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  1. Discrete Subgroups of Semisimple Lie Groups (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 3. Folge A Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics) by Gregori A. Margulis, 1991-02-15

1. Margulis
Gregori Aleksandrovic Margulis. Born 24 Feb 1946 in Moscow, Russia. GregoriMargulis was educated at Moscow High School, graduating in 1962.
Gregori Aleksandrovic Margulis
Born: 24 Feb 1946 in Moscow, Russia
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Gregori Margulis was educated at Moscow High School, graduating in 1962. In that year he began his undergraduate studies at Moscow University and he was awarded his first degree in 1967. Margulis remained at Moscow University for his postgraduate studies. He showed great potential as a mathematician and the first important award which he won was during his time as a postgraduate student when he received the young mathematicians prize from the Moscow Mathematical Society in 1968. Margulis completed his graduate studies in 1970 and he was awarded the degree of Candidate of Science for a thesis On some problems in the theory of U-systems.
After being awarded the Candidate of Science degree (the equivalent of a British or American Ph.D.), Margulis began to work in the Institute for Problems in Information Transmission. He was a Junior scientific worker there from 1970 to 1974 when he was promoted to Senior scientific worker. He held this post until 1986 when he was promoted again, this time to Leading scientific worker. International honour was given to Margulis in 1978 when he was awarded a Fields Medal at the International Congress at Helsinki. However it was not a happy occasion for Margulis who was not permitted by the Soviet authorities to travel to Helsinki to receive the Medal. Tits, delivering the address [7] spoke of his sadness that Margulis could not be present:-

2. Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopædia Britannica. margulis, gregori Aleksandrovich. Encyclopædia Britannica Article

3. References For Margulis
References for gregori margulis. Biography in Encyclopaedia Britannica.Articles S Ihara, Works of GA margulis (Japanese), Special
References for Gregori Margulis
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  • 4. Margulis Portraits
    Portraits of gregori margulis gregori margulis. JOC/EFR August 2001
    Gregori Margulis
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    5. Fields Medal
    Mumford, David Worth, Sussex UK 37 1978 Deligne, Pierre Brussels Belgium 33 1978Fefferman, Charles Washington DC USA 29 1978 margulis, gregori Moscow USSR 32
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    Fields Medal
    Historical Introduction
    This is the original letter by Fields creating the endowment for the medals that bear his name. It is thought to have been written during the few months before his death. Notice that no mention is made about the age of the recipients (currently there is a 40 year-old limit), and that the medal should not be attached to any person, private or public, meaning that it shouldn't bear anybody's name. It is proposed to found two gold medals to be awarded at successive International Mathematical Congress for outstanding achievements in mathematics. Because of the multiplicity of the branches of mathematics and taking into account the fact that the interval between such congresses is four years it is felt that at least two medals should be available. The awards would be open to the whole world and would be made by an International Committee. The fund for the founding of the medals is constituted by balance left over after financing the Toronto congress held in 1924. This must be held in trust by the Government or by some body authorized by government to hold and invest such funds. It would seem that a dignified method for handling the matter and one which in this changing world should most nearly secure permanency would be for the Canadian Government to take over the fund and appoint as his custodian say the Prime Minister of the Dominion or the Prime Minister in association with the Minister of Finance. The medals would be struck at the Mint in Ottawa and the duty of the custodian would be simply to hand over the medals at the proper time to the accredited International Committee.

    6. Sci.math FAQ: Fields' Medals
    1978 Fefferman, Charles Washington DC USA 29 1978 margulis, gregori Moscow USSR 32 1978 Quillen, Daniel Orange, NJ USA
    sci.math FAQ: Fields' Medals
    Newsgroups: sci.math sci.answers news.answers From: (Alex Lopez-Ortiz) Subject: sci.math Organization: University of Waterloo Followup-To: sci.math Sun Nov 20 20:45:48 EST 1994 By Archive-name By Author By Category By Newsgroup ... Help
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    Last Update March 05 2003 @ 01:20 AM

    7. Sci.math_FAQ_Fields..
    1978 Fefferman, Charles Washington DC USA 29 1978 margulis, gregori Moscow USSR 32 1978 Quillen, Daniel Orange, NJ USA
    Path:!!!!torn!!!!alopez-o From: (Alex Lopez-Ortiz) Newsgroups: sci.math,news.answers,sci.answers Subject: sci.math FAQ: Fields Medal Followup-To: sci.math Date: 17 Feb 2000 22:52:00 GMT Organization: University of Waterloo Lines: 223 Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Expires: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 09:55:55 Message-ID:

    8. Ido Ajzestadt ? ?
    gregori margulis ? Achievements Internationalfencing tournamnet (Austria) 15th. Ma'alot Cup - 10th
    Gregori Margulis
    International fencing tournamnet (Austria) - 15th.
    Ma'alot Cup - 10th
    Jerusalem Cup - 16th
    Kadet State cup - 7th

    9. UntitledIt Is Thought To Have Been Written During The Few Months Before His Deat
    1978 Fefferman, Charles Washington DC USA 29 1978 margulis, gregori Moscow USSR 32 1978 Quillen, Daniel Orange, NJ USA
    Newsgroups: sci.math,news.answers,sci.answers From: (Alex Lopez-Ortiz) Subject: sci.math FAQ: Fields Medal Summary: Part 11 of 31, New version Originator: Message-ID:

    10. Untitled
    11 Junior men - ? 7th place - Igor Shlepchenko9th place - Ido Ajzenstadt 10th place - gregori margulis 14th place - Dani
    Club achievements - äùâé äîåòãåï
    Junior women - ðòøåú
    3rd place - Ksenia Kobiakov
    6th place - Hana Gerchikov
    11th place - Lida Vorobyov
    Junior men - ðòøéí
    7th place - Igor Shlepchenko
    9th place - Ido Ajzenstadt
    10th place - Gregori Margulis
    14th place - Dani Margulis
    16th place - Mark Zatz

    11. M Index
    Marczewski, Edward (1012*). margulis, gregori (812*). Marinus of Neapolis (405)
    Names beginning with M
    The number of words in the biography is given in brackets. A * indicates that there is a portrait. Macaulay , Francis (448*)
    , James (922*)
    , Hector (81*)
    , Sheila Scott (449)
    , Saunders (618*)
    , Colin (2732*)
    , Percy (591*)
    , Sangamagramma (947)
    , Leonty (239)
    , Wilhelm (537*)
    , Muhyi al (602) Mahani , Abu al (507) Mahavira , Mahavira (994) Mahendra , Suri (259) Mahler , Kurt (472*) Maior , John (52) Mal-tsev , Anatoly (1299*) Malcev , Anatoly (1299*) Malebranche , Nicolas (1326*) Malfatti , Francesco (419*) Malone-Mayes , Vivienne (1482*) Malus , Etienne Louis (486) Manava Mandelbrot , Benoit (1838*) Mannheim Mansion , Paul (373*) Mansur ibn Ali, Abu (1190) Marchenko , Vladimir (248*) Marcinkiewicz , Jozef (1134*) Marczewski , Edward (1012*) Margulis , Gregori (812*) Marinus of Neapolis (405) Markov , Andrei (222*) Marrakushi , al (861) Mascheroni , Lorenzo (197*) Maschke , Heinrich (377*) Maseres , Francis (224*) Maskelyne , Nevil (477*) Mason , Max (306) Mathews , George (492) Mathieu, Claude-Louis

    12. Encyclopædia Britannica
    margulis, gregori Aleksandrovich Russian mathematician who was awarded theFields Medal in 1978 for his contributions to the theory of Lie groups.

    13. Bookmarks For Bradley Wayne Brock
    by Jones, Vaughan F. R. Items Authored by margulis, gregori Aleksandrovitch Items Authored by Freedman, Michael H. Items
    Bookmarks for Bradley Wayne Brock
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    14. Sci.math: Frequently Asked Questions [2/3]
    U USA 1978 Deligne, Pierre Brussels Belgium 33 IHES France 1978 Fefferman, CharlesWashington DC USA 29 Princeton U USA 1978 margulis, gregori Moscow USSR 32
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    sci.math: Frequently Asked Questions [2/3]

    15. Dateline_98
    Geometry and Quantum Probability. John Milnor, JeanChristophe Yoccozand gregori margulis. Three other Fields Medallists lectured
    Two Two French-born Nobel Laureates participated in the Adriatico Research Conference on Interaction and Assembly of Biomolecules that took place from 27-31 August. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes , who lectured on "Artificial Muscles," is a professor at the College de France in Paris. A 1991 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, he is known as the 'prophet of soft matter.' Jean-Marie Lehn , who was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, lectured on "Supramolecular Engineering through Programmed Self-Organization." Lehn, who teaches at the Universite Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, received an honorary degree from the University of Trieste last May.
    Four Four Fields Medallists recently gave lectures at ICTP. Alain Connes Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques , Bures-sur-Yvette, France, who received the Fields Medal in 1982 for his contributions to the theory of operator algebras, spoke in March at the Workshop on Quantum Field Theory, Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Probability. John Milnor, Jean-Christophe Yoccoz and Gregori Margulis

    16. Matemáticos De Nuestro Tiempo (2)
    Translate this page Regresar Más información (inglés) gregori Aleksandrovic margulis Geometríadiferencial, Teoría ergódica, Dinámica de sistemas, Subgrupos de Lie.
    Más artículos de reflexiones
    La matemática actual tiene abiertos fecundos campos de un gran interés. Los grandes matemáticos de la segunda mitad del siglo XX y hasta nuestros días intentan el desarrollo de una matemática acorde con el tiempo en que vivimos, capaz de afrontar el reto que representa la tendencia social tanto como el progreso de las necesidades computacionales de las nuevas ingenierías o el avance vertiginoso de algunas disciplinas como la Astrofísica y la Computación Teórica. Mostramos aqui algunas referencias a su trabajo, utilizando diversas fuentes de datos, entre las que podemos destacar, por su excelente documentación, la base de datos de la Universidad de St. Andrews, Escocia. Es una somera indicación del quehacer en la disciplina de matemáticos de extraordinaria calidad, algunos de ellos prematuramente fallecidos, que nacieron en los últimos años de la década de los 40, en plena devastación, terminada ya la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
    John Henry Coates (26/01/1945, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia)

    17. Kosmologika - Vetenskapsmännen
    Novikov, Serge 1970 Thompson, John 1974 Bombieri, Enrico 1974 Mumford, David 1978Deligue, Pierre 1978 Fefferman, Charles 1978 margulis, gregori 1982 Connes
    På Kosmologikas sidor återfinns på många ställen länkar till kortare biografier över olika vetenskapsmän som har deltagit i utvecklandet av dessa spännande teorier. På denna sida finns länkar till alla dessa biografier samlade på ett enda ställe. Personerna är dels listade i både bokstavs- och födelsedagsordning men även efter nobelprisår (för de personer som har fått nobelpriset) samt i betydelsefullhetsordning för vetenskapen. Dessutom har jag nyligen lagt till Brucemedaljörer som är den högsta utmärkelsen inom astronomin, nobelpriset undantaget, samt Fields medalj som är matematikens nobelpris och som dessutom bara delas ut en gång vart fjärde år samt slutligen wolfpriset som är ett israeliskt pris som rankas steget under Nobelpriset men som ofta är åtminstone ett decennium snabbare med utnämningarna. Alfabetisk ordning Ahlfors, Lars (1907- )
    Alembert, Jean le Ronde d' (1717-1783)

    Alfvén, Hannes Olof Gösta (1908-1995)

    Alpher, Ralph A. (1921- )
    Zwicky, Fritz (1898-1974)

    Födelsedagsordning Fermat, Pierre de (1601-1665)

    18. ¼öÇлç¶û Q & A (¿ª»ç, ¿ë¾î, À¯·¡)
    Mumford, David, UK, 37. 1978, Deligne, Pierre, Belgium, 33. Fefferman, Charles,USA, 29. margulis, gregori, USSR, 32. Quillen, Daniel, USA, 38. 1982, Connes, Alain,France, 35.
    Year Name Country Age Ahlfors, Lars Finland Douglas, Jesse USA Schwartz, Laurent France Selberg, Atle Norway Kodaira, Kunihiko Japan Serre, Jean-Pierre France Roth, Klaus Germany Thom, Rene France Hormander, Lars Sweden Milnor, John USA Atiyah, Michael UK Cohen, Paul USA Grothendieck, Alexander Germany Smale, Stephen USA Baker, Alan UK Hironaka, Heisuke Japan Novikov, Serge USSR Thompson, John USA Bombieri, Enrico Italy Mumford, David UK Deligne, Pierre Belgium Fefferman, Charles USA Margulis, Gregori USSR Quillen, Daniel USA Connes, Alain France Thurston, William USA Yau, Shing-Tung Hong Kong Donaldson, Simon UK Faltings, Gerd Germany Freedman, Michael USA Drinfeld, Vladimir USSR Jones, Vaughan New Zealand Mori, Shigefumi Japan Witten, Edward USA Lions, Pierre-Louis France Yoccoz, Jean-Chrisophe France Bourgain, Jean Belgium Zelmanov, Efim Russia Borcherds, Richard E. UK Gowers, W. Timothy UK Kontsevich, Maxim Russia McMullen, Curtis T. USA 1998 Special Wiles, Andrew J. UK Lafforgue, Laurent France Voevodsky, Vladimir

    19. February 24 - Today In Science History
    Click Here FEBRUARY 24 BIRTHS. gregori Aleksandrovich margulis.(source), Born 24 Feb 1946 Russian mathematician who was awarded
    FEBRUARY 24 - BIRTHS Gregori Aleksandrovich Margulis
    Born 24 Feb 1946
    Russian mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal in 1978 for his contributions to the theory of Lie groups, though he was not allowed by the Soviet government to travel to Finland to receive the award. In 1990 Margulis immigrated to the United States. Margulis' work was largely involved in solving a number of problems in the theory of Lie groups. In particular, Margulis proved a long-standing conjecture by Atle Selberg concerning discrete subgroups of semisimple Lie groups. The techniques he used in his work were drawn from combinatorics, ergodic theory, dynamical systems, and differential geometry. Henri Frankfort
    Born 24 Feb 1897; died 16 Jul 1954.
    Dutch-American archaeologist who completed a well-documented reconstruction of ancient Mesopotamian culture, established the relation between Egypt and Mesopotamia, and discovered much new information on both civilizations. From the late 1920s to the early 1950s, Frankfort's research into the prehistoric and dynastic cultures of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia was at the forefront of archaeological scholarship. At Abydos, in 1925, Frankfort resumed work which had been started by Naville at the Osireion, the enigmatic structure behind the temple of Seti. Out of this excavation arose a project to record the fine reliefs of the temple of Seti itself.

    20. Untitled
    Translate this page University USA 1978 Deligne, Pierre IHES France 1978 Fefferman, Charles PrincetonUniversity USA 1978 margulis, gregori InstPrblmInfTrans USSR 1978 Quillen

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