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         Spanier Edwin:     more detail
  1. Algebraic Topology (Volume 0) by Edwin H. Spanier, 1994-12-06
  2. ALGABRAIC TOPOLOGY by Edwin H. Spanier, 1966
  3. Set theory and metric spaces by Edwin Henry Spanier, 1955
  4. Algebraic Topology '66 by Edwin H. Spanier, 1966
  5. Obstruction theory, (Notas de matematica) by Edwin Henry Spanier, 1966
  6. Research on duality in homotopy theory between the Mathematics Division, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, ARDC, and the University of Chicago Department ... Office of Scientific Research. TN 59-359) by Edwin Henry Spanier, 1959
  7. Linear geometry (mathematics 112) by Edwin Henry Spanier, 1961
  8. General topology by Edwin Henry Spanier, 1960

21. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Index Of SP
Translate this page Spangler, Norbert, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 1980. spanier,edwin, University of Michigan, 1947. spanier, Jerome, University of Chicago,1955.

22. TOPCOM, Volume 3, #2
The following memorial for edwin spanier (19211996), written by his colleauge MorrisHirsch appeared in Volume 5 (June-July 1998) issue of the Notices of the
Topology Atlas Document # topc-58.htm
Volume 3, #2, August 15, 1998
edited by Melvin Henriksen I continue to invite commentary on any article in any issue of TopCom or on any topic of general interest to topologists, including news about topologists or topological activity.
  • Editorial Remarks by Melvin Henriksen
  • History of Spring Topology Conferences by Elliott Pearl
  • Mathematics Genealogy Project
  • Federal Support for Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences
  • Convenient Topology by Gerhard Preuss
  • Contributed Announcement From:
  • Mystery Topologist
  • A Book Review by K.P. Hart
  • A Report on State of U.S. Mathematics
  • A Memorial for Edwin Spanier (1921-1996)
  • Old Songs by Tom Lehrer
  • Book Review by Richard Greene
  • An Interview of Prof. David Foulis
    1. Editorial Remarks
    by Melvin Henriksen In this editorial the editor calls for effort to avoid conflicts in scheduling future conferences in topology Let's Stop Shooting Ourselves in the Foot
    2. History of Spring Topology Conferences
    by Elliott Pearl Not only are recent issues of Topology Proceedings posted in Topology Atlas, but a history of the Spring Topology conferences has been prepared by Elliott Pearl.
  • 23. TopCom Index
    by Krzysztof Ciesielski (July 23, 1998) A Report on State of US Mathematics (July23, 1998) Morris Hirsch edwin Henry spanier (19211996) (August 15, 1998) Tom
    Topology Atlas What's New Search and List
    TopCom Index
    This is a list of all items published in Topological Commentary (TopCom), ISSN 1499-9226, from Volume 1 (1996) to Volume 7 (2002).
    Volume 0, Number 1
    Volume 1 (1996)
    Volume 1, Issue 1
    Melvin Henriksen Electronic publishing - opportunities and perils (Editorial) (March 15, 1996)
    Karen Shenfeld In The Neighborhood of Mathematical Space (an interview with Alexander V. Arhangel'skii) (March 17, 1996)
    Volume 1, Issue 2
    Scott W. Williams On affirmative action (Column) (May 10, 1996)
    K. D. Magill, Jr. An interview with John Isbell (May 10, 1996)
    Scott W. Williams Are our students worse? (Column) (May 10, 1996)
    Volume 1, Issue 3
    Melvin Henriksen and Miki Simonovits Paul Erdos - 1913-1996 (October 3, 1996)
    Melvin Henriksen There Are Too Many B.A.D. Mathematicians (Editorial) (October 1, 1996)
    Richard Wilson General Topology in Mexico - a brief report from Richard Wilson as recorded by Melvin Henriksen (October 1, 1996)
    Melvin Henriksen Affirmative Action - a reprise (October 3, 1996)
    James Keesling An interview with Sibe Mardesic (October 1, 1996)

    24. University Of California In Memoriam
    Neilson, Brooke, 19491986. Elliott, Robert Carl, 1914-1981. Mathematics, spanier,edwin H. 1921-1996. Warschawski, Stefan E. 1904-1989. Bishop, Errett A. 1928-1983.
    UCHDA Home In Memoriam Campus/Affiliated Institution San Diego San Diego Campus Academic Disciplines
    Professional Staff
    Scripps Institution
    of Oceanography
    A-Z Biology Saltman, Paul D. Grobstein, Clifford Stern, Herbert Bonner, David Mahlon Chemistry and Biochemistry Traylor, Teddy G. Suess, Hans E. Kaplan, Nathan Oram Mayer, Joseph Edward ... Urey, Harold C. Cognitive Science Heiligenberg, Walter F. Communication Schiller, Herbert I. Engineering Van Atta, Charles William Rand, Sinai Zweifach, Benjamin W. Skalak, Richard Reissner, Eric ... Booker, Henry George Family and Preventive Medicine Shimkin, Michael Stokes, Joseph, III Bush, James W. History Hughes, H. Stuart Rappaport, Armin Scobie, James R. Literature Williams, Sherley Anne

    25. University Of California In Memoriam
    Puckett, William Thomas, Jr. 19051998. Sorgenfrey, Robert, 1915-1996. spanier,edwin H. 1921-1996. Dye, Henry Abel, 1926-1986. Straus, Ernst Gabor, 1922-1983.
    UCHDA Home In Memoriam Campus/Affiliated Institution Los Angeles Los Angeles Campus Academic Disciplines
    Professional Staff
    A-D E-H I-O P-Z Information Studies/
    Library Science Vosper, Robert Gordon Horn, Andrew Harlis Cobb, Marion K. Italian Golino, Carlo Luigi Speroni, Charles Journalism Howard, James H. Brandt, Joseph Jones, Claude E. Wilcox, Walter ... Harris, Robert E.G. Law Schwartz, Gary T. Horowitz, Harold W. Mellinkoff, David Eule, Julian Verrall, Harold Earl Nimmer, Melville Bernard ... Coffman, L. Dale Linguistics Fromkin, Victoria Welmers, William E. Mathematics Green, John W. Hu, Sze-Tsen Puckett, William Thomas, Jr. Sorgenfrey, Robert Spanier, Edwin H. ... Putnam, Thomas Milton Garver, Raymond Joseph ( Prater, Alfred William

    26. Citation
    the ACM (JACM) archive Volume 12 , Issue 3 (July 1965) toc Mappings of languagesby twotape devices Authors Seymour Ginsburg edwin H. spanier Publisher ACM

    27. Citation
    of the ACM (JACM) archive Volume 10 , Issue 4 (October 1963) toc Quotients of ContextFreeLanguages Authors Seymour Ginsburg edwin H. spanier Publisher ACM

    28. 1997, University Of California: In Memoriam
    edwin H. spanier, Mathematics Berkeley. 19211996 Professor Emeritus edwin H.spanier died of cancer in Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 11, 1996.
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    1997, University of California: In Memoriam
    Edwin H. Spanier, Mathematics: Berkeley
    Edwin H. Spanier, Mathematics: Berkeley
    Professor Emeritus
    Edwin H. Spanier died of cancer in Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 11, 1996. Born in Washington, D.C., on August 8, 1921, he was graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1941 and then spent three years as a mathematician in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. He received the doctorate in mathematics in 1947 from the University of Michigan under the direction of Norman Steenrod. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, he joined the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1948. He was a Guggenheim fellow in Paris in 1952-53, a member of the institute for Advanced Study in 1958-59, and a Miller Research Fellow at Berkeley in 1961-62. His visiting appointments include positions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland; and at UCSD and UCLA. Spanier was appointed Professor of Mathematics at Berkeley in 1959, at the beginning of a period of rapid expansion of the mathematics department. An internationally recognized authority in the swiftly developing field of topology, he attracted first-class mathematicians as visitors and new faculty members. He played a major role in organizing new programs in geometry and topology, subjects in which Berkeley soon achieved preeminence. He served several times as vice chair and acting chair of the department, and directed 14 doctoral dissertations at Berkeley in addition to three at Chicago; in 1991 he became Professor Emeritus.

    29. Bibliografia Citada A Les Guies Docents
    Bibliografia complementària. spanier, edwin H. Algebraic topology/ edwin H. spanier . New York McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1966 .

    30. Basic Library List-Topology
    MAA recommended books in General, Geometric, Algebraic and Differential Topology.Category Science Math Topology...... Academic Press, 1980. spanier, edwin H. Algebraic Topology New York,NY McGrawHill, 1966. * Stillwell, John. Classical Topology
    Back to Table of Contents
    Topology: General Topology
    * Alexandroff, Paul. Elementary Concepts of Topology Mineola, NY: Dover, 1961. Arkhangelski i, A.V. and Pontrjagin, Lev S., eds. General Topology I: Basic Concepts and Constructions, Dimension Theory New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1990. * Bing, R.H. Elementary Point Set Topology Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 1960. Bourbaki, Nicolas. Elements of Mathematics: General Topology New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1989. ** Chinn, William G. and Steenrod, Norman E. First Concepts of Topology Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 1966. Dugundji, James. Topology Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon, 1966. Fuks, D.B. and Rokhlin, V.A. Beginner's Course in Topology: Geometric Chapters New York, NY: Springer-Verlag, 1984. Gamelin, Theodore W. and Greene, Robert E. Introduction to Topology Philadelphia, PA: Saunders College, 1983. Gemignani, Michael C. Elementary Topology, Mineola, NY: Dover, 1990. Second Edition. Hausdorff, Felix. Set Theory

    31. Bestseller Bei Lycos
    Translate this page Welten, Zurück. spanier, edwin H. Algebraic Topology. New ed. repr. 1995. 5- 10.3. spanier, edwin H. Algebraic Topology. 4. Bredon, Glen E. Sheaf Theory.
    Zoom Lycos Startseite Lycos Shopping My Lycos Lycos A-Z Shopping Sie sind hier: Lycos Home Shopping Mathematik / Naturwissenschaften / Technik / Medizin Mathematik ... Welten Spanier, Edwin H.:: Algebraic Topology
    New ed. repr. 1995. XIV, 528 p. w. figs. 23,5 cm Kt Preis: Nachnahme Paybox Rechnung Lieferung Internationale Zustellung Lieferzeit: 2 - 4 Tage Sofortige Zustellung Lieferkosten: keine (innerhalb Deutschlands) Herkömmliche Zustellung Treffer von Werbepartnern abebooks - Antiquarische Bücher weltweit
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    32. Vergleichen, Günstiger Preis Und Kaufen. 'Topologie' Bei Lycos Shopping
    Translate this page 125 weitere Angebote in 'Topologie' ». spanier, edwin H. Algebraic Topology Newed. repr. 1995. XIV, 528 pw figs. 23,5 cm Kt . € 42,75 bei ''.
    Vergleichen, Günstiger Preis und Kaufen. 'Topologie' bei Lycos Shopping
    Online Einkaufen - Sie finden bei uns Testberichte von Stiftung Warentest, Preise, Preisvergleiche und Produkt Informationen. Sie können günstige und billige Produkte und Marken Angebote vergleichen und bei unseren Shops kaufen. Lycos Startseite Lycos Shopping My Lycos Lycos A-Z
    Sie sind hier: Lycos Home Lycos Shopping Mathematik / Naturwissenschaften / Technik / Medizin Mathematik Topologie
    Adams, Colin C.: Das Knotenbuch

    1995. 318 S. m. 585 Abb. 24,5 cm In exzellenter Weise versteht es der Autor, die aufsehenerregenden Resultate jüngster Forschungen zur mathematischen Beschreibung jedweder Form von Knoten entwirrend darzustellen. Verständlich, systematisch und mit Hilfe einer Vielzahl von Abbildungen wird erklärt, was Knoten sind, wie sie beschrieben / notiert werden können, welche Beispiele für welche 'Klassen' stehen und welche Knoten (u.a. auch Biologie, Chemie und Physik) wie zu entwirren bzw. zu verstehen sind. Für mathematisch interessierte Laien, nicht minder für Physiker, Biochemiker - wegen der faszinerenden Anwendung der Knotentheorie auf deren Gebieten. Ein Sach- und Lehrbuch zugleich. ''

    33. Index For The Letter S
    spanier, edwin; Specker,Ernst; Spencer, Joel; Spencer, TH; Spielman, Daniel A. Spijker,; Spinrad
    This is the index into entries in the TCS Genealogy for names beginning with the letter S.
  • Sabel, Laura
  • Sacerdote, George
  • Sachse-Akerlind, Daryel
  • Sacks, Gerald ...
  • Szymanski, Tom
  • 34. Document Sans-titre
    61, 1955. SHALEN Peter, Representations of 3manifold groups. spanier, edwin H.,Algebraic topology, New York, 1981. STASHEFF JW, Characteristic Classes. and TOPOLOGY.htm
    Geometry and topology ADAMS J.F., Lie Groups , University of Chicago Press. AHLFORS L., Complex analysis , 3rd ed., McGraw-Hill, 1979. AITCHISON I.R. and RUBINSTEIN J.H. Localising Dehn's lemma and the loop theorem. ALPERIN J.L. and BELL R.B., Groups and Representations , Springer, 1995. ASCHBACHER M., Finite Group Theory , Cambridge University Press, 1986. BEARDON, The Geometry of Discrete Groups . Springer-Verlag, 1983. BERGER M., Geometry I and II , Springer-Verlag, 1987. BISHOP C.J. and JONES P., HAUSDORFF W., Dimension and Kleinian groups BONAHON Francis, Geometric Structures on 3-manifolds BOTT, R. and TU, L, Differential forms in algebraic topology , Springer, 1982. BOWEN R., HAUSDORFF, Dimension of quasi-circles , Publ. Math. IHES, 1978. BREDON G., Topology and geometry , Springer, 1997. BROECKER T. and DIECK T. Tom, Representations of Compact Lie Groups , Springer. BROOKS R., The fundamental group and the spectrum of the Laplacian , Comment. Math. Helv., 1985. BUSER P., Geometry and Spectra of Compact Riemann Surfaces , Birkhauser, Boston, 1992.

    spanier, edwin Henry, 1921 Algebraic topology by edwin H. spanier.New York, McGraw-Hill 1966. LOCATION MAIN CALL NUMBER HILL SERIES IN HIGHER MATHEMATICS

    36. Algebraic Topology (in MARION)
    Algebraic topology. Title Algebraic topology by edwin H. spanier. Author spanier,edwin Henry, 1921. Published New York, McGraw-Hill 1966. Subject

    37. Weselmann : Algebraische Topologie
    Translate this page spanier, edwin H. Algebraic topology. - New York McGraw-Hill,1966. - XIV, 528 S. - (McGraw-Hill series in higher mathematics

    Fachschaft MathPhys
    Uwe Weselmann : Algebraische Topologie
    Zeit: Di 11-13, Fr 11-13, Beginn: 16.04.02
    Ort: INF 288 HS 4
    Zuordnung: Reine Mathematik Anmeldung Scheinerwerb Fortsetzung Themenvergabe Inhalt:
    LA I und II, Analysis I bis III, Aus der Algebra I: Ringe, Moduln, Quotientengruppen
    Zielgruppe: Studenten (Diplom/Lehramt) ab dem 4. Semester
    Hilfe Dold, Albrecht Lectures on algebraic topology / Albrecht Dold. - Repr. of the 1980 ed.. - Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, 1995. - XI, 377 S. : graph. Darst. - (Classics in mathematics) ISBN 3-540-58660-1 [MA] Dold [UB] 80 H 2243 [MA] Dold [UB] LN-U 7-207 [UB] 72 B 2420 Schubert, Horst Topologie : eine Einführung ; mit 121 Aufgaben und zahlreichen Beispielen / von Horst Schubert. - 4. Aufl.. - Stuttgart : Teubner, 1975. - 328 S. : Ill. - (Mathematische Leitfäden) ISBN 3-519-12200-6 [UB] LN-U 7-1805 [UB] LN-U 7-1069:: (3) [UB] LN-U 7-1069:: (2) 1969 [PH] Q 5/209 1969 [PY] PY M Schubert [PY] PY M Schubert 1964 [AW] K IX 1436 Spanier, Edwin H.

    38. IMU Canberra Circular No. 101, March 1997: Section 3
    Born 193207-17; died 1996-01-29. IMUCC 101. spanier, edwin Henry (WDM 1-9 only).Born 1921-08-08; died 1996-. IMUCC 101. STECHKIN, Sergei Borisovich.
    Deaths Readers who can supply some of the incomplete given names or missing dates are requested to write to me [or e-mail me]. I am grateful to the correspondents who have supplied much of the information listed below. New or revised information is enclosed in asterisks, and IMUCC listings are enclosed in brackets. BHN ADASCH,Norbert. [IMUCC 101] ADOMIAN, George A. Born 1922-03-21; died 1996-08-10. [IMUCC 101] BANG, Thoeger. Born 1917-06-27; died 1997-01-18. [IMUCC 101] BAZLEY, Norman W. [IMUCC 101] BEAUMONT, Ross Allen (WDM 1-9 only). Born 1914-07-23; died 1996-09-28. [IMUCC 101] BEREZIN, Feliks Aleksandrovich. *Born 1931-04-25*; died 1980-. [IMUCC 38, 101] BIKSAEV, Ramil Faritovich (NOT in WDM). Born 1961-; died 1995-07-16. [IMUCC 101] BIRKHOFF, Garrett. Born 1911-01-10; died 1996-11-22. [IMUCC 101] BLIND, Adolf (NOT in WDM). Born 1906-10-16; deid 1996-03-26. [IMUCC 101] BOOLOS, George S. Died 1996-05-27. [IMUCC 101] BREITSPRECHER, Siegfried (WDM 5-9 only). [IMUCC 101] CARRARESI, Paolo (Operations Research, NOT in WDM). Born 1946-04-10; died 1994-03-05. [IMUCC 101] CLAY, James Ray. Born 1938-11-05; died 1996-10-16. [IMUCC 101]

    39. IMUCC 103, September 1997
    IMUCC 103. spanier, edwin Henry (WDM 19, supplement to 10). Born 1921-08-08;died 1996-*10-11*. IMUCC 101, 103. SUL'DIN, Albert Valentinovich. IMUCC 103.
    Mathematical Sciences Institute
    Australian National University
    Facsimile (+61) (2)6125 5549
    *NOTE: This e-mail address is likely to change in November
    NO. 103 SEPTEMBER 1997
    103.1 Introduction
    This IMUCC is later than I had originally planned: various causes have delayed it, some still related to the fracture of my pelvis in a stupid bicycle accident, but most of them to happier, if time-consuming, occurrences, like having to sit for my portrait by a famous painter, commissioned by the Australian Mathematics Trust. Please continue to send information on meetings to Dr David Easdown, Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, AUSTRALIA [] (or to me), and on visitors to Australasia to Professor T.M. Mills, Department of Mathematics, La Trobe University College of Northern Victoria, POB 199, Bendigo, Vic 3550, AUSTRALIA [] for publication in the Australian Mathematical Society GAZETTE. Please send information on visitors to New Zealand also to Dr David McIntyre, Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019 Auckland, NEW ZEALAND [], for publication in the Newsletter of the New Zealand Mathematical Society. B.H. Neumann

    40. Untitled
    Budapest 1986. spanier, edwin H. Algebraic topology. New York 1981. Thurston,WP; Threedimensional geometry and topology. Princeton 1997.
    Math 272 b Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Spring 99. First we complete a basic course in Algebraic Topology which
    we have started in the last term and then we use it to study manifolds,
    vector bundles and cobordisms following the Milnor/Stasheff book
    and the collection of papers in "A la recherche de la topologie
  • Milnor, J.W.; Stasheff J.D.; Characteristic Classes. Princeton 1974. (textbook) Fomenko, A. T.; Fuchs, D. B.; Gutenmacher, V. L. Homotopic topology. Budapest 1986. Spanier, Edwin H. Algebraic topology. New York 1981. Thurston, W.P.; Three-dimensional geometry and topology. Princeton 1997. "A la recherche de la topologie perdue", ed. by L. Guillou and A. Marin. Birkhauser 1986.

  • Recommended problems:

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