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1. Yunus
abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn yunus. ibn yunus's full name isabu'l-hasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn yunus al-Sadafi.

2. Yunus
Biography of ibn yunus (9501009) abu'l-hasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn yunus. Born 950 in Egypt
Abu'l-Hasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Yunus
Born: 950 in Egypt
Died: 1009 in Fustat, Egypt
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Ibn Yunus 's full name is Abu'l-Hasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn Yunus al-Sadafi. As the name indicates, his great-grandfather was called Yunus, his grandfather was Ahmad, and his father Abd al-Rahman. It was a family of scholars, his father Abd al-Rahman being a noted historian. We know little of ibn Yunus's childhood but we do know that he grew up in a period of military conquest in Egypt. The Fatimid political and religious dynasty took its name from Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. The Fatimids headed a religious movement dedicated to taking over the whole of the political and religious world of Islam. As a consequence they refused to recognise the 'Abbasid caliphs. The Fatimid caliphs ruled North Africa and Sicily during the first half of the 10th century, but after a number of unsuccessful attempts to defeat Egypt, they began a major advance into that country in 969 conquering the Nile Valley. They founded the city of Cairo as the capital of their new empire. Ibn Yunus was closely connected with the Fatimids and two Caliphs supported his scientific work. The first of these Caliphs was al-Aziz, who was the first of the Fatimid caliphs to begin his reign in Egypt. Al-Aziz became Caliph in 975 on the death of his father al-Mu'izz and, two years later, ibn Yunus began to make astronomical observations. Although there is uncertainty about the instruments that ibn Yunus used, it is claimed by early writers that al-Aziz provided ibn Yunus with at least some instruments.

3. IJ Index
Ibrahim (688), ibn Tahir (947) ibn Tibbon, Jacob (198) ibn yunus, abu'lhasan (1312)ibn Yusuf Ahmed (660) Ibrahim, ibn Sinan (688) Ingham, Albert (539*), Ito

4. Ibn Yunus Biography
ibn yunus, cuyo nombre completo es abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn yunus al-Sadafi, tuvo una familia de
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Ibn Yunus
Ibn Yunus (950?-1009) was born in Islamic Egypt and served the Fatimid dynasty for twenty-six years. His most famous work, al-Zij al-Hakimi al-kabir , is notable for its very accurate tabulated results. These may have been obtained using very large instruments. Abu'l-Hasan 'Ali Ibn 'Abd al-Rahman Ibn Ahmad Ibn Yunus al-Sadafi came from a respected family in Fustat, his great grandfather having been a companion of the famous legal scholar al-Sahfi and his father being a distinguished historian and scholar of hadith (the sayings of Muhammad). Little is known about his early life or education. Indeed, his date of birth is not known, although 950 has been suggested. As a young man Ibn Yunus witnessed the Fatimid conquest of Egypt and the foundation of Cairo in 969 (Fustat was just outside the new city of Cairo). He served two Caliphs of the dynasty, al-Aziz and al-Hakim, making astronomical observations for them between 977 and 1003. To the second, al-Hakim, he dedicated his major work al-Zij al-Hakimi al-kabir (a zij is an astronomical handbook with tables). He died in 1009.

5. Biography-center - Letter Y
australians/yunuping.htm; yunus, abu'lhasan ibn;Yushkevich, Adolph

6. Mathem_abbrev
ibn Sinan, Ibrahim. ibn yunus, abu'lhasan. ibn Yusuf Ahmed
Mathematician Report Index Below is a list of mathematicians. You may choose from this list or report on a mathematician not listed here. In either case, you must discuss with me the mathematician you have chosen prior to starting your report. No two students may write a report on the same mathematician. I would advise you to go to the library before choosing your topic as there might not be much information on the mathematician you have chosen. Also, you should determine the topic early in the term so that you can "lock-in" your report topic!! The report must include: 1. The name of the mathematician. 2. The years the mathematician was alive. 3. A biography. 4. The mathematician's major contribution(s) to mathematics and an explanation of the importance. 5. A historical perspective during the time the mathematician was alive.
Some suggestions on the historical perspective might be:
(a) Any wars etc.
(b) Scientific breakthroughs of the time
(c) Major discoveries of the time
(d) How did this mathematician change history etc.

7. Encyclopædia Britannica
abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn yunus University of St.Andrews, Scotland Biographicalsketch of this Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer.

8. XYZ Index
Yule, George (1538*). yunus, abu'lhasan ibn (1312). Yushkevich, Adolph P (579)
Names beginning with X, Y or Z
The number of words in the biography is given in brackets. A * indicates that there is a portrait. Xenocrates of Chalcedon (636)
Hui (190)
Frank (439*)

, Shing-Tung (699*)

, Jean-Christophe (606*)
, William (800)
, Grace Chisholm (583*)
, William (1055*)
, Alfred (1537) Young , Lai-Sang (1248*) Yule , George (1538*) Yunus , Abu'l-Hasan ibn (1312) Yushkevich , Adolph P (579) Yusuf Ahmed ibn(660) Zada , al-Rumi Qadi (1016) Zakharchenko , M V- (241*) Zarankiewicz , Kazimierz (937*) Zaremba , Stanislaw (1084*) Zariski , Oscar (1654*) Zassenhaus , Hans (512*) Zeeman , Chris (930*) Zeckendorf , Edouard (176*) Zelmanov , Efim (1028*) Zeno of Elea Zeno of Sidon Zenodorus Zermelo , Ernst (1367*) Zeuthen , Hieronymous (821*) Zhu Shie-jie (80) Zhukovsky , Nikolay (806*) Zolotarev , Egor (639*) Zorn , Max (1521*) Zuse , Konrad (1110*) Zygmund , Antoni (228*) Alphabetical indexes A B C D ... XYZ Chronological indexes - 500 AD 1940-present Main index Biographies Index ... Search suggestions JOC/EFR January 2003 The URL of this page is: School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland

9. Ibn Yunus Biography
abu'lhasan 'Ali ibn 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn yunus al-Sadafi came from a respectedfamily in Fustat, his great grandfather having been a companion of the

10. Ibn Khaldun On The Mahdi
said, "A shi'ah trustworthy.". Ahmad ibn Abdullah ibn yunus said, "We used to pass by us from Mutarfif ibn Tarif from abu'lhasan from Hilal ibn 'Umar, 'I
The Mahdi
From the Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldun
Section 51 (of the Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldun) On the matter of the Fatimi (The Mahdi) and the position people take concerning him, removing the veil from all of that. Know that it has been commonly accepted ( mashhour ) among the masses ( al-kaffah The later Sufis have another path with respect to this Fatimi and a way of drawing indications and they probably rely in that upon the unveiling which is the source of their paths. Here we will now mention the hadith which are narrated about this matter and what matters those who deny them have which would invalidate them, and what hadiths with isnads they have with which to oppose them, which we will follow with mention of the Sufis' words so that the sound and authentic of them may become clear to you, insha'Allah ta'ala. Abu Bakr ibn Abi Khaythamah went excessively far, according to that which as-Suhaili transmitted from him, in his collecting the hadith which have been related concerning the Mahdi, so he said, "One of the strangest of them in isnad is that which Abu Bakr al-Iskaf mentioned in his Fawa'id al-Akhbar with an isnad to Malik ibn Anas from Muhammad ibn al-Munkadir from Jabir that he said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, 'Whoever denies the Mahdi has become a kafir, and whoever denies the Dajjal has become a liar'." And he said, "In

11. Encyclopædia Britannica
abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn yunus University of St. Andrews Biographicalsketch of this Egyptian astronomer who describes the planetary conjunctions.

12. Biography-center - Letter Y
Very short biography (Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove). yunus, abu'lhasan ibn (950-1009)
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13. CE 1 - 999
abu'lhasan ibn yunus (950-1009 CE) Aside from his book with 81 chapters, this Astrologerproduced many trigonometric tables designed for astronomical purposes

14. Mathem_abbrev
ibn Ishaq Hunayn ibn Qurra, Thabit ibn Sina (Avicenna) ibn Sinan, Ibrahim ibn yunus,abu'lhasan ibn Yusuf Ahmed, Ibrahim, ibn Sinan Jacobi, Karl Jafar, Abu al

15. Lunar Republic Craters
91.1E. 58. abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn yunus al-Sadafi; Egyptianastronomer, mathematician and astrologer (950-1009). ibn Rushd. 11.7S. 21.7E.

16. Arabic Studies In Physics And Astronomy During 800 - 1400 AD
abu'lhasan Ali ibn Abd al-Rahman ibn yunus (950-1009) is most famous for his manytrigonometrical and astronomical tables which numbered even greater than Al

17. Mad4.
alFaraj, Sahnun, Ahmad ibn Salih, ibn Bukayr, yunus, Abu't Hajjaj ibn Rishdin said, One day I looked down at He said to me, 'abu'l-hasan, when I hope to be
'Abdullah ibn Wahb ibn Muslim al-Qurashi (123/740 - 197/812), the student of Imam Malik A Qurayhsi client, the client of Yazid ibn Rayhana. It is also said that he was the client of the Banu Fihr. Abu't-Tahir said, "Muslim, his grandfather, was a Berber." He related from Malik, al-Layth, Ibn Abi Dhib, Yunus ibn Yazid, ath-Thawri, Ibn 'Uyayna, Ibn Jurayj, Ibn An'am, 'Abdu'l-'Aziz ibn al-Majishun, Yahya ibn Ayyub, and about four hundred shaykhs among the Egyptians, Hijazis and Iraqis. He recited with Nafi', and al-Layth related from him and clearly stated his name. Some of the people who related from him were Asbagh ibn al-Faraj, Sahnun, Ahmad ibn Salih, Ibn Bukayr, Yunus, Abu't-Tahir, Qutayba, Ibn 'Ufayr, al-Waqqar, al-Qaratisi, al-Harith ibn Miskin, the Banu 'Abdu'l-Hakam, Harmala, Abu Mus'ab az-Zuhri and others. Abu't-Tahir said, "Ibn Wahb listened to Malik by some ten years before Ibn al-Qasim. He kept Malik's company from 148 until he died. Ibn Wahb was not present at his death as he had gone on hajj Ibn Waddah said, "Ibn Wahb went on

18. Mad13
the fire and the supplication of yunus when the abu'lhasan said, 'Malik said aboutthe person who removes Muhammad ibn Sahlun said, I asked Abu Ishaq, 'What
Abu Ishaq al-Jibnayani d. 369 AH A scholar of North Africa He was one the Imams of the Muslims and the Abdal of the righteous awliya' of Allah. The faqih Abu'l-Qasim al-Lubaydi and Abu Bakr al-Maliki agree about what we will mention here regarding reports about him and his biography. He is Ibrahim ibn Ahmad ibn 'Ali ibn Muslim al-Bakri, from the tribe of Bakr ibn Wa'il. His ancestors were among the people who founded Qayrawan. They have a mosque known as the Mosque of Ibn Salim there. His grandfather was one of the companions of Sahnun who was already mentioned in his generation. The Aghlabids put Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn 'Ali, the father of Shaykh Ishaq, in charge of the kharaj -tax of North Africa, and he became involved with them. He was one of the people of literature and understanding who then held a post in the ministry until the Aghlabids ceased to be in power. Then he fell out of favour with the new power, and all that he retained were fields in Susa. He devoted himself to good and going on hajj until he died.

19. History Of Astronomy Persons (Y)
yunus, abu'lhasan ibn (950-1009) Short biography and references (MacTutor Hist.Math.). Wolfgang R. Dick Created 16 Jan 1995. Latest update 20 Feb 2002.

20. History Of Astronomy Index Of Persons
Kenneth (18861977); Young, Thomas (1773-1829); Yukawa, Hideki (1907-1981);yunus, abu'l-hasan ibn (950-1009) Z. Zach, Franz Xaver von

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