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         Saurin Joseph:     more books (32)
  1. L'Anglomane Ou L'Orpheline Leguee: Comedie (1773) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-05-23
  2. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-05-23
  3. The Trial of Saurin V. Star and Another by Mary Scholastica Joseph Saurin, 2009-12-19
  4. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2009-06-13
  5. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  6. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  7. Anti-rousseau Par Le Poëte Sans Fard (French Edition) by Gacon François 1667-1725, Saurin Joseph 1655-1737, 2010-09-30
  8. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2009-06-13
  9. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  10. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  11. L'Anglomane Ou L'Orpheline Leguee: Comedie (1773) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  12. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  13. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  14. The trial of Saurin v. Star and another: In the Court of Queen's bench, before the Lord Chief Justice and a special jury : an action by a Sister of Mercy ... an alleged conspiracy to cause her expulsion by Mary Scholastica Joseph Saurin, 1869

61. Argonne Technology Transfer: Argonne's R&D 100 Awards, 1964-2001
Reactor for Oxidation of Natural Gas, U. Balachanddran, joseph Dusek, PS Neutron StressMonitor for Composite Constituents, David Kupperman, saurin Majumdar, JP
To report errors or omissions, contact Cynthia Wesolowski For a brief description of recent awards, click here Note: Divisions are referred to by their current names. Where the evolution of a division is uncertain, the current affiliation of the principal investigator is the determinant. Links to division web sites are provided at the first occurrence of the division name. Year Div. a Funding Source b Technology Researcher(s) ES unknown Smart Sensor Developer Kit Michael Vogt, Laura Skubal, Erika Shoemaker (formerly ES) ES Advanced Electrodeionization Technology for Product Desalting Michael Henry, Paula Moon, YuPo Lin, Carl Landahl, James Frank, Seth Snyder MCS OMICS Ian Foster, Steve Tuecke, Joseph Bester, Joseph Insley, eric Blau, Joseph Link, John Bresnahan, Stuart Martin, Lee Liming CMT EERE/OTT/OAAT Argonne Autothermal Reforming Catalyst for Fuel Processors Michael Krumpelt, Shabbir Ahmed, Romesh Kumar, John Kopasz, Joong-Myeon Bae, John David Carter APS/XFD SC/BES Hard X-ray Scanning Microprobe Barry Lai, Zhonghou Cai, Jörg Maser, Dan Legnini, and Peter Ilinski; Wenbing Yun, LBL

62. Vertaalde Toneelauteurs
Translate this page du 442 (2) Saint Germain, De 443 (2) Saint Jean 444 (14) Saint-Foix, Germain FrançoisPoullain de 445 (1) Salzman, CG 446 (6) saurin, Bernard joseph 447 (1

63. TLW's 1730s (1730-1739) Timeline
English Queen Caroline on Nov. 20. French mathematician joseph saurin onDec. 29. Gian Gastone of Tuscany in June. English poet Elizabeth Rowe.
T.L. Winslow's World History Timeline 1730-1739 C.E.
TLW's Great Track of Time Homepage
Peter II of Russia dies of smallpox, and Anna Ivanovna (1693-1740) , the niece of Peter the Great becomes Empress of Russia. Pope Benedict XIII dies on Feb. 23, and Lorenzo Corsini is elected Pope Clement XII (1652-1740) on July 12. London optician Edward Scarlett perfects rigid sidepieces for eyeglasses . The French massacre the Fox nation. Baltimore is founded. The first American tobacco factories open in Virginia, producing snuff. Ahmed III dies after a revolt by the Janissaries, and his nephew Mahmud I (1696-1754) becomes Ottoman sultan; the Nubian officer Beshir (1653-1746) is the real power behind the throne. The Catholic English version of the New Testament, revision of Reims is published by Dr. Robert Witham. Canaletto paints The French Ambassador Being Received at the Doge's Palace . Henry Fielding publishes the play Tom Thumb the Great Ebenezer Cooke publishes Sotweed Redivivus Births: French astronomer Charles Messier (d. 1817)

64. Index Des Auteurs
Translate this page SAINT-LAMBERT (Jean-François de) SAINT-PIERRE de (Bernardin) SALAUN (S.) SALLEBRAYSALOMON (Jean-Noël) SANOGO (Bakary) saurin (Bernard-joseph) SCARRON (Paul
A B C D ... Z



ADAM (Michel)
AUGUSTIN (Jean-Pierre)

BADEL (Maryse)

BART (François)

BAUDORRE (Philippe) ... BUTEL (Paul) C CABANÈS (Jean-Louis) CADILHON (François) CAILLY (Claude) CAMERON (Keith) ... CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Savinien) D DALMAS (Henri) DALOZ (Jean-Pascal) DANTZER (Robert) DARNTON (Robert) ... DYONET (Nicole) E ELISSALDE (Yvan) ENNERY (Adolphe d') ESCARPIT (Denise) F FABRE D'ÉGLANTINE (P.F.N.) FENOUILLAT (Nadine) FERNANDEZ (Alexandre) FIJALKOW (J.) ... FRÉOUR (Paul) G G.I.R.D.A.L. GALAUT (Jean) GALLET (Bernard) GALLINATO (Bernard) ... GUILLERAGUES H HABERER (Adolphe) HANLON (Gregory) HARDY (Alexandre) HÉNOCQUE (Bruno) ... HUETZ de LEMPS (Christian) J JANTZEN (René) JEUNE (Simon) JODELLE (Étienne) JOURDAN (Jean-Paul) ... JOUVE (Michel) K KERBÉ (Jehad) KHOURY (Samaha) KIRSCH (Fritz Peter) KLINGEBIEL (A.) ... KRYNEN (Jacques) L LA CALPRENÈDE LA CHESNAYE DES BOIS (A. de) LA PÉRUSE (Jean de) LA SALE (Antoine de) ... LY (Nadine) M MAILLARD (Jean-Claude) MAIRE (Richard) MAJDANSKI (Delphine) MALHERBE (Marc) ... MULLER (Claude) N NAVARRI (Roger) NICOLAU (Gilda) NOSTREDAME (César de) NOUVEAU (Germain) O ODOUARD (Albert) ORPUSTAN (Jean-Baptiste) P PALLANCA (Jean-Louis) PALMA (Ricardo) PARISOT (Jean-Paul) PASCAL (Françoise) ... PERRY (P.-J.)

65. Liste Des Ouvrages
Translate this page Charles) Amusements sérieux et comiques TESSONERIE (Gillet de la) Art de régner(L') QUINAULT (Philippe) Astrate B saurin (Bernard-joseph) Beverlei C

66. P Surnames - Partial List 1
George (1795) George Whitfield (1839- ) Isaac Anderson (1825- ) Isabella Graham(1826- ) James saurin (1837- ) John Roland (1835- ) joseph Nicholas (1855
"P" Surnames - Partial List # 1
Chester (- )
Luther M. ( - )

Mary Lavinia (1850-1943)

Nancy ( - )
Charles Nelson (1872- )
Elizabeth (Eliza) (1805-1846)

Helen Elizabeth

James Cobourn ( - )
Moses ( - )
Collen ( - )
Alice (- )
Charles Carter (1779-1822)

Elisa I. (1850- )

Eliza Wallace (1820-1882)
... William A. (1848- )
Adile ( - )
Harmon ( - ) Mara Octavia (1860-1927)
Charles Cornelius (1833- ) David Sidney (1830- ) Reverend George (1795-) George Whitfield (1839- ) ... William Lee (1827- )
Bessie Ethel (1883-1961)
Elizabeth (Lizzie) ( - )
Anne E. (1802-1808) Augusta Temple (1807-1840) Benjamin ( - ) Caleb (1826- ) ... Captain William L. ( - )
Allen H. ( - ) Castella L. (1862- )
Jennings C. ( - )
Helen ( - )
Eli ( - ) Eli S. (1787-1862)
Jane (1855-1932)
Isabella (1776-1810) William Allen ( - ) William T. ( - )
Elizabeth ( - ) Elizabeth ( - ) Mildred Elizabeth (Elizabeth) (1820-)
Albert ( - ) Albin Kendall (1872- ) Amos ( - ) Ann (1860-1871) ... Charles L. (1861-1864)

67. Maistre Joseph Marie, Bausau G Joseph De Maistre : De A Comme Anglicanisme à V
Translate this page joseph de Maistre, Contribution à la philosophie politique Auteurs Maistre josephMarie Bausau saurin Patrick Teocuicatl C New data on Peri-Tethyan Sedi
Maistre Joseph Marie, Bausau G Joseph de Maistre : de A comme Anglicanisme à V comme Voltaire
Titre: Joseph de Maistre : de A comme Anglicanisme à V comme Voltaire
Rubriques: Joseph de Maistre, Contribution à la philosophie politique
Auteurs: Maistre Joseph Marie Bausau G
Festins d âmes en robes d esp...

Non Geniculate Coralline Red ...

Blanckaert Claude Le muséum a...

Résultats des campagnes, muso...

68. Informations Généalogiques
Translate this page GOURNAY, Jean saurin Sexe Masculin Naissance 4 août 1794 à Saint Pierre (La 1794à Saint Benoit (La Réunion) Parents Père GRENIER, joseph Julien Mère
CERVEAU, Marie Chriseuil Sexe: Masculin
Parents CERVEAU, Jean Baptiste Chriseuil
Famille: Mariage:

CERVEAU, Chriseuil Joseph
Sexe: Masculin
Famille: Mariage:
Sexe: Masculin
Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents Enfant(s)
CAZANOVE, Henriette Emilie Parents
CAZANOVE, Jean Jacques Famille: Enfant(s) CAZANOVE, Louis Fredinand
CERVEAU, Pierre Fellaire Sexe: Masculin Parents CERVEAU, Pierre Soulange FESSARD, Jacqueline Elise Famille: Mariage: Conjoint:
Sexe: Masculin Parents SERVAUX, Antoine Silvain HOAREAU, Antoinette Radegonde Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: FONTAINE, Marie Louise Parents FONTAINE, Gabriel BLARD, Marie Marguerite Enfant(s) SERVAUX, Louis Zuline
Sexe: Masculin Parents SERVAUX, Antoine Silvain HOAREAU, Antoinette Radegonde Famille: Conjoint: FONTAINE, Marie Vincente Parents FONTAINE, Olivier Enfant(s) SERVAUX, Vincente Armoise SERVAUX, Toussaint Gabriel
Sexe: Masculin Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents CERVEAU, Cyprien Florent Enfant(s) Sexe: Masculin STEPHANT, Anne Madeleine STEPHANT, Paul Euphrosie Edouard

69. Informations Généalogiques
Translate this page LEBON, Gabriel saurin Sexe Masculin Naissance 31 mai 1796 à Saint joseph (LaRéunion) Parents Père LEBON, François Auguste Mère ROBERT, Marie
HOAREAU, Henry Juste Sexe: Masculin
Parents HOAREAU, Henry
BARDINON, Marguerite Appoline

Famille: Mariage:
Sexe: Masculin
Parents HOAREAU, Herculin
HOAREAU, Anne Elisabeth

Famille: Mariage:
Parents GRIMAUD, Jacques
PAYET, Barbe Elisabeth
HOAREAU, Jean Baptiste Herculin Sexe: Masculin Parents HOAREAU, Herculin HOAREAU, Anne Elisabeth Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: GRIMAUD, Louise Delphine Parents GRIMAUD, Jacques PAYET, Barbe Elisabeth Enfant(s) HOAREAU, Louise Marie Elisabeth HOARAU, Louis Victor HOAREAU, Marie Delphine
HOAREAU, Marie Elisabeth Parents Famille: Enfant(s) HOAREAU, Marie Virginie
Sexe: Masculin Parents Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents Enfant(s) HOAREAU, Charles Joseph
GIGAN, Silvert Sexe: Masculin Parents GIGAN, Guy Julien GONTIER, Marie Suzanne Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents Enfant(s) GIGAN, Guy Silvert
Sexe: Masculin Parents FONTAINE, Judith Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: HOAREAU, Marianne Delcine Parents
ROLLAND, Jean Hyacinthe
Sexe: Masculin Famille: Mariage: Conjoint: Parents HOAREAU-DUPARC, Jacques

joseph Samuel Adams, b. 1762, married 1792, Elizabeth Seagraves, b. 1773 Rogers. Gordon Adams, California HAND saurin Ireland - Patrick
SITE HOSTED BY QUERIES QUESTIONS ABOUT HAND FAMILY ANCESTORS AND FAMILY MEMBERS SUBMIT YOUR QUERY THROUGH THE CONTACT PAGE HAND family England - Maryland "I am interested in finding my roots. I have family in Maryland and I have one son and twin girls." Charles Oliver Hand, England. LEWIS - SINNARD (Abraham Sinnard, Mary Ann Lewis) Ohio "One of my ancestors married a Sarah Lewis in 1811 in Clarmont Co. Ohio. I wondered if Sarah could possibly be Mary Ann's sister?" Gwen Brooks, Georgia. HAND - RICHARDS - HAINES England - New Zealand Australia Brenda Eastwood, Australia. HAND, CECIL BENJAMIN Oregon "... my grandfather. He was supposed to have died in Seaside, Oregon in the late 1940's." Robert G. "Gary" Hand, Jr., Colorado HAND - CLENDENIN "William Hand. Illinois, Kansas, Iowa."

71. Informations Généalogiques
Translate this page saurin, Anne, Sexe Féminin Décès avant 1755. BLANC, Antoine, FamilleMICHEL - GUEIDON, MICHEL, joseph, Sexe Masculin Décès avant 1794.
Mesure d'audience et statistiques
Classement des meilleurs sites, chat, sondage
OLIVE, Pierre
OLIVE, Peyron ... JULIEN, Marie (Sosa 34033) OLIVE, Gregoire ou Georges
(Sosa 8508) MICHEL, Antoine MICHEL, Catherine RICARD, Delphine (Sosa 34035) Sexe: Masculin
201 E 1480
Famille OLIVE - MAZUTI Mariage:

Famille OLIVE - LION Mariage:
LION, Venture
(Sosa 8509)
(Sosa 4254)
OLIVE, Christophe
OLIVE, Julien

DELESTRADE, Catherine Sexe: Masculin Famille OLIVE - LANFRET Mariage: LANFRET, Jean TIRAN, Honorade Famille OLIVE - TROUCHAUD Mariage: TROUCHAUD, Jacques TROUCHAUD, Isabeau ROLLANDIN, Catherine Famille OLIVE - OLIVE Mariage: OLIVE, Louis OLIVE, Pascal BARTHELEMY, Louise OLIVE, Louise PINATEL, Etienne PINATEL, Anne AUDIBERT, Jaumette OLIVE, Louis OLIVE, Jean Sexe: Masculin OLIVE, Mathieu Sexe: Masculin Famille OLIVE - GARCIN Mariage: GARCIN, Jeanne GEBELLIN, Jeanne OLIVE, Philippe OLIVE, Julien Sexe: Masculin OLIVE, Estienne Sexe: Masculin Sexe: Masculin OLIVE, Joseph Sexe: Masculin
OLIVE, Gregoire
OLIVE, Jacques DELESTRADE, Antoinette Sexe: Masculin Famille OLIVE - ARNAUD Mariage: ARNAUD, Marguerite dite Peyronne

72. Wikipedia:Rouse History Of Mathematics - Wikipedia
status not done; Grégoire de SaintVincent (1584 - 1667) status notdone; joseph saurin (1659 - 1737) status not done; Thomas Simpson
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Wikipedia:Rouse History of Mathematics
(Redirected from Rouse History of Mathematics There are a series of articles transcribed by Dr. David R. Wilkins ( School of Mathematics Trinity College, Dublin at They all start with a line: From `A Short Account of the History of Mathematics' (4th edition, 1908) by W. W. Rouse Ball. Are they fair game to grab as source material for our wikipedia? I know we are scarfing stuff from the 1911 encyclopedia, this is from 1908, so it should be under the same lack of restrictions.... discussion about sending an email, email is written, time elapses

73. I05481: Simon Searing (? - ABT 2 Aug 1735)
1. Inventory, L123.02.03; made by joseph Bonnel and George Ross, Jun'r. Ref passeddownstories say that the Searings were originally French (saurin) and came
Simon Searing
  • MALE
  • BIRTH : ?, of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, America [Ref#175]
  • DEATH : ABT 2 Aug 1735
  • NOTE : 30 Jun 1735, Will dated. [Ref#175]
  • NOTE : 2 Aug 1753, Will proved. [Ref#175]
Notes Father: John Searing ....(ABT 1650 ~ 1712 ) of Hempstead, Long Island, New York, America
Mother: Susannah Pine
Family 1 Alse ?
  • Simon Searing ....(1715-1717 ~ May 1760) Connecticut Farms, Union County, New Jersey, America S C
  • Joseph Searing
  • Sarah Searing ....(? ~ BEF 1753) S C
  • Phebe Searing
  • Amy Searing This is the time this person was browsed. Go to the INDEX
    _Jane Badger
    _John Searing Simon Searing ... REFERENCES
    1735, June 30. Searing, Simon, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co., yeoman; will
    Wife Alse. Son, Simeon, land joining land of Joseph Williams. Son,
    Joseph, land
    joining land of Mathias Swaim. Daughters- Sarah, Phebe and Amy Searing.
    Executors- brother, Samuel Searing, brother-in-law Thomas Ball, of Newark, and son Simeon. Witnesses- Timothy Whitehead, George Ross, Jun'r, Benhamin Bonnel.
  • 74. Theological And Philosophical Biography And Dictionary
    saurin See saurin, Jacques saurin, Jacques (16771730) French protestant preacher theologySee Radical theology * Seiss See Seiss, joseph Augustus Seiss
    [Home] [A] [B] [C] ... [Z]
    Sabellius : (3rd cent) modalistic view of Trinity (God appears as the Father in the OT, as the Son in the NT, and as the Holy Spirit in the church). Followers are Sabellians
    Salisbury : see John of Salisbury
    Salvation Army : See Booth
    Samosata : See Paul of Samosata
    Sanday : See Sanday, William
    Sanday, William : (1843-1920) Anglican; brought German biblical criticism to Britain; Arminian
    Sandys : See Sandys, Edwin
    Sandys, Edwin : (c 1516-1588) Archbishop of York; helped to translate Bishop's Bible
    Sangster : See Sangster, William Edwyn Sangster, William Edwyn : (1900-1960) British Methodist who wrote on preaching and Christian living Santayana : See Santayana, George Santayana, George : (1863-1952) aesthetic humanist; wrote 1. Skepticism and Animal Faith The Realm of Spirit Reason in Religion Winds of Doctrine , and 5. Realms of Being . Reality consists in a plurality of material existences known through the essences. Essences are the ideally possible modes or forms of matter. Material existences including minds embody essences. Minds intuit essences not material existences. Material existences must be accepted on "animal faith." God is the highest symbol of man's highest ideals Sartre : See Sartre, Jean-Paul

    75. Taxis : Côte D'Azur
    Translate this page salti raymond, ROQUEBRUNE CAP MARTIN. saurin georges, STE MAXIME. sautet guy,GINASSERVIS. savio frederic, PUGET SUR ARGENS. scarcella joseph, ST LAURENT DUVAR.
    Chercher sur les webs
    Horoscope Immobilier Où Dormir ... Contact Liens directs :
    Sélection Hotels

    Recherche Hotels


    Infos tourisme

    Mise jour le Thu Feb 6 19:31:07 CET 2003 a a alain taxi BORMES LES MIMOSAS a a allo antoine taxi LA GARDE a a allo taxi christian SANARY SUR MER a a claude dore taxi LES ARCS a a taxi ST LAURENT DU VAR a a taxi VILLEFRANCHE SUR MER a allo taxi suzy FREJUS a taxi de grasse GRASSE aa taxi edouard DRAGUIGNAN aaa allo allo allo taxi GRASSE abaca taxis ST LAURENT DU VAR abc taxi stephane SANARY SUR MER accueil taxi confort TOULON adami alain ROQUEBRUNE SUR ARGENS adonto nicolas LE CANNET affres jean paul taxi LA TURBIE agence azur taxi radio SIX FOURS LES PLAGES aicardi francis MENTON alain taxi FREJUS alexandre taxi FAYENCE allemandi constant MOUANS SARTOUX allo allo a jack taxis MANDELIEU allo allo azur taxi GRASSE allo auto taxi gerard LA VALETTE DU VAR allo belle vue taxi STE MAXIME allo caparros taxi VALLAURIS allo central taxi ST RAPHAEL allo chandelier taxi MOUANS SARTOUX allo claude taxi PUGET SUR ARGENS allo dominique taxi VILLENEUVE LOUBET allo gie taxi radio toulon TOULON allo jack taxi MANDELIEU allo mario maissa taxi VILLENEUVE LOUBET allo taxi CANNES LA BOCCA allo taxi azur VILLENEUVE LOUBET allo taxi bergia LES ISSAMBRES allo taxi carpino BRIGNOLES allo taxi des iles d or LA CRAU allo taxi duval rene DRAGUIGNAN allo taxi eric delegue BRIGNOLES allo taxi guy SEILLANS allo taxi jean claude CUERS allo taxi luc MOUANS SARTOUX allo taxi radio CAGNES SUR MER allo taxi riviera NICE allo taxi roustan SANARY SUR MER

    76. Gold Rush Names Index
    Will Semple, C228 Greene, Martha Bidwell, C201 Gridley, joseph F., C266 C136 Hodgkins,Pillsbury, C311 Hoffman, David, C368 Holden, Erastus saurin, B147, C185
    The Gold Rush of California: A Bibliography of Periodical Articles
    by Robert L. Santos
    California State University, Stanislaus
    University Archivist Alley-Cass Publications
    Turlock, California
    (Indexed are works BY and ABOUT those listed)
    Location Key: A Chapter One (General) B Chapter Two (Diaries, Journals, Letters) C Chapter Three (People) D Chapter Four (Places) E Chapter Five (Mines and Mining) F Chapter Six (Miscellaneous) Alexander, J.M., B2
    Allen, Bradford Ripley, C262
    Almond, William B., C320
    Anderson, Niles, B6
    Andrada, Mariana, C429
    Andrews, Alexander Robertson, C336 Armour, Philip D., C14 Athearn, P.A., B11 Ayres, Thomas A., C402 Bachman, Jacob Henry, B12 Bailey, Henry Clay, B13 Baker, Alpheus, C349 Baker, Bull, C349 Baker, Edward Dickinson, C78 Ball, Tom, C411 Ballou, Sylvester Allen, C7 Barter, Richard H., C327 Bass, John Stephen, C210 Bayley, Thomas S., B18 Beach, George Holton, B19 Beale, Edward Fitzgerald, C40, C390 Bell, Tom, C263 Benjamin, Judah Philip, C216 Benton, Kezia D., F180a

    77. - Livres Anciens - Livres Rares - Livres Anciens Et D'occasion. L
    Translate this page 1792. 56 pages. Bernard-joseph saurin 1706-1781. Élu à l'AcadémieFrançaise en 1761 au fauteuil 39. Né à Paris, en 1706.

    78. Columbia Business School Reunions - Lost Alumni
    David Ruf '97, Luis Samper '97*, joseph Sarbinowski '97*. Ileana Scheytt '97, BlairSelber '97*, Aparup Sen '97. Julie Seto '97, saurin Shah '97, Melissa Shea '97.
    See who is registered to attend Reunion 2002. If you are not listed here and you have registered, email
    If you would like to attend Reunions please register This list will be updated weekly, so continue to check back and see which of your classmates will be coming back! * Denotes an Executive MBA degree holder.
    1997 Registered Alumni Kojo Addo-Kufuor '97
    Daniel Allen '97*
    Amy Arthur '97
    Roberto Augspach '97
    Elizabeth Barrekette '97
    Kelly Bartlett '97
    Jonathan Baugher '97*
    Avi Berg '97
    Anne Bingham '97 William Bisanz '97 Allon Bloch '97 Courtney Blondel '97 Stephen Bondi '97* Maria Boniface '97

    79. Lebensdaten Von Mathematikern
    Translate this page 1904) Sang, Edward (1805 - 1890) Sanson d'Abbeville, Nicolas (1600 - 1667) Sarrus,Piere Frederic (1798 - 1861) saurin, joseph (1659 - 1737) Savage, Leonhard
    Diese Seite ist dem Andenken meines Vaters Otto Hebisch (1917 - 1998) gewidmet. By our fathers and their fathers
    in some old and distant town
    from places no one here remembers
    come the things we've handed down.
    Marc Cohn Dies ist eine Sammlung, die aus verschiedenen Quellen stammt, u. a. aus Jean Dieudonne, Geschichte der Mathematik, 1700 - 1900, VEB Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin 1985. Helmut Gericke, Mathematik in Antike und Orient - Mathematik im Abendland, Fourier Verlag, Wiesbaden 1992. Otto Toeplitz, Die Entwicklung der Infinitesimalrechnung, Springer, Berlin 1949. MacTutor History of Mathematics archive A B C ... Z Abbe, Ernst (1840 - 1909)
    Abel, Niels Henrik (5.8.1802 - 6.4.1829)
    Abraham bar Hiyya (1070 - 1130)
    Abraham, Max (1875 - 1922)
    Abu Kamil, Shuja (um 850 - um 930)
    Abu'l-Wafa al'Buzjani (940 - 998)
    Ackermann, Wilhelm (1896 - 1962) Adams, John Couch (5.6.1819 - 21.1.1892) Adams, John Frank (5.11.1930 - 7.1.1989) Adelard von Bath (1075 - 1160) Adler, August (1863 - 1923) Adrain, Robert (1775 - 1843)

    80. Department Of Surgery
    Frisina Robert D. Hengerer Arthur S. Norante John D. Popat saurin Pulli Ronald CaldwellElethea H. Losee joseph Orlando Greg S. Serletti joseph M. Smith Andrew

    Departments of Surgery Faculty Research ... Chirurgica Dicta - Surgery Newsletter
    Choose a department here Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery-Pediatrics Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery-Thoracic Division of General Surgery Division of Otolaryngology Section of Pediatric Surgery Division of Plastic Surgery Research Faculty Surgical Intensive Care Division of Transplantation- Solid Organ of Transplantation- Solid Organ Section of Trauma, Burns, and Critical Care Division of Vascular Surgery
    Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery DeWeese James A.
    Hicks Georg

    Massey T. Howard

    Risher William H.
    ... back to menu
    Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery-Pediatrics
    Alfieris George M. back to menu
    Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery-Thoracic Surgery
    Feins Richard H.
    Johnstone David W.

    Watson Thomas J
    back to menu
    Division of General Surgery
    Adams James T.
    Ahrendt Gretchen M.

    Andrus Karl H.

    Dass Tulsi
    ... back to menu
    Division of Otolaryngology
    Doerr Timothy D. Dutcher Paul O. Frisina Robert D. Hengerer Arthur S. ... back to menu
    Section of Pediatric Surgery
    Drugas George T.

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