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         Langlands Robert:     more books (29)
  1. Base Change for GL(2). (AM-96) (Annals of Mathematics Studies) by Robert P. Langlands, 1980-07-01
  2. On the Functional Equations Satisfied by Eisenstein Series (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by Robert P. Langlands, 1976-11-11
  3. Principles of Dental Imaging (PRINCIPLES OF DENTAL IMAGING ( LANGLAND)) by Olaf E. Langland, Robert P. Langlais, et all 2002-05-25
  4. Canadian Mathematicians: Robert Langlands, W. T. Tutte, Jean-Marie de Koninck, Donald B. Gillies, John Lane Bell, Lee Lorch, Václav Chvátal
  5. Canadian Physicists: Robert Langlands, Ursula Franklin, Louis Slotin, Arthur Covington, M. Jamal Deen, John Moffat, Robert C. Dynes
  6. Mathématicien Canadien: John Charles Fields, Robert Langlands, H.s.m. Coxeter, Leonidas Alaoglu, Henry Marshall Tory, William Tutte (French Edition)
  7. People From New Westminster: Raymond Burr, Robert Langlands, Greg Moore, Devin Townsend, Alexz Johnson, Justin Morneau, James Moore
  8. University of British Columbia Alumni: John Turner, Joe Clark, William Gibson, Pierre Berton, Robert Langlands, Tony Buzan, Robert Mundell
  9. PAINTED BRIDE QUARTERLY #35 (Robert Francis Issue) by Louis, and Joanna DiPaolo, Eds. (Robert Francis, Jonathan Blunk, Robert Bly, Fran Quinn, Mary Fell, Robert Bradley, Joseph Langland, and David Graham) CAMP, 1988
  10. Euler products (James K. Whittemore lectures in mathematics given at Yale University) by Robert P Langlands, 1967
  11. Poetry Circular. Number One by Robert, Joseph Langland, Rolfe Humphries) SKELTON, Robin, edited by (FRANCIS, 1962
  12. Today's Poets: Their Poems - Their Voices Volume 1 by Stephen (editor); Hall, Donald; SImpson, Louis; Langland, Joseph; Francis, Robert Dunning, 1967
  13. Analytical modeling of mine roof behavior using statistical material properties (UCRL) by Robert T Langland, 1975
  14. Base change for GL (2): The theory of Saito-Shintani with applications by Robert P Langlands, 1975

61. GENUKI - Glamis Heads Of Family, 1834
John Greenhill sen, John Johnston, William Gibson, robert McDOnald. David Laird,George Luckie, James Bunch, James Tough. William Heigh, John langlands, WilliamGibson,
Glamis Contents
Heads of Families in the Parish of Glamis
in Communion with the Church of Scotland, December 1834.
Glamis Village David Couper James Alexander Archibald Rea James Bunch William Blackadder David Stormonth William Carey Robert Muir David Irons Thomas Donaldson James Johnston Thomas Doig Alexander Stevenson David Penman James Reid David Baillie James Shepherd John Johnston Andrew Robb John Reid William Johnston Donald Coutts George Nicoll James Abbott Henry Ostler William Craig Christian Coutts James Gray David Miller William Donald James McIntyre John Johnston John Robertson John Wright John Greenhill jun David Rankin Thomas Sturrock William Fariweather William Greenhills Robert Stoall Alexander Kidd William Waddell James Horn David Kinnear Peter Heigh John Watson John Bumman John Kinnear James Duncan William McDonald Donald Reach Thomas Winter John Greenhill sen John Johnston William Gibson Robert McDOnald David Laird George Luckie James Bunch James Tough William Heigh John Langlands William Gibson John Doig John Barnet Glen of Ogilvy William Fairweather James Chalmers James Hill Alexander Hill William Stiven John Smith David Ramsay John Glendy William Donaldson Andrew Thom Robert Bowes Samuel Mortimer Alexander Cathro William Chalmers William Fernes James Mortimer James Watt Alexander Chaplin Andrew Suttie James Rea George Smith Andrew Osler John Taylor William Harels James Forbes William Drummond David Nicoll Alexander Chaplin David Couper James Mackie David Gibson Thomas Edward David Donald Peter Meek John Gibson James Laird William Valentine John Gow Alexander Cruikshanks

62. CMS Summer 2002 Meeting
Translate this page Special Lecture / Séminaires Spéciaux (Honorary Degree / DoctoratHonoris Causa). robert P. langlands, IAS Et les démonstrations!
Honorary Degree / Doctorat Honoris Causa)

63. CMS Summer 2002 Meeting
chemins; Langford, William Near-reversible 11 resonant Hopf bifurcation;langlands, robert P. - Et les démonstrations! Langlois
Abstracts - listed by speaker
Abstracts are displayed on the website for information only and are not to be considered a published document. Some inconsistencies in display of fonts may occur in some web browser configurations. Abstracts will appear on the website within 10 working days of the date of submission.

64. IMU Canberra Circular No 96
langlands, robert Phelan. Received, jointly with robert P. langlands, the 199596Wolf Prize in Mathematics from President Weizman of Israel, 1996-03-24.
Deaths Readers who can supply some of the incomplete given names or missing dates are requested to write to me [or e-mail me]. I am grateful to the correspondents who have supplied much of the information listed below. New or revised information is enclosed in asterisks, and IMUCC listings are enclosed in brackets. BHN ABRAHAM, Victor Meyer (WDM 8-9 only) Died. 1995-10-18. [IMUCC 96] ARNOLD, Hubert Andrew (NOT in WDM). Born 1912-11-15; died 1994-10-20. [IMUCC 96] ASHTON, Kenneth (NOT in WDM). Born 1935-11-04; died 1995-11-19. [IMUCC 96] BACHI, Roberto (NOT in WDM). Born 1909-03-16; died 1995-11-26. [IMUCC 96] BIRNBAUM, Sidney (NOT in WDM). Born 1928-09-22; died 1995-09-21. [IMUCC 96] BLEICK, Willard Evan (NOT in WDM). Born 1907-12-08; died 1995-05-24. [IMUCC 96] CHOW Wei Liang (WDM 1-9 only). Born 1911-10-01; died 1995-08-10. [IMUCC 96] CRUMEYROLLE, Albert. Born 1919- ; died 1992- . [IMUCC 96] DOBRUSHIN, Roland L'vovich (WDM 3-6, 8-10). Born 1929-07-20; died 1995-11-12. [IMUCC 96, 97] DRBOHLAV, Karel. Died 1995-11-16. [IMUCC 96]

65. Robert Weirs Descendants - Rweg03.htm - Generated By Personal Ancestral File
He died on 22 Mar 1865 in 15 langlands St., Kilmarnock. 6. John Gillon (Ann Weir, robert ) was born on 19 Nov 1834 in Greenrigg, Whitburn, West Lothian.
Descendants of Robert Weir
Third Generation
Elizabeth Gillon Ann Weir Robert ) was born on 9 Mar 1833 in Dykehead, Harthill, Whitburn, West Lothian. She was christened on 14 Apr 1833 in , Whitburn, West Lothian. She died on 21 Oct 1902 in Whinnyhall, Cottage, Burntisland, Fife. She was buried on 24 Oct 1902 in Lair 13/51, Burntisland Cem., Fife. [Notes] Elizabeth married John Stewart son of John Stewart and Ann McGuiness on 25 Jul 1859 in , Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. John was born about 1837/1838 in , Glenluce, Ayrshire. He died on 12 Nov 1912 in 28 Woodville ter, Leith, Edinburgh. He was buried on 12 Nov 1912 in Lair 13/51, Burntisland Cem., Fife. [Notes] John and Elizabeth had the following children: F i Annabella Weir Stewart M ii John Stewart was born on 12 Oct 1861 in 30 Langlands St., Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. M iii Peter Gillon Stewart was born on 7 Jan 1864 in 12 Langlands St., Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. He died on 22 Mar 1865 in 15 Langlands St., Kilmarnock. [Notes] F iv Elizabeth Stewart F v Mary Stewart was born on 1 Oct 1867 in 23 Fore Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. F vi Lilias Julia Stewart M vii Peter Gillon Stewart was born on 21 Nov 1872 in Greenburn, Whitburn Parish, Linlithgowshire.

66. Kosmologika - Vetenskapsmännen
Shapiro, Ilya 1992 Carleson, Lennart 1992 Thompson, John 1993 Gromov, Mikhael 1993Tits, Jacques 1994/5 Moser, Jurgen 1995/6 langlands, robert (1936 ) 1995/6
På Kosmologikas sidor återfinns på många ställen länkar till kortare biografier över olika vetenskapsmän som har deltagit i utvecklandet av dessa spännande teorier. På denna sida finns länkar till alla dessa biografier samlade på ett enda ställe. Personerna är dels listade i både bokstavs- och födelsedagsordning men även efter nobelprisår (för de personer som har fått nobelpriset) samt i betydelsefullhetsordning för vetenskapen. Dessutom har jag nyligen lagt till Brucemedaljörer som är den högsta utmärkelsen inom astronomin, nobelpriset undantaget, samt Fields medalj som är matematikens nobelpris och som dessutom bara delas ut en gång vart fjärde år samt slutligen wolfpriset som är ett israeliskt pris som rankas steget under Nobelpriset men som ofta är åtminstone ett decennium snabbare med utnämningarna. Alfabetisk ordning Ahlfors, Lars (1907- )
Alembert, Jean le Ronde d' (1717-1783)

Alfvén, Hannes Olof Gösta (1908-1995)

Alpher, Ralph A. (1921- )
Zwicky, Fritz (1898-1974)

Födelsedagsordning Fermat, Pierre de (1601-1665)

67. The Bennett Family
Scot. .4 robert langlands b c1870 Govan, Lanark,Scot. d Newcastleon-Tyne? .m
The Bennett Family
Roberta M. O'Brien
Updated February 23, 2002
Rose Elder Bennett (1869-1908)
Rose Elder Bennett was born in the parish of Eastwood, Renfrew, Scotland, the daughter of William Bennett and Mary Maxwell, a Milliner (daughter of William Maxwell, a Road Contractor, and Jane Baird) Rose was a school mistress in the Heywood area of Lancashire when she met and married John BROADBENT in 1894. On the birth of their third daughter, she died of complications of Bright's Disease and childbirth. Ancestors and Relatives of Rose Elder Bennett
Rose's Bennett ancestors have been traced back to her grandfather Samuel Bennett, a master tailor in Saltcoats, Ayr, Scotland. Saltcoats was originally a sleepy little area on the coast of Ayr where salt was produced. It included parts of the parishes of Ardrossan and Stevenston. During the Napoleonic wars Saltcoats became somewhat of a "boom town" attracting people from all over Scotland, England and Ireland for shipping and related jobs. After 1815, the area gradually reverted back to being a peaceful little place with some trade links to Ireland. Samuel Bennett probably moved to Saltcoats during the war boom either as a tailor or perhaps an apprentice. In about 1806 he married Rosina Pollock and they raised a large family. Of the known sons: the eldest, Robert continued the tailor business at first in Saltcoats and later moved to Glasgow; the second son Samuel also started out as an apprentice tailor but left at an early age to seek his fortune elsewhere eventually becoming the owner/publisher of the "Dumbarton Herald" and Provost (Mayor) of Dumbarton; Archibald may have been a printer?; William, Rose's father, was a master lithographer but later became a Unitarian Minister; the youngest, Thomas, was a journalist and poet.

68. Ivars Peterson's MathTrek -Curving Beyond Fermat
Moreover, the TaniyamaShimura conjecture fits into the so-called langlands program,formulated by robert P. langlands of the Institute for Advanced Study in
Ivars Peterson's MathTrek November 22, 1999
Curving Beyond Fermat
When Andrew Wiles of Princeton University proved Fermat's last theorem several years ago, he took advantage of recently discovered links between Pierre de Fermat's centuries-old conjecture concerning whole numbers and the theory of so-called elliptic curves. Establishing the validity of Fermat's last theorem involved proving parts of the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture. Four mathematicians have now extended this aspect of Wiles' work, offering a proof of the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture for all elliptic curves rather than just a particular subset of such curves. Mathematicians regard the resulting Taniyama-Shimura theorem as one of the major results of 20th-century mathematics. It establishes a surprising, profound connection between two very different mathematical worlds and, along the way, has important consequences for number theory. An elliptic curve is not an ellipse. It is a solution of a cubic equation in two variables of the form y x ax b (where a and b are fractions, or rational numbers), which can be plotted as a curve made up of one or two pieces.

69. Department Of Mathematics Colloquia
In the 1960's, robert langlands formulated a series of wideranging and deep problemsin automorphic forms, the content of which has come to be known as the
COLLOQUIUM ABSTRACTS, 1999-2000 Factorization of birational maps
Kenji Matsuki A functional equation arising from mortality tables
Walter K. Hayman
Thus $q_x$ is the proportion of those reaching age $x$ who die before reaching age $x+1$. Heligman and Pollard (1980) have proposed the following law, which slightly modifies an earlier law of Gompertz (1825), and gives good agreement with tables for ages between 50 and 90: where $H$ is a constant close to $1.1$, and the constant $G$ depends on the particular population. Setting we obtain from (1) I will discuss this equation. Virtual knot theory
Louis Kauffman
Virtual knot theory is an extension of classical knot theory to the class of all oriented Gauss codes (Gauss diagrams). The theory has a natural diagrammatic form with knot diagrams containing "virtual crossings" that behave in special ways. This extension of knot theory is an analog to the study of all graphs in relation to planar graphs. There are applications of virtual knot theory to the structure of Vassiliev invariants and to the study of knots in thickened surfaces.
The theory also provides a testing ground for conjectures about classical knots. For example, there are non-trivial virtual knots with trivial Jones polynomial but non-trivial (i.e. not isomorphic with the integers) fundamental group. And there are non-trivial virtuals with trivial fundamental group and non-trivial Jones polynomial.

70. Langlands, R.P.: Base Change For GL(2). (AM-96).
Base Change for GL(2). (AM96). robert P. langlands. Paper 1980 $30.00 / £19.95 ISBN 0-691-08272-3 248 pp. Shopping Cart. Series
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Base Change for GL(2). (AM-96)
Robert P. Langlands
248 pp.
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Papeu: Not for sale in Japan
Shopping Cart: For customers in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Australia Paper: $30.00 ISBN: 0-691-08272-3 For customers in England, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India Prices subject to change without notice File created: 12/6/02 Questions and comments to:
Princeton University Press

71. English Books > Mathematics > Group Theory
019855866X Barkerlp Harmon Analy Memo 393 P ; Paperback ISBN 0821824562 Base ChangeFor GL(2) langlands, robert P.; Paperback ISBN 0691082723 Based Ring of

English Books

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Sheet Music
... Mathematics Index of 665 Titles
First page
Prev Next Last page ... A1 Subgroups of Exceptional Algebraic Groups Lawther, R. Testerman, D.M. Paperback; ; ISBN: 0821819666 Abelian Galois Cohomology of Reductive Groups Borovoi, Mikhail (University of Tel Aviv, Israel) Paperback; ; ISBN: 0821806505 Abelian Group Theory Paperback; ; ISBN: 0821850687 Abelian Group Theory and Related Topics Hill, Paul Liebert, Wolfgang Paperback; ; ISBN: 0821851780 Abelian Groups And Modules: International Conference In Dublin, August 10-14, 1998 Other Eklof, Paul C. Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 3764361727 Abelian Groups and Representations of Finite Partially Ordered Sets Arnold, David M. (Ralph and Jean Storm Professor of Mathematics, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA Hardback; Book; ; ISBN: 038798982X Abstract Algebra and Famous Impossibilities Jones, A. (La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia) Morris, S.A. (Woollongong University, Australia) Pearson, K. (La Trobe University, Bundoora, Australia) Paperback (C Format);

72. National Insititute For Research Advancemant(NIRA): Think Tanks Information : In
Prof. Bombieri, Enrico (mathematics); Prof. langlands, robert P. (mathematics);Prof. Adler, Stephen L. (particle physics); Prof.
NIRA Update: May 1998 NIRA 's World Directory of Think Tanks
Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)
Olden Lane, Princeton, NJ 085400-0631, United States
tel:1-609-734-8000 fax:1-609-924-8399
Organizational Status: Independent institute, founded in 1930. Background/Scope: Areas of Research: The Institute today consists of the School of Historical Studies, the School of Mathematics, the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Social Science. Each School has a small permanent Faculty, and some 160 fellowships are awarded annually to Visiting Members from other research institutions and universities throughout the world. In any given year they represent about one hundred higher education institutions and come from twenty to thirty countries. Funding Sources: National government, local or state government, domestic foundations, private donations. Executive Officer/s: Griffiths, Phillip A., Director. Chief Resrarchers: Prof. Crone, Patricia (Islamic history); Prof. Matlock, Jack F. (modern international relations); Prof. Bombieri, Enrico (mathematics); Prof. Langlands, Robert P. (mathematics); Prof. Adler, Stephen L. (particle physics); Prof. Bahcall, John N. (astrophysics); Prof. Wilczek, Frank (theoretical physics); Prof. Witten, Edward (mathematical physics); Prof. Geertz, Clifford (social science); Prof. Walzer, Michael (social science); Nowak, Martin A., Head, Program in Theoretical Biology; Prof. Scott, Joan Wallach (social science); Prof. Hirschman, Albert O. (social science).

73. April1993-4
1930. Later Messrs FRANCIS BRUCE langlands and EDWARD robert langlands,sons of Mr Frank, were appointed directors. The Company
In the FFHS Journal Vol 5 No 1 of September 1992, we listed a number of famous emigrants from Fife who made a significant contribution to the development of the country in which they settled. This article will deal with three of these emigrants, and their families, who founded leading stores/merchant houses in Australia.
James' first grocery shop was situated in Rundle Street. By the end of 1853 preparations had been completed for his brother, David Fowler, whose own health had also been indifferent in Scotland, to come out to Australia and join him in business. With his wife, JANET KERR (d 1899), and two sons, James and David, and family servant, JAMES STOBIE (d 1882) of Crail, they sailed from London in the Dutch barque, "Fop Smit" on July 14 1854, and arrived at Adelaide, Nov 4 1854.
ROBERT was the first of the brothers to emigrate, with Thomas Fulton (1813-1859), also from Dundee, setting up in 1842 the 'Port Phillip Foundry" in Flinders Street, Melbourne, the first engineering works in Victoria, and one of the two largest employers of labour in Melbourne. He was joined in 1844 by his sister, MARGARET, and then in 1846 by his brother, HENRY. WILLIAM THOMS came out in 1853.
In a letter to the "Fife Herald," dated Jan 1852, and published May 20 1852, George Langlands gave a rather bitter account of his leaving St Andrews :- "...having been a master shopkeeper upwards of 24 years in St Andrews, and two years of it a city Magistrate; worked hard during all that time, and left it worse than penniless, to my sore grief, and landed at Port-Philip with less than 3 pounds, and a letter of introduction from High Quarters - thanks to the Dundee M.P. (not the St Andrews one)..." However, it would appear that George over-played his pecuniary difficulties. His passage to Australia was comfortable, and was almost certainly paid for by his brothers, for a study of the manifest of the "Lady Kennaway" reveals that he and his wife and children travelled as "saloon passengers." In Melbourne, he was undoubtedly met by his 2 brothers, Henry and Robert, who were joint owners of a prosperous foundry.

74. Past Faculty Members
KORAY, Semih (Bilkent University). KURAN, Ulku (Deceased). langlands, robert(Canada). LEBLEBICIOGLU, Kemal (METU Electrical Eng.). LELEK, (Polland).
Past Faculty Faculty and Staff Research Assistants ABDELAL, Mohammed (Lebanon) ADALI, Sarp AFUWAPE, A. Uyi (Nijeria) AIZENBERG, Lev (Israel) AKKAS, Sait (Deceased) AKKOC, Can AKYILDIZ, Yilmaz (Bogazici University) ALAYLIOGLU, Ayse ALISBAH, Orhan(Deceased) ALKAR, Murat (Bilkent University) ALPSEYMEN KOCATEPE, Mefharet (Bilkent University) ALTAS, Irfan (Australia) ARAL, Mustafa ARAVAMUTHAN, R. (India) ARIK, Nermin (Retired) ARIKAN, Huriye (Sabanci University) ARF, Cahit (Deceased) ARF, Fatma (USA) ASAR, Ali Osman (Gazi University) BASGOZE, Turkan (Deceased) BASKAYA, Tuncay (Atilim) BAYRAM, Raci (Atilim University) BERKI, Aydin BHUPAL, Mohan BONNICE, William (USA) BUSH, George (Canada) BUYUKYENEREL, Gultekin (METU Eng. Sci.) BUTLER, John (USA) CELIKKANAT, Sevket(Deceased) CAKICI, Birsen (Retired) CAPAR, Ulug (Dogu Akdeniz University) CENGIZ, Bahattin (Hacettepe University) COMEZ, Dogan (USA) DeBAGGIS, Henry (USA) DEMIR, Huseyin (Deceased) DERELI, Tekin (Koc University) DIBAG, Ibrahim (Bilkent University) DJAKOV, Plamen (Bulgaria) DJAKOV, Rosita (Bulgaria) DONALD, John (USA)

75. De Langlands à Lafforgue
Translate this page Marie-Claude VERGNE, IHÉS En 1967, le mathématicien canadien robert P. Langlandsn’avait que 31 ans et était en poste à l’université de Yale, aux



Carte blanche à...

... De Langlands à Lafforgue De Langlands à Lafforgue
Dossier par CNRS - Mathématiques - 21/08/2002
En l’an 2000, le mathématicien Laurent Lafforgue achevait sa démonstration d’une conjecture rattachée à la "correspondance de Langlands" . Cette expression désigne un tissu de conjectures, énoncées à la fin des années 1960, qui a inspiré une partie importante des recherches modernes en géométrie algébrique et en théorie des nombres. Pour ses résultats, fruits d’environ sept ans de travail, Laurent Lafforgue s’est vu décerner le 20 août 2002 la récompense la plus prestigieuse pour un mathématicien de moins de quarante ans : une médaille Fields.
© Marie-Claude VERGNE, IHÉS
En 1967, le mathématicien canadien Robert P. Langlands n’avait que 31 ans et était en poste à l’université de Yale, aux Etats-Unis. En janvier de cette année-là, il écrivit une lettre manuscrite de 17 pages à un mathématicien de l’Institute for Advanced Study de Princeton, André Weil (1906-1998). Ce Français émigré aux Etats-Unis, frère de la philosophe Simone Weil et cofondateur du groupe Nicolas Bourbaki, était l’un des grands noms de la théorie des nombres et de la géométrie algébrique

76. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Index Of LAN
Langi, Tomas, University of Debrecen, langlands, robert, Yale University,1960. Langley, Thomas, University of California, San Diego, 2001.

77. Four Generation Charts + Walker/Pace
632 BRADSHAW,robert. 624 BRADSHAW,Anne. 633 ,Anne. . 1010 LANDA,Henrietta ReturnHome Spouse(s) 589 DAHLMAN,Karl Albert bep . 1273 langlands,Alexander Return
  • 78. Webster Of Farnell
    i. robert WEBSTER; Born About 1826. She married James langlands, son of Davidlanglands Isabella BARTIE / BERTIE, 8 Oct 1868 in Brechin, ANS, SCT.
    Back First Generation 1. Robert WEBSTER . Occupation Farmer. He married Ann MOLISON, 22 Dec 1787 in Menmuir, ANS, SCT. They had the following children: Second Generation John WEBSTER He married Barbara MACDONALD, daughter of , 25 Jun 1824 in Ellon, ABD, SCT. Born 16 Jun 1804 in Slains, ABD, SCT. Died 7 Mar 1884 in 6 Trinity Road, Brechin, ANS, SCT. They had the following children: Third Generation 3. Ann WEBSTER They had the following children: She did not marry James WHYTE. Occupation Flesher. They had the following children: 4. David WEBSTER He married Anne FYFFE, 25 May 1856 in Careston, ANS, SCT. They had the following children: 5. Jean WEBSTER They had the following children: 6. Jess(Ie) WEBSTER They had the following children: Fourth Generation Charles WHYTE They had the following children: 11 vi. Eliza WHYTE Fifth Generation 8. Charles WHYTE He married Mary WILSON. They had the following children: 9. Barbara Macdonald WHYTE She married John Ogilvie Aithison CAMERON. They had the following children: 10. Annie WHYTE She married John RAMSAY. Occupation Salesman.

    79. Archives :: April 2002
    Parallel Lines to Hyperspace (not linked I don't want anyone accidentally buyingit on my account), and the reviewer is robert P. langlands, Hermann Weyl
    @import "";
    log home
    Tuesday 30 Apr 02
    Quick! before my bandwidth runs out
    The first images from the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope have been unveiled. They're pretty fabulous. Sadly, the servers are getting pummelled, so this might have to be one to bookmark for another day. Since it is the end of the month, though, I grabbed a much larger version of the Cone Nebula shot in the top right above and stashed it here at the .org (careful, though, it's nearly a megabyte). Download to your little hearts' contents. (via MeFi update: all gone. sorry. comments [1] link
    Tuesday 30 Apr 02
    Someone asks one of the deep ones
    Someone holds an advanced degree in justification: Who needs a life when you've got coffee and candy? Who needs candy when you've got the life of coffee? Who needs stimulation when you've got little rubber brains and a brownie? Who can you turn to when you're feeling low? Who? comments [2] link
    Tuesday 30 Apr 02
    Smoking Gun has an hilarious collection of complaints about vanity license plates Dear Sir or Madam: On the Highway 3 heading north toward Bremerton yesterday, I saw a personalized license plate which I found to be extremely offensive. The license plate read "URAPUTZ". My initial reaction was one of intense anger at the arrogance of the owner of that vehicle and the statement made by that plate. This is an offensive term. There is so much emphasis today on road rage and efforts to minimize angry outbursts. This license plate only negates those efforts.

    80. Robert W. Wrathall's Lineage
    1807 langlands, Linton, Yorkshire, England. Descendants of John Wrathall and ElizabethLeech shows the relationship of Bill Wrathall of Inuvik, robert William
    Robert W. Wrathall's Lineage
    Robert William Wrathall of Leicestershire , who can be reached at , contacted us (James and Derek Wrathall) in July 2001 with information on his branch of the Wrathall family tree. He is a first cousin (once removed) of Robert Wrathall of Marysport (Cumbria) and also shares his lineage with Bill Wrathall of Inuvik (Canada) and Julie Wrathall of North Yorkshire I have started to look at family trees etc. in a very minor way - more because we realised that when the older generation pass on, one is very quickly reduced to only knowing a generation and a half, beyond that it's all a bit grey. A relative has done a lot of work on her genealogy and gave us some internet tips - one of which was the various pages of your database in the Wrathalls. I list below some information that we have and how it ties in with your work. One of my main problems is that everyone in my corner of the Wrathalls is called Robert or William or Robert William! In November 2002, Derek Wrathall sent a transcript of The Craven Herald notice of the Silver Wedding anniversary for Robert W.'s Uncle Fred Wrathall and wife Janie Bilbrough; click here to read it.

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