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         Langlands Robert:     more books (29)
  1. Computer program for nonlinear regression using least squares, (United States. Bureau of Mines. Information circular) by Robert T Langland, 1974
  2. Piers Plowman and the Scheme of Salvation: An Interpretation of Dowel, Dobet, and Dobest. by Robert Worth, Jr. Langland] Frank, 1957
  3. Textbook of Dental Radiology by Olaf E. Langland, Francis H. Sippy, et all 1984-06
  4. Diagnostic Imaging of the Jaws by Olaf E. Langland, Christoffel J. Nortje, et all 1995-03
  5. Panoramic Radiology by Olaf E. Langland, Robert P. Langlais, et all 1989-04
  6. The "Piers Plowman" Electronic Archive, Vol. 1: Corpus Christi College, Oxford, MS 201 (F) (SEENET: Society for Early English and Norse Electronic Texts) (v. 1) by William Langland, 2000-03-06
  7. Langland Bay Golf Club,Ltd by Robert H.K Browning, 1955
  8. Libertyville (for Adlai Stevenson, 1900-1965) by Joseph Langland, 1965
  9. "Piers Plowman" and the Scheme of Salvation: An Interpretation of Dowel, Dobet and Dobest (Yale studies in English) by Robert Worth Frank, 1969-12
  10. Style and symbolism in Piers Plowman;: A modern critical anthology
  11. Adlai Stevenson: 1900-1965, by Joseph Langland, 1966
  12. Poetry Does Theology: Chaucer, Grosseteste, and the Pearl-Poet by James Francis Rhodes, 2002-02
  13. Authors of the Middle Ages: English Writers of the Late Middle Ages : Nos 1-4 (Arthurian Archives,) by M. C. Seymour, 1994-07-01
  14. Gold of Glendarach by Rita Langland, 1990-04-30

21. Doctorat Honorifique à Robert P. Langlands
Translate this page Doctorat honorifique à robert P. langlands. Le dimanche 16 juin dernier,l'Université Laval remettait un doctorat honorifique à

20 juin 2002

20 juin 2002

22. Remise D'un Doctorat Honorifique à Robert P. Langlands
Translate this page REMISE D'UN DOCTORAT HONORIFIQUE À robert P. langlands. Québec (Québec),le 21 juin 2002. - Le dimanche 16 juin dernier, l'Université
Source :

Service des communications
(418) 656-2131, poste 8644

23. UCLA Distinguished Lecturers - Robert P. Langlands
Background robert P. langlands is one of the greatest mathematiciansof our times. His extraordinary vision has changed many areas
Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) DLS Home Previous DLS Speakers People News ... UCLA Mathematics Robert P. Langlands
Institute for Advanced Study
Location: Math Sciences 6627
Date: Tuesdays and Thursdays: April 3 - April 29, 2003
Time: 1:00 p.m. Lecture Series
The search for general reciprocity laws
  • Quadratic and quartic irrationalities in the later books of Euclid.
  • Cyclotomic irrationalities in Gauss's Disquisitiones.
  • Higher reciprocity laws.
  • Analytic and algebraic proofs in class field theory.
  • Reciprocity laws and automorphic forms.
  • Past and future uses of the trace formula, especially for GL(2)
  • Algebraic number theory and the trace formula.
  • Analytic number theory and the trace formula.
The renormalization fixed-point as a mathematical object.
Thursday, April 17 at 4 pm in MS 6627

This will be, by and large, an exhortatory lecture. Langlands will review the pertinent notions, argue that mathematicians have overlooked some fascinating and very difficult problems, and make some tentative suggestions about what might be done. Background:
Robert P. Langlands is one of the greatest mathematicians of our times. His extraordinary vision has changed many areas of mathematics including number theory, automorphic forms, arithmetic algebraic geometry, mathematical physics, and probability. His remarkable and profound insights in the theory of automorphic forms have revolutionized that subject and placed it at the common meeting ground of some of the most fundamental questions in contemporary mathematics. His work was part of the foundation on which Andrew Wiles built his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

24. About "The Work Of Robert Langlands"
The Work of robert langlands. Library Home Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help Visit this site http//www
The Work of Robert Langlands
Library Home
Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
Visit this site: Author: Mathematics Dept., University of British Columbia, Canada Description: A selection from Langlands' professional correspondence, previously unpublished work, and published work now out of print. Thesis, papers, manuscripts, letters, and bibliography. Levels: College Research Languages: English Resource Types: Articles Preprints Bibliographies Math Topics: Group Theory Number Theory Physics
Suggestion Box
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25. Profile : Robert P. Langlands
robert P. langlands. Pure and Applied Mathematics. Achievement Developedmathematical theories of group representations and number theory.

26. Search Results
langlands, robert P. Developed mathematical theories of group representationsand number theory, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Other,

27. Matches For:
Zeta Functions of Picard Modular Surfaces robert langlands, Institute for AdvancedStudy, Princeton, NJ, and Dinakar Ramakrishnan, California Institute of
Quick Search Advanced Search Browse by Subject General Interest Number Theory Analysis Differential Equations Probability Applications Mathematical Physics
Zeta Functions of Picard Modular Surfaces
Robert Langlands
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ , and Dinakar Ramakrishnan California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Description Although they are central objects in the theory of diophantine equations, the zeta-functions of Hasse-Weil are not well understood. One large class of varieties whose zeta-functions are perhaps within reach are those attached to discrete groups, generically called Shimura varieties. The techniques involved are difficult: representation theory and harmonic analysis; the trace formula and endoscopy; intersection cohomology and $L^2$-cohomology; and abelian varieties with complex multiplication. The simplest Shimura varieties for which all attendant problems occur are those attached to unitary groups in three variables over imaginary quadratic fields, referred to in this volume as Picard modular surfaces. The contributors have provided a coherent and thorough account of necessary ideas and techniques, many of which are novel and not previously published. The AMS is pleased to offer this highly praised, integrated account edited by Robert P. Langlands and Dinakar Ramakrishnan. Langlands was co-winner of the prestigious 1995-1996 Wolf Prize in Mathematics for "his path-blazing work and extraordinary insight in the fields of number theory, automorphic forms, and group representation."

28. The Hall Genealogy Homepage - Surnames L
langlands, Jack robert DOB 1928 Spouse GUEST, Elizabeth Mary, Reference 1862 Reference 1861. langlands, robert DOB Reference 1890.
Alphabetical Surname Listing - L
Please quote Reference Number(s) when contacting the author
Enquiries may be directed via :
LANGDON , Florence
DOB : 07/09/1892
Spouse : GAVIN , Ernest
Reference #534
Reference #122 LANGLANDS
, David Keith
DOB : 1955
Spouse : BROWN , Lorraine Ann Reference #1863 Reference #1865 LANGLANDS , David Matthew DOB : 1868 Reference #1868 LANGLANDS , Deirdre DOB : Reference #1889 LANGLANDS , Elizabeth Kay DOB : Spouse : SMITH , Steven or Roy Reference #1864 Reference #1870 LANGLANDS , Hayley Maree DOB : 1991 Reference #1869 LANGLANDS , Helen DOB : Reference #1888 LANGLANDS , Jack Robert DOB : 1928 Spouse : GUEST , Elizabeth Mary Reference #1862 Reference #1861 LANGLANDS , Jamie Robert DOB : Reference #1866 LANGLANDS , Jodie Ann DOB : Reference #1867 LANGLANDS , Robert DOB : Reference #1890 LANGLANDS , Ronald DOB : Spouse : RYAN , Patricia Reference #1890 Reference #1874 LEATHER , Annette DOB : Reference #1573 LEATHER , Keith DOB : Spouse : CURD , Marilyn Reference #1572 Reference #1571 LEATHER , Lorelle DOB : Reference #1574 LEATHER , Paul DOB : Reference #1575 LEE , Meredith Ann DOB : 28/11/1967 Spouse : WRIGHT , Peter John Reference #565 Reference #564 LEMAIRE , Ewart A DOB : Spouse : WRIGHT , Edna A Reference #914 Reference #913 LENNARD , Bede DOB : Spouse : WRIGHT , Muriel Mary Reference #974 Reference #971 LENNARD , Blake Stewart DOB : 05/04/1994 Reference #1388 LENNARD , Daryl Henry DOB : Spouse : HARVEY , Lisa Jean Reference #1387 Reference #1388 LESTER , Judy DOB : Spouse : GUEST , Wayne Reference #1927 Reference #1922

29. Family Tree For Specified Individual
Relationships for Martin/robert langlands. robert langlands Martin (from Gittings/Martinfamily group, around 1926). Click here to return to the Index.
Relationships for:
Martin/Robert Langlands
Click on the name of the individual, given above, in the tree below for further details about that individual. Click on any other name, which is highlighted below, to navigate up and down through the tree, revealing new ancestors or descendents as you go.
Martin/Dorothea (Dora) Kate Paterson (Miss)

Martin/Douglas Henry

Martin/Winifred Mary

Martin/Gordon Matthew
... Martin/Robert Langlands Birth Death Paterson/Robert Paterson/Catherine Munro/Isabella Married Middleton/David Middleton/Ann (Annie) Scott Birth Death Henry/Isabella Robert Langlands Martin (from Gittings/Martin family group, around 1926) Click here to return to the Index This web page was published on: 20/06/2001 at 15:10:32 This family tree was prepared by: Bruce M. Gittings

30. Les Grandes Fêtes - Médias - Communiqués De Presse - Détail
Translate this page Canadien d'origine, M. robert P. langlands obtient un baccalauréat en 1957 etune maîtrise en mathématiques, en 1958, à l'Université de la Colombie

31. Les Grandes Fêtes - Doctorats Honorifiques
Translate this page Salle Henri-Gagnon du pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault. 16 h Haut de la page.2002-06-16 Remise d'un doctorat honorifique à M. robert P. langlands.
Remise d'un doctorat honorifique au cardinal Walter Kasper
Remise d'un doctorat honorifique au cardinal Walter Kasper,théologien et président du Conseil pontifical pour la promotion de l'unité des chrétiens.
Salle Henri-Gagnon du pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casault 17 h 30
Remise d'un doctorat d'honneur à Monsieur Luigi Labruna Le jeudi 6 mars 2003, l'Université Laval attribuera un doctorat honorifique à Monsieur Luigi Labruna, chercheur, professeur et juriste dont la réputation a franchi les frontières de l'Italie et de l'Europe, grâce à ses nombreuses publications scientifiques de qualité. . Pour connaître le profil de M. Labruna Pour connaître le profil de M. Labruna
Musée de l'Amérique française
2, Côte de la Fabrique Québec 17 h
Remise d'un doctorat d'honneur à Monsieur Axel Kahn Le mercredi 19 février 2003, l'Université Laval aa attribué un doctorat honorifique à Monsieur Axel Kahn, docteur en médecine et docteur ès sciences qui est non seulement un grand généticien, mais aussi l'une des autorités les plus crédibles en matière de bioéthique. Pour connaître le profil de M. Kahn

32. BIBCYT Autor: Alejandría BE
Translate this page Autor langlands, robert P. (Comienzo). Sólo un registro cumplió la condiciónespecificada en la base de información BIBCYT. Autor langlands, robert P., Robert P.&Nombreb

33. BIBCYT Descriptor: Alejandría BE
10, QA3 L28 544 langlands, robert P. On the Functional Equations Satisfiedby Eisenstein Series SpringerVerlag, Berlin, ALEMANIA. ( 1 ) 2. DE LIE&Nombrebd=

34. Academy Members (L)
Langer, robert, Samuel, I, 5, FELLOW. Langer, James, Stephen, I, 2, FELLOW. langlands,robert, Phelan, I, 1, FELLOW. Langmuir, Charles, H. I, 4, FELLOW. Laqueur, Thomas,IV, 2, FELLOW.

Members Search by Name A ... Z Last Name First Name Middle Cls Sec Status La Palombara Joseph III FELLOW Lacy Paul Eston II FELLOW Ladefoged Peter Nielsen IV FELLOW Ladyzhenskaya Olga Alexandrovna I FHM LaFeber Walter IV FELLOW Laffont Jean-Jacques Marcel III FHM Laiou Angeliki Evangelos IV FELLOW Laitin David Dennis III FELLOW Lal Devendra I FHM Lamb Brian V FELLOW Lamberg-Karlovsky Clifford Charles IV FELLOW Lambert Phyllis IV FHM Lambowitz Alan Marc II FELLOW Lamm Donald Stephen V FELLOW Lampson Butler W. I FELLOW Landau Ralph I FELLOW Lande Russell II FELLOW Lander Eric S. II FELLOW Landes David Saul IV FELLOW Landis Story Cleland II FELLOW Landmesser Lynn Therese II FELLOW Landy Arthur II FELLOW Lane Malcolm Daniel II FELLOW Lane Robert Edwards III FELLOW Lane Neal Francis V FELLOW Lang Mabel Louise IV FELLOW Langbein John H. III FELLOW Lange Otto Ludwig II FHM Langer Robert Samuel I FELLOW Langer James Stephen I FELLOW Langlands Robert Phelan I FELLOW Langmuir Charles H. I FELLOW Laqueur Thomas IV FELLOW Lardy Henry II FELLOW Larsen Ralph S. V FELLOW Latanision Ronald Michael I FELLOW Laubach Gerald David V FELLOW Lauder Leonard A. V FELLOW Lauffenburger Douglas A.

Comput. Math. Appl. 24 (1992), no. 3, 3744. MR 93f20001 2001 langlands,robert P. Representation theory its rise and its role in number theory.
Newsgroups: sci.math Subject: Re: Langlands Conjecture Date: 20 Aug 1998 07:51:47 -0400 Cliff

36. Le Programme De Langlands Pour Les Corps De Fonctions
les propriétés connues des fonctions L de paires tant du côté automorpheque galoisien. robert langlands (IAS). «Audelà de l 'endoscopie».
Le programme de Langlands pour les corps de fonctions Avril - mai 2002 The Langlands programme for function fields April - May 2002 Organisateurs / Organizers CRM
Salle / Room 6214 Horaire / Program semaine (29 avril - 3 mai) Week 1 (April 29 - Mai 3)
Le lundi 29 avril / Monday, April 29
D. Goss (Ohio State) R. Langlands (IAS) R. Langlands (IAS) D. Goss (Ohio State)
Le mardi 30 avril / Tuesday, April 30
D. Goss (Ohio State) A. Polishchuk (Boston)
Le mercredi 1 er mai / Wednesday, May 1st
D. Ben-Zvi (Chicago) TBA
Le jeudi 2 mai / Thursday, May 2
D. Ben-Zvi (Chicago) R. Langlands (IAS) R. Langlands (IAS) A. Polishchuk (Boston)
Le vendredi 3 mai / Friday, May 3
C. Sorger (Nantes) A. Polishchuk (Boston) e semaine (6 - 10 mai) Week 2 (May 6 - 10)
Le lundi 6 mai / Monday, May 6
D. Ben-Zvi (Chicago) C. Sorger (Nantes) L. Lafforgue (IHES), Chaire Aisenstadt 2001-2002 E. Frenkel (UC Berkeley), Chaire Aisenstadt 2001-2002
Le mardi 7 mai / Tuesday, May 7
C. Sorger (Nantes)

37. Le Programme De Langlands Pour Les Corps De Fonctions
Translate this page Atelier spécial en l'honneur de robert langlands. Le mercredi 15 mai 2002. Specialone-day workshop in honour of robert langlands. Wednesday, May 15 2002.
Le mercredi 15 mai 2002
Special one-day workshop in honour of Robert Langlands
Wednesday, May 15 2002
Salle / Room 6214 Horaire / Program J. Arthur (Toronto) Coffee Break P. Pouliot (Texas)
Finite number of states, de Sitter space, and quantum groups at roots of unity Deux exemples simples de transition de phase : la percolation et le Coffee Break D. Gaitsgory (Chicago) On the Geometric Langlands conjecture for GL n
Abstracts CM
Dennis Gaitsgory (Chicago) On the Geometric Langlands conjecture for GL n In the lecture we will review the Geometric Langlands Conjecture, as it was proposed by Drinfeld and Laumon. Starting from an n-dimensional local system on a projective curve X (which should be thought of as an analogue of an n-dimensional Galois representation), one wants to construct an automorphic sheaf on the moduli space of rank n vector bundles on X We will explain the relation between the various classical and geometric techinques of construction of automorphic forms and sheaves.

38. Langlands & Bell Page: Bibliography
SML.XL. 010 Pub. Rotterdam. 57.langlands Bell. FROZEN SKY. THE ENGLISH WAY OFDEATH The Common Funeral since 1450. robert Hale, London 1991. ISBN 07090-4350-3.
ATLAS OF THE WORLD Times Books, London 1995 ISBN 7230 0718 7 LONDON A-Z A-Z Publications, London ISBN 0-85039-244-6 Richard J Anobile (Ed.) ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S PSYCHO Pan Books Ltd. London 1974 ISBN 0330 242 13 X 4. Marc Augé NON-PLACES introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity Verso, London/ New York1995 ISBN 1-85984-051-5 5. Gaston Bachelard THE POETICS OF SPACE Beacon Press, Boston 1994 ISBN 0-8070-6473-4 6. Edmund N Bacon DESIGN OF CITIES revised edition: Viking Press 1976 ISBN 0140042369 7. Reyner Banham CITY OF FOUR ECOLOGIES 8. Helen Bannerman THE STORY OF LITTLE BLACK SAMBO Matsuo Basho THE NARROW ROAD TO DEEP NORTH Penguin Books, London ISBN 0-14-044185-9 10. Georges Bataille THE STORY OF THE EYE Penguin Books, London 1982 ISBN 0-14-018009-5 11. John Berger WAYS OF SEEING ISBN 5 63 122447 12. David Bourdon CARL ANDRE Sculpture 1959-1977 Jaap Rietman Inc. New York 1978 13. John Braine ROOM AT THE TOP Penguin Books, London 1959

39. Paths To Erdos
Rudolf E. 4 Kaplansky, Irving 1 Kazhdan, David 3 Kirby, Robion C. 4 Kohn, JosephJ. 3 Kostant, Bertram 2 Kruskal, Martin D. 6 langlands, robert P. 2 Lang
The tables below shows of some famous scientists and mathematicians, including many Nobel laureates . Further details, including the paths that establish these numbers and many other people, can be found in LATeX postscript , and pdf (35 pages). It appears (somewhat abbreviated) in The Mathematical Intelligencer Revista de la Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales In addition, we have listed on a separate page the collaboration paths Fields Medal , the Nevanlinna Prize , the Wolf Prize in Mathematics , and the Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement , as well as a few others. Perhaps the most famous contemporary mathematician, Andrew Wiles , was too old to receive a Fields Medal (but was given a Special Tribute by the Committee at the 1998 ICM ANDREW ODLYZKO to Chris M. Skinner to Wiles. William H. (Bill) Gates , who published with Christos H. Papadimitriou in 1979, who published with Xiao Tie Deng PAVOL HELL We would like to acknowledge and thank the dozens of people, too numerous to mention by name, who have written in with suggestions, additions, and corrections to these lists. We would appreciate further help from anybody with relevant information.
Nobel Prize winners
Fields Medal winners
Nevanlinna Prize winners
Wolf Prize in Mathematics winners
Steele Prize (Lifetime Achievement) winners
Mathematics members of the National Academy of Sciences as of 2001
Other distinguished scholars
Alan Turing computer science 5 George Uhlenbeck atomic physics 2 John von Neumann mathematics 3 John A. Wheeler nuclear physics 3

video. Sixty Minutes with langlands and Bell and robert Hopper. All contents© copyright 19922002 Sculpture at Goodwood. All rights reserved.

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