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         Knowledge Management:     more books (112)
  1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (Pmbok Guide)
  2. Knowledge Management by Carl Frappaolo, 2006-03-31
  3. Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
  4. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knowledge Management by Melissie Clemmons Rumizen, 2001-08-09
  5. Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice by Kimiz Dalkir, 2005-06-30
  6. The Knowledge Management Toolkit: Orchestrating IT, Strategy, and Knowledge Platforms (2nd Edition) by Amrit Tiwana, 2002-08-29
  7. Knowledge Management Basics (ASTD Training Basics Series) by Christee Atwood, 2009-09-25
  8. Knowledge Management: Systems and Processes by Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Rajiv Sabherwal, 2010-01-31
  9. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition (PMBOK Guides) by Project Management Institute, 2004-11
  10. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide): 2000 Edition by Project Management Institute, 2001-02
  11. Knowledge Management in Organizations by Donald Hislop, 2009-08-03
  12. Principles of Knowledge Management: Theory, Practice and Cases by Elie Geisler, Nilmini Wickramasinghe, 2009-01-15
  13. Beyond Knowledge Management: Dialogue, Creativity and the Corporate Curriculum by Bob Garvey, Bill Williamson, 2004-10-01
  14. Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow: How to Make Knowledge Sharing Work (Wiley and SAS Business Series) by Frank Leistner, 2010-03-29

1. The Premier Business Technology Knowledge Portal And Global Community
Portal features summaries of various aspects knowledge management and organizational learning, virtual organizations, and system theory.
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2. KMNetwork The Knowledge Management Network Includes The WWW Virtual
The knowledge management Network includes world's most renowned content and community portals on knowledge management including the WWW Virtual Library on knowledge management, the knowledge management Think Tank, knowledge management Tools and

3. The Premier Business Technology Knowledge Portal And Global
The Premier Business Technology Knowledge Portal and Global Community Network for EBusiness, Information, Technology, and knowledge management recommended by Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Business 2.0, Computerworld,

4. Welcome To Stavance
Innovation, Research Development. knowledge management product, Intranet Portal Tool, Newsletter Product

Stavance Organization Location ... Site Map
Stavance De Amert 700C 5462 GH Veghel Postbus 171 5460 AD Veghel Tel: +31 (0)413-38 75 00 Fax: +31 (0)413-38 75 90 Innovation of new products is the main goal.
The consultants and engineers of Stavance use the newest tools and methods to get a better and quicker way of development. Besides this we are active in the field of technology watching and knowledge management.
Sigmaps - Knowledge Management
Coeur - Intranet /Internet
Newscollector - Newsletters
Netwerk consultancy Intranet / Internet design
Stavance newsflash of 10/03/03 (issue: 102). published on: 2003-3-10, read more published on: 2002-6-17, read more Stavance enables you to manage your knowledge Finding the right information will be more and more important now a day. Storing knowledge and retrieving the right source for solving problems is an extremely important issue for every business to stay in business. published on: 2002-6-16, read more

5. Knowledge Management Home Page
The ABCs of knowledge management. Find out what knowledge management is and how it can give your company a leg up on the
Knowledge Management Server Home What's New!! FAQ/Lexicon Resource Review ... Welcome Welcome to the Knowledge Management Server at the University of Texas at Austin. We've streamlined the site and updated the links. Come in and look around. As new knowledge management resources become available, we will try to include them. That means we're always under construction. Your feedback is appreciated. Welcome to the Knowledge Management Home
This Knowledge Management Home Page is dedicated to the investigation and exploration of the topic of Knowledge Management as it relates to the business world of today. Please feel free to provide comments, papers, and other information relating to Knowledge Management to assist in building a community based knowledge forum. This Knowledge Management Home Page was developed within the University of Texas at Austin by students participating in the Masters in Business Information Management Concentration. Back to Top
Contact Information
Send suggestions or comment to: Webmaster Last modified: June 23, 1999

6. Management Solutions - Software, Tools And Training - KMPROJECT
Webbased software for knowledge management, project management, and portfolio management.
KMPROJECT is a next generation Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution. It is the only end-to-end web based knowledge-centric software solution that brings all aspects of knowledge management and project management into one integrated solution. Contact Us Newsletter Careers Site Map ... Download Latest Solutions Catalogue
Bay3000 Clients
The ability to execute your strategies relies on strong and effective project management practices. The ability to do so tomorrow relies on integrating strong knowledge management with those strong project management practices. KM is a next generation Enterprise Portfolio Management Solution. It is the only end-to-end web based knowledge-centric software solution that brings all aspects of knowledge management and project management into one integrated solution. KM enables organizations to run more profitable and efficient operations so they can better meet the needs of their clients now and in the future.
Site Map

Informs readers about processes and components for improving business performance. With features, daily news, an events calendar, and links.
online resources solutions news publications
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The companies that best exemplify velocity and impact of innovation.
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    Industry news and end-user success stories.
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    KMWorld 2003

    KMWorld 2002
    InfoToday 2003 InfoToday 2002 ... Other Events KMWorld Newswire Last updated Monday, March 17, 2003, 2:53 PM Mining the click stream SearchStream Analysis from Mercado - Posted 3/17 Oh my: EII Semagix ships Freedom 3.0 - Posted 3/17 E-mail wises up Primus introduces eMail Assist - Posted 3/17 [more news] Points of interest on Featured Editorials: Mar-17 Head of the class Mar-05 Bullish about business-critical information Mar-03 Down by the bayou QUOTE OF THE WEEK ' of the tests of a theory is that, once grasped, it appears self-evident. ' Arthur Koestler Please enter your search terms: [customize your search] How would you assess the current state of unstructured data management? Nothing much really new these days Just beginning to get interesting Barely scratching the surface [view results] [see other polls] do you get newslinks?
  • 8. KMForum Home Page Rev3.1
    A community of practice discussing the theories, methods, and practices.
    Special Features
    Discussion on the Future of the KMFourm
    KM Tools Characterization Framework
    The KMForum Archives
    What is the KMForum
    Meet the Players
    What is KM
    KM Papers ...
    KM Related Links
    The Knowledge Management Forum is a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices collectively called - Knowledge Management. After several years working behind the scenes, the KMForum, is again becoming a center for active participation in the advancement of theories, methods, practices,and tools which collectively support the practice of knowledge management. Now, we need to hear from you. We need to know how the KMForum can serve you. Please make your voice heard and become a part of these changes. In the coming months we will again be accepting new members into the KMForum. If you have an interest in becoming a member, please contact our membership director for more details.
    Please address comments about this page to Brian (Bo) Newman
    This site was first presented on 12/13/1995 and was last updated on 8/1/2002
    KMForum News
    May 17, 2002: The KMFourm announces the opening of new discussion forum focused on future services and offerings.

    9. Knowledge Management
    Explore this comprehensive guide to knowledge management resources. Includes a bookstore to browse related topics.
    Gene Bellinger
    OutSights Yes, knowledge management is the hottest subject of the day. The question is: what is this activity called knowledge management, and why is it so important to each and every one of us? The following writings, articles, and links offer some emerging perspectives in response to these questions. As you read on, you can determine whether it all makes any sense or not.
    Developing a Context
    Like water, this rising tide of data can be viewed as an abundant, vital and necessary resource. With enough preparation, we should be able to tap into that reservoir and ride the wave by utilizing new ways to channel raw data into meaningful information. That information, in turn, can then become the knowledge that leads to wisdom. Les Alberthal[ Before attempting to address the question of knowledge management, it's probably appropriate to develop some perspective regarding just what this stuff called knowledge, which there seems to be such a desire to manage, really is. Consider this observation made by Neil Fleming[ ] as a basis for thought relating to the following diagram.

    10. Minnesota Symposium On Knowledge Management
    Minneapolis, USA, 1415 March 2003. Submission deadline 15 November 2002. Symposium/index.htm

    11. - Knowledge Mangement Consortium International - Nonprofit Worldwide As
    Serves the KM community worldwide with a news archive, a list of chapters around the world, and a special section for members only.
    Login Institute Resources KI Journal ... Help Knowledge Management Consortium International Join KMCI March 1, 2003
    KMCI to conduct its first west coast

    CKIM class from June 9 - 13, 2003
    December 17, 2002
    KMCI elects new board members and officers for 2003 at annual meeting
    December 3, 2002
    KMCI annual meeting to be

    held on 12/17/02 in Boston, MA
    November 11, 2002
    KMCI issues Position Statement on KM Standards and Certification Programs
    July 29, 2002
    KMCI Offers Knowledge and Innovation

    Management Journal to the KM Community.
    July 13, 2002
    KMCI Officials receive top score at recent KM Event.
    March 8, 2002
    KMCI Co-Sponsoring
    "The New KM" on March 20th. January 4, 2002 Library of Congress Chooses KMCI For 'Intro To KM' Training. December 16, 2001 KMCI elects new board members and officers for 2002. November 14, 2001 KMCI announces annual Members Meeting on December 14th at MIT.

    12. SiteStation
    A document and knowledge management solution that provides distributed secure control for information sharing.
    This site requires frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    13. An Information / Document / Knowledge / Supply Chain Management Internet Directo
    Allowing users to submit simultaneous inquiries to multiple document or knowledge management companies and service providers.
    Locate Providers
    SAVE TIME..... submit multiple e-mail requests to any or ALL providers listed.
    Bar Coding Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. CRM Systems Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Data Capture/Collection Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Data Mining/Warehousing Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Database Management Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Document Scanning Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Document Analysis/Elimination Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Document Management-Electronic Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. EDI Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. ERP Systems Consulting Software Hardware Education ... misc. Forms Processing Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Knowledge Management Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Logistics/Inventory Management Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Network Management Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Object Technology Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Order Fulfillment Systems Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc. Programming/Development-HTML, SGML, JAVA Consulting Software Hardware Education ... Misc.

    14. Relevanz Pte Ltd
    An Asian webinterfaced knowledge management solution addressing technology infrastructure, intellectual capital, information and change management enabling marketing professionals to maximize marketing dollars and slash time spent on coordination and administrative tasks by bringing together ideas, media assets, people and information.
    Industry Solutions Products Services Customers ... Home
    Our innovative range of products covers the entire spectrum of your KM needs and our Industry Solutions address your unique industry requirements. Explore our website to discover what we can do for you.
    Senior Minister of State Launches Relevanz project
    Knowledge @ NJC Knowledge@NJC , describing it as a "significant innovation" .
    Asia Distance Learning Project
    Previews "exemplary" Relevanz KM Project The Knowledge@NJC system was shown to a contingent of participants from the Asia Distance Learning Project (ADLP) on the 24th January at NJC as an "exemplary use of IT in education and KM".
    Ministry of Manpower selects Relevanz to develop Global Marketing Information Repository for Contact Singapore.

    15. Intranets As Knowledge Management
    Basic concepts and definitions of intranets as knowledge management systems.

    White Papers I-net FAQs I-net Tools ...
    Intranets as Knowledge Management Systems
    basic concepts and definitions
    Steven L. Telleen, Ph.D.

    Many people are beginning to see their intranets becoming powerful knowledge management systems. However, as with the early days of any new approach, there is an intuitive acceptance of the phenomenon accompanied by much confusion around the concepts involved. Additionally, in fields like knowledge management and organizational learning, there are existing perceptions and terms that may inhibit as much as help our understanding of the new environment. This is why it is useful to start with the definitions and concepts, since these are the tools we humans use to understand and communicate. Here are some definitional concepts you might find useful in thinking about the subject. First, "Learning" is a verb. It is the process of finding (or inventing) patterns from chaos. If we start with an ordered understanding we can't learn, because we already "know" the patterns and relationships. Thus, when people complain about the "chaos" and lack of structure in a free-form intranet, think of it not as a problem, but as a fertile base of materials for organizational learning. Knowledge, on the other hand, is the repository of what we already have learned. It may be explicit, as in books or intranet content, or it may be implicit as in relationships and processes that may not be documented.

    16. Librarians' Resource Centre - SLA Toronto Chapter Toolbox
    A selective collection of resources compiled to facilitate information search and retrieval. Organized in three categories public service (pointers to search engines, topical guides, ready reference and databases on the net), professional development (knowledge management, library literature, employment resources, and library associations), and technical resources (cataloguing, internet/intranet development tools, and acquisitions sourcing). Provided by the Toronto chapter of the Special Libraries Association.
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    17. SAS... The Power To Know
    Integrated suite of information delivery software for business decision making including balanced scorecard, data warehousing, data mining, financial consolidation, knowledge management and Web enablement.
    Our Company News Events Press Center ...
    SAS Helps Marine Corps Budgets Get Lean

    A recent article in Washington Technology details how cutting-edge accounting software from SAS helped the U.S. Marine Corps save $89 million.
    Royal Bank of Scotland Achieves World-Class HR Management
    After the biggest banking takeover in UK history, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group suddenly had five times as many employees and operations in 25 countries. SAS provided a global solution for HR management.
    Don't Miss SUGI 28 in Seattle!
    Thousands will gather in Seattle March 30 - April 2 for the 28th annual SAS Users Group International conference. Be among the first to demo the latest in SAS technology. Register today!
    Visit one of the many SAS country Web sites... Worldwide Sites Australia Austria (in German) Luxembourg Brazil (in Portuguese) Canada China (in Chinese) Czech Republic (in Czech) Denmark (in Danish) Finland (in Finnish) France (in French) Germany (in German) Hong Kong Hungary (in Hungarian) India Ireland Italy (in Italian) Japan (in Japanese) Korea (in Korean)

    18. Liisberg - It's A Name
    Intellix supplies software for the collection, storage and distribution of knowledge building expert systems, knowledge mapping, data mining, CBR, case based reasoning, knowledge sharing and knowledge management.
    Jeppe Liisberg:


    Annette Beier Liisberg:
    Jeppe Liisberg:


    Annette Beier Liisberg:

    19. Collaboration Software - Business Collaborator
    An internet based knowledge management groupware product that is low cost and needs low administration.
    Home What is BC? Technical Services ... Contact More than a File Share...
    Capture documents drawings emails and other communication in one place; Find information quickly using powerful search tools ; Subscribe to topics of interest and be notified when it's convenient for you... More than an Intranet...
    Access from anywhere in the world; Personalised view for users Delegate responsibility for content ; Easily update via "Drag and Drop"; Create secure areas for customers and clients More than an Extranet...
    Purchase outright
    Secure, Managed Service or Self-hosted ; Integrate with Existing Systems ; Tailor to match company processes CLICK TO SEE WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE DOING

    20. File Not Found
    An information technology group dedicated to empowering development organizations around the world to learn and practice knowledge management.
    File not found! The page you have requested is not available.
    Within 15 seconds you will be automatically transferred to the website of
    The Global Development Group

    If interested in our Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting Software,
    click below to see the MER Suite

    If you encounter any difficulty please contact us at Sorry for any inconvenience.

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