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         Sneddon Ian:     more books (49)
  1. Elements of Partial Differential Equatio by Ian N Sneddon, 1980
  2. The effect of internal cracks on the distribution of stress in thin elastic strips and cylinders by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1963
  3. The use of transform methods in elasticity by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1964
  4. Special Functions of Mathematical PH 2ND Edition by Ian N Sneddon, 1961-01-01
  5. The Linear Theory of Thermoelasticity: Course Held at the Department of Mechanics of Solids, July 1972 (Courses and Lectures / International Centre for Mechanical S) by Cism International Center for Mechanica, 1975-02
  6. Special Functions of Mathematical Physic by Ian N Sneddon, 1956
  7. Dual series relations: Lectures given in the Department of mathematics, North Carolina State College, Raleigh in March 1963 by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1963
  8. Lectures on fractional integration and dual integral equations by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1962
  9. Two lectures concerning pressurized cracks, by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1969
  10. Lectures on Mehler-Fock transforms and some of their applications, by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1966
  11. The stress intensity factors for a Griffith crack whose surfaces: Are loaded asymmetrically, by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1968
  12. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Mathematics for Engineeres and Applied Scientists
  13. Lectures on transform methods: April 20, 1966 and April 12, 1967 by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1967
  14. Mixed boundary value problems in mathematical physics (AFOSR-TN-60-51) by Ian Naismith Sneddon, 1960

41. Dover Books: Fourier Analysis
sneddon, ian N. Link to sneddon, ian N. Fourier Transforms to Book, Tolstov Silverman Link to Tolstov Silverman Fourier Series to Book, Wilcox Myers
The entries in the table below are organized by order of " author " surname. To get more information about a particular book, and/or to order that book from our affiliated supplier (, just click on the picture of the desired book cover (or title text) . You will then be linked to the appropriate web page at our supplier's website. Use your browser's " Back " button to return to this page.
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Available Dover 'Mathematics' Books: Fourier Analysis For more information, click on the book cover image (or title text) below: Davis, Harry F.
Katznelson, Yitzhak
Kellogg, Oliver D.
Sansone, G.

42. Results
Results 1 1 of 1 short listing 1, Theory of Automata Arto Salomaa, ian N. sneddon Book, Pergamon Press Reprint January 1969, 77%. author&querydisp=Ian N. Sne


44. British Association Of Dermatologists - About - History - Index
Archibald Cathcart Samman, Peter Derrick Sangster, Alfred Savatard, Louis Sequeira,James Henry Smith, John Ferguson sneddon, ian Bruce Startin, James Stowers

45. West Lothian Sub Aqua Club - Xmas 2000
From left to right in the back row Douglas Potter, Jenny Young, Scott sneddon,ian Whyte, Phil Swierkot, Graham Reid, Henry Johnston, Russell Parker, John
Christmas Dive
Between dives at Furnace, 18th December. From left to right in the back row : Douglas Potter, Jenny Young, Scott Sneddon, Ian Whyte, Phil Swierkot, Graham Reid, Henry Johnston, Russell Parker, John McLean, Irene McCrystal, Craig Lyon, John McCrystal, Douglas Forman, Glenda Forman, Colin McDonald, Fiona McDonald, James Anthony and Marie Sneddon
Front row left to right: Derek Bryce, Ian Whyte junior, Gloria McLean, Craig Reid, Gordon Young and Lesley Anderson.
Jim Anderson is behind the camera and Alistair Stewart, Kate Anderson and Max the dog turned up later for soup and a dive.

46. Artclimbers Contemporary Art Gallery - Alison Sneddon
About the Artist Alison sneddon attended the Edinburgh College of Art, the Camberwell Emailthe Webmaster ian Lipman Or visit IJL Web Solutions at www.ijlws
An on-line art gallery, actively promoting the work of both up-and-coming, and established artists Back to art climbers
home page
... Artist's Statement
Alison Sneddon
(click any image for a larger view)
Ethereal 2
Reflection Reminiscence 2 Spirit Alison is happy to accept commissions For information on how to buy this work, here About the Artist Alison Sneddon attended the Edinburgh College of Art, the Camberwell School of Art, and the Royal College of Art (London), achieving a BA (2(1) Hons) in Fine Art Painting. She now lives and works in Edinburgh, and as well as exhibiting around Britain and the USA (details below), she also has her artwork on display on a number of Internet Galleries. Exhibitions/Awards 2002 The Atrium Gallery, Long Island City, New York U.S.A (Mneumonic A 9/11 Memorial Exhibition)

47. Estates Management
Dick sneddon, Security Services Manager, dick sneddon's details. ian Baxter,Security Services Manager (JH), ian baxter's details. Useful links Back.
Estates Management
Home Pages: University Estates Management
Useful links: Back Estates Management - Staff Teams Director's Office Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Graham Roddick Director Jean Dearie Secretary Technical Services Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Pat Hoy Head of Technical Services Anne Tetlow Secretary Space Management Team Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Eleanor Magennis Resident Architect Douglas Young Architectural Assistant Iona Beauly Architectural Assistant Gary Kerr Database Administrator Major Projects Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Jennifer Mack Senior Project Manager John Ferguson Project Manager Ian Wishart Assistant Project Manager Raymond Bradley Clerk of Works Jim Gallagher Clerk of Works Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Mark Lindsay Contracts Surveyor Barry Morton Contracts Surveyor Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Ross Simpson Project Engineer George Thomson Assistant Plant Engineer Ian McKay Project Engineer Andrew McWatt Assistant Mechanical Engineer Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Ray Lawrence Electrical Engineer Bob Shanks Assistant Electrical Engineer Administration Team Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Anne Orr Office Manager Sylvia Scott EMIS Assistant Helen Hart Clerkess Anne Kerr Clerkess Mary Skelly Clerical Alan Moffat Accommodation Unit Supervisor Joan Caldwell Accommodation/Helpdesk Irene Wilson Helpdesk Assistant Telephone Service Name Job Title Send Email Full Details Margaret McCue Telecomms Administrator Facilities Management Services Name Job Title Send Email Full Details

48. - Game Fishing With Ian Neale On The Rivers Spey And Avon
rod’ sneddon found his usual form when he landed 3 salmon in the day. By the endof the day we had landed 23 fish, including a fish each for Mike and ian (12 Home
Speycasting Rivers Spey and Avon River Findhorn ... Conservation
Update: 20 March 2001.
The new season started with great optimism with reports of fresh fish running the Spey, Dee and Findhorn systems. There has been concern, however, as the sad news of the Foot and Mouth disease epidemic, has had implications for those with an interest in outdoor pursuits. We are pleased to say that most Highland Salmon angling continues, but with full compliance from anglers with respect to strict disinfection procedures at strategic points of access to the beat. We encourage all anglers to continue to fully conform with such requests where asked to do so.
Update: 27 March 2001. The Scottish Executive has now declared that the Scottish countryside north of the Forth-Clyde divide to be provisionally Foot and Mouth disease free. A substantial area of National Trust and Forestry Commission land together with many country estates and Historic Scotland properties have re-opened. This is excellent news allround but particularly for those with a love of the great outdoors. This also means that Salmon angling should not be restricted and although disinfection precautions will still apply, full access to fishing beats should be possible.

49. - Game Fishing With Ian Neale On The Rivers Spey And Avon
the tail end of Skerries pool soon produced a sea liced beauty for Alan sneddon of9lb ian caught a fish of 8lb from the Duillain pool on Logie on a small brass Home
Speycasting Rivers Spey and Avon River Findhorn ... Conservation Fishing News FISHING NEWS FOR RIVERS SPEY, AVON, DEE AND FINDHORN SEASON 2002 The new Salmon fishing season is now upon us. We feel an air of optimism for 2002 following the much improved Salmon runs of last season. In fact it was good to hear of a fresh 11 pounder being taken at Kenmore on the Tay on opening day. The Aberdeenshire Dee fared particularly well in 2001; so much so that the start of it's season this year has been brought forward to the 1st February, as was traditionally the case. Ian and Mike are looking forward to fishing Park on opening day and are hoping to tempt one of those beautiful early Dee springers. Watch this space for early news from the highland rivers. Update 1st Feb 2002: Well the new season on Dee came in like a lion. We arrived at Park to find the gauge at 44 inches. The river was big but clear. The wind was gusting to 70 miles an hour and the rain came down in sheets! Undeterred, we ventured forth with big rods. windcutters with fast tips and brass tubes. It was good to be searching for salar again; Ian was sure there were springers in the system. Well, Mike soon took a well mended kelt and Ian a fresh little finnock, so the fish were seeing our flies. By mid morning, however, it was clear the river was rising and colouring: by lunchtime our chances looked slim. By late afternoon the gauge showed 62 inches; ironically the rain and wind had started to ease. We reflected on those silver torpedoes which were no doubt nosing into the system.

50. PRIZE WINNERS 2001 - 2002
NonExpert, Bob sneddon, Judith Hulland, Robert Missenden, ian Woodward. RestrictedTeams, 2, Judith Hulland, Robert Missenden, Bob sneddon, ian Woodward.
Robert Northage 30.05.02
PRIZE WINNERS 2001 - 2002

51. ITU Library Services
Sneck, Henry J., 1926, 1991, 1. sneddon, I. N, 1966, 1. sneddon, ian N, 1980,1. sneddon, ian Naismith, 6. sneddon, Joseph, 1999, 1. Snedecor, George Waddel,1967, 1.*tur/aSneed, Marsha/asneed marsha/-5,-1,0,
Istanbul Technical University Libraries
Yazar Baþlýk Konu Kelime Dergi Adý Tez No. Yer No ISSN/ISBN Resmi Dok # OCLC No Yakýn Yazarlar þunlardýr: Yýl Bulunan Sneck, Henry J., 1926- Sneddon, I. N Sneddon, Ian N Sneddon, Ian Naismith ...
Snell, J. Laurie. ort.yaz.

52. ITU Library Services
Solids Collected works. Elasticity Collected works. Mekanik. Katilar.Esneklik. Alt yazar, sneddon, ian Naismith. Hill, Rodney, 1921.*tur/dMechanics, Applied -- Periodicals/dm
Istanbul Technical University Libraries
Yazar Baþlýk Konu Kelime Dergi Adý Tez No. Yer No ISSN/ISBN Resmi Dok # OCLC No Baþlik Progress in solid mechanics / ed. I. N. Sneddon, R. Hill Baski Amsterdam : North-Holland, 1960- BULUN.YER YER NO STATÜSÜ MAKÝNE FAK. KÜTÜPHANESÝ c.4 RAFTA MERKEZ KÜTÜPHANE c.1 RAFTA Tanim Bibliyog. Kaynakça ve dizin var Konu Mechanics Collected works Solids Collected works Elasticity Collected works Mekanik ... Esneklik Alt yazar Sneddon, Ian Naismith Hill, Rodney, 1921-

53. The Bay News Far And Mid North
ian and Leonie sneddon are farewelled The President of the Kaingaroa Lions Club,ian Rutherford, says the March tea meeting was an extremely pleasant evening
News Home News Features Columns ... Sport Anthony Warren going for gold in Texas
America is the destination for popular local personal trainer Anthony Warren, who is jetting off to Killeen, Texas, just outside Dallas for the World Masters Benchpress Championships.
One of only three attendees from New Zealand, all of whom are from Northland, Warren will be up against competitors from all over the world, including Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Japan, Scandinavia, Korea, China and the Eastern Bloc.
"Northland has one of the strongest powerlifting regions of the country," says Warren, 56, who will be competing in the over-50, under-100kg category.
"It's not a sport that requires speed and youth, just pure strength. Most lifters do not come into their prime until they are 35. It takes years for the body to develop the tolerance to be able to handle these weights. And a large amount of mental hardness to be a champion."
Warren has been benchpressing competitively for four years after giving up bodybuilding, and holds two New Zealand records for the under-90kg and under-100kg categories.

54. Contacts
Under 8s. David Paterson. EMail ian sneddon.E-Mail Under 10s. Mark Phillips. E-Mail
Heston Rovers Youth Football Club Useful Contacts Coaches: Under 8s David Paterson E-Mail: Ian Sneddon E-Mail: Under 10s Mark Phillips E-Mail: Neil McGill E-Mail: David McNay E-Mail: Under 12s Under 13s Scott McGill E-Mail: David Magee E-Mail: Campbell Gall E-Mail: Ian Hammond E-Mail: Under 16s Roy Talaszko E-Mail: D McCulloch E-Mail: Chairman Secretary Webmaster Scott McGill E-Mail: Trish Barbour E-Mail: Gary Murray E-Mail:

55. Long Records Group 28 (271-280)
1. Health Services Research I. sneddon, ian Naismith. joint author II. Kerr WhiteHealth Care Collection III. Mathematics of medicine and biology. Short Record.
Dickson, Paul.
Kerr White Q 180 U5 D45 1971
Think tanks . [1st ed.] New York, Atheneum, 1971. xi, 369 p. 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references. This item is part of a special collection: The Kerr White Health Care Collection. For access to this collection, please go to Historical Collections. 1. Health Services Research I. Kerr White Health Care Collection Short Record Beer, Stafford.
Kerr White Q 295 B28 1975
Platform for change; a message from Stafford Beer. London, New York, Wiley [1975] 457 p. illus. 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references. This item is part of a special collection: The Kerr White Health Care Collection. For access to this collection, please go to Historical Collections. 1. Health Services Research I. Kerr White Health Care Collection Short Record Emery, F. E. (Frederick Edmund) comp.
Kerr White Q 295 E45 1969
Systems thinking: selected readings; edited by F. E. Emery. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1969. 398 p. illus. 18 cm. (Penguin modern management readings) (Penguin education no. 71.) Includes bibliographies. This item is part of a special collection: The Kerr White Health Care Collection. For access to this collection, please go to Historical Collections. 1. Systems Analysis. I. Kerr White Health Care Collection

56. BOBBY HALES : Vancouver Jazz Who's Who & Discography
Doug Parker CBC LM35 - Vancouver, March 24, 1967 Doug Parker Big Band Stu Barnett,Don Clark, Carse sneddon, Bobby Hales (tp) ian McDougall, Dave McMurdo
Home Calendar Forum Musicians ... Search Bobby Hales
Trumpet, bandleader INDEX OF MUSICIANS Born: August 9, 1934
Avonlea, SK
Current home: Vancouver BC
The Bobby Hales Big Band, formed in 1965, was heard often on the CBC's 'Jazz Canadiana' and 'Jazz Radio-Canada,' performed nightly during the Pacific National Exhibition for several years, and in 1977 gave concerts and workshops elsewhere in British Columbia and Alberta. Vancouver's leading jazz orchestra during the 1970s, it made the LP One of My Bags comprising six Hales compositions. It continued largely as a commercial orchestra in the 1980s, recording an album of dance-band music, Bobby Hales Big Band, for CENTER LINE late in the decade, accompanying pop performers, and playing for musicals, dances, and conventions. Bobby Hales is currently President of the Vancouver Musicians' Association, Local 145, AFM.

57. The Indoor Scene
Mark Johnston (East Lothian) who beat ian sneddon (Stirling) 2118 and Kevin Nibloe(Prestwick) who beat Brian Thomson (Dundee) 21-14 in the semi-finals go

58. Ian G Macdonald - ResearchIndex Document Query
Special Functions Siam Activity Group (Correct) . 1 ian sneddon Obituary. Polynomials and Special Functions SIAM Activity Group G. MacDonald

59. Spherical Harmonics
MacRobert, Thomas Murray and sneddon, ian Naismith. Spherical Harmonics An ElementaryTreatise on Harmonic Functions, with Applications, 3rd ed. rev.
Spherical Harmonics
see also Spherical Harmonic Ferrers, Norman Macleod. An Elementary Treatise on Spherical Harmonics and Subjects Connected with them. London: Macmillan, 1877. 160 p. Hobson, Ernest William. The Theory of Spherical and Ellipsoidal Harmonics. New York: Chelsea, 1955. 500 p. $?. MacRobert, Thomas Murray and Sneddon, Ian Naismith. Spherical Harmonics: An Elementary Treatise on Harmonic Functions, with Applications, 3rd ed. rev. Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1967. 349 p. Out of print. Sternberg, Wolfgang and Smith, Turner Linn. The Theory of Potential and Spherical Harmonics, 2nd ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1946.

60. Fourier Transforms
Fourier Analysis on Groups. New York Wiley, 1990. $84.95. sneddon, ian N. FourierTransforms. New York Dover, 1995. 542 p. $14.95. Sogge, Christopher Donald.
Fourier Transforms
see also Fourier Series Fourier Transform Harmonic Function Integral Transforms ... Laplace Transforms Ash, J.M. (Ed.) Studies in Harmonic Analysis. Washington, DC: Math. Assoc. Amer., 1976. 319 p. $?. Axler, Sheldon; Pourdon, Paul; and Ramey, Wade. Harmonic Function Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1992. $39.95. Bachman, George; Narici, Lawrence; and Beckenstein, Edward. Fourier and Wavelet Analysis. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000. 505 p. $?. Benedetto, John J. Harmonic Analysis and Applications. Boca Rato, FL: CRC Press, 1996. 400 p. $74.95. Blackman, Ralph Beebe and Tukey, John Wilder. The Measurement of Power Spectra, From the Point of View of Communications Engineering. New York: Dover, 1959. 190 p. Out of print. $?. Bochner, Salomon. Lectures on Fourier Integrals. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1959. 333 p. Bochner, Salomon and Chandrasekharan, Komaravolu. Fourier Transforms. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1949. 219 p. Bracewell, Ron. The Fourier Transform and Its Applications.

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