental work. A post graduate of PGI, Chandigarh, and Oxford University, Prof Nagi started working in the field of arthoplasty and innovated its technique of Girdlestone arthoplasty to give reasonable mobility to totally disabled poor patients who cannot afford replacement surgery. He also innovated a new surgical technique of bone grafting in complicated fractures of neck of femur. These innovations have been included in standard texts of orthopaedics, like the Campbell’s Orthopaedic Surgery, Mercer’s Text Book and Rockwood and Green Book of Fractures read throughout the world.

76. V.Suresh
Umayalpuram Sri Sivaraman,Trichy Sri.Sankaran,Sri.Karakudi Mani, Guruvayur Sri Dorai,Tanjore Sri Upendran, Sri Srimushnam Rajarao, Sri kamalakara rao and Sri
V. Suresh Born in a music loving family in 1966, Suresh is one of the few of the percussionists with an aesthetic sense of approach to accompanying on Ghatam, the earthen clay pot. Carnatic music, an ever explored ocean among the fine arts, was an instant attraction to the prodigical talents of Suresh during his boyhood in Triplicane, Madras. He along with his elder brother Sri Rajasekar (another fine Mrindangam Vidwan today) was initiated into vocal music by their maternal grandfather Sri Angarai C.Nataraja Iyer. Though after 2 decades Suresh is now rediscovering his flair of perfecting his musicianship as a singer, the fundamentals of Vocal Music has guided him throughout his Tutelage of percussion to develop his style as an appreciative accompanist. The uncompromising strict adherance to tradition clubbed with innovations, to give the best support of "music" through percussion has earned laurels for Suresh from Doyens of carnatic music.To name a few who complemented and desired to have "Suresh" for ghatam support for the embelshment of their concert are Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer,Sri Madurai Somu, Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman, Sri T.N.Krishnan, Sri S. Balachander, Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna, Sri Nedunoori Krishna murthy, Sri T.V.Gopalakrishnan, Sri T.V Sankara Narayanan, Sri M.S.Gopalakrishnan, Sri T.N.Seshagopalan, Sri D.K. Jayaraman, Sri K.V. Narayanaswamy, Sri N.Ramani, K.S. Gopalakrishnan, M.S. Anantharaman, M.Chandrasekaran allepey Venkatesan, K.J. Yesudas.

possessed a prominent place in Uloor's Kerala Sahithya Charithram (The history ofKerala literature ), the men of letters like V.kamalakara Menon, Kunjikrishna

EDUCATION ARTS/CULTURE BUS/TRAIN TIMINGS ... PH0TO ALBUM Through The History Of Irinjalakuda Glimpses of History The ancient archives up to the 15th Century brings a historical light that brighten the dark corners of the origin of the name - Irinjalakuda. It transparently points out that 'Irinjalikoodal' was the old name of Irinjalakuda. 'Koodal' simply means merge together, merging of two rivers. The golden rays of history brighten the murky depths and the disappeared routes of rivers. According to the documents, two streams that start, one from Kurmalipuzha and the other from Kudapuzha, that belongs to Chalakudypuzha, and move through Konthipulam at North whereas, the other one through Velukara at South. Then these two streams merge together in the west. So it shows that Irinjalakuda may have gradually developed, from 'Irinjalikoodal', that derived from 'Inangikoodal', means - merge together. At present there is no river in Irinjalakuda, only but the myth of river. Irinjalakuda was the rather important and prominent village among all other villages, which is believed that created by Parasuraman. It was promoted in to

78. Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences -- IPA
Complexes of Nifedipine with band Hydroxypropyl b-Cyclodextrins in theDesign of Nifedipine SR Tablets. KPR Chowdary and G. kamalakara Reddy. - april&year=2002

79. Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences -- IPA
Controlled Release of Nifedipine from Mucoadhesive Tablets of ITSCyclodextrin Complexes. K. PR Chowdary and G. kamalakara Reddy. - june&year=2002

80. Andhraonline
This was the reason why a legendary director like kamalakara Kameswara Rao, whohas directed a magnum opus like Pandava Vanavaasam and BA Subba Rao, who has
News Tollywood
Unsung heroes and behind
the scenes Giridhar Gone are the days when talented directors or artistes have to sit idle simply because they do not get film chances. Film making is such a tricky business that the industry always ran after success. If a film becomes a blockbuster, the director and artistes become busy over night. The fate of all concerned depends heavily on the success of a film. Even directors who had done exceedingly well, were not touched by the industry when their films did not succeed at the box office. It is not as if the film industry cannot recognise talent. It respects talent.
But encourages only such talent that ensures success. This was the reason why a legendary director like Kamalakara Kameswara Rao , who has directed a magnum opus like Pandava Vanavaasam and B.A. Subba Rao, who has directed the all time great classic Bhishma had to spend their last days idle nursing the wounds to their self esteem, inflicted by the same industry that once treated them like princes, after few of their films had failed. Now with the advent of the TV industry, there is no dearth of opportunities for talented persons irrespective of their success ratings in the film industry.
All talented directors and artistes, who could not succeed in the film industry either because they were branded unsuccessful or because they who could not bulldoze their way, are now settling down for a career in the TV industry.

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