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         Savile Sir Henry:     more detail
  2. The Annals and History of Cornelius Tacitus; His Account of the Ancient Germans, and the Life of Agricola. Made English by Several Hands, with Political Reflections from Monsieur Amelot de la Houssay; and Notes of the Learned Sir Henry Savile, Rickius, and Others, Three-Volume Set by Cornelius Tacitus, 1716
  3. A libell of Spanish lies: fovnd at the sacke of Cales, discoursing the fight in the West Indies, twixt the English nauie being fourteene ships and pinasses, ... and of the death of Sir Francis Drake. With by Henry Savile, Bernaldino Delgadillo de Avellaneda, 2010-09-07

importance of being Earnest, The. Lady Windermere's Fan. Lord Arthur savile'sCrime. Master, The. Yarrow Visited. WOTTON, sir henry. Character of a Happy Life.
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Wigglesworth, Michael Wilde, Oscar Wilkins, Mary E. ... Wyatt, Sir Thomas WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS Birds' Christmas Carol, The Marm Lisa New chronicles of Rebecca old Peabody pew, The ... summer in a canyon, A WIGGLESWORTH, MICHAEL day of doom, The WILDE, OSCAR Art etching artist, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, The Birthday of the Infanta, The ... Young King, The WILKINS, MARY E. After the Rain Conflict Ended, A Eglantina Emmy ... Whist-Players, The WILSON , J. Canadian Boat Song, The WILSON, HARRIET E. Our Nig; or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black WILLIAMS, HENRY SMITH History of Science in Five Volumes, A. Volume I: The Beginnings of Science History of Science in Five Volumes, A. Volume II: The Beginnings of Modern Science History of Science in Five Volumes, A. Volume III: Modern development ... of the Chemical and Biological Sciences WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE night of the iguana, The WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS Approach of Winter Blizzard desolate field, The January ... Winter Trees WINTER, CALVIN Representative American Story Tellers: XVI Edith Wharton WINTER, JOHN STRANGE Koosje: a study of dutch life WISTER, OWEN

62. Art Collection
58.Print of Engraving. George savile, Marquis of Hallifax(sic), 1740.59.Print of Engraving. 66.Print of Engraving. sir henry Vane, 1742.
The Art Collection 19th Century Art [Back to Collections Page] [Back to Art Index] Interior of a church - Attributed to Neefs The Thames near Waterloo - T. Greenhalgh ... Woolwork Picture - Child on Horse with Dog.

63. TTS Subject Index S
Halifax, 88, 434 ; 94, 14 savile, sir George, 71, 75 ; 99, 12 savile, Gertrude,account books of, RS XXIV, 99-146 savile, henry, 94, 69-74 savile, sir John, 99
TTS Subject Index: S
Sacheverell family tombs
St.Martin, Adam of

Salmon, Francis

Savile, Gertrude, account books of
Savile, Henry

Savile, Sir John

Savile cartulary
R.S. XXIX , xv-xix
Savile household, diet of

Saxton, Henry

Scaftworth, Roman fort ... Scarrington, manor account roll R.S. XI Schools: north Nottinghamshire Schools: Nottingham Schools: Nottinghamshire Scientific education ... Scofton 5 supplement Scofton, church Sconces: Colonel Greye's Sconces: Hooper's Sconces: Queen's ... Screveton, account roll R.S. XI Scrooby Scrooby, charter boundary Scrooby, earthwork Scrooby, quarter sessions ... Sculpture: alabaster R.S. XXI Sculpture: Roman religious sculpture Sculpture: statue of Hercules Seagrave, John de Seals: borough of Nottingham ... Settlement, certificates of: Newark R.S. XI Settlement, certificates of: Willoughby-on-the-Wolds R.S. XI Settlement, laws of Seymour, William Digby Shaw, John Sheep ... Shelford: Sherwood Forest 1609 survey R.S. XL sixteenth-century map Shelford: weir Shepherd, George Sheppard, John Sadler ... Sherwood Forest R.S. XXIII R.S. XL

64. Jacobus Houbraken Artworks And Fine Art At
Albans, Lord Chancellor, 1738 George savile, 1740 Cardinal Wolsey, 1738 William Waynfleet GeorgeHamilton, Earl of Orkney, 1742 Portrait of sir henry Vane, 1742
Artist: H : JACOBUS HOUBRAKEN Alphabetical Artist Index: A B C D ...
Portrait of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, 17th - 18th century

Salvador Dali
Our Supplier's price: $8.00

Salvador Dali
Persistence of Memory
Our Supplier's price: $19.00

Gustav Klimt
Schloss Kammer Am Altensee II
Our Supplier's price: $10.00
John William Waterhouse A Mermaid, 1900 Our Supplier's price: $7.00 John William Waterhouse A Mermaid Our Supplier's price: $22.00 Indepth Arts Search: Please Select A Database By Name - Artist Portfolios Title, Description - Portfolios By Location - Artist Portfolios Arts News Search the Web / Websites Contact Info Free Arts News Browse the Arts Artist Portfolios ... WWAR.COM Services

65. Worksop, The Dukery, And Sherwood Forest: Rufford Abbey
savile, the seventh Baronet, whose son, sir George savile by his son, John savileLumley savile, the eighth 1856, left it to his son, henry savile, Esquire, the
Rufford Abbey
THIS fine rural liberty was anciently called Rugforde or Ruinforde. Rufford became an occasional residence of this noble family, and it was here that the celebrated Bess of Hardwick, with her usual ambitious scheming, brought about a hasty marriage between her daughter Elizabeth and Charles Stuart, younger brother of Darnley, the father of James 1st. Charles was travelling towards Scotland in 1574, with his mother, the Countess of Lennox; the latter being somewhat indisposed, they were prevailed on by Bess to rest a few days at Rufford, when the above-mentioned wedding took place. This marriage gave great offence to Queen Elizabeth, and the two mothers were in consequence committed to the Tower, but were afterwards released. In the meantime the young Countess of Lennox became the mother of the ill-fated Arabella Stuart, whose near proximity to the Crown was the cause of a life of persecution and woe. With reference to this affair the following amusing letter was written by the Earl of Shrewsbury, the husband of Bess, to Lord Burghley, in which, though professing to treat the matter lightly, as he knew it would be otherwise looked upon by his jealous sovereign, he evidently tries to shift the burden from his own shoulders.

66. Ben Jonson's "Discoveries": Francis Bacon
sir henry savile grave, and truly letter'd ; sir Edwin Sandes, excellent in both Lo Edgerton, and the Chancellor, a grave, and great Orator ; and best, when
Discoveries. Dominus
lanus. One, though hee be excellent, and the chief, is not to bee imitated alone. For never no Imitator, ever grew up to his Author; likenesse is alwayes on this side Truth : Yet there hapn'd, in my time, one noble Speaker, who was full of gravity in his speaking. His language, (where hee could spare, or passe by a jest) was nobly censorious. No man ever spake more neatly, more presly, more weightily, or suffer'd lesse emptinesse, lesse idlenesse, in what hee utter'd. No member of his speech, but consisted of the owne graces : His hearers could not cough, or looke aside from him, without losse. Hee commanded where hee spoke ; and had his Judges angry, and pleased at his devotion. No man had their affections more in his power. The feare of every man that heard him, was, lest hee should make an end. Scriptorum
Cicero is said to bee the only wit, that the people of Rome had equall'd to their Empire. Ingenium par imperio. We have had many, and in their severall Ages, (to take in but the former Seculum.

67. Modern History Sourcebook: Ben Jonson (1573-1625): On Lord Francis Bacon, 1625
The Earl of Essex, noble and high; and sir Walter Raleigh, not to be contemned, eitherfor judgment or style; sir henry savile, grave, and truly lettered; sir
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Modern History Sourcebook:
Ben Jonson
On Lord Francis Bacon, 1625
Introductory Note Dominus Verulamius [Footnote 1: Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam.] One, though he be excellent and the chief, is not to be imitated alone; for never no imitator ever grew up to his author; likeness is always on this side truth. Yet there happened in my time one noble speaker who was full of gravity in his speaking; his language, where he could spare or pass by a jest, was nobly censorious. No man ever spake more neatly, more presly, more weightily, or suffered less emptiness, less idleness, in what he uttered. No member of his speech but consisted of his own graces. His hearers could not cough, or look aside from him, without loss. He commanded where he spoke, and had his judges angry and pleased at his devotion. No man had their affections more in his power. The fear of every man that heard him was lest he should make an end. [Footnote 1: Severe.] [Footnote 2: Concisely.] [Footnote 3: Choice, disposal.]

68. Spy4
Cooke, Mr. Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe, The Constitutional Union, 20. Crossley,sir savile Brinton, Bart., MP, Lowestoft, 20. Frere, sir henry, The Slave Trade,20.
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Person Caption Retail GBP (Sterling)
Aird, Mr John North Paddington Allan, Mr W The Gateshead Giant Balfour, Mr. Jabez Spencer Burnley 10 (Faded) Bessborough, The Rt. Hon. The Earl Of Fred Birkbeck, Mr. Edward, M.P. the fishermans friend Bolton, Mr.T.H. Buonparte B Bright, John John Bright POA Bromley-Davenport. Mr.William. M.P Macclesfield Carington, Col The Hon W.H.P. Bill Churchill, The Rt. Hon. Lord Randolph In A New Character Clifford, Sir Augustus William James, Bart., C.B. Black Rod Collings, Mr Jesse M P 3 Acres and A Cow Cooke, Mr. Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe

69. Main
ended in 1306, but through Isabella Fitzosbert, who married sir henry Walpole and Theironly child, sir savile (the present Lord Somerleyton's grandfather) was
Welcome to the website about Somerleyton Hall, our family home since 1863. We are very proud of this part of our heritage and our ambition is to continue to be able to conserve it, not just for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, but also for the many visitors who come here each year to enjoy the house and particularly the garden, which is ever changing. We hope you will enjoy your visit.
Lord and Lady Somerleyton Reduced rate tickets available. Click on the picture...
Click small picture to get your REDUCED rate entry ticket Somerleyton stands on the site of an earlier Jacobean manor house , but the house we see today is unmistakably early Victorian. Sir Morton Peto, a self-made entrepreneur carried out the transformation of Somerleyton to this extravagant mansion between 1844 and 1851, after he had purchased the estate. No expense was spared, paintings were specially commissioned for the house, and the gardens and grounds were completely redesigned. Projecting wings flank the courtyard, there is an Italianate Victorian campanile tower which once held a smoking-room-cum-observatory and from which one can see the sea and St. Margaret's Church, Lowestoft. A clock designed by Vulliamy of the famous clock-making family dominates the courtyard. The front is both impressive and romantic. Between the two wings is a connecting stone screen in French Renaissance style with most elaborate carving. The gable ends of the two wings incorporate the old Dutch gables of the original Hall.

70. Blank Page 5
sir George savile, sir Charles Kemeys Tynte, sir Boynton, sir George Strickland,sir Digby Legard John Dealtry, Esquires; John Drinkrow, henry Drinkrow, junior
CONTENTS VICTORIAN ANCESTORS MAKING NEWS NAMES RELATING TO DRIFFIELD CANAL The cutting of the canal, the brainchild of William Porter of the Blue Bell (Now Bell Hotel), Driffield, culminated in an Act of Parliament. This Act mentioned the people acting at Commissioners. I have a copy of the original Act and two subsequent amendments. The names mentioned therein are as follows - And from thence continued by feveral Protogatons to the Eleventh Day of November, 1766, being the Sixth Seffion of the Twelth Parliament of Great Britain. LONDON Printed by Mark Bafkett, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majefty, and by the Affigns of Robert Bafkett, 1767. Commiffioners - TOTAL OF 31 PAGES Anno Quadragesimo Primo, GEORGII III. REGIS - An Act to alter and amend an Act in the Seventh Year of the Reign of His present Majefty, intituled, An Act for improving the Navigation of the River Hull and Frodingham Beck, from Aike Back Mouth to the Clough on the Eaft Corner of Filfholme, and for extending the faid Navigation from the faid laid Clough into or near the Town of Great Driffield in the Eaft Riding of the County of York, and to extend and improve the faid Navigation (2d July 1801) Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan, Printers to the King's moft Excellent Majefty, 1801

71. Nov 30 - Author Anniversaries
Born 1549 sir, henry savile 1554 sir, Philip SIDNEY 1667 Dean, Jonathan SWIFT( ps Lemuel GULLIVER) 1670 John TOLAND 1756 sir, Thomas Andrew Lumisden
Author Anniversaries for Nov 30
If you find a person's date of birth or death on this page and want to find that person's date of death or birth, or other information, try looking them up in the New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors pages. Born: Died: 1654: John SELDEN 1654: William HABINGTON 1852: Elizabeth ( Return to the Author Anniversaries page. Return to the kingkong home page.

72. Jan 24 - Author Anniversaries
1946 Robert MACHRAY 1947 Felix TIMMERMANS 1952 sir, James David SIFTON 1954Prof, T Arthur LEVI 1954 Rev, John savile TUCKER 1954 sir, henry SHARP 1955
Author Anniversaries for Jan 24
If you find a person's date of birth or death on this page and want to find that person's date of death or birth, or other information, try looking them up in the New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors pages. Born: 1287: Richard AUNGERVILLE, aka RICHARD de/of Bury 1638: Charles SACKVILLE, 6th Earl of DORSET 1732: Pierre Augustin Caron de BEAUMARCHAIS 1749: Charles James FOX 1776: Ernst Theodor Amadeus( Died: 1762: James RALPH 1837: Elizabeth PENROSE (ps: Mrs MARKHAM) 1866: Rev, Mark Young STARK 1873: Prof, Karl ZELL 1875: Maunsell Bradhurst FIELD 1885: Martin Robinson DELANY 1894: Constance Fenimore WOOLSON 1897: Margaret Wolfe HUNGERFORD, LOWINSKY 2001: Betty KENWARD 2002: Godefroy PERROUX 2002: Jefferson D BATES 2002: Peter GZOWSKI 2002: Sir, (William) Thomas (Charles) SKYRME 2002: William E RASCO 2003: Evelyn, 'Bobbi', TROUT, 2003: Henri KRASUCKI Return to the Author Anniversaries page. Return to the kingkong home page.

73. The Savile's
The 3rd sir John savile now took over (he had the throne as Richard III, he appointedsir John, Captain but afterwards made his submission to henry Tudor and

74. Berkshire History: Biographies: Sir Edward Hoby (1560-1617)
Edward. In 1612, Hoby presented sir henry savile's sumptuous editionof 'St. Chrysostom' to the library of Trinity College, Oxford.

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Sir Edward Hoby (1560-1617)
Born: 1560 at Bisham, Berkshire
Di ed: 1st March 1617 at Queen borough Castle, Kent
Edward, born at Bisham (Berkshire) in 1560, was eldest son of Sir Thomas Hoby of Bisham Abbey (Berkshire), by Elizabeth the third daughter of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall (Essex). He was educated at Eton, where he formed a lasting friendship with Sir John Harington. He matriculated at Oxford as a gentleman-commoner from Trinity College on 11th November 1574. He was allowed to graduate as a BA, on 19th February 1576, after keeping only eight terms and, before he had completed ten terms, proceeded to become an MA, on 3rd July of the same year, being the senior master in the comitia. At college, Thomas Lodge, the dramatist, was servitour or scholar under him. In June 1576, he obtained a dispensation for two years and two terms in order to travel on the continent. Subsequently, as he states in his 'Counter-snarle', he entered himself at the Middle Temple. Under the auspices of his maternal uncle, Lord Burghley, Edward rose into high favour at court and was frequently employed on confidential missions. His fortunes were further advanced by his marriage, on 21st May 1582, with Margaret the daughter of Queen Elizabeth's cousin, Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon. The day after the wedding, he was knighted by the Queen.

75. Old, Rare And Out-of-print Book Database
ABA, Order / enquire about this book 6623 LUNN ( sir henry ), ed. Aegean JamesFenning, ABA, Order / enquire about this book 7122 savile ( sir John ) Les

76. Henry V - Polydore Virgile
Translate this page sir henry savile condamne en lui un étranger aux affaires anglaises,dont l'histoire est à la fois incorrecte et maigre. Caius
Chapitre 4 : Les historiens tudors Polydore Virgile : Anglica Historia l'Anglica Historia Brut visae puellae forma captus vient probablement de Tito Livio Brut Brut Anglica Historia Kingsford Anglica Historia , la qualifiant de exiliter sane et jejune conscripta , admet que l' Anglica Historia Accueil Notes : Urbinatis Angliae Historiae Engl. Hist. Lit Kingsford ajoute ( Engl. Hist. Lit Brut Caxton's Chronicles , le Brut Vita et Gesta , p. 42. Vita , p. 75. Anglica Historia Engl. Hist. Lit. Tr. Roy. Hist. Soc Dont le Scriptores Pour la Camden Society en 1844. Engl. Hist. Lit ., p. 258. Kingsford ( First Engl. Life History of Richard III

77. Richard III - First Battle Of St. Albans
John de Clinton of Amington, Warwickshire. sir Thomas Courtenay, Earl of Devon,captured. henry Retford of Lincolnshire. John savile of Thornhill, Yorkshire.
1455: 22 May - First Battle of St. Albans When in March 1454 King Henry VI recovered from the long mental illness that had caused the Duke of York’s first protectorate, it was obvious that war could not long be delayed. The Duke of Somerset was released from the Tower and reinstated in the King’s favor, whereas the Duke of York and his colleagues wee dismissed from their offices and sent back to their estates, soon to be in peril of their lives. York summoned his friends to arms, and at the head of 3,000 men and accompanied by Lords Salisbury and Warwick he marched against the King in London. However, Henry left pro-Yorkist London for Leicester and, on learning that York was at Ware, set up his standard at St. Albans. The King had with him the Dukes of Somerset and Buckingham, Lords Pembroke, Northumberland and Devon and about 2,000 men. The Lancastrians attempted to hold the town behind two barriers in Hollywell and St. Peter’s Streets against Yorkist attacks from the east. Two frontal attacks mad no headway, but Warwick infiltrated his troops through an unguarded part of the town’s defenses and spreading out took both barricades in the flank. The whole action lasted only half an hour and no more than 150 Lancastrians were killed; but the toll among their senior officers was very heavy. Somerset, Northumberland and Clifford were killed; Buckingham’s son died of wounds and Buckingham himself was wounded. FIRST BATTLE OF ST. ALBANS

78. Authors In The EProsed
Bunn, Alfred; Burges, sir James Bland; Burgoyne, John; Burnaby, William; Byron,henry James; Carey, George savile; Carey, henry; Carlell, Lodowick; Cary, henry;Caryll
Authors in the English Prose Drama Database
  • à Beckett, Gilbert Abbott à Beckett, Gilbert Abbott and Lemon, Mark Addison, Joseph Allingham, William Almar, George Andrews, Miles Peter Andrews, Miles Peter and Reynolds, Frederick Anonymous (Early Nineteenth Century) Anonymous (Elizabethan) Anonymous (Jacobean and Caroline) Anonymous (Late Eighteenth Century) Anonymous (Medieval) Anonymous (Mid Nineteenth Century) Anonymous (Restoration) Anonymous (Restoration) and Dryden, John Anonymous (Tudor) Anonymous (University Plays) Anstey, F. Arnold, Samuel James Atherstone, Edwin Bacon, Phanuel Baillie, Joanna Baker, Henry and Miller, James Baker, Thomas Ball, Edward Barnett, Charles Zachary Barnett, Morris Barrett, Eaton Stannard Barrymore, William Bayley, Nathaniel Thomas Haynes Beazley, Samuel Behn, Aphra Bellamy, Daniel Bernard, William Bayle Betterton, Thomas Bickerstaffe, Isaac Bickerstaffe, Isaac and Foote, Samuel Blanchard, Edward Litt Leman Bloomfield, Robert Boaden, James Boucicault, Dionysius Lardner Boyle, Roger Boyle, William Brand, Barbarina Brand, Hannah

79. Historical Manuscripts Commission | National Register Of Archives | List Of Pers
1743) 7th Baronet MP for Yorkshire (1) savile, sir George (17261784) 8th BaronetPolitician (9) savile, sir henry (1549-1622) Knight Mathematician (2) savile

SC SE SF ... SZ List of Persons with surname beginning SA
Sabatier, Charles Paul Marie (1858-1928) French Protestant Church Historian

Sabatini, Rafael (1875-1950) Author and Dramatist

Sabben, John C (fl 1859-1862) Seaman

Sabin, Margaret Katherine (1887-1978) Missionary
Sayner, Phyllis M (1955-62)

Persons listed:
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80. National Portrait Gallery AZ Of Portrait Sitters (S)
2 portraits. sir George savile, 8th Bt (17261784), Politician. 1 portrait. 1portrait. sir henry Saville (1549-1622), Scholar. 2 portraits.

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