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         Ethnic Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Teaching Strategies for Ethnic Studies (8th Edition) by James A. Banks, 2008-02-23
  2. Ethnic Studies: Issues and Approaches by Philip Q. Yang, 2000-04
  3. Introduction to Ethnic Studies by Philip Q. Yang, 2008-12-30
  5. Ethnic Realignment: A Comparative Study of Government Influences on Identity by Matthew Hoddie, 2006-03-02
  6. America's First Black General: Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. 1880-1970 (Modern War Studies) by Marvin E. Fletcher, 1999-03
  7. Color-Line to Borderlands: The Matrix of American Ethnic Studies (American Ethnic and Cultural Studies)
  8. Teaching Ethnic Studies: Concepts and Strategies, 43rd Yearbook
  9. Power Sharing and International Mediation in Ethnic Conflicts (Perspectives Series) by Timothy D. Sisk, 1996-09-01
  10. From Black Power to Black Studies: How a Radical Social Movement Became an Academic Discipline by Fabio Rojas, 2010-06-29
  11. Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China (Studies on China, 26)
  12. Understanding Ethnic Violence: Fear, Hatred, and Resentment in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe (Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics) by Roger D. Petersen, 2002-09-02
  13. Native American Studies (Introducing Ethnic Studies) by Clara Sue Kidwell, Alan Velie, 2005-10-01
  14. Who Are We?: Building a Knowledge Base of the Different Ethnic, Racial and Cultural Groups in America (A Self-Study and Workshop Facilitator's Guide) by Forrest D. Toms, Avaneda D. Hobbs, 1997-09

1. Ethnic Studies At USC
A virtual library of resources maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies......Search ethnic studies at USC. The ethnic studies Project is dedicated to thememory of its creator, Dennis Thomison. Last updated July 31, 2000.
Created in 1995 by librarian Dennis Thomison, the Ethnic Studies web site is maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California to provide access to research resources available through the Internet based on a global perspective of ethnicity and migration issues.
Search Ethnic Studies at USC
Resources for Research on Ethnic Studies African American Artists
African American Literature

African American Music

African American Politics
Videorecordings about Minorities

At USC the academic study of ethnic groups is centered in American Studies and Ethnicity , a unit in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS). Campus organizations , under the Minority Consortium of the Student Affairs Office, contribute to a campus awareness of cultural diversity. The campus library resources are strengthened greatly by libraries, museums, and other organizations in the Southern California area which either specialize in an ethnic group or have very strong resources for ethnic studies. USC's Information Services Division allocates funds to build library collections to support the program in American Studies and Ethnicity. USC faculty, students and staff can contact library selectors regarding library collections and programs for the following areas:

2. Diversity And Ethnic Studies: Websites & Guides
Diversity ethnic studies Recommended Websites Research Guides by Susan A. Vega García This website began in August 1995 as a simple, personal list of diversityrelated Internet resources.

African American American Indian Asian American ...
Library Research Guides
This website began in August 1995 as a simple, personal list of diversity-related Internet resources. For those of us far from home, it is a means of keeping in touch with our communities. It is also a good place to begin learning about others, different than us. The primary focus of this Web site is to provide links to African American American Indian Asian American , and U.S. Latino resources, along with links to resources on often-overlooked minorities such as lesbians, bisexuals, and gays . There's also a brief list of multicultural resources , meaning those that deal with more than one ethnic minority or cultural group. For help locating "real world" library reference materials to assist in research on U.S. racial, ethnic and cultural diversity studies, please consult the Library Research Guides This website is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Instead, it aims to provide useful and focused starting points for your own journeys. Throughout the sites you will find scholarly research materials, news and information of interest, electronic journals, newspapers, music, an occasional cookbook, and other joys. May this website be a comfortable place to visit, whoever you are.

3. CEMES - Centre For European Migration And Ethnic Studies
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS). ' Throughout the world, JEMS is one of the best journals in its field
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4. College Of Ethnic Studies Homepage
Departments housed by the school focus on the study of ethnic groups within the United States. Learn about majors, minors, and graduate degrees offered. "All ethnic studies Community Service Learning Internship Fair, Friday February 7, Jack Adams Hall"
"POW WOW-May 3"
(click here)
Dean - Tomas Almaguer
Associate Dean - Jim Okutsu Staff:
Rosalie Alfonso, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Ellie Luis, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Bette Matsuoka, Administrative Support Coordinator
Kennia Rodriguez, Administrative Support Coordinator
Gabriela B Segovia-McGahan, Administrative Support Coordinator
Becky Mou, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Information Technology Consultant College of Ethnic Studies San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132-4100 College Administrative Office Psychology 121 Departmental Administrative Offices Psychology 103 The College of Ethnic Studies was established in Fall 1969 through the efforts of a number of dedicated students, faculty and community members. The four departments - Asian American Studies Black Studies Raza Studies , and

5. National Association For Ethnic Studies
Provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with ethnicity. Offers informati Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies......If are seeing this message then in order to see this site you mustclick here. This message is supplied for Speach Readers for
If are seeing this message - then in order to see this site you must click here . This message is supplied for Speach Readers for the Blind that are based on Lynx version older than 2.8.1

6. Department Of Ethnic Studies
The program promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching in African American studies, American Indian studies, Asian American studies, and Chicano studies. The Department of ethnic studies seeks to provide a cohesive framework for the study of ethnic and racial groups and to
The Department of Ethnic Studies has established an undergraduate degree program that promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching in:
The Department of Ethnic Studies seeks to provide a cohesive framework for the study of ethnic and racial groups and to promote research and critical examination of culture, history, and contemporary issues. The primary focus is on people of color and indigenous peoples of the Americas, but the department also considers important the study of race and ethnic issues. Interaction across the Americas and global interaction are studied, as well as Diasporas. Also of primary concern is recognition and incorporation of multicultural definitions and values in the university curriculum. The Department has a core faculty of its own, but also draws on the faculty resources of many departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the College of Architecture and Planning, the School of Education, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the School of Law, the College of Music, and the University Libraries.
Send e-mail to Ethnic.Studies@Colorado.EDU

Specialized collections for Asian American, Chicano, and Native American ethnic studies.Category Reference Libraries Social Sciences ethnic studies......THE ethnic studies LIBRARY. The ethnic studies Library Asian American Studies Collections.Chicano Studies Collections. Native American Studies Collections.
THE ETHNIC STUDIES LIBRARY Department of Ethnic Studies
University of California, Berkeley
30 Stephens Hall #2360
Berkeley, CA 94720-2360
    The Ethnic Studies Library Asian American Studies Collections Chicano Studies Collections Native American Studies Collections Comparative Ethnic Studies Collections Ethnic Studies Library Publications Unit Ethnic Studies Library Grand Opening Ethnic Studies Library Staff

8. The AnthroGlobe Ethnic Studies Explorer
A directory of articles prepared by students for a course at Oxnard College.Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies......ethnic studies Explorer The goal of this project is Native Americantopics. Readings in ethnic studies. Ethnic Return Migration
Ethnic Studies Explorer: The goal of this project is to provide anthropology students with extensive access to web based materials on cultural diversity. Students must become aware of and sensitive to diversity issues and problems. This web site was designed as a suplement for an Ethnic Studies class titled 'Peoples and Cultures of the World'. The class is taught at Oxnard College through the Department of Social Sciences (Anthropology Division). The class is intended to give students a sampling of the World's peoples and cultures with substantial emphasis on diversity issues within the United States as they relate to African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, and Native American topics.
Readings in Ethnic Studies Ethnic Return Migration from the East and the West: The Case of Estonia in the 1990s.(Statistical Data Included)
ONE OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF MIGRATION STUDIES in the 1990s in Europe is a growing interest in ethnic return migration. Return migration was a poorly...
From Europe-Asia Studies, March 01 2000 by Tiit Tammaru

9. Electronic Resources For Ethnic Studies
Electronic Resources for ethnic studies. Balch Institute for ethnic studies; BlackvueNetwork; CLNET Diversity Page; Full text historic books and documents;
Electronic Resources for Ethnic Studies
Specialized Databases
Most of the databases listed here are available by subscription only. They can be accessed from any computer in the USC libraries, or by USC PPP dialup connections. Exceptions are noted in parentheses.
  • ABI/INFORM (available in the Business Library)
  • African American Biographical Database
  • African American Newspapers (CD-ROM, Doheny Referenece Center)
  • African American Poetry, 1760-1900 (CD-ROM, Doheny Referenece Center)
  • Ageline
  • America, History and Life (CD-ROM, Doheny Referenece Center)
  • Art Abstracts
  • ARTBibliographies Modern
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans
  • Biography Index ...
  • California Indian Library Collections on CD (CD-ROM, Doheny Reference Center)
  • Chicano Database
  • Dissertation Abstracts (also on CD-ROM, Doheny Reference Center)
  • Electronic HRAF
  • ERIC
  • Ethnic Newswatch (Leavey Library)
  • HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index) Online
  • Historical Abstracts (CD-ROM, Doheny Reference Center)
  • Indian Question
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) Bibliography
  • Newsbank
  • PsycINFO ...
  • Who Built America (CD-ROM, Doheny Reference Center)
    Internet Resources
  • African American resources on the Internet
  • Asian American resources on the Internet
  • Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
  • Blackvue Network ... Return to Ethnic Studies
  • 10. University Of California At Berkeley - Department Of Ethnic Studies
    Offers course and contact details for Chicano, AfricanAmerican, Asian-American and Native-American studies.
    University of California
    Department of Ethnic Studies
    506 Barrows Hall #2570
    Berkeley, California 94720-2570
    (510) 642-6456 - Fax
    Department Chair 2000-2001 Professor José Saldívar Department Manager Rosa Johnson Department Accounting Contact Brigid Tung
    The main office will be able to answer questions regarding Asian American
    Studies, Chicano Studies, Native American Studies and Ethnic Studies or
    refer you to the appropriate number.
    Contributions of Chinese
    Americans in Science, A National Conference Job announcement for Ethnic Studies ... Spring 2003 Schedule of Classes - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SCHEDULE SUPERSEDES THE PRINTED SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Critical Mass: A publication by Sau-ling Wong ... UC Berkeley Career Center article on a success story with an Ethnic Studies major Links on these pages to commercial sites do not represent endorsement by the University of California or its affiliates.

    11. Balch Institute For Ethnic Studies
    Library, archive, and museum dedicated to American ethnic life and immigration history. Features events, Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies Institutes......The Balch Institute for ethnic studies. of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.. Go to .
    The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
    Go to.... Hours Admission Directions Events Education Programs Library Manuscript Guide EMILY Library OPAC Resources Museum Current Exhibits Past Exhibits Selections from the Museum Support/Friends of the Balch Balch Affiliates Friends of the Balch Events Education Programs New Immigrants Initiative ... Fellowships For more information about the Balch Institute's merger into the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, please visit the Society's web site at New Immigrants Initiative Publishes Updated
    African Immigrants Community Profile
    Home About Information ... News
    The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
    of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

    1300 Locust Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    12. Multicultural Web Sites: Diversity And Ethnic Studies: Virtual Community
    Multicultural Web Sites Diversity ethnic studies. by Susan A. VegaGarcía. resources. ethnic studies Univ. Southern California.
    Multicultural Web Sites
    African American American Indian Asian American ...
    Library Research Guides
    Multicultural Resources

    These are websites that focus on more than one racial or ethnic group, or on diversity issues in general. Action Without Borders
    a massive organization directory searchable by type and region; search by "race and ethnicity" category and limit region as "United States" Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
    includes guides and information on the Institute's library, museum, programs, and more; includes links elsewhere Bureau of the Census
    Online U.S. census data can be searched by specific region, race or ethnicity, age, and more Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
    Full text articles, research, and websites on minorities and language issues, compiled by the Univ. of Southern California's Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
    Formerly known as the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning. Includes reports and information on education initiatives relevant to multicultural diversity. From UC Santa Cruz. Cultural Survival
    focuses on indigenous peoples worldwide; includes electronic version of the journal

    Links to Internet resources on ethnic studies and situations of specific ethnic groups worldwide.Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies......RESOURCES IN AREA and ethnic studies. General Worldwide Resources.Library of Congress Country Studies, a series of countryspecific
    General Worldwide Resources
    • Library of Congress Country Studies , a series of country-specific and area handbooks published by the U.S. government. Not intended for travellers, but for scholarly researchers.
    • , an interesting site that tries to arrange the sum of human knowledge in a graphic manner. Click on an area and drill down deeper to explore the information on the site. United Nations Home Page , the general site of the UN. Click on the Welcome word of the language (English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic) that you wish to read the site in. For languages that use non-Roman characters, your computer must be loaded with the correct font set.
    • NYU Research Guide for Area and Country studies.

    14. Home Page
    An interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of ethnicity, immigration, intergroup relations, Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies...... bibliography. The Journal is Published three times a year by the Canadianethnic studies Association. Bienvenue à notre site Web !
    Welcome to our new web site!
    Our interdisciplinary journal is devoted to the study of ethnicity, immigration, inter-group relations and the history and cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada. Issues also include book and film reviews, opinions, immigrant memoirs, translations of primary sources, books received, an index and annual bibliography. The Journal is Published three times a year by the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association. Bienvenue à notre site Web !
    Notre publication interdisciplinaire est consacrée à l'étude de l'ethnisme, de l'immigration, des relations entre les groupes, à l'histoire et à la vie culturelle des groupes ethniques au Canada. Chaque numéro comprend des recensions de livres et de films, des opinions, des mémoires d'immigrants, des traductions de sources primaires, livres reçus, et des bibliographies. Revue trimestrielle publiée par la Société canadienne d'études ethniques This web site is currently being redesigned.
    This project is made possible by funding received from the Canadian Magazine Fund.

    15. IMES - Institute Of Migration And Ethnic Studies
    Instituut van de Universiteit van Amsterdam gespecialiseerd in het ontravelen van etnische relaties Category World Nederlands Vraagstukken Etnische Relaties...... The Institute for Migration and ethnic studies is an interdisciplinary researchinstitute of the University of Amsterdam which has existed since 1994.

    16. Educate To Liberate!: Multiculturalism And The Struggle For Ethnic Studies | Col
    Article describes the turbulent origins and history of ethnic studies. An essay written by Bob Wing Category Science Social Sciences ethnic studies......special section The State of ethnic studies ColorLines vol. 2, no. Educate toLiberate! Multiculturalism and the Struggle for ethnic studies by Bob Wing.
    special section:
    The State of Ethnic Studies

    ColorLines - vol. 2, no. 2
    "Educate to Liberate!":
    Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies
    by Bob Wing Now that multiculturalism is in vogue, should Ethnic Studies declare victory? ColorLines editor Bob Wing looks at the struggles that have shaped thirty years of Ethnic Studies. T Despite almost constant attacks by hostile politicians, administrators, and academics over the last three decades, Ethnic Studies has endured. As one of the few spoils of student wars that has been institutionalized, Ethnic Studies today probably occupies a more prominent place in U.S. academic and intellectual life than at any time in history. How has Ethnic Studies survived? What remains of its original mission? What struggles shape Ethnic Studies today?
    I was a wide-eyed seventeen-year-old freshman when I joined the Third World strike at U.C. Berkeley in January of 1969. There were few students of color on campus then, and whites exercised a virtual monopoly on the truth. W.E.B. Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston, and James Baldwin had no place in the university pantheon. The theory that slavery had turned all blacks into Sambos was wildly popular in the history department. I was drawn to the activists of color, many fresh from civil rights and anti-Vietnam War battlegrounds. Inspired by groups like the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and the Young Lords, students of color took the lead in critiquing universities as elitist institutions complicit with the system of white supremacy at home and abroad.

    17. IMES Migration And Ethnic Studies Links
    Migration and ethnic studies Links. IMES hosts the Kingdom. DAMES, DanishCentre for Migration and ethnic studies, Danmark. FLAD, Portugese

    18. Race And Ethnic Studies Institute, Texas A&M University
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    19. Ethnic Studies At Harvard College
    Offers information about different concentrations and courses offered in the field.
    ETHNIC STUDIES AT HARVARD COLLEGE Ethnic studies are inherently comparative. Those who wish to understand the uniqueness of a particular people can do so most effectively via comparison. Ethnic studies scholars seek to understand why the boundaries of particular ethnic groups change and why this process of ethnic group formation is so fluid. The study of ethnicity at Harvard is structured to cast the net wide, and to focus on the broad canvas of the human experience. It includes the United States, obviously, but being situated in a broadly comparative context enriches the study of ethnicity and race in the United States. Most, but not all of the studies are inherently historical in order to understand better the changing ways in which individuals choose to affiliate or have been coerced into categories by others There is no sole means or single methodology by which one can study race and ethnicity. Such studies properly flourish in the humanities and in the social sciences. At Harvard, we believe ethnic studies to be a vibrant field marked by extraordinary intellectual variety and methodological diversity. Please follow the links below for information about ethnic studies at Harvard College. A printed version of this website, "Ethnic Studies at Harvard College 2002/03" will be made available at the beginning of the fall term.

    20. Mission
    Organization hosted by Texas A Social Sciences ethnic studies Institutes......RACE AND ethnic studies INSTITUTE. TEXAS A M UNIVERSITY. Advancement. x. Raceand ethnic studies Institute Mission, Objectives and Philosophy. MISSION.
    RACE AND ETHNIC STUDIES INSTITUTE Leadership and Policy Research in Education, Economics, the Environment, Health and Other Social/Policy Issues Diversity Opportunity Participation Advancement x
    Race and Ethnic Studies Institute - Mission, Objectives and Philosophy
    MISSION The Race and Ethnic Studies Institute's mission is to conduct and disseminate at regional, national, and international levels interdisciplinary and policy research pertaining to race and ethnicity, gender, social class in the areas of education, economics, the environment, health and other social/policy issues. OBJECTIVES
    • To conduct timely and useful research on U.S. race and ethnicity, especially as it pertains to the nation's major racial minorities. To serve as a data resource and knowledge base for university, government and community representatives who are addressing issues of race and ethnic diversity. To foster the development of students in professional preparation for the study of U.S. and International race and ethnic relations. To foster cross national research, research experiences and opportunities for faculty and researchers.

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