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         Political Science:     more books (100)
  1. Political Science: An Introduction (11th Edition) by Michael G. Roskin, Robert L. Cord, et all 2009-08-09
  2. Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science by Stephen Van Evera, 1997-09
  3. Understanding the Political World: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science (10th Edition) (MyPoliSciKit Series) by James N. Danziger, 2010-02-27
  4. Theory and Methods in Political Science: Third Edition (Political Analysis)
  5. Political Science by Robert Heineman, 1995-07-01
  6. Political Science Research Methods by Janet Buttolph Johnson, H. T. Reynolds, 2007-12-12
  7. Political Science Student Writer's Manual, The (6th Edition) by Gregory M. Scott, Steve M. Garrison, 2007-12-28
  8. The Fundamentals of Political Science Research by Paul M. Kellstedt, Guy D. Whitten, 2008-12-15
  9. Research Methods in Political Science: An Introduction Using MicroCase? ExplorIt by Michael K. Le Roy, Michael Corbett, 2008-01-07
  10. A New Handbook of Political Science
  11. The Human Polity: A Comparative Introduction to Political Science, Brief Version by Kay Lawson, 2005-05-04
  12. History of Political Philosophy
  13. The Future of Political Science: 100 Perspectives
  14. How to Map Arguments in Political Science by Craig Parsons, 2007-06-14

1. American Political Science Association (APSA)
Includes information about the organizations history, membership rates and types, governance, meetings, Category Science Social Sciences political science Organizations...... the causes and the significance of the transformations of the last century, andassess the diverse ways that American political science has approached the
The American Political Science Association is the major professional society for people who study politics, government and public policies in the U.S. and around the world.
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Annual Meeting

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Centennial Campaign

APSA Notifies Meeting Participants
Beginning on Friday, February 28, APSA will contact individuals who submitted proposals to the 2003 Annual Meeting Call for Papers to notify them about the status of their proposals to present at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Email notifications are being distributed in batches from February 28 through March 2 to all paper, panel, chair and discussant proposers. If you submitted a proposal and do not receive notification from APSA by March 3, please contact the chair of the division(s) to which you submitted your proposal (See Division Chairs Make Plans to Attend In celebration of APSA's centennial year, the 2003 APSA Annual Meeting convene in Philadelphia on August 28 - 31, 2003 and the 2003 Program Chairs Henry Brady and Margaret Weir have created a program to highlight the causes and the significance of the transformations of the last century, and assess the diverse ways that American political science has approached the study of democracy and justice over its hundred-year history.

2. Political Science:Net Station
Prepared by Iza Laponce. political science A Net Station
Prepared by: Iza Laponce
Political Science: A Net Station From here to there - this site is a collection of connections; a docking station for researchers working their way through cyberspace.
Introduction to the World Wide Web
Canadian WWW Sites
Elections / Political Parties / Legislatures
Foreign Governments ... Political Science Home Page
Last updated January 20, 2003
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3. Page Moved
Resources from the university's Document Center are divided by subject, including theory, stats, dissertations and think tanks. political science Resources on the Web
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Gene Alloway

4. London School Of Economics And Political Science
London School of Economics and political science offers course info and details on degree programs. Links to library and specialized institutes.

The future of British culture
(18 March)
The Indian army, nationalism and politics since 1947: Putting difference in context
(24 April)

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5. Political Science Resources - Academic Info
An annotated directory of the best Internet resources on political science. Academic Info. political science Resources. Social Sciences political science
Home Keyword Search Index Reference Desk ... Student Center Academic Info
Political Science Resources
Social Sciences Political Science We Need Your Help
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Academic Info
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UN News Centre - UN Arms Inspections in Iraq (daily updates)
Iraq Studies
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6. Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources Politics Government
An extensive collection of over 3200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the Category Science Social Sciences Internet Resources......Richard Kimber's political science Resources is an extensive collection of over3200 links to the major political and governmental sites around the world.

7. Poly-Cy: Internet Resources For Political Science
WVU department of political science resource page.Category Science Social Sciences Internet Resources...... Associations. Departments of political science United States International Programs.Institutes. Jobs in political science. Conferences and News. Teaching.
About Poly - Cy
If You are New to Poly-Cy - The Annotated Page and Tour

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Add a Site to Poly-Cy ... Topic - The 2000 Presidential Vote Page
The Profession
Associations Departments of Political Science
United States


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American Politics
American Politics Political Theory
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Comparative Politics Area Studies
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International Relations
Judicial Politics
Judicial Politics Criminal Justice
Public Policy
Public Policy Public Administration
Politics Online Political Parties Political Advocacy Groups Campaign 2000
US Federal US States Foreign Govt. Sources International Organizations ... Foreign Embassies
General Reference News, Magazines, Weather

8. Library
For a general introduction to the Library of the London School ofEconomics and political science, please see About the Library.
Home Help Search Index ... LSEforYou  You are here - Welcome to LSE
Welcome to the world's largest social sciences library. For a general introduction to the Library of the London School of Economics and Political Science, please see About the Library. Quick links
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9. PS: Political Science And Politics, The APSA's Journal Of The Profession
Be sure to follow our submission guidelines. Post9/11 World, PS offers an onlineforum exploring political science and politics in the post-9/11 World.
The January 2003 issue of PS devotes its symposium to the contentious nature of U.S. foreign policy in the post-9/11 world. The symposium, entitled "A New Foreign Policy for a Fragmented World," deals with an issue seldom more poignant to the public, both at home and abroad. Symposium organizer Loch Johnson of the University of Georgia brings together four scholars to help decipher the troubled state of our foreign policy.
Don't get PS? Join APSA today
See an article with this logo ? You'll need your membership number to access this members-only feature.

Got an idea for a PS article? We'd like to see it. Be sure to follow our submission guidelines
PS offers an online forum exploring political science and politics in the post-9/11 World. The section features a number of online only articles by leading scholars. Check back often for updates.
FEATURES The Rally Effect . In the aftermath of September 11 President Bush found a sudden increase in public approval, today Marc J. Heatherington and Michael Nelson explore the causes and effects of such an occurance in

10. African Association Of Political Science
A panAfrican organisation of scholars whose mandate is to promote the study and application of political science in and about Africa.
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11. Political Science Resources [Frame Enhanced]
political science Resources on the Web. Frames Version. Clifford Berryman,Historical Society of Washington, DC. Connect to NonFrames
Political Science Resources on the Web
Frames Version Clifford Berryman, Historical Society of Washington, D.C. Connect to Non-Frames Version
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12. Political Science Internet Resources
WCSU List political science Internet Resources American Government Politics Resources Federal, State Local International Governments Politics Political Thought Resources General political science Resources Search this site for
Site developed by J. Bannister
Recognition Awards
Western Connecticut State University
Department of Social Sciences
WCSU List: Political Science Internet Resources
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Political Thought
Research General Misc. ... Other WCSU Lists
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The White House

United States Senate

Senators on the Web

United States House of Representatives

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
The Center for Legislative Archives
Lib. Congress: Declaration of Independence Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights The Federalist Papers ... C-Span Online APSA: Law and Courts Cornell U.: Supreme Court Decisions Federal Judiciary FedLaw FindLaw: Legal Forms R. Roberts' Law and Politics Internet Guide Federal Bureau of Investigation National Archives and Records Primary Source Media: Declassified U.S. Gov. Documents Reference System (by subscription only) U. Mich. Documents Center: Government Resources on the Web Library of Congress LSU Library List: U.S. Federal Government Agencies Page

13. Political Science Quarterly
America's oldest continuously publishing political science journal brings you the world of political Category Science Social Sciences political science Publications......

14. The Ultimate Political Science Links Page (P.S. Ruckman, Jr., Ed.)
Comprehensive directory.Category Science Social Sciences Internet Resources...... THE. ULTIMATE political science LINKS. PAGE. . MAJOR ASSOCIATIONS AND LISTS . POLITICALSCIENCE TEXTS PUBLISHERS . 3/05/03, Greenwood, MacMillan, Prentice Hall.
PAGE INFO THE EDITOR WHO IS LINKED TO US? REVIEWS hits si nce 7/7/98 FastCounterl THE U LTIMATE P OLITICAL S CIENCE L INKS PAGE MAJOR ASSOCIATIONS AND LISTS Midwest Political Science Association American Judicature Society Pacific Northwest Political Science Association American Political Science Association ... Phi Alpha Delta (Pre Law) American Society for Public Administration Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) Association for Politics and the Life Sciences Political Science Conferences Canadian Political Science Association Political Science Departments (UCI) ... Law and Society Association AREAS OF STUDY FindLaw U.S. Presidents African Studies Gallup Organization ... Hieros Gamos (Law) Russian / East.European Congress Link International Development State Line . Org ... Thomas (Congress) Crime Statistics Middle Eastern Studies Western Europe U.S. Courts of Appeals ... Environmental Studies RESOURCE LINKS National Political Index P.S.Research-Teaching Disc.List Amazon.Com National Science Foundation ... P.S.Research Resources THOSE AMAZING SEARCH ENGINES AltaVista Google (Adv.)

15. Political Science Manuscripts
A project to distribute political science research and scholarship online. PSM indexes abstracts Category Science Social Sciences Internet Resources......political science MANUSCRIPTS is a project to distribute politicalscience research and scholarship online. PSM indexes abstracts

BROWSE special manuscript collections

DOWNLOAD utility software

LINK to other research resources

POLITICAL SCIENCE MANUSCRIPTS is a project to distribute political science research and scholarship online. PSM indexes abstracts to scholarly manuscripts and provides facilities for researchers to make their manuscripts available online. PSM also hosts special collections and maintains links to online journals (and other online research repositories) in political science. PSM is a creation of Dr. William J. Ball, Dept. of Political Science, The College of New Jersey (e-mail address: ). Feel free to send comments and suggestions. Computing support for PSM is provided by the Dept. of Information Management at The College of New Jersey. This page doesn't look right? Try the version without tables (and consider updating your web browser).

16. Political Science Research Resources
Depts., People, and Centers, Associations, Journals, Internet Guides, Directories.Dynamic Models, Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Econometrics, Data.
Depts., People,
and Centers
Internet Guides
Dynamic Models
Game Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Data You are visitor (counter started on March 24, 1996): Last Modified January 9, 2000 Richard Tucker

17. Working-Paper Sites Of Political Science
A library of links to the working papers of political scientists who publish their papers online.Category Science Social Sciences Internet Resources......American Politics. Comparative Politics. Political Communication. PoliticalTheory. Methods Data. International Relations. Political Economy. Public Law.
American Politics Comparative Politics Political Communication Political Theory ... About This Site All Links Verified On November 4, 2002
To join the Working Paper Sites Mailing List, click here

18. Poly-Cy Guide To Internet Resources For Political Science - Departments Of Polit
West Virginia. Events WTC Attack FL Recount. Departments of PoliticalScience and Public Affairs United States. Part I - Alabama - Florida.


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International Relat
Judicial Politics
Judicial Politics Criminal Justice
Public Policy
Public Policy Public Admin
Politics Online Political Parties Advocacy Groups Campaign 2000
US Federal US States US Counties/ Cities Foreign Govts ... Foreign Embassies
General Ref News/ Weather Search Engines Other Guides ... West Virginia Events WTC Attack FL Recount Departments of Political Science and Public Affairs - United States Part I - Alabama - Florida = Link to Departmental Faculty Directory This File is Indexed by state. For a similar alphabetized list see either the APSA Department list or Craig Brian's Political Science Department Servers List.

19. Untitled
IPSA has moved to Concordia University, Montreal. Please click here to link to the new IPSA web site ( The postal address of the new secretariat is:
1590, avenue Docteur Penfield
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1C5
Canada tel/fax: +1-514-848 8717
email: Click here to connect to UCD Politics department (

20. Canadian Political Science Association - Association Canadienne De Science Polit
Translate this page This page will refresh to the existing CPSA website in 15 seconds (oryou can use this link If you wish to contact
This page will refresh to the existing CPSA website in 15 seconds (or you can use this link ). If you wish to contact the Association by email, the address is Cette page donnera automatiquement accès au site Web actuel de l'ACSP dans 15 secondes (vous pouvez aussi utiliser le lien suivant : ). Si vous désirez communiquer avec l'Association par courriel, l'adresse est #204 - 260, rue Dalhousie Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 7E4
Telephone/Téléphone : (613) 562-1202
Fax/Télécopieur : (613) 241-0019

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