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         Wittgenstein Ludwig:     more books (98)
  1. The legacy of Wittgenstein. by Anthony Kenny, 1986
  2. Last Writings on the Philosophy of Psychology Volume 1: Preliminary Studies for Part II of Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1982-09-23
  3. Wittgenstein's Vienna Revisited by Allan Janik, 2001-04-12
  4. The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  5. An Introduction to Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Religion by Brian Clack, 2000-11-15
  6. WITTGENSTEIN & MORAL PHILOSOPHY PB by Johnston, 1991-05-23
  7. Wittgenstein and the Moral Life: Essays in Honor of Cora Diamond (Representation and Mind)
  8. Philosophical Remarks by Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1991-01-15
  9. Wittgenstein, Part II: Exegesis 428-693: Mind and Will: Volume 4 of an Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations by P. M. S. Hacker, 2000-04-18
  10. Wittgenstein's Lectures, Cambridge, 1932-1935: From the notes of Alice Ambrose and Margaret Macdonald (Phoenix Series) by Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1982
  11. Wittgenstein by G. H. Von Wright, 1982-12
  12. Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations by Brendan Wilson, 1998-10-15
  13. Ludwig Wittgenstein by David Pears, 1986-03
  14. Starting with Wittgenstein by Chon Tejedor, 2011-03-24

81. Private Language
Entry from the Stanford Encyclopaedeia of Philosophy.Category Society Philosophy Private Language Argument...... Please contact the author with suggestions. Related Entries. consciousness Russell, Bertrand wittgenstein, ludwig Copyright © 1996, 1998
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Private Language
The idea of a private language was made famous in philosophy by Ludwig Wittgenstein, who in section 243 of his book Philosophical Investigations necessarily comprehensible only to its single originator because the things which define its vocabulary are necessarily inaccessible to others. Immediately after introducing the idea, Wittgenstein goes on to argue that there cannot be such a language. The importance of drawing philosophers' attention to a largely unheard-of notion and then arguing that it is unrealizable lies in the fact that an unformulated reliance on the possibility of a private language is arguably essential to mainstream epistemology, philosophy of mind and metaphysics from Descartes to versions of the representational theory of mind which have been prominent in late twentieth century cognitive science. Section Links:
Overview: Wittgenstein's Argument and its Interpretations
Wittgenstein's main attack on the idea of a private language is contained in sections 244-271 of Philosophical Investigations The argument is quickly summarized. The conclusion is that a language in principle unintelligible to anyone but its originating user is impossible. The reason for this is that such a so-called language would, necessarily, be unintelligible to its supposed originator too, for he would be unable to establish meanings for its putative signs.

82. Ludwig Wittgenstein -- Philosophie-Seiten
Translate this page ludwig wittgenstein (1889-1951), ludwig wittgenstein Tractatus logico philosophicum(engl.) Eine englische Übersetzung des Tractatus als ASCII-Text.
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

83. Ludwig Wittgenstein
Translate this page ludwig wittgenstein. Bibliografía. ( incompleta, en castellano). wittgenstein,ludwig Josep Johann. Cartas a Russell, Keynes y Moore.
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Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ayuda Introducción Autores Índice de autores tratados ...
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Nuestro personaje central. Österreich-Lexicon Cronología
(... incompleta, en castellano) Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josep Johann Cartas a Russell, Keynes y Moore . / Ludwig Wittgenstein ; edición e introducción a cargo de G. von Wright ; con la colaboracion de B.F. McGuinness. Madrid : Taurus, , 1979. 181 p . Ensayistas ; 165. ISBN 84-306-1165-7 Wittgenstein, Ludwig, Brand, Gerd Los textos fundamentales de Ludwig Wittgenstein . / Ludwig Wittgenstein ; versión de Jacobo Muñoz e Isidoro Requena. Madrid : Alianza, , 1981. 185 p . Alianza Universidad ; 298. Precede al tít.: Gerd Brand. ISBN 84-206-2296-6 Wittgenstein, Ludwig

84. Ludwig Wittgenstein
Translate this page wittgenstein, ludwig Josep Johann. Cartas a Russell, Keynes y Moore. wittgenstein,ludwig, Brand, Gerd. Los textos fundamentales de ludwig wittgenstein.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ayuda Introducción Autores Índice de autores tratados ...
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  • Fotografía (personaje, ambiente ...);; Ir Fotografía (personaje, ambiente ...);Inglés; Ir ;Galaría de fotografías. Otros;Alemán; Ir ;Wittgenstein studies. Visítelo. Otros;Varios; Ir ;Colección de enlaces en Altavista Otros;Alemán; Ir ;Investigación sobre la corrrespondencia de Wittgenstein Sitio web;Alemán; Ir ;Sobre el Tractatus Sitio web;Alemán; Ir ;Sitio muy recomendable Sitio web;; Ir ;Björn's Guide to Philosophy Sitio web;Inglés; Ir ;The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen.Proyecto de transcripción de todos los trabajos de Wittgenstein a soporte digital. Un sitio indispensable para los estudiosos del autor. Sitio web;Inglés; Ir ;Enlaces a sitios dedicados a Wittgenstein. Sitio web;Inglés; Ir ;Artículo sobre el Tractatus Sitio web;Inglés; Ir ;Cronología. Sitio web;Inglés; Ir ;Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) Buena colección de enlaces e información sobre biografía, fuentes primarias y secundarias, imágenes, listas de dsitribución ... Texto electrónico;Alemán;

85. Wittgenstein, Ludwig Josef Johann
Help Site Map. encyclopediaEncyclopedia wittgenstein, ludwig JosefJohann, loot'vikh yO'zef yO'hän vit'gunshtIn Pronunciation Key.

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86. Wittgenstein, Ludwig - Leggi Le Opinioni -
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87. Wittgenstein K.M. Stokes, Ph.D. Copyright 1996
Brief introduction to his work.Category Society Philosophy Philosophers wittgenstein, ludwig......wittgenstein, ludwig. ludwig Josef Johann wittgenstein, (born Vienna,Apr. 26, 1889, died Apr. 29, 1951), was one of the most original
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein, (born Vienna, Apr. 26, 1889, died Apr. 29, 1951), was one of the most original and influential philosophers of the 20th century. Born into a wealthy and cultured Austrian family, Wittgenstein received most of his early education at home before studying engineering. Having become interested in the foundations of mathematics, Wittgenstein began (1912) to study with Bertrand Russell at Cambridge. His early work led to the writing of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921). Having given away a large inheritance, Wittgenstein taught elementary school from 1920 to 1926 in rural Austria and subsequently served as gardener in a monastery near Vienna. In 1929, Wittgenstein returned to Cambridge, and in 1939 he was appointed to the chair in philosophy formerly held by G. E. Moore. Wittgenstein wrote continually, and lecture notes, as well as dictated manuscripts, circulated widely, although often against his wishes. The most important of these dictations have been published as The Blue and Brown Books: Preliminary Studies for the "Philosophical Investigations"

88. Wittgenstein Books
ludwig wittgenstein. Zettel ~ Usually ships in 24 hours wittgenstein,ludwig wittgenstein / Paperback / Published 1976 Our Price $13.95.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Blue and Brown Books Usually ships in 24 hours
Ludwig Wittgenstein / Paperback / Published 1986
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Culture and Value Usually ships in 24 hours
Ludwig Wittgenstein, et al / Paperback / Published 1984
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Notebooks, 1914-1916 Usually ships in 24 hours
Ludwig Wittgenstein, George H. Von Wright / Paperback / Published 1984
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Philosophical Grammar Usually ships in 24 hours
Ludwig Wittgenstein, A. J. Kenny / Paperback / Published 1978
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Philosophical Investigations Usually ships in 24 hours
Ludwig Wittgenstein, G. E. M. Anscombe / Paperback / Published 1973
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Philosophical Remarks Ships in 2-3 days
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Roger White / Paperback / Published 1980
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Remarks on the Foundations of Mathematics Ships in 2-3 days
Ludwig Wittgenstein, George H. Von Wright / Paperback / Published 1983
Our Price: $19.00
Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology Vol 2 Ships in 2-3 days
Ludwig Wittgenstein, et al / Hardcover / Published 1981

89. Glossary Of People: Wi
American social reformist. She translated Engels' The Condition of the WorkingClass in England in 1844 into English. wittgenstein, ludwig (18891951).
MIA Encyclopedia of Marxism : Glossary of People
Willich, August (1810-78) Former Prussian artillery officer. As a convinced republican he retired from the army in 1846. Member of the League of Communists. He took an active part in the Revolution of 1848-49. After the suppression of the rising he emigrated to London. With Schapper he was the leader of the "Left" fraction of the Communist League. In 1849, was leader of a Free Corps in the Baden-Palatinate uprising. In 1850, when the League of Communists split, he (together with Schapper) was leader of the anti-Marx grouping. Became a carpenter, first working in this role in America in 1853. In 1858 he became a journalist. During the Civil War of North against South (1861-65) he fought on the side of the Northerners, distinguished himself and was made a general. After the war he went into the government service and occupied high positions in Cincinnati. In 1870 he went for a time to Germany. He died in the United States. In his concluding Note to the Revelations concerning the Communist Trial in Cologne Marx writes: "In the Civil War in North America, Willich showed that he is more than a visionary."

90. Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951), Aus-trian-born British Philosopher, One Of The
wittgenstein, ludwig (18891951), Austrian-born British philosopher, one of themost original and challenging philosophical writers of the twentieth century.
From an early date onward Wittgenstein was greatly influenced by the idea that philosophical problems can be resolved by paying attention to the working of language - a thought he may have gained from Fritz Mauthner's Beitrage zu einer Kritik der Sprache ( 1901-02). Wittgenstein's affinity to Mauthner is, indeed, evident in all phases of his philosophical development, though it is particularly noticeable in his later thinking. Until recently it has been common to divide Wittgenstein's work into two sharply distinct phases, separated by a prolonged period of dormancy. According to this schema the early (" Tractarian As a result Wittgenstein concluded that anyone who understood what the Tractatus was saying would finally discard its propositions as senseless, that she would throw away the ladder after climbing up on it. Someone who reached such a state would have no more temptation to pronounce philosophical propositions. She would see the world rightly and would then also recognise that the only strictly meaningful propositions are those of natural science; but those could never touch what was really important in human life, the mystical. That would have to be contemplated in silence. For "whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent," as the last proposition of the Tractatus declared. Wittgenstein thus came to think of philosophy as a descriptive, analytic, and ultimately therapeutic practice. In the Investigations he set out to show how common philosophical views about meaning (including the logical atomism of the

91. Sharff , Stefan
wittgenstein , ludwig. Philosophical Investigations B 3376 .W563 P531972g, COPIES 3. COURSE BC3193 S03 PROFESSOR Gordis, Lisa. Search
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Sharff , Stefan
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92. - Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951)
Hij groeide op in een welgestelde familie. ludwig wittgenstein studeerdewerktuigbouwkunde in Berlijn en Manchester. ludwig wittgenstein.
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Ludwig Wittgenstein
De Oostenrijkse filosoof Ludwig Joseph Johann Wittgenstein (1889-1951) werd geboren in Wenen. Hij groeide op in een welgestelde familie. Ludwig Wittgenstein studeerde werktuigbouwkunde in Berlijn en Manchester. Tijdens zijn studie in Engeland ontdekte Ludwig Wittgenstein het werk van de wiskundige en filosoof Bertrand Russel (1872-1970). Hij stopte met zijn studie werktuigbouwkunde en ging op het Trinity College in Cambridge studeren onder Bertrand Russel. Ludwig Wittgenstein was even het spoor bijster en leefde korte tijd in Noorwegen. Toen de Eerste Wereldoorlog uitbrak ging hij terug naar Oostenrijk en nam vrijwillig dienst in het Oostenrijkse leger. In deze periode werkte Ludwig Wittgenstein verder aan zijn belangrijkste werk, "Tractatus logico-philosophicus", waarvoor hij in Cambridge reeds de basis had gelegd. In 1920 keerde Ludwig Wittgenstein terug naar zijn vaderland, waar hij als schoolmeester de kost verdiende. Zes jaar later nam Wittgenstein ontslag als leraar en bouwde voor zijn zuster in Wenen een huis.

93. MainFrame: Notes On: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Notes on ludwig wittgenstein. Overview ludwig wittgenstein was the most influentialcontributor to the development of analytic philosophy in the 20th Century.
Notes on: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Ludwig Wittgenstein was the most influential contributor to the development of analytic philosophy in the 20th Century. These notes serve primarily to position Factasia in relation to his legacy. Introduction An attempt to explain how and why I dare publish these views on a foundation of such palpable ignorance. My very own assessment of the most important elements of Wittgenstein's legacy. The Tractatus A contribution to the extension of the new logical methods to applications beyond mathematics, but a regression in standards of presentation and discussion of ideas and a harbinger of worse to come. Logical Positivism The Investigations Enormously and disasterously (almost terminally) influential on the course of analytic philosophy. A serious attempt to ignore modern logic and talk analytic philosophy into its grave.
An attempt to explain how and why I dare publish these views on a foundation of such palpable ignorance. My very own assessment of the most important elements of Wittgenstein's legacy. Hacker's Scholarship An exemplary model of Wittgensteinian scholarship must surely be P.M.S.Hacker

94. Sharelook: Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951)
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95. Ludwig Wittgenstein / Wittgenstein, Ludwig, Ludwig Wittgenstein / Wittgenstein,
Translate this page ludwig wittgenstein und der Wiener Kreis, Schriften 3, Gespraeche, aufgezeichnetvon Friedrich Waismann Author, wittgenstein, ludwig. Edition, Frankfurt am Main.
Ludwig Wittgenstein und der Wiener Kreis, Schriften 3, Gespraeche, aufgezeichnet von Friedrich Waismann
Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Edition Frankfurt am Main
Publication Name Suhrkamp
German Description
22.5x14 265p. yellow Hardcover, Dastjacket, very slightly staind, liberary stamp on first page, else perfect condition
Cat. Number
Psg 1027 46
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96. Philosophical Citations
sich klar sagen; und ; wittgenstein, ludwig Eine besondere

97. Terra - Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951)
wittgenstein, ludwig (1889-1951) . VÍNCULO DESTACADO. Home CienciasSociales Filosofía Filósofos wittgenstein, ludwig (1889-1951). Sitios,
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  • La Viena de Wittgenstein
    Cronología, bibliografía y enlaces.
  • Wittgentein
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98. Bigchalk HomeworkCentral Wittgenstein, Ludwig (United Kingdom)
Looking for the best facts and sites on wittgenstein, ludwig? BIOGRAPHY WorldBook Online Article on wittgenstein, ludwig; Brief bio; Life overview;

99. Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) Library Of Congress Citations
Subjects wittgenstein, ludwig, 18891951. Control No. 65017272 //r852 Authorwittgenstein, ludwig, 1889-1951. Subjects wittgenstein, ludwig, 1889-1951.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)
: Library of Congress Citations
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Down to Name Citations National Library of Canada LC Online Catalog ... Free Email from Malaspina Book Citations [First 20 Records (of 631)] Author: Hartnack, Justus. Uniform Title: Wittgenstein og den moderne Filosofi. English Title: Wittgenstein and modern philosophy. Translated by Maurice Cranston. Published: Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Books [1965] Description: x, 142 p. 28 cm. LC Call No.: B3376.W564 H33 Dewey No.: 192 19 Notes: Bibliographical footnotes. Subjects: Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951. Control No.: 65017272 //r852 Author: Hallett, Garth. Title: Wittgenstein's definition of meaning as use. Published: New York, Fordham University Press, 1967. Description: x, 210 p. 24 cm. Series: The Orestes Brownson series on contemporary thought and affairs, no. 6 LC Call No.: B3376.W564 H29 Dewey No.: 149/.94 Notes: Bibliographical references included in "Notes" (p. 172-205) Subjects: Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951. Semantics (Philosophy) Control No.: 66023620 Author: Pitcher, George, ed. Title: Wittgenstein: the philosophical investigations. Edition: [1st ed.] Published: Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Books, 1966. Description: x, 510 p. 18 cm. Series: Modern studies in philosophy LC Call No.: B3376.W564 P52 Dewey No.: 193 Notes: Bibliography: p. [497]-510. Subjects: Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951. Control No.: 66024340

100. ResAnet Browse Results
New Search Previous Next wittgenstein, Hermine (2 docs); wittgenstein,ludwig, 18891951 (25 docs); wittgenstein, ludwig, 1889-1951.

  • Wittgenstein, Hermine (2 docs) Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951 (25 docs) Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951. Philosophische Untersuchungen (1 doc) Wittgenstein, Paul Ludwig William von (1 doc) Witthames, Deborah A (1 doc) Wittich, A. T (3 docs) Wittich, Kirby, 1964- (1 doc) Wittich, Rebecca, 1970- (2 docs) Wittich, Wilhelm, 1782-1848 (3 docs) Wittick, M. A. (Milton A.) (1 doc)
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